Financial Advisor Website Design

Financial Advisor Website Design – 27 of the Best Examples

By: Frank DePino | January 12, 2023

In order to make your website work for you it first needs to look and function the way you want it to. To give you a better sense of what your competitors are doing in the digital space, we’ve compiled a list of 27 of the best financial advisor website designs. These sites all include unique strongpoints that help them convert prospective clients and retain existing ones.

1. Ratio

Ratio’s website uses full width design along with saturated photography that makes the site feel strong.

financial advisor website design

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2. R&J Financial Partners

By simply adding a video to their welcome screen, R&J Financial Partner’s website feels more interactive and intimate.

website design for financial advisor

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3. Pension & Wealth Management Advisors

This financial advisor website design stands out from the competition with its use of video as users are welcomed to the site. The large/bold text, clean lines, and pops of blue give this site a modern feel.

pension wealth website design

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4. Stash Wealth

Stash Wealth’s sight is sleek and modern. The brand is cohesive throughout by being consistent in their color palette, fonts and imagery. Along with a strong color scheme, these contrasting colors help organize and callout information.

financial advisor website design for stash

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5. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab constantly uses their brands blue throughout the site along with the square element they use in their logo. By doing this, the brand feels united throughout.

financial advisor website design for charles schwab

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6. GSB Wealth Management

This clean design appeals to its older demographic with the use of serif fonts, subtle colors, and imagery. Easy to use navigation helps users login into their accounts with ease, while also allowing for exploration to the interior pages of the site to learn more about the team, their vision, and latest blog.

wealth management website design

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7. Zoe

Zoe’s website feels light and inviting. Their use of a mainly white background helps their purple pop and keep the site clean. Along with a cohesive brand, Zoe use different illustrations throughout along with interactive animated elements that add an extra touch to the site.

zoe financial advisor website design

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8. UBS

UBS uses small animations on their photos that help bring some life to their site.

ubs financial advisor website design

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9. Modera

Modera’s website is simple and professional. It’s straight and to the point without using too much imagery and utilizing the elements in their logo to add some personality to the page.

modera financial advisor website design

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10. Edward Jones

Edward Jone’s site keeps their navigation and sidebar locked, only swapping some of the sidebar elements to provide you the tools you need. This helps the client get where the need to go when visiting their site.

edward jones financial advisor website design

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11. HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisor’s use various elements throughout their site that makes them stand out from competitors, keeps the consumer intrigued yet is still simple enough to navigate.

hcr wealth advisors

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12. Chicago Partners

Chicago Partner’s website uses professional photography along with simple animated elements that help the website feel strong.

financial advisor website design for chiacgo partners

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13. RGT Wealth Advisors

RGT’s website uses fun, animated illustrations throughout the site that make it feel more personal and approachable. The illustrations all work together and tie back into their brand and message, showing the customer their journey and how RGT can be a part of that.

wealth advisors website design

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14. Illumint

Illumint takes it out of the box with using this simple video for the website welcome screen. As you scroll the site comes into perspective. Illumint uses just a one page design that keeps it simple and easy to navigate.

financial advisor site design

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15. Safran

Safran’s website is clean and uses similar photography throughout with a parallax animation that adds personality to the page.

financial advisor website

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16. Merrill

Merrill’s website feels professional with their cohesive branding. They also use overlapping elements and staggering photos that help add something extra to their site.

financial advisor website design for merrill lynch

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17. Sage Beacon

Sage Beacon’s financial advisor website design ties their photography into their brand by using “ocean” related content. They’re homepage also uses diagonal blocks to help break up the information in non-uniform way.

sage beacon financial advisor website design

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18. Personal Capital

Personal Capital’s website uses not only a top bar navigation but a left aligned navigation that when expanded becomes full screen. This can be helpful when your site need’s a lot of pages but you want to make it easier for the client to navigate.

Personal Capital

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19. Betterment

Betterment’s site is simple, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Their color scheme utilizes light colors to help their purple pop throughout in not only page elements but in their photography as well. The information is kept short and sweet so it’s easily understood and keeps the visitor engaged.

betterment financial advisor website design

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20. Riskalyze

Riskalyze uses fun graphics to get their point across. Along with these graphics, Riskalyze uses free form elements that makes the site feel abstract and allows the visitor to feel more emerged into the page.


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21. LPL

LPL uses a fun color scheme with blue being their dominant color and then use the rainbow spectrum sparingly throughout to accent certain information but to also add more personality through their photography.


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22. Ford Financial Solutions

Ford Financial Solution’s site feels bright and inviting. It’s easy to navigate and the body of the page is kept simple without too many images.

Ford Financial Solutions

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23. Thrivent

Thrivent stays consistent by using line elements throughout the site in their graphics, callouts and navigation. By utilizing this element, the website feels cohesive but also helps organize the information.


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24. Raymond James

Raymond James keeps their website clean and professional with no excessive elements besides using a drop shadow on callout boxes which is used sparingly.

raymond james financial advisors website design

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25. Bragg

Bragg’s website is warm and inviting. Their photography is not only welcoming but by using images of their actual office and team helps make the site feel more personal.


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26. Vanguard

Vanguard’s site is strong yet simple. Their homepage makes use of hight contrast photos along with bold black strips to help callout information. As you get into the site though, the internal pages are kept more simple to get the information across.


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27. Ameriprise

Ameriprise’s financial advisor website design keeps it fun on their homepage using various colors and informational graphics.


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By: Frank DePino

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