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Digital Marketing For Venture Capital – The Complete Guide

By: Frank DePino | December 22, 2020

Venture capital is an exciting industry that truly helps investors and promising startups partner to drive innovation and growth. 

With the competition that’s emerging in the venture capital space, firms have to get strategic with their inbound strategy. How can they make viable leads come to them? 

The best way to make leads come to your form is through digital marketing for venture capital.

How Can Venture Capital Firms Use Digital Marketing?

Venture capital companies can still benefit greatly from utilizing digital marketing strategies. If done right, your digital marketing efforts will pay off by attracting the right stakeholders who are interested in funding. Digital marketing for venture capital firms has many benefits, including:

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness
  2. Attracting Qualified Leads
  3. Driving Consistent Traffic to your website
  4. Becoming an industry thought leader
  5. Building Trust in Your Brand

So, where can you get started? Here’s how you can use these digital strategies to grow your firms’ brand and make leads come to you. 

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1. Increase Brand Awareness

A big perk of using digital marketing for venture capital is that it increases brand awareness. The venture capital industry is getting more and more competitive, especially as investors break out into their own space and more micro venture capital firms emerge. 

Traditional venture capital financing companies need to stay relevant if they want to stay in the game. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. In order to stay relevant, people need to know who you are and what your brand is. 

Digital marketing can give a venture capital company’s brand a huge boost. It’ll get the firm’s name and message out to the right people at the right startups, which can lead to incredible partnerships. 

2. Attract Qualified Leads 

Digital marketing is a vital tool in your firm’s marketing plan because it helps your firm attract qualified leads. If you capitalize on digital marketing, you can create an inbound strategy that gets high-ranking people at impressive startups to come to your company for funding prospects. 

This inbound strategy is alluring because outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads. So, not only do you get interesting leads coming to you via digital marketing — but you can also get a greater return on investment for your efforts. 

The Google Search Console screen shows the constant trend of a website's traffic.

3. Get Consistent Traffic To Your Site 

When you think about digital marketing for venture capital, getting consistent traffic to your company’s website may not seem like the biggest priority. However, it needs to be. 

Making a strategic digital marketing plan will help your website get consistent traffic that’s interested in your company. There are many benefits of getting consistent traffic to your website, including: 

  • A greater chance of casual website visitors converting into viable leads 
  • Increasing your firm’s brand awareness 
  • A boost in your SEO efforts 

You want people to know your venture capital company exists, right? If so, you need to drive them to your website so they can see who you are, what you do, and how you can make their companies grow. 

4. Become An Industry Leader 

One of the reasons small startups look for venture capital firms is that they want direction from experienced investors and business associates. What trends are emerging? What’s the market looking like in five years? Where can they break into the market and grow? 

Utilizing digital marketing can help a venture capital firm establish itself as a leader in the venture capital industry, especially if the marketing team hones in on content creation and social media. 

This is an essential step in establishing trust with your target audience and branding your company as one that has a distinct gravitas. 

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5. Build Trust In Your Brand

When discussing digital marketing for venture capital, we have to discuss its impact on building trust. Every business should prioritize building trust with their audience. 

One study even shows that 67% of respondents agree, “A good reputation may get me to try a product, but unless I come to trust the company behind the product, I will soon stop buying it.”

In a world where every company has competition, there’s one thing they can do to set themselves apart: build trust with their audience.

You need to show your target audience that your firm has their best interests at heart and know how to help them meet their goals. Digital marketing can help you achieve that through content creation and distribution. 

How Can Venture Capital Firms Succeed With Digital Marketing?

You may wonder how your venture capital firm can succeed with digital marketing. After all, venture capital is a niche industry that has a selective target audience. How can these strategies help your firm grow? 

Here are some key digital marketing strategies venture capital firms can use to increase brand awareness and get the right messages in front of the right people. 

The communication team is developing a digital marketing strategy.

Plan a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy 

Many companies out there think they’re putting together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, but they may be missing an important pillar in their plan. 

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy should include the following elements: 

  • Content Marketing — The process of creating and sharing various types of content across digital channels with the intention of creating value and generating interest
  • Social Media Marketing — Using social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to build your brand, connect your audience, and drive traffic to your website  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — An organic (non-paid) strategy that helps drive quality traffic to your website via optimized website content. The better your SEO, the more likely your website will be found by a large number of internet users. 
  • Email Marketing — A digital marketing strategy that utilizes email to strategically send messages to leads in the hopes of building trust, providing value, and increasing sales. 
  • Video Marketing — The process of creating video content and sharing it through multiple channels including email and social media. One of the most popular channels to capitalize on for video marketing is YouTube. 

There are many parts to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, but these organic tactics are some of the most important for getting your firm’s name out in front of the right people at interesting startups that have great potential. 

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Be Consistent Across All Channels

One of the biggest fundamental aspects to remember about digital marketing for venture capital is that your firm needs to be consistent across all channels. If there’s no consistency with your brand and messaging, your audience isn’t going to truly know who you are or how you help your target audience

This can make your firm look like an amateur company that isn’t prepared to handle viable leads. 

When you’re crafting digital marketing messages and content, make sure the messages align with your brand. If you want to be seen as the champion for small startups that are hungry to grow, craft messages that promote that vision. Creating those messages will attract your ideal lead and further convince them to inquire about your firm. 

It’s also important for your branding elements to be consistent across all channels. These elements include: 

  • Your logo 
  • Your slogan
  • Your color scheme 

Having consistent branding elements will help your audience clearly identify who you are and reinforce your firm’s legitimacy. Want an example? Check out this case study on how Runway Growth Capital improved their online presence by revamping their brand. 

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Provide Value Through Content 

Something you can do to set your venture capital firm apart from others is to provide value through content creation and content marketing. Creating content is the best organic way to build your brand, provide value for your audience, and establish your firm as a thought leader in the venture capital industry. 

Key ways you can create content include: 

  • Writing a blog 
  • Hosting webinars 
  • Creating whitepages 
  • Crafting free PDF resources 
  • Hosting a podcast 

When done right, content creation and content marketing can generate great results in terms of digital marketing for venture capital. Statistics show that content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing. Bringing those leads to you will save you time and effort since you won’t have to focus so much on your outbound strategy. 

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Bring In The Right Leads 

When you create valuable content and have the right digital marketing campaigns running, there will be a lot of website users on your website. Once they get there, the next step is to get these visitors to convert into leads. 

This is a strategy called lead generation. You want to get the right people to become viable leads through your lead generation efforts, otherwise you may waste your time pursuing leads that aren’t interesting in venture capital. 

Strategies for bringing in the right leads include: 

  • Creating free resources that help solve problems your target audience has
  • Crafting informative and engaging landing pages that entice visitors to learn more 
  • Incorporating helpful chatbots on your website 

Incorporating these strategies can help casual website visitors convert into viable leads who are genuinely interested in learning about your venture capital firm. Then, you can market to them accordingly and begin the process of nurturing them. 

Some venture capital firms are investing money in paid advertising.

Consider Paid Advertising 

Something to consider in digital marketing for venture capital is investing in paid advertising. All the strategies previously mentioned are organic (non-paid) and can take time to get a return on investment (ROI). 

However, investing in paid advertising has been shown to have a higher ROI. 

If you need results now, paid advertising could be your best bet. Plus, with online paid advertising, you get to select what keywords to target and therefore have control over who you market to. Just be sure you’re advertising on the right platform and you’re targeting the right keywords, otherwise your company would just be burning money.

Target The Right Stakeholders 

As a venture capital company, you know that you want to target the right startup stakeholders with your digital marketing efforts. That’s why you need a digital marketing strategy in place that targets the right people with the right message on the right platform

Put yourself in a startup founder’s shoes. In terms of venture capital, what specific factors would you prioritize? Are there any major concerns that would require your attention? What are your ultimate goals or objectives? Then, create marketing materials that tell these stakeholders how you help solve these problems for them. 

Crafting messages that target the right stakeholders will help increase your chances of getting their attention. 

These are the people who get a say in whether or not they pursue venture capital as a funding option, so you want to speak to them and their pain points. 

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Lay Out The Facts 

Something that can make a huge difference in digital marketing for venture capital is laying out the facts and numbers your firm has to offer. If you’re targeting startups or small companies that have a lot of potential, they’ll want to see the results you deliver. 

Don’t be afraid to show off some numbers in your marketing messages. How many startups has your firm funded? What has their growth looked like since their funding? A startup with a lot of potential for future growth will want to see your firm’s portfolio at some point, and giving them a small glimpse into what your firm’s investments look like could be the key that gets them to convert. 

Venture capital companies need to attract and delight potential customers, just like any other business must do. One of the most successful ways to make viable leads come to you is through digital marketing. If you create the right content for the right people and get it to them on the right platform, your firm will see incredible results. 

The best part? You won’t have to rely on cold emails to get a connection. Instead, these viable leads will come to you and inquire about the funding you provide. When done right, digital marketing will make your life easier and make your firm more money.

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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