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Financial Services Marketing Agency – 8 Reasons You Need One

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

What is it about your brand specifically that should make customers trust in you and work with you?

If you’re having a hard time answering those questions, then it may be best to hire a financial services marketing agency. What are the benefits of working with such an agency?

These are the top reasons you need to hire a financial services marketing agency:

  1. Identify potential leads by defining your target audience
  2. Segment new & existing lists to deliver the best information
  3. Create a strong online presence with a new website
  4. Become a source of insight with a content marketing strategy
  5. Run high converting paid ad campaigns
  6. Track, manage, and report on successful conversions
  7. Establish a consistent social media presence
  8. Reach client’s inboxes with email marketing

Ahead, we’ll elaborate on what an agency can do for your company. We’ll also talk more about the 8 reasons you’ll want to hire an agency.

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Reasons to Hire a Financial Services Marketing Agency

The following 8 areas of expertise show how you can redesign and rebrand your finance company from the ground up. Whether it’s one or several of these areas that are your weak points, you will soon fortify them all.

1. Identify potential leads by defining your target audience

Who is your target audience

These are the customers most in need of your services. Depending on the breadth of your financial services, you might identify several audience segments.

If your website and online branding only focus on one audience segment, then you’re missing so many leads who could convert if you appealed to them. 

Upon hiring a financial services marketing agency, they can review your current audience segments and help you refine who you should strive to convert.

2. Segment new & existing lists to deliver the best information

Once you define your target audience, you’ll want to segment them. 

You can sort your audience into buckets or categories based on all sorts of criteria besides the above.

For instance, segmentation by demographics includes areas like gender, age, level of education, whether the customer has children, their job title or field, and their income. 

You can also segment your audience geographically, especially if you’re a nationwide finance company or you work with customers internationally. 

Whether you opt for audience segmentation using demographics, geographics, or a combination of all three, your financial services marketing agency can do it. You’ll then have targeted audience groups that you can tailor content for. This increases the audience segment’s receptivity to your message. 

Those days of bounced emails might be behind you! 

3. Create a strong online presence with a new website

Today, your online presence is everything. 

Failing to make a splash on the web means you’re just another in a long list of websites showing up on a search engine results page. You must incentivize leads and customers alike to click onto your website and buy.

That begins by strengthening a weak online presence through your financial services marketing agency.

Now may be the time to ditch your current logo and/or color scheme and come up with something bolder and more reflective of what your company does. 

You should also establish a brand voice for consistency across your website, social media, and email communications. 

The design of your website is another crucial element of driving more traffic and increasing your customer base.

Whether you want to keep the bare bones of your website or start from scratch, you can rely on your financial services marketing agency for this job. You’ll have a professionally-designed, branded website that’s clear, concise, and visually appealing.

Users will have no problem finding the information they need, as navigation will be a breeze.

Your website is often a lead’s first introduction to your finance company. If the site is a mess, the lead will continue on to find another financial firm with a stronger presence. 

By redesigning and optimizing your site, you could enjoy increased lead generation, higher conversions, and more web traffic.  If you’re feeling stumped on how you can redo your website, we have more than 25 examples to inspire you.

4. Become a source of insight with a content marketing strategy

Content marketing today encompasses all forms of content, from the messages you send via email to social media posts, video posts, blog content, webinars, infographics, and the like. 

Once you have the kind of killer content that will make your financial services company shine, it can take you far.

For example, you can offer chapters of an eBook or a free resources checklist to your leads as a lead magnet when they land on your website. 

By publishing consistently great content, most search engines will laud your site. You might find that your content strategy boosts your SEO, putting your site closer and closer to that number one spot. 

You can also drive traffic to your website by cross-posting your content to your social media, or drive leads to your social pages through your website. 

Producing quality content is not a one-and-done, but with the guidance of your financial services marketing agency, you can create an editorial calendar so you can pump out consistently great content for months to come (or longer!).

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5. Run high converting paid ad campaigns

Another great reason to hire a financial services marketing agency is to get assistance with your company’s paid advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is one reliable means of spreading the word about your company.

Using services like Google Ads, your marketing agency can help you discover which keywords best suit your target audience and then guide you through the keyword phrase bidding process. 

Besides that area of expertise, an expert can also help you gain traction on social media with paid social media advertising. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook (through Facebook Ads), LinkedIn, and Twitter (through Twitter Ads) all offer paid advertising.

These ads often look like native posts that blend right into the user’s feed. 

6. Track, manage, and report on successful conversions

Analytics is one of the key parts of any solid marketing campaign, as without the data, it’s hard to say what’s working and what isn’t. 

You’d only be guessing, which is no way to build a strong, reliable approach that your customers will come to know and expect.

That’s why your financial services marketing agency will always use a conversion tracking system as your campaign is ongoing. This system lets the agency review where your leads are coming from, who’s converting, and who isn’t. 

According to marketing research site MarketingSherpa, the current conversion rate for financial services is 10 percent. That’s higher than any other industry cited except for media and publishing, which also has a healthy conversion rate of 10 percent. 

Aiming for that 10% conversion rate is a good goal, although you might not see results overnight. You should notice that your conversion rate starts inching up incrementally until it eventually does hit the target.

All along, the data will tell your marketing agency when to tweak your campaign and how so you can continue sending targeted messaging to your leads and customers alike. 

Mediaboom shows how it has developed a consistent presence on its social media

7. Establish a consistent social media presence

If you look at any of the big financial companies such as BNY Mellon or Berkshire Hathaway, you’ll notice that it’s rare for these companies to go more than a few days without posting across social media.

This isn’t just on one platform either, but every platform in which these companies have a presence.

The same must be true of your own finance company. 

However, posting just to post is an ill-advised plan. You can create a working social media strategy to maximize your presence across the biggest platforms. 

This plan will utilize your target audience research and dig deeper into the competition to see what they’re doing and what you should start doing too. Your content marketing will also come in handy here, as the great content you post on your blog or elsewhere can get shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like.

Paid advertising on social media can also increase traffic to your social pages, which should drive traffic to your website as well. 

Before you know it your social media presence will be like a well-oiled machine with consistently moving parts that reward you in many areas. 

8. Reach client’s inboxes with email marketing

The last area in which you can increase your conversion rate is with email marketing

If most emails you send go unopened, there are several likely reasons for that. Have you segmented your audience so they get tailored content that appeals to their interests, needs, and pain points? If not, that’s the first order of business.

You can also begin personalizing your emails so it seems like each message you send is written just for that customer or lead.

You can also get pointers on how to structure the body of your message, how many links to add, and when your audience might be most receptive to your emails. 

The emails your finance company sends should be informative, educational, and interesting. Once you can harness the power of email marketing, you’ll notice a boost in social media and website traffic, more conversions, and even more sales. 

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By: Frank DePino

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