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Bank Website Design – 33 Top samples of Banking Websites

By: Frank DePino | September 27, 2022

The banking industry has been around for a long time – and so have their websites. Some banking websites have been stagnant for years, while others are progressing ahead with new design websites with superb functionality that engage users, increase brand awareness and convert prospective clients.

Below is a list of 33 of the best bank website designs you must see.


bank website design

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KeyBank, a KeyCorp subsidiary, is a Cleveland, Ohio-based financial institution and regional bank. Their branding is simple yet effective: a key for their logo, that appears on their homepage and every subpage, and a cohesive, bold color scheme of red, gray, and white.


GSB, the website of a local bank

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Guilford Savings Bank’s website utilizes their brand colors well throughout the site in not only in page elements but in their photography as well. Their imagery also features GSB related content that adds a more personal touch to their site.


alliant bank website design

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Alliant’s bank website design makes use of the circles from their logo throughout the site by using overlapping circle elements to having a rounded design for their buttons.


design for bank website

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Wells Fargo’s website is responsive and makes it easy for the customer to navigate on all devices. Making sure people can easily navigate your site on all platforms is always important.

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bank website design for bbva

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BBVA’s website combines professional photography and vector graphics that creates a professional but approachable feel. Their use of blues and overlays adds contrast and gives a clear message of what their brand is.


The home page of Santander

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Santander’s brand is simple and to the point. The entirety of the site is mostly on white which lets their red pop and be the main element throughout.


liberty bank site design

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Liberty Bank’s site is a little different from what you normally see. They use a left aligned menu instead of having the navigation at the top. This can be an interesting approach to bring something different to your site.


Live Oak Bank

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Live Oak Bank’s site is dynamic and utilizes different elements well that brings energy throughout. Not only do they make use of the their green and purple in their copy and icons but also add a gradient of the colors to their imagery as well. This helps the brand feel cohesive and helps promote their branding.


byline bank web design

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Byline’s site uses darker elements in their site which is different from the other light and airy sites we previously saw. Using black and white photography at the beginning of each page helps make their orange pop and creates a professional and serious feel.


The design of the home page of Mizuho Americas

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Mizuho’s site is visually stunning and intrigues you right away with the use of a full screen video. This use of full width imagery is seen throughout the site as well as continuously using rectangular callouts.


design for bank websites

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Season’s bank website design is approachable from the start with their use of outdoor photography and neutral color palette that ties the whole brand together.


huntington bank website design

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Huntington’s website is bold and fun. Their brand is cohesive by using their green throughout the site as well as utilizing their icon from the logo as an element throughout.


gateway bank website

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Gatweway Bank’s website makes a great use of a video and stunning photography throughout their site. Their brand’s color scheme is neutral with a pop of rusty red that makes the website feel fun yet comfortable.


field and main bank website design

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Field & Main’s website makes use of their icon from their logo throughout the site, applying it over photos and using it as an element behind text. Their site is also easy to navigate with their use of white space and simple photography.


web design for first horizon bank

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First Horizon’s website applies the brand’s blue throughout the site making it a dominant element all over. Along with using their blue, they consistently use grid elements that helps organize information but also adds an extra detail to the page.


webster bank site design

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Webster bank site is simple and sleek. They use their brand colors sparingly along with black and white photography that help their colors pop.

17. VTB

vtb site designs

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VTB’s website is simple yet intriguing. The information is straightforward and easy to navigate but with their use of animations as you scroll really bring life to this site.


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Disover keeps their website simple yet makes use of out of the box elements like overlapping graphics, adding subtle animations. They also use their brand’s orange as more of an accent then a dominant color that helps keep the site feel clean yet energized.

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afrasia bank website design

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Afrasia’s bank website design certainly makes an experience when you visit. They utilize scroll animations throughout while encasing the design into a white border that stays while you navigate.


charity bank site design

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Charity Bank’s website use of full screen imagery and elements that lets you immersive yourself into the page. Their fun use of colors ties back into their brand and to represent the charities they give back to.


website design for td bank

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TD Bank’s brand’s green a dominant throughout their site, making use of the color as much as they can without making it overwhelming. TD Bank keeps it simple and to the point with no excessive elements, just simple imagery and iconography.


vista bank web design

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Vista Bank’s website not only uses video elements on the welcome screen but through the site as well to better illustrate who they are as company. They utilize video well as design element but also as a way to better provide information to their clients.


salem co-op bank web design

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Salem Co-Operative’s brand is fun and professional. Their brand colors compliment each other well and helps add contrast to their site. Along with using their brand’s color scheme dominantly throughout, they use full width components that really make the website feel full and utilized to its full extent.

24. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The website of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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Another contender for the best banking website design is the JPMorgan Chase & Co. site. The design of this site is clean and uncomplicated, with a simple white background and text above the fold in lieu of a navigation bar.

A block-style layout keeps the website design seamless as you go from the careers page to the company annual report and news stories.

25. Lone Star National Bank

The design of LSNB

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The South Texas Lone Star National Bank has a bank website design to emulate. What helps it rank among the best bank websites is its easy navigation and great use of brand colors.

Those colors–blue, gray, and white–are subtly represented throughout the site, lending great cohesion.

The traveling navigation bar complete with a search function and an option to find an ATM and banking center offers customers more of what they need.   

26. U.S. Bancorp

The website design of U.S. Bancorp

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U.S. Bancorp’s website is a stellar sample banking website, so we had to include it.

You’ll first notice the humanistic approach that the banking company took with its site design, as there are many photos of smiling people.

The clean white background makes the red CTA buttons stand out that much more. The red happens to match one of the three colors of the U.S. Bancorp logo (the other two are white and blue).

27. Avidia Bank

The unique design of the Avidia Bank website

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The unique bank website design that Avidia Bank utilizes is why it’s cemented its spot on this list.

The site is a lot more colorful than most bank websites and features 3D character mascots like the characters you’d see in a Pixar movie. These characters follow you about as you click on page to page.

28. United Community Bank

United Community Bank website design

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Also embracing the humanistic approach is the United Community Bank, the next on our list of the best bank websites.

This clean site with a white background showcases an image of a family taking a walk outside with options on the homepage for personal or business accounts.

CTA buttons above the fold that are built into the navigation feature login and open an account options.

A drop-down menu, denoted by three horizontal lines, lets you learn more about the United community, the bank’s history, careers, and much more.

29. Truly Financial

Truly Financial website design

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The Truly Financial site design proves that you can incorporate a literal rainbow of colors and still have a bank website that looks clean, crisp, and professional.

The key is to use pastel versions of the colors, apply them sparingly, and keep the bulk of the site simple with a white background and black CTA buttons.

30. Capitol Bank

Capitol Bank website design

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The bank website design of Capitol Bank might inspire your own banking website.

The bright shade of blue overlays photos of bank staff as you click from page to page. The site also features two navigation bars atop one another.

The first bar is a very slim bar in the same blue color with links for personal or business banking account, the Capitol Bank phone number, and a link to open an account.

The second, larger navigation bar in black and white features standard dropdowns like mortgages, about, contact, and private banking. Both navigation bars scroll with you.

31. BankWAW

The design of BankWAW website

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If you’re still looking for sample bank website designs, BankWAW in Australia is a good one to check out.

The site features a carousel of scrolling images that are all people-centric.

This site also uses more color than most bank websites, with dark blue navigation, light blue opt-in forms, and even a salmon pink fixed rate calculator.

32. Banner Bank

The website of Banner Bank

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Banner Bank’s navigation bar is rather simple in comparison to the other sites we’ve looked at, but that’s because the homepage features all the navigation options about midway down the page as clickable links.

This makes sense considering the navigation bar at the top does not travel as you jump from one page to another. 

33. Customers Bank

The website of Customers Bank

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Wrapping up our bank website design examples is Customers Bank.

Although lengthy webpages can feel like information overload as you scroll, Customers Bank keeps its pages neat and concise with social-media-style boxes that can redirect you elsewhere on the site, including pages for loans or instant payments.

Update Your Bank Website Design

If your bank does not utilize the traits listed above, then it is time to consider a refresh. Making updates to your website will help your business in a multitude of ways such as increasing brand consistency and converting prospective clients.

By: Frank DePino

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