Millennium Tower San Francisco is a ultra-luxury high-rise building located in the heart of SoMa's tech capital.

A Spectacular High Rise

Mediaboom partnered with Millennium Tower San Francisco to create a fully responsive, custom designed website that highlights their amenities and services. The new website provides a glimpse into what life is like at the luxury residence with stunning photos and videos of the Tower, insight into dining at International Smoke, and information on Privé, Millennium Tower’s proprietary monthly social calendar. Along with the creation of new logos and an interactive digital brochure, Mediaboom has positioned Millennium Tower as the premier luxury residence in San Francisco.

Our Role:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Print Design
  • Branding
  • Animation
  • Print Design

“Mediaboom has proven to be the ideal partner for the development of our new website and corresponding marketing materials here at Millennium Tower...

Throughout the collaborative process their team has had open communication and been extremely receptive to all ideas and concepts presented. We look forward to continuing to work with them as we progress towards re-launching Millennium Tower.

James Zaratin

James Zaratin

General Manager at Millennium Tower San Francisco


Refreshed Logo & Brand Standards Guide

Mediaboom also created two new logos for Privé, Millennium Tower’s monthly social calendar that connects residents with one-of-a-kind San Francisco experiences, and CORE, a 2,500 square foot, state-of-the-art fitness center. The new logos were used on the website, marketing materials, and sign-age throughout the building.


Custom Designed and Printed Business Cards


Millennium Tower San Francisco represents luxury and sophistication, and that’s what they wanted their business cards to evoke. Mediaboom created custom business cards featuring an embossed tower logo, foiled silver edges, and engraved Millennium Tower logo making the cards look and feel spectacular.

Engaging Viewers

Interactive Digital Presentation

Mediaboom worked with Millennium Tower to create an interactive presentation for Privé that highlights the event spaces, events, and sponsorship opportunities. The document allows the sales team to showcase all that Privé has to offer in a creative and engaging manner.


A Unique Experience

Privé connects residents with one-of-a-kind experiences – and the animation on the website needed to feel just as unique. Mediaboom created a custom animation for Privé to introduce website users to this luxury experience and portray its sense of exclusivity.


Millennium tower poster

Creative Posters for Millennium Tower

For Millennium Tower San Francisco, Mediaboom crafted a set of unique posters that infused sophistication into both the everyday workplace and special events. The first project involved the creation of three stylish and engaging posters for the employee breakroom. These designs communicated breakroom rules in a stylish, engaging manner, aligning with the Tower’s sophisticated aesthetic.

Additionally, a visually striking poster was developed for the holiday gala, blending contemporary style with festive elements. This poster not only served as an elegant program but also enhanced the event’s ambiance. Through these creative endeavors, Mediaboom demonstrated its prowess in merging practical needs with luxury in print design, enriching both daily life and celebratory occasions at Millennium Tower.

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