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Real Estate Website Design – 22 Great Examples 

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Real estate website design makes a strong first impression, driving leads to subscribe to your emails and inspiring customers to inquire about your services. Why is it important to have an optimized website design for real estate?

Real Estate Website Design represents the development of an intuitive and unique digital environment catered to professionals in the real estate sphere, including brokers, realtors, and agencies. The platform is designed to simplify property listings, enhance customer interactions, and reinforce brand identity. It integrates key features like a responsive and user-friendly design, SEO, search functions, and map location to provide information seekers with a satisfying browsing experience. The inclusion of comprehensive guides and listings further boosts user engagement and contributes to overall business growth.

This two-part guide will first examine the 7 key elements required by a real estate website design, then share 22 carefully curated website examples.

Real Estate Website Design – 7 Elements to Focus on

How do you build a strong website for your real estate firm? Here are the elements your site must have to attract leads, differentiate yourself from the competition, and drive future business.

1. Responsive Design

The real estate industry is all about helping the customer. Your website should do that from the moment a lead or customer lands on your website by focusing on a responsive design.

According to digital marketing agency InFront Webworks, 94 percent of audiences will judge a website based on whether it has a responsive web design, so don’t forego this element. 

Testimonials build trust, demonstrate customer satisfaction, and can significantly enhance your business reputation

2. Testimonials and Reviews

How do you inspire trust in your real estate business? By peppering your website with reviews and testimonials. Online business mentor Luisa Zhou states that 95 percent of customers in 2023 use reviews to inform their purchasing decisions . That’s almost all customers. 

If you don’t have any reviews or testimonials for your real estate business, message your latest customers and ask if they would leave a review. You might incentivize them to take action by offering a discount or exclusive offer.

SEO graphic. SEO boosts website visibility, drives targeted traffic, increases credibility, and is crucial for online business growth.

3. SEO Elements

Even if you design the perfect real estate website, without SEO, no one will see it. 

You should have researched keywords your audience searches for and splash them across your website (naturally, no keyword stuffing). Write meta descriptions, optimize your images with alt tags, and test your site’s loading speed. 

Real estate businesses benefit especially well from local SEO. This guide to local SEO describes 14 strategies realtors need to rank.

4. Mobile Optimization

A whopping 92.3 percent of people who go online use their phones to do so in 2023, notes Exploding Topics. 

If your site isn’t mobile-ready with a layout that translates to smartphone users, you will miss out on huge swathes of your audience. 

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5. Contact Information and Forms

The goal of your real estate website design is to inspire action. Leads might wish to contact you or sign up for your email newsletter. Make it as easy as possible with clear contact information across your homepage.

Create a contact page where you share the relevant information again, from social media handles to phone numbers and email addresses. Include a contact form so those who prefer to reach out to you directly have the option. 

Forms comprise up to 50 percent of leads for some marketing businesses according to WPForms. Your real estate firm could see an influx of leads through forms.  

6. Listings and Guides

A real estate website should always showcase listings of what’s available. This saves the user a click, and they won’t venture to the competition to see what’s for sale in their neighborhood. 

Include full-scale photos and videos to make each property more tantalizing and write optimized copy. Interweave some storytelling into the history of the property, as interested buyers always want to learn more. 

7. Advanced Search

A user might arrive on your website looking for a specific property or wishing to browse for a certain location. The best real estate website design includes an advanced search function baked into the navigation for just these purposes.

The Top 22 Real Estate Website Design Examples

1. Millennium Tower

The Millennium Tower home page has a video background, emphasizing the professionalism of the real estate company.

As a stunning masterpiece of sculptured glass, Millennium Tower mirrors the varied luminosity of the San Francisco Bay, enhancing the city’s skyline. The 60-story tower has emerged as an emblem of residential opulence in the Bay Area.

Mediaboom’s bespoke design for the Millennium Tower website immerses visitors into the life of luxury at San Francisco’s premier residence. The site vividly captures the tower’s stunning aesthetics and exclusive amenities through striking photos and videos. It provides an enticing taste of the exquisite dining at International Smoke and insights into Privé, the tower’s unique social experience.

Furthermore, new logos for Privé and CORE, a cutting-edge fitness center, are seamlessly incorporated into the web design, branding materials, and building signage.

Mediaboom has shaped an online presence that exudes the same level of sophistication as the Millennium Tower itself.

2. GFI Partners

GFI Partners has a very professional real estate design. A background video is placed on the home page welcoming its visitors

Established in 1997, GFI Partners is a comprehensive real estate consultancy located in Boston, Massachusetts. It has effectively overseen the acquisition, development, and permitting of projects across the United States.

The GFI Partners website, meticulously crafted by Mediaboom, radiates an air of sophistication and modernity, standing apart in the commercial real estate landscape. It showcases GFI’s extensive portfolio of commercial and residential properties, mirroring their unique blend of investment banking and asset management expertise.

Every element, from its striking imagery to responsive development, is tailored to reflect GFI’s diversity and distinctiveness. This is not just a website, it’s a vivid testament to GFI Partners’ ambition and caliber in the realm of property finance and development.

This is commercial real estate web design elevated to an art form.

Contact now Mediaboom to develop your professional real estate website design!

3. Saba Stones

Prominent image showcasing a property constructed by Saba Stones, a general contractor and construction management team.

Saba Stones is a general contractor and construction management company. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the website grabs your attention with a large typeface and a full-sized image of a property the team built.

You can get a glimpse of the company services right on the homepage and dig deeper into any service with clear navigation at the top.

4. Edifis

Visually appealing website design of Edifis, a real estate development firm, optimized for both desktop and mobile browsing.

The real estate development firm Edifis has an appealing website that’s as enjoyable to browse on a desktop as on a mobile. Animated elements translate perfectly on a smartphone, and a dropdown menu, denoted as three lines, is easily accessible. This is a real estate website design done right.

5. Le Mont

Immersive full-screen video carousel on Le Mont's website, showcasing the vibrant city life of Montreal.

Le Mont’s website pulls you right into Montreal city life, giving you a rich glimpse with a full-screen video carousel. You can instantly browse available units or learn more about the neighborhood and all the charms and wonders it holds. Never has a city been better embodied into a website than with Le Mont.

The contact information above the fold takes you to a page to book a call, and a quick scroll down from there reveals all of Le Mont’s contact information so you can sign up for their email list or call them directly. 

6. Compass

The homepage of Compass website functions as a search engine, allowing users to search for available properties.

Does real estate website design always have to focus so much on digital marketing and SEO elements? Not exclusively. The Compass website gets down to brass tacks, as its homepage operates as a search engine for the properties this real estate firm has available.

Reviewing the Compass sitemap reveals a landing page for each major neighborhood in the states it serves. 

7. Rapleys

Eye-catching and contrasting blue blocks on Rapleys' real estate website, creating a visually captivating design

Bright, bold, and colorful wins the day with Rapleys’ real estate website design. The use of contrasting blue blocks and colorful imagery immediately captivates attention, while trusted and true website features like a search bar and easy-to-use navigation will surely keep leads on the page.

Each menu option has a drop-down that uses more colorful elements, so this sprightly attitude persists across the entire website.

8. Kobu

Stunning full-sized images of breathtaking villas showcased on Kobu's real estate website, offering a visual feast for users.

Kobu is a real estate firm specializing in hotels and properties. The company knows how to grab a user’s attention by showcasing full-sized images of breathtaking villas with rental information right in the corner. 

The site even displays sold properties, whetting the appetite of an on-the-fence lead and inspiring them to find another property that catches their eye.

9. Caledon Build

Conventional, timberframe, and bone structure properties offered by Caledon Build, showcasing a range of construction options.

Caledon Build offers conventional, timber-frame, and bone structure properties. If you’re interested in pursuing its services, it explains its process succinctly to inspire business. Smartly, the website segues into a CTA after presenting information on its three-step build process.

The simple web design with a white background and plenty of empty space allows the full-sized photos spread across the website to shine.

10. Ozarch

Ozarch, a Denver architecture firm, proudly presents a collection of its properties on the homepage.

The Denver architecture firm Ozarch is another fine example of real estate website design to emulate. The site proudly showcases its properties across its homepage. Although the navigation seems almost too simple, clicking the option marked Menu reveals fuller navigation. 

You can also utilize the search if you know what you’re looking for already. 

11. Forty Ninth Living

Dynamic rotating video carousel on Forty Ninth Living's website, showcasing interiors and exteriors of their properties.

Forty Ninth Living is another website that masters that “slice of life” atmosphere ala Le Mont. Instead of Montreal though, Forty Ninth focuses on spotlighting the Chilliwack lifestyle, showcasing a rotating video carousel of the interiors and exteriors of its properties.

The contact link right above the fold takes you to a web form to contact a real estate agent and discuss properties. You can even include your projected budget right in the web form.

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12. Corespaces

Corespaces - Real estate website design

How do you optimize your website for mobile when you have full-scale images and videos? Take a page out of the Corespaces book. The images still rotate on a carousel, but you’re also encouraged to scroll with a small portion of text indicating as much.

The navigation menu is another way to get to where you’re looking on this site, even if you never open your computer. The photos are just as poignant and fun on mobile as they’d be on a desktop.

13. Prestige International

Language selection options on Prestige International's website, allowing users to choose their preferred language for a personalized experience.

The Italian real estate firm Prestige International has seven other language options so you can select one that suits your native tongue. The homepage’s main attraction is a spotlight effect on various properties with scrolling large-scale text. You can search for properties right on the homepage.

Scrolling further lets you learn more about Prestige as you navigate to the company’s services, join the newsletter, or read relevant magazine articles on the firm. 

14. Re/Max

Re/Max's homepage proudly highlighting their recognition as the most trusted real estate agent in America.

Is there a better-known or more illustrious name in real estate than Re/Max? We had to include them in this list of real estate website design examples. 

Re/Max is known for its red, white, and blue color scheme, which it uses demurely on its website. Its homepage builds trust by immediately mentioning the accolade of being voted the most trusted real estate agent in America. 

The site also features a search bar above the fold and easy-to-use navigation. 

15. Elevation Vancouver

Elevation, a Vancouver design and construction firm, presents a greyscale website design.

The Vancouver design and construction firm Elevation chose a greyscale effect for its website design. This is the polar opposite of how Re/Max and other more colorful firms handle their homepages, and it goes to show that color is not a requirement.

The monochrome effect looks stately and professional, especially in conjunction with animated navigation bars, full-screen video carousels, and a circular pointer that acts in lieu of the mouse. 

16. HomeServices of America

HomeServices of America's brand logo, featuring an interlocking H and S in dark gray and maroon.

Minneapolis’ own HomeServices of America is an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway. That information is included in the simple but appealing brand logo, which is an interlocking H and S in dark gray and maroon. The site uses a color-block effect that’s especially striking given the white background. 

The contact information is right above the fold, with phone numbers for general information or HomeServices in the top right corner above the navigation.

17. Coldwell Banker

Eye-catching full-sized image of a desirable home displayed as the background on Coldwell Banker's real estate website.

Coldwell Banker is another household name in real estate. That’s why it’s all the more interesting to examine its real estate website design, which the agency keeps very simple. A full-sized image of an appealing home sits in the background of the central search bar.

Without any navigation to speak of, you can scroll and get the full Coldwell Banker website experience, browsing available listings, connecting with an agent, or obtaining an estimate.

18. Builder PropTech

Striking and vibrant neon green color scheme on PropTech's website, creating a bold and attention-grabbing visual impact.

Wear it loud and wear it proudly. That’s the PropTech way, as its website is a can’t-miss, in-your-face bold neon green. Once that homepage hue grabs you and pulls you in, the rest of the site has more muted tones, such as navy blue, so you can better pay attention to the text and images. 

This builder property technology firm knows how to attract attention to its events, and with menu options like Agenda and Speakers, it can generate interest right on its website.

19. Forge Partners

Prominent and oversized cursor on Forge Partners' website, adding a unique visual element and grabbing attention.

The first word that comes to mind when looking at the Forge Partners website is “oversized.” It’s oversized everything immediately, from a large cursor to larger-than-life text. This is sort of like PropTech’s bright homepage in that it serves as a means to grab attention.

Once you begin browsing the website properly, you’ll notice smaller fonts and fewer explosive elements. That lets you pay attention to the site design, including a concise navigation bar and social links at the bottom. 

20. Base 3

Navigation menu positioned across the top of Base 3's website, offering easy access to different sections.

The Chicago real estate company Base 3 showcases the heart of Chi-Town with a carousel of full-sized videos. Its navigation is right across the top, with no drop-downs or menus to speak of. The Portfolio section shows you what Base 3 has worked on. 

Each listing includes a large photo, and if you like what you see, you can click on a listing for more information. 

21. Ryan Serhant

Clean and concise website design on Ryan Serhat's real estate broker website.

What if you’re a real estate broker looking to spotlight your services? You can follow a real estate website design example like Ryan Serhat’s. The clean, concise website design with animated elements describes Ryan’s expertise and background. 

By clicking Real Estate, you’re redirected to Serhat’s available listings, with a site design that doesn’t even feel like you left the homepage. 

22. Charbonnel Towns

Proud banner on Charbonnel Towns' website, displaying their Project of the Year prize from 2019.

Charbonnel Towns wastes no time establishing trust with its proud banner showcasing its Project of the Year prize from 2019. The site also establishes a sense of FOMO by mentioning how “precious few homes remain.”

You can take a few minutes to watch the firm’s short film on the homepage or browse the navigation on the left side of the page. 

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