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SEO for Real Estate Investors – Rank #1 in Google

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2024

Are you a real estate investor wishing to attract more clients cost-effectively?

Well, this is the right place to be, as this post will give you valuable insight into how SEO can help you create marketing opportunities for your real estate business. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been around since the inception of the internet. 

If you follow the basic rules, it can work for your real estate business. 

From real estate investment to investment funds management, dealing with a commercial and residential estate, direct-to-buyer property selling, and more, SEO for real estate investors can be quite beneficial.

Why does SEO for Real Estate Investors Work?

SEO for real estate investors is a valuable digital marketing channel. SEO uses keywords and keyphrases in various aspects of a company’s online footprint such as its website, content, social media, etc. to attract the right target audience and generate leads.  While other online platforms such as social media and paid ads can generate traffic to your website, search engines are the top catalyst to drive online visitors to your real estate website. To make the most of this resource, it is vital for real estate businesses to SEO optimize their websites. 

Did you know that SEO is 20 times more effective in traffic generation than pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns?

Continue to read as we explain how SEO for real estate investors can be a great ally and how you can use it to reap its full-scale benefits 

1. Research Keywords in SEO for Real Estate Investors

Keyword research is the core and very first step for an SEO campaign. 

If you want to nail the SEO strategy for real estate, researching the keywords trending online should be your topmost priority. 

Moreover, this is not just a one-off exercise but an ongoing process because keyword trends on search engines change and/or evolve continuously. 

Every time a user goes online to search for a product or service, they use keywords. 

For example, real estate businesses near me, real estate investors in my area, etc. 

There is no set formula for keywords; some can be a couple of words, while others can be longer and known as key phrases. 

If the users are typing in keywords into their devices to look for real estate investors, then keywords are what you must focus on too. 

Using keywords will help the search engine showcase your real estate investment business to the target audience. 

You can even optimize SEO for real estate investors to target a specific audience based on demographics such as location, interest, profession, etc. 

For example, you can use a keyword with location to target a particular audience, such as real estate investors in New York, real estate investment opportunities for retired citizens, etc. 

That said, it is not just the users searching for keywords in your content. 

Search engines such as Google and others will also read your website’s content to locate these keywords to determine your online ranking. 

For this, you need keyword research to determine what people are searching for in the real estate investment sector. The next step would be to use this research to your advantage and create keywords rich website content.

Mediaboom shows you how to search for a real estate keyword to uncover new SEO opportunities.

Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research allows you to find keywords trending online and help you understand how your business could rank high in Google searches. However, here are some critical reasons why keyword research is at the forefront of SEO for real estate investors. 

  • Knowing the keywords will help you understand your business, such as what you sell and what customers are searching for. Keywords can be the beacon for your business and attract the right consumers looking for services similar to yours. 
  • It can give you vital information such as your ranking for keywords, easy keywords to use for better ranking, and keywords used by your competitors. 
  • It tells you what consumers are searching for instead of you making a guess what they might be searching for. 
  • You can use keyword research to create blogs and other media content to help drive organic traffic to your business website. 

After conducting the keyword research, you must create a website, web pages, and other content using this information. 

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Identifying your Target Audience

To successfully apply the SEO for real estate investors for profits, you must identify who your ideal clients are and what they are looking for. 

You must define the demographics of your clients based on who they are, what they do, their interests, their needs, job portfolios, profession, location, etc

This insight will give you a better idea about which keywords may work best for your business. 

You do not need to go anywhere to get this aspect of SEO optimization right. 

All you need is to look at your previous clients and drive an answer to who your target audience is 

Apart from relying on keyword research on Google, you can also survey your current clients and see what they search for when looking for real estate investment opportunities online. However, this is important because not knowing your target audience or persona of your ideal client will negate all your SEO optimization efforts. 

For example, you are a real estate investment business that focuses on retired people.

Therefore, you must use keywords that will attract the senior audience by addressing their pain points. If you are going to use irrelevant keywords, the search engine will promote your business to entirely another category of clients, which is no good for your business. 

You must remember that search engines are smart, but they still need you to tell them where to showcase your content. This is where keyword research can help find your locale target audience

2. Build Website

So, now you know who your target audience is and which keywords you must use to drive traffic to your real estate investor website, it is time to build a search engine optimized website. 

Let us look a bit deeper into this aspect of SEO optimization strategy for your business. 

Your real estate website must focus on two things, i.e., SEO and conversion. While SEO will handle your website ranking on Google and other search engines, the conversion will deal with how website visitors respond to your call-to-action (CTA). 

Once you have completed the keyword research and know who your target audience is, you must start creating a website using these keywords in the content. 

This will help the search engine analyze your website and rank you amongst the top results whenever a user searches for keywords used in your web pages and other content. 

That said, there are two main aspects of building a real estate website to determine how successful your digital marketing strategy for real estate will be. So let us look at them one by one. 

On Godaddy you can buy domain names for real estate in a few simple steps.

A. Domain Name 

In order to nail your SEO for a real estate investor campaign, you must first get yourself a solid domain name

Always make sure to pick a domain that tells your target audience immediately about what you do. 

This is your official website that will lure the traffic to generate leads with potential investors. 

Do not fall for the classic trap of naming your website after your business; it does not always work. 

For instance, which website naming options mentioned below would you think will help your target audience know exactly what you do? 

  1. Your Business Name, for example, ABC Estate LLC
  2. LA Real estate investors or California real estate investors etc. 

Pretty sure option B says more about what this website is and what your business is offering. This will save your time, energy, and money as you will only attract the right audience looking for real estate investment opportunities. 

However, when it comes to getting the right kind of investors, that is where your keyword research for optimized SEO strategy is going to step in. 

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B. Website Host 

Nothing can be more important than getting your website host right because you will struggle to get on top of Google’s search engine results without it. You need a website host that is SEO savvy and offers mobile-friendly services. 

Yes, the mobile-friendliness of your website host is going to make a big difference since over half of the world’s website traffic now comes from all types of mobile devices. 

Even Google prioritizes your mobile pages’ load time to determine your search ranking. This is critical because 94 percent of all organic traffics to business websites comes from Google.

C. Thoughtful Content 

Remember, while SEO for real estate investors focuses on ranking better in Google searches, you must also think about how to offer value to your incoming traffic, i.e., visitors. 

For this, you will need the content used on your website to be on point. 

The quality of your content is as essential as the quality of keywords used within it. 

When creating content for your website, you have to find the right balance between search engine optimization and its effectiveness for conversion. 

This means your content must be optimized enough to drive organic traffic to your website, and it should offer value to entice the clients to complete that call-to-action. 

Moreover, you have to articulate enough to produce content that looks natural and conversational. Speak with your clients instead of speaking to them. 

Moreover, the appropriate SEO content will generate curiosity amongst your visitors to know more about your services.

You can use specific strategic phrases that can entice the visitors into completing your intended CTAs. 

For example, if you are looking for real estate investors in your local area, we can help you. “We can help you” here can be a CTA that you can hyperlink to an email form, provide your information form, or contact page, etc. 

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D. Using Media 

According to statistics, people are more likely to visit your website by watching videos and other forms of media content on social media channels and YouTube. The more visual content you create, the more traffic you will get to your official website. 

93 percent of the businesses claim to get new customers mainly from because of video content. Therefore, you must use audio-visual media as an integral part of SEO for real estate investors.  However, do not just use SEO media on your website and pages, but also on blogs, social media posts, and other relevant platforms.

This will also show the consistency of your brand’s image and build an image of trustworthiness and reliability amongst your niche and target audience. 

Mediaboom shows how it boosted the SEO of a real estate website, increasing its traffic

3. How to Use SEO

Using SEO for real estate investors is not enough; you must also know how to use it. 

Yes, there are certain parameters for how you must use search engine optimization. 

Using the keywords alone is not going to help unless you follow specific SEO guidelines by Google

Only then the search engine will be able to evaluate your content and rank your website and content accordingly. 

Here are some of the key areas on your website and content where you must use keywords for accurate SEO

  • You must use the keywords in the page title of your website, and other content
  • Create a meta description using target SEO keywords. This shows up as a second part or description under your website address name in a search result 
  • Create subheadings on your web pages and content using SEO keywords and keyphrases
  • Use Featured snippets, listing, or answer boxes highlighting the main features of what your content is all about. 
  • Use a healthy quantity of well-researched and relevant keywords throughout your content. However, do not overdo it. 
  • Use keywords in your website’s URLs, so visitors have an idea of what they can expect from your website, pages, and content. 
  • You can use SEO in your images, video content, social media posts, blogs, and any other type of media that you create. All of this will provide a consistent experience to all the visitors no matter which platform they use to land on your real estate investment website.

That said, it is far more complicated than this, especially if you are not a tech-savvy real estate investment business.

To get this right and get your money’s worth, you must always seek help from an SEO expert digital marketing agency

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