How to Run a Successful Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign

Marketing remains a crucial aspect for plastic surgery clinics. 

This is primarily because many clinics are offering the same services. 

As such, the preferred clinics will be those that signal clients by shaping their marketing practices to appeal to their target audience and convert website visitors to clients. 

However, while plastic surgery marketing is an important part of the business, it’s more important to understand how it’s done. 

In 2019, there were over 18 million cosmetic procedures

Suppose you want to tap into this growing market, you need certain market strategies. This article discusses all you need to know about setting up your plastic surgery marketing campaign and the numerous benefits. 

Benefits Of Developing A Marketing Campaign

Developing your marketing campaign helps you attract new clients and increases your revenue generation. The plastic surgery industry now utilizes online marketing to drive sales. By putting together effective marketing plans and implementing the same, you can center your clinic in the industry seamlessly. Marketing also spreads your business’ reach and extends your services beyond your immediate location. This offers a wide target market for you to tap into.

marketing campaign for plastic surgeon

What Information Can You Share To Influence The Public?

Your potential clients want a clinic they can trust. 

You need to understand that people will only spend their money where they feel they’ll get value. Clients have spent more than 12 billion dollars annually on both surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

An effective way to tap into this is by sharing quality information that can shape your clinic’s narrative. This includes the medical qualifications of you and your staff as well as your clinic’s mission statement. 

You should display your qualifications and certifications to show you’re fit for the job. 

Prospects only want to have their plastic surgery procedures with experts who can deliver excellent services. 

They do not want to take chances, especially considering how cost-intensive plastic surgery procedures can be. 

As such, displaying you and your staff members’ qualifications is how to convince your potential clients that you understand the intricacies of the procedures and you have relevant industry-standard training.

Secondly, it’s crucial to share your mission statement with the public. 

You need your potential clients. You can get them to buy into your services by sharing your mission statement and goals with them. 

Prospects tend to feel more connected to clinics that they resonate with their mission statements. 

Sharing your mission statement also helps to reinforce clients’ belief in your passion for the practice. It offers them an avenue to take a dive into your vision.


online presence for plastic surgeon

Building An Online Presence

Visibility is non-negotiable when it comes to your plastic surgery marketing campaign. 

The world has moved past conventional marketing that requires physical presence. 

Businesses now fully operate online because potential clients spend most of their time there. 

Since the digital age has redefined marketing approaches, the logical thing to do is to adapt. 

Here are the most effective ways to build your online presence.

The Importance Of Having A Website 

Your website is one of your most effective means of communication. 

Consider it as your storefront where you display your services. 

When people come across your business’ name, the first thing they do is to research your website and surf through it. 

Why do they do this? 

Clients do this because they presume that legit businesses must have a website, and such a website must answer all the questions they have about the niche. 

They are right.

Therefore, since your website is the first step, you have to make it as convincing as possible. 

You must be able to convince a potential client within their first few clicks on your website. Here are the core ways to do that

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Invest In Quality Website Design

Start your website optimization with quality website designs. 

Get excellent website designers with experience working for plastic surgery clinics. The most important thing is an accurate arrangement of the right functionalities on your website. 

The links to relevant content and important tabs such as landing pages, “about us,” surgeon bios, and financing options, should be easily visible.

Also, the website design should be aesthetically pleasing. It sends the right message if a plastic surgery website has impressive and buoyant website designs that draw clients in to look for more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content

SEO remains a leading part of plastic surgery marketing campaigns. 

Potential clients regularly search for plastic surgery services using certain keywords. 

Search engines look through these keywords to determine the top results to display when anyone searches them. 

A smart thing for you to do is to tap into this keyword usage to improve your website’s visibility.

This makes it essential that you optimize your website to accommodate relevant keywords. 

Creating content that incorporates the most searched keywords will get your website to be one of the top-rated on search engines. 

You’ll need to get expert SEO writers who understand how to naturally infuse both primary and secondary keywords into articles to achieve adequate density.

Doing this regularly will ensure your website remains relevant. The most important function of SEO is that it brings visitors to your website. Consequently, what you’re left with is optimizing your website enough to support client conversion thereafter.

blog writing for cosmetic clinics

Blog Posts

You should not always attempt to sell. 

This is essentially why you need to utilize blog posts to your advantage. 

While SEO uses naturally placed keywords in the content to attract your target audience, blog posts purely seek to educate your audience. It’s a way to sell without selling.

Your blog posts should be centered on relevant questions that most plastic surgery prospects often have. 

By providing relevant and precise answers to these frequently asked questions, you help your readers address their immediate needs, which consequently engraves your website in their hearts. 

Now they know where to find relevant answers and clarifications to all things that bother them about plastic surgery. 

Simultaneously, when they eventually need to get plastic surgery services, your website comes to their mind.

This is why many businesses write educational and informative blogs to connect more deeply with their readers and hopefully convert them into paying customers. 

As a plastic surgery website, you need to focus on different surgical and non-surgical procedures alongside their benefits. Here are some content ideas you to implement for effective plastic surgery marketing campaign:

  • Curate content that addresses food choices, skincare, healthy lifestyle, preparing for surgeries, and related subjects. This strengthens patient loyalty and helps prepare them mentally for their procedures.
  • Write blogs containing relevant updates in your industry and niche that your patient and prospects should know about.
  • Create content discussing your achievements and awards. More importantly, discuss the values that earned you these awards and how you leverage those values and skills to help clients. 
  • Make your services more personable by offering insights into case studies of your existing patients. In doing this, you need to be sure you’re not violating any law.
  • Ensure your blog posts are conversational. Speak to the reader in a friendly and calm manner. You can also make it more visual by including videos, charts, and infographics.+
social media for plastic surgeon

Social Media

Why social media when you have a website? 

This is because effective plastic surgery marketing campaigns don’t leave loose ends. In today’s world, social media houses millions of users. 

People practically spend their lives on social media and interact with their favorite brands thereon. 

More so, social media creates more in-depth and personal interactions with brands. 

It is instant, immediate, and happens in the frenzy. 

A single tweet, retweet, share or like increases your services’ visibility in multiple folds. With social media, you can build a loyal and strong fanbase that spreads your business name and extends your reach. 

This eventually leads to numerous referrals, which increases your sales. 

However, for all the benefits social media offers, there is a need for an adequate understanding of how it works. You won’t get your desired results without an excellent social media campaign plan. Here are some strategies you can utilize:

  • Use your social media as a leeway to your website. You can do this by always linking your website to the posts you make. This prompts visitors to check your website and consequently explore the website itself. 
  • Create special offers and promote them through your social media pages. 
  • Create interactive posts where you answer questions from your fans
  • Understand what each social media platform is most efficient for. Instagram is where you utilize pictures and videos to promote your cosmetic products and services. Twitter offers more interaction through Q&As and surveys. 
  • Facebook is perfect for gathering your followers for your events. You can also run Facebook ads to give your products and services a wider reach. Youtube is excellent for short educational videos. Essentially, utilize each app accurately. 

There are several other ways you can utilize social media. The main approach is to remain visible and active through all platforms. Most importantly, always run special offers to incentivize your followers to use your services. 

customer reviews for plastic surgeon

Reviews Boost Customers’ Confidence

You’re more likely to use a service if people say it’s good. The Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank says surgical procedures have increased by 82% while non-surgical procedures have witnessed nearly 508% increase since 1997. 

Positive reviews are excellent promotional pieces for your business. 

As such, you must ensure you satisfy your clients to prompt them to give you excellent reviews.

When these reviews start to come in, all you need to do is to post them in a visible area of your website. 

The more positive reviews, the higher the likelihood of getting new clients.

However, over the years, many clinics have used ghostwriters for their reviews. 

This culture is one many clients, and prospects now know of. 

As such, it can be difficult to trust reviews on websites. 

You can remedy this situation by amplifying your third-party validations, such as your awards and achievements. 

Also, you can address this issue by getting video reviews from your past clients if they are willing.

Furthermore, another way to convince your potential clients is through testimonials. 

People want to see what they would look like after their procedure. 

You can show them this by uploading some “before and after” posts of your clients. This is one of the major ways to land your new clients. The more natural and perfect the “after” results look, the better your chances.

Advertising As A Part Of Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign

Irrespective of how excellent your services may be, you need to advertise. 

You have to be in people’s faces. This doesn’t mean they will need your service because of excellent advertising. 

Instead, it means when they need plastic surgery services, your name is what they think of. 

Effective advertisement takes three major ways in today’s world.

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Word of mouth

People often believe what other service users have to say. 

This is based on the assumption that service users have no motives to lie about how the service was. 

This validates the age-long marketing principle that word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy. 

To get clients saying good things about you, you have to ensure you serve them seamlessly. Create a positive first-time impression and attend to all their needs post-surgery. When you make their experience count and treat them with respect, word-of-mouth referrals will flow organically.

Review sites

You can never have too many positive reviews. 

The more you have, the better. A common way to get more reviews is to invite expert plastic surgery review sites to analyze your services and give their unbiased assessment. 

Since you maintain excellent values and your services are great, the review site will equally offer a positive and comprehensive review.

Managing reviews is also important. 

You need to understand how to respond to negative reviews when they occur. 

If a client drops a negative review, ensure you address it publicly and show the steps that you’re taking to rectify the situation. 

Where an apology is appropriate, you should not shy away from tendering one.

Similarly, curate different responses for your positive reviews. Try to personalize these responses, so you don’t risk sounding like a robot.

plastic surgeon reputation management


Making the most of your plastic surgery business requires that you get your plastic surgery marketing campaign right. 

Understand that conversion is the ultimate aim of all marketing strategies. 

As such, you must set a timeline and key performance index (KPI) for all your strategies. This is how you measure whether they are achieving the required results. 

Where they aren’t, you should revise your strategies. However, where they are, you should deepen the strategies. 

This is how you make the most of your plastic surgery and cosmetic business. 

Elective Care Marketing Strategies – Fill Your Client Funnel

Helping people achieve their aesthetic goals and become the best themselves should be your mission, evident through your practices. Since many plastic surgeries are elective processes, they rarely boast insurance.  

Marketing an expensive medical procedure that lacks health insurance is no easy task.

Moreover, when you add the social stigma surrounding elective surgeries, marketing becomes all the more challenging.

But the thing is that you need to market your services extensively if you want to fill your calendar up with patients. 

One excellent way to get new patients and retain older ones is to create marketing materials that match your patient’s needs and expectations. 

The question that pops into marketers’ minds when curating a marketing elective care marketing strategy is, ‘how do you prompt customers to spend money on a medical procedure they don’t medically require?’ 

It is not unethical to persuade prospective patients for surgery when you genuinely believe it’s the only survival option.

elective care marketing plan

Here are the Top Strategies for Effective Elective Care Marketing

  • Target High-Value Potential Clients
  • Up Your Digital Advertising Budget
  • Attract Patients By Emphasizing Your Procedures are Safe
  • Hybrid Marketing Campaigns
  • F.A.Q. Pages
  • Before and After Photos
  • Video Marketing
  • Well-Written Content

The main point to remember when marketing elective care procedures is that you’re not trying to sell the methods;instead, you’re selling the experience. Let’s discuss how you can market your elective care business:

Different Ways to Market Elective Care 

Here are the top ways to market elective care:

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on are the ideal way to connect with your target audience. Craft catchy content and utilize vibrant photos to catch your audience’s eyes. 

You may even add before and after photos to entice first-time clients. Or you may add docs on Twitter to increase on-site engagement. 


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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Paid Ads

Consider investing in paid advertisements to increase revenue. Use target ads to meet clients where they are to increase the likelihood of them clicking on.


Besides digital marketing strategies, traditional marketing methods such as print, T.V., and Radio are the perfect way to connect with your ideal audience.


Utilize SEO to increase search engine ranking, as well as to drive organic traffic on your website. Add keywords in your content and utilize video and imagery to increase on-site and off-site traffic. 

elective care seo

Focusing on Your Target Audience 

No marketing strategy is ever complete without defining your target audience.

If you’re planning to improve your target marketing in the healthcare industry, you have to realize that not every message will resonate with every viewer. What attracts your current patient may not captivate a prospective customer. 

That’s where defining your target audience and reaching them via a digital marketing strategy comes into play.

Let’s take a closer look at what target marketing means in the healthcare sector: 

What Does it Mean?

Target marketing in elective care refers to the practice of marketing your healthcare center to your ideal audience.

It may be done by using various strategies such as segmentation, in-depth audience research, etc. 

Elective care target marketing helps you connect with your ideal clients and patients. 

targeted audience marketing

Who are They?

Your target audience segmentation is based on the six most essential features: 

  • Personal characteristics such as age, gender, location, language, and so on
  • Purchasing power 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Interests 
  • Engagement in social networks
  • Motivation and Priorities 
  • Professional information 

Once you define your ideal customer base, it will be easier for you to acquire a brand voice and connect with them.

Ways to Reach them Based on Demographics

The fact is that to connect with audiences like consumers, seniors, patients, the elderly, Gen-Z, Baby Boomers, and so on, you need to target your messages and marketing methods. 

Typically, your target audience influences what platform you use, where and how you market, product updates, pricing structures, design of your branding, and tone and language.

Here are a couple of incredible ways to reach your audience: 

  • Blogs are the perfect way to entice first-time buyers. Would-you-rather quizzes prove to be a great way to engage Gen-Z and Millennials
  • If you want to introduce product sales, Snapchat and Insta are perfect for Millennials and Gen-Z. However, Facebook and YouTube are the way to go for a Baby Boomer audience
  • Email is an effective way of connecting with old and new customers of all ages. Send follow-up emails, emails with incentives and introduce new products via it.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Best Strategies for Effective Care Marketing 

Here we discuss the best surgery and healthcare marketing strategies to help you shine from your competition:

Target High-Value Potential Clients

Your target audience should be patients who are affluent and understanding enough to invest money, efforts, and time to receive your services.

Keep in mind that targeting your audience must be done strategically and on the right platform. 

The best platform to connect with high-value potential clients is on Facebook. Here you can filter your prospects beyond demographics.

Instead, you can choose options like annual income level, shopping behaviors, dating interests, interests in beauty and related products, relationship status, activities and purchases, and so on.  

Other than Facebook, you can choose Google Ads to enjoy targeting potential patients based on a variety of different parameters. 

elective care marketing budget

Up Your Digital Advertising Budget

The Corona-Virus has had a substantial impact on elective care practice; therefore, it’s likely that you’re worrying about captivating new patients.   

Therefore, try to be strategic with promotions, ads, and how and where you spend your marketing dollars.

Luckily, one thing that remains constant is that you’re seeking qualified leads. Continue conducting hyper-target research and identify individuals who are financially able to purchase the type of elective care you offer.   

If you utilize direct mail as your primary marketing strategy, you should consider adding digital marketing to the mix and expanding your outreach.

Attract Patients by Emphasizing that Your Practices are Safe

The fact is that patients are still a way of visiting physical facilities.

For this reason, you must remain open and transparent with them. An in-depth survey by Forrester reveals that more than half of American adults wish to deal with companies that prove that they are actively protecting customers against the CoronaVirus.

Moreover, they want to know that they can visit your practice and undergo treatment safely.

The F.D.A. only now approved the COVID-19 vaccine, and it will probably take a couple of months before Americans are immunized. Due to this, you and your staff must observe safety protocols for the years to come. 

To captivate prospective patients, make sure you emphasize the steps and procedures you follow in the places below:

  • Physical Locations 
  • Business Website 
  • Patient Emails
  • Telephone on-hold Messaging 
  • Marketing Materials
elective care digital marketing

Captivate Patients through Hybrid Marketing Campaigns

Multiple researchers prove that hybrid marketing campaigns are better than simply digital or direct mail.

In fact, an insightful study over nine months shows that combining direct mail and digital advertising is more beneficial than either one of the two. 

Various elective care physicians use webinars and live seminars to connect with prospective clients in today’s era.  

Add a F.A.Q on your Page

More than 51% of customers expect the businesses they reach out to to be online 24/7. 

While you might not be able to hire someone on the phone to answer patients’ queries, you can use different methods to offer valuable answers.

A well-crafted F.A.Q. is a perfect way to answer questions that a prospective patient may have. 

Here’s a list of general informative questions to consider adding to your website:

  • What services do you offer?
  • What specific procedures does your practice perform?
  • What is the recovery process after the procedure?
  • What do past results with this procedure look like? You may even use photos from past satisfied clients.
  • Does health insurance cover cosmetic surgery?
  • Who are good candidates for your procedures?
  • How does a patient prepare for these procedures?
  • Are there any specific expectations regarding pre-procedure milestones?  

Avoid directly answering questions relevant to costs. It is because the price varies due to a variety of multiple different factors. Instead, add incentives to push your patients to contact your practice and learn more.

elective care content marketing

Share Before and After Photos to Boost Your Skill Set

What better way to become influential than by proving to your audience that you stick to your promise?

Apart from crafting a killer website and including your mission and visions, and values, you must showcase your services to your audience. 

High-quality before and after photos offer proof to prospective clients that you are a reliable and trustworthy service provider.

In turn, it’s the ideal incentive patients need to achieve their goal of having a cosmetic or elective medical procedure.  

The good idea is to focus on the significant difference the procedure brings into the lives of each customer.

Display transformations that boast a higher chance of enrapturing patients considering the procedures. A simple glance at the results can act as a powerful tool turning qualified leads into satisfied customers. 

Make sure, however, that you maintain doctor-patient confidentiality and add pictures without breaking laws or codes.  

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Incorporate Video Marketing Strategies

An in-depth study shows that viewers absorb 95% of a message they see in a video, but only 10% of what they read.

Moreover, 29% of businesses use video in their operation messages and administration, whereas 32% use video for sales. 

On the flip side, insightful research reveals that 72% of the current customers prefer learning about a product/service via video than text. It means that video marketing is a practical and valuable way to attract customers. 

Place informative yet interesting video ads on your website and across different social media platforms.

Most people will enjoy watching the video over reading through the content.

So, it’s always a good idea to invest in creating high-quality video ads.  

Establish Authority with Well-Written Content 

According to in-depth research, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers.

Why? It is because publishing educational yet engaging branded content is an incredible way to improve your search engine ranking. 

It’s also a great way to portray your brand as an expert in cosmetic surgery.

A good idea is to create a dedicated blog page on your website to post relevant and engaging content, including blog posts, case summaries, videos, and infographics.

Ensure you use the top relevant target keywords in your blog posts to enjoy better exposure and content outreach opportunities.

Moreover, consider showcasing your content across various social media platforms. 

Bonus Strategies for Effective Healthcare Marketing in Post-Covid World

The fact is that decisions made during the Corona Virus crisis will have a long-term financial impact on most healthcare organizations.

With the demand for hospitals growing today, it’s more important than ever to curate initiatives that capture commercial volumes and boost revenue.    

Now marketers have to learn to balance COVID communications with a pipeline of candidates seeking primary care, elective procedures, and so on.

For elective courses and specialty care, promoting better and more accessible alternatives to in-person meeting points and expressing the value of virtual care will help engage clients. 

Most health spaces are preparing to provide post-Covid-19 virtual seminars, using H.R.A.s, downloadable guides, and conduct pre-op visits through telehealth to connect with qualified leads.

Moreover, by providing easy access to care at appropriate places and securing visiting sites when restrictions are relieved, you can boost the patient experiences, as well as your business’s profit.

To Sum it Up

The truth is that a cosmetic procedure doesn’t have to boast the status of a “medical emergency” to have a significant improvement on the quality of your life.

Your prospective clients are well-aware of this. However, the real question is whether the benefits are worth the costly price tag?

A successful and effective marketing plan can help expedite business and keep your clinic busy with new patients.

However, marketing your elective care business is a daunting task. Why do it on your own when you can request the help of professionals?

Here at MediaBoom, we provide business owners and individuals with practical and high-quality SEO services. 

Fill up your calendar with appointments by accessing our expert’s help curating the ideal digital marketing strategy. Enhance your brand visibility and awareness and expedite business by creating an intricate business plan. Media Boom does precisely that to help you meet your unique business goals.

Long Form Content – 7 Reasons It Can Boost Your SEO

In many facets of life, we are always taught to keep it brief.

Even social media platforms in their infancy tried to stress brevity by only permitting so many words and characters in our posts.

Changes that allow for more words and characters are recent updates. So it would reason that content should follow these same rules of brevity, right?

To have higher performing content, longer is better. This long form content can help drive your SEO, which is the goal we all want for our content as marketers.

Seven ways long form content can help boost your SEO:

  1. Longer content means visitors will spend more time on your website
  2. Longer content helps establish you as an authority on that topic.
  3. Increased social media engagement
  4. Your content will have a longer lifespan
  5. Long form content ranks higher in SERP features
  6. Longer content means more chances to use your keywords and increase your ranking
  7. Increased chance of getting more backlinks to your content
long form content piece

What Exactly Is Long Form Content?

There is a bit of debate on what word count constitutes the beginning of a long form content piece.

Some agencies would say a word count of 700 is the start of a long content piece.

Others would set 1800 words as the starting point for long form content pieces.

In the industry, you can usually find consensus around calling a 1200 word piece of content a longer piece of content.

long form content length

There is no real ceiling on how long a piece of content can be.

The proper length is dependent on the industry and what the purpose of the content is. While many content writers and agencies think 500-800 word pieces are in demand and what readers crave, this isn’t the case.

There is absolutely a need for content in that word count range, but longer pieces perform with readers and in SEO metrics. There is a demand for long form content.

Short form content pieces are great for covering an overview of the subject matter. Long form content is in-depth coverage of a topic or subject matter.

It requires research and analysis of your chosen topic.

Long form content doesn’t just take one form.

Whitepapers are one kind of long form content that marketers create.

This style of content is a very in-depth analysis of a subject complete with charts, graphs, and other visuals to tell the story. With many companies, this is a quite popular style of content.

Other popular types of long form content are pieces like listicles or how-to articles.

Infographics are also a popular style of long form content.

Long videos and webinars are also additional styles of long form content.

There are many examples of long form content available on the web. Here are some that stand out.

  • Google created this piece of long form content as a way to organize all their information and resources that discuss the most searched trends and words of the year.
  • Search Engine Journal created this piece to detail the hottest SEO trends for 2017. This piece is notable for how it uses visual elements to break up the blocks of written content.
  • This example from National Geographic shows how to have a long form piece that is built around the use of photos.
long form content planning

Why Should You Use Long Form Content?

There are many reasons to incorporate long form content into your regular content creation strategy.

But the primary reason is that Google gives preference to longer pieces of content in its search algorithms.

You want to take whatever steps you can to boost your visibility with Google and other search engines. While there are many ways to find and drive paid traffic to your site, you still want to capture as much organic traffic on the internet that you can.

You never know which customer that sees your site will end up becoming a customer.

Organic traffic is free and you want to take advantage of that whenever you can. 

Here are seven ways that long form content boosts your SEO rankings with Google:

1. Longer content means visitors will spend more time on your website

You want visitors to spend as much time as possible on your website.

The longer a visitor stays, the better chance you have of that person taking some type of action.

Longer content will take longer for a person to consume and will contain more links to other pages on your site.

This strategy will help you meet your end goal of getting visitors to engage with your content and take the desired action. Long form content can triple the amount of time visitors spend on your site.

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2. Longer content helps establish you as an authority on that topic

As has already been mentioned, writing shorter content pieces is not as challenging as long form content is.

Shorter pieces don’t require the attention to detail or the amount of research that longer pieces require.

The more details your piece includes, the more you will appear as an expert in this field or on this subject.

Also, if you can consistently create and develop high quality long form content, you will be seen as an authority on the subject matter at hand. 

3. Increased social media engagement

Quality content will get plenty of likes and shares on social media. And as everyone knows, the more shares and likes your posts get, the larger the reach of your content.

To get your whitepapers, ebooks, and other forms of content in front of more people, you need that engagement on social media.

The more relevant your content is, the higher the engagement. The more engagement you get, the more shares you will get.

4. Your content will have a longer lifespan

The benefit to longer content is that it should have a longer lifespan and be relevant for a longer duration.

The details and data that go into content of this length don’t change as often, depending upon the topic at hand and the subject matter.

This kind of content is called “evergreen content”.

This content is created in a way that makes it stay relevant and accurate for years to come. It is very smart to create content that still holds value years down the line.

This will also help you establish your authority in a field or subject matter area as well.

5. Long form content ranks higher in SERP features

SERPs (search engine results page) are what appear at the top of a Google results page.

70% of searchers don’t go past the first webpage of search results.

So not only do you want to rank on the first page of Google, you want your SERP to appear at the top. This will get more visitors to your site and get more backlinks to your content.

Searchers assume that if your content is at the top of Google, you must be an expert.

higher seo rankings

6. Longer content means more chances to use your keywords and increase your ranking

One of the other great things about long form content is the chance to use your keywords more often.

You also have more space to incorporate in other primary keywords, secondary keywords, and long tail keywords. All of these will get your content more recognition from search engines.

The more search engines rank your content higher, the more visitors you will get to your site.

7. Increased chance of getting more backlinks to your content

Just by its nature, long form content contains more information than shorter content would.

More details and information mean there are more reasons for someone to link to your content.

Backlinks are valuable in SEO strategy in multiple different ways.

The more long form content you create and put on your website, the better your chances are of being a backlink for someone else elsewhere on the web.

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When Should You Use Long Form Content?

While long form content performs well, it won’t work in every situation. You need to determine a few things before you start creating your content.

  • Set goals for your content. Everything done for marketing should have a purpose or an intent. For example, if your intent is to raise awareness about a new product launch think about what kind of content will help you reach that goal. Will a shorter blog post will do more than a lengthy whitepaper about your new product? Have those discussions before you start the creation process.
  • Do you know what your intentions are for your content? Are you trying to educate people on a topic or product? In a case like that, long form content would probably be the best choice.
  • Take a look at what your competition is doing. You want to outrank them and be the featured SERP on Google. To know how to outrank them, you have to see what they are doing and what style of content they are creating. If there are opportunities they are missing in terms of long form content creation, this is your chance to fill that void and get your content noticed.
  • Consider your audience when creating long form content. There will be target markets that don’t respond well to longer forms of content. You don’t want to waste your time or set your marketing efforts up for failure.

Knowing these things before you start will help you decide if long form or short form content is the better choice.

create long form content

How Do You Create Long Form Content?

Writing a short blog is easy for a lot of marketers. But longer posts that start at 2000 words or more can be a challenge even for the best marketer.

  • Use the goals you set for your content as a guide for how you are going to create it. Before you start the creation process, you have to know what you are hoping to accomplish in the first place.
  • Pick your topic, connect it to your goals, and know the reason you are writing about this material. You can’t begin to create content without knowing why you are creating it.
  • Think about the design of your content so it is visually appealing. This isn’t something that content writers have to normally think about, but it is a key point when developing a piece of long form content. A reader can lose interest if your piece is just block after block of words. Debate how you will break this up to keep a reader interested. Visuals like photos or embedded video will help enhance anything you are writing.
  • Long form content takes time to create. If you can’t dedicate the time, hire a freelancer who does. These pieces require research and attention to detail. You will get a return on your investment if you pay a person who can devote the time and resources to these projects.
  • Invest in research and sweat the details. Longer pieces of content are supposed to cover a topic in high level detail. Without research, a writer is just putting a bunch of words on a page without meaning or context. Make sure your long form content includes as much data and facts that you can include. Don’t overlook keyword research and sprinkle in primary, secondary, and long tail keywords as needed.
content creation

Final Thoughts

Long form content does not always get the recognition it deserves as a key driver for SEO.

Proper creation and use of long form content can help increase everything from visitor engagement with your website to the number of times someone backlinks to your content.

All of these things will increase your authority on the subject matter and will lead to increased sales or another chosen engagement metric for your company.

Developing long form content doesn’t have to be complicated.

Set goals for your content and do your research so you can create pieces that are data driven, detail oriented and sprinkled with high performing keywords.

If you’re interested in creating long form content, but don’t have the time, money, or resources, contact our team to learn how we can help you out.

Real Estate Investor Landing Pages – Find More Sellers

Are you a real estate investor? Do you seek direction on real estate investor landing pages? Are you already doing paid Google advertising but do not know what a landing page is and if you really need one?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the questions above, this article is for you. 

Why You Need a Real Estate Investor Landing Page

A landing page serves one function – getting the website visitors to take the action you need them to. For example, as a real estate investor, one may want to collect the property seller’s information. One could send website traffic to this page from their social media profile, social advertising, or offline channels. Landing pages generally convert at a higher rate than other web pages, due to their one specific goal.

real estate investing

Reaching Potential Clients 

Presently, one thing is clear to every real estate investor. Your journey to reaching your potential clients must begin online. 

More and more property sellers are beginning to look online to sell their property. They are just a Google search and a few clicks away from finding their buyer. 

Therefore, as a real estate investor, you will need a landing page to maximize every sales opportunity you get. 

Especially when you are already into paid Google advertising, you need to know what exactly this function entails. 

Apart from that, you also need to know the best way to make the most of real estate investor landing pages.

For you, as a real estate investor, a landing page is a vital part of your entire marketing process. 

real estate investor landing page

Why Should You Use Real Estate Investor Landing Pages?

A landing page is an excellent and effective tool. With it, you are entirely in charge of every bit of your sales operation.

Most real estate investors limit their control over the buying of their properties to what they can find themselves. 

With an effective landing page, they will find you.

It can be very frustrating to have a drought where you cannot find any sellers. 

At that point, the impact and efficiency of a landing page and a buyers list will be significantly felt. You can have leads constantly filtering in with a good online presence. 

Rather than driving for dollars or constantly posting on your social profiles, you can have leads come to you. With an efficient landing page that yields a good sellers list, one good ad is all you need.

real estate investor

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages are also referred to as “squeeze pages.” They are web pages that welcome an online visitor after clicking on any of the following:

  1. A paid advert
  2. A call to action, or 
  3. Any other online promotion.

How Does A Landing Page Work?

A landing page is not the same as other regular web pages like about pages, blog posts, and others. What sets real estate investor landing pages apart is that the aim of creating one isn’t for a visitor to explore. 

The aim of a landing page is quite functional. A landing page is a tool to convince the visitor to put down their details. These details will include:

  1. Name, 
  2. Phone number, and
  3. Email.

On real estate investor landing pages, visitors (property sellers) are to take only actions you want them to take. 

Sometimes, you might need them to make a purchase. But, most times, all you need from them are their contact details. That way, you can build a buyers list and keep in touch with them.

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Unique Features Of A Landing Page

Real estate investor landing pages are unique compared to regular web pages. On a standard website page, there are various attractions on the side that can distract a visitor. Some of these attractions include:

  • Blog page
  • “About Us” page, and
  • Your information page.

Generally, these pages are great for a real estate investor. 

But, with time, these visitors get closer to the point where they need to decide whether or not to buy your property. 

At this stage, a landing page is the best tool to convert them into active leads.

To be able to do this, landing pages do not bear links to other parts of the website. You might not even find a menu option on a landing page. 

Instead, real estate investor landing pages have only one link. It is either a central call-to-action (CTA) link or a form to fill. 

Either way, this link will be the only way the visitor can proceed. 

That way, the visitor is stimulated to provide their details so they can proceed. 

A landing page is even more vital for you if you pay to run adverts to attract visitors to your site. 

You do not want these visitors distracted from the main reason you have drawn them down to your site.  

This is not to say that other regular web pages like blogs and the rest of them are not necessary. They are! 

These are simply the setup that effectively enables the progress you want. 

These landing pages are very efficient tools for boosting lead conversions astronomically. 

make a landing page real estate investor

How To Make A Landing Page?

Professional Landing Page Software

With or without a website platform, you can easily make use of any of the software below. At least, it would be best if you had a working URL of your own.

Most of the landing page software below comes with integrations that connect to your website or URL. You can also find templates for  ready-made for you. 

1. Cloud Attract

First off, you must understand that Cloud Attract is a part of the Cloud Agent Suite. The Cloud Agent Suite features other top-notch products such as Cloud MLX and Cloud CMA.

Cloud Attract is a real estate landing page software provider. Their landing page service comes with all you need to use at once. You have all at once the various real estate templates you need for home valuations, house hunting, etc.

2. Instapage

If you need a landing page service software that provides digital ad spending and other services, use Instapage. 

This software doesn’t come with particularly assigned categories for real estate agents. However, they provide great articles that will spice up real estate investor landing pages. In all, their services are not business-specific.

lead page real estate investor

3. Lead pages

Lead pages do not just provide landing pages; they also offer great templates for real estate investors. Their landing page templates are more effective as they provide ready-to-go content.

Leadpages also offers A/B split testing alongside a heat map that provides a visual representation of the most compelling sections of your landing page. This software provider offers different payment plans for their services.

4. Unbounce

At Unbounce, you are furnished with various templates. You will get general ones and specific ones for real estate investor landing pages. 

The majority of the templates available are best for businesses offering building, building management, and property management services. The templates are not the regular templates for residential real estate landing pages. 

Unbounce templates are basic templates. You can easily customize them to suit your personal preferences. They come with a drop-page builder, and they are compatible with mobile devices.

Unbounce also provides some terrific A/B testing functions. With these, you can operate different landing pages all at once and test which one has a better conversion rate.

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How To Tell If Your Landing Page Is Working?

Thankfully, most of the landing page software, such as Leadpages and Unbounce, come with A/B testing functions. 

With that, you can test various kinds of real estate investor landing pages. You can do this and test your CTA buttons all at once.

With this testing, you can make the necessary adjustments. That way, you can easily meet up the demands and standards of your market and customer demographic. 

Testing helps you to make the most of your conversion rate.

However, tracking your lead source is one crucial aspect of testing if your landing page is working. Ensure that only leads with annotated sources are input into your database. 

By testing your landing page, you will get enough information about your leads, closings, clients, and commissions. 


Running a landing page for a real estate investor is one item you must pay attention to. 

It becomes more important when you, as a real estate investor, spend a certain amount on advertising. 

When you take the extra step of paying for content promotion on your site, incorporating landing pages becomes essential.

Do you want to make the most of the effort you put into your services? 

Then, utilizing real estate investor landing pages for your business is the most effective way!

Plastic Surgeon Marketing – Can’t Miss Steps to New Clients

Plastic surgeon marketing refers to implementing marketing strategies to effectively sell plastic surgery services or plastic surgery cosmetics to the target audience. 

Such marketing strategies not only focus on selling the products, but they have different end-goals. 

Some leverage the power of digital marketing strategies to create awareness for their brands, while others simply use digital marketing to convert visitors into potential customers. 

plastic surgeon local marketing

How to Better Your Plastic Surgery Marketing

  • Brand your business with the right messaging and visuals
  • Establish a professional website
  • Make conversion oriented landing pages
  • Search engine optimize your website
  • Launch an informative blog
  • Create a social media presence
  • Engaging email marketing
  • Online paid advertising

While living in the digital era, we have seen marketing strategies evolve into complete digital marketing strategies. 

Are you in the cosmetic surgery/cosmetic product businesses? 

Do you want to digitize your marketing efforts and reap significant profit returns? 

Here is a guide that will educate you on how you can set up your digital presence. It will further help you understand how to promote your business digitally.

So without further ado, let’s dig in. 

How to Brand Your Plastic Surgery Business? 

We all want our businesses to be well recognized among our target audience. 

The only way we can achieve that is by showing our business recurrently to our audiences. 

Before that, we must make sure our brand gets appropriate exposure in the digital world. 

To do so, you need to make sure your brand dictates the right message to your target audience. 

If your cosmetic surgery brand can make them feel special, you can easily win them at the awareness stage of your plastic surgeon marketing. 

Besides just your target audience, your message might appear in front of an audience who is not well aware of your product or service. 

It has to develop a tone that can communicate from experts in the field to every other layman. 

Over time, you can shift your digital marketing strategy. But at the awareness stage of your reputation building, define your brand for the common people. 

Do you run a plastic surgery clinic? Do you sell plastic surgery cosmetics? Think about how to attract your audience first. Proper branding will ensure whether your business will become a success or a failure. 

plastic surgeon branding

There are two aspects of successful branding. 

Brand Messaging – The right brand message should win the emotion of your target audience. 

Avoid negative wording in your brand message. Be realistic to your audience’s expectations. Use a conversational tone and never overpromise. 

Remember, plastic surgery is a delicate process, and you need to win your audience’s confidence. Don’t mislead them; guide them correctly. 

Brand Visuals – Use visuals that are attractive and appealing. 

Be realistic while sharing images on your website and other brand assets. 

After all, your customers seek what you can deliver them, and you need to describe that effect perfectly through strong visuals. 

They are equally important in winning the audience, so they must be designed to meet your target audiences’ realistic expectations. 

plastic surgeon websites

How to Establish a Website for Your Plastic Surgeon Business? 

Once you have set the tone for your cosmetic brand, the next up is giving your brand a digital presence. 

While social media pages get the job done to a considerable extent, a website gives you brand exposure to vast audience size. 

According to Oberlo, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day. Intergrowth further confirms that 68% of online experiences for customers initiates from a search engine. 

More than 80% of purchases on online stores come from organic traffic. 

These are just hardline facts, and there’s plenty more which confirms having a website is important to survive in the online world of the present. 

To get your website design right, here are 13 factors you must consider implementing now

For a website to see the light of success, it must have proper optimization on relevant keywords. And it has some well-designed, highly engaging, and powerfully accurate landing pages. 

Let’s learn about their importance in your cosmetic businesses. 

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are commonly known as the “lead capturing pages.” 

A well-designed landing page is one that can attract the audience and compel them to purchase your product or service. 

The secret to creating a highly engaging and conversion-optimized landing page is that it pitches a strong offer to your customers. 

You need to explain everything about your cosmetic surgery business in a clear & concise manner. 

The words that you choose will decide whether your business will see the light of success or not. 

While designing landing pages, make sure you create attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings. Don’t forget to give your landing pages a powerful CTA. 

According to Hubspot marketing, 90% of people who read a headline also focuses on your call-to-action (CTA). While preparing the content of your landing pages is one thing, placement of design elements and introducing the right colors to compliment your business are just as important. 

Don’t forget to make sure you publish content with a unique twist. 

All your landing pages should be mobile optimized as 80% of people interact with brands through smartphones. 

Some of the basic landing page types you would like to introduce to your business include: 

  • Downloading educational tools 
  • Requesting additional information 
  • Scheduling a consultation or visitation 
  • To offer loyalty or reward club options for people 
  • For convincing users to sign up and attend special events 
seo for plastic surgeons


Another important factor is proper site optimization. 

SEO optimization is all about using relevant keywords in your website, so it appears on top in Google Searches and other places. 

If your site is not properly optimized, people may search keywords, but they won’t find you anywhere on Google. 

People use tools such as AHREFs or UberSuggest to find high volume/lower keyword difficulty words to optimize websites properly. 

Plastic surgeon marketing is a broad landscape. 

So find keywords that closely relate to your audience searches and map them strategically in your website content. 

Optimization is not only limited to site content. 

You must optimize your titles, metadata, slugs, and many other elements of your website—here, checkout how to optimize your website for search engines

plastic surgeon blogs

Launch a Blog to Attract Maximum Visitors  

One of the fastest ways to attract a target audience to any business (including cosmetic surgery) is through publishing blogs periodically. 

Blogs can provide insight to your target audience on what is really happening in the cosmetic world. 

It can discuss in detail the surgical procedures which you can perform & provide deep end research on what’s happening in the cosmetic surgery world. 

For blogs, you must focus on publishing relevant content and content that’s in trend to attract more audience. 

How does it happen? 

People search up their queries online (preferably Google). 

If your blog topics are ranking on relevant search terms, your blog will start appearing in front of your audience. 

The more it appears, the greater will be the chance of people visiting your blog page and, eventually, your website. 

It is one of the precious resources which turns profitable for you in your inbound plastic surgeon marketing strategy.

When you continually keep publishing content, you generate indexable content and hence appear more effectively in search options. The blog also creates better educational awareness. 

Here are a few tips to make sure your blog works out perfectly for your target market. 

  • Make sure to cover topics surrounding a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Any new developments or updates? Feel free to discuss them. 
  • Any awards which you have secured recently? Let your readers know. 
  • What’s happening at your clinic these days? Publish those events & happenings. 
  • Summarize case studies and successful projects, tell successful customer stories. 
  • Don’t take the traditional approach; spread your wings and brew up creativity. 
social media for plastic surgeons

How to Create a Social Media Presence in Plastic Surgeon Marketing Strategy

Social media presence is important as it helps you create your fan base. It gives you a platform to actively engage with your current clients and help you secure new potential patients for your businesses. 

Almost everyone is on social media these days. If you don’t have a presence, nobody will recognize you. 

If you’re running a plastic surgeon business and wondering how you can capitalize on social media, here are a few interesting ways. These are some of the ideas which you can leverage to promote: 

  • Create special discount offers for normal days and holiday seasons. 
  • Before/after images to show how your procedures are effective. 
  • Twitter to send out announcement posts and let the world know. 
  • Instagram to promote cosmetic healthcare & create awareness. 
  • Increase your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & other places. 
  • Run surveys and contests to create thrill among your audience types.
  • Leverage YouTube by publishing short-form content & share them on channel 

Social media is not like advertising campaigns. It only works best when you make your marketing interactive. 

Keep your eyes and ears open to hear what your audience has to say about your business. 

The more you listen to your audience, the more effectively you can offer them the right experience. 

So plan out your social presence, not how you want it to appear to your target audience, but how they want to see it. 

Think about what you want to achieve in the light of what they want you to offer to them. 

Nevertheless, a great plastic surgeon marketing strategy must focus on your goals & objectives and focus on your customer needs. 

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How to Proceed with Email Marketing as a Plastic Surgeon

Business owners often make the mistake of believing that email marketing strategies are outdated. 

They don’t realize that email marketing is one of the classic traditional marketing tools that can help brands nurture leads quickly & much more effectively. 

Whether you want to target an individual or a specific group, email marketing can help you win your prospects without experiencing hassles. 

When creating emails, make sure you design them in such a way that converts leads into customers. 

Subject lines play a massive role in ensuring that your email gets clicked upon. 

If you don’t create a strong subject line, you may lose 90% of the people during the initial phase. 

Make the rest of the content catchy & engaging. 

Don’t forget; readers will hardly spend a minute to go through what you’re offering as they have a ton of other emails lying in their mailbox. 

So make sure your email counts. 

If there’s a cosmetic surgery offer or some new treatment plans, make them a highlight in your emails. 

How to Proceed with Online Paid Marketing as a Plastic Surgery Business? 

Last but certainly not least, invest your marketing budget in creating conversion-optimized marketing campaigns. 

There are ways how you can make use of paid marketing to send out your offers. 

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) 

Previously, traditional marketing practices require printing out brochures and distributing them among the general audience. 

The following type of marketing practice wasn’t the best option because it would seldom have great appeal for massive audiences. 

On the contrary, Paid Per Click (PPC) advertising allowed businesses to reach out large-scale audiences quickly. 

And not only just random masses paid advertising allowed businesses to show ads to their relevant target audience directly. 

google ppc advertising

PPC made it happen by using keywords and Google AdWords. 

Other types of online paid marketing include other mediums such as: 

  • Mobile Ads – Today, many people use smartphones. You can run ads that cater directly to those interested in getting cosmetic surgeries done or are interested in surgery cosmetics. 
  • Display Ads – Commonly known as banner ads. They appear on top of Internet search pages. They target specific demographics or a certain group of people and are more personalized.
  • Social Media Ads – Many social media platforms now provide in-built marketing tools which allow users to run complete campaigns easily and social media ads to boost their social presence.

Once you begin running your digital marketing campaigns, you need to track the click-through rates that will show you what keywords are performing effectively. 

You can then retarget your ads to the same audience, searching up queries using those keywords and converting your visitors efficiently. 

It will altogether help you determine the value of your online marketing efforts. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you’re in the plastic surgery business, there’s no time better than investing in digital marketing. 

The technology world is now stepping into a more advanced era where marketing is everything about artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. 

We live in a world where everyone leverages the power of the Internet to search up their common queries. 

May it be something as small as fixing a plugin for a vehicle or scheduling a cosmetic surgery, the right marketing campaign can build awareness for businesses. 

It can help them reach out to potential patients more effectively in the online space. 

Don’t fall behind where your competitors are earning an edge. 

Start investing in digital plastic surgeon marketing now. 

Branded versus Non-Branded Keywords – Must Know SEO Tactics

Your online presence is extremely important to your company’s success. That’s why it’s important to look at key strategies that help your business’ brand grow online. One way to do that is to look at branded vs. non-branded keywords.

But what exactly are branded vs. non-branded keywords? In this article, we’ll go over:

  • What is a branded keyword?
  • What is a non-branded keyword?
  • Examples of branded keywords and non-branded keywords
  • Why are they important?
  • Benefits of branded and non-branded keywords
  • Drawbacks of branded and non-branded keywords
  • SEO and PPC tactics involving branded keywords and non-branded keywords
  • Which is better: branded keywords or non-branded keywords?

Now, let’s get into the details about branded vs. non-branded keywords and how they can help your business.

keyword strategy

What’s the difference between a branded vs. non-branded keyword?

A branded keyword is a keyword that has your brand’s name included in it, or a variation of your brand’s name in it. If someone were to search that keyword, something related to your brand would pop up, including your website, products, and social media accounts. Non-branded keywords, on the other hand, are keywords that are related to your brand but don’t have your brand’s name in them.

These could be:

  • Products your company sells
  • Services your company offers
  • Topics your company has authority and expertise in

While non-branded keywords don’t directly name your brand, they do still drive traffic to your website if you utilize them properly.

non-branded keyword research

Examples of Branded Keywords and Non-Branded Keywords

Here are some examples of branded keywords:

  • McDonalds menu
  • Oral-B electric toothbrush
  • Samsung smartphone
  • Domino’s pizza
  • Mediaboom website design services

These are examples of branded keywords because they have a company’s name directly in the keyword.

McDonalds, Oral-B, Samsung, Domino’s, and Mediaboom are all companies that have digital assets, like websites and social media profiles, associated with them.

Here are some examples of non-branded keywords:

  • Fast food burgers
  • Toothbrushes
  • Smartphones
  • Pizza
  • Digital marketing agency

Whereas branded keywords contain specific company names, non-branded keywords are words associated with each company previously listed.

For instance, “fast food burgers” is considered a non-branded keyword that McDonalds can use, and digital marketing agency is a non-branded keyword Mediaboom can use.

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Why Are They Important?

There are notable differences with branded vs. non-branded keywords, but they’re both important tools for your SEO strategy.

Branded keywords are important because they help more internet users find your business directly.

Anyone can search for a non-branded keyword, but other search results from other companies will come up.

However, if someone searches a branded keyword that has your company’s name in it, your brand and website will show up first.

So, why are non-branded keywords important?

Non-branded keywords are important because they help you gain visibility online through organic search efforts.

Sure, people may not directly put your company’s name next to a certain keyword when they type it into a search engine, but if you build enough authority around that keyword, your website could show up on the first page anyways.

keywords research

Benefits of Branded Keywords and Non-Branded Keywords

When discussing branded vs. non-branded keywords, it’s important to discuss the benefits of each type of keyword.

One of the biggest perks of branded keywords has already been mentioned: they help bring traffic directly to a company’s website.

That’s because the search intent is clear—people are looking for services or products from your specific brand.

There’s very little competition on that search engine results page (SERP) that can satisfy the user’s search intent.

Branded keywords also allow you to control the messaging behind the keywords your brand is tied to. That’s a vital benefit, especially since statistics show there were more than 4.6 billion internet users as of January 2021.

That’s literally billions of opportunities for your branded keywords to be found.

You want to make sure the messaging behind those terms is controlled and concise.

Non-branded keywords have their benefits as well. Non-branded keywords allow companies to build their organic search and increase their online visibility without having to spend a fortune.

Some companies like to utilize branded keywords in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but that can get expensive.

Plus, using non-branded keywords helps expand your company’s organic reach. Branded keywords are so specific that their search volume may be lower compared to non-branded keywords.

That makes sense since the intent is different.

For instance, the intent behind “digital marketing agency” is pretty general. People want to know what a digital marketing agency is and where a few around them may be.

However, “Mediaboom digital marketing agency” is very specific, as people are looking for Mediaboom in particular.

Since the intent is not as specific with non-branded keywords, there’s a greater opportunity for companies to increase their reach.

This casts a larger net on the internet and increases the chances of a typical user to become a loyal follower and, eventually, a customer.

keyword intent

Drawbacks of Branded Keywords and Non-Branded Keywords

You have to know the drawbacks of each keyword when discussing branded vs. non-branded keywords.

One drawback of branded keywords is that they can be expensive to upkeep with PPC campaigns, and sometimes, the user intent can cause someone who is simply browsing for information about your company to click on the ad, but not take any transactional action.

Branded keywords are also limiting in a way.

Using branded keywords assumes that enough people know about your company to search its brand along with a certain keyword.

You have to be confident that internet users are searching your brand, along with certain keywords, to get viable results.

There are also a couple of drawbacks to using non-branded keywords.

The biggest one, arguably, is that using non-branded keywords doesn’t bring in direct traffic the way branded keywords do.

If you target the keyword “sneakers”, a number of different search results can come up, since other companies rank for that term. That means your page may get very little traffic if it doesn’t rank well.

Another drawback to using non-branded keywords is that they can get expensive in PPC ads, especially if the keyword is competitive.

That’s why it’s important to monitor your PPC campaigns and see that they meet your goals. Otherwise, you could be burning money.

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SEO and PPC Tactics Involving Branded Keywords and Non-Branded Keywords

When discussing branded vs. non-branded keywords, it’s important to discuss the SEO tactics that involve both forms of keywords.

One way to utilize non-branded keywords in SEO is to build authority around non-branded keywords so you rank well for them.

One of the best ways to build authority and boost your SEO efforts is to create content targeting those non-branded keywords.

For instance, if you want to rank for “blogging tips”, you can create content that outlines the best tips for blogging.

The content you can create includes:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Free resources/whitepapers 

The more useful content you produce about a certain topic or keyword, the more likely you’ll rank well for a non-branded keyword.

This strategy can also help you build authority and trust with your online audience, which can help them convert from casual browser to customer.

There are SEO and PPC tactics you can use for branded keywords as well.

For instance, when it comes to SEO, you can build on variations of your branded keywords to help draw in more traffic.

When it comes to branded keywords, many marketers like to utilize them for PPC campaigns. This strategy can work for numerous reasons.

For starters, it can protect your branded keywords from your competitors. Your competition may try to steal your branded keywords in PPC advertising, so it’s best to keep up with them so you don’t lose them.

Branded keywords in PPC campaigns can also help you control the traffic you attract.

You can control the layout and message on the specific web page you link to the ad and attempt to increase conversions.

Essentially, using branded words for PPC campaigns can help you keep control of your brand and the traffic you bring in.

web page layout

Which is Better: Branded Keywords or Non-Branded Keywords?

We’ve talked about branded vs. non-branded keywords throughout this article, but the question remains: which one is better? The answer is: there is no right answer.

Branded keywords and non-branded keywords serve different purposes, and therefore, they both are important.

Branded keywords work well for well-established companies that want to narrow down their traffic and really optimize a message. Non-branded keywords, on the other hand, work better for smaller organizations trying to broaden their reach and establish their authority.

The search intent is different for these terms, but they’re both viable tools companies must use in their SEO and PPC strategies.

To fully utilize keywords and boost your SEO, contact our team and we can help your organic traffic skyrocket.

The How-To Guide for Medspa Facebook Marketing

You’re an expert in your field and deliver fantastic appearance-improvement treatments to patients. 

But does it mean skimping on your digital marketing strategies is okay?

Facebook has over 2.6 billion active users, as per the latest study by Statista. Facebook’s user base overshadows any other social media platform, even the ones created by Facebook.

The mass media network not only has a large audience but also spans across multiple demographics. Any business can find its desired audience on Facebook with ease.

Medspa treatments like fillers, BOTOX, and non-invasive fat freezing procedures have become more pressing and popular than ever. Medspa Facebook marketing is one of the easiest ways to capitalize on this booming aesthetic landscape.

In this regard, an effective marketing strategy or campaign is of paramount importance to succeed with this fierce competition. 

If you run a medspa and need an increase in your customers, you might need to change some things. More specifically, it is high time you establish a medspa Facebook marketing strategy.

Effective Medspa Facebook Marketing

Using Facebook to market your medspa has many benefits. For one, you can reach a massive audience, that includes B2B and B2C customers. Also, you can use multiple channels within Facebook to reach your audience, like the news feed, groups, messenger, and more. Finally, paid advertising allows you to reach potential customers in any way you choose to target.

Let’s dive into the details to find out how your medspa Facebook marketing strategy can benefit your business.

facebook marketing techniques

Reasons Why Advertising on Facebook is one of the Best Marketing Strategies for your Medspa

Keep in mind that if you neglect marketing for your business, your rivals will move past you.

To get ahead in the market and acquire leads, you need specific targeting tools.

Still unsure why your medspa needs Facebook marketing? Here are some reasons.

●        Has Wide Audience Reach

There is no denying that Facebook offers businesses the most extensive user base.

Look at the latest statistics;

facebook for business owners

While it skews towards millennials with over 62 percent of active users (between 18 and 35 years old), the social media platform attracts people of all generations.

You may find more than 38 percent of users between the ages of 36 and 65.

In fact, the older demographic group is rapidly growing.

Since 2015, the number of people born between 1946 and 196 has steadily grown on Facebook. The size of the silent generation (people born before 1945) has almost doubled on Facebook, as per Pew Research Center.

●        Can Align with B2B and B2C Businesses

If you think Facebook marketing or advertising doesn’t cater to B2C clients, you’re mistaken. B2B businesses can also successfully run campaigns and ads on Facebook.

We say this because many business decision-makers spend approximately more than 74 percent of their time on the largest social media platform.

Facebook offers several targeting segments that align well with B2B’s needs to target new users. These segments include;

  • Employer name
  • Employment industry
  • Job title
  • Company size of employers
  • Interest industry
  • Business travelers

Based on your current email list customer base, or website visitor, you can use a lookalike audience strategy.

The worth-pursuing tactic can help your medspa generate new leads and boost revenue.

medspa b2c marketing

●        Users Transparency

Facebook user reach, in contrast to other programmatic networks, is highly transparent.

In fact, the popular social media platform offers the best targeting capabilities for your audience.

Therefore, your medspa can have a high level of transparency and control over the people you want to target.

  • Fans: followers on Facebook
  • Friends of followers- friends of your Facebook followers.
  • Remarketing: Users who visited your website previously
  • Interests or behaviors: Users meeting the criteria you chose based on your self-reported criteria

Usually, other social media platforms auto-optimize the placements.

When you segment yourcampaigns based on recognized audience clusters, you can get good insights.

This way, your marketing campaign performs exceptionally well.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

●        Has Multiple Forms of Engagement to offer Full-Funnel Targeting

Compared to other digital platforms, Facebook is the only one that can engage users at different stages.

Regardless of how many services you offer at your medspa, a well-designed Facebook marketing campaign can facilitate it.

Measurement capabilities, targeting options, and ad formats are just a few things that Facebook offers businesses looking to advertise.

This feature is extremely useful, regardless of what stage of the funnel they are on. Whether they are in the upper funnel stage, have started their research, or are willing to transact, Facebook caters to all of them.

If users are on the awareness stage, video ads, sponsored stories, and carousel ads can pique their interest. Moreover, you can advertise to them without getting too direct.

If users consider your promotional message, it can be an excellent opportunity to delight them with unique visual ideas.

You can show them how your CoolSculpting, fillers, or any other cosmetic process can help them.

●        Has a Variety of Advertising Formats

Undeniably, Facebook stands out with its variety of ad options to run ad campaigns. You can leverage ten different ad formats to target each stage of the marketing funnel. Most businesses use the ad format with videos and images.

It is worth mentioning that all ad formats can accommodate both video and text elements.

t provides your medspa Facebook marketing a substantial opportunity to not only showcase but also describe your services.

To allow followers to post on your feed, use sponsored posts. It is an effective way to boost user-generated posts on your Facebook feed and fuel more engagement with various users.

Remember that solid user-generated content can outperform purpose-developed ads.

It is because users identify it as a purposely created message. It is organic, and users are not usually defensive when they see it.

facebook ads for your medspa marketing

Facebook Ad for Your Medspa Marketing- How it is Beneficial

Are you not promoting or marketing your medspa on a social media platform like Facebook?

You’re definitely missing out on a significant advertising opportunity.

With its high influx of active users who might be your potential clients, it can hold tremendous advantages.

You can advertise your content via Facebook to reach people looking for aesthetic or cosmetic procedures. Facebook ads are beneficial as they are;

  • Measured
  • Engaging
  • Targeted
  • Cost-effective

Using Facebook ads, you can target a particular demographic based on income, hobbies, gender, and age for your medspa business.

Facebook allows cosmetic clinics or other businesses to use the “Lookalike Audiences” feature, as mentioned above.

It specifically targets people interested in appearance-improving services that a medspa business can provide. 

Through Facebook ads, businesses can show their best services, content, and latest news to their target audience.

share your medspa business content

How to Use Facebook Ads

Once you set up your business page, enabling advertising options on Facebook is easy.

Through “Ad Manager” on Facebook, you can create and manage ads. You need to select an objective for these ads, such as collecting leads, improving brand awareness, or generating leads.

Facebook asks you to explain or define your target audience when you choose an objective.

You can be specific about the audience you wish to target. After establishing your audience, you receive an estimate of users you expect to reach and people who can see your ads.

This is the stage where you can determine the amount you wish to spend on these Facebook ads.

Interestingly, your medspa can easily adjust your spending according to how your ads perform.

Then, you choose the visual features of your Facebook ads. You have an option to design something new or use an existing post.

medspa advertising

The responses you receive will show how well an ad performs for your Medspa Facebook Marketing. According to that, you can improve your advertising strategy and also update the budget.

Here are fantabulous Facebook ad strategies to help you grow your medspa business.

  • Increase Page Likes – promoting your page is one of the quickest ways to target your clients and use Facebook ads. Create dynamic and vibrant pages to foster customer loyalty. You need to increase the likelihood that fans turn into long-term customers.
  • Improve Engagement (comments and shares) – Engagement is a driver of your successful Medspa Facebook marketing strategy. Promote the posts as much as you can to let maximum people see them in their feeds.

●        Drive traffic to your Medspa Website – Facebook, with its engaging medium, is an excellent place to increase site traffic.  

The more traffic to your site, the more opportunities you have to convert them into leads.

Snippet Feature- Facebook Pixel to Retarget

retargeting pixel facebook marketing

If your dream is to create the perfect ad campaign, then you can use Facebook pixels’ targeting abilities.

Functional integration, laser-focused campaigns, and highly engaging Facebook ads are just a few of the perks this feature offers.

It is basically a code snippet you can insert in the backend of your medspa website. The analytic tool can help your cosmetic procedure clinic establish and increase the ROI by estimating the ads. Use Facebook pixel data for

  • Making sure you show your ads to the right audience
  • Building advertising audience
  • Unlocking additional Facebook tools to advertise

You don’t need to build your network on a self-serve advertising tool on Facebook with Pixel. The snippet feature makes this entire process faster and easier. Additionally, the snippet tool can improve the effectiveness of the Facebook campaigns you run.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Medspa Facebook Marketing- How to Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your profile can do wonders for your Medspa Facebook marketing campaign.

You need to start by creating a Facebook page that is simple, enticing, and engaging.

Ensure you include only clear and relevant information or details about your medical spa. Relevant information saves your potential customers’ time and can help your potential patients easily connect with you.

Your medspa Facebook page must include;

  • Your website’s link
  • Your contact number
  • Email address
  • Operation hours
  • Your facility’s address
  • A comprehensive description of your medical spa 
  • A call to action option

Another highlighting feature that makes Facebook marketing worth spending time on is “add-to-button.”

Using this option, you lead potential users to current content on your Facebook page.

Never skimp on the straightforward and easy opportunity to book appointments.

Your page must include both cover pages and profiles that are high resolution and can represent your business.

 Keep in mind that Facebook has its review platform. Therefore, like Groupon and Yelp, it is an excellent resource that helps users assess your practice reputation. 

engage with medspa audience

Medspa Facebook Marketing- How to Connect With Patients

Post Relevant and Appealing Content: Post content that provides value to your users. Experts recommend posting high-grade and engaging videos and photos such as 40x visual content. Visual content is more likely to get likes and shares on a social media platform.

You might not know that a Facebook page allows you to pin a post at the top. If you want an older post to reappear on the page when someone clicks on it, pin it. It is an easy way to advertise your offers and make your users see them. They can be special promotions and announcements.

Engage with Your Users: After you post content, don’t leave the space just like that. When Users comment, share, or like your posts, it is essential to respond to them.

You might not believe that, but your comment section is an important place where your potential patients ask questions regarding treatments or procedures they’re considering. This is a chance to convince the users why they should choose you.

Enable Messaging: Facebook provides an option to enable messages to the page. This feature makes it easy for your patients to reach out or contact you.

It can drastically improve the number of bookings you receive.

However, you must have an active staff member to respond to queries and messages quickly. They should provide accurate information about the services you offer.

facebook marketing for medspas


All in all, Facebook marketing has become an integral part of any businesses’ digital marketing plan.

It is an effective way to build links, drive engagement, and share content.

Thus, if you don’t want to miss out on the potential that social media holds, use Medspa Facebook marketing for organic traffic.

How to Grow a Construction Business – Actionable Steps for Success

According to IBIS World, between 2016 and 2021, the construction industry in the United States grew by 2.5 percent. That may not sound like a lot, but in 2021, there are an estimated 3,570,224 construction companies across the country. How can you grow a construction business so you don’t get swallowed up by the competition?

effective construction marketing plan

Here’s how to grow a construction business:

  • Put together a great team
  • Invest in your business
  • Find your niche
  • Create an effective marketing plan

This article will be your guide to maximizing the growth potential of your construction company. We’ll talk more about the pointers above and provide actionable tips and steps for forging success in your industry!

How to Grow Your Construction Business

Put Together a Great Team

Even if yours is a new construction business with a bare-bones staff, with your goal of achieving growth, you need to make hiring decisions carefully.

Filling vacancies is not as important as hiring quality employees with the drive and determination to work their best and overcome adversity when struggles inevitably arise.

Remember that finding good employees starts with you. When you put together a vacancy ad, make sure your job description is as thorough as possible. Discuss the qualities of the candidate you’re looking for.

Be clear on what their daily responsibilities might look like. If you need employees who are willing to put in overtime, don’t dance around that.

Pay to run your job ad, and don’t only post it on Monster or Indeed. Look for construction-related job boards and post there as well. You’ll not only get more eyes on your listing, but more qualified candidates.

Once you’ve hired a team that you couldn’t be prouder of, make sure you keep them passionate and excited about working for your construction business. As employees excel, promote them or increase their salary. Make them feel appreciated and they should stick around. 

Invest in Your Business

In those early startup days, spending more money than what’s absolutely necessary is a gamble your business didn’t wish to take.

Yet there comes a time in every company’s history where you have to invest in your business if you want to move past whatever growth plateau you’ve hit.

That’s our next tip for how to grow a construction business: invest in what’s important. Maybe that’s hiring new staff in anticipation of growth. Perhaps you finally buy the hardware or software that would make it easier for your employees to plan jobs, track appointments, and manage invoices.

Maybe you invest in a better employee training program so all your new staff members are trained to the same standards rather than you training them individually.

You should certainly think about earmarking a sum for marketing, as that’s a sure way of achieving your goals of growth.

More than likely, rather than pick and choose, your construction business will dedicate funds to all these areas at various times. Since more money will come with increased growth, this spending should keep you in the green rather than tip you into the red.

find your construction niche

Find Your Niche

Your industry is construction, but what is your niche? Maybe you specialize in door installation, spray foam, or garage doors.

If your city or town is already oversaturated with construction competition, then establishing a niche will allow you to differentiate your business from everyone else’s.

Make sure that your specialty is shouted loud and clear. The information should be on your homepage, in your social media bios, and in other content.

The goal is to present your construction company as the authority in this niche. When curious local customers search for spray foam or garage door services, yours will be among the top results to show up.

Please don’t choose a niche just to choose one. Rather, make sure that your niche is an area your team is knowledgeable about and skillful in doing.

Create an Effective Marketing Plan

If you’re still wondering how to grow a construction business, among the most effective methods is to have a marketing plan. You’ll likely work with a team of marketing professionals to achieve the following goals.

  1. Increase Reach and Brand Awareness

Getting your construction company to household name status is not an overnight endeavor, but you can do it with brand awareness. Through marketing measures, your construction business can become the talk of the town. Your reach will also grow to surrounding cities so you can increase your customer base.

  1. Generate Qualified Leads to Make More Profits

Generating leads is one thing and generating qualified leads is another. Qualified leads are readier to buy, which increases your chances of successfully converting them. An effective marketing plan will make it possible for your construction business to find more qualified leads, increase conversions, and steadily build your income.

  1. Get Consistent Website Traffic

Your website should be a lean, mean, traffic-generating machine. Even if leads and customers find you from advertisements or social media, the traffic needs to be redirected to your site. There, you can use lead magnets and opt-in forms to capture the contact information of leads and begin the nurturing and engagement phases.

consistent website traffic

How to Achieve Your Construction Business Growth Goals

Now that you’re aware of what growth can look like, you can see how to grow a construction business can be achieved with the backing of a talented digital marketing agency.

Provide Value to Your Ideal Customers

Who are your customers? If you haven’t yet, you’ll need to segment your leads based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic criteria. This is the only way to identify what the needs and interests of your audience segments are so you can produce content that’s catered to those interests.

As a construction business, you might divide your audience into segments like high income versus lower income, the age of their home, and how close they live to the areas you serve. Once you have this information at the ready, you can create buyer personas, which are an amalgamation of traits among each audience segment.

Then go through each buyer persona you came up with and determine what kind of content would be most valuable to them. First-time homeowners might not know when it’s time for new flooring or how to price an add-on to their home.

You could make a video or infographic answering these questions. However, long-time homeowners are familiar with all this stuff, and their needs are different.

Webinars may be appropriate for some subjects whereas videos can succinctly cover other topics. Written and visual content such as blog posts and infographics are other great options. You may offer downloadable content as well, where the lead exchanges their email address for the content they want.

According to marketing automation platform Frizbit, interactive content is also expected to have a moment in 2021.

You can make your content interactive in all sorts of simple but effective ways, such as using widgets, hosting a giveaway or contest, or doing a survey or poll. Even interactive videos will engage with your audience. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Create a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign

Content marketing is key in how to grow a construction business, but it’s one piece of the overall puzzle that is a digital marketing campaign. You’ll also need to add email marketing, social media marketing, and local SEO to your list of growth tactics. Let’s talk more about each now.

  1. Email Marketing

Email remains a primary vehicle for furthering your construction business. When leads give you their email address, you can begin an email drip campaign full of great content to engage with and nurture the relationship. You can also inform your audience of company news and even promotions and deals through email.

You’ll use the audience segments you created to make subsets of email recipients. Like you tailored your video and blog content to your audience segment’s needs, you must do the same for email. If you have an audience segment with leaky roofs and you email your whole list about your roofing sale, you won’t get the kinds of email open rates you want.

The question of how often you should email your mailing list is a perpetual conundrum among business owners. If you email too frequently, you could get flagged as spam. Yet if you email too seldom, your customers will forget about you.

You want to email your list at least weekly unless you’re running a deal or promotion. Then it’s appropriate to send out emails twice or even thrice that week. Do keep an eye on your email metrics, which will tell you whether more frequent communication is appealing to your audience or turning them away.

social media marketing construction business
  1. Social Media Marketing

Still not sure how to grow a construction business? Social media marketing is a large part of the equation. Social media resource Sprout Social states that, as of February 2021, across social media, there are more than 3.6 billion users. By 2025, that number will increase to 4.41 billion users.

Selecting which social media platform has staying power is a bit of a guessing game, but with a digital marketing agency on your side, you can begin promoting your construction business to platforms with receptive audiences. It’s never a bad idea to stick to the classics, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Sprout Social says Facebook is the most popular social platform as of 2021. That’s followed by YouTube and Instagram.

  1. Local SEO

How does your construction business become the first search result when a person types in “construction company Chicago” or “door installation Houston”? Through search engine optimization or SEO.

Google’s algorithm has become more advanced than ever. Today Google uses the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, or BERT for short. BERT relies on a combination of natural language processing and machine learning across 70+ languages to better master what searchers want and then showcase results.

The BERT algorithm is less about content length and more about content intent. If you make it sound from the title of your page that you’re going to talk about spray foam insulation in New York and then your page is about garages, then your website will be ignored.

consistent brand identity

Use Consistent Brand Messaging Across All Channels

If you ever watch brands online, you’ll notice that, whether you’re emailing them, reading the copy on their website, or perusing a social media comment that their brand voice doesn’t deviate. Your brand voice is a larger part of brand messaging, or how you persuade your customers to do business with you.

As a construction business, your brand voice may be friendly but knowledgeable, like talking to an old friend who’s very well-versed in something.

Staying true to your brand voice, your brand messaging wouldn’t be pushy or salesy, as you’re trying to come across conversationally. Inconsistencies with your brand messaging will confuse your customers and dissuade them from proceeding.

It’s easy enough to maintain a brand voice and brand messaging when you’re the only one overseeing this area of your construction business.

Yet we’re talking about how to grow a construction business, and that means other chefs will be in the kitchen, so to speak. No matter who’s responding to what correspondence, maintaining that brand voice and brand messaging is paramount. That goes for all channels, from social media instant messages/direct messages to emails.

Make a Lead-Generating Website with Landing Pages

Remember earlier how we mentioned that your website must be a lean, mean, lead-generating machine? Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Use whitespace: There’s no need to fear whitespace provided there isn’t too much of it. By not overlapping element on top of element, especially around your CTA buttons, they can stand out more.
  • Make landing pages for every service you provide: Your construction business has a niche, but you offer other services as well. For each of those services, you need a landing page. Consider adding videos as well as written content so you break up the copy and make the page more readable.
  • Add testimonials: If you have some glowing reviews, post them! You can also contact customers and ask if they’re willing to write a testimonial. These reviews build trust in your service.
  • Use opt-in forms: We’ve mentioned opt-in forms throughout this guide, so don’t forget their inclusion in your website design. You could even have an opt-in form on every page to encourage email signups.
  • Include your phone number: You want curious leads to contact you, right? A phone number that’s above the fold and even built into the navigation makes it easy to get in touch.
  • Test and test some more: Before your site goes live, split-test every element. Make sure you go back to your site every few months and test again, updating the website if necessary.
referrals construction business

Start a Referral Program

As your audience numbers grow, a referral program begins making more sense for your company. This is an exceptional method when it comes to how to grow a construction business. If you do go the referral route, make sure you’re clear about what’s in it for your customers. Maybe they get more money off their next construction job for every referral they make.

A referral system like this will inspire your audience to refer not only one friend or colleague, but several.  

Consider Paid Ads

While your construction business seeks to improve its Google search result listing, you can maximize visibility by paying for advertising. According to marketing resource Constant Contact, Google is a construction company’s best advertising avenue.

Social media advertising is another great means of getting your business seen. Compare the costs of advertising campaigns to determine if it’s within your budget at this early stage. If not, you can always come back to paid ads later.

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Utilize Google My Business

Our last suggestion for how to grow a construction business is to use the service Google My Business. Unlike Google advertising, Google My Business is a free service that business owners in all niches and industries ideally should use.

Once you set up your Business Profile, you can add pertinent information like your days and hours of business, your phone number, physical address, and more. You can even link your website to your Google My Business account so users can click and visit your site in an instant.

In your Business Profile, Google will tell you how many follows, bookings, calls, and clicks you have with its built-in analytics.


Knowing how to grow a construction business starts with a well-thought marketing plan. At Mediaboom, our digital marketing agency can generate more qualified leads, increase brand awareness, and boost your online traffic. Our team specializes in website services, design, advertising, and marketing campaigns for construction companies of all sizes.

Marketing Investment Funds – Top Strategies You Must Try

The process of bringing a hedge fund to the public is a lengthy process. 

This journey can last up to eighteen months for some funds. 

Fund managers put a lot of work into cultivating the right mix of funds into their products. 

Despite putting in so much work to craft their fund package, investment firms don’t place any focus on marketing their fund packages. 

Most large funds have a website but that site is nothing more than a page with their logo and a photo. 

Two-thirds have a LinkedIn presence but only ten are active posters. 

To get attention to your fund, you need to put a focus on marketing.

While there are matters of legal compliance you need to follow when marketing an investment fund, this should not deter you from putting together a strategy to market your fund to prospective clients. 

marketing investment fund tips

These are the top tactics you can utilize when marketing investment funds:

  1. Marketing efforts make you appear more trustworthy to prospective clients
  2. Your efforts will make you visible to more clients
  3. It increases the profile of your brand
  4. You Will Have An Advantage Over Your Competitors
  5. Use Social Media To Reach Potential Investors
  6. Use Market Data To Properly Target Customers
  7. Create Quality Content

1. Marketing efforts make you appear more trustworthy to prospective clients

Companies trying to market themselves are nothing new. Consumers get ads on Facebook and even in their email inboxes. 

Direct mailers are still an important part of outreach for some industries. 

It isn’t possible to go anywhere and not see someone marketing something to a group of people. With the amount of data that is now collected on people, companies can now target their ideal consumers. 

Imagine for a second what you would think of a company that didn’t invest any time or money into getting you to try their product.

Would you trust that company? 

What kind of impression would this make on you and how would this reflect on their brand image? 

A lack of marketing could make it look like you have something to hide. 

Forgoing marketing leaves a bad impression on potential customers. 

Making even the smallest investment in some type of marketing will help leave a good impression on potential customers and make you appear trustworthy. 

private equity customers

2. Your efforts will make you visible to more clients

Creating an investment fund is a great deal of work. 

It would be terrible for a firm to put all of this work into the development of a fund and then no one knows anything about it. 

Without a marketing plan, you reduce your chances that organic foot traffic will find your investment fund. 

A brand new fund needs to find new customers and a plan for selling itself to potential investors. 

Your marketing efforts will help future customers find you and your investment fund. Without putting work into a marketing plan, investors won’t know that your new fund exists. 

3. It increases the profile of your brand

No matter if you are a new player in the world of investment funds or you have been around for several years, having a marketing plan will boost your profile. 

The number of investment and mutual funds continues to increase each year. This means there is more competition for customers. 

When there is an influx into the market, it leaves less and less for existing brands. 

You have to do something that will set you apart and get your brand noticed. A solid marketing strategy will do just that. 

private equity branding

4. You Will Have An Advantage Over Your Competitors

As mentioned earlier, many investment funds have a website

But for many, that webpage is nothing more than a logo with little to no information about the company or the fund itself. 

Some funds have established a presence on LinkedIn, but post infrequently and engage with people on the network even less. 

If you add even a few smaller details to your website and engage in any type of marketing campaign, you will be doing more than most of your competitors. 

For many reasons, marketing is not used extensively in the world of investing. 

If you add a marketing strategy to your firm, this will give you an advantage over other investment funds. You will have visibility on the web that they don’t have. 

5. Use Social Media To Reach Potential Customers

As was mentioned in the point above, investment funds have made little to no investment in marketing of any kind. 

This would include social media marketing as well. 

Making any investment in this area will give you an advantage over most other investment funds. 

Whether companies want to recognize it or not, social media plays an outsized role in our daily lives. 

This includes any research people do on a wide variety of topics, including investment opportunities. 91% of adults online use internet search engines to find information on a chosen topic. 

Social media accounts will populate in those results. 

These results will make you more visible and more attractive to potential customers. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

6. Use Data To Properly Target Customers

Data is like gold in the world of marketing. 

No one wants to invest the time and money into marketing efforts and get nothing in return.

And if you don’t hone your marketing efforts, that is exactly what you will be doing. 

Use data to craft your efforts directly into individuals who meet your ideal customer. 

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, invest in research to see who is that ideal customer. 

Then you can target your efforts to areas that your ideal customer frequents. 

For example, it doesn’t make the most sense to use targeted ads for investment funds on a social media channel like Snapchat. 

The demographics don’t line up. It makes more sense to advertise on a channel like Facebook or sticking to targeted ads via Google. 

It saves money and gets you better results.  

content marketing private equity firms

7. Create Quality Content

Content is king on the internet

This is what keeps people coming back to your website. 

It is also what helps instill trust in your business and establish you as an authority on your chosen subject. 

The higher quality your content is, the more other writers on the web will share and link to your articles

All of this comes together to raise your profile, increase awareness of your brand and enhance your reputation. 

However, if you don’t create relevant content or what you share is riddled with inaccuracies, it will damage your reputation online. 

Make sure any content that you produce is of the highest quality. 

If you find that your in-house teams do not have the time to create content of that quality, don’t be shy about outsourcing this to a freelancer. 

It is more important that your content be quality than it is that it be produced by someone on your regular payroll.

alternative marketing techniques

Should You Market Different Funds In Different Ways?

Honestly, yes. 

Each investment fund was created with a specific goal in mind. Some were made for risk-averse people. Others are high-risk funds and wouldn’t be a good fit for your other clients. 

Each investment fund is highly different and isn’t the right fit for every investor. 

Since each fund is different, it stands to reason you can’t market it the same way. 

It’s just like if you were selling cosmetics. You wouldn’t market anti-aging eye cream to a 20-year-old; that isn’t your target market. 

Investment funds are the same way. 

You have to assess what type of investor this fund was created for and create your marketing to reach that particular investor. 

High-risk funds are great for people who have the time to recoup their money if the market takes a sizable dip. 

These wouldn’t be the best choice for someone only a few years away from retirement. 

When you look at things through that lens, it stands to reason that you would have to use different strategies for your varied investment funds.

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Potential Legal Challenges For Marketing Investment Funds

An investment fund is a very different product to market compared to virtually everything else. 

Unlike other products, there are legal considerations as well. 

In 2012 the JOBS Act was passed by Congress and it has had an impact on the marketing of investment funds

A portion of this law pertains to how to advertise your fund during this initial fundraising stage for your starting capital. Startup investors also have to self-certify their accreditation when becoming part of an initial offering. 

Rule 506(c) also pertains to advertising and marketing for investment funds. 

This rule pertains to the accreditation and verification process for any non-US investors into investment funds. 

This rule can pertain to high net worth US investors as well. 

Since there are other ways to verify funds and investors, less than 10% of funds rely on monies that were verified under Rule 506(c). 

Rule 506(C) and the JOBS Act have made some aspects of gathering startup funds more difficult. 

There has been an increase in fraudulent or deficient funds showing up in the marketplace. 

These less than reputable funds gain growth through the use of more traditional marketing methods like flyers and brochures.  

In September 2017, a risk alert was sent out showing what the most common problems were and which fund managers were the most likely to violate the rules and market these funds.

To correct some of these problems, the SEC had to offer additional guidance on what constitutes advertising and other styles of conversations in 2019.

If you are working with overseas clients, the EU has additional rules for fundraising and marketing that aren’t used in the US. Laws and rules in the EU are typically more stringent than in the United States.

 Even if you are part of a US-based company, you are still expected to follow the rules and regulations of EU nations when operating in these countries. 

marketing for private equity firms

Other Important Details To Consider When Marketing Investment Funds

Fund managers have been averse to marketing and advertising efforts. 

Some feel that advertising will draw attention they don’t want to their fund. 

If the profile of the investment fund becomes too high, then regulators may start asking questions. 

While this can be a valid concern, it shouldn’t be. Fund managers should welcome regulators because everything they do should be above board and legal. 

Investors should feel at ease if they see an investment fund engaged in advertising. This means that the fund is doing everything by the book and isn’t scared of regulators taking a closer look at their fund. 

The SEC has rules around what is considered a marketing activity and what is considered client communications. 

However, these rules continue to evolve as digital communications also evolve. 

Any activities conducted for marketing investment funds should be developed and carried out by agencies that are up to date on the rules. 

If you don’t follow the rules governing marketing and communications, you could face some serious penalties. 

Only use marketers who understand the difference. Failing to do so could cost you a considerable sum of money.

Just like with anything else, you will want to track your marketing efforts

Not everything you try will work and get you the results you need. 

But you won’t have any way of knowing this unless you track your campaign and your results. 

Once you have some data you will know where to target your efforts and any changes you need to make. You will also be able to see your ROI and other marketing data.

marketing investment funds tactics

Final Thoughts

Marketing investment funds are different from marketing other products. 

There are legal issues that one must consider which can vary based on the country you are working in. 

Also, many fund managers don’t use marketing to attract investors, so this area of marketing has a lot of grey areas. 

However, the lack of people who market in this field means it is wide open and the sky’s the limit. 

A marketer who understands the legal issues can attract a considerable amount of attention for their clients and help them grow and market their investment funds. 

LinkedIn for Business Owners – Build Your Network and Brand

Are you a business owner wondering if LinkedIn is really worth a try? Or why LinkedIn could be better than any other social media network to grow your business?

If you are nodding in agreement to either of the above-mentioned questions, you are in the right place. First of all, do not worry as you are not the first or the only one to ask these questions.

Why LinkedIn is a Powerful Tool For Business Owners

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world today, with over 740 million members and more than 55 million registered businesses. This makes LinkedIn for business owners a platform to market and sell their products and services. Joining this networking makes you a part of the worldwide community – free to grow your authority, brand, and business network.

If you are considering jumping on board this global business networking platform, here is how it can prove to be ultimately beneficial and effective for you and your enterprise. You will be able to build relationships on a global scale while bridging the geographical gap to uncover new leads.

Moreover, you will be the first to know directly from legit sources and industry experts about the latest trends in marketplaces and consumers’ behavior.

So, without further ado, let us dive right in to explore why LinkedIn for Business owners is a good idea.

linkedin for digital marketing

Why Your Business Should Use LinkedIn

While the reasons may vary as to your business’s nature, objectives, and goals, here are four reasons you should join LinkedIn as a business owner.

1.      It is the Ultimate Dwelling Place for Professionals

If you want to become a part of the number one professional business network, LinkedIn is the answer. You will get an instant outreach to millions of businesses as well as professionals associated with your industry.

From co-workers to previous colleagues, head hunters to recruitment managers, business leaders to vendors, LinkedIn is the online digital hangout for business owners from all over the world.

2.      Digitizing Your Business Collaborations and Customer Relationships

You can now track your favorite business partners, vendors, and loyal customers online. Moreover, you can ask them to leave you reviews and recommendations for others to know who trustworthy your business is.

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3.      Establishing Yourself as Business Leader

If you are a business owner, you can establish your image as a business leader or establish your brand’s image as the leader in your niche.

One of the best ways is to publish articles, do live sessions, or leave short video messages, educational and tutorial material to share your expertise.

This way, people will start looking at your business as a trustworthy guide to help them make decisions.

4.      To be Found by Others

LinkedIn for business owners can help create a robust business profile by filling in strong keywords, accomplishments, and business achievements. This will lead to you and your business discovered by other companies, potential partners, vendors, and customers in your niche.

Moreover, you will also be able to find potential employees looking for better opportunities in the specific sector you serve.

Give back to the business community with quality content

How Does Your Business Benefit From It

Creating a LinkedIn Business profile will help you explore and network with prospect quality leads. Additionally, you will get to establish a solid, trustworthy and reputable brand image on a domestic as well as global scale.

Do you know that 84 percent of LinkedIn users generate many business opportunities? Amongst many of its benefits, LinkedIn allows you to tell your business’ story, the journey, and share your internal operations and values with followers, business partners, and professionals, and hope to boost your referrals as a digital marketing strategy.

 So, to explore further, here are five ways LinkedIn can help your business without spending a dime.

1.      Giving Back To the Community Helps

As a business owner, you must give back to the community by sharing your expertise and knowledge. For this, you can produce shareable content on LinkedIn so your followers can see and share your valuable sights with others.

You can also make sure to provide this content in various formats, including SlideShare presentations, infographics, blog posts, vlogs, webinars, short clips, testimonials, and podcasts. This will increase your loyalty amongst the audience as they will see that you care to provide information in several preferable options.

The higher your posts’ frequency, the more chances you will have to extend your business’s outreach.

As a part of your content marketing strategy, you must strive to publish relevant and authentic posts for shares and viral likes. However, do not overdo it as you do not want to alienate your audience by spamming them.

launching new products and services

2.      Showcasing New Products and Services

LinkedIn for Business owners can help if you are about to launch a new service or product. According to a survey, half of the vendors on LinkedIn generated sales due to running their new product promos and discount offers on the platform.

While running your promotions on a LinkedIn company page, you can leave a call-to-action (CTA) for the target audience to visit your website. This, in return, will boost traffic to your website, generate more leads and increase your chances to convert them into sales.

3.      Standing Tall Amongst Competitors

Being on LinkedIn gives you a competitive edge over other competitors. You can use the company description section to explain why your business is better than others. You can share company news, values, vision, and mission to keep your audience in the loop.

Sharing information on a frequent basis will establish an authentic, cheerful, and transparent image of your business, and customers love it.

Creating visual content will give you an opportunity to tell your audience the story of your company. You will be able to strike an emotional chord with them as they get to know how your business thinks and acts.

stay up to date with the competition

4.      Fishing for Potential Talent to Contribute to Your Business Success

Your LinkedIn profile will help you look at valuable information of potential candidates seeking professional opportunities in your sector. You will be able to look at their previous jobs, performances, accomplishments, training, etc.

Think of LinkedIn for business owners as a free pool of talent you can dip into at any time. The better employees you have on board, the better your company’s productivity.

5.      Staying Updated about the Competition

Did you know that 94 Percent of B2B marketers have been using LinkedIn to distribute their content? You can keep a tab on what your competitors are up to by following their LinkedIn profiles and checking their content. 

This will help you stay on top of any changes in your industry or marketplace. You can even take on what works for a competitor and make it your own by making tweaks. This sometimes can help you evade the large R&D budgets and bag a strategy that can work in your favor too.

6.      Improving Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others rank Business’s LinkedIn pages and display the content-rich profiles as top results. Therefore, to use LinkedIn for business owners, you can add frequent updates about your business, optimize your posts and content for SEO and improve your search engine rankings and sales.

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B2B Focused vs. B2C Focused Tactics

B2B or Business-to-Business refers to a business model where you sell on selling products and services to other businesses directly. To put it in other words, you deal with the buying companies’ decision-makers and convince them to buy products from them.

On the other hand, B2C refers to the Business-to-Consumer model refers to the practice where you sell directly to the consumers. This is easier than B2B business strategy; all you need to know is where to find your target audience and what their needs are.

However, LinkedIn can help you master the B2B focused digital marketing strategies. You can build healthy and reputable connections with businesses without sounding too salesy.

That said, here are some of the best practices to help you with best practices to use LinkedIn for business owners.

become an authority figure

1.      Building Your Brand

To build reputable relationships on LinkedIn, first, you will have to create a professional brand image. 71 percent of the consumers prefer doing business with companies they like, know or trust. This is vital, especially if you are a small business trying to establish yourself.

LinkedIn offers you a free platform to showcase your business and mingle with the digital community within your niche.

To build a complete business profile, you must provide as much information as possible to be discoverable by others on LinkedIn.

Moreover, you must do your best to make your company come across as a legitimate business to prospective business partners, vendors, employees, and followers.

2.      Establishing Your Authority

One of the best practices on LinkedIn for business owners is to foster an image and send of trust, likeness, and being knowledgeable amongst the target audience on the platform. Demonstration of your expertise in the field and sharing your knowledge and experience will help you win trust.

To do so, you must share valuable resources and content with your ideal clients.

Curate unique professional content that can help solve a challenge or problem faced by the industry or consumer. In case you have skills and resources you can share for free, then doing so will help you appear as a consumer-centric business that believes in giving back.

make new introductions

3.      Asking For New Introductions

You can request your LinkedIn connections to introduce your business to their extended network. However, you have to be careful and do it without hurting your existing relationships. So, when you ask a company for new introductions, be respectful and appreciative regardless of what the outcome might be.

Therefore, asking for new approvals and referrals on LinkedIn, follow these steps.

  • First, you must build a rapport
  • Explain why you are requesting them for a new introduction with other businesses in their network
  • Leave it with them and decide for yourself, and be thankful even when they say no.

4.      Approaching New Contact Directly

You can send a personalized connection request to prospect clients, business partners, vendors, and consumers. You can even answer their concerns and queries without sounding too salesy. You can engage in various ways to strike a conversation and introduce yourself.

  • Finding common topics, interests and strike a conversation
  • Commenting on their profile or ongoing discussion on the content or post they shared.
  • Complimenting their products, services, and efforts.

Then it is time to send a connection request and start building rapport by creating dialogue.

reach out to contacts directly

5.      Stay Updated About Your Industry

It can be challenging for business owners to keep pace with the latest happening in their industry.

This is where LinkedIn for business owners can work as a tool to keep tabs on recent trends, new developments, latest innovations, and more.

You can stay updated or keep your connections updated about your business by reading their posts or posting. These posts are always available for a quick glance in your latest news feed.

You can follow other industry influencers and thought leaders to learn from their valuable expert opinion and insights.

6.      Following or Starting Hashtags

You can search and follow hashtags related to your industry. You can even use the most trending hashtags to appear amongst the top search results on LinkedIn as well as other search engine results.

In case you are starting a conversation on LinkedIn, you can create your own hashtags and share them with your connections to spread the word and make it go viral for global recognition.

7.      Make LinkedIn an Integral Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Running a business is not an easy affair regardless of its type, size and location.

You will need an actionable plan with the right strategies and tools to achieve your objective and more. LinkedIn can prove to be helpful if you wish your business to perform well in the online marketplaces.

Therefore, you must ensure to incorporate LinkedIn for business owners as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

linkedin as a business marketing strategy


If you are a business owner looking into using LinkedIn to boost your business but do not know where to begin, you can always seek digital marketers’ professional assistance. MediaBoom is the industry leader in using LinkedIn for business owners to reap the exponential benefits of this fantastic business networking platform. Our team guarantees to offer cutting-edge solutions to boost your business recognition and sales conversion rate.