• A luxurious island paradise tucked away in the Carribbean, Musha Cay is a unique and magic-infused vacation getaway unlike any other place in the world


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A Virtual Island Paradise

Hidden among the Exuma islands, Musha Cay is a vacation experience like no other. Owned by world famous illusionist, David Copperfield, the magical vacation destination includes over 700 acres of lush natural beauty, 40 pristine beaches, and 5 luxurious guest houses, where affluent travelers, celebrities, and prominent business leaders can enjoy their very own private paradise.

Luxury resort and hotel at Musha Cay


David Copperfield challenged Mediaboom to create a unique one-of-a-kind website that showcased the island’s many incredible locations and features. The goal was to create an immersive and unforgettable experience unlike any other.

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Creating a Digital Island


The Mediaboom team started by gathering photos and maps of the island as reference for creating its digital replica. Designers created storyboards to illustrate the intended animation around the island, with the goal of creating a virtual space where the user would feel like they were actually being transported around the island paradise.

“I have worked with Mediaboom on several projects and had nothing but stellar experiences!

Besides them being a talented group of artists and designers, correspondence with Mediaboom’s staff on a daily basis is prompt, courteous and inspiring. They always have a positive attitude toward solving problems as they work with you closely on building your dream website. Mediaboom and I have collaborated on very simple, small budget projects to complicated, high budget ones and, in any case, their dedication and attention to detail were always 110%. Highly recommended!”

Homer Liwag

Creative Director, Copperfield Design

Rendering the Island

The team rendered the island in Vue and used Lightwave 3D to create the models for the birds, dolphins, and other elements around the island. The entire experience was then put together in Flash using the Gaia framework. The developers also built separate desktop & tablet experiences using HTML5 and CSS3 for users who did not have Flash.

Custom animation for luxury hotel Musha Cay.

Final Website Designs

An Immersive Experience

Mediaboom designed and developed a website for Musha Cay that showcased the island in an incredibly unique way. Our agency modeled a digital island after the real Musha Cay where users can fly around and explore the vacation destination in virtual space.

Responsive website design and development for luxury hotel Musha Cay

The Results

An Unforgettable Experience

The immersive and experiential website received much recognition from articles and award sites, most notably from Empixx Awards where it was awarded the prestigious Platinum Award. The unique experience continues to attract affluent travelers, millionnaires, and celebrities to enjoy their very own private paradise.

Received the prestigious Platinum Award from Empixx Awards

Attracts millionnaires and celebrities like Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem to vacation or get married on the island

Received recognition and positive response from many notable online articles

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