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Hedge Fund Marketing – Tips to Build Your Client Portfolio

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Hedge fund marketing involves the creation of a comprehensive digital strategy with the goal of increasing website traffic, converting more customers, building a stronger client portfolio, and increasing visibility through SEO, ultimately generating more profit.

A barely-there social media presence and basic website will not work in today’s market. 

If you’re a hedge fund firm struggling to find your footing, this is one article you’re not going to want to miss. Ahead, we’ll discuss some great reasons to use hedge fund marketing for your success. 

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Why You Need to Marketing Your Business

Hedge funds attract a limited audience, as you need an income of at least $200,000 over two years or a net worth of $1 million or more. According to Institutional Investor, some of the biggest names in hedge funds in 2019 include:

  • Renaissance Technologies
  • Perceptive Advisors
  • Element Capital Management
  • TCI Fund Management
  • Citadel

A lot of those companies aren’t exactly household names, which means that hedge fund firms cannot simply rely on their status to differentiate themselves. They also must connect with their audience, attract and convert leads, and increase their portfolio’s standing.

These are the jobs of a hedge fund marketing team. 

Digital marketing experts can create a long-running marketing strategy that encompasses the above areas and many others. As we discussed in the intro, in working with a digital marketing agency, your hedge fund firm can accomplish the following: 

  • Separate yourself from the competition
  • Develop your authority and build customer trust 
  • Personalize your message for more meaningful interactions

If it’s your social media presence that could use some serious beefing up – or perhaps it’s your lackluster website that you’d like to revamp – you can rely on your digital marketing agency for this as well.

You may also receive guidance in areas like webinar hosting, writing and publishing newsletters, marketing insights, and understanding analytics and campaign data. 

A famous hedge fund has found enormous benefits after applying digital marketing techniques.

4 Reasons to Use Hedge Fund Marketing

If your firm is considering marketing, you may wonder what working with a marketing team can do for you. 

Here are four reasons to amplify your hedge fund firm’s presence with marketing.

1. Convert Website Users into Clients

Perhaps your website, even as is, does attract some traffic. Any site visitor should be considered a potential lead who can be converted to a customer or limited partner. 

Yet without the right conversion tactics in place, such as opt-in forms and lead magnets, those site visitors come and go. 

You never capture their information, and so they never have a chance at becoming customers.

With your digital marketing agency on your side, you can make the most of your hedge fund website. We’ll talk later about how you can redesign your website and transform your site into a conversion machine. Through the above conversion methods as well as adding reviews or testimonials, rewriting website copy, and strengthening navigation, more leads will arrive to your site and stay there. 

You can then convert them.  

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Grow your client base with these proven tactics

Receive your FREE copy of “Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Build Your Firm,” to get insights into growing your business with digital marketing.

2. Target New Customers

Even if you have a decent number of customers already, you can always afford to grow your audience further, targeting new customers along the way. 

Your firm can reliably do this in a myriad of ways including:

  • Targeted ads
  • Segmented newsletters and emails
  • Tailored social media content

Your firm may not have known where to start to generate new customers. Through marketing, you can nurture your new customers to keep them engaged while seeing if other customers can grow out of your existing base. 

3. Boost Website Traffic

As we said before, despite their prominence in the realm of finances, not all hedge fund firms are exactly household names. Just like any company trying to increase awareness, you need to use marketing measures to do so. 

Whether you focus your attention more on native ads or social media growth, you find an influencer or partner to work with, or you host an online event, you have no shortage of ways to drum up interest in your website.

Of course, without tracking the success of your awareness-boosting campaign, it’s tough to gauge how effective it was. Your marketing team can also assess key metrics that indicate whether the campaign did the trick. As your hedge fund marketing strategies develop over time, you should see an uptick in leads, website and social media traffic, and conversions. 

4. Build Your Client Portfolio 

A hedge fund is only as good as its client portfolio, which can fluctuate from quarter to quarter or year to year. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to build your list of clients:

  1. Assess your current audience, segmenting them into buckets or categories. 
  2. Perform audience research to determine the ideal type of customer your firm should pursue. 
  3. Create a plan of conversion you can use to continue branching out your client portfolio.
The marketing specialist is explaining the different types of hedge fun marketing to two of his clients.

The Types of Hedge Fund Marketing to Consider

Determining which area of marketing to begin with is a major consideration. Here are four marketing types that should be the backbone of your hedge fund campaign. 

SEO + Local SEO

An important area of marketing to focus your efforts on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must give your time to this area of marketing to boost your search engine rankings & ultimately your marketing results. 

When you start to rank in search engines like Google, you will become more visible to leads, who will then click-through to your website. Through your marketing team, you’ll have a series of conversion methods to obtain the lead’s contact information once you get user’s onto your website.

Besides just SEO, make sure you don’t forget local SEO. The tactics you use to appeal to those in your city or town are a bit different compared to broader SEO. 

You certainly need a Google Business Profile account if your hedge fund firm doesn’t already have one. Encourage reviews when you can, especially locally, and post these to your website. You also want to focus more on local keywords specific to your city or town. Rewrite your about page so it has your location in it at least once. Also, keep working on those quality backlinks, as you need them with local SEO as well.

Your marketing team can help your hedge fund firm harness the power of local SEO as you strengthen your overall SEO optimization

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Grow your client base with these proven tactics

Receive your FREE copy of “Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Build Your Firm,” to get insights into growing your business with digital marketing.

Thought Leadership Content

One such way to enhance your SEO is to publish thought leadership content. 

This isn’t merely blog posts, but rather, content that can only be presented by experts in your field such as those at your hedge fund firm. 

A report from LinkedIn mentions that thought leadership can bolster sales. Of the decision makers who spend their time reading thought leadership pieces, about 60% of them chose to buy a service or product that was not previously on their radar.  

Also, taking the time to publish thought leadership content can increase your relationship with your customers. The same LinkedIn survey mentions that roughly 55% of respondents said their audience grew through their thought leadership content.

To write engaging thought leadership content, you need to come up with an interesting take on the subject if it’s already been covered. 

You also want to back up any claims you make with stats and data, linking to the source where you found the info. If you’re worried hyperlinks will distract your readers and make them leave your site and not come back, then add a resources section at the end of your article. 

Social Media 

Despite the prevalence of social media, hedge funds are often reticent to use it, or they don’t do so properly.

This is a major missed opportunity, as LinkedIn is a great network for connecting with potential customers and publishing thought leadership content. 

You can optimize your hedge fund firm’s LinkedIn company profile with better content, images and keywords, use InMail for promotional purposes, advertise successfully, and review your analytics all on LinkedIn. 

Mediaboom has optimized its website to maximize the conversion actions of its users.


Think of your website as the vehicle that drives the marketing. 

As we’ve discussed throughout this guide, your site is where your leads may first arrive. What kind of experience are you greeting them with when that happens?

You need a clean, well-designed website that explains who you are and what you do while injecting personality and humanity into the process. Navigation is a paramount concern, as if your site visitors or customers have to do too much digging to find what they need, they’ll decide it’s not worth their time. 

Simple navigation is about limiting menus and not cluttering up the menus you do have. You might present your menus horizontally across your homepage or through a drop-down. Some hedge fund firms opt to use a search function on the homepage, such as SS&C Advent.

You want to make it easy for your clients to log in. 

Their login portal should be accessible on the homepage above the fold. Also, as we discussed above, your website should be optimized for mobile and desktop users, delivering the same user experience for both audiences. 

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Getting Started

Now that you know the many areas your hedge fund firm can utilize digital marketing, it’s time to get started. You must take into consideration all these items in order to see a successful return on investment and to meet your financial goals. For more information on hedge fund marketing, contact Mediaboom today.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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