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Why Do You Need a PPC Ads Agency to Grow Your Business?

By: Frank DePino | January 2, 2023

A pay-per-click or PPC ads agency ensures your company’s PPC campaigns run smoothly. With PPC spending on the rise for the average marketer, perhaps you should hire such an agency. What are the benefits?

Working with a PPC ads agency is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Saves you time
  • Ensures high-quality copywriting, ad design, and more
  • Access to targeted keywords your audience cares about
  • Can increase ROI
  • Detailed, precision reporting

This guide to PPC ad agencies will tell you everything you need to know. First, we’ll explain the services that an agency offers, including the various types of PPC ads. Then we’ll expound further on the above benefits and even tell you how to find the right PPC agency.

Let’s begin! 

PPC Agency at work in order to create a successful ad campaign

What Is PPC in Digital Marketing and How Does It Work?

As we touched on in the intro, PPC is short for pay-per-click. This is one advertising model on the Internet of many that are designed to direct traffic to a company’s website. 

Your company is the advertiser and the PPC ads agency, a website owner, or a search engine would be the publisher. In other words, you’re advertising your services but paying a third party to publish the advertisement.

When an Internet user finds your ad, they will likely click on it. They’re then redirected, usually to your website, but possibly also to a special landing page or even a social media page. 

Each time an Internet user clicks your ad, the advertiser (you) pays a fee to the publisher. You’re essentially paying for website traffic. 

Using PPC ads can be the only way you generate traffic to your website or used to augment organic visits. 

How much are you paying when a user clicks a PPC ad? This is where a PPC ads agency can help, as they can keep costs down. 

An efficient PPC advertising campaign is not going to be costly for a company like yours to pay for. 

Even if you’re paying for several dollars per click, if that click causes a lead to spend several hundred dollars and then convert into a customer who can spend hundreds or thousands more over time, then the money spent was worthwhile.

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Is Working with a PPC Ads Agency Worth It?

Now that you’re clearer on PPC advertising, your company may be eager to get started. Admittedly, you have no experience in PPC ads, but you want your next ad campaign to be a success.

Is hiring a PPC ads agency worth your while? Absolutely! 

Per the intro, here are the benefits of working with a professional ad agency.

Saves You Time

Your company has a marketing and sales department, but that’s not what your business deals in. You make products. 

The time you put into advertising takes away what could be spent on research and development, bug fixes, customer service, and product brainstorming.

When you hire a PPC ads agency, you can win back more of that time. You’ll have the bandwidth to further your company’s objectives while ensuring your ad campaigns excel with professional assistance.  

Guarantees High-Quality Copywriting and Design

Even if you place an ad in front of the perfect target audience, if the ad is riddled with grammar or spelling mistakes or looks ugly, no one is going to want to click it. They’ll be dubious about where they’d be redirected if they were to click.

The staff at a PPC ads agency are trained professionals. They have extensive experience writing clean, concise copy. They know how to produce titles that grab attention and meta descriptions that fit within the character requirements.

They can design a simple but appealing display ad or a shopping ad that shows your products in a positive light and induces curiosity.

Provides Access to Targeted Keywords

Have you ever gotten in a bidding war over a keyword thinking it’s good but not being 100 percent sure? That’s no way to spend your advertising dollars!

A PPC ads agency can guide you in the direction of which keywords will grab your audience’s attention. The agency will do extensive research into the popularity and competition of certain keywords and then recommend them to you.

They can also help you when it comes to bidding on keywords so you don’t overbid and put your company in a financial hole. 

Can Boost ROI

If your PPC ad campaigns have failed in the past, that should change with the professional bolstering of a PPC ads agency. For the dollars you spend when an Internet user clicks on your ad, you could make back twice, thrice, or more for each click. 

Offers Detailed, Precision Reporting on Metrics That Matter

How successful was your PPC ad campaign? No longer will you have to worry. The agency you hire will produce rich, detailed reports that highlight the metrics your company cares the most about. 

Businessman who is choosing the Right PPC Agency for his Business

How to Choose the Right PPC Agency for Your Business

How do you springboard your PPC goals? You need the right PPC agency. The following pointers will help you hire a winner.

Be Clear on Your Goals

You can’t fairly ask a PPC agency to achieve a goal for you if you don’t yet know what that goal is yourself. Spend some time with your company’s decision-makers to determine what you hope to achieve with a PPC ad campaign.

If you have multiple goals such as more sales and conversions, then so be it. You need to be crystal clear on those goals, though. 

Ask for Campaign Case Studies or Examples

A PPC ad agency with a track record of success should easily be able to cherry-pick examples and even case studies of their greatest campaigns. 

You can review the campaign details and the outcomes to determine if this agency could be a viable partner. 

Discuss Their Process

Talk hypotheticals with the PPC ad agency as well. Say that you’re trying to complete X objective and then ask them how they would go about doing that. 

This is your chance to pepper in important questions such as which tools the agency uses and whether you’ll be able to see your campaign’s metrics in real-time. 

target ad campaign include: amazon ads, gmail sponsored ads, paid social ads, shopping ads and video ads

The Different Types of PPC Ads and Which Type Your Business Should Run

Not all PPC ads are the same. You have your pick among eight recognized types. 

With a PPC ads agency at the helm, you can select the right kind of ad for your business. This section will also point you in the right direction.

Amazon Ads

According to Amazon re-pricer software Seller Snap, as of 2022, over 2.7 billion people have visited Amazon on mobile and desktop devices. It’s projected that about 200 million people go on the site every day.

If your company sells its products on Amazon, then Amazon ads are a viable type of PPC ad to explore. 

You can select from three types of Amazon ads. The first is a product display ad, which displays images of your company’s products. 

A headline search ad floats to the top of the Amazon website. When an Amazon user searches for a keyword that you purchased as part of your PPC campaign, your products appear first.

You can also select a sponsored product ad, which is where your ad appears when a user searches for a related product that matches your keyword. 

Gmail Sponsored Ads

In 2020, Gmail was a vehicle for sending and receiving 306.4 billion emails per day says tech resource Techjury

With over a billion users today and counting, Gmail-sponsored ads can help your company reach a brand-new audience with the assistance of a PPC ad agency.

You can make a Gmail-sponsored ad using the Google Ads platform. Your advertisement appears like an email in a user’s Gmail inbox, at least until the Internet user clicks. Then they see the advertisement in full.

Using Google Ads, you can track specific metrics that are limited to Gmail. For example, when a Gmail user forwards an email with your advertisement in it, you can review that data in the Gmail forwards column.

You can also track those who save the ad using Gmail saves. 

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Paid Social Ads

Business resource Oberlo projects that nearly four billion people will use social media by 2022. 

From TikTok to Quora, Snapchat, and the heavy-hitters like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, each social media platform has its own respective PPC ad platform.

Navigating the paid social ads jungle is easier with a PPC ads agency on your side. Since a paid social media ad only applies to one social media platform at a time, you need to select the one with your largest target demographic, at least to start.

Then, as your advertising budget grows, you can expand your PPC advertising on social media. 

One of the biggest advantages of paid social ads is that you can be as exclusionary as you wish, targeting only the demo you’re after. 

Shopping Ads

The next type of PPC ad your company might consider is the shopping ad. 

For companies that sell a lot of visually appealing products, a shopping ad is a fantastic way to get your product in front of the eyes of potential customers. 

Included also with the image is a short product description as well as a title and pricing information. This way, the person seeing the ad has all the information they need to make a purchasing decision (or not make one).

Agency members improving their PPC ads strategy with video content

Video Ads

In the 2020s, video reigns supreme. Video marketing resource Wyzowl reports that up to 88 percent of businesses rely on video as a marketing tool. Now your company can too with a PPC ads agency in tow.

A video ad doesn’t have to feature members of your company but may showcase the beauty and functionality of your products. It’s up to you, but you don’t have long to make an impression with your video, so now is not the time to go off-the-cuff.

PPC video ads should focus on storytelling more than selling. You can also use the video ad to establish or solidify your brand personality. 

Remarketing Ads

Most online shoppers have experience with remarketing ads, the next type of PPC ad you should consider.

When a website user toys around with buying your product but then decides not to, a remarketing ad is a second chance for them to change their mind. 

With a PPC ads agency, you can target parties like those who spend X amount of time on your website or cart abandoners.

Remarketing ads are also useful for capturing the interest of newsletter subscribers who have yet to make a first purchase, one-time shoppers who haven’t bought again, or previous customers. 

Display Ads

One of the most common types of PPC ads is the display ad. 

A display ad appears when an Internet user has shown in some way that your product interests them, such as searching for a similar product or coming across your company website or social media profiles.

Display ads do not boost conversions by a huge degree, especially when pitted against the next type of PPC ad we’re going to talk about, which is the search ad. 

The low cost of display ads makes them an appealing option for companies just starting with PPC advertising or for those on a tight advertising budget.

Further, display ads are a great means of strengthening a brand, which is another reason they’re small business-friendly.

Making a display ad is rather simple. You can rely on the PPC ads agency you hired or use the Google Display Network or GDN. If you’re already using Google Ads, then making a display ad through GDN is very convenient. 

Businessman improving his search ads using Google Ads

Search Ads

Last but anything but least is the search ad. The most common PPC ad by far, search ads are prevalent across Internet search engines, especially Google.

You can create a search ad using Google Ads just as you can a display ad. As the advertiser, you’d choose the keywords that would qualify your search ad to appear. You must bid for keywords as well as the order of ad appearance. 

The bidding at the auction mandates your PPC search ad price. Quality keywords are more expensive than common ones, for instance. 

When scrolling through organic search results, a PPC search ad may be above the organic search result or below it. They can also appear above and below. 

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A PPC ads agency can use search ads, display ads, social media ads, Google ads, and more to drive website traffic for your company, increase brand awareness, convert more leads into customers, and boost your sales. 

If you’re looking for the right PPC agency, consider Mediaboom. With our expertise, we’ll work closely with you to initiate a PPC campaign that will achieve your goals! 

By: Frank DePino

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