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22 Outstanding Examples of Private Equity Website Design

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

A private equity firm website is an important stepping stone to continued success. A well-designed website lets the firm tell their story, promote their brand, and generate new business.

 If your private equity firm is creating its first website or doing a redesign, the examples we’re about to show you are all great ones to take inspiration from. They include crucial design elements like portfolios, team pages, investment criteria, and more. 

1. Graham Partners

Clean, simple design and smooth scrolling

Graham Partners, a private equity firm specializing in advanced manufacturing and industrial technology.

The first website on our list is for Graham Partners, a private equity firm founded in 1988. They specialize in advanced manufacturing businesses and industrial technology. 

Image/Type Treatment

Upon clicking onto the site, you’re greeted with a stunning graphic of a medical professional at work accompanied by Graham’s slogan: “greatness isn’t born. It is built.”

Graham has more of these full-sized, attention-grabbing images on each page on their site, including their approach page, team, portfolio, and about pages. This lends the website a clean cohesion throughout. 

Client Login

Should you become a client of Graham Partners, you’ll need to log into their website. Their client login portal is visible on the homepage at the top righthand corner. That makes logging in far less time-consuming. 

User Experience

These elements all lend the Graham Partners website a great user experience. This private equity website design is organized in such a way that finding the information you need doesn’t take long. 

2. Runway Growth Capital

Vivid colors create a recurring color scheme 

The site features impactful design with contrasting neon colors, animated cityscapes, and easy navigation.

Runway Growth Capital has worked with such partners as eSilicon, AllClear ID, Placecast, Drawbridge, and Mobius Imaging, generating $560 million in total loan commitments over time. What is it about their website that works so well?

Conversion Elements

Immediately, Runway seeks to gain your interest (and potentially your business) with a well-placed Let’s Connect button smack-dab in the middle of the homepage. This takes you to their contact page, where you can then send them an email through their website. 

Image/Type Treatment

Although we can’t show you in the image above, that cityscape that takes up the majority of Runway Growth Capital’s homepage animates. It goes from showing iconic scenes like the Golden Gate Bridge to an overhead shot of a bustling city street.

Contrasting with the electric green details, this is impactful. 

Further down the page, that dark blue and neon green color scheme continues in unison, providing the design basis Runway’s website follows on all its other pages. The slanted image style as seen above recurs as well, although with a solid blue background, not an animated one.

While neon colors can be a risky choice for the main color scheme, Runway Growth Capital shows how it can be done. If the contrasting color is muted enough, you get a website that catches the eye rather than acts as an eyesore. 


Runway doesn’t implement an endless scroll, but their navigation is still easy. 


Building blocks design style shows the steps to success 

HGGC's website showcases a clean and visually pleasing design with stacked images.

At first glance, the HGGC website looks rather understated, especially compared to the other private equity website designs we discussed thus far. Yet with a closer examination, a clear theme emerges: stacked images and text boxes that almost look like building blocks. 

Image/Type Treatment

The layout on HGGC’s about page as displayed above is a great example of this, but it’s also evident on their portfolio, team, and even their media and outreach pages. Not only does keeping every element on your website in literal boxes like this lend itself to a cleaner design, but it does look like building blocks.

These “blocks,” so to speak, seem like they’re stacking upwards on most of HGGC’s pages. 

This ascent brings to mind a successful climb, just like the kind of success HGGC’s many clients have experienced through working with the firm. Whether intentional or not, it’s an intelligent design choice through and through. 

Content Tone

Simple explanations of business and services makes reading through HGGC’s website pleasant. 

User Experience

Although HGGC’s website has a more basic style, the focus on the user experience is clear from their homepage to the outreach page and every other page in between. 

4. Insight Partners

A white background makes colorful design elements pop

Insight Partners' private equity website design features color-coded and neatly organized blocks.

Our next private equity firm website with an exemplary design is Insight Partners. 

Conversion Elements

You can quickly connect with Insight Partners in two ways without scrolling. First, there’s their contact page link at the top, and next, the social feed on the homepage. By clicking a recent tweet from Insight Partners or the Twitter logo itself, you’re redirected to their Twitter account. 

Should you want to follow them or even seek out their other social media profiles from there, you’re on the right path. 

Image/Type Treatment

Like HGGC, Insight Partners organizes its page elements into neat blocks. Yet this time, there’s color-coding in such hues as teal, orange, and red. 

Insight’s onsite page is in a similar style, introducing even more colors per themed box. These include darker hues such as purple and navy blue. What makes this Private Equity Website Design work so well is the pristine and simple white background.

 A darker background would make those equally dark boxes get lost. Overcomplicating the background with an image or design would also look too busy and cluttered.

Insight Partners is more about letting their company’s lineage speak for itself rather than going too graphics-heavy. And while they do stay colorful throughout their website, it’s not to the point of distraction. 

User Experience

The bright blocks we described in the last section are more than just visually appealing. They lend to Insight Partners’ overall website design and user experience, enhancing both. You don’t struggle to find what you’re looking for when everything is so neatly color-coded, labeled, and organized. 

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5. Artemis Private Equity

Showing their range of clients through visualization 

Artemis Private Equity focuses on showcasing its extensive clientele breadth.

Artemis Private Equity is a firm that works with many clients and industries. While they could have told you that outright by dropping names, they prefer to show their clientele breadth through images as well. 

Image/Type Treatment

Artemis shows the various industries they work with, among them medical, specialty chemicals, science, energy, defense, automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation. Each has an accompanying photo for increased visualization. 

That makes the extensiveness of Artemis’ work that much more noteworthy. 

User Experience

Artemis’ close focus on the industries and areas they work in gives you a clear picture without even doing much reading. Adding to that user experience is the use of related images to drive home points on their homepage. Take, for instance, what looks like an image of a missile. 

This breaks up two homepage sections: “The Target” and “The Bullseye,” in which Artemis lays out its goals. 


Artemis keeps each page simple, prohibiting endless scrolling so you can quickly get to the information you need. When combined with their industry-centric images, navigating to just the right page or section of their website takes moments to do. 

6. LightBay Capital

Simplicity wins the day 

LightBay Capital's private equity website design focuses on providing essential information with minimal distractions.

Founded in Los Angeles, LightBay Capital relies on what they call a “flexible capital approach” as applied to middle-market investing. Let’s look a little closer at their website. 

User Experience

LightBay Capital takes a no-frills approach to its private equity website design.

They hit all the boxes, too, such as the inclusion of a portfolio, a team page, and their investment criteria. It’s all just against a simpler backdrop of rolling homepage photos, a white background, and the perfect amount of text.

Image/Type Treatment

Look at their Strategy page as an example, which you can see in the image above. 

The photo of the park at sunrise is that much more striking because no other elements are competing for attention. This lets potential clients dig into LightBay’s investment criteria as well as the other information on their website without getting bogged down by images. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Despite the complexity and size of the images used throughout their site, LightBay’s mobile website remains crisp, concise, and clean. You lose the rotating images on the homepage but gain a site that scrolls easily and doesn’t compress a single element. 

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7. Sterling Partners

A great method for highlighting a huge private equity team

Experience Chicago-based Sterling Partners' diverse business portfolio through their website's cityscape image.

Sterling Partners hails from Chicago, where they first opened their doors in 1983. By 2015, the Sterling Partners Opportunity Fund was established between Sterling and Strada Education Network.

Here’s an overview of their website. 

Image/Type Treatment

The homepage of Sterling’s website greets you with a photo of a cityscape and several related links to the business Sterling conducts. These links are in a large, bold, white text that stands out against the complex image. 


You could navigate your way from one part of Sterling’s website to another by clicking, or you can start on their homepage and scroll from there. 

As you do, you’ll see each page, including what the private equity firm looks for, their team, news, and their contact information. 

8. Vista Equity Partners

Arresting visuals and videos drive the firm’s concepts home

Vista Equity Partners website homepage showcasing social links, mailing list signup, and a captivating video.

Vista Equity Partners boasts more than two decades of experience in enterprise software investing. Their capital commitments are somewhere in the ballpark of $57 billion. Here’s a closer look at their website. 

Conversion Elements

You needn’t go off Vista Equity Partners’ homepage to see a slew of conversion elements. At the bottom of their page is a social link to the company’s LinkedIn profile. You can also sign up for the mailing list on the homepage.  


A that’s two and a half minutes long and features stunning visuals while providing a glimpse into Vista’s potential as a partner. 


Like several of the private equity investment firm websites we’ve covered, it’s possible to scroll through the entirety of Vista’s website without leaving the homepage. As you scroll, the top menu items vanish, although you can always click a sidebar (denoted as three teal lines) to the right of the page to bring the menu back at any time. 

9. Alpine Investors

Oversized text grabs and holds your attention 

Alpine Investors' website design features oversized text and images that highlight the firm's focus on people-first philosophy.

Alpine Investors is a San Francisco private equity firm that follows a philosophy called PeopleFirst. This keeps their focus on the people side of the business as much as the financial side. Let’s see how this philosophy is reflected on their website. 

Image/Type Treatment

The first thing you notice about Alpine Investor’s private equity website design is that they go big. Like, huge. Not only with the images, but with the text as well, which is oversized to the point where you can’t miss it. 

You can see an example on their homepage above, but Alpine doesn’t stop there.

Their about page has the same style, with oversized text highlighting Alpine’s greatest successes. 


The largeness of Alpine Investors website makes the navigation links apparent. The about, team, and portfolio pages are right at the top of the page and in big enough type that you can easily click them. 

User Experience

Due to their design choices, Alpine Investors’ website gives you a different user experience than most we’ve talked about. That alone makes this private equity firm stand out, and it’s mostly for making a brave font choice on their site. 

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10. Audax Private Equity

Graphs and charts prove a legacy of achievement

The Audax Private Equity website is easy to navigate.

The last private equity firm we want to cover is Audax Private Equity, which was founded in 1999 and today is based in both San Francisco and Boston.

Conversion Elements

If you’re contemplating doing business with Audax, you can download their fact sheet right on their homepage. This gives you an overview of the company with more charts, figures, and numbers. 

Image/Type Treatment

Audax’s site is laden with images, but it’s the charts and graphs that are really worth discussing. These show the firm’s growth over time, including areas like market growth, people and systems, revenue acceleration, and add-on acquisitions.

In the image you see above, that’s an overview of Audax’s market growth, which has exceeded $6 billion. 

User Experience

Some companies are shy about sharing their numbers, but not Audax Private Equity. 

They lay out this information on the table like a poker player with a good hand. This should inspire confidence in all the partners and even potential partners of Audax. 

11. Carlyle

Interactive elements and color cohesion unite

The Carlyle Group's website, features an effective color palette and animated elements.

The Carlyle Group is a financial services, alternative asset management, and multinational private equity firm that has managed $376 billion.

Inclusion of Animated Elements

The single-scroll experience of Carlyle’s website gives a site visitor the opportunity to see every animated element, from a ripple-like puddle of circles on the homepage to a moving image carousel and full-screen video.

Effective Color Palette

Carlyle’s website sticks with a pale blue color palette but, between all the varying elements, never comes across as one-note.

Easy Navigation

You can scroll through the entirety of Carlyle’s website without clicking even once, allowing you to see the whole site even if you’re quickly passing by.

12. HiGro Group

Prioritizing clean, clear design

HiGro Group's Private Equity Website: Clean Layout, Simple Navigation, Mobile-Friendly.

New York’s HiGro Group is another example of private equity websites to emulate. Here’s why.

Crisp, Clean Website Layout

HiGro’s website uses dark teal blocks with white panels overlaid with text across every page on its site, delivering a clean user experience.

Ultra-Simple Navigation

HiGro only offers three menu options on its navigation bar. A user isn’t bombarded with 12 navigation options right out of the gate, which makes finding what they want a lot easier.

This element also contributes to the site’s clean design.

Mobile Friendliness

The mobile version of HiGro’s site loads just as nicely as it does on a desktop device, and that’s with the inclusion of animated elements.

13. Bain Capital

A people-centric approach

Bain Capital’s website has a well-curated and engaging content section.

The Boston-based private investment firm Bain Capital deals in real estate, life sciences, impact investing, public equity, credit, venture capital, and private equity.

People-First Design

From the moment you land on the Bain Capital homepage, you’ll notice the large aerial photo of people walking across a green field, but that’s not all.

More photos of people are interlaid across the page to showcase the many specialties that Bain Capital has.

Traveling Navigation Bar

If getting carried away when browsing, a traveling navigation bar is always a handy feature to have, and it’s one that Bain Capital’s site deserves credit for.

No matter which page on the site you click on, the navigation bar always follows.

Searchable Navigation

Also on the note of navigation, the search bar atop the navigation makes it easy for a user to find what they’re looking for if they don’t see it in the menu options.

14. Forum Asset Management

Powerful use of text

The Forum Asset Management homepage features large text and smart use of dark colors.

One of the best private equity websites by far is Forum Asset Management, a New York financial planner, developer, investor, and alternative asset manager that specializes in infrastructure, private equity, and real estate.

Large-Set Text Makes an Impact

How do you get your message across in the realm of private equity website design? Large text is certainly one way to do it!

The homepage of the Forum Asset Management website sets the stage for what’s to come, but other pages across the site feature similarly-sized big text designed to grab any user’s attention.

Smart Use of Dark Colors

Bold colors can sometimes be dark, but there’s not always a need to offset the hues. The site combines both maroon red and dark gray and the colors don’t feel too oversaturated or clash-y.

Effective Use of Animated Elements

Forum Asset Management also adds animated elements for scrolling through the navigation or jumping from page to page. These elements lend the site some visual interest and increase the user experience.

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15. Blackstone

Storytelling in Business

Blackstone's website showcases a full-screen carousel of short videos on the homepage.

New York alternative investment management company Blackstone has more than three decades in the private equity industry and a website that invokes just as much professionalism.

An Unfolding Story

From the full-screen carousel of short videos on the homepage to a section of the site spotlighting partners and another section on the site about its businesses, Blackstone tells a story as you browse through its site.

Search Feature in the Navigation Bar

A good private equity website design should feature a search function, especially on a site that offers a lot in the navigation menu such as Blackstone’s.

Good Use of Images

The simple white background of the Blackstone website might have come across as a little too simple if not for the variety of images splashed across the various pages on the site.

16. EQT

Clean, zippy website design

EQT AB Group website design features language settings for English and Swedish.

Since 1994, EQT AB Group has worked with clients in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe in areas like venture capital, growth equity, real estate, infrastructure, and private equity.

Language Settings

Atop the fold of the EQT site, you have the option to set the language to either English or Swedish. That’s a unique feature you don’t see often in private equity websites.

Simplified Navigation

Rather than a navigation menu, the navigation bar on the EQT site features two options, a magnifying glass to represent the search feature, and three horizontal lines that bring down the more expansive navigation should you wish to see it.

This stripped-back design is very effective.

Good Use of Colors

Primarily, the EQT site is white, but the bright orange features throughout add a zest and peppiness to the user experience that is sure to enchant first-time site visitors and repeat visitors alike.

17. TA Associates

Showcasing a lasting legacy

TA Associates' website is designed to inspire trust.

As one of the first modern United States private equity firms, TA Associates is a legacy company that specializes in minority recapitalizations and buyouts. Here’s why it’s among the best private equity firm websites.

Inspiring Trust Along the Way

The intentional design elements of TA Associates’ homepage are meant to inspire your trust. Just by quickly scrolling down the homepage, you can read more about their hundreds of investments (totaling $36 billion), learn about the TA Associates office locations, or check out the latest news about the firm.

Convenient Navigation

The navigation bar of the site travels with you, scrolling from the top to the bottom of any page. If you want to get back to the homepage quickly, all you have to do is click the TA logo on the top left of the page.

18. Silver Lake


The website features a full-screen video carousel that clearly conveys the firm's focus on technology.

Established in 1999, Silver Lake specializes in technology industries and industries related to technology.


You don’t have to guess what Silver Lake specializes in when you visit its website. The full-screen video carousel makes it clear that the answer is technology, as does the homepage copy.

Stats to Drive Business

You also don’t have to go far to learn about all the impressive accomplishments the Silver Lake team has achieved over the years, such as its annual portfolio company revenue (into the billions), its aggregate portfolio enterprise value, and its assets under committed capital and management.

It’s all right there on the homepage.

Cursor-Based Site Navigation

The cursor style of Silver Lake’s website makes navigating easy but more so, quite a fresh and interesting experience.

19. Oaktree Capital Management

Making it clear what sets it apart

Oaktree Capital Management's website homepage features social media icons.

Achieving the milestone of $164 billion in investments in 2022, Oaktree Capital Management is another on our list of private equity websites worth paying attention to.

Social Handles Above the Fold

For first-time site visitors or customers interested in following along with the Oaktree journey, the company’s YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles are easily accessible right on the homepage.

Navigation Two Ways

Not only does Oaktree’s website use the traditional drop-down navigation menu style (the menu also travels with you), but you can see all the navigation a second way as well.

At the bottom of the page, all the navigation menu items are unpacked so you can easily click what you want.

Crisp and Professional

Oaktree wants to inspire trust in its premium investment services, and its clean, well-organized website more than achieves that goal. The site both looks and feels professional.

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20. Accel-KKR


The homepage of Accel-KKR features a winding road surrounded by cliffsides.

Also focusing on technology, Accel-KKR is a private equity firm based in California that has managed more than $14 billion worth of assets.

Making It About the Journey

Framing its services as “advancing your journey,” Accel-KKR’s homepage features a winding road surrounded by cliffsides and open water to further drive home the point.

This imagery shows up elsewhere on the website as well!


If you’d rather watch the story of Accel-KKR unfold before your eyes, you have the option to check out a video. This is an immersive way to learn about the firm and might be preferable among some users compared to reading a bio.

Case Studies

Accel-KKR also has a section on its website dedicated solely to its case studies. Customers and would-be customers alike can learn how the firm has improved the lives of their clients and then contact Accel-KKR to get started.

21. Brookfield

Setting a global stage

Brookfield offers an easy client login and language settings for users to customize their browsing experience.

Brookfield Asset Management is an alternative investment management company based in Canada. To date, the company has managed more than $725 billion in assets.

By the Numbers

Here’s another private equity website design example that showcases pertinent numbers right on the homepage. You can quickly glean Brookfield’s AUM, number of operating employees, number of locations, and how many years the firm has been in business as owner-operators.

Easy Login

Should you hire Brookfield for your financial services, the site’s homepage features a login for clients built into the navigation bar above the fold. The navigation bar also travels with you as you scroll.

Language Settings

You can also configure the language settings when browsing Brookfield’s site above the fold, choosing from Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, English, and more.

22. Apollo Global Management

Services simplified

Apollo Global Management website shows a clear overview of services offered.

Dealing in real assets, private equity, credit, and investment management, Apollo Global Management has, as of 2022, managed $512.8 billion.

No Complex Language Here

Apollo breaks down the complex topic of private equity with a clear overview of the services it offers as well as accompanying images.

Dual Navigation Bars

You’ll find not one but two navigation bars for selecting just what you need when on the Apollo website.

The top navigation bar features a login option and contact info while the second navigation bar has more standard fare like an about page. That navigation bar also features a search function.

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A private equity firm’s website design is a valuable opportunity to educate and intrigue visitors, encouraging them to reach out and possibly start business dealings. With so many firms coming up all the time, it’s important to focus on showcasing dynamism, engagement, and expertise on the website, such as in the 10 examples above.

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