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Real Estate Investor Advertising – How to Increase Profits

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Setting up a successful advertising strategy will enable any real estate investor to start seeing a higher return on their investment. There are numerous ways in which they can start advertising including Google Ads, social media ads, display ads, and more.

Plain and simple: if investors aren’t actively trying to expand their client base, they’re losing out on growth and profits. There are investment properties out there waiting to be capitalized on, but it’s up to the investor to attract the right leads. 

Here are five key reasons why real estate investors need advertising, and how it helps with their lead generation efforts. 

Reason 1: It Drives Website Traffic 

We live in a digital-first age where there’s a vast amount of content created daily. If real estate investors want to cut through the clutter, they have to get their name out and drive meaningful traffic to their website.

That’s where advertising comes into play. 

Real estate investor advertising allows investors to drive meaningful traffic to their website. The more meaningful traffic their website gets, the more likely someone will convert. The more conversions a website gets, the more profits real estate investors can earn. 

Driving meaningful traffic to a website is a lead generation strategy that, when done right, can yield great results for real estate investors. Advertising gets potential leads’ attention and directs them to learn more about you and your services. Below we’ll discuss the different ways in which real estate investors can drive traffic to their website.

Reason 2: It Increases Brand Awareness 

Branding is extremely important for real estate investors looking to boost their online presence and create a loyal following of clients and fans. Some key statistics on branding include: 

  • Consumers are willing to give a brand seven seconds of their attention before forming a first impression.
  • If branding is continuous and consistent through all the appropriate platforms, revenue could go up by 23%.
  • When people communicate with brands online, for 77% of the time, it’s about getting help, information, or guidance from them.

A big perk of real estate investor advertising is that it gives investors the chance to show off their brand and services in a meaningful way. The more a real estate investor shares about their brand, the better chance they have of building a loyal following. 

Why? Because part of branding is building trust. The more you promote your brand as trustworthy and valuable, the more likely you’ll gain a large following. 

Branding should be consistent across the following channels: 

The key to branding is to be memorable and to build trust. The more real estate investors get their brand out in the public, the more likely they’ll find leads that align with their core values and convert them to clients. 

The real estate agent is waiting for a new client in his office found thanks to advertising.

Reason 3: It Allows Real Estate Investors To Reach New Audiences 

Advertising also allows real estate investors to reach new audiences in a way they simply couldn’t before. Specifically, they can target new buyers for their services. Online advertising allows real estate investors to target potential customers based on keywords

The more relevant keywords you use, the more relevant prospects you can reach. If done correctly, your online advertisement will reach people who search for that phrase and you’ll gain leads whose properties you could invest in. 

The kind of audience you target depends on what market you want to break into. These markets include: 

  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Vacation rentals 
  • Land

Make sure you research the audience you’re targeting before you spend money on advertising to them. Figure out what they search for and what their needs are so you can properly target them through your advertising efforts. 

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Reason 4: There Is Direct Reach For Target Audiences 

Another benefit of real estate investor advertising is that it allows you to directly reach target audiences. Real estate investors could post on social media, but there’s a chance their free social media efforts will not reach prospects directly. Their social posts could get buried in their prospects’ feeds, and leads can scroll past them without giving them a glance. 

When real estate investors advertise correctly, they directly reach their target audiences.

Advertising gets the right message in front of the right prospects at the right time. Examples of direct advertising include:

These forms of advertising have a better chance of getting your brand directly in front of prospective leads compared to posting for free on social media or on your website.  

Generally, someone needs to see a message seven times before they take action. Direct advertising increases the chances of leads seeing a real estate investor’s message and becoming more familiar with their services. 

Reason 5: It Converts Website Users 

Real estate investors should have one main conversion goal for their advertising efforts: converting website users to new clients. Getting people to visit a website should be a priority in a real estate investor’s advertising efforts because the more someone visits their website, the more familiar they become with the investor’s services. 

The more familiar they are with the services, the more likely they are to become a client. 

Once someone gets on a real estate investor’s website, it’s up to the landing page to convert the user into a client. Generally, real estate investors should aim for a 5 – 10% conversion rate for website traffic. That means if 100 people visit the website, 10 people should convert to a viable lead. If that doesn’t happen, consider doing the following: 

  • Make changes to the landing page’s copy 
  • Change the call-to-action on the landing page 
  • Change the audience your ad is targeting
  • Offer soft-selling items such as ebooks, whitepapers, or guides 

Tracking conversions closely will help real estate investors quickly figure out what’s working and what isn’t with their advertising. The quicker they figure this out, the quicker they can increase conversions and profits. 

Types of Advertising Real Estate Investors Can Do

Okay, so now that real estate investors know why it’s important to advertise, the question becomes: what kind of advertising should they do? 

The answer: a lot of online advertising that targets the right people at the right time. Here’s what types of advertising real estate investors can do and how it will benefit them. 

Mediaboom's advertising specialist is preparing a Google ADS campaign for one of his real estate clients.

Google Ads 

Google Ads are the ads you see when you search for something on Google. They show up on the first page of Google and are the first links you’ll see on that page. 

When executed properly, Google Ad campaigns can provide an impressive return on investment for real estate investor advertising. Paid advertising through Google Ads can yield a 200% return on investment. That means a real estate investor could earn $2 for every $1 they spend through Google Ads. 

Real estate investors should research what keywords to target in their industry and plan a budget around those keyword campaigns. In terms of cost, advertisers are only charged per click on an ad since Google Ads is run on an auction basis.

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Google Display Ads 

Google Display Ads are ads that promote a product or service but show up on other websites. You’ve likely seen a display ad while browsing on a website or watching a video on YouTube. 

Display ads rely on cookies and data from users to track website visits, which means if someone visits a real estate investor’s website, the investor can advertise to them through Google Display Ads. 

Some key statistics on display advertising include: 

  • Google’s Display Network has a 90% reach across internet users around the globe 
  • Google Display Ads appear on more than 2 million websites 
  • More than 200 million unique visitors see Google Display Ads per month in the United States 

Google Display Ads can make a big difference in retargeting efforts for real estate investors. If investors segment their audience correctly and target those audiences with personal ads that provide a strong call to action, they could win back leads that left their website without taking action.  

Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads are ads that show up in the Facebook feeds of potential customers. It has more than 2.7 billion users, so the potential to reach a large audience is there. However, to get the best results, real estate investors should refine their targeting.

Real estate investors can target their Facebook audiences by doing the following: 

  • Creating custom audiences 
  • Segmenting based on demographics 
  • Segmenting based on location 

Facebook Ads allow a real estate investor to retarget previous leads and attract new leads.

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YouTube Ads 

A unique tactic for real estate investor advertising is to run YouTube Ads. YouTube Ads are ads displayed on YouTube videos and YouTube searches. YouTube Ads could be a real estate investor’s secret weapon for lead generation and lead conversion. 

79% of the world uses YouTube, and it leads the way for video content and video advertising. If there isn’t a lot of competition for real estate investors on the platform, investors could own a niche market. There are two ways to target leads on YouTube: 

  • Through in-market audiences, where people are actively researching or preparing to purchase products or services similar to the ones the advertiser offers 
  • Through affinity audiences, where advertisers target people whose interests and habits correlate with what their business offers 

If real estate investors are going to run YouTube ads, they must make sure they have a clear message and clean format for their video ad. 

A real estate investor registered on TikTok to promote his content with their advertising network.

Other Social Media Ads 

Another tactic for real estate investor advertising is using paid advertising on other forms of social media. Investing in paid advertising on multiple social media channels can increase a real estate investor’s chances of converting leads into customers. 

Other social media advertising channels to consider include: 

Not only will paid advertising through these channels help convert new leads it will help real estate investors retarget previous website visitors. 

A quick tip: real estate investors should customize the ads for their target audience and the platform they’re advertising on. An Instagram ad will have a different format and tone as a LinkedIn ad. Real estate investors must know how to properly advertise their services on each social media platform. Otherwise, the ad could fall flat because it doesn’t align with the platform or its audience. 

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Choosing When To Get Started

In the end, it’s up to the real estate investor to double down on their real estate investor advertising strategies. The more proactive they are about reaching the right people at the right time on the right platform, the better it will help their bottom line. These days, real estate investors need to be quick about getting the right deal on the right property, and advertising can help them land those deals faster. 

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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