Words associated with Luxury Brands

Words Associated With Luxury Brands – The Ultimate Guide

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

When you talk about luxury branding, you think of words associated with luxury brands. Gaining an elite clientele in a world of blink-n-you-miss trends can be a challenge. But words — yes, a string of carefully placed alphabets can help you get a highly-coveted following.


Because words have energy and power.

Using the right ones for your business can make your clients more interested in purchasing from your brand. This is because people like to believe in the things they want to buy. If you can give them that experience through words, you’ve mastered the invaluable art of keeping a customer interested in your offerings.

Read on to know what words you can use to pique the interest of the reader. Your product will do the rest of the magic.

What Makes A Luxury Brand A Luxury?

Luxury brands use branding elements to derive the highest possible brand value. They’re known for manufacturing high-quality products, but that’s not the only reason why they manage to sell their products at highly prohibitive price points.

These brands use words to sell an experience — one that is rooted in exclusivity.

Words that focus on rarity, prestige, and status help entice an elite target market. Pair this with scarcity, symbolic value, and social good, and you’re sure to appeal to the wealthy, and people who aspire to belong to the wealthy community.

Copywriters are trying to use the best words for their client's luxury brand

Copywriting For Luxury Brands: Creating Compelling Copy That Sells

Feeding into the prospects’ need of being on trend and of becoming a part of the elite crowd with words is an art, and there are only a few best-selling artists in town.

Use that to your advantage.

Work with copywriters to find words that can help create a clear mental image of your product offering in the minds of the prospects. While you’re at it, don’t shy away from synonyms and/or repetition; they can help you create a long-lasting association in the customer’s mind for maximum impact. 

You can contact a luxury brand marketing agency to get organic results. They can provide you with SEO for luxury brands to help you get a great payoff for your efforts.

Words That Scream Luxury

When you market products or services, you do so with the intention of making a sale. Ideally, you should use words associated with luxury brands to appeal to the customer’s desire to make a purchase.

Your content should be focused on selling an experience, not a product

Wondering why that is?

Well, as a luxury brand, your primary audience is made up of HNIs (High Networth Individuals) who do not see cost as a hit-or-miss factor. Rather, they’re looking for something with a transcendent value:

●  Something that has more than what meets the eye,

●  and has the potential to set them apart from the masses.

Using the right words can help you create that feeling

Wondering what words can help you make a mark in the luxury brandscape? Well, luxury brands do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing with words, but some words associated with luxury brands can help you empower your customers to self-indulge. These include adjectives like:

  • Classic
  • Elegant
  • Exclusive
  • Exceptional
  • Tailored and tailor-made
  • Precious
  • Unique

Luxury brands also frequently use words like:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Cutting edge
  • Extra-ordinary performance
  • Heritage 
  • Impeccable
  • Poise
  • Timelessness
  • Whimsical

As you can probably tell by now, luxury brands thrive on the aesthetic beauty of words.

We understand that the human attention span averages 8.25 seconds, so we’re not going to bore you by listing words that scream luxury in all categories. Rather, we’ll enlist words used by luxury travel agencies to give a rough idea of the process.

An entrepreneur has booked her private flight after the JET company has been able to use the right words related to luxury travel

Words Associated with Luxury Travel

Are you in the luxury travel industry? Look to adding the following words associated with luxury travel in your content, and also incorporate these elements to further improve your business.

  • Elegance
  • Elite
  • Gourmet
  • High-end
  • Luxury
  • Personalized
  • Preeminent

These words give the consumer the idea that the luxury experience is reserved for a special few — them.

Words Associated with Luxury Brands: How Top-Tier Brands Give Customers The Purpose to Make the Purchase

Sneak a peek into what words luxury brands use to market to high-end consumers.

Leading the top 10:

10. Prada

Prada, an Italian luxury fashion house, specializes in creating avant-garde fashion — be it handbags, jewelry, shoes, travel essentials, or ready-to-wear apparel. They’re the epitome of excellence and a trusted face in the fashion industry. 

Prada uses the following words in its product descriptions and brand marketing to increase their visibility and appeal to a luxury clientele:

  • Allure
  • Bold, sophisticated design
  • Contemporary
  • Eclectic selection
  • Elegant silhouette
  • Iconic
  • Innovative
  • Minimalist
  • Modernist
  • Reinvented
  • Sleek

The interactive and immersive experience Prada offers through words has allowed it to stay relevant over the years.

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9. Burberry

Burberry, a luxury house and outerwear pioneer, is known for its undying commitment to quality, innovation, and boundless creativity.

But did you know it was on its last breaths in the luxury fashion segment not too long ago?

The brand managed to stay afloat by cutting ties with unsustainable business practices.

Since then, its value proposition has increased. And the credit goes to a streamlined product portfolio – one that caters to both old and new customers.

These are the exclusive words Burberry uses to entice customers to make stellar sales.

  • Adventures into the unknown
  • Archival vintage
  • Honoring
  • Punctuated design
  • Relaxed silhouette
  • Signature collection
  • Softly structured

8. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a Pret-a-Porter house that specializes in innovative haute couture and ready-to-wear products for the fashion-conscious. It makes quality products with attractive designs and is a well-respected name in the luxury industry.

Read on to know what words the brand uses to describe its products:

  • Breakthrough
  • Eco-design
  • Elegant
  • Iconic
  • In the now
  • Innovative
  • Magnificent

Yves Saint Laurent has a great brand presence and a diversified portfolio that not only appeals to the middle and premium class but also fashion connoisseurs.

7. Christian Dior

Christian Dior, the French luxury fashion house, specializes in footwear and apparel, although they also dabble in other fashion and beauty categories. The company is a trendsetter that has continued to inspire elegance in design.

While Dior has adopted differentiated targeting strategies to appeal to all demographics, it does use universally-flattering words to drive the point across. These include:

  • Imagination and reflection
  • Modern and relaxed
  • Timeless silhouette
  • Tribute
  • Unique heritage
  • Unprecedented creations
  • Where heritage and inventiveness meet

As you can tell, value-based propositioning is a show-stealer for them.

The words used by Cartier in its website and e-commerce

6. Cartier

Cartier, a French luxury goods conglomerate, is a master of all trades.

The company specializes in a variety of goods, including jewelry, watches, and perfumes. Their marketing strategy is elegant and exclusive. They use a variety of related words to sell their timeless collection to their clientele.

These include:

  • Diverse beauty
  • Effervescence
  • Highest of emotions
  • Immersive
  • Irresistible
  • Larger than life
  • Parisian elegance
  • Richness of the universe
  • Sensation

Generating interest in a luxury brand is not easy, but Cartier sure makes it look effortless.

5. Rolex

Rolex is a leading watch manufacturer that produces unique timepieces that symbolize excellence, prestige, and innovation. Their target customers are individuals with a great sense of style, deep pockets, and an appreciation for quality.

And, their product description and overall content reflect that:

  • Championing performance
  • Combination of style and functionality
  • High precision
  • Innovation and adventure
  • Prestigious
  • Scrupulous attention to detail

Their luxury content marketing strategy, paired with a focus on manufacturing practices, has helped Rolex maintain its position as a leader, despite competition. 

4. Gucci

Gucci, a high-end Italian luxury fashion house, has multiple product lines. It promotes inclusivity while remaining exclusive in price points.

Gucci allows consumers to “wear the product” before making a real purchase. But its digital strategy can only convert prospects into paying customers through a carefully curated selection of words and phrases.


Because mental visualization sells!

Learn what words Gucci uses to entice customers:

  • Archival style
  • Eclectic mix
  • Exquisite
  • Mesmerizing
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Personalized
  • Redefining luxury
  • Reinvented
  • Unique
How luxury brands choose words to describe themselves

3. Hermès

Hermès International S.A., a French luxury design house, specializes in all things fashion and lifestyle. Think jewelry, home furnishings, and ready-to-wear apparel.

The brand’s marketing strategy revolves around instilling a sense of want in customers. They do so by showing people how wearing and owning their products is highly exclusive and meant for a chosen few.

Here are some words Hermès uses to create a mental association with prospects:

  • Boundless creativity
  • Creative power
  • Creativity creation
  • Dreamlike
  • Enchantment
  • Precious
  • Spellbinding
  • Ubiquity

As you can see, the words Hermès uses in content marketing reflect the pursuit of exclusivity. They pair it with superior craftsmanship to attract customers.

2. Chanel

Chanel is a French luxury fashion house that specializes in women’s ready-to-wear apparel, among other luxury goods. They’re known for creating an image that represents a life different from the ordinary, and their content reflects that.

Below, you’ll find the ones they incorporate into their content strategy.

  • Accentuate
  • Canvas of expression
  • Celestial
  • Eternity
  • Feminine
  • Premiere
  • Purity
  • Timeless pieces

Chanel focuses on quality over quantity and creates a loyal fanbase in the process.

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1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, the leading international fashion house, is a synergy of style and class. They specialize in everything from ready-to-wear apparel to bags and watches. The world-famous label’s LV monogram is a statement in itself.

That said, Louis Vuitton is creative with words.

So it’s common to find the following luxury-associated words in their product description and marketing:

  • Creativity
  • Elegant
  • Heritage
  • Homage
  • Iconic
  • Signature
  • Stylish
  • Trendy

It also sells products only from its stores, which adds another level of exclusivity.

Take inspiration from these brands, and elevate your marketing efforts by linking with luxury influencers. They can help you align your brand with specific communities. 

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