Real Estate Investor Website Design – 25 Must-See Sites

Whether you’re a small real estate investor or an established one, separating yourself from the competition is one of the best ways to keep increasing your customer base. The first thing you can do to stand out is create an easy to use, well designed website that clearly portrays the services you provide.

Below are 25 of the best examples of successful real estate investor website design. Each site has unique features to them that make them stand out – and you can use them as inspiration as you seek to create your own stunning website. 


real estate investor website design

Keen Investment’s website is sleek and lively. Right when you enter the website, an animation plays on the welcome screen and as you scroll, the elements animate into the page as well. Keener keeps it simple by utilizing white space with strong images.


oxford real estate investor website design

Oxford’s real estate investor website design is simple yet fun. They take advantage of the full width of the page along with high quality imagery and a colorful neutral color palette. Their use of textured architecture for backgrounds also adds an extra touch of personality to the site.


roofstock real estate investor website design

Roofstock use of graphics and playful colors carries their brand and makes the visitor feel welcomed. The use of graphics adds better visuals to the page and helps the visitor follow information better.


gfi partners real estate investor website design

GFI Partner’s real estate investor website design is very sleek and modern – using dark overlays, seamless animations and bold font choices. Their website makes it easy for the user to understand exactly what services they provide, successful projects they’ve completed, and history about their firm.

5. RXR Realty

rxr real estate investor website design

RXR’s website feels professional and protrudes success. Their use of blues adds contrast to the page along with using a video on the welcome screen. Not only does their brand feel professional but their use of stats on their homepage also helps show how successful they are as a company.

6. HIX Snedeker

hix snedeker real estate investor website design

HIX Snedeker’s real estate investor website design is certainly out of the box. Along with using an interactive element behind the welcome text, their homepage showcases their work well in a stacked gallery style. Displaying your case studies on the homepage will show right away the kind of work your company does and if done like HIX Snedeker’s, it will show the expanse of work you’ve done across the nation or globe!

7. Beacon Communities

beacon communities real estate investor website design

Beacon’s website utilizes their brand’s orange well by using it in calls-to-action, on image and link hovers, and for headlines. This good use of their colors makes their brand feel cohesive throughout. Another nice touch is their addition of a testimonial slider at the bottom of the page that helps bring authenticity to the brand.

8. VN Star

VN Star real estate investor website design

VN Star’s website uses interactive elements and animations to really make the site stand out. They’re use of their companies statistics helps tell their companies story and shows the span of their work. Reference VN Star’s website if you’re looking to stand out from competitors and think outside of the box.

9. Passco

Passco real estate investor website design

Passco’s site using stunning saturated imagery that helps showcase their work. A simple site along with strong photography helps keep the visitor visually intrigued but also able to get the information they need easily.

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10. Turbine

Turbine real estate investor website design

Turbine’s site utilizes the full page with a light gradient background to add some flair. The information is well organized and makes use of white space to help keep the content clean and easy to follow.

11. Spirit Investment Partners

Spirit real estate investor website design

Spirit’s website has strong photography the contrasts well with their brands color scheme. Adding their mission adds a nice touch on their homepage, this helps show who they are as a company and adds personality.

12. St. Philips

St. Philips real estate investor website design

St. Philips homepage uses a simple zoom effect on their hero image, that helps add an extra affect without being too distracting. Their information is organized well into a grid format and their brands color scheme is carried out consistently through the website.

13. Longpoint

Longpoint real estate investor website design

Longpoint websites uses their brand’s color palette strongly throughout, utilizes it in gradients, call-to-actions and headlines. Another nice touch is their callout for the client login at the top so it easily accessible once you enter the site.

14. Locale Advisors

Locale Advisors homepage is strong because they offer a selection of videos as well as a gallery for their properties. This helps the visitor get important information right away and pushes the visitor to explore more of the website. They also use most of their own photography that helps add a more personal touch to their brand.

15. Amanat

Amanat real estate investor website design

Amanat real estate investor website design is simple and well organized. They use a single page design so you don’t have to dig through the site to find the information you need. The information is overviewed well with statistic call outs, a graphic map to show locations of projects, and short paragraph for each section.


MREIC’s website uses darker tones and contrast that well with pops of colors throughout in their photography, links and information call outs. Their portfolio shows a map of the U.S. that helps showcase the expanse of their work and also has a small animation to add an extra touch to the page.

17. Hines

Hines website design is strong with their use of white and red that creates a nice balance of simple yet bold. Their use of largest text callouts also helps add contrast and showcases important details well. They also organize their information well by separating them into strips on the page, this helps create call outs and add extra elements to your site.

18. Black Creek Group

Black Creek Group real estate investor website design

Black Creek Group’s color scheme is subtle, making use of a grey-blue color palette that is also overlaid on top of their imagery to further carry their brand. They use grids through the site that helps section off information but also to add an extra element of design to the page.

19. Fundrise

Fundrise real estate investor website design

Fundrise real estate investor website design uses graphics and strong imagery. Instead of using standard images, they take it the next level by adding by overlapping images, animations, color overlays and vector graphics all while keeping the information organized and simple. Along with their strong use of photography, they utilize their brand’s orange to add a pop to their site and help call out information.

20. Veritas

Veritas site feels personal and has a lot of personality. A San Francisco based company, they make sure it’s known this is where there work is done and showcases how important the community is to them with information callouts on their community involvement, company culture and history in the area.

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21. Synapsed

Synapsed makes their site fun with their bold color scheme, angled elements and their left-aligned navigation. They use a single page design to keep the information simple and easy to follow. Another fun touch is their hover effect over their team photos, starting with a professional headshot that changes to a goofy photo, something that definitely adds extra personality to your site!

22. NRIA

NRIA’s website is simple with no crazy elements. They use simple overlays on their images that helps create a more muted feel so the information comes first before the imagery. Another way they keep their site simple is doing an overlay navigation that just overlaps on top of the imagery instead of using box elements, simple yet feels different from traditional website design.

23. CA Ventures

CA Ventures real estate investor website design

CA Venture’s website uses scroll effects well by having static images where the information moves as you scroll through the page. Their homepage is also strong because they call out their company’s stats, showcase their services and industries they work in, feature specific projects and have a testimonial from the chief executive officer on their company’s culture.

24. Kennedy Wilson

Kennedy Wilson real estate investor website design has a nice contrast off blue and orange, only using the orange sparingly to call out information. They mainly keep their website in a blue theme, that includes calls to actions, photography, and background elements. Along with a strong brand, Kennedy Wilson adds a nice touch of filter option on their properties page to help you find the projects in the area related to you.

25. WE Development

WE’s website is modern and fun. They use a video for the welcome screen but not in the traditionally full screen manor. They make use of animations, staggered elements and scrolling effects that makes their site more interactive. They also use fun colorful color scheme that is paired well with their use of whitespace.

Getting Started With Your Site

As a real estate investment company, you want to differentiate your company while maintaining a professional look. The 25 examples above show that achieving this goal is attainable. To get started with your site, contact Mediaboom to learn how we can transform your website into a revenue driving tool that works for you.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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