Luxury Real Estate Brands

Luxury Real Estate Brands – 15 Unique Brands for Inspiration

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

Imagine owning a property with breathtaking views, lavish amenities, and unparalleled customer service. That’s what luxury real estate brands offer – an exclusive experience for discerning buyers. From exquisite properties to personalized attention, we’ll explore what sets these brands apart.

What are luxury real estate brands?

Luxury real estate brands are businesses that focus on high-end properties and offer an exclusive experience to their clients. These firms provide exceptional properties with upscale amenities, prime locations, and unique features that cater to affluent customers. They also provide unparalleled customer service, personalized attention, and a distinctive buying experience. These companies are renowned for their exceptional properties, affluent clientele, and top-notch marketing strategies that showcase their offerings to their target audience.

In this post, we’ll delve into what sets high-end real estate brands apart from their counterparts in the industry.

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What Defines a Luxury House?

Some of the top luxury real estate companies will showcase homes normally valued within the top 10% of properties in the real estate market. The largest real estate tends to be in desirable locations with high-end materials. Many of these properties stand out in luxury real estate brands since they’re larger and can have a unique architectural designs.

What Is the Biggest Luxury Real Estate Company in the World?

Out of all the luxury real estate brands, Sotheby’s is the largest. They offer both art and real estate and have been open since 1744.

They auction off rare objects and fine art from their clients. Today, they have 1,075 offices worldwide in 81 countries and territories.

Top 10 Luxury Real Estate Brands in the US

In the U.S., you can find companies such as Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and Keller Williams Luxury International. These luxury companies have made the American dream a reality and serve some of the most successful people in the country.

Luxury real estate brand, Sotheby's International Realty, with a global sales volume of $167 billion in 2022

1. Sotheby’s International Realty

One of the top luxury real estate brands is Sotheby’s International Realty. In 2022 alone, they had a global sales volume of $167 billion.

They pride themselves on having a global network of residential brokerage companies. Not only can you buy and sell a home in the U.S., but they auction off high-quality items from their clients. They have videos on their website to grab your attention since the future of digital marketing is video.

A picture shows Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

2. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

They’re a top luxury real estate brand since they have associates in 41 countries and territories. In addition, their property specialists are some of the top luxury real estate agents around the globe.

Coldwell has an easy-to-navigate site with each type of home separated into a section such as historic, ski, mountain, etc. Yearly they have a report to see what they did well in the previous year, along with statistics on luxury real estate firms.

Since their website is clean and engaging, they must have a strong digital marketing agency to help.

Nest Seekers International - a luxury real estate brand

3. Nest Seekers International

Nest Seekers International is one of the top luxury real estate brands[1]  because they have links to sales and rentals for each location. You can find Manhattan, New Jersey, France, Miami, and more on their main page.

What sets them apart is that they have a hybrid tech model. In addition, they use unconventional marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Keller Williams Luxury International, a leading luxury real estate brand, with an impressive record of selling.

4. Keller Williams Luxury International

Keller Williams Luxury International is one of the top luxury real estate brands since it sold 58,433 properties for $1 million in 2021 alone. Their website is clean and makes it easy to navigate.

 You can have the options of reading the latest issue, an agent search, and searching properties. Next, they have clickable locations such as Chicago, Seattle, and other U.S. cities. Their site even has a tracker to view the location of visitors.

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Keller Williams Luxury International, a distinguished luxury real estate brand.

5. Christie’s International Real Estate

Not only are they one of the top luxury real estate brands, but they’re also a fine art auction house. They opened their doors in 1995 and only work with homes priced at $1 million and over. From a marketing standpoint, they have popular locations like Westchester that are clickable at the top of their site.

Even before you go to their site, they have it broken down well on Google. So, for example, you can click on New Jersey, Properties, Waterfront Lifestyle, Beach lifestyle, and even click on All Agents.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, a reputable luxury real estate brand.

6. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers a free home value report to see local market snapshots, value estimates, and a price history. They also have a global luxury landscape report from 2022 for clients to take a look at and build trust with them.

These luxury real estate agents pride themselves on wanting to know about the clients they work with. Warren Buffett, one of the most well-respected billionaires, is the CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

They’ve recently announced a new look with contemporary designs but hold onto their same fundamentals. They focus on the needs of real estate professionals and their unique needs.

To freshen things up, they have modern typography, a refreshed color palette, and a new logo overall.

The Distinctive Collection, a highly esteemed luxury real estate firm, known for its prestigious offerings.

7. Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens

The Distinctive Collection is one of the most prestigious luxury real estate firms. Their site is easy to navigate since it has a drop-down for the country, state, city, and price range for luxury homes.

They pride themselves on bringing innovation and the highest level of excellence in real estate. Targeted toward luxury high-end properties, their platform is excellent for buying and selling based on your goals.

The Corcoran Groups is a famous luxury real estate brand.

8. The Corcoran Group

The Corcoran Group is one of the top luxury real estate brands since they’ve been around since 1995. Today, they have over 25 offices for the convenience of their clients.

The Corcoran Group prides itself on leading in new developments. Some of their locations include Central Park South, One High Line in Hudson Yards, and the Lantern House in Hudson Yards.

Established since 1973, The Distinctive Collection has been a premier luxury real estate brand.

9. The RE/MAX Collection

Since 1973 they’ve been one of the top luxury real estate brands. Agents are in owned and operated offices that only handle homes that are twice the average selling price in an area.

For the success of their agents, they have marketing tools, specialized training, and advertising incentives. Each agent will offer an unforgettable experience for each client that’ll exceed their expectations.

Compass Luxury Homes, an emerging luxury real estate brand, gaining prominence in the high-end market.

10. Compass Luxury Homes

While it might be one of the youngest luxury real estate brands, they’re gaining traction in high-end real estate. Sellers receive a concierge program to help sell their homes for the most possible. They also have a mobile app to allow buyers ease with checking out various properties.

Compass Luxury Homes focuses on long-lasting clients for continued success. More than 90% of their business is from previous clients. Compass is also one of the best luxury real estate brands because they’re members of multiple associations, such as the Parkland Chamber of Commerce.

In their about section, they ensure that the content is easy to read in bullet point facts. For example, it states they’re licensed general contractors, multi-million dollar realtors, and south Florida natives. There’s also a listing of each team agent with a picture and their direct phone number, as well as sales and rentals.

To provide transparency, they also have listings of past homes. At the bottom, they have a button you can click to with their luxury home sales team.

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Bonus: The 5 Best Luxury Real Estate Brands and Brokers’ Instagram Accounts

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most lucrative ways to market your business. While Instagram doesn’t have the same amount of people on it as Facebook, engagement is high.

While each account will have its own unique spin on success, remember that it’s not about followers but engagement. Sales will suffer if you have a high follower count but low engagement.

These accounts understand that easy-to-read font that’s short and to the point keeps their audience engaged. Remember that many people are busy, so they want the benefits of each home clear for them. Include contact information if they’d like to reach out and get started.

The Instagram profile of a real estate brokerage founded by the husband of Kyle Richards represents luxury properties including the Playboy Mansion.

11. The Agency (@theagencyre)

The husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards founded this brokerage company. He represents some of the most luxurious properties, including the Playboy Mansion.

They also make sure to announce their show, Buying Beverly Hills, is now on Netflix right in the description. Within their bio, they have a link that gives you the option of viewing their site, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

There are various pictures of properties that you can click on to bring you to their listing. The listing lets you know if it’s still available, how many beds and baths it has, as well as the property type. A mortgage calculator is also on the listing for your convenience.

Luis Eglesias, produce captivating content in his Instagram profile.

12. Iglesias Realty Group (@luisiglesiasrealestate)

Luis focuses on strong engagement to turn visitors into clientele. He’s one of the strongest luxury real estate brands on Instagram because although his follower count is low, his engagement is high.

He creates content that’s easy to read, has an information bio that has his accomplishments, and there’s the contact information for each listing.

A picture shows Chadcarroll Instagram account

13. Chad Carroll (@chadcarroll)

Chad Carroll prides himself on selling over 1.5 billion as a top real estate broker. He considers himself the top real estate agent in Compass, Florida.

His Instagram is one of the top luxury real estate brands since it has the status of each listing. Each listing is also easy to spot and read. Chad Carroll focuses on casual posts instead of only formal content.

The official Instagram profile of "The Oppenheim Group": is a well-kept profile, with many followers.

14. The Oppenheim Group (@theoppenheimgroup)

The best luxury real estate companies focus on high-end properties and are part of Selling Sunset on Netflix. They’re a luxury real estate brokerage focusing on buyers and sellers in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Their marketing focus is on posting press releases. Each post states the status of the listing, whether it’s listed, sold, or coming soon.

Barry Cohen Homes Instagram profile has a decent number of followers.

15. Barry Cohen Homes (@BARRYCOHENHOMES)

Barry Cohen Homes focus on modern and professional images of high-end properties. Each post has high-quality content that’s easy to read. There’s text over images to see important features, and testimonials to check out.

How To Stand Out in Luxury Real Estate Brands

First, identify your budget and target audience before you begin. For example, what’s most important to your luxury customers?

If you aren’t sure, head to your competitors; identify what they’re doing well with and not. See how you could meet clients’ needs for the parts they’re not doing well in.

Remember to keep a clean design that’s easy to navigate. Many of these luxury real estate brands have each location on the front of their site, so potential clients don’t have to go far.

Build your newsletter to keep potential and long-lasting clients. For example, you can tell them about upcoming luxury homes for sale and any special prices.

The Best Luxury Real Estate Brands

This guide provides you with some of the top luxury real estate brands for inspiration. Take a look at their Instagram, other social media, and websites for even more inspiration.

Think about what your competitors are doing and how you can make yourself unique and stand out from the crowd. Creating content, thinking about your buyer persona, posting on social media, creating videos, and other essential marketing components can be stressful.

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