Luxury Brand Storytelling Examples

10 Stunning Luxury Brand Storytelling Examples

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

All luxury brands have a story to tell, and we want to showcase the very best luxury brand storytelling examples here today to inspire you. What exactly is luxury brand storytelling?

Luxury brand storytelling entails sharing the unique story of how your luxury brand came to fruition. The goals of brand storytelling include increasing loyalty, building your brand, connecting with your audience, and increasing sales.

In today’s guide, we’ll expand on our definition of brand storytelling and detail its importance. We’ll also share our favorite luxury brand storytelling examples that could inspire your own storytelling technique!

What Is Brand Storytelling?

How do you build a successful brand? Part of what goes into it is undeniably brand storytelling.

Before we get into our luxury brand storytelling examples, as promised, let’s talk further about the pillars of digital storytelling, especially as how it pertains to the luxury industry.

Brand storytelling is how your luxury brand frames its identity. Like that latest hit novel you can’t put down, a brand story should have basic writing elements to make it highly engaging among your audience.

These include:

  • An easy-to-read format such as short paragraphs, bullet points, and photos to break up copy.
  • Innovation; while you can only write a brand story in so many ways, yours should feel as unique as your products and services do.
  • Written towards real customers.
  • Appeals to the emotions so the brand story is anything but a dry read.
  • Connective, in that the story has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

If you look at your favorite fashion brands, they each have their own brand stories. These stories appeal to younger audiences and older ones alike if they’re written compellingly.

Luxury marketing agency showing examples of the best luxury brand storytelling campaigns

Why Luxury Brands Need Storytelling

Here are the benefits of luxury brand storytelling that your own brand could reap.

Builds Brand Awareness

Even though luxury brands like Versace, Chanel, Cartier, or Rolex are household names now, they too had humble beginnings.

Through storytelling for luxury brands, you can build brand awareness so that your company may someday reach such lofty heights as household name status just like the above luxury brands.

Connects with Your Audience

The emotive qualities of a luxury story make it a must-read. Your audience will emphasize with your brand’s struggles, soar with their successes, and gradually find themselves more and more invested as they learn about your storied history.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Once a customer connects with a brand on a truly meaningful level, their loyalty shoots up. These customers should be willing to stick with your luxury brand for the long haul and may happily recommend your products or services to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Boosts Sales

According to a report in BrandTotal, luxury brand storytelling accelerates a brand’s success. Besides being reflected in the brand’s higher audience numbers, you should also expect to see higher sales numbers.

The reason? Today’s consumers expect transparency out of the companies they give their hard-earned money to.

Technology news site ZDNet notes that nine out of 10 consumers will step away from a brand if it’s not transparent enough and fail to give them future business.

The transparency of your brand story keeps your bottom line healthy.

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10 Luxury Brand Storytelling Examples

For the rest of this article, we want to showcase the cream of the crop of luxury brand storytelling examples. These examples showcase incredible storytelling techniques and the formation of luxury fashion brand identities.

1. Patek Philippe

The storytelling example of the luxury brand Ptek Philippe

Patek Phillipe is a Genevan-based luxury watch brand for women and men. The family-owned company hand-builds all its watches even to this day, which is the element of its branding and marketing that Patek Phillipe chose to focus on in its luxury brand story.

The page goes into detail about the extent of what hand-finishing is, with videos showcasing how the craftsman apply the numerals on each watch and how they hand-enamel the dial.

This all underscores that “human touch” that sets Patek Philippe apart.

2. Burberry

An inspirational example of luxury brand storytelling: the story of Thomas Burberry

When you’ve made as many fashion innovations as a brand like Burberry has, then it’s okay to hang your figurative hat on those accomplishments and use them as the pillars of your brand story.

A luxury brand storytelling example needn’t always been complex. If your history is long yet captivates attention because of so many amazing benchmarks achieved over time, then you can inspire your audience to read it “cover to cover,” to speak!

3. Rolex

The World of Rolex: an inspirational luxury storytelling example

Rolex watches have long since been a preferred watch brand for athletes in a variety of sports.

In the World of Rolex portion of the brand’s website, the watchmaker introduces you to those sports stars as well as the brand’s innovation in the arts.

If you’ve ever wanted to see every film that features a Rolex casually worn as well as the sports that have made Rolex an even more prominent brand, it’s all here to explore.

This element of storytelling deepens the Rolex brand, making their watches seem even more integral.

4. Chanel

Chanel: the chapter 11 of an oustanding luxury storytelling campaign

Chanel’s story timeline can be broken down into approximately 32 chapters.

Engaging with your audience for such a prolonged period may seem nearly impossible, but a luxury brand like Chanel makes it work seamlessly.

How? The stories aren’t text-based at all, but videos. That’s not to stay that it still wouldn’t be a time commitment to watch them all, of course.

That said, the documentary-style feel of Chanel’s brand storytelling is surely going to appeal to today’s Netflix binging crowd.

After all, Statista notes that, in 2020, 60 percent of 13-to-17-year-olds binged series or films back to back.

Up to 69 percent of those in the 18-to-29 camp did the same, 70 percent in the 30-to-44 age group, and 62 percent in the 45-to-64 age bracket.

Binge watching suits us as a society, which is why this is such a great luxury brand storytelling example. 

5. Balenciaga

Luxury brand storytelling: the example of Balenciaga

When your brand is as well-known as Balenciaga’s, you can craft other threads into your luxury brand story such as a focus on giving back.

The fashion house has worked with the World Food Programme since 2018 to reduce global hunger by 2030. Balenciaga raises awareness and garners donations for the brand in the best way it knows how through its fashion.

Customers know that by purchasing the fashion lines that support the World Food Programme that they’re helping the planet and repping their favorite fashion brand at the same time.

6. Ferragamo

Ferragamo: the Sustainable Thinking stroytelling campaign

In a similar vein is Salvatore Ferragamo, a well-known fashion brand that too has chosen to use its brand story to showcase its sustainability.

Like many brands, Ferragamo has begun rethinking the materials it uses and their impact on the environment.

The fashion house’s website has a whole multi-chapter section about how the brand has gradually improved the sustainability of its clothing, shoes, eyewear, and everything in between.

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7. Porsche

Porsche: anonther example of luxury brand storytelling

This automotive manufacturer also has another excellent example of luxury brand storytelling. Porsche’s, much like the watchmaker Patek Phillipe, focuses on a specific area of service.

In the case of Porsche, it’s Tequipment, which is a range of accessories the brand has refined and perfected for more than 25 years.

Further down the page, you can scroll through a carousel of images highlighting what would become the impetus of Tequipment starting all the way back in the 1950s!

8. Gucci

Gucci Stories

What better way to showcase the current stories of your brand than in a social-media style scrollfest that most of today’s consumers would find irresistible?

Meet Gucci Stories, a glimpse into the news stories that comprise the Gucci brand, all presented social media style. You can keep scrolling back forever, clicking on stories that interest you.

This is quite an innovative approach to strengthening a luxury brand, but it’s one that works especially well.

9. Louis Vuitton

The World of Louis Vuitton: the company brand story

The World of Louis Vuitton makes it seem like the company’s brand story is just too big for one little “about” section. With a brand as iconic as this one, that’s probably very well the case!

In the World of Louis Vuitton, you can learn about the brand’s latest fashion shows, its innovative work in art and culture, and its steps towards a more sustainable future.

10. Ferrari

Luxury brand sotrytelling: the example of Ferrari

We must showcase Ferrari’s approach to storytelling, as it sure is something!

Ferrari invites you to “enjoy the Ferrari history” with an interactive timeline complete with looping full-screen videos of iconic company moments playing in the background.

The timeline unfurls, showcasing the Ferrari history year after year rather than decade after decade. For any point on the timeline that catches your interest, you can read information on the website or listen to a podcast.

According to software resource TrueList, in 2022, more than 82 percent of podcast listeners are willing to spend seven hours a week listening to their favorite shows. Podcasts have a passionate audience, and Ferrari was smart to tap into that! 

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Luxury brand storytelling examples showcase the breadth of how today’s biggest names engage with their audience in increasingly interesting ways.

Whether it’s by creating a dedicated universe, focusing on specific services or products, or even showcasing sustainability or charitable work, these examples showcase all the unique directions you can take your own luxury storytelling!

By: Frank DePino

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