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11 of the Best Examples in Venture Capital Website Design

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2024

According to job resource Toptal, in 2018, venture capital investments totaled $254 billion, which was spread across 18,000 startups. In 2020, at least as of the first two months of the year, Alley Watch notes early-stage funding in the United States amounts to $242 million. That said, with the tally completed so early in the year, it seems likely the numbers will outpace 2018’s by a large margin.

If you’re a venture capital firm seeking to follow the market trends and grow in 2020, it all begins with a fantastic website. Today’s most buzzworthy venture capital websites are those that are expertly branded. These sites also have just enough pages and menus as necessary.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of planning your website or you’re rebranding it, having some examples as inspiration is always nice. That’s why we dug around to find 10 of the best venture capital firm website designs for your perusal. 

1. Argonautic

Elegant design to transmit trust to entrepreneurs – Mediaboom Project


The design exudes sophistication and finesse, featuring a blend of dark and light tones. The creative aspect primarily focuses on the video showcased in the slider, which is accompanied by a compelling call to action. The typography is crisp and modern, making it easy to read and adding to the overall sense of sophistication.


The homepage prominently displays an “investing” call to action. By clicking this button, users can explore various investment examples executed by Argonautic.


A dedicated section for the portfolio can be found on the website, enabling prospective clients to discover the comprehensive list of partners who have utilized Argonautic’s services

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2. Crosscut 

Stand out with Santa Monica-based firm, Crosscut's clean and bright website design.

Story-based content reminds you that you’re dealing with people

Crosscut is a Santa Monica-based firm with a clean, bright website design. The appealing graphics and diagonal color-blocking to match the Crosscut name are just part of what makes them stand out.

Here’s what else is so great about their website. 

Human Elements

With so many venture capital firms on the market, sometimes it’s easy to forget that real people are behind every one of them. Crosscut puts that human focus at the forefront. As you scroll through their homepage, you see photos of people interacting together. 

Social Proof

The founders’ section features photos and quotes from other company founders praising Crosscut. Not only does this add to the human elements as described above, but it vouches for Crosscut’s services. So too does its extensive list of partners. 

Easy Navigation

Crosscut doesn’t make it hard to get around on their website. They have six menu items: Companies, Team, Approach, Stories, Press, and Contact. Besides Stories–another word for their blog–all are very straightforward. 

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3. Space Angels

Space Angel's website nails their brand by showcasing a space-explorer theme through background, animations, and a menu named expedition.

Space-themed branding suitable for the firm’s name

Upon first glance at Space Angel’s website, you might think you’ve stumbled upon a site for an aeronautical company, not a venture capital firm. That’s part of what makes this website such a winner. 

Appropriate Theming and Branding 

You can’t call your company Space Angels and not brand it as such. Everything is in-tune here, from the background with the comic-like render of space explorers to a menu called Expedition, which is complete with an animation of a spinning earth. 

Of course, it’s important to note that Space Angels does deal in space venture capital. A wild branding scheme only works if your company does what the branding implies. Otherwise, you’ll confuse and turn off your customers.

Video Elements

If you’re visiting a website for the first time, would you rather watch an introductory video or poke around aimlessly at the menus? Most people would say the former. 

Space Angels has a video front and center on their homepage. It’s not very long, only 1:03, and in it, you can quickly learn about the importance of investing in space.

Conversion Elements

Presumably, after you watch the video, you’ll feel more confident in your decision to work with Space Angels. That’s why the website features an “Apply for membership” button beneath white text asking “Ready to join?”

Even if you’re not quite ready, as you scroll down, the “Learn more” button will tell you all the great reasons why investing in space is such a good idea. 

4. Emergence

Venture Capital website design - an outstanding website design from Emergence.

Beautifully artistic renders of partners make them feel monumentally important 

As an early-stage venture capital firm, Emergence keeps their website simply designed with single-colored backgrounds. It’s the elements splashed across the pages that make things interesting. 

Partner Art Renders 

There are many ways to introduce your firm’s most valuable partners, but Emergence does it right. On the homepage, as you scroll along, you’ll come across several large artistic renders of various people. These are Emergence’s biggest partners, such as the founder of Zoom and the face behind 

You can click links to learn more about any of these inspiring partners, but the way Emergence portrays them is so fascinating. 

Stats and Numbers

Some venture capital firms may hide their numbers, but not Emergence. On their About page, they freely share such information as their IPOs exceeding $500 million, their portfolio companies, and their market cap of portfolio. 

Having this information upfront may incline you to do business with them.

5. Lux Capital

Venture capital website design - LuxCapital uses scientific elements for great branding.

Recurring scientific elements for great branding

Next, we’ve got a Silicon Valley gem, Lux Capital. Their website grabs you in a big way, so let’s discuss more now. 

Branded, Recurring Design Elements

You don’t have to guess the crux of Lux Capital’s business if you spend a moment on their homepage. Besides their explicit mentions of dealing in technology and science ventures, there are also photos and animated elements of such.

This can be a form of branding in and of itself. You don’t necessarily have to go to the lengths of Space Angels with custom artwork if it doesn’t feel natural for your venture capital firm. If a carousel of photos or animations suits you better but still gets the point across, then it’s more than sufficient.

Video Elements

Besides the animations, Lux also invites you into their world with a video smackdab in the middle of the homepage. The play button is in one corner of the giant X, with the X itself the animations while the unassuming background is pure white.

The play button placement really incentivizes you to click it.

Unique Navigation

Unlike most websites you come across, Lux Capital has its navigation bar on the left side of the website. That’s probably so it doesn’t interrupt the giant X-shaped video element, but it’s yet another part of the venture capital firm’s website that holds your attention. You can even search using the menu.

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6. Upfront Ventures

Upfront Ventures' simple yet cohesive website design uses vivid graphics with single-colored backgrounds,

Bright colors plus a pleasing design 

The early investment company Upfront Ventures in Los Angeles has a history dating back to 1996. The company has invested over $1 billion since then, but they still keep their website design modern, playful, and visually appealing.

Scaled-Back Web Design

Remember how earlier we mentioned that your venture capital website design shouldn’t be overly complicated if it doesn’t fit your business? Here’s an example of a firm that proves how simpler is better.

Upfront Ventures uses single-colored backgrounds against vivid graphics that change color from page to page. There’s never a lack of cohesion, though. 

Clean Mobile Design

Upfront’s mobile website almost looks better than its desktop version. Those single-colored backgrounds and large menu items are clean and graphically appealing. This will encourage first-time visitors to stay for a while. 

7. Coplex

Venture capital website design - Coplex's website has a straightforward CTA on a purple textured backdrop.

Multi-step process clearly explained makes it easy to join 

As venture builders, Coplex focuses on innovative enterprises and industry experts. Here’s a glimpse into their website. 

Well-Placed CTA Buttons 

Coplex doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to their CTAs. Against a purple textured backdrop is their red button that reads “Join our ecosystem.” This button takes you to an opt-in form you’d fill in to become a potential client.

Above that CTA button is a brief explanation of Coplex’s work that may drive some of its future clients to sign up. 

Clearly-Explained Process

If you want to learn a little more about how Coplex operates, they explain this transparently on their website. There, you’ll see three steps to follow to become a Coplex client.

The first step is build, the second is join, and the third is invest. There’s a “Learn more” link under the steps if you need a more thorough explanation of any of them. A well-thought element like this should boost conversions. 

8. Sequoia

Sequoia's website features a people-based design with familiar faces, highlighting their mission.

Colorful, memorable people-based design

Sequoia has locations in Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Menlo Park, California. If you want to take a page out of their book, here are all the elements that really make their website sing.

People-Based Design

You’ll see some familiar faces the moment you log onto the Sequoia homepage, such as Bill Gates and other visionaries. This plays up well with Sequoia’s headline: “We help the daring build legendary companies.”

This people-based theme doesn’t stop there. It’s a recurring one you’ll encounter as you scroll down. Like Emergence’s website, Sequoia highlights their partners in a big way. There are photos of each in black and white with details in red or teal blue. Circles, squares, wavy lines, and other elements are dotted throughout the black and white photo for a nice contrast.

Easy Navigation

Sequoia knows they have great visual elements, so they keep the rest of their website sparse so their graphics can shine. The menu has three categories: People, Build, and Companies. You can see more on the dropdown menu to the right of the homepage, like Jobs, Contact, and Legal. 

If you’re still looking for more information, use the search bar. 

Quick Logins

Once you become a client of Sequoia’s, logging in is fast and easy. On the side menu, underneath the three main menu items, you’ll see two smaller ones in gray text. The first one, Log in, lets you choose whether you’re a limited partner of a part of Sequoia Commons. You’re then redirected to the login page. 

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9. First Round

Venture capital website design -  A clean black and white design to look minimal.

It’s all about the name

Howard Morgan and Josh Kopelman are the founders of First Round in San Francisco. The company was established in 2004, so it’s another long-standing one. Let’s examine their website more closely. 

Name-Based Branding

What’s in a name? When you’re called First Round, a lot. This venture capital firm uses their name for their branding, such as on their homepage. It’s there that you see the statement in large, bold letters that proclaims “We’re called First Round for a reason.”

If your firm already has a great name, then play it up to the fullest on your website.


Another unique element on First Round’s website is their FAQs. These are right on the homepage if you scroll down far enough. You can read answers to questions about investment timing with First Round, the firm’s decision-making process, their investment process, and their terms. 

By the time you’re done combing through all these Q&As, you should be ready to get in touch with First Round as a potential partner. 

10. Polaris Partners

Polaris Partners: -a top-tier VC firm with a focus on healthcare and technology.

Understated design highlights important content

Polaris Partners is an expansive venture capital firm with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. They prioritize long-term partnerships in the realms of healthcare and technology. 

Here’s what their website looks like. 

Simple Design

Are you worried you went too basic with your venture capital website design? Polaris Partners shows how simplicity can work best. Their site has a white background and a few images here and there, but nothing overwhelming. This gives you an appealing site that’s a pleasure to navigate. 

Prioritizing Partnerships

You don’t have to look far to see the laundry list of partners Polaris has worked with and continues to do business with to this day. If you want to check out more than just those few examples, there’s a blue Portfolio button that lets you explore even more. 

11. Obvious

Obvious Ventures - Partnering with companies that reimagine trillion-dollar industries.

Full-screen elements you just can’t miss

Obvious Ventures is a San Francisco-based firm that partners with healthy living and food industries. Their site is a testament that going a little over the top with web design can work for some venture capital firms.

Animated Homepage

The entirety of Obvious Ventures’ homepage is one looping animation after another. These give you a clue into the kind of partners Obvious works with, as you see such images as a burger grilling, science equipment being produced, and even a team working on a tech project. 

Large Text 

Once you get past the animations, you’re greeted to large text headlines such as “Let’s reimagine trillion-dollar industries together.” Even if you were just casually scrolling through Obvious’ website, it’s impossible to miss a message such as this.

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Venture capital firms must do all they can to stand out from the competition. Besides exceptional service, you should also spiffy up your website so its design is functional and attractive. 

The 10 examples provided in this article prove that there’s not one particular way to excel at web design for your firm. Remember to choose the elements that feel the most “you” for a website that resonates with your audience.

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By: Frank DePino

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