Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples

Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples – 10 Winning Ad Campaigns

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Analyzing real estate Facebook ad examples enables you to run targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Many industry professionals use them to generate quality leads, listings, and sales. They’re also highly customizable on many levels while being cost-efficient. In this article, we explore how to get more leads from Facebook ads.

A  lot of thought and preparation goes into the production of successful real estate Facebook ads. You first need to determine your objectives and target audience. Once you know what these are, you can start assembling the copy and visuals. Effective real estate Facebook ad examples grab the reader’s attention, are relevant, persuasive, and include a call to action (CTA). Another great strategy is to use testimonials from actual clients, otherwise known as social proof. When these elements are ready, you can upload and configure your ad settings on Facebook.

In this post, we provide the top 10 real estate Facebook ads examples to make the learning curve easier. We also explore the potential of using Facebook ads in real estate, the qualities that good real estate Facebook ad examples should have, and possible campaign objectives.

11 of the Best Facebook Ad Real Estate Examples

Using Facebook ads for real estate marketing can help you reach a wider audience and keep your listings top of mind among potential buyers.

Gain inspiration from our favorite Facebook real estate ad examples to jumpstart your journey toward a consistent stream of traffic, leads, inquiries, brand awareness, and more.

1. Carousel Ad

Carousel Real Estate Ads by Odamis Martinez Global Real Estate Advisor

You may not have that much space for showcasing different pictures but you can use carousel ads that cycle through different images. This way, you can share different images instead of having to select only one.

2. Virtual Video Tour

A virtual tour of the apartment proposed as creative on Facebook ads

Did you know that 67% of home buyers expect to see a virtual tour on a listing?

Give people what they want with immersive video ads. Since they can see the property without visiting it, it could nudge them into taking the next step in their home-buying journey.

Pro tip: This is actually one of the best ways to sell luxury real estate!

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3. Incorporate Video Testimonials

A testimonial video used to promote an apartment on Facebook ads

Did you know that 72% of people find customer testimonials more credible? Real Estate Rescue combined a video ad with a testimonial (social proof) to demonstrate their client’s satisfaction with their service. This technique is also a way to establish credibility, build trust, generate leads, and convert prospects into customers.

4. Thumbnail With Key Statistics

Birdsong Real Estate ads shares its market statistics for the third quarter.

Statistics can help you establish yourself as a credible authority as many real estate Facebook ad examples show. This real estate company gave a quarterly market update to help users understand the demand for housing in the area and make more informed purchasing decisions.

5. User-generated Content

Real Estate Ads of Joseph Speakman, Realtor shows the latest review from his agent.

Grow a positive reputation in the housing market by publishing client reviews as this realtor did. It will become your most valuable currency as it will show prospective home buyers that you’re the right choice.

You may reach a point where you don’t even have to “sell” yourself to make them choose you over your competitors.

That’s why it’s one of the best forms of real estate agent advertising!

6. Informative Infographics

Boston Real Estate ads show the locations and value of each home.

Optimize readability with informative infographics. They’re also perfect for making complex data easy to consume as this ad on “what your home is worth in today’s Massachusetts market” illustrates. It provides valuable data on market rate estimations throughout the Commonwealth without making the text seem boring.

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7. Before and After Photos

Ashley's Building and Remodeling real estate Facebook ads share the inside view of their houses.

You think a specific property has potential, but your prospects may not share that belief unless they see the changes brought to life. Convince them with a before-and-after render (or showcase your past work, like this business here) to persuade them.

8. Spotlight on the Neighborhood

Real estate Facebook ads of Era American Real Estate state the description and spotlight of their homes.

People look for the best features in properties, including the area where they’re built. So, if you’ve got a listing that matches their needs, put a spotlight on it by using an image of the listing that shows the neighborhood. You can also mention nearby amenities like schools, playgrounds, access to public transportation, and more.

The best real estate Facebook ad examples lead users to an optimized landing page. If your website is not up to date, experts at our digital marketing agency Mediaboom can turn the tide in your favor by using website development strategies to improve the overall user experience (which is what we did for our real estate clients) .

9. Interactive Quiz

Makeda Real Estate ads video shows the home reviews for their houses.

Keep your target audienceengaged with fun and interactive quizzes that add to their knowledge of the real estate industry. It’s a great way to get people to click on your real estate ad and generate real estate leads for your listings.

10. Short Informative and Emotional Video

New informative and emotional listing video release by SmallTown Hunting Properties & Real Estate.

Don’t just sell the property; sell its potential. This ad shows the recreational benefits one can gain from buying the farm, such as deer and duck hunting. Highlight it as a good investment by cultivating a strong emotional connection.

JW Marriott Case Study

Social media ads specialist create a new list for their real estate ads campaign.

But don’t just create an ad and leave it at that! You must also use engaging videos for a more immersive experience. Our digital marketing agency created a carefully designed website with videos for JW Marriott which led to a 200%+ increase in traffic.

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Do Facebook Ads Work for Real Estate?

Several industries use social media to promote and grow their businesses. Real estate is no different. The advantages of these online platforms allow realtors and other professionals to showcase their listings, communicate with clients, gather leads, and more.

To make the case we’re trying to make even more compelling, let’s take a look at the numbers. Most people spend 35 minutes a day on Facebook. Meanwhile, A survey by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 89% of respondents use Facebook for their business. Sixty-three percent of them said they use it to promote listings while 46% believe that social media is the best tool for getting quality real estate leads.

So, yes, Facebook ads for real estate work as long as you know what you’re doing. Many firms have benefitted from them and so can you.

The real estate manager reviews the company's Facebook ads campaign.

Qualities of Effective Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Let’s say you want to create your own examples of real estate Facebook ads, what qualities should you aim for?

Eye-catching Image or Video

People remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. So, whether you’re planning to use video ads or still images, make them eye-catching and interesting.


Marketing campaigns can only be successful if they’re relevant to their target audiences. Ensure relevance by learning about your potential customers and their needs. What types of properties are they looking for? Which qualities appeal most to them? What are their common concerns?

By answering and addressing these needs, you can create tailored ads that they’re more likely to respond to.

Persuasive Text, Positive Language

Take a look at the following headlines:

  • “2 BR Condo for Rent”
  • “2-Bedroom Luxury Condo With a 270-Degree View of the Mediterranean for Rent”

Persuasive and positive copy highlights the best features of what you’re selling. It knows what people like and puts those qualities front and center.

Another tactic you can use in your copy is storyselling, an approach that combines storytelling with real estate marketing. By telling a story, you can evoke emotions and create stronger connections with your potential clients.

GFI PARTNERS contact information

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

The call to action encourages the reader to do what you need them to. Some examples are:

  • “Contact a realtor.”
  • “Start your home search today.”
  • “Know what your property is worth.”

These are usually placed at the end of the Facebook ad as a last attempt to get the viewer to convert.

Targeted Segmentation

When it comes to ad targeting, Facebook is the gold standard. With it, you can select who sees your ads by specifying their demographics, locations, interests, income brackets, and even homeownership status!

GIF Partners shows informative information about their company from different devices.

Social Proof

Seventy percent of people will trust a recommendation, even when it comes from someone they don’t know. Meanwhile,  79% have watched a video testimonial to learn more about a company, product, or service while 57% visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews.

This shows how powerful social proof can be in real estate Facebook ad examples.

So, instead of singing praises about your experience and expertise, let your past clients do the heavy lifting for you. Share in-depth and emotionally driven reviews and testimonials with high-res photos and videos to show your accomplishments, build credibility and trustworthiness, and become the go-to authority for prospects.

The real estate owner received a message that the ads for his company had been launched.

The Goals of Facebook Ads Campaign for Real Estate

Facebook ads for real estate do more than advertise your listings and services. With the right KPIs (key performance indicators) in place, they can also be helpful for:

Lead Generation

Since Facebook ads allow you to specify a highly targeted demographic, you can generate high-quality leads for your real estate business.


Facebook and its PPC or pay-per-click campaigns can help you increase conversions.  The impact of its campaigns exceeds Google Ads. To give you an idea of its value, Google Ads has 22.96% of the market share.

Facebook ads have an average conversion rate of 9.21% across all industries. You can reap more of their benefits by offering valuable content, analyzing your ad performance, and optimizing your collateral to get the most from your ad spend.

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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is everything, and we don’t say that lightly. It’s what makes us associate instant noodles with Maggi, chocolate with Cadbury, etc.

If you want to reach a wider audience and make your name synonymous with the real estate industry, such as Houzeo,,, and Zillow, create a positive association with your brand by showcasing its unique selling points (USPs).

In your real estate Facebook ad examples, provide educational and informative content to gain your prospects’ attention.

Social media ads specialist creates a new ad for her real estate company.

Strategies To Support Your Real Estate Facebook Ads

Ads are effective. We’ve established that with real estate Facebook ad examples.

But you can combine them with other tried-and-tested strategies for maximum impact.

Create a Website

Seventy percent of brokers and their associates have a website. It’s a smart move considering that 97% of homebuyers go online to look for homes. More than half of them found properties that they eventually purchased. Hence, having your own website has become non-negotiable in today’s digital age.

While you’re at it, make sure to optimize your website for optimal lead generation.

A new website of GIF Partners access on different devices.

Invest in SEO

Want to generate a healthy flow of traffic? Use SEO to increase your online visibility. Real estate keywords, for example, can drive traffic to your website.

Use this strategy across your real estate marketing campaigns, including blogs, and other online marketing materials. This will increase your visibility on search engine results pages while growing your reach.

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Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing can give you an average ROI (return on investment) of 36% for every dollar spent. And that’s not even the full extent of its benefits!

If you add a simple CTA to your emails, you can increase your sales by 1617%. It’s a very promising statistic, but make your CTA noticeable to increase your click-through rate.

Real estate agents discuss home features and designs with their clients.

FAQs About Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples

Do Facebook ads work for real estate?

Facebook ads can provide business growth. They allow you to showcase listings to targeted users so you can generate high-quality leads.

How much do Facebook ads cost for real estate?

The exact figure will depend on competition and conversion rates. Expect to spend anywhere between $4 and $100 per lead from the best real estate Facebook ads examples. When you consider that the average CPC (cost-per-click) is only $1.81, it can be a pretty cost-effective strategy.

How do I get more leads in real estate from Facebook ads?

Audience segmentation and quality content help, but few compare to videos which have a potential reach of around 92%!

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