Luxury Real Estate Website Design

Luxury Real Estate Website Design – 30 Stunning Examples 

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Looking to craft a luxury real estate website design and seeking inspiration?

Luxury real estate website design blends exquisite aesthetics with seamless functionality, establishing a standard for showcasing high-end properties. This approach ensures an immersive, sophisticated online presence that mirrors the exclusivity and opulence of luxury real estate, captivating and engaging potential clients.

Explore our top 30 design examples to inspire and guide your luxury real estate website project!

1. Millennium Tower

Millenium Tower, Luxury website design developed by Mediaboom.

The Millennium Tower website focuses not on information, but transformation.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of San Francisco as seen in the backdrop of this website’s design. Here, the Millennium Tower stands as a beacon amidst the city’s glowing lights, beckoning you with the promise, “Your City Within The City.”

The design’s dark tones make the white text pop, speaking to you of luxury

Minimalist in approach, it features accessible navigation through a discreet “Resident Login” and a subtle menu, inviting you to explore and belong.

2. GFI Partners

GFI Partners, luxury website design created by Mediaboom

GFI Partners highlights the key to success in real estate investment through their tailored services, showcasing an impressive track record of facilitating profitable investments.

Their website vividly displays success through case studies and client praise, affirming their expertise and trustworthiness. The site’s polished design and branding reflect their professional ethos, offering a seamless experience that underlines their dedication to real estate excellence.

This strategic online presence marks them as a top pick for maximizing real estate investments.

3. Glenwood

The Glenwood Luxury Real Estate Website features beautiful animations.

Glenwood’s real estate website is extremely sleek. It has beautiful, slow animations that add to its luxurious feel.

The navigation bar is clearly laid out, offering quick access to pages about residences, the community, tax benefits, and availability.

The homepage features a prominent ‘G’ that captures attention, symbolizing Glenwood’s identity. A cozy image below shows people dining together highlights Glenwood’s focus on community.

This supports the narrative of a close-knit, engaging community, aligning perfectly with the website’s emphasis on exclusivity and shared values. The overall aesthetic is dark yet inviting, suggesting sophistication and a premium lifestyle that Glenwood offers to its residents.

4. Park Lane

The website of Park Lane creates an atmosphere of envy.

Park Lane Ala Moana’s website showcases a masterful use of matte photography set against a backdrop of generous whitespace, cultivating an aura of luxury and elegance. The visual narrative is framed by breathtaking views of natural landscapes, with the majestic mountainous backdrop suggesting an exclusive retreat.

The site’s design melds sharp images with smart spacing to stir desire for the Park Lane life.

The user experience is enhanced by the website’s fluidity and intuitive interface, ensuring visitors navigate through the site with ease. This seamless digital journey mirrors the tranquility and grace of the Park Lane lifestyle.

5. Verso

The  Verso's website is simple and easy-to-navigate.

Verso pulls off charming and luxurious at the same time.

The design employs a soft color palette, featuring warm hues that welcome visitors while maintaining an air of sophisticated thoughtfulness. The architecture of the residences, prominently displayed on the homepage, showcases modern brickwork paired with sleek, dark-framed windows, embodying a contemporary parkside living experience.

The site’s user interface is a study in simplicity and elegance.

Verso’s clean design makes site navigation serene and simple, reflecting the easy living it promotes. The website embodies Verso’s homes: modern, welcoming, and chic. It offers a smooth and engaging online experience that draws visitors into the Verso Parkside Living offerings.

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6. Villa Lion View

The Villa Lion View website showcases its luxurious amenities through a captivating hero video.

The Villa Lion View website presents an immersive experience right from the start with a captivating hero image:

Your eyes meet a chic room. A golden mustard throw on a plush bed, vibrant pillows, and a modern sleek headboard that whisper elegance.

Immediately, the “Book Now” button invites you to easily secure your slice of this refined comfort. A simple, uncluttered navigation promises an enticing stay.

7. April Group

April Group Luxury Real Estate Website Design

April Group’s website presents a compelling aesthetic that aligns with its mission to attract progressive investors.

A bold, tech-style font against a marble wall on the homepage spotlights Clarence Place, radiating prestige and solidity. Showcasing past successes upfront builds credibility and displays real estate mastery.

8. Buclines

Buclines website utilizes the color of luxury, black, to perfection.

Black is the color of luxury, and Buclines uses it beautifully. The sleek architectural design of their featured villas is illuminated by ambient lighting, which highlights the modern aesthetics and dark accents. The bold, luxurious typography overlaying the image reinforces the brand’s high-end appeal, effectively communicating the exclusivity of the Buclines lifestyle.


SHVO - Luxury Real Estate Website Design

SHVO’s website presents a distinguished black and white theme, creating a classic and timeless aesthetic.

The SHVO logo’s bold, capitalized letters dominate over a monochromatic city aerial, symbolizing elegance and high-end real estate. This visual, with selective color hints, offers an elite, art-like investment experience.

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10. 277 5th

277 5th - Luxury Real Estate Website Design

The first thing that hits you is 277 5th’s bold typography. The minimalist real estate design, with ample whitespace, highlights the sleek silhouette of the building, juxtaposed with the iconic Empire State Building, signifying the property’s prime location in New York. The understated elegance of the website mirrors the architectural sophistication and vibrant spirit of the residences it represents.

11. The Waterfront

The Waterfront Luxury Real Estate Website Design

The Waterfront’s website invites exploration with its engaging tagline “Discover Where Life Meets Style,” set in commanding blue typography that stands out against a collage of architectural imagery. This visual storytelling is enhanced by subtle animations that bring the promise of a dynamic, stylish lifestyle to the forefront. Elegant photos and artistic renderings offer a glimpse into the luxury apartments, evoking a sense of exclusivity and desirability. The website’s design harmonizes sophistication with the allure of waterfront living.

12. Williams & Williams

Williams & Williams - Luxury Real Estate Website Design

Williams & Williams’s real estate website design showcases luxury through stunning property photography.

The site’s layout uses a refined black and gold color scheme that enhances the opulence of the showcased estates.

Sharp, crisp images affirm property exclusivity, creating an immersive browsing experience.

13. Sally Forster Jones

Sally Forster Jones - Luxury Real Estate Website Design

The Sally Forster Jones Group website exudes luxury with a full-screen image of a modern property, setting a sophisticated tone. Bold typography against a serene backdrop communicates exclusivity. This promises a refined, luxury experience for discerning clientele.

14. Hurlingham Drive

Hurlingham Drive - Luxury Real Estate Website Design

Hurlingham’s website embodies a timeless luxury real estate design, harmoniously blending classic architectural elements with sophisticated serif typography. The aerial view of the estate’s distinguished rooftop amidst a serene woodland setting conveys an air of exclusivity and tradition. The bold, widescreen imagery invites viewers to explore a world where old-world charm meets the meticulous care of modern luxury, presenting a digital gateway to the grandeur of Conyers Farm in Greenwich.

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15. James Weekley

James Weekley Luxury Real Estate Website Design

James Weekley’s luxury realtors website design captivates visitors with a stunning panorama that offers a glimpse into the opulent Southern California lifestyle.

The website showcases lush palm trees and expansive views framing elegant properties. Combined with a clear tagline, it positions James Weekley as the quintessential realtor for coastal paradise seekers.

16. Gavin Ernstone

Aerial view of a modern desert home showcased on Gavin Ernstone's luxury real estate website design.

Luxury realtor websites like Gavin Ernstone do an excellent job of establishing the kind of life you can buy into by purchasing a home through their realty services. The homepage greets you to full-screen, high-res videos showcasing interiors and exteriors of various Ernstone homes.

The company tagline, “the dream homes specialist,” is visually evidenced right away, making the videos a great form of branding.

The navigation menu features options for buyers, sellers, communities, and those who want to build a new home through the realtor. There is also a Homes by Location search mode and a phone number in the top menu.

To the far right are three lines representing a dropdown navigation menu, which reprises the above options.

17. Austin Luxury Group

Entrance to a grand estate featured on Austin Luxury Group's homepage

The Austin Luxury Group, another best luxury real estate website, also uses full-sized videos to provide a glimpse into the charming properties in the Austin area. Discover the site’s navigation menu in one of two ways, either by clicking the three lines to the right or using the top navigation menu. 

The site is mobile optimized for generating more leads, albeit with a different experience.

On mobile, the website opts for a minimalist design with large images and whitespace for a modern aesthetic.

ALG smartly adds testimonials to the mobile homepage, encouraging more potential buyers to reach out.

18. Beth Dickerson

Elegant interior view with cityscape backdrop on Beth Dickerson's luxury real estate website design.

The senior global real estate advisor Beth Dickerson shows how to design a website as a solo agent in the real estate market. Potential buyers are drawn to luxury real estate website design like this for its rich information and swanky design touches. 

For example, the site features drone-shot video footage of properties that takes up the entire page, contact information above the fold (Beth’s email address and phone number), and easy navigation for a strong user experience.

Beth’s site is a single-scroll experience, so you can learn about Beth and read about her clients by moving down the homepage. If you want to learn more, you can click links like Portfolio, Neighborhoods, or Let’s Connect. 

19. SV Premier

Night view of a lavish poolside residence on SV Premier's website, reflecting upscale luxury real estate website design.

SV Premier’s site design builds trust right off the bat. Its homepage copy mentions that it was ranked within the top 1.5 percent of nationwide real estate brokerages in 2022 and 2023, and it has a luxury real estate site design to back up that assertion. 

Its navigation menu is kept extraordinarily simple, likely to allow the large images of SV properties to get their share of the spotlight. The three lines on the upper right of the homepage expand into a full navigation dropdown where you can explore available listings through SV across San Diego. 

Clicking the magnifying glass beside the three lines lets you search any part of the website to save time and find just the information you need. 

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20. Danielle Lazier

Chic, modern living space highlighted in Danielle Lazier's luxury real estate website design portfolio

Also occupying the San Diego real estate market is Danielle Lazier, whose online presence belongs on this list of the best luxury real estate websites. 

It’s another strong showcase of minimalist design, featuring images instead of videos and plenty of whitespace. The navigation menu atop the page—which displays Danielle’s logo and a few menu items like About, Buy, Sell, and Contact—travels with you as you scroll.

The best part of the navigation menu is how it has a built-in search function to make using the site expedient and efficient. 

Danielle is an expert at quickly building trust through social proof, sharing how she’s been honored by SF Gate and is a verified member of the Top Agent Network. She also explains more about the roles she occupies, like consultant and agent, and how she’s within the top one percent of real estate agents with over $1 billion in sales. 

21. Moira Holley Presents

Seattle skyline viewed from a stylish interior on Moira Holley's website

Luxury real estate websites like Moira Holley Presents stand out for their online presence on the real estate market for myriad reasons. The site is clean and functional, fast-loading, and enjoyable to use. 

It too has a traveling navigation bar for easily returning to a property search, listings page, or contact page. Holley showcases her achievements, experience, and expertise as a co-founder of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty.

The introductory video of Holley’s work showcases properties she’s sold, making it some of the strongest media on her site. Real estate is all about the visuals, and the immersive videos are designed to make you fall for Seattle’s beauty and begin seeking homes for sale through Moira.

Review Mediaboom’s top commercial real estate web design examples for even more inspiration.

22. Is Luxury

Is Luxury's sophisticated dining area with panoramic views

Experience the Is Luxury network by browsing its website, which provides a tantalizing slice of what Las Vegas life is like. The full-screen video carousel pulls you in, but the user experience keeps you there.

Everything about the Is Luxury site is designed for potential buyers, from the clear navigation menu at the top of the page (that travels with you) to the polished expandable menu. You can easily find and read testimonials or learn about available properties via the menu. 

Potential buyers who are short on time can simply scroll down the homepage to view details on Is Luxury’s available properties, including photos, pricing, square footage, and amenities. 

23. Roco Luxury Homes

Lush poolside villa featured on Roco Luxury Homes, capturing the essence of luxury real estate website design

Step into an exciting luxury real estate website design via Roco Luxury Homes’ site. The fast-loading mobile site is a strong example of design elements to replicate. You can scroll through the homepage to find all the information you need or access it via the navigation bar, represented by three horizontal lines. 

All along, the mobile browsing experience is bulwarked by two buttons for connecting via email or phone so you can easily contact the team. 

Roco builds social proof by divulging its sales volume in 2022 (over 118 million), its properties sold that year (46), and its average sales volume for a home sold ($2.56 million).

24. BlackLabel Keller Williams

Sleek search bar interface on Black Label Keller Williams, a prime example of luxury real estate website design.

The BlackLabel Keller Williams site takes its label quite seriously, as evidenced by its simply designed black website. As you begin scrolling, the navigation menu at the top turns white, a small but appealing element. 

The color-block style recurs across the main site, which uses various black or white blocks to showcase the available properties, brands that have worked with Black Label Keller Williams, or featured properties. 

What’s interesting about the property spotlight is you can watch a video on the available home. Once BlackLabel hooks you in, it smartly has its social links below the copy for the video, including links to YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Real estate website design like this is on-brand and on-target. 

25. Miami Luxury Real Estate

Gold-accented branding for Miami Luxury Real Estate, set against a clean white backdrop on their luxury real estate website design

Get a taste of top-notch luxury real estate websites by visiting the Miami Luxury Real Estate page. The Florida real estate agency has a rather simplistic but winning website design, using white and gold as its color scheme (luxury colors if we’ve ever heard of them). 

The ornate logo above the fold looks like something you’d see in a royal family. Below the logo are the menus, which are multiple but organized. Miami Luxury Real Estate makes it no secret that it received the 2023 prize for the best luxury real estate agency in Florida through the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, as the accolade is splashed across its homepage. 

The main page includes a search function, allowing you to type in your keyword or location, or divide your search criteria by number of bedrooms or bathrooms, types of home, or property price. 

Learn more about the luxury housing market to target relevant keywords and audience segments with your web design. 

26. Tracy Allen

Aerial view of a luxurious Hawaiian villa surrounded by lush greenery on Tracy Allen's website

The Hawaii-based realtor Tracy Allen works in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Honolulu. While the available properties speak for themselves, Allen doesn’t take any chances and has a sterling website design.

Gripping you right away is the full-screen video and the factoids interspersed throughout mentioning Allen’s impressive career accomplishments and the amazing number of homes she’s sold. The Videos menu option at the top of the traveling scroll bar is a unique feature you don’t see on many luxury realtor sites. 

You can review videos of available properties and even sold homes to see if Allen’s property listings gel with your aesthetic and budget.

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27. The Oppenheim Group

Lavish outdoor lounge area with fire pit, featured on The Oppenheim Group's luxury real estate website design.

After one glimpse at The Oppenheim Group’s online presence, you can see why it made this list of the best luxury real estate website design examples. The site is clean, polished, neat, and effective. 

You can find social buttons on the side for contacting The Oppenheim Group on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; the buttons travel with you as you scroll. Rather than focus much on colors, the site features full-size images of properties to entice potential buyers. 

The Oppenheim Group showcases its awards at the bottom, including Real Trends and USA Property Awards.

Here are some more real estate website design examples courtesy of Mediaboom to continue your ideation.

28. Barnes New York

Panoramic city view from an upscale apartment's interior on the Barnes New York website.

Luxury realtor websites must have a strong mobile presence to attract the 7.1 billion people in 2024 who own smartphones. Barnes New York’s desktop and mobile versions are near mirror images of one another save for some smart design compression on the mobile edition. 

The desktop version has some nice perks, including a language selector, a traveling navigation menu, and a map of the areas NY Barnes serves so you can search for properties in that area to buy or sell.   

Another interesting touch is the phone contact button above the fold beside where you can select the language. You can instantly connect with a Barnes New York realtor by pressing the button.

29. RM Luxury Group

Modern chandelier in a high-end property featured on RM Luxury Group's luxury real estate website design

Here’s a great example of a luxury real estate website design that focuses on its team. RM Luxury Group has a full-page bio for founder and namesake Rafael Murillo, including his license number, business address, business email, and phone. Below that are social buttons and an email button to connect.

The pages for the other realtors on the RM Luxury Group team are designed similarly, although they aren’t quite as heavy on the copy as Murillo’s bio. Nevertheless, you can find all the business contact info, including social buttons, you need on each realtor. 

The menu options are also fresh, including Home Search and Let’s Connect beside the real estate office’s phone number. 

30.  Jeanne Phil Meg Team

Minimalist home office design displayed on the Jeanne Phil Meg Team's luxury real estate website

The final example of luxury real estate website design comes from the Jeanne Phil Meg Team, a real estate agency founded in 2016 that operates in Washington state. The realtor’s blocky logo is featured front and center on the homepage and is part of the traveling navigation bar.

Check out advice on putting together your luxury real estate logo

That navigation includes menus like Featured Properties, Contact Us (including a phone link), and Neighborhoods.

You can also further explore the menu by clicking the three horizontal lines to learn about the team, homes for sale, and resources.

This menu also includes newsletter and blog and testimonials to improve engagement among potential buyers and drive a conversion. Eager to see more real estate websites? Don’t miss this roundup of 40 construction website design examples.

Twilight view of a contemporary luxury real estate with reflective pool

Luxury Real Estate Web Design Services

Having grasped the key elements of luxury real estate website design, let’s see how a specialized agency can enhance your business.

Customized Website Design

In a competitive real estate market, a custom website is crucial for standing out.

A luxury real estate marketing agency can tailor your website to reflect your brand’s values, story, and unique selling points, making your site stand out to visitors.

A distinctive website becomes a powerful tool to attract traffic and engage potential clients, encouraging them to explore listings and contact your agency.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Layouts

The majority of internet users now access the web via mobile devices. For luxury real estate websites, it’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly layout that adapts to various screen sizes, ensuring that every property is showcased beautifully on any device.

Responsive design not only connects you to more potential clients but also aids in the conversion process as they explore your listings on the go.

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High-Quality Visuals and Graphics

First impressions are key in luxury real estate, and your website is often the first point of interaction with clients. High-resolution images and videos are essential to convey the beauty and detail of your properties.

Collaborating with a web design team specializing in luxury real estate ensures your visuals are as striking and refined as the properties you represent.

Seamless User Experience (UX) Design

A website’s UX is crucial, especially in the luxury market where client expectations are high. A well-designed UX, which includes legible fonts, harmonious colors, and interactive elements, can make your website memorable and enhance client engagement.

Integrating sophisticated design elements with functional architecture ensures your website is both beautiful and easy to use.

Elegant and Exclusive Color Schemes

Luxury real estate websites often utilize color schemes that evoke sophistication and elegance. Dark hues, golds, and neutral tones are commonly used to create an atmosphere of exclusivity and high value.

These colors, carefully chosen to match your brand identity, can make your website not just a tool, but an experience.

Intuitive Navigation Menus

For luxury real estate websites, navigation should be intuitive yet innovative, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore listings without detracting from the visual experience.

A design agency can help create a navigation system that balances creativity with clarity, ensuring that potential buyers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Engaging Content Presentation

The content on your website should be presented in a way that captivates and informs. This means strategically placing content, using bullet points for clarity, and enhancing it with rich media like images and videos.

Content should be arranged to guide potential clients towards taking action, whether that’s making an inquiry or browsing listings.

Social Media Platform Integration

In today’s digital landscape, a strong social media presence is essential. Integrating social media on your website can extend your reach and foster community, driving engagement across platforms.

A design agency can ensure that social media integration complements your site’s design and enhances your online presence.

SEO Optimization for Visibility

SEO optimization is critical for making your website easily discoverable. With the majority of users not venturing past the first page of search results, your site must be optimized to rank well.

A luxury real estate web design agency optimizes your site for search engines, enhancing visibility to potential clients.

Luxury real estate with a clear pool and open patio area.

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

1. What defines a luxury real estate website design?

Luxury real estate website design is characterized by its emphasis on elegance, functionality, and user experience. It features high-quality, professional imagery, minimalist layouts, sophisticated color schemes, and responsive design to ensure optimal viewing across all devices. The goal is to create an immersive, intuitive platform that reflects the exclusivity and high value of luxury properties.

2. How important are high-resolution images and videos in luxury real estate websites?

High-resolution images and videos are crucial in luxury real estate websites. They serve as a primary tool for showcasing the properties’ details, quality, and unique features, providing an immersive visual experience that can captivate and engage potential buyers. Quality visuals are essential for conveying the luxury and exclusivity of the properties listed.

3. Can the design of a luxury real estate website impact its SEO performance?

Answer: Yes, the design of a luxury real estate website can significantly impact its SEO performance. A well-designed website with a clean code, fast loading times, mobile optimization, and user-friendly navigation can improve search rankings. Additionally, incorporating SEO tactics like keyword optimization and high-quality content boosts visibility and attracts targeted audiences.

4. Why is user experience (UX) so important for luxury real estate websites?

UX is critical for luxury real estate website design, shaping visitor interactions and brand perception. Positive UX, with easy navigation and engaging content, builds trust and encourages further engagement.

5. How do calls-to-action (CTAs) contribute to the effectiveness of luxury real estate websites?

CTAs guide users to take action, like contacting an agent or scheduling a viewing. On luxury real estate sites, they visually stand out, blending seamlessly. They’re compelling, emphasizing the value of engagement to boost conversion rates.

Do You Have Other Questions? 

At Mediaboom, our dedicated team is committed to crafting a bespoke luxury travel website that impeccably reflects your brand identity. Get in touch today to explore how we can elevate your online presence to new heights.

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Luxury real estate website design encompasses modern design elements, including property listings, floor plans, a uniform (and attention-grabbing) color scheme in luxury hues, and straightforward navigation for a better user experience. 

Contact Mediaboom if your real estate company lacks a website with a punch. We can help you build a site that achieves more of your goals, as we have experience working on many luxury realtor websites that get results. 

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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