Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials

12 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials to Attract Clients

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

The luxury real estate industry is a very lucrative market. In this specific industry, the residences built under the luxury umbrella get grander and more state of the art. Because this market is trending up, luxury real estate marketing materials are in demand as a way to help these fabulous properties sell.

Why you should use Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials?

In selling real estate on the luxury side, using marketing materials you can attract clients and bring increased visibility and awareness. As a real estate developer or agency, you can reach a wide array of your target audience by bringing both digital and traditional marketing into the mix. Having curated and highly specialized marketing for the luxury properties you are selling elevates the whole buying experience and will attract the buyers that you are looking for. 

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Why are Marketing Materials Important for Luxury Real Estate Brands?

Luxury real estate marketing materials are essential because it helps sell the property and elevate the buyer experience to a top-tier level. In selling luxury residences, image and brand are important because this will help the residence stand out from the rest.

You have to think about the property as the product that you want to sell. You want to highlight the special amenities and features of the residence but at the same time sell the lifestyle that comes with it. Marketing for high-end buyers can be highly specialized which is why a lot of real estate developers and agencies spend a lot of money on it.

Digital marketing has increased the visibility of properties and is the preferred way for homebuyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, 76% of homebuyers used their mobile phone or tablet in their home search.

Luxury real estate marketing materials have to invoke emotion and create an experience for the buyer to entice them into purchasing a piece of luxury real estate.

Top 12 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials (Digital and Traditional) to Use in 2022 

  1. Custom website
  2. Real estate landing pages
  3. Luxury blog
  4. Whitepapers and e-books
  5. PPC ads
  6. Newspaper listings
  7. Digital storybook
  8. Email marketing
  9. Lifestyle video content – TikTok
  10. Virtual video tours
  11. Paid social media advertising
  12. Event hosting brochures
The company has created a luxury website that reflects its values

1. Custom website

When thinking about luxury real estate marketing materials, the number one thing that realtors and sellers gravitate to is a custom website. A specialized and designated website that only highlights one luxury property is slowly becoming the norm and is expected when you are selling mega-mansions and expensive properties.

On the custom website, you can tell the property’s story and showcase the different photos, angles, and videos of the property. Having a personalized website will truly elevate your marketing style to another level. Based on recent studies, 36% of realtors use drone professionals to capture video images of the property. This ensures that they will have a bird’s eye view of the property and see angles that are usually not seen when potential buyers do a walkthrough.

2. Real estate landing pages

A real estate landing page is where users are taken to when they click on your ads. You can use landing pages to highlight individual properties and at the same time, showcase your high-end branding and enable potential buyers to get more information about a property.

Your real estate landing pages should be clean and professional. If it is too cluttered, you will lose the interest of your viewers because there’s too much going on. The images that you use in the landing pages have to be the best because they will show the property in the best light possible. Professional photography is the way to go and a great design should follow suit. If need be, you can hire professional advertising companies or web designers to help you out with this one.

You should disregard anything that looks too cheap, gimmicky, or comical. Stick to neutral colors and nothing too bright, especially on the font colors. Keep in mind that the images that you have on the landing pages should showcase the best features of the property.

One of the most important things that you can put on your landing page is an opportunity for the viewers to put in their contact information to obtain more information. This can be a simple form that asks for basic contact information like name, email address, and phone number. If it’s asking too much, customers will not fill it out. You have to make sure that you are making it easy for them to provide their information.

In getting people’s contact information, you can entice them with a freebie like a free market report delivered to their email so that they will have a value-added experience.

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10 Real Estate Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your Real Estate Website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

3. Luxury blog

Besides real estate landing pages and your website, you can also curate your luxury blog. Blogs are more information-based and can describe the current state of the market. You can also write about specific properties that you are selling, this provides an informal take on the luxury homes and is more candid which makes it more relatable to a wide audience.

Luxury blogs can be utilized to get more clicks through your website and they promote high visibility for your real estate brand. You can use Blogs to increase relatability and keep them light with your audience while showcasing your personality and perspectives. You can use blogs With a blog that shows your character, you will surely attract more clients who can relate to you and appreciate what you are doing.

4. Whitepapers and e-books

The use of whitepapers and e-books can elevate your content to the next level because it offers something different to your audience. It is a way that you can pass relevant information to them and at the same time generate leads. Whitepapers can help buyers make informed decisions. On the other hand, e-books can help initiate the buying process.

Potential buyers can use both mediums to help them reach a decision and to evaluate their buying process. Both whitepapers and e-books increase your credibility because it is curated by respected members of your industry.

5. PPC ads

PPC or pay-per-click ads is an advertising model online that is utilized by businesses. The major part of the appeal when it comes to PPC ads is that the business only pays when someone clicks on their ad. PPC ads are commonly found on top of search engine results like Google or Bing. Once the user clicks on your ad, they will be taken to a landing page which is either your website or a dedicated landing page that showcases the property that you are selling.

The owner of a luxury real estate firm has found her properties mentioned in the newspaper

6. Newspaper listing

A lot of advertising is moving towards digital but newspapers are still a great way to promote your luxury real estate listings. You might be surprised but there are still several people who prefer to get their newspapers delivered to their doorstep and browse while drinking their coffee.

If you are thinking about advertising in the newspaper, a full-page or double-page spread is eye-catching and will pique the attention of the readers. Colored pictures are preferred but if you have black and white photos, make sure that they are of the highest quality and are clear and crisp.

7. Digital storybook

Numerous companies can produce a digital storybook that features your luxury property listing as the main character and present it in the best light. A high-quality digital storybook will increase engagement and enable the viewers to have an immersive experience around the property.

Some digital storybooks look like they’re out of a movie because of the production quality. Since it is digital and viewable anywhere around the world, this increases the visibility of your property because it enables international buyers to experience a walkthrough when they are not able to do so physically.

8. Email marketing

E-mail is a great marketing channel because most people can get their e-mail on their smartphones. It is a quick and informal way that you can achieve high visibility for your property. Having an e-mail list is important, especially in the real estate world. An e-mail blast is a quick and easy way that you can capture a wide array of audiences in a small amount of time, and this usually takes just a few minutes of the day.

Over time, your email list will grow and consist of buyers, past clients, sellers, developers, and other real estate agencies all over the world.

A real estate business owner is founding a way to boost its communication through TikTok

9. Lifestyle video content – TikTok

You might think that TikTok is only for the younger generation but it has a wide array of viewers that can potentially see your brand. There are a lot of TikTok videos that go viral. The biggest selling point of TikTok is that videos are short and straight to the point, usually lasting 60 seconds or less. Rather than a teenage pastime, businesses are using TikTok as a way to relate to the younger crowd and you can do paid ads through this channel as well.

10 Virtual video tours

Virtual video tours are one type of luxury real estate marketing material that has gained immense popularity, especially within the last few years. The COVID pandemic has changed the way people go to open houses and because of that, they have relied on virtual video tours to tour the property even if they are not physically there.

Virtual tours can also be used to supplement an open house experience. Potential buyers only have a window of time where they can view the property and they might not have the chance to look at all the features the residence has to offer. Virtual tours enable buyers to take a closer look at the things that they missed on the property.

Tours can be showcased either through your website or YouTube:

  • Website – People who peruse your website can be treated to video tours of specific properties that you are selling. Think of it as an online open house where potential buyers can see the features of the home without being physically present.
  • YouTube – YouTube generates a lot of content and is highly visible through internet browsers, Smart TVs, and phones.

11. Paid social media advertising

Social media has taken the world by storm and it is by far, one of the easiest channels to access because the majority of social media users can have it on the tip of their fingertips. High-end marketing for luxury properties has entered the social media scene. In doing social media, make sure that you are representing your luxury brand and highlighting the prestige of working with you.

You can use any social media as part of your luxury real estate marketing materials, but it is recommended that you utilize platforms where you think that luxury property buyers are likely to frequent. Here are some of the social media sites that you can use:


With a billion users all over the world, Facebook is the prime social media outlet if you want to advertise your high-end real estate. It has been instrumental for real estate developers and agencies all over the world to create their brand and following. Facebook is known for targeted ads that you can utilize to bring more traffic to your page.


Known as the number one search engine, Google is a powerhouse when it comes to the internet. The main goal should be to rank well in Google searches with the use of keywords. Ranking well on Google translates to increasing the number of clicks that your sites receive and promoting high visibility of click-through ads depending on your location.


LinkedIn is known as a professional site and it gives an elevated approach compared to Facebook and Instagram. Having your real estate page on LinkedIn will attract a lot of high net-worth professionals that are members of the site.


The main difference between Facebook and Instagram is the fact that Instagram relies on photos which is a great way to showcase the luxury properties that you have on the market. The use of hashtags will increase the property’s visibility.

Targeting ads through social media takes time and is a great investment in your money. If you work with a team that monitors targeted ads, you will get to know about people who click on your posts such as their interests, demographics, and behaviors.

An example of a brochure for a luxury real estate for an event

12. Event hosting brochures

In selling a luxury property, open houses usually don’t work because it attracts everybody off the streets. You should prefer curated events and experiences and it is usually by invitation only. This way, you can limit the number of people who are trying to see the property and make sure that they are in your target audience. As part of your invite, you can give out event hosting brochures which have information about your event and all the pertinent details.

Using Mediaboom as a Digital Agency To Create Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials

Mediaboom is a digital marketing agency that specializes in getting clients results. You can use Mediaboom to boost your online traffic and brand awareness. Generating quality leads is important in reaching your marketing goals and this is where Mediaboom comes in. With our specialized tools, we can help you with a successful marketing plan that will take your company to greater heights.

As a reputable digital marketing company, Mediaboom can apply its high-level expertise in the luxury branding space. If you are a real estate developer or agent who specializes in high-end luxury properties, we can help you customize a plan to market your properties and reach the right buyer.

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The luxury residential market is slower compared to the regular real estate market with homes taking more than 100 days to sell. Because of this, the use of luxury real estate marketing materials should be an essential part of your selling process.

In choosing your preferred marketing channel, you have to be cognizant of your target audience and pinpoint the best channel to reach them. Digital marketing is the preferred way for most people because it is quick and easy, and has the potential to reach a wide range of people all at once. On the other hand, print and traditional advertising are still around and can be utilized for buyers who are technologically challenged.

Buyers in the high-end market have certain expectations and should receive extra attention. Regardless of what marketing material you choose, the branding has to be effective and create an elevated experience for the end-users. Think of it as a way to highlight not only the property that you are selling but your whole brand as a whole.

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By: Frank DePino

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