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Real Estate Content Marketing – 15 Major Strategies

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

Real estate content marketing is critical for strengthening your brand and growing your audience. However, with so many types of content, real estate firms might feel stumped on where to start.

What is content marketing in real estate?

Real estate content marketing utilizes content forms to reach new audiences and strengthen relationships with existing customers. Blog content, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, market reports, case studies, podcasts, and webinars are some examples of content to incorporate. Real estate content should also feature virtual tours to showcase properties. Working with a content marketing agency can further a real estate company’s goals.

This guide will introduce content marketing for real estate with an expanded definition and delve into the types of real estate content to achieve more of your marketing goals.

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Real Estate Content Marketing – Definition

Beginning with the basics, what is content marketing for real estate?

It’s a targeted content creation strategy for online distribution in association with a marketing campaign. It can include written content (which 98 percent of marketers use, according to Oberlo), video, and graphic content such as infographics.

Content marketing has many advantages for realtors of all sizes eager to expand. You can define and establish your target audience through your campaigns. The content presents a unique opportunity to separate yourself from the competition, as no other realtor has your style.

You can carve out your brand through content marketing. If your real estate firm already has a distinguishable brand, you can strengthen it.

The 15 Best Real Estate Content Marketing Strategies

Look no further if you seek content marketing ideas to build your real estate brand. Here are 15 strategies.

1. Local Market Reports

The first content marketing strategy is specific to real estate businesses: local market reports. These reports detail the factors impacting the cost of homes in a neighborhood, such as foreclosure rates, the local economy, and debt-to-income ratios.

Real estate agents must collect state economic indices, foreclosure data, housing permit data, labor statistics, and house prices, working with partners like the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the National Association of Realtors.

These reports are highly valuable to homebuyers who wish to pore over every detail before relocating to a new neighborhood.

Implementation: EasyCost: $300 to $30,000
Time-consuming: ModerateResults within: 6-7 weeks
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium
The real estate expert improved his online presence after building a professional website

2. Online Presence

Real estate businesses must have an online presence through their websites. It must be mobile-optimized and responsive, with elements such as:

  • Appealing design
  • Good use of whitespace
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Search bar above the fold
  • Accessible contact information
  • Readable fonts
  • Property listings

Digital marketing specialists Mediaboom have worked with many real estate developers and agencies to build high-converting websites. Our partnership with Boston real estate advisor GFI Partners included website design and development.

GFI had a 300+ percent increase in website traffic and 46+ percent more return website visitors.

Do you need some inspiration as you begin planning your website redesign? We’ve rounded up over 20 of the best real estate website designs.

Implementation: MediumCost: $200 to $75,000
Time-consuming: HighResults within: 2-5 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: High

3. Content Marketing and SEO

SEO is the backbone of real estate content marketing. SEO content marketing agency Intergrowth reports that almost 70 percent of online experiences start with a search engine. Your real estate business must rank above the competition to reach your target audience.

How can content marketing help you achieve this? You can perform keyword research to determine the keywords your target market is searching for. You can then implement those keywords into your website and blog copy.

More so, you can produce SEO articles to answer the questions your audience frequently searches for.

We have plenty of tips for conquering real estate SEO that are worth checking out. You can also contact Mediaboom directly if you’re ready to talk with our experts about improving your SEO.

Implementation: DifficultCost: $500 to $10,000 a month
Time-consuming: HighResults within: 3-6 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: High

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4. Local SEO and Google Business Profiles

Real estate businesses appeal primarily to local markets. That’s why local SEO is a must in your real estate content marketing plan.

First, you must complete a Google Business profile. Social media management tool Publer states that 93 percent of internet users will find a business through Google Maps, one component of many in a Google Business profile.

You should also include your full business name, address, phone number, email address, hours, and images of your business. Public reports that the average Google Business listing has 11 images.

Other must-have components of a local SEO strategy are local business listings, reputation management, and local link building. Optimize your website and content using local search terms to appear higher when local users search for real estate services.

Examples of community content to add to your editorial calendar are neighborhood guides and the aforementioned local market analyses.

Implementation: MediumCost: $300 to $2,000 a month
Time-consuming: HighResults within: 3-6 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: High

5. Guest Posting

Not every real estate content marketing strategy has to be costly. Guest posting is free and can expose your real estate agency to new eyes.

Seek real estate websites and blogs with similar target audiences to yours. Reach out and discuss a guest posting arrangement. You might agree to a single post from each site or several posts across weeks or months.

Guest posts increase your credibility and brand visibility while temporarily boosting your traffic. Your website must have lead magnets ready to go for new visitors.

Implementation: EasyCost: $0
Time-consuming: LowResults within: 2-6 weeks
Must-have: NoRequired skills: Low
The copywriter is writing an ebook to publish on the website of his client who works in the real estate industry

6. eBooks and Whitepapers

Real estate topics sometimes command more words than you can fit into an average blog post to fully cover the material. Longer-form content like whitepapers and eBooks is more exhaustive.

You can use this content as lead magnets, and the research and data you poured into these reports increase your credibility.

You might produce an eBook or whitepaper on real estate topics like Investment Properties 101 or The First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide. Don’t be afraid to delve into niche topics, from green home improvements to property tax laws, as you can be surer these topics have less coverage.

Confidently launch your content marketing campaign with the success of the pros at Mediaboom. We’re available today to speak with you about your marketing goals.

Implementation: MediumCost: $0 (if produced in-house)
Time-consuming: MediumResults within: 1-3 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium

7. Case Studies and Testimonials

Real estate content marketing is crucial to brand reputation management, namely testimonials and case studies.

Purchasing a house is one of life’s greatest investments. The average person wants to feel triply sure they’re funneling their money into the right property, which means working with a trusted real estate agent.

The testimonials your audience leave will inspire more leads to give you a call or send you an email.

We also recommend case studies. For example, one of our case studies is about how Mediaboom assisted San Francisco high-rise Millennium Tower with its branding, website development, and print design.

A good case study should illustrate the challenges the partner faced before you offered your services and clearly explain how you made a difference. Back up the data with numbers and statistics.

Implementation: EasyCost: $0
Time-consuming: LowResults within: 1-3 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Low

8. FAQs

Do you notice that your clients tend to ask the same questions or variations on one question? Compile an FAQ section on your website that definitively answers those common questions. Alternatively, you can publish a blog post with this content.

This information acts as a knowledge base for your audience. They can serve themselves, finding the answers they need without reaching out to your team unnecessarily. This will streamline operations so your real estate agents can focus on closing more deals.

Implementation: EasyCost: $0
Time-consuming: LowResults within: 1-4 months
Must-have: NoRequired skills: Low

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9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the biggest parts of a real state content marketing strategy. Your newly optimized website should begin generating more opt-ins. The content you send will nurture leads until they’re ready to convert and engage long-term clients.

Newsletter content is especially beneficial in this arena. Your newsletters can highlight the latest available properties, share market updates, and link to your latest round of blog posts so your audience can catch up.

Are your open and click-through rates lower than average (under 14 to 17 percent?) Mediaboom can help you craft emails your audience will relish opening. Start working with us today.

Implementation: MediumCost: $2,500 a month
Time-consuming: MediumResults within: 3+ months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium

10. Virtual Tours

Virtual tours save buyers time, as they don’t have to physically venture out to every property that interests them. Instead, they can watch your video tours and then schedule a walk-through if they like what they see.

This high-value content is great for social media marketing, and including your collection of virtual tours on your website can also elevate your SEO.

Implementation: MediumCost: $300+
Time-consuming: MediumResults within: 1-3 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium

11. Webinars

The humble webinar is next on our list of real estate content marketing ideas. Webinars are instructional, interactive videos that your audience opts into. You can create webinars around many real estate topics, including market trends and predictions, renovation tips, and steps for buying and selling a home.

Augment the value of your webinars by bringing in guest experts. For example, if discussing how to make your home eco-friendlier, you might have an Energy Star representative on as a guest.

You can sell webinar replays and transcriptions, maximizing income potential. You can also use webinar transcripts as a lead magnet.

Implementation: MediumCost: $100 to $500
Time-consuming: MediumResults within: 1-4 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium
The real estate agent is recording a video showing all the reports and case studies collected over the years of work

12. Video Content

More marketers use video content in the early 2020s than ever. It drives results quickly and is widely deemed more memorable than text

We already talked about one of the most valuable types of video marketing in a real estate agent’s toolkit: video walkthroughs. You can also make videos taking your audience through the process of purchasing or selling their first home or producing neighborhood tours.

Post your video content on social media, including YouTube. Add it to your website, embedding the content in landing pages and blog posts as appropriate.

Implementation: EasyCost: $500 to $3,000+
Time-consuming: MediumResults within: 1-3 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium

13. Podcasts

Real estate content creation should include podcasts. Your podcast can delve into many areas of the industry. You can discuss the latest news and insights, property trends, and what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Invite other industry experts to the show to discuss areas of real estate in more depth, such as construction companies, interior decorators, and home inspectors. You can also interview others within your real estate agency.

Do you want to increase the value of your podcasts even more? Transcribe them. You can add the transcriptions to your list of lead magnets.

Implementation: EasyCost: $3,000+ a month
Time-consuming: HighResults within: 6-12 months
Must-have: NoRequired skills: Medium

14. Influencer Marketing

Some properties sell themselves, but influencers can generate more buzz around your properties and your real estate business. An influencer can give your social media followers a live video tour of a property. That property should vanish off the market if you can find an influencer with enough clout.

How do you select an influencer to work with your agency? Do audience research and use your audience as your true north? Also, consider your niche and goals, as an influencer should align with everything.

Influencers need creative control, but you can set guidelines to keep the partnership on track.  You must compensate influencers for their time.

Implementation: MediumCost: $250 to $750+
Time-consuming: MediumResults within: 1-6+ months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: Medium

15. Social Media Content

The last real estate content marketing strategy is another benchmark for any successful campaign: social media content.

Most of the content discussed throughout this guide is appropriate for social media. Other forms of content you can post across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are local community highlights, client testimonials, photos and videos of available properties, and behind-the-scenes stories.

Finding a rhythm for your social media posts is as important as the platforms you post on. You should select platforms your audience uses and find a posting cadence that hits the sweet spot for your followers.

Implementation: MediumCost: $0 (advertising is paid)
Time-consuming: HighResults within: 6-9 months
Must-have: YesRequired skills: High

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