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Luxury Content Marketing – Today’s Biggest Brands Promotion

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2024

As a modern luxury brand, you understand how stiff the competition is. In promoting yourself to new and potential customers alike, you probably use various marketing methods to stand out. These include email marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing.

Without a comprehensive strategy, your campaign is incomplete. What is luxury content marketing?

Luxury content marketing is a means of using content—including blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, videos, and more—to introduce your luxury brand’s products, convert leads, boost sales, and increase brand awareness.

If you’ve yet to implement content marketing into your campaigns, then you’re not going to want to miss this article. In it, we’ll clearly define content marketing. Then, we’ll explain how luxury brands use content marketing, including some real examples you can emulate.

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What is content marketing?

As said, we’ll start with a definition of content marketing. After all, if you thought it was only about written content, then you’re missing half the equation.

Content marketing is a form of marketing and promotion that all companies should use, luxury brands included. You should produce many forms of content, putting it on your blog, your website, and/or your social media feed.

Then it goes live.

The goal of this content is multifaceted.

You want to get the word out about your luxury brand and its products. You also want to draw in new customers, retain your current audience, and increase sales. With content marketing, you can achieve all those goals.

What kind of content should you focus on? While content marketing is still about the written word, your content doesn’t exclusively have to be email newsletters or blog posts. When you make a video and post it, that’s content marketing.

The same is true of some social media posts.

The type of content that goes into your content marketing strategy is incredibly important as well. Anyone can write a tweet and post it to Twitter, but that alone doesn’t mean you’re doing content marketing. Instead, your content should be appealing, informative, and—almost above all else—valuable.

What value can differ from one part of your audience to another? Did you teach them something new? Point them in the direction of a great sale? Introduce a must-have product in their lives?

You can implement value into your content in many ways, so always keep it at the forefront.

Burberry is promoting its luxury brand through content marketing

How luxury brands are using content marketing

Now that we’ve explained what content marketing is, how do luxury brands use it?

Audience Segmentation

Like with many other forms of marketing, a luxury content marketing campaign begins with audience segmentation. When introducing your luxury brand to consumers, you want to ensure you reach out to only those who are the most receptive. These people may already treat themselves to other luxury products regularly, so they’re more willing to spend on these goods, perhaps even buying yours.

If you use customer relationship management or CRM software, then you can easily queue up a list of all your contacts in one convenient place. From there, scoring your leads based on their behavior acts as a good indicator of those you might want to focus on.

For instance, when a lead subscribes to your newsletter, opens your emails, visits your blog, or follows you on social media, they earn points for a better overall score.

Those are the leads you want as customers.

These prospects don’t always skew older, either. We recently wrote an informative post on luxury brand target audiences, be sure to read it. This audience includes Generation Z, today’s current youngest generation, as well as millennials and some older consumers who straddle the line between millennials and Generation X.

When you know your audience, you can begin crafting your content marketing campaign.

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The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Digital Marketing

Receive your FREE copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands,” to get insights into marketing your high-end products and services for increased sales.

Craft your content marketing campaign

As an example, data has found that millennials quite enjoy videos. They also prefer seamless, interactive experiences, something else to keep in mind.

Luxury brands are highly visual, so the opportunity to showcase products through images and videos makes content marketing a viable means of promotion. The viral nature of social media is another can’t-miss element.

After all, as a small business resource The Manifest found in a 2019 report, each generation is on social media.

Market your content on social media

Generation Xers are mostly outside of the luxury brand target market, but not all. Up to 81 percent of people in this older generation log onto social media at least once daily. Millennials, who didn’t grow up with social but have had it for years, also hungrily consume social media.

Most of them, 88 percent, check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like every day.

They’re beaten only by Generation Z, as 89 percent of them are on social media daily. When you consider that this generation hasn’t ever had to live without social media, these findings aren’t so surprising.

Some of your target audience is even more engaged on social media than others. The Manifest notes that 79 percent of millennials and 77 percent of Generation Z are on social media more than once each day.

Here’s how the social platform usage breaks down among these two audience groups:

  • YouTube: 86 percent of millennials and 89 percent of Generation Z
  • Instagram: 71 percent of millennials and 74 percent of Generation Z
  • Snapchat: 52 percent of millennials and 68 percent of Generation Z
  • Facebook: 87 percent of millennials and 36 percent of Generation Z
  • Twitter: 42 percent of millennials and 29 percent of Generation Z
  • Pinterest: 42 percent of millennials and 26 percent of Generation Z

This is good news for luxury brands, as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are three of the most visually driven social media platforms out there.

Lamborghini is applying new luxury brand content marketing techniques on its blog.

Examples of luxury brand content marketing

Through this article, you now have some ideas and pointers on how to get started with your own luxury content marketing campaign. Still, you could use some ideas. Well, look no further. We’ve combed the Internet to find some fantastic examples of videos, blog posts, and other content that luxury brands have used as the basis of their content marketing campaigns.

Burberry Kiss Campaign

Luis Vuitton is promoting is luxury products through content marketing

Back in 2013, fashion brand Burberry rolled out their Kiss campaign. It tied into their then-new line of lipsticks. You can watch a video that outlined the campaign here through Burberry’s YouTube channel.

This interactive email campaign allowed you to choose a color of the luxury brand’s new lipstick. You then got to pucker up and really kiss your smartphone. Burberry took a digital imprint of your mouth in the color of lipstick you chose.

Then, you could send this virtual kiss to anyone you wanted via email.

To make the campaign more interesting, Burberry even partnered with Google Places and Google Street View so you could watch your digital kiss travel all the way to its destination.

The interactivity and immersive qualities of this campaign make it an instant winner even all these years later. As you remember, a good portion of your luxury brand target audience prefers more interactive campaigns, and this one lets you put your literal stamp on something in an intimate yet sweet way.

It could be worth trying something similar for your own luxury brand if possible.


Louis Vuitton content marketing campaign - LV NOW

Louis Vuitton is a fashion brand that needs no introduction.

They regularly publish their own exclusive online magazine through a curated website called LV Now. This digital publication lets you stay abreast of the latest events and news coming down the pike for the fashion house. One of their most recent posts was about their new scented candle, with benefits going towards (RED), an organization that seeks to stop AIDS.

The chic imagery and attention to detail present in this digital magazine match the rest of the branding consumers know and love from Louis Vuitton. The magazine not all just text posts with images, either, but video campaigns introducing new fashion lines. Besides that, you can also read interviews with key designers and glean other exclusive info that makes you feel like an insider.

You’re already writing content for your blog anyway, or at least, you should be.

If it’s a natural fit for your brand, then you can stylize the blog more like a digital magazine that’s on-trend like LV Now.

Burberry’s Art of the Trench Campaign

Burberry luxury brand content marketing campaign

Here’s another interesting luxury content marketing example from the fashion brand Burberry. This time, it’s their Art of the Trench campaign.

What exactly is Art of the Trench? It’s a campaign the fashion brand had used before and decided to resurrect back around 2016. This time, they tied in popular social media platform Tumblr to do it. Given that Tumblr supports videos, images, and text posts, it’s a smart if not underused platform for content marketing.

As Burberry says, their Art of the Trench page “is a living document of the trench coat and people who wear it.” That’s it. If you owned a Burberry trench coat and you photographed yourself wearing it (or someone else photographed you), you could have ended up on the Art of the Trench page. As we said, the campaign seems to have ended around 2017, since that’s when the last upload was posted.

You can still upload your photos though, maybe bringing Art of the Trench back to life for yet a third time.

What we like about this campaign is its simplicity. Burberry lets its product speak for itself without doing any kind of promotion or pushing. Their trench coats have a timeless style that works for many looks and for both men and women. Real customers have proven that through the Art of the Trench page.

If that’s not an incentive to buy, then we’re not sure what is.

The Window

Barneys luxury brand content marketing campaign: The Window

In the same vein as LV Now is The Window, Barneys’ own content hub/blog.

Here, they count down their hottest looks and accessories through list posts, write inspiring profiles on their designers, and try to intrigue you to do a little shopping as well.

Over on the right side of the page, they have a constantly updating area called “the latest pick from the fashion office.” Not only do you get to see the fashion garment in question, but you get a small description of the item and, of course, a shopping link.

Should you keep scrolling to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the “we adore” section with a rolling list of recommended Barneys looks. Beneath that is their featured video. While we think the video could do better being more prominent on the page—and definitely above the fold—the elements here all combine beautifully into one consistently effective luxury content marketing blog.

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Getting started with luxury content marketing

Content marketing is the creation and publishing of content that educates, inspires, and drives value. It can be written content, as it’s been traditionally, as well as videos, images, email newsletters, digital magazines, and even social media posts.

To position your brand, drive more sales, and showcase new products, luxury retailers must engage in content marketing. Any successful approach should begin by filtering and scoring your audience. Then you can decide which form of content marketing appeals to this audience more, be that video or social media.

Many major brands have blazed trails with their content marketing, among them Louis Vuitton, Barneys, and Burberry. Through their examples, you can craft your own luxury content marketing campaign to achieve your desired goals.

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By: Frank DePino

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