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PPC for Real Estate Investors – Never Run out of Leads

By: Frank DePino | September 29, 2023

Real estate is one of the top industries in the world, with an estimated worth of $9.6 trillion

Regardless, estimations show that the industry continues to grow rapidly. 

So, suppose you’re a real estate investor, and you’re looking to maximize your profits, you will need to understand the role of the internet in top-class advertising. 

If you’re new to real estate investment, learning how to run Pay-Per-Click campaigns goes a long way in determining how much you make and the amount of conversion you get. 

Getting a fast start in the industry requires knowing the nitty-gritty of the strategies that work. 

Also, if you’re an experienced real estate investor, this article will serve to help you understand how PPC and online ads work in detail. 

Irrespective of the reason you’re here, there are major takeaways for you. This article is a comprehensive guide on running effective PPC for real estate investors campaigns.

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What Is PPC And Why Do You Need It?

PPC means “pay-per-click”, and this depicts a type of direct marketing where you pay for the online advertisement of your business per click. This means that your business gains more visibility for every click over to your website’s URL. As such, PPC for real estate investors is an essential advertising tool because it allows you to tap into their target market directly. PPC can help you achieve the right positioning for this growing market.

Advantages of PPC Ads To A Real Estate Investor

PPC remains an effective marketing strategy because it offers numerous conversion advantages. 

As a real estate investor, your aim is to get people interested in your properties to take a look at what you have to offer. 

This only happens with strategies that can lead them to your website in the first place. Here are some of the most important advantages of PPC for real estate investors.

Instant Website Traffic

PPC attracts instant traffic to your website. This is unlike SEO, which seeks to drive traffic to your website by leveraging keywords. 

However, with PPC, all it needs is for readers to click the link to your website, and they land on your page. 

In marketing, an essential step to conversion is getting leads and attracting the potential audience to your website. PPC for real estate investors can help you do this seamlessly, especially when you make your ads with top platforms like Google.

Mediaboom shows the importance of measuring traffic through Google Analytics

Measurable Data

Understanding your data is important in advertising. 

You cannot afford to spend money when you don’t get measurable stats that provide context for the numbers you see on your analytics

This is an important feature of PPC that makes it a worthy venture when it comes to advertising your real estate services. 

Most PPC platforms offer you data analytics providing an adequate explanation of your data. Google provides a simple and visual analysis of your data, making it convenient to know the level of reach your ads have and the cost of each click.

Calculate Return On Investment (ROI) With Ease

The measurable nature of PPC makes it convenient for you to determine your ROI easily

Following a month of setting up your PPC campaign, you can have a fair representation of how much you spend on your leads. 

Most PPC platforms will provide you with the cost per click and the cost per lead. Suppose the cost of a lead is $200 and it requires 10 leads to get a conversion, this means you spend $2000 on every deal you land.

This measurable flow of operations allows you to determine your returns and see if your marketing strategy is sustainable. 

If, after your calculation, you make great profits despite the cost of the leads, then you should intensify more and maximize the strategy. 

However, if that isn’t the case, you also have time to revise your strategy.

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Easy To Improve Over Time

Since you can identify the ads that bring you great leads over time, you can decide how to concentrate your marketing strategy. 

This allows you to focus on the great ads that lead to swift conversion, thereby maximizing your returns and generating great benefits. 

Consequently, by revising your ad content, budget, audience, landing page, and campaign, you can considerably reduce the cost you expend on PPC. 

You Can Curate Your Target Audience

PPC for real estate investors allows you to reach specific demographics, and that’s great for conversion. 

For instance, for SEO marketing practices, the traffic you get works based on the data offered by the analytics. 

Analytics will tell you people who look for products in your industry search for certain keywords. You infuse these keywords into the posts on your website to attract traffic. 

However, for PPC ads, you can determine the demographic to see your ads. 

You can do this by setting your ads campaign to be visible only to a particular demographic or on a specific platform. 

This improves your marketing efficiency and helps you narrow down your target audience to the right set of potential clients.

Some real estate investors have created optimized Google ADS advertising campaigns.

Designing Your Ads For Optimal Returns On Investment (ROI)

You advertise to make profits. When you invest in marketing strategies, you want to ensure you maximize the strategy. Making the most of your PPC campaign requires that you know some hacks.

Examine Your Account Structure

Your account structure is significant to profiting from your PPC. Therefore, when setting up your campaign, you should ensure you have a solid structure.

This makes it important to leverage the skills of expert marketers and strategists to set up your PPC campaign. 

Suppose your account structure is not adequately optimized, you will find it difficult to attain your desired conversion. Simultaneously, it will be difficult to improve upon your campaigns over time. 

This eventually affects your ROI and might end your PPC as a bad investment.

There are two essential things you need to optimize for effective PPC.


Start by ensuring you choose relevant themes for your campaigns. For each campaign, there are different ad groups focusing on the keywords you choose. You have to set your budget at the relevant campaign level. As such, you have to decide the campaign topics to which you will attach your ad budget.

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Ad Groups

These are subgroups under campaigns, and they are more specific. Although there is no limit to the number of ad groups you can set, it’s advisable you keep it manageable. This ensures you don’t overstretch your budget. Since each ad group contains about 20 keywords, you can keep the number of ad groups moderate and still achieve excellent ROI.

Use Relevant Keywords

The keywords you use to determine how valuable your PPC campaign will be. When choosing keywords, the most important thing is to contemplate people’s major needs when it comes to your industry. 

As a real estate investor, you will have to consider what potential clients are looking to buy, clarify, or know more about. 

Suppose you were buying, what would you search? What are the key phrases you will use?

You can get all these by searching through online engines and averaging the most searched keywords.

You can use Google keyword planner to get excellent match types and optimize your keywords. The planner also offers you the keywords that are most valuable to your business or industry.

Create Excellent Unique Selling Proposition

You are not the only real estate investor advertising on Google or whichever platform you choose. 

There are many people doing the same. Therefore, it’s important to have something that separates you from the rest. 

Such a thing or set of things are referred to as the unique value propositions of your business. 

You need to identify the unique value you offer and communicate such value excellently. To get the right USP, look at the needs of your potential clients and determine the incentives you can offer in solving them. 

This determines whether or not your pitch will be appealing when your ad pops up. 

Here are some of the things to consider: how fast can you submit appealing offers? What market value do you offer? What’s your turnaround time? What modes of payments do you support? 

What do you do that most other real estate investors don’t already do? If they already do those things, how are you doing them better?

A real estate investor has created very captivating and persuasive copy for his advertising.

Write Excellent Ad Copies

Ads should have their targets. 

Do not have a one-approach-fits-all when it comes to your ad copies. The keywords you choose for each ad group should communicate relevant information to the demographic therein. 

Also, you can create ad groups specifically for different demographics. 

For instance, you can create ad copies to address homeowners who intend to sell for direct cash or those who intend to sell without a realtor’s services. These are ad copies that speak directly to a set of people, improving the rate at which conversion occurs. 

Determine The Costs For Customer Acquisition

Improving your ROI means you have to understand every cost in your business. 

Your PPC for real estate investors campaign cost should not outweigh the profit you make. 

As such, you need to contemplate the cost you expend in acquiring customers and the cost you spend on your campaign.

A real estate investor has optimized his extensions and CTAs in the Google Ads campaign

Optimize Extensions And CTAs

Call-to-Actions are crucial to getting you the conversion you need. 

After selling your services, you have to include a CTA that triggers the reader to take action on the service you offer. Similarly, you have to optimize your extensions.

Google displays site link extensions based on the score of your quality. 

When you tick all necessary boxes with your campaign structure, you likely will get more space to display your site links. 

These links boost your click-through rate and reduce the CPC cost. With such links, potential buyers can contact you without even visiting your website. Essentially, this makes for improved efficiency.

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10 Real Estate Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your Real Estate Website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Choosing Your Platform

You’re spending on PPC to get the right results. 

This has a lot to do with the platform you choose. Choosing your platform requires that you know the best platforms to deliver effective PPC services for you as a real estate investor. 

So, where should you choose for your PPC campaign? The truth is that it all depends on your budget. 

While some people can choose to advertise across multiple platforms, it may be smarter to focus on the places that will earn you the best conversions. 

As such, you must start by identifying the platform that houses most of your potential buyers. You can run your PPC campaign on Facebook, Google, Bing, Reddit, LinkedIn, among others. 

But some are more effective.

Facebook offers cheaper PPC services. You may be tempted to jump at this. 

However, although Google can be costlier than Facebook, it offers highly effective results. 

The affordable cost-per-click that Facebook offers home buyers may take relatively more clicks to trigger a conversion. This is because Facebook doesn’t offer immediate results as home/property buyers are searching.

On the flip slide, Google is a direct search engine that brings you results for the keywords you search. 

It offers a more immediate effect and has the likelihood of triggering conversion with fewer clicks. So, while Google may cost more, it’s because it’s more cost-effective and gets you the needed conversion.

Irrespective, if you have a sufficient budget, your best bet is to test these two platforms over a specific period to see which delivers the best results. 

Mediabooom shows how it optimized a Google Ads campaign for its real estate client

Why Google Is Highly Effective For PPC Campaigns

Google allows you to have complete autonomy over your leads. You can choose to bid for the specific keywords you want, or you can let Google do it for you. 

In addition, the bidding feature allows you to use your budget to determine your max cost-per-click. The platform has also incorporated the smart bidding feature, which automates the bidding process to make it easy.

Also, Google makes it seamless to calculate your returns, which is often a problem with many advertising platforms. The platform offers you numerous metrics to track your ad growth.

Google helps you eliminate negative keywords, thereby ensuring you don’t spend money on traffic that doesn’t serve you. So, traffic that won’t lead to conversion won’t make it into your website.

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The real estate industry continues to witness significant growth every day. 

The more it grows, the more competitive it gets. If you’re looking to stand out in the industry, you will need to invest in marketing practices with proven evidence of triggering conversion. 

PPC campaigns stand out in this regard. With this article, you know how best to utilize the strategy to become visible to your potential clients. 

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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