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SEO for Private Equity Firms – Get Visibility and Traffic

By: Frank DePino | April 22, 2021

Are you an owner or marketer of a private equity firm and struggling with generating website traffic and search visibility? Well, you are not alone, and SEO for private equity firms is the perfect solution.

Generating new leads and sealing the deal is a cutthroat affair for private equity firms. The competition is fierce, and you must adapt to cutting-edge tactics to give your company a fighting chance. Therefore, SEO should be one of the top priorities of your marketing strategy.

What SEO tactics should Private Equity Firms utilize?

SEO for private equity firms is a useful strategy to improve a firm’s digital presence. SEO utilizes on-site and off-site SEO tactics like keyword optimization and Google Business Profile, respectively. Private equity firms that utilize content marketing and optimize for local and national SEO will also see an increase in traffic and search visibility.

81 percent of people search for their desired product and service online. SEO is the only solution if you want your equity firm to appear amongst those search engine results. People nowadays turn towards Google to find and learn about new investment opportunities, and appearing amongst the top Google searches can increase your chances of growing exponentially.

Let’s dive in.

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On-Site SEO for Private Equity Firms

An on-site SEO is a process that allows you to create a search-engine-friendly website. This strategy will enable you to focus on the optimization of various elements of your business website. This helps increase your website’s ranking amongst the search engine’s results and works as a catalyst to attract more valuable traffic.

That said, when you apply on-site SEO to your website, it requires you to optimize available content pertaining to every component found on your web pages.

Relevancy is probably an essential element of on-site SEO strategy to help you determine how relevant your website content is. For this, you have to know what the users’ search queries are when they look for private equity firms. 

So, let us look at some of the significant elements of on-site SEO optimization.

1. Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is all about keyword research.

This on-site SEO strategy enables you to research, analyze and select the best and most trending keywords related to private equity firms. Doing so will help you target the right audience and drive qualified organic traffic to your firm’s official website.

That said, keyword optimization is not one-time but an ongoing process.

The trends of search and priority of keywords used by the users keep on changing unpredictably. Therefore, in order to stay amongst the highest-ranking private equity firms on Google, you must keep track of the latest and trending keywords at all times.

The keyword optimization as SEO for private equity firms will be updating the content of your web pages using specific keywords. You will also need to create new pages by using “un-assigned keywords” within the text, and sometimes in videos and images too.

Launching a keyword-rich section on your websites, such as an educational portal or blog, can help a lot. Simply focus on the relevance of your textual elements to users’ search queries when it comes to the content on each page.

SEO for Private Equity Firms: an example of how to optimize titles and meta descriptions

2. Title tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt tags & more

Your title page is the first thing a user notices as soon as they find your website in their search results. This title will play a critical role in determining whether or not the user is going to click on your private equity firm’s website.

So, do not underestimate the power of title optimization when it comes to driving new traffic to your website. Make sure that your title tag is a detailed one and tells your audience exactly who you are and what they can expect from you.

You can use catchphrases relevant to private equity firms such as “Helping You Invest In Your Future” or “5 Investment Opportunities To Grow Your Wealth In 2021,” etc. Be creative and make sure to include as many keywords as possible; however, be logical instead of stuffing a title with keywords just for the sake of it.

Google will look for a keyword in your webpage’s title to help rank it. However, the user is going to look for the keyword to ensure that your page will answer their query. Title optimization, Meta description, and alt tags of your web pages are among the most effective on-site SEO techniques helping private equity firms improve their search engine rankings.

Remember, the better your ranking, the more traffic you will attract, which in turn will result in increased chances of sales conversion.

3. Sitemap Creation

Your sitemap is actually a blueprint of your company’s website. Your sitemap will assist search engines in navigating, finding, and indexing the content of your entire website. Moreover, it will also tell a search engine which of your website’s pages is more critical.

If you make any changes to the website, the sitemap will quickly inform the search engine about these changes. The better your website planning is, the easier it is for the search engine to browse through it and rank it higher for its user-friendliness.

To put it in a nutshell, your sitemap enhances your private equity firm’s website ranking in search engine results. If you wish to apply an effective SEO for private equity firms, then informed and organized sitemap creation can help.

The higher your search engine rankings are, the more visible your website will be to an exponential number of online users.

4. Properly Developed Website/Structure

Ensuring to incorporate a responsive design into your website means impeccable customer experience. Your target audience will be using various devices to access your website. Therefore, it is crucial for you to create a positive experience across all platforms, such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

In order to nail the on-site SEO for private equity firms, you will have to create a website with a responsive design optimized for mobile. You must also invest in a website with proper structure with well-defined pages, sections, and call-to-actions (CTAs).

A properly structured website will create a positive user experience as it will be easy to navigate. So, a good structure and the flexibility of your site to adapt to fit any device are the combinations you have to master.

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Off-Site SEO for Private Equity Firms

An off-site SEO is also known as Off-page SEO, which refers to any marketing strategies out of your private equity firm’s website. The off-site SEO impacts the overall ranking amongst Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

1. Google Business profile

Google Business Profile offers your private equity firm the opportunity to list your company’s location on Google-associated platforms such as Google Maps, local search results, and other partnered websites.

This way, your company will be able to display important business information, including name, address, contact information, website URL, opening and closing times.

Whenever a local user searches for a private equity firm, Google will display your listing dedicated to your business with all the above-mentioned details. You can claim and optimize your free profile on Google Business Profile.

Moreover, you can upload relevant videos about your products and services.

2. Business Listing

Apart from Google Business Profile, you can use other local and national business listing platforms to promote and showcase your private equity firms. These business listings can help increase the visibility of your private equity firm in your locale.

Not only can you provide essential information about your firm, but you also include reviews and testimonials from your satisfied customers. Think of these business listings as the digital version of the yellow pages. However, you can also engage with your existing and target audience and answer their queries and concerns in real time.

Some of the best business listings to help with off-site SEO are:

  • Bing Places
  • Foursquare
  • Yellow Pages
  • HotFrog
  • Yahoo!
  • Yelp
Reviews are important to improve the SEO performances of your private equity firm website

3. Reviews

Positive customer reviews can help build a stronger brand image amongst other search engine results. Whenever search engines such as Google prefers websites with multiple recent and positive reviews. It enables you to establish an authentic image of your private equity firm amongst the competition.

Did you know that 48 percent of customers visit a company website once they have read positive reviews from your existing clientele? This will help you boost more traffic to your website, increasing your chances to generate potential leads and converting them into sales.

Content Marketing for SEO

Your on-site SEO for private equity firms is one of the critical components to make it a success. Your content helps you attract the correct type of audience to your firm’s website, with higher chances for them to complete the desired CTAs.

You will not be able to get the most out of your SEO strategy unless you invest in content marketing.

Your content can range in various forms, such as web pages, e-books, tutorials, vlogs, blogs, etc. Moreover, you can publish multiple trending topics related to the private equity sector.

When you create the content, always do in-depth research to who your audience is and what type of information they are searching for online.

Thin content is not going to cut it anymore! If you wish to drive organic and relevant traffic to your website to generate leads, you must invest in creative content marketing offering value-added service to your clients.

Both national and local SEO should be taken into consideration for your private equity firm SEO strategy

National vs. Local SEO

National SEO refers to a digital marketing strategy to target a broader audience for growth on a national or international level. On the other hand, local SEO focuses on a limited or specific region to attract local customers.

The most significant difference between national and local SEO is the use of keywords. If your business offers services on a national level, a national SEO for private equity firms is the answer.

For this, you can use generic keywords as they are big enough to cover a wider audience and their needs irrespective of the locations.

So, whenever your customers search for a private equity firm online from anywhere in the country, your company’s name will appear amongst the top searches. This will give your business a bigger platform to attract a nationwide audience.

Local SEO

On the other hand, if you are a private equity firm offering services to a specific location, you must focus on local SEO optimization of your website and content. The localized keywords allow you to attract customers searching for products and services similar to what you offer.

Customers prefer to do business with someone local. Depending upon your needs, you can choose your precise keywords such as incorporating location, name of the city, state, and other landmarks or neighborhoods to your advantage.

For example, you can use keyword phrases such as “Private equity firm in (your state’s name) or “investment company in (name of your city), etc. You can use similar keywords with specific products’ or services’ names.

All you need is to be a little bit creative to formulate as many variations of keywords to use with your location. You can also use Google’s analytical tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, to find out the latest trending keywords to enhance your local SEO strategy.

Using such tools will also help you find the right localized keywords. Therefore, whenever someone searches for these trending keywords on Google, the search engine will return the name of your private equity firm based on the GPS location of the online searcher’s device or phone.

Moreover, your local SEO will allow Google to include private equity firms in its local searches for any search related to your sector. This way, any search related to your niche will increase local customers’ chances of learning about your services in the area.

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