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15 Luxury Influencers Creating a Stir in Their Fields

By: Frank DePino | September 9, 2022

In a time where people crave quality, personalized content, brands have an incredible opportunity to align themselves with specific communities and boost their brand awareness without having to do much content creation. How? By partnering with luxury influencers. 

What is a luxury influencer? 

A luxury influencer is a person of social prominence who uses their influence to expose luxury brands to their audience. They often build their presence online, but they can use traditional mediums, such as television, as well.

What does a luxury influencer do? 

Luxury influencers use platforms like social media, (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) blogs, and email (newsletters) to create engaging and relevant luxury content for their audience. They use that content to: 

  • Build trust with their audience 
  • Share their luxury recommendations and expertise 
  • Gain authority in the luxury brand space 
A luxury influencer understands the importance of luxury brands and started a collaboration together.

Why should brands partner with luxury influencers? 

Brands should partner with luxury influencers for multiple reasons, with the biggest one being that they allow brands to associate with a trusted person of influence. That gives brands the opportunity to tap into that influencer’s engaged audience in an authentic way. If a person of influence recommends something or spotlights a brand, the people who follow them may be more inclined to purchase from that brand. 

Another reason brands should partner with luxury influencers is that their online platforms could generate simultaneous online purchases. According to Upfluence, it’s predicted that 20% of total personal luxury purchases will happen online by 2025. Working with a luxury influencer could help brands get a piece of that 20% by giving their products the opportunity to be promoted and bought online in one place. That place? A luxury influencer’s content. 

Working with a great influencer is a critical step in any luxury brand’s influencer marketing strategy, which is a plan that capitalizes on the influencer and luxury brand relationship to, ideally, boost brand awareness and, ultimately, the brand’s bottom line. 

We can talk about the perks of working with luxury influencers all day. Instead, let’s spotlight some great luxury brand influencers and what makes them stand out from the rest. 

Luxury brand influencers 

Chiara Ferragni

We can’t talk about luxury influencers without mentioning Chiara Ferragni. The Italian blogger and fashion designer has gained a massive 27.7 million followers on Instagram, 755,000 followers on Twitter, and has her own brand website in addition to her blog The Blonde Salad

Ferragni is a successful luxury influencer for multiple reasons. One of the things that stands out most is how she uses her blog to build on her brand’s already solid fashion foundation. The blog produces thought-leading pieces in the fashion industry, displaying the brand’s expertise and a keen eye for luxury. It’s a great example of content creation that can then be marketed across platforms. 

Jocelyn Partee 

Jocelyn Partee has quite the social media following, with 111,000 YouTube subscribers, 26,700 followers on Instagram, and 13.8K followers on TikTok. One of the things that help Partee stand out from the rest are the luxury hauls she does on YouTube. 

Her honest reviews of luxury brands like Carolina Herrera, Dior, Gucci, and Chanel make her relatable and trustworthy to her audience. She’s showing authenticity in these videos, which is key for any influencer to convey in their content. After all, statistics show that nearly 25% of consumers will stop following a content creator if they can’t trust them to be authentic. By giving realistic hauls, Partee establishes an invaluable trusting relationship with her audience. 

Lena Mahfouf 

Lena Mahfouf, also known as Lena Situations, has an impressive 3.8 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million followers on Twitter, nearly 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and 2.5 million TikTok followers. That’s some serious reach the French influencer has—and her knack for fashion has landed her campaigns with big luxury names like Prada. 

Something that Mahfouf does so well in the world of luxury influence is to use her platform to proudly display her own unique take on fashion and luxury. It’s original and authentic, which helps her align with those who value original and authentic content. Honing in on those values helps her establish brand loyalty within her audience. 

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Gabrielle Caunesil

With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 115,000+ TikTok followers, and more than 99,000 YouTube subscribers, Gabrielle Caunesil gives us a taste of her luxurious lifestyle (and wardrobe) through various social media posts. On her Instagram, we get a sense that she lives a luxurious lifestyle, but she posts in a relatable and genuine way, sharing pictures of her family, travels, and other life events. 

Luxury influencers share their lives publicly online, and Caunesil’s posts make you feel like you relate to her and her endeavors. That, as a result, can make her audience feel like luxury is relatable and attainable

Ibrahim Assad

Ibrahim Assad is one of the car luxury influencers that does a stellar job with their Instagram pots. Assad has 3.5 million followers on Instagram, and when you scroll through his feed, you see eye-catching posts that specifically cater to his luxury audience. 

The luxury car rental founder and CEO posts crisp and vibrant photos in his feed, enhancing the overall look and feel of his page. Add in a luxury car or two to the mix and you’ve got a great combination of audience intrigue and luxury influence. People who love luxury cars—and the luxury lifestyle—can enjoy the posts. 

Jason Oppenheim

Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim is proof that subject matter experts can hone in on their talents to become influencers. Oppenheim is a real estate expert buying and selling luxury homes in Orange County, California. His successful group is featured on the Netflix TV show Selling Sunset. He now has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and more than 23,000 followers on Twitter

What can we learn from Oppenheim? Those in the luxury space, whether it’s luxury real estate or luxury watches, can leverage their expertise to create content and gain a following. That content can come in the form of the following, but isn’t limited to: 

  • A TV show 
  • A YouTube channel 
  • A blog 

Supercar Blondie

With 10.6 million Instagram followers and 9.4 million YouTube subscribers, Supercar Blondie is a luxury influencer who has an incredible following—and for good reason. One of the things she does best is create unique and entertaining content that allows her to stand out from others. Her YouTube channel is filled with videos tackling topics like “The World’s Most Powerful Bentley” and “World’s Coolest Concept Car.” These are great examples of an influencer really honing in on their audience’s interests and catering to them to create valuable, sharable content. 


GOODLIFE has 2.9 million followers on Instagram, with a feed filled with vibrant photos of a luxurious lifestyle. Cars, fabulous vacation spots, luxurious shopping—it’s all there for the audience to consume and enjoy. The subject matters of the photos on this page are smart. They effortlessly capture the essence of living a luxurious life. That subtleness speaks volumes, as proven by the thousands of likes on each post. 

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Erica de Lima

Erica de Lima has more than 470,000 followers on TikTok, more than 66,000 followers on Instagram, and 71,500 YouTube subscribers. The luxury fashion influencer creates content focusing on luxury fashion, but she does so with humor sprinkled in. That humor element not only makes her content entertaining—it gives her brand a unique voice, angle, and appeal. It brings realness to luxury, which is something that clearly resonates with people, as evidenced by her following. 

A key takeaway from de Lima’s content: luxury influencers should find ways to incorporate their own voice and style into their content. Otherwise, they could get lost in the luxurious sea. 

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is one of the luxury influencers who has taken her platform and used it to launch her career and expand her brand. She currently has 5.9 million followers on Instagram and 2.8 million followers on Twitter, giving her great platforms to promote her clothing lines and fragrances. 

Conrad, who starred on reality TV shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills, used her already existing brand and expanded it to reach her goals. That’s something any aspiring luxury influencer can take note of—look at the strengths you already have and evaluate how to leverage them. Using what you already have, whether it’s an already impressive social media following or an affiliation with a notable brand, can boost our influencer efforts and help you get results faster. 

Emma Chamberlain

With a whopping 15.9 million followers on Instagram and 11.7 million YouTube subscribers. She’s taken her online presence and blown it up, allowing her to work with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. Her vlogs provide a very real, honest look at her life, which is refreshing to see from someone who has ties to luxury brands. Again, it goes back to authenticity—people feel like she’s expressing her true self online and like they could even be friends with her. The brands that work with her, as a result, are tied to that brand storytelling and authenticity

Luxury travel influencers

Tara Whiteman 

Tara Whiteman is a luxury travel influencer who has 1.3 million Instagram followers, as well as her own blog, Tara Milk Tea. Her luxurious travel photos, combined with her creative travel blog content, make her a desirable influencer to work with. According to Daily Mail, Whiteman earned around $15,000 per sponsored Instagram post back in 2019. That’s some serious cash for an influencer—but it’s also some serious reach for brands, given the size of her following. 

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Miguel Carrizo

Miguel Carrizo has more than 67,000 followers on Instagram and has a feed filled with interesting pictures of a luxurious lifestyle. He also contributes to Condé Nast Traveler, a lifestyle and luxury travel magazine, which helps enhance his brand and authority as a luxury travel expert. Carrizo is another example of how influencers can expand their reach beyond social media to establish themselves as thought leaders. This is also appealing to brands looking to partner with a luxury influencer who has some bylines to their name and connections to publications. 

Dreamy Travelz

It’s pretty easy to see why Dreamy Travelz has a million followers on Instagram. The page is filled with luxurious travel pictures that give audiences wanderlust. The dreamy images make audiences crave a luxurious adventure filled with exclusivity and the finer things in life. The crisp images, combined with helpful content like peaks into luxurious hotels, make the page a must-follow for any luxury traveler—or luxury traveler hopeful. 

Tiffany Dowd

With 85,200 followers on Instagram, Tiffany Dowd is one of the luxury travel experts who knows the power of content when creating a following. Take a look at the Linktree she has featured on her page. It’s filled with helpful links to her website, podcasts she’s been on, and other content she’s been featured in or created. By having all that content readily available to her followers, she’s inviting them to engage with her brand and follow her expertise outside of Instagram, which is a smart influencer strategy

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When done right, brands that collaborate with luxury influencers can: 

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase their own social media following
  • Boost sales
  • Align themselves with a prominent figure of influence
  • Gain new brand loyalists 

If a brand decides to work with a luxury influencer, they should ask themselves the following questions: 

  • Does the influencer share similar values as the brand does? 
  • Does the influencer have the reach the brand is looking for? 
  • What target audience does the influencer have? 
  • How engaged is the influencer’s audience? 
  • How would working with that influencer enhance brand and overall business goals? 

And listen, we get it—working on a luxury marketing plan can be time-consuming and daunting. How do you know you’re making the right choices for your brand when marketing to high-end customers?
Mediaboom can answer that question, plus your other top questions about luxury branding, luxury marketing, and more. Contact us today to discuss key strategies that will take your luxury marketing plan to the next level.

By: Frank DePino

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