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Video Ads – How Brands Can Benefit From Engaging Video Ads

By: Frank DePino | July 20, 2023

Video ads are a tool marketers have relied on in growing numbers to increase their brand and audience. This advertising format is effective across various industries. What are video ads, and how do you run an ad campaign?

Video ads are short or longer-form advertisements promoting a company, product, and/or service. They primarily appear on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. To launch a video advertising campaign, you must know your audience. Next, select a platform and track ad metrics. You can also hire a web agency for your ads.

This guide to video advertising will explore the benefits and available platforms. We’ll also share incredible ad examples across industries to showcase the power of video.

Benefits and Trends About Video Ads

With 1.5 billion videos watched per day on YouTube alone, video has become a more integral part of marketing and advertising than ever. Here are some pertinent trends in video advertising.

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They’re Mostly Seen Via Mobile

With mobile ad spending exceeding $413 billion by the mid-2020s, according to Luisa Zhou, it should come as no surprise that most of your audience will see a video ad on their smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches, not a computer.

Zhou mentions that 51 percent of web traffic worldwide occurs on mobile devices, and that includes watching video ads. Your ad must be made for mobile with an appropriate aspect ratio, catchy content that grabs attention fast, and a reasonable length.

They Hold Attention Better Than Text

Video content holds a user’s attention and engagement better than text. It’s likely because the brain processes text slower than visuals, so video has a bigger impact.

Animation company IdeaRocket reports that online users click a video ad 27x more than non-animated banner ads.

They’re Fundamental Assets for a Sale

Video advertisements drive sales, and data proves it. Marketing resource Oberlo states that marketing companies that use videos have increased their annual rate of qualified leads by 66 percent.

More so, 92 percent of the marketers surveyed correlated a better ROI with the use of video ads.

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What Are the Goals of Video Ads?

Video advertisements have myriad goals for marketers, so let’s explore.

Brand Awareness

A video can act as a succinct introduction to a brand when posted on a social media platform or website. An appealing video will inspire curiosity in the viewer, so they might feel inspired to learn more by clicking a link and visiting your website.

The workers review the ads for their brands

Lead Generation

Once a lead clicks your site, you should have opt-in forms and lead magnets ready to go. The rest of the site should be designed for ease of use, with an attractive design, simple navigation, clear menus, and important information above the fold.


The enticing lead magnets should motivate a lead to sign up for your company’s email newsletter, thus beginning a nurturing, education, and engagement campaign to ultimately inspire their first purchase.

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Which Platforms Can You Use for Video Ads?

Video advertisements are suitable for these social media platforms.


The video giant YouTube offers marketers a variety of ads to choose from to reach audiences at the right moment, including through its Google video partners. The types of video ads you can use on the platform include:

  • Masthead ads designed to increase product or service awareness for a limited period
  • Outstream ads, which appear on a video partner website instead of YouTube
  • Bumper ads, six-second (or under) ads that go before, during, or after a video
  • In-feed ads in search results and beside related videos
  • Non-skippable or skippable in-stream ads that play before, during, or after video content


Facebook remains the largest social media platform, so using its video advertising could be key to achieving your marketing goals. You can create an in-stream video ad, an ad that plays as users scroll through their timeline, or story ads.

Instagram account with total posts, followers and following. Also, has a featured images.


The visual social platform Instagram has become popular for showcasing short videos recently, so a video advertisement would look right at home. Although Instagram lets you create 60-minute ads, yours should be far shorter.


More brands on jumping on the TikTok bandwagon. Here are the available ad types you can select from:

  • Spark ads make one of your TikTok videos the ad
  • TopView ads that appear at the top of a user’s feed
  • In-feed ads that appear further down the feed and look like native content

Which KPIs Should You Consider When Running Video Ads?

Determining the success of your video advertising campaign requires tracking these metrics:

  • Total views, an overview of the total number of accumulated views on a video
  • Unique views, which are the number of first-time viewers on an ad
  • Watch time, which is how long viewers spend on the ad
  • Completion rate, a KPI indicating how many viewers completed the ad
  • Dropout rate, which tells you how many people dropped out before finishing the video
  • Click-through rate or CTR, which refers to the number of times someone clicks to see your video
  • Shares
  • Comments and feedback
  • Conversions
  • Cost per view, which is how much you spend for a view
  • ROI, which is compared against the CPV to determine how much profit your ads generated
  • Video engagement rate, which you can calculate by dividing engagement by impressions 
  • Frequency

Could your video advertising campaign use better metrics? Mediaboom’s advertising services can build stronger, more engaging campaigns. Give your video campaigns the boost they need.

Video Ad Ideas – 5 Examples for Campaign Ideation

To help you plan the backbone of your next video ad campaign, we’ve gathered premier examples of ads across the luxury, real estate, and financial services markets.

Luxury Industry Examples

1. Cartier

In 2016, luxury fashion brand Cartier worked with Motivate Val Morgan, a cinema advertising company, to put together an exquisite advertisement showcasing the product’s diamonds.

The whimsical take on the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is jazzy and playful, the lyrics underscoring the value of a diamond and the beauty of Cartier’s jewels on display all the while.

2. Dior

Equally as iconic is Dior’s perfume film called And You, What Would You Do For Love? Emmanuel Cosu directed the clip, which stars actress Natalie Portman. Although less than a minute long, the ad is beloved for its nonlinear storytelling.

Audiences still rave about this ad more than five years after it was published and after many other Dior ads have come out since.

Mediaboom can help your luxury brand craft meaningful marketing campaigns that get people talking. Plan your next masterpiece today.

Real Estate Examples

3. Futuro Avenue

Home tours give buyers a glimpse into a property without having to schedule a showing. Futuro Avenue spotlighted this home in a unique manner, giving the tour a cinematic twist. The 4K video for Williams Luxury Property was shot on a Sony FX6 camera.

Life in Adelaide Hills comes to life in a tantalizing view. Over-the-shoulder shots make the home feel like it’s already yours, which is a smart advertising tactic.

Mediaboom specializes in the luxury real estate market, working with developers to increase revenue and achieve other goals. Plan a more powerful campaign with our five-star marketing and advertising services.

Insurance Examples

4. AIG My Amazing Mom

AIG, a major insurance brand, pulled on the heartstrings with its ad called My Amazing Mom. The video is shot in a pandemic-era classroom and features a girl gushing about her mother, who is shown in the video.

After the student is finished, the teacher asks what the mother does, and the daughter explains that her mother is a financial advisor. The commercial successfully paints financial advisors as helpful professionals in a natural way.

5. Progressive

Progressive is the master of video ads, but its Monster To-Do is one of its simplest and most poignant. It showcases a busy small business owner being followed around by a monster made of Post-It notes, constantly sticking new tasks for him to do.

The small business owner chooses Progressive, one less task on his massive to-do list.

Mediaboom’s insurance marketing services can be your video ad maker to promote a product or service. Explore professional video creation.

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Hire a Web Agency to Run Your Video Ads

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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