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Home Builder Website Design – 26 Elegant Solutions

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Between 2022 and 2023, the number of builders in the U.S. increased by nearly 4%. This growth underscores the importance of home builder website design in distinguishing your services.

Effective home builder website design must include user-friendly navigation, clear typography, inclusive accessibility elements, consistent strong branding, SEO optimization, high-quality visual content, and visible calls to action. All these elements combined help build trust and enhance user engagement on your website.

Discover 26 top home builder website designs and follow industry best practices by reading our full guide.

26 Best Home Builder Website Design

From interactive elements to search engine optimization and bright, appealing color schemes, the following collection of home builder websites showcases the best in design.

1. EcoResidency

Website of the Eco Residency featuring their eco-friendly home

The Mediaboom-designed website for EcoResidency is clean, elegant, and appealing.

The luxury living brand based in Montana asked for a site design that embodied its commitment to sustainability while showcasing its breadth of projects.

The result is a website that’s all at once educational, visually attractive, and intuitively designed for effortless navigation.

2. RBC Homes

RBC Homes responsive website design with their services and offers

Exemplifying Mediaboom’s expertise in home builder website design, when our agency worked with RBC Homes, its page views jumped by more than 100 percent, and its conversion rate by over 180 percent.

That’s due in part to establishing RBC’s brand as a “coastal visionary” through its website design, while putting its enduring legacy, strong values, and sterling reputation for craftsmanship on display.

3. GFI Partners

Simple website of the GFI Partners with responsive design

Mediaboom was proud to work with GFI Partners in building a functional commercial real estate website that focused on their unique value proposition.

We achieved the contemporary, sleek look they requested and added custom development for responsivity.

The goal was to differentiate GFI from its competitors, which we achieved through the website’s imagery, boosting site traffic by more than 300 percent.

4. Aspen Homes

Aspen Homes website with minimalist and aesthetic design

Idaho’s own Aspen Homes has a website geared towards proving its commitment to custom home craftsmanship.

The fast-loading site expertly uses whitespace, allowing the images of its gorgeous custom-built properties to take center stage.

The site also smartly uses CTAs, with options to “Start With a Floor Plan” and “Tour Our Homes” above the fold, accompanied by a navigation button to “Talk to Our Team” that floats down the site as you scroll.

5. New Home Co.

New Home Co. simple website with their offers and services

UI and UX are at the forefront of New Home Co.’s appealing website design.

The navigation menu, which has a simple white background, travels as you scroll, with a red, rectangular “Find Your New Home” CTA button always remaining within sight.

The imagery of happy, carefree homeowners speaks to New Home Co.’s ethos.

There is also a page dedicated exclusively to testimonial videos, allowing prospective customers to put themselves in the buyer’s shoes.  

6. Shea Homes

Simple and elegant website design of the Shea Homes

The point of Shea Homes’ website design is to build trust, which it does through its website copy and a menu option called “The Shea Difference” that delves into the materials it selects, the quality of its craftsmanship, and its service.

Prospective customers can contact Shea by phone easily, as its contact number is built into its navigation bar (which also has a search function).

7. Hill Construction Co

Hill Construction Co elegant website highlights their luxury homes

How does Hill Construction Co exemplify luxury home builder website design?

Through many elements, including an oversized carousel of high-res images of its properties, a link to its Instagram account (to see more photos and videos) above the fold, and a page dedicated to its service approach.

The navigable website is very clean, as it uses a white background and plenty of empty space so its visual elements stand out.  

8. DC Builders

DC Builders elegant website with slideshows featuring their properties

DC Builders are experts in timber-frame homes, which it illustrates through its homepage imagery and the “Specialties” and “Services” pages.

What also catches the eye is the use of gold-colored branding throughout.

The DC Builders logo is a shiny gold, while the menu, CTA buttons, social buttons, and business phone number match that hue.

This delivers a cohesive browsing experience that makes the website a delight to visit.

9. Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers responsive website with minimalist menu bar and big search bar in the middle

Toll Brothers specializes in luxury new construction homes.

 Its site builds trust by showcasing the awards it’s received and explaining more about the “Toll Brothers advantage” if you click this navigation option.

The site menu is worth further examination, as it blends right into the full-sized images to keep the eye focused on the carousel of photos.

The navigation includes a search bar, which contrasts from the rest of the menu, as it’s a white oval.

10. Virtue Homes

Aesthetic website of the Virtue Homes with friendly user menu bar and highlights their 65 years in the field

Virtue Homes provides inspiration for home builders’ website design.

They’re clearly proud of their Wisconsin heritage, as the homepage shows split images of its home interior and exteriors with the border of the Wisconsin state lines separating them.

That’s strong branding, as is the use of a bright blue bar atop the site to match the Virtue Homes’ logo. Its website content inspires confidence by stating how Virtue Homes has built more than 170 homes since 2009.

Mediaboom has more luxury real estate website design examples for you to enjoy right here.

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11. Stokkers & Company

Stokkers & Company website with responsive design

Dive deep into five-star website design for home builders courtesy of Stokkers & Company.

They immediately establish why they’re “builders of distinction” by showcasing their portfolio of gorgeous homes.

Stokkers also shares its commitment to environmental friendliness through its LEED certification.

Further, the site features the company’s social profiles above the fold in the navigation menu, which scrolls along with you, so it’s always simple to get in touch.

12. Connect Homes

Connect Homes website with large design

The modular prefab homes from Connect Homes shine brightly with this best home builder website design.

The large-scale image of a modular home greets you first, but if you continue scrolling, you’ll get a better taste of this site’s layout.

The navigation bar is a clean, professional dark gray, and the website features a section to explore the available models and other products.

13. Sweenor Builders

Aesthetic and responsive website design of the Sweenor Builders

Designed for functionality, the Sweenor Builders website sets itself apart from its competitors in many ways.

For example, the site proudly showcases the company’s awards from major names like Andersen, This Old House, and NAHB.

Its team page proves how proud Sweenor Builders is of its employees and illustrates how many professionals make its services possible.

14. M&M Custom Homes

M&M Custom Homes simple website design with four option menus

An example of how design simplicity can succeed when creating your home builder website, M&M Custom Homes has a four-option menu: “Home,” “About,” “Portfolio,” and “Contact.”

Its contact page is rich in options, including social handles, its business address, and its phone number.  

15. Thomas James Homes

Thomas James Homes responsive website with simplicity design

Step into the world of TJH, a UX-focused example of home builder website design. It serves more than 80 neighborhoods, yet its site remains organized, with a small but tidy list of all the areas (with links).

You can also peel back the curtain to learn more about the TJH brand, including its story, what the “TJH experience” entails, and who its top-performing executives are.

Keep the ideas coming by reviewing Mediaboom’s top real estate website design examples.

16. California Home Builders

California Home Builders elegant website with seamles navigation menu and full scale imagery design

Committed to a high-caliber user experience, the California Home Builders Inc. website will help you ideate your own site layout.

It features social buttons above the fold, a seamless navigation menu that blends into the full-scale imagery (a common theme for home builder website design), excellent use of whitespace, and detailed content about its processes.

Further down the site, you’ll find a press section to learn about the interior design and home building magazines that have spotlighted California Home Builders, further establishing themselves as an authority in their industry.

17. Whisper Homes

Whisper Homes website with user-friendly and responsive design

The fast loading times and stunning imagery that’s woven into Whisper Homes’ brand creates a fantastic website browsing experience.

They provide a tantalizing glimpse into their properties via a looping video carousel with a CTA to “Explore properties.”

The site’s layout looks crisp due to its excellent use of whitespace.

The complementary beige background also brightens the site design, making it easy to browse the home listings.

Another benefit to the user design is the straightforward, traveling navigation bar.

18. Sierra Classic Custom Homes

The Sierra Classic Custom Homes aesthetic website design with combination of multicolored red navigation bar

The collection of features seen on the Sierra Classic Custom Homes website includes an attention-grabbing multicolored red navigation bar (with darker and lighter shades of red), color-blocked elements in line with the Sierra brand, and friendly, informational copy.

The Texas builder increases trust with a partnerships and reviews section, both of which are on the homepage for easy perusal.  

19. Bost Custom Homes

Bost Custom Homes responsive website featuring their luxury properties

As luxury green builders, Bost Custom Homes fulfills unique customer needs.

Learning more about the company is effortless with a neat navigation menu that begins translucently and is gray as you scroll.

The navigation bar includes Bost’s phone number for quickly connecting.

Additionally, Bost has a section of copy on its homepage that briefly explains its commitment to green building, with a navigation menu section that provides further details.   

20. Canyon Design Build

Elegant and aesthetic website designs via Canyon Design Build

You’ll see some of the best home builder website designs via Canyon Design Build.

The copy works to establish the Canyon team as your partners through the home design and building processes.

That’s further exemplified on the page that takes you through how they work in a step-by-step format.

The site uses whitespace excellently to foster an open, inviting web presence.

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21. Barenz Builders

Barenz Builders website with responsive design and highlights their interior and exterior design using video carousel

Barenz Builders makes home dreams come true. Its custom homes are on display the moment you land on this well-designed website.

It’s there that you’re greeted to a video carousel showing panoramic interior and exterior shots of its homes.

To build trust in its services, the Barenz website has a section called “Our Difference” in the navigation menu.

This briefly goes into the company’s history before explaining its processes and sharing its accolades, such as Graduate Master Builder from the National Association of Home Builders.  

22. Paradisa Homes

Simplicity website design of the Paradisa Homes with clean looking navigation menu on top

The layout of Paradisa Homes’ website is rather interesting, proving that not every home builder site needs the same standard elements.

The homepage isn’t really that, but rather a gateway to exploring the site’s various navigation menus by clicking left or right arrows.

That gives you two ways to quickly browse, either through the navigation menu at the top or by clicking through the arrows until you find the menu you wish to explore more.  

23. AR Homes

AR Homes responsive website with stripped back navigation menu

Expertise and exceptionalism are at the core of the luxury custom home building brand AR Homes.

Prioritizing an audience “with discerning taste,” the site has a stripped-back navigation menu accessible by clicking a button with three white horizontal lines.

Minimizing the navigation menu allows the site layout to flow and the images of the properties under the AR umbrella to stand out more.

24. Martell Home Builders

Martell Home Builders website with simplicity and user-friendly design

Simple can be better, which Martell Home Builders’ site proves quite well. This home builder website design example doesn’t have scrolling images or flashy layouts.

All the elements are basic for fast, efficient navigation.

There’s plenty of whitespace to support the user experience, which is further enhanced by a traveling navigation bar.

25. Belmonte Builders

Belmonte Builders website with aesthetic design and friendly user interfaces

Facilitating effortless searches, the Belmonte Builders website has a home search bar built right into the homepage.

You can select a city, the max price you’re willing to pay, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Then, click the Search button.

The CTA buttons match the upscale maroon hue that is the Belmonte brand logo.

The bar above the navigation menu, which includes Belmonte’s phone number and social links, is also that same color for great cohesion.

26. Hartman Baldwin

Elegant website of the Hartman Baldwin with user-friendly designs

A luxury experience is just a click away on the Hartman Baldwin site. It’s easy to navigate, using plenty of open space to keep its jam-packed homepage uncluttered.

The navigation menu only has four options, further making it easy to find what you need.

As you continue exploring the website, the customer testimonials will catch your eye. These text reviews link to a Guild Quality page, where Hartman Baldwin has a four-and-a-half-star rating.

Be sure to check out Mediaboom’s roundup of 40+ construction website design examples to further inspire you.

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Home Builder Website Design Best Practices

As you launch your company’s website, consider these best practices for prioritizing website features.

High-quality images and videos

High-res media lends your website professionalism and makes it easy for prospective customers to see your homes on the market.

However, the quality of your images and videos shouldn’t be to the detriment of your site loading speed.

Fast loading times

Most people will bounce from a site if it doesn’t load within five seconds, so prioritize a lightning-quick loading time when planning your home builder website design.

User-friendly navigation

You could also see higher-than-usual bounce rates if your site is too difficult or confusing to navigate. Keep the navigation menus clean, basic, and well-positioned so they’re easy to use.

Customer reviews and testimonials

These build social proof, which is incredibly important for business success.

 More than 65 percent of today’s consumers consider positive reviews the most important part of a purchasing decision, so incentivize your audience to leave reviews if you don’t have many.

Luxury property with modern design and large outdoor pool

Portfolio of work

Your prospective clients want to know what you’re all about. Presenting a visual portfolio of your residential and commercial projects will drive more inquiries.

Highlight awards and certifications

These are another form of social proof and elevate your authenticity. Your awards don’t have to be displayed above the fold, per se, but should be in a visible spot on your website.

2024 Trends in Home Builder Website Design

It’s time to shine up our crystal ball and examine what could influence the future of website design for home builders.

  • Advanced 3D visualization techniques: As technology drives us forward, home building websites can display their building processes more efficiently using the power of 3D visualization. They can even present 3D tours of homes they’ve recently completed.
  • Minimalist elegance: Simplifying website design is all the rage these days. Not only is it faster and easier to build a site, but it’s better for navigation, making it a win-win.
  • Virtual reality tours and interactive elements: Why stop at showcasing homes in 3D when you can offer virtual reality tours? These time-saving digital tours will increase viewing requests, as more people can check out your homes regardless of geography.
  • Predictive modeling: Reviewing your historic data could point you in the right direction of your home building future through predictive modeling. The insights can help you make sound business decisions.
  • Voice search optimization: Writing content that’s optimized to voice search means taking on a more conversational tone. Starting now while this trend is on the rise will put you at an advantage later.
Elegant property with eco-friendly interior and exterior deisgns

FAQs about Home Builder Website Design

1. How often should a home builder’s website be updated or redesigned?

Home builder websites should be updated or redesigned every 2-3 years to reflect current design trends and technology advancements and to improve user experience.

2. What are the best practices for integrating customer testimonials on a website?

Best practices for integrating customer testimonials include prominently displaying them on the homepage, using authentic photos, and ensuring testimonials are relevant to the target audience.

3. Why is it important for home builders to have a blog on their website?

Having a blog is essential for home builders as it boosts SEO, establishes credibility, provides valuable content to prospective clients, and helps in educating them about the building process.

4. How does website design impact the lead generation for home builders?

Website design impacts lead generation by enhancing user experience, providing clear navigation, and using strong call-to-actions that guide users towards making contact or requesting quotes.

5. What features should be included in a home builder website to improve user experience?

Key features for a home builder website include a portfolio of past projects, customer testimonials, a responsive design, clear contact information, and interactive elements like virtual tours.

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Home builder website design plays a crucial role in increasing conversions and sales and makes a stellar impression on new website visitors.

By leveraging the tips and strategies discussed, you can enhance your site design, increasing leads and conversions.

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