How Retargeted Ads Will Transform Your Online Marketing

By: Frank DePino | June 12, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to get better ROI on your marketing and more engagement from your ads, you should consider retargeted advertising.

This type of advertising has gotten very popular in the last few years and with good reason. At first, it was mainly used by major brands. Now, however, small and midsize businesses are starting to see the many advantages of running retargeted ads.

Let’s look at how this type of advertising works, the main types of retargeted ads, and why this strategy is a good idea for your business.

Why Use Retargeted Ads?

One of the biggest challenges you face when advertising is that even when people show an interest in your website or products, they tend to click away without buying anything. To use marketing terminology, they abandon your funnel.

Retargeting is a way to remind such people to return. Most people today are familiar with seeing ads after viewing a product on Amazon or another website.

Such retargeted ads are helpful because they’re aimed at people who have already demonstrated an interest in the product.

Still unsure as to why your brand should consider retargeting? Here are some reasons:

  • Better click-throughs and conversions: There are many studies confirming this but one of the most impressive stats is that the click-through rates for retargeted display ads are 10x higher than for regular display ads! This goes back to the business principle that people are more likely to buy something when they’re familiar with it.
  • Make multiple sales or upsells: Retargeting not only helps you gain customers who have abandoned your website. It can also help you get additional sales from people who actually bought something from you. In many cases, when someone buys something, they might also need a related product or upsell. That’s why Amazon automatically recommends related products whenever someone visits a product page. Retargeting previous customers increases the chances that they’ll return to your site for something else.
  • Increases brand recognition: Retargeted advertising not only increases engagement, it contributes to brand recognition and even adds to your company’s prestige. This type of marketing is still relatively new and people often associate it with large brands. It’s the same logic that large companies use when they spend money on TV commercials and large ads in print publications. The nice thing about retargeted online advertising is that it’s affordable even for companies with smaller budgets. When someone sees your ad multiple times, it makes you look like a serious contender in your industry.

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Types of Retargeted Advertising

There are several types of retargeted ads. Depending on the type of marketing you do, you may want to try one or more of these methods.

  • Website Retargeting: This is the most commonly practiced type of retargeting. It shows your ad to people who have visited your website recently. It works by using cookies that track visitors. Ads can be targeted to specific pages, such as product pages on an e-commerce site.
  • Email Retargeting: If you do any email marketing, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with retargeting. One of the best ways to use this is by emailing people who’ve abandoned their shopping carts. It’s very common for customers to shop, place items in their baskets, and simply forget about them. Some studies place shopping cart abandonment as high as 87%. Wouldn’t you like to get back some of these customers? This is one of the most highly targeted types of campaigns as the shoppers were interested enough to put items in their shopping cart.
  • Search Retargeting: This is similar to website retargeting but is a little less precise. Rather than targeting visitors to your website, this method targets people who have performed searches relevant to your business. This is somewhat similar to traditional pay-per-click advertising where you bid on keywords. In this case, however, it’s less direct. Rather than having your listing appear in paid search results on Google (or another PPC platform), search retargeting causes people to see your ad on a third-party site.

Where to Use Retargeted Ads

There are now quite a few choices for retargeted campaigns. The most popular platforms are Google and Facebook.

On Google, this type of advertising is called remarketing and it’s part of the Google Display Network. Because this includes such a vast number of websites, your ad might appear almost anywhere, even on an unrelated site.

This isn’t a bad thing as your ad will still be targeted to people who have visited your website or done a relevant search.

Another option for retargeting is social media. If you use Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that suggested posts often correspond to searches you’ve done recently.

Facebook is good for segmenting your audience based on factors such as location, age, gender, and interests.

Twitter and LinkedIn are also platforms on which you can retarget.

Depending on your audience, you may find one or more of these social media sites profitable for your campaigns.

Where to Send Retargeted Customers

As noted, there are many benefits to retargeting. How you use it depends on your goals.

Once you decide what type of retargeting to use and where to advertise, you also have to choose where you want to send your traffic.

  • Product Pages: This is for getting customers to buy your product when they click on your ad. This is effective for physical products or simple and low-cost services that don’t require a great deal of educating. You can make such ads more enticing by including a coupon code so customers save money by making a purchase right away.
  • Lead Generation: For some products or services, it’s more helpful to generate leads rather than to try to make a sale immediately. You may send traffic to an opt-in form for your email list or to entice people to sign up for a free trial.
  • Promoting Content: You may want to send prospects to organic content rather than a product or sales page. It’s useful for building authority, getting more traffic to your website, or educating your audience. You might send someone to a blog post, video, webinar, or any type of content you want to promote.

Get More From Your Advertising With Retargeting

If you haven’t used retargeted ads, this can be a tool to help you get better results from your campaigns.

It makes sense to direct ads at people who have already shown an interest in your business. As with any type of advertising, it’s important to choose the best platforms and test your results.

Some businesses may do better on Google, while for others LinkedIn or Facebook is a better choice.

You also have to decide whether it’s best to retarget people to product ads, opt-in pages, or organic content. Retargeting gives you many options to get better results from your marketing.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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