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Med Spa Email Marketing – 5 Reasons You Need it

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

The surge in the popularity and demand for medical spas is amazing. You can see around you how well consumers these days value their health and wellness over any other thing.

Statistics show that a lot changed since Google first launched tracking search traffic in 2004. From that time on, the platform witnessed a growth of about 1,500 percent in search interest for medical spas. This percentage of growth is a testament to the surge in this industry.

The situation is a clear indication that there is no better time for med spas to thrive than now. This is the best time for you to harness the powers of your marketing team. With the present surge, you can easily make your presence felt in this thriving industry. 

Are you wondering how you can do that? 

Email marketing is one terrific means to harness that marketing power. Besides, it is one of the most promising marketing tools. It helps you reach out to every potential customer before they end up with a rival.

Additionally, you need to do the best you can with your communication. The fact is that consumers still like to keep in touch with their beloved businesses via email. Thankfully, with the introduction of smartphones, using email has never been easier!

However, there are a ton of businesses that employ email for their communication and marketing. Yet, only a few of these businesses understand how to utilize their email productively.

Here, at Mediaboom we understand how valuable a productive email marketing will be for your medical spa. More so, we are willing to take you through all the rudiments of an email automation system. And how it can help your medical spa make the most of the potential in this industry.

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Reasons To Embrace Med Spa Email Marketing

Below are five major reasons you should use email marketing for your medical spa business:

  1. Reach your customers first and more often compared to your competitors.
  2. Get more out of your SEO content plan.
  3. Provide incentives directly through email.
  4. Motivate former clients to come back for further sessions.
  5. Seamless and cost-effective publicity for new services and products.

1. Reach Your Customers First And More Often Compared To Your Competitors

Likely customers aren’t roaming through the neighborhood in search of medical spas. Rather, they’re doing this the local way. Furthermore, 80 percent of customers head on to search engines like Google especially for information on local enterprises. 

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your enterprise appears on that search traffic. And, the best way to do this is by capitalizing on productive SEO techniques. Nevertheless, you can similarly attract more attention to your business via email marketing.

2. Get more out of your SEO content plan

All that matters is not just you having the most engaging, well-crafted, and beneficial content on your website. Rather, it is most important that your content rank well. Your content featuring at the top of a Google search is the best you can get SEO-wise.

With that, you are in a great position to achieve seamless conversion. However, this is not a simple task. First off, you must be sure that every other SEO guidelines are in place too. 

Thankfully, email marketing can be an influential addition in dealing with the Google ranking obstacle. This is as it helps your content get to more people even when it fails to rank well on Google or any other search engine.

The copywriter is launching an email marketing campaign for his client Med Spa

3. Provide incentives directly through email

Freebies, discounts, and good deals are always no-brainers. With a proper med spa email marketing campaign, providing incentives directly to likely customers becomes effortless.

These incentives can be anything at all. You can offer discounts on the most prominent type of services you offer. Moreover, free consultations can do a lot of good as well. 

For instance, the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) discovered that chemical peels were the most prominent technique in 2016 and 2017. Likewise, there were botox/filler injections and aesthetician services. 

You want to push your services and get more customers. Why not advertise discounts for these main services? In addition, you can give particular treatment packages to your email subscribers.

4. Motivate former clients to come back for further sessions

According to reports from AmSpa in 2018, 70 percent of med spa consumers make a return trip. By all indications, email marketing remains a wonderful tool. You need this tool if you wish to enable that sort of usual patronage of your enterprise. 

And to motivate your clients for that repeat, sending one-off emails offering freebies is not enough. You need to put in the work through frequent and constant email campaigns. Consequently, you can improve engagement with your business. 

You must be able to successfully combine all of these methods. With that, you can now rest knowing that your clients have more than enough reasons to come back.

5. Seamless and cost-effective publicity for new services and products

Advertising can be costly. Plus, it is not always a clear path to trying to reach those clients that care the most about your services. 

But, it’s simpler to publicize your med spa’s new services and products to this set of customers using med spa email marketing.

Your email lists are primarily built from customers who are interested in your products or services. This makes it far easier to get more engagement in your product or service promotions through your marketing email lists.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Choosing An Email Marketing Automation Platform

It is an established tenet that business emails should always be sent using an automation platform. Moreover, it is simply unprofessional and questionable to use a personal email to run your med spa email marketing campaign. 

Why Use An Automation Platform For Your Med Spa Email Marketing?

When you use automated marketing programs, you can effortlessly coordinate your contacts. Simply put, you can create various lists and add these contacts accordingly. Plus, you can get this done using workflows.

As a part of this process, you can track email analytics as well. Finally, you can schedule and send out your emails without a hitch.

What Are Your Options?

Choosing an automation program can be a very easy task. You have the luxury of choosing from a list of multiple choices.

Your options include:

  • HubSpot, 
  • Mail Chimp,
  • Infusionsoft, and 
  • Marketo

For most of these platforms, a paid subscription is necessary to enjoy their services. Additionally, these platforms also provide you with various email design templates. Consequently, your email creation process and other parts of the setup get easier. 

Nonetheless, many factors influence which marketing automation platform you pick. Eventually, the selection depends on the features provided by each platform and how well it satisfies your needs.

You need to find out what your business’s distinct needs are. With that, you can be sure what kind of email marketing campaign you should embark on.

The doctor is choosing the design for his email marketing campaign

Deciding The Design Of Your Marketing Campaign

Building an email template gives you a level of liberty. You can choose to work off an already-made template from an email marketing software (EMS). 

Aside from this, you have the option of working with a developer to build yours from scratch. Afterward, you proceed to install it in any EMS you prefer.

Regardless of your choice between these two options, there are certain guidelines still binding for this process. If you must achieve that maximal client engagement, you must adhere to all of these guidelines.

  • Take inspiration from other campaigns around you

This is more important when you’re building your template design from the start. In fact, this can be beneficial for your designer. 

From the samples of designs, you can see the ones you like and take clues from them. Also, in a case where you see templates that are not good enough, take a clue from their shortcomings.

  • Adhere to your brand policies

You don’t want to cause brand confusion. This can be the case when your email doesn’t adhere to the outlook your other brand collateral presents. 

You must be sure that your company’s logo features in the layout fixed at the top of the email. Additionally, be sure you’re utilizing the right fonts and colors. 

With all of these in place, you present assurance of credibility behind your email content.

  • Ensure every part of your content block is clickable

You do not want your clients missing out on any part of your content. To do this, not only the call-to-action (CTA) should be clickable. The body copy, as well as the image, should be clickable as well.

  • Be brief! Be succinct! Be straightforward!

Majority of email readers only scan through an email campaign. This normally takes less than 15 to 20 seconds.

Include headers and/or bullets in your content. This will enable these consumers to scan through your message quickly. Also, they can click further should the content interest them.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Developing The Content Of Your Email

It does not matter how elaborate your email appears. It is very important that it is well-crafted. That’s the only way it can convert.

Follow these tips to ensure your emails get the right reactions you need.

  • Ensure your teaser copy is short, but inviting

Target writing just two to three sentences at most. These sentences must catch the attention of your clients. 

It should arouse their interest. They should want to ask a question. Then, you can say, the copy is effective.

  • Your subject lines must be catchy

This is similar to your email copy. However, your subject lines are even more significant. These subject lines will be the first part of your content in a crowded inbox.

  • Come up with punchy and rousing CTAs

Ideally, CTAs should be brief, and straightforward. Your CTA must simply pass your message to your users. Can you propel them to taking action?

Schedule: When And How Often To Send Emails

You must find a perfect frequency for your emails. When do you want to send those emails out to your client at what frequency?

We recommend that you at least send your marketing emails to your clients once every month. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small-scale business or a big one. This recommendation applies regardless. 

In addition, if you get to send out more blog posts than emails, you can adjust. In this case, increasing your email frequency to two times monthly is advisable. 

However, your concern should be to see to it that these mails are evenly distributed, frequency-wise. Hence, you don’t become a bug on your client list. 

Moreover, ensure that after at least a year, you review the design of your template. Do well to add extra segments for your blog posts. That will provide your clients with a broader scope of content alternatives. Thus, getting you more clicks.

The marketing expert is analyzing and optimizing the list of leads obtained on emails

Analytics And List Maintenance

Periodic analysis of how well your emails perform is crucial to the success of both your present and future plans. 

Regardless of the email marketing software, you’re working in, you get a segment for “Reports.” There you can analyze the opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes every one of your emails gets. 

Nevertheless, there is one essential stat you must pay attention to. These are open and click rates. They let you in on how your subject lines (open rates) and content (click rates) fare compared to other mails. So, you can modify your subsequent contents and style to make improvements.

Furthermore, periodic reworking and cleaning of your list of contacts (emails) are important processes. Pay attention to changes in your client’s life. Update your database to recognize them. Then, restructure your emails to recognize these changes.

By doing all of these, you get your business marketing process running smoothly without you having to lose your sleep.

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Do not forget that it is not enough to know these rudiments and details. Your ability to apply them and engage them in your activities matter more. That is the only way your med spa business can get the best from the present rage in the industry.

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By: Frank DePino

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