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Construction Websites – 40 Design Excellences in Building Sites

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

What sets apart a truly effective construction website?

Beyond merely displaying a company’s projects, it should captivate potential clients and spark their interest. The key lies in crafting a website that showcases your portfolio and provides an immersive, memorable user experience. This strategic approach transforms the website into a pivotal tool for engaging audiences and unlocking new business avenues.

Elements of Construction Website Design:

For your online image, each part reflecting your competence and credibility. It should showcase more than services; it’s a testament to your expertise and achievements.

In today’s world, where digital marketing reigns supreme, having a well-designed and informative website is indispensable. It sets you apart in a crowded marketplace, bolstering your credibility and making you more appealing to prospective clients. Remember, a standout website is your digital handshake; it’s the first and lasting impression you make in the digital world.

If you’re planning a personal building project or a construction CMO looking for partners or clients, it starts with upscale website design.

“But what goes into the look of a luxury construction company’s site anyway?”

We’re glad you asked.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the key elements of top-notch website design, helping you build a standout digital presence. We will showcase 40 luxury construction website design, chosen for superior design and functionality, to inspire your online creation.

Read on to discover how these sites redefine industry standards and learn to elevate your digital presence with their principles!

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1. Epstein

Epstein showcases adept construction website design on their homepage

A brand story is a narrative a brand decides to construct around itself. This narrative is a cornerstone, blending the company’s history, ethos, and vision into a resonant tapestry. It intricately weaves elements to captivate its audience.

The goal?

To connect with consumers and establish legitimacy. In this digital era, video content has emerged as one of the most widely viewed and powerful forms of storytelling available to a company. Its dynamic and immersive nature captivates audiences, making it an invaluable tool in a brand’s arsenal.

Epstein harnesses this power brilliantly on their homepage.

Celebrating their 100th anniversary, they have transformed their website into more than just a digital space. Instead of merely presenting information, they engage visitors in an immersive experience that transcends the typical building site. The featured video on their website isn’t just a montage; it’s a carefully crafted story. It visually chronicles their impressive century-long journey. It beautifully illustrates how they’ve evolved, not only keeping pace with the changing times but often leading the way.

The Brand’s Image

Their approach to website design stands out as a shining example for websites for contractors. It’s not about bombarding the audience with data and dates; it’s about making every visitor feel a part of their ongoing story.

A website is a vital tool for enhancing a brand’s image, serving as an interactive and engaging archive. It celebrates past milestones and eagerly anticipates future innovations.

By visiting Epstein’s website, you get a sense of their ethos and their unyielding dedication to excellence. It’s a testament to how creativity and and technology harmoniously blend to create more than a website: a compelling brand experience.

The message below the video content perfectly captures what its brand is all about. It’s a masterclass in strategic storytelling.

A meticolously crafted video

Every component of the video is meticulously crafted, synergizing seamlessly to bolster Epstein’s brand narrative. This approach transforms the presentation from a mere retrospective into a compelling testament to their progressive vision. It vividly illustrates how Epstein’s storied past informs and shapes their future aspirations, a key aspect in the construction of their corporate identity. This strategic storytelling fosters a deeper connection with customers, simultaneously enhancing their engagement and reinforcing the brand’s credibility.

There’s a reason it’s been around for a century, after all.

For over a century, visual stories have turned viewers into active participants, transcending words in engagement. Videos offer an immersive brand experience, reinforcing a company’s visionary status.

Epstein’s video content marketing builds community, deepening customer investment in the brand’s legacy and future.

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2. Westlake

Westlake Development Group brilliantly exemplifies this by masterfully integrating social media within their construction website design.

Nowadays, the art of cross-channel communication and engagement has evolved into a cornerstone for brands striving to maximize their market presence. In this dynamic arena, the strategic utilization of construction websites, or their equivalent platforms, plays a crucial role. These digital bastions serve not only as a showcase for a brand’s offerings but also as a conduit for weaving a compelling narrative that resonates with the target audience.

Westlake Development Group exemplifies this through a masterful integration of social media within their website.

The seamless incorporation of platforms like Facebook and Instagram at the bottom of their homepage serves as a conduit, not just for visual exposure, but for interactive engagement with their audience.

This strategic placement allows consumers a panoramic view of Westlake’s digital persona, inviting them to not only observe but actively participate in the brand’s narrative. By curating content that resonates on multiple levels, Westlake effectively weaves their brand story into the consumer experience, strengthening customer relationships and bolstering their credibility in the marketplace.

The Power of Social Media

The potency of Westlake’s approach lies in its ability to harness the power of storytelling through social media.

By presenting a curated selection of posts, they offer a window into their brand ethos, values, and journey. This transparency fosters trust and loyalty among consumers, as they feel more connected to the brand’s story and vision.

In essence, Westlake Development Group’s strategy transcends mere cross-communication; it’s an orchestrated effort to embed the brand within the consumer’s daily digital experience, thereby making the impact of their brand story not just visible, but tangibly felt.

Websites for contractors aren’t just about listing services; they’re about creating an immersive digital environment. Westlake’s website, akin to a well-organized building site, stands out by skillfully integrating their narrative into every element. It’s not just a platform; it’s a storytelling canvas that captivates you.

Their approach doesn’t merely amplify their presence across various platforms but also cultivates a community of engaged followers, eager to be part of the Westlake story. By navigating through their website, you’ll feel the pulse of a brand that doesn’t just build structures, but weaves stories into every beam and brick.

3. JDG Constructions 

Motion design 

The JDG Constructions website stands as an epitome of architectural elegance and digital craftsmanship in the realm of luxury construction website design

The JDG Constructions website exemplifies an epitome of architectural elegance and digital craftsmanship in the realm of luxury construction website design.

Upon your inaugural visit to the homepage, you are immediately greeted by a sleek motion design, a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. This design is not merely a superficial embellishment; it embodies a seamless, logical journey, meticulously guiding users through each pivotal section, essential to an enriching customer experience.

This website is a paragon of consistency; its fluid motion design is not confined to the homepage alone. When you navigate to the menu in the upper right corner, the same level of seamless animation and intuitive interface awaits. This consistency is a testament to JDG Constructions’ commitment to quality and attention to detail, qualities that resonate deeply with the brand’s narrative.

Moreover, the brand’s story is intricately woven into every facet of the website. It isn’t just about showcasing their portfolio or expertise; it’s a narrative journey that connects with the audience on a personal level, fostering trust and credibility. By intertwining their brand story within the digital experience, JDG Constructions establishes a profound connection with their audience, thereby enhancing customer relationships and reinforcing their stature in the contractor industry.

In essence, the JDG Constructions website is more than just a digital space; it’s a cohesive, user-centric, and aesthetically pleasing environment that effectively communicates the brand’s ethos, elevating the standard for construction websites.

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4. Ghafari 

Clear navigation 

Ghafari's website emerges as a paragon in the landscape of construction website design

In the digital realm, where the first impression is often the last, navigation stands as the cornerstone of any website’s user experience. This truth holds even more weight for construction websites, where clarity and ease of access are paramount. A visually stunning website loses its luster if marred by convoluted navigation, leaving users mired in frustration as they grope for the information they seek.

Ghafari’s website emerges as a paragon in this landscape. With a navigation bar that is not only prominent but intuitively designed, it is placed strategically at the zenith of the homepage. This fusion of aesthetic appeal and functional design elevates the user experience significantly.

The Navigation Bar

More than just a mere tool for direction, the navigation bar at Ghafari is a testament to thoughtful design. As you navigate this digital environment, you’ll find that it’s meticulously organized, allowing you to move through the website with ease. Whether you’re exploring the rich history of Ghafari or the diverse range of key projects that showcase their expertise, each aspect is conveniently accessible with just a simple click.

This seamless navigation does much more than guide; it narrates a compelling story. It crafts a tale about Ghafari’s brand, emphasizing their commitment to clarity and accessibility – essential qualities in the realm of general contractors and building sites. By accentuating these characteristics, Ghafari doesn’t just relay information; it establishes a bond with you, the audience. This connection, nurtured through a well-designed website, bolsters the brand’s credibility, encouraging you to immerse yourself in Ghafari’s essence.

In summary, Ghafari’s website stands as a shining example in the digital world, showcasing how blending design with functionality can forge an inviting and informative online space. This method addresses your immediate needs while also nurturing a deeper bond with the brand, a key aspect in our digital-first era. It’s a prime model for websites for contractors, setting a high standard for the industry.

5. Desert Star Construction

Showcase page 

Desert Star Construction exemplifies this ethos, embracing the concept wholeheartedly and epitomizing it on their meticulously curated construction website design showcase page.

In the dynamic world of construction, where meticulous craftsmanship and architectural prowess are paramount, construction companies like yours stand as testaments to the excellence in building. Desert Star Construction exemplifies this ethos, embracing the concept wholeheartedly and epitomizing it on their meticulously curated showcase page.

As you navigate through their digital portal, you’re greeted by an eloquent introduction, encapsulating the company’s unwavering commitment to superior construction practices. This segue into the showcase is seamless, weaving a narrative that not only displays their portfolio but also tells a compelling brand story. This story resonates deeply, fostering a connection with you, the viewer, and underscoring the credibility and trustworthiness of the brand.

Every element of the showcase—the vivid photography, the intuitive navigation, and the cohesive aesthetic—is a reflection of the brand’s ethos. It’s not just a gallery of images; it’s a journey through Desert Star Construction’s legacy of quality and innovation. The design is on-brand, exuding a professionalism and sophistication that align with your expectations.

As you peruse the showcase, you’re not merely a passive observer. The interactive elements invite you to delve deeper, to understand the nuances of each project. You see the potential in their work, the promise of what they can bring to your project. It’s an effortless experience for you to gather more information, to be inspired, and to envision how Desert Star Construction can transform your contractor aspirations into tangible reality.

In conclusion, Desert Star Construction’s website is not just a digital space; it’s a powerful tool in building customer relationships and establishing a formidable presence in the contractor industry.

Through their online showcase, they effectively communicate their narrative, engage with their audience, and demonstrate their prowess in the field, offering an experience that is both informative and inspiring.

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6. Thorsen 

Video introduction 

One of the things that makes Thorsen’s website a stellar example in the realm of construction website design is its great video introduction

One of the things that makes Thorsen’s website a stellar example when it comes to construction website design is its great video introduction.

Right away, visitors have the chance to click on the video and see exactly what kind of work Thorsen does. The video itself is lovely—it’s well-shot and edited, and the music is calming yet inspiring.

The choice of music complements this visual feast, imbuing the narrative with a tranquil yet motivational undertone.

More than just a visual treat, the video serves as a window into Thorsen’s craftsmanship and ethos. It articulates the brand’s story, fostering a profound connection with the audience and enhancing the brand’s credibility. This strategic placement of the video on the homepage is not merely about aesthetics; it’s a thoughtful decision ensuring that every visitor is immediately acquainted with Thorsen’s commitment to excellence.

By showcasing the nuances of their work in such an accessible and engaging format, Thorsen’s website not only captures attention but also cements its position as a leader in the construction industry.

7. JOVA Construction

Brand cohesion 

JOVA’s website employs a consistent color scheme, fonts, and messaging across all pages

This is a website for construction that totally gets the concept of brand cohesion. JOVA’s website uses the same color scheme, fonts, and messages throughout the website.

That’s important for multiple reasons. For starters, it makes the brand, as a whole, look put together and clean.

No matter where you go on the website, you know it’s JOVA through and through.

The cohesive luxury branding also works well for the user, as they won’t be startled by a jarring page difference, giving them a seamless experience from start to finish. 

8. VEC 

VEC's website has a skillful amalgamation of vital customer testimonials and a clear brand position statement.

There is plenty of About Us pages out there that detail the company’s history and values, which is effective and great for brand storytelling.

However, something that sets VEC’s About Us page apart from others is that powerful story told right away. It tells a powerful story about how the company made its partner’s project a breeze.

Now, when you’re looking for websites for contractors, it’s not just about the layout or design; it’s about how the website communicates its message. VEC’s website exemplifies this perfectly. By skillfully combining the essential elements of a customer testimonial with a clear brand position statement, it captivates its audience, encouraging you to delve deeper into their world of general contractors.

Moreover, the choice of words on their About Us page isn’t just encouraging; it’s inspiring. It’s a testament to how a website can effectively reflect a brand’s values, resonating with anyone involved in a building site project. This aspect of VEC’s website isn’t just informative; it’s engaging, showcasing the qualities that make a website stand out in the competitive field of construction and contracting.

9. Snyder Construction Group

News page

The home page of the Snyder Construction Group site

Building websites should look for ways to organically grow their websites, and one way to do that is to create content and have a solid content marketing strategy.

Snyder Construction Group has some great content on their News page that bodes well for a content marketing strategy.

For instance, they have a piece on important questions to ask a general contractor before hiring one. This is a great piece they can share on social media, in an email newsletter, and on other channels.

They also have some articles about their own endeavors, showing the world they’re up to exciting things. 

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10. CJS Builders 

Projects page 

Through a blend of sophisticated narrative and vivid project imagery, they actively engage visitors, creating a compelling showcase of their achievements.

The ability to effectively showcase a company’s portfolio of remarkable projects and collaborations with prestigious brands is not just beneficial—it’s essential. CJS Builders excels in this area, presenting a compelling narrative of their achievements on their construction website’s Projects page. This isn’t merely a display of their work; it’s an intricate tapestry that weaves together the details of each project with visual representations, offering a comprehensive insight into their capabilities.

The emphasis on their partnership with well-known brands elevates CJS Builders’ reputation, highlighting their capacity to undertake significant projects with finesse. By actively engaging visitors with a blend of sophisticated narrative and vivid project imagery, CJS Builders not only exhibits their expertise but also cements their credibility in the luxury construction domain. This approach is crucial for contractor firms seeking to establish a strong, trustworthy brand identity.

Through this strategic presentation, CJS Builders doesn’t just showcase their work; they craft a story that resonates with potential clients, underlining the importance of their brand’s journey in forging lasting customer relationships.

11. Costello Construction 

Powerful simplicity 

Costello construction website with a blue and black background

Sometimes, the best construction websites are the ones that get right to the point. Case in point: Costello Construction.

Their homepage is quick, effective, to-the-point, and visually appealing.

It epitomizes user-friendliness, acting as an intuitive gateway that immediately immerses visitors in a narrative of expertise, teamwork, architectural mastery, and exceptional performance.

In the realm of online presence, Costello Construction’s website stands out for its no-nonsense approach. It engages users with a blend of visual allure and succinct content, making it ideal for visitors who seek immediate information upon arrival. This design choice doesn’t just streamline navigation; it strategically weaves the brand’s story into the user experience, enhancing credibility and fostering meaningful customer connections.

The website’s layout, with its emphasis on core elements like experience and building prowess, is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior. It embodies the essence of the company’s ethos in every aspect, offering depth and insight into their constructional expertise.

This approach resonates with discerning users, emphasizing Costello Construction’s commitment to excellence and reliability in the competitive construction industry.

12. Construction Logistics 

Our Portfolio page 

Construction Logistics website with an outstanding background image

Prominently featured on our best luxury construction website design list, Construction Logistics exemplifies this trend by masterfully displaying its extensive portfolio.

Their website not only captivates the visitor’s attention but also strategically educates them through meticulously crafted case studies. Each case study is a testament to their commitment to clarity and accessibility, presenting key facts about diverse projects in an organized and engaging manner.

This approach not only simplifies navigation for web visitors but also underscores the brand’s story, fostering deeper customer relationships and bolstering credibility. The combination of striking visuals and lucid, accessible information distinguishes their website as a paragon of web design, serving as a vital tool in both showcasing their expertise and connecting with their audience.

In this way, Construction Logistics sets a high standard in the industry, proving that a well-designed website can be a powerful extension of a brand’s narrative and values.

13. McCownGordon Construction 

Project Planning Tool 

McCownGordon Construction website showcasing a car in front of a palace

Something that sets McCownGordon Construction’s website apart from the others is its helpful Project Planning Tool. This innovation offers distinct advantages:

For the User:

  • Eliminates the need for extensive detailing in the “Contact Us” form.
  • Simplifies project initiation, enhancing user experience.

For the Company:

  • Provides clear insight into user requirements.
  • Facilitates preparedness with tailored materials for initial interactions.

This harmonious synergy between user convenience and company efficiency exemplifies the brand’s commitment to customer-centric solutions. By seamlessly integrating the Tool into its construction website, McCownGordon Construction not only streamlines the project initiation process but also reinforces its brand narrative.

This narrative underscores the importance of building strong customer relationships and establishing trust, both crucial for the company’s credibility in the competitive contractor industry.

The tool, therefore, serves as more than a mere feature; it is a testament to McCownGordon’s innovative approach to meeting client needs, highlighting their dedication to excellence in every project engagement.

14. Mosaik Design 

Blog content

The website of Mosaik, a group of designers and builders

We mentioned the importance of content marketing earlier, and judging from Mosaik Design’s blog, they get the importance as well.

Their meticulously curated blog content transcends mere information dissemination, elevating their role as experts in home design and remodeling. Covering topics like life-adaptable remodeling and innovative kitchen organization, they offer valuable insights to users. These topics do more than just inform; they fortify the brand’s narrative, showcasing their dedication to enhancing every aspect of home life.

This narrative skillfully combines the brand’s expertise with a customer-focused mindset, crafting a story that resonates with readers. It’s a testament to their credibility and trustworthiness. Moreover, these blog posts are not just content; they are catalysts for diverse content marketing strategies, sparking new and creative ideas.

Emphasizing this strategic content approach, particularly on websites for contractors and other similar platforms, is key. It establishes a brand’s authority and fosters lasting relationships with customers. Whether for general contractors or specialists in home renovations, a well-crafted blog on a building site can be a game-changer, setting the stage for lasting industry impact.

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15. IMC Construction

Video testimonials 

IMC Construction website is showcasing some testimonials on their website

Client testimonials are effective social proof tools for any service company, and the more personal they are, the better. Their effectiveness amplifies when they exude a personal touch, resonating deeply with prospective clients, especially for service-oriented firms in sectors like construction.

Recognizing this, IMC Construction elevates its customer testimonials, transcending conventional methods by incorporating video testimonials. This innovative approach allows viewers to connect with the authentic faces and voices behind the accolades, enhancing the credibility of their narrative. Moreover, these testimonials not only showcase the company’s exemplary work but also the genuine enthusiasm and appreciation of their clients.

By weaving the brand’s story into these testimonials, IMC Construction fosters stronger customer relationships and establishes a robust reputation within the construction industry, setting a new paradigm in showcasing client experiences on construction websites.

16. Castle Homes

Stunning photography 

The home page of Castle Homes is a great construction website design example.

Many contractor website design are heavy with images of their work, but Castle Homes’ stunning photographs help set their website apart from the rest.

The pictures give you a sense of classic luxury that’s accessible and achievable. These beautiful images also show how well the company can design and execute on its projects.

And, despite the subject matter of each photo differing, you can easily tell they’re meant to be on the same website and are from the same company

17. Wight & Company

People page 

The stellar construction website of Wight company

People want to know there are actual people behind a construction company.

It’s refreshing to see the engineers, managers, and designers who make the magic happen, which is exactly what Wight & Company does on their People Page.

They create a more personal connection by spotlighting the staff and introducing users to them before any construction inquiries happen.

The staff bios are also a nice touch—not only do they add a personal touch, but they also establish legitimacy within the company by highlighting their expertise. 

18. Culpepper Construction

Eye-catching video

Culpepper Construction website showcasing a video background in the home page

Culpepper Construction has one of the best construction website designs because of its eye-catching opening video.

Right at the top of the homepage, you see an innovative and beautifully crafted video that commands your attention right away.

You’re immediately drawn in by the stunning display of contractor images on the website for general contractors. Each image intricately weaves into a visual narrative, showcasing the essence of a building site with such finesse. This approach not only captivates your imagination but also prompts you to ponder the real-world capabilities of the company behind these visuals.

The website brilliantly fuels your curiosity, enticing you to explore further. It’s a testament to how well-thought-out design and content can significantly enhance user engagement, turning a simple visit into an immersive experience. This is a clear win for the brand, as it successfully melds artistry with the practicality of websites for contractors, elevating it above the typical industry standard.

19. McKinstry 

Build the Future page

McKinstry construction website has a stunning colors and image's effects

McKinstry’s Build the Future page helps set it apart from other construction websites on the internet.

It does an excellent job of displaying some of the company’s core values and highlights an important part of its brand story: the future.

Users who also value sustainability and inclusion will connect with their spotlighted values, and as such, will align more with the brand.

Brand loyalty is crucial for any company in any industry, including construction. 

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20. Belmark & Nightingale 

Clean design

Belmark Nightingale contrusction website

What makes Belmark & Nightingale a great website for construction is how clean its design is.

It’s cohesive and well laid out, giving users the chance to easily navigate where they want to go.

It’s not overfilled with fluff text or images—it shows users what the company does well and provides key company information.

The nice design and aesthetic tie it together with a neat bow.

21. Rogers O’Brien

Value-driven copy

Rogers O’Brien's homepage copy exemplifies this by being value-driven, using language that inspires and uplifts users

What separates a good construction website from a great construction website? The copy. The right web copy leads the user in, captures their attention, and truly makes a connection with them.

That’s exactly what happens with Rogers O’Brien’s homepage copy. The copy is value-driven, using language that makes users feel inspired and uplifted.

It also does a stellar job of highlighting the company’s values, including safety, quality, and innovation. They also emphasize the importance of building relationships with their customers, which lets users know they truly care about collaboration, not just business.

The right words drive the right actions. 

22. Millbrook Construction

Visual appeal

Millbrook Construction’s website stands out among building websites by immediately capturing visual attention

Millbrook Construction’s website is one of those building websites that grabs your visual attention from the very start.

They make a bold statement, ironically, by not making statements at all on their homepage. Instead, they utilize captivating visuals of their work to show web visitors how great their constructions are. If people do want to learn more, they use the navigation tool in the upper right corner to easily direct them where they need to go.

Visually appealing, combined with easy navigation, make it a standout website

23. Timber Ridge Properties 

Frequently Asked Questions page 

The appealing construction website of Timber Ridge Properties

You’d be surprised how far a little service will go. Case in point: Timber Ridge Properties’ Frequently Asked Questions page.

The company took some of the most common questions they get from customers and created a helpful page addressing them. That works for both the company and its web visitors.

It works for the company because it shows they genuinely care about their customers’ needs and questions, and it works for the users because they get answers to their top questions.

The servicer meets the customer in a beautiful fashion. 

24. ADCO 

Well-balanced homepage design 

DCO's website achieves a commendable balance in its homepage design

ADCO’s website does a wonderful job of displaying a well-balanced homepage design. It opens up with a strong header that shows the people who make the construction magic happen.

As you explore further, you’ll notice how it masterfully alternates between image and text-balanced sections. Each segment stands out on its own, yet together they create a harmonious and cohesive whole. This isn’t just a building site; it’s a showcase of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Striking the right balance is a challenge that many websites for contractors face, but ADCO’s homepage navigates this with ease. From start to finish, it maintains this equilibrium, offering you a glimpse into the world of general contractors with a flair that’s both professional and engaging.

What sets this website apart is not just its aesthetic appeal, but how it communicates reliability and expertise. Each element, from the choice of images to the placement of text, works together to tell a story of skill and precision, making it a standout example in the digital construction landscape.

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25. McCarthy

Comprehensive navigation 

McCarthy Building Company website

Construction website design can be jam-packed with helpful information, which is why it’s important for contractor companies to have great navigation on their website.

The better the navigation, the easier it is for users to get the information they need. McCarthy’s website has several layers of navigation, getting granular with major pillars like “Projects” and “Client Experience”.

Getting granular works with this design because it’s well organized, making it simple but helpful to use.

You get the right information you need in a timely manner, enhancing the overall user experience. 

26. Toll Brothers

Stunning visuals draw you right in

construction website for toll brothers

From the moment you click the Toll Brothers website, you get treated to a rotating slideshow of some of the most opulent properties on earth. These are all homes made and sold by Toll Brothers, who call themselves “America’s luxury home builder.”

You have to go below the fold (that is, the content that appears on the page before scrolling) before Toll Brothers begin patting themselves on the back. For instance, they mention that they’ve achieved the accolade of landing atop the World’s Most Admired Companies list by FORTUNE Magazine for five years running.

Below that, they showcase their history, their long list of happy customers, and other benefits to working with them. If you keep scrolling, Toll Brothers has yet another area of their site dedicated to searching for your next luxury home from them.

By the time you’ve reached this point, you’re surely convinced that going with Toll Brothers is the best choice for you.

27. Sweenor Builders

Showcasing a legacy of construction excellence

Instead of showcasing their homes, the homepage features black and white visuals of architects in action.

Although Sweenor Builders specializes in the kind of amazing homebuilding that could only earn them a spot on this list, that’s not the angle they take on their website. Instead, you’ll notice several black and white visuals of their architects in action. These photos are interspersed with lovely homes.

Their projects page is clean and easily accessible, displaying the company’s past projects in bright, vivid, large thumbnails you can click on. You can then learn more about each property, including videos of the building in progress in some cases.

The service page of the Sweenor Builders website harkens back to their homepage. It’s got the same black and white photos of real architects and contractor workers. This more humanistic approach helps personalize their website and reminds you that you’re working with real people here, not a faceless company.

Contractor websites that offer a unique perspective and provide insight into the company can make them stand out from the competition.

28. Hill Construction Co.

A focus on luxury

construction websites for hill construction

The homepage of Hill Construction Co.’s site is as shown above. There are other scrolling images that will sate your appetite for luxury, but it’s kept purposely sparse. On each image, in the center, is that repeating slogan: “your partner in luxury homebuilding.”

It’s only when you click away from the homepage that you can learn more on what Hill Construction Co. is all about.

Their portfolio is laid out in the clean, neat design style that Sweenor Builders also used.

Interestingly, it’s Hill Construction Co.’s Approach page that’s one of the best on their site. It explains their construction process from beginning to end, including the predesign, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases.

We also quite like the phrase on their contact page: “let’s build something beautiful.

29. GFI Partners

Cohesion and branding in design

GFI Partners takes a distinctive approach on their website, opting for a functional layout over a property slideshow on the homepage.

Rather than use their homepage as a slideshow advertisement of their properties, GFI Partners’ site features six menus. These are latest developments, industrial, residential, healthcare, office, and other. The latter five redirect you to the properties these real estate investment advisors have had a hand in. In the latest news section, you can review what GFI is currently working on and plans to tackle next.

No matter which page you click, be it one of those six main menus, the resume page at the top, or the about page, the design cohesion doesn’t miss a beat. GFI favors a black background with an image of a grayscale building behind it. They also like orange, such as in the brackets and text. 

Given GFI’s logo is two white brackets with an orange triangle in the middle, this cohesion matters a lot. They’re subtly branding themselves across their entire website, burning their logo into your mind in the best way possible.

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30. Farrell Building Company

Full-screen animations captivate

farell building company construction website

According to website optimization company Crazy Egg, the average Internet user will stay on your website for 15 seconds or less. That gives you a blink of an eye to grab them, and what better way to do that than with video?

That’s why Farrell Building Co.’s website is so effective, as the video clips of bodies of water and games of tennis will certainly intrigue you.

This site stands out among other websites for contractors because it avoids overwhelming you with excessive options. You’ll find a streamlined navigation consisting only of an About page, a Homebuyer’s menu, and a Broker’s menu. Farrell Building Co. expertly highlights the four types of properties they specialize in on both their homepage and the ‘Find a Home’ menu. These properties include rentals, build to suit, custom homes, and signature homes.

As a potential homebuyer or general contractor, you have the freedom to explore these categories with ease. Simply click on the property type that resonates with your needs to discover what’s currently available on the building site. Farrell Building Co. makes the journey from browsing to finding your dream property seamless and enjoyable.

31. Luxury Simplified

Quaint illustrations are utterly charming

On the homepage, instead of immediate graphics, visitors are welcomed with an array of short videos.

Charleston, South Carolina-based construction and vacation rental company Luxury Simplified truly embodies their name through their website. This isn’t a critique, but rather an appreciation of their finesse. The website’s visuals, though straightforward, are genuinely engaging, capturing the essence of simplicity and elegance.

On their homepage, rather than immediate graphics, you’re greeted with an array of short videos. These clips artfully showcase the scenic beauty of Charleston, immersing you in its charm right from the start. As you scroll down, you’ll encounter quaint and appealing illustrations of homes. This blend of minimal color use against a black-and-white backdrop, along with a concise yet compelling copy, creates a visual delight.

Each illustration and its accompanying text serve a purpose – guiding you seamlessly to different segments of the Luxury Simplified website. Whether it’s the construction services they offer, their expertise in real estate, or the allure of their vacation rentals, each element is thoughtfully designed to redirect you. It’s not just a website; it’s an invitation to explore the vibrant world of general contractors and the enchanting landscapes of South Carolina, long before you physically step into the state.

This approach transforms a simple building site into a gateway, showcasing the power of well-crafted digital spaces in the world of websites for contractors. The overall experience reflects not just on Luxury Simplified’s services, but also on how a well-designed website can significantly enhance user engagement and brand perception.

32. Millennium Partners

Attention on cityscapes

construction website for millennium tower

As a contractor company where the design possibilities are endless, sometimes it’s best to put certain imagery into people’s heads. In the case of Millennium Partners, they do this exceptionally well. Just take one glimpse at their website and you can see what kind of imagery they’re going for: cityscapes.

The background of their website is a gorgeous photo of a cityscape at sunset. Next to the about page link on their homepage as well as a review of their properties, Millennium Partners adds yet more iconic city images. These include Miami, New York, and San Francisco.

While their website lacks a lot of menus, Millennium Partners makes it easy to check out the properties they’ve worked on, including links to these current buildings’ respective websites. Their contact page is also very accessible, so it’s simple to begin a working relationship today.

33. Linesight

A neat division of a variety of services

Linesight, a construction company offering a wide range of services, demonstrates an effective strategy for presenting diverse categories in a visually appealing manner

A construction company that offers a wealth of services could easily get bogged down trying to explain everything they do in a visually appealing way. Linesight offers a great example of how to keep all those categories tidy. 

On their expertise page, they have sections dedicated to their program management, project management, project controls, cost management, supply chain management, health and safety, consultancy, and procurement services. Each category is clickable and has small illustrations to make them stand out more. We especially like the man in a hardhat for health and safety.

Should you not feel like scrolling, you can also reach the expertise page and others (like a projects page and an about page) by clicking the drop-down menu at the top. Another great feature of this website is how Linesight showcases all the properties they’ve built on a real world map.

34. Maman Corp.

Interactivity rules the day

While a dropdown menu is available on the right side of their homepage, clicking the prominent red arrow provides a more dynamic and engaging experience.

One way to keep users engaged on construction websites is to make the entire thing interactive. That’s the route taken by Maman Corp. If you look to the right side of the above image, it says “scroll to explore,” then has a big red arrow you can’t miss. They want to you to journey through their website, or, as Maman Corp says, to “explore it.”

Sure, there’s a dropdown menu to the right of their homepage, but it’s kind of like spoiling the fun early. Instead, by clicking that red arrow, you can venture through seven pages, including the company’s backstory, their commitment to clients, their company vision, and more. If you watch any of the pages for long enough, it switches to a video and then back again.

On each of those seven pages, you can click any links that catch your fancy, or you can always just continue your journey to the end. At that point, you can click back up or repeat the whole Maman site journey again.

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35. Wadia Associates

Living up to their tagline

The homepage showcases a dazzling mansion, validating their commitment to excellence

If you’re going to say that you create “residential architecture of distinction,” then your customers and clients are going to expect that to be true. Wadia Associates cuts through the pretenses and shows you right away what you can expect from their services. The dazzling mansion that greets you on their homepage proves the company lives up to the hype.

Also on their homepage is a great feature: an almost nine-minute explainer video on Wadia Associates. We also appreciate the endorsements section of their site, as that’s something we’ve yet to see the other luxury construction company websites on this list do.

36. Oslo

A based co-living website

Oslo is a smart construction website

Unless you work with one of these contractor companies yourself, then you don’t quite get to see any buildings as they’re erected. Well, that’s not the case with OSLO. As you scroll down through their site, you can partake in an interactive element: seeing a digital building from start to finish.

OSLO starts with a question, saying “what is co-living?” After answering,
continues by providing more information about their business. For example, it is possible to find out more about the design of the apartment, its particular characteristics, and all this is supported by a video.

The site also collects important testimonies of those who lived in their buildings. At the same time, Oslo offers several locations where each client can start their co-living experience.

37. Hutchinson Builders

A social feed visualized

While the scrolling portfolio takes precedence on their website, the social feed section serves as a noteworthy feature

Australian luxury construction company Hutchinson Builders was founded in 1912, so they have quite a lengthy history. They’re also an incredibly modern company, as you can see through their visual feed. It’s not the first thing you come upon on their website, as that’s a scrolling portfolio of their projects.

We quite enjoy the social feed section though, for a few reasons. For one, it incentivizes clients and customers to give Hutchinson Builders a follow on social media. It also makes the company more transparent.

Should you want to stay abreast of what’s going on with Hutchinson Builders, their always-updating social feed is a pretty great way to do it. Each image is also interactive. In the case of Instagram posts, you can hover over the image and see the caption and hashtags.

38. Redrow

A commitment to exclusivity

Redrow construction website design

We’ve talked about branding already in this article, but UK construction company Redrow does it exquisitely well. The tagline on their homepage instantly grabs your attention:

“People say new homes are all the same…They don’t know Redrow.”

This statement immediately sets you apart, offering an aura of exclusivity that beckons you to explore the unique opportunities available when purchasing a home through Redrow.

As you navigate through the website for contractors, you’ll find the My Redrow section, an essential stop for potential homebuyers. By signing up, you gain early access to review new homes being constructed on various building sites, an advantage not available to the general public. This membership elevates your experience, allowing you to peruse available homes before non-members, receive valuable home-buying checklists, and garner exclusive insights and tips directly from general contractors at Redrow. Additionally, you can efficiently track your appointments, streamlining your journey to homeownership.

The Buying with Redrow section is a testament to the company’s commitment to detailed branding. This segment of the site is meticulously crafted, featuring Redrow TV for immersive visual experiences, insights into what makes Redrow stand out, and a plethora of buying tips and information. It’s not just a website; it’s a portal to a new way of experiencing home buying, characterized by a blend of innovation, exclusivity, and customer-centric services.

39. John Weiland Homes

Interactive tools for the perfect home

jwhomes construction websites

Many of these luxury construction website designs have used interactivity to their benefit, with John Weiland Homes no exception.

Their interactive element includes furniture planning tools, elevation tools, and a floor plan tool. Each of these tools is free to use without opting into anything. You just visit the John Weiland Homes website and begin clicking.

The level of detail included in such a free tool is seriously impressive. Take, for instance, the furniture planning tool. You can go room by room, filling the living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment room, kitchen dining room, and more with furniture. It’s not just couches and chairs, either, but swimming pools, landscaping, light switches, jacks and outlets, wiring, hot tubs, and fitness equipment.

You also have the freedom to decorate up to two floors. Not only can you get lost for hours playing with these tools, but then when you have your house set up, you know just which company can build it for you.

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40. Whiting-Turner

Embracing the colorful

whiting-turner construction website

Sometimes, all it takes is a visually pleasant experience to make a luxury construction website worth scrolling through. Thus is the case with Whiting-Turner. Their primarily white background with orange text gives them plenty of room to play up background images with lots of color.

We also must note their portfolio section, as it divides regions and dozens of markets into two neat subsections. Nothing is cluttered or on top of each other, even though it very easily could be with so much information.

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In conclusion, construction websites offer a unique opportunity to showcase a company’s services and expertise.

Websites for contractors are more than just digital brochures; they are dynamic platforms where you can vividly display your prowess in the construction industry. The 40 examples highlighted in this article show how incorporating cutting-edge elements like video and interactive features, coupled with a well-curated portfolio, can elevate a building site to new heights. Such strategies can transform your website into a magnet for general contractors and clients alike, making it stand out in a crowded digital landscape. By focusing on quality and engagement, your website becomes not just informative but also an engaging gateway that reflects the caliber of your work and services.

If you need help creating a successful construction website, don’t hesitate to contact Mediaboom: let us help you create a website that stands out in today’s competitive digital landscape.

By: Frank DePino

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