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Real Estate Agent Advertising – 8 Steps to Dominate the Market

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Real estate agent advertising is one of the more critical aspects of attaining success as an agent. Whether you gain customers from word of mouth, or from printed ads, you’ll need to establish a plan for your advertising to convert money spent on advertising into happy customers.

Real Estate Agent Advertising is a combination of various different methods of advertising in both digital and print mediums to create a strong brand image. The advertising materials used should be targeted toward the intended audience and create an image that is memorable in the mind of potential customers. Both time and money need to be invested into real estate agent advertising to generate leads and result in a positive ROI.

Are you unsure where to begin with your real estate agent advertising? Read on to discover all the essential aspects of advertising in the real estate business and tips and tricks for attracting more new customers.

Real estate agent advertising – why is it important

It can be easy as a real estate agent to brush off advertising and hope that clients will find you on their own. But the reality is, it is very unlikely you will have a steady string of customers without investing in advertising.

Advertising helps you create a physical and digital image for your personal brand, which in an industry as saturated as the real estate industry, is critical for being successful. Not only that but not everyone you will advertise to is currently buying a home. Spending time on advertising ensures that when they are ready to buy a house, they will consider using you as their agent.

Even if the people you come in contact with aren’t looking to buy a home directly, there is a large chance they may know someone who is looking to buy a place. They can refer their friend or family member to you, which is easier to do when you have advertising materials and a plan for lead retention.

Real estate agent advertising – online focus

Technology is becoming increasingly important in the everyday lives of individuals around the globe, meaning all real estate agent advertising should include some sort of online focus. Below are some real estate agent advertising examples for the online focus portion of your advertising.

1. Local advertising strategies

Many local businesses have Facebook or Instagram pages and they may be willing to feature your business on theirs. While this may help you bring in some local business, you’ll need to be careful of the businesses you choose to associate with. Some businesses can polarize customers, especially if others see you associating with that business.

A prime example of this is the business Chik-Fil-A which has a cult following but also many boycotters because of its views on gay marriage.

A second local advertising strategy is to have current events and images of the area you sell homes in on your website also known as location based advertising. You can also sponsor a local event, as individuals wanting to see information about said event may find themselves on your site in the process.

Creativity used by real estate agents on Facebook Ads

2. Facebook Ads

One of the more simple ways of investing in real estate agent advertising is to purchase paid ads for your Facebook page via a Facebook ad campaign. This method does require having a Facebook page in advance, but it is fairly easy to set up from there.

Keep in mind that Facebook is mostly used by baby boomers and generation X, so while this is a simple advertising method, it can’t be the only one you use as it will restrict your audience.

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3. Instagram Ads

A good pairing with Facebook ads is Instagram ads. Not only are both of these platforms manned by Meta, but you’ll gain a following which spans more generations. Instagram is attractive to Millennials, who generally avoid Facebook, so your ads will reach a wide audience when you purchase ads on this platform.

The downside of Instagram ads is that you often have to format them differently than Facebook ads and need a bit more design skill to truly create an effective ad.

4. Google Ads

Google ads are an excellent method of real estate agent advertising because almost every individual uses Google at some point in their day. Of course, it also has its downsides as it is more expensive than other methods, and there is a lot of competition to have your ad viewed.

Additionally, Google ads for real estate may make it more difficult to target a specific audience in comparison to other methods because the audience is so broad. People in other countries who have no interest in buying property in your state may see your ad and click, costing you money without bringing you a potential client.

Some properties have been listed for sale on

5. Website Directory

Many individuals start their home search on a directory website like Zillow or Consider sharing your property and information on these sites. If someone messages you about a property, connect with them in hopes of having them use you as an agent.

Even if they don’t end up purchasing the property on the listing where they found you, you may have other properties you can sell them. Usually, this method is pretty simple, though listing your property on a directory website may involve an associated charge.

6. Email Marketing

Although most people start their home-buying journey on a directory website, email marketing is still a powerful tool. Develop a newsletter, or a monthly email of available properties and send it to everyone on your email list.

This real estate agent advertising method is quite simple. However, it demands substantial work on your part. You need to create an appealing newsletter and email. The goal is to attract clients, not land in their junk mail.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, Mediaboom is here to help. We can help with all aspects of online advertising from your real estate website to your social media platforms. Contact us today to get started on the perfect real estate advertisement for you!

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Real estate agent advertising – Print advertising

Online advertising is crucial in this digital age. Yet, print advertising is still essential. It’s needed to capture potential clients less connected to the world wide web. Below we discuss several approaches to print advertising:

1. Flyers and printed material

In a case study for Millenium Tower, Mediaboom came to the conclusion that high quality printed materials were a must when it came to attracting customers to luxury real estate properties. While it is typically easy to order printed materials, it is critical to take the time to design the materials to effortlessly display the brand image you are trying to sell to successfully target your audience.

Designing and creating printed materials is your first task. Once done, you can easily distribute them. Individuals will keep these materials. They’ll use them when they require your services.

2. Business cards

One of these materials should be a premium business card which clients are proud to hold onto. If your business cards lack personality and class, they will be tossed in the trash. Spend time designing a business card. It should ideally mirror the experience of working with you, a real estate agent. If made with care, business cards have the ability to continue generating leads for your business for years to come.

3. Branded Gadgets

The last aspect of print marketing involves branded gadgets, which potential clients can hold onto even more easily. These items are pens or diaries. They hold value for the user, enticing them. They’re placed on desks or used daily.

Ensure you have a beautiful and eye-catching design that is small enough to print on the surface of a pen. Then hand out these items to your target audience. This strategy isn’t immediate, but it helps generate long-term leads. It’s similar to a real estate website’s function.

Need help perfecting your print real estate agent advertising? Mediaboom can help with everything you need, whether it’s design work or knowing where to order the best products. Contact us today for a custom quote to kick off your advertising.

The advertising specialist is studying a strategy to promote ownership of the real estate agent

9 Best Practices to Support Your Real Estate Advertising

Before exploring real estate agent advertising examples, consider a few best practices. These apply to any kind of advertising.

1. Target Audience Understanding

The number one rule of advertising is to know your target audience before you begin. Otherwise, you may invest time and money in ads. These might not attract the clients you aim to serve.

2. Strong and Consistent Branding

The final goal of any sort of advertising is to create brand recognition in your target audience. It’s impossible to create brand recognition unless you have strong and consistent branding to present to potential customers. Spend time and money on your brand. Ensure it delivers the exact message you want. Also, ensure consistency with other real estate agent advertising methods.

3. Create a beautifully designed website

Having a beautifully designed website is critical: it provides a destination for those interested in your services. Here, they can learn more. While a phone number is good, you can’t always answer, a website is somewhere which is open 24/7.

In one of our case studies, we found out that having a website with great design contributed to a 46% increase in return visitors. This means that if you design your real estate website to match your brand, you may see results. This could lead to a drastic increase in clients.

Need help designing your website? Mediaboom is knowledgeable about real estate advertisements and ready to help. Contact us to get started.

4. Include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your strategy

Of course you can’t hope to get your website any visitors at all without applying SEO to your advertising strategy. SEO aligns your content with Google, so when people are looking for your services, you will show up in the Google search results and potential customers can find your website with ease.

One study published on the International Journal of Services Economics and Management found that SEO marketing was the number one method to bring new visitors to a site and that it often performed better at audience targeting than comparable methods.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is important for real estate agents because it is part of building your brand and boosting engagement. People don’t need real estate agents as often as they need other products like food and clothing, because most people one buy one house per decade. Therefore it is critical that you are at the forefront of your followers’ minds when it is time for them to purchase a property.

Content marketing like a newsletter, sharing relevant articles about your real estate area, and social media posts on Facebook and Instagram are all part of building your brand. These items can also act as a call to action for those who may be on the fence about buying a property but haven’t done so yet.

6. Use of High-Quality Visuals

You can’t sell a product unseen, so ensure you spend time creating high quality photos and visuals of both yourself and the properties you are selling or have sold in the past.

The real estate agent is responding to the great reviews his clients have gained through advertising

7. Client Testimonials and Reviews

Most people only use a real estate agent a few times in their life, thus client testimonials and reviews should be one of your priorities. Client reviews will show other potential clients that you are pleasant to work with and get the job done.

8. Retargeting Campaigns

While most people don’t buy a home every year, retargeting campaigns can help remind customers of your services so they can refer you to a friend or family member. Plus, in enough years, they may need to buy another property!

9. Compelling call to action

Remember, just having a client look at your website isn’t enough. You also need a call to action to get them to act! Use positive words and be sure to highlight what you can do for the client so they know you are the best choice.

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No matter what kind of real estate agent advertising you want to employ for your brand image, Mediaboom can do it all. We can design digital advertisements, help with content marketing or design beautiful print advertising. Contact us today to learn more and get started creating your brand!

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