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Advertising for Cosmetic Surgery – Bring Tons of Customers

By: Frank DePino | June 19, 2021

According to Medical News Today, in 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS reported that roughly 18 million people went under the knife for minimally invasive or surgical cosmetic procedures. The data also states that cosmetic surgery continues to rise in popularity to this day. To help your company stand out, you need cosmetic surgery advertising. What can you achieve through this form of advertising?

Cosmetic surgery advertising can do the following:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Grow your audience
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Convert more web visitors to clients

In this extensive guide, we’ll walk you through what entails a good advertisement as well as the types of cosmetic surgery advertising you might consider for your company. Keep reading for more actionable information.

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The Elements of a Good Advertisement

IBISWorld states that, between 2015 and 2020, the cosmetic industry has grown by a steady rate of 3.1 percent. Like in many other industries, the competition is cutthroat, so growing your client base and retaining those clients is of the utmost importance.

That means that not just any advertisement will do. You need to ensure you’re getting your message across clearly to your target audience. Here is what cosmetic surgery advertising should entail.

Enticing Copy

Whether yours is a standard Internet ad or a Facebook advertisement, your cosmetic surgery advertising will contain some copy. The less space you have for copy, the more nerve-wracking writing the copy can become. Here are the best practices that will help you narrow down some great one-liners.

Use powerful ad copy. Words such as “save,” “health/healthy,” “proven,” “best,” and “guarantee” are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to words that will get results. Just don’t stuff your copy full of these words, as then they become less effective.

Above all, be honest. Don’t promise that your facial cosmetic procedures can make someone look 20 years younger if that’s not doable. The average consumer is quite savvy and will avoid an advertisement if what that ad promises doesn’t seem truthful. 

You can also ask questions in your copy that inspire the reader to think. Even something like “do you want to look 5 years younger?” will work. 

Keep your copy in the second person, using “you” words. This makes it easier for the reader to imagine themselves reaping the benefits of your cosmetic services. 

If you do worry about your credibility with online advertising, then include a testimonial in your copy. Make sure the testimonial seems realistic enough that your readers won’t question whether you wrote it yourself or paid someone else to do so. 

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Appealing Graphics

A wall of text is not enough to appeal to your audience. You also need graphics in your cosmetic surgery advertising. The go-to for many companies is stock photos, which are free or paid photos on the Internet. Yet there are several problems with stock photos.

For one, they’re widely available, so you can’t guarantee that the same photo you choose for your ad isn’t in some other ad by your competitors. Consumers can also easily tell when it’s a stock photo versus an authentic image. There’s even evidence that moving away from stock photos and using your own photos can increase your conversion rate, such as this case study.

The easiest way to use your photos in advertising is to showcase before and after images of your cosmetic surgery services.  


Any cosmetic surgery company can produce an ad with well-written copy, testimonials, and before and after photos. Why should a potential client click on your ad specifically? You need to bring something unique to the table with your advertisement. 

Perhaps rather than only produce text or photo ads, you make a video advertisement. You can also advertise in other ways, such as through brochures in the mail. Fewer people pay attention to physical media anymore, so by using these older means of advertising, you might stand out from your competition. 

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What Cosmetic Surgery Advertising Can Do for Your Company

By committing to cosmetic surgery advertising, your company can achieve the following objectives. 

Drive Website Traffic

How much traffic does your cosmetic surgery website get per month? Per quarter? If your site visitors are an inconsistent trickle, you have far fewer opportunities to capitalize on leads and make them into clients. 

When you pay for advertising, your ads can redirect Internet users to your website. If your ads perform successfully, then no more will your site visitors be a mere trickle, but a consistently reliable flow. 

It’s important to note that website visitors alone cannot help your company meet all its objectives. If you’re not converting these leads, then their short-lived presence on your site ultimately doesn’t mean much. We’ll talk momentarily about how to boost your conversion rate.  

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness carries with it many benefits. Clients trust more in your brand, so they’re willing to funnel more money into it. Happy clients can spread the name of your cosmetic company through word of mouth. Your brand is also more likely to be top of mind, both among your current audience and those site visitors who can become potential clients. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Target New Customers

A good cosmetic surgery company cannot rely only on its current base of clients. You must always be in the pursuit of new clients as well. These clients can grow your audience further and plug the gaps that will naturally occur when some longer-term clients drop out. Cosmetic surgery advertising will allow you to target new customers so your prolonged growth can continue.   

Reach Your Target Audience Directly

Through lead segmentation, you can identify your cosmetic company’s target audience. More than likely, you’ll have several segments that you can appeal to. Some might be older and in need of nips and tucks to hold back the hands of time. Other clients could be younger and interested in cosmetic procedures to improve their looks.

Through advertising, you can reach all your audience segments. Google Ads and social media advertising such as on Facebook allow you to create targeted campaigns that only those who meet the criteria of your audience segment can see. These tailored advertisements are more likely to hit their mark, so to speak, due to their personalized nature. 

Convert Web Visitors to Clients

Although advertising alone cannot make a lead into a customer, through your company’s conversion efforts, you can do just that. You might score the leads that arrive on your site based on their behavior, such as how long they spent on your website, how many pages they clicked on, which pages they clicked on, and whether they signed up for your email newsletter.

Then, you can target the highest-scoring leads, who are also the most qualified. This status makes the lead more likely to be receptive to your nurturing and engagement efforts so they’ll hopefully become a new client. 

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The Types of Cosmetic Surgery Advertising

Which advertising avenues should you consider for your cosmetic company? Before you can answer that question, you need to know the types of cosmetic surgery advertising. Then you should create an advertising budget. Depending on what you allotted for that budget, you’ll likely target at least one form of advertising if not several types.

Google Ads

When you’re searching for information on Google and you see a result at the top of the page labeled “ad,” this is a Google Ad. As a native advertisement, a Google ad is merely a link to a website, in this case, your cosmetic surgery company’s homepage. The links to several pages on your site might also be displayed in the ad, as will a short blurb about your site.

Google Ads is keyword-driven, meaning you’d select keywords in the cosmetic surgery industry and then bid on them. The value of your bid should be dependent on the amount of money you’d pay for the ad. Your bid value is part of what determines your ad placement, as is Google’s Quality Score.

Once your ad is online and someone sees it and clicks on it, you’d pay, which is the cost-per-click or CPC model. To determine your CPC, divide your competitor AdRank by your Google Quality Score and then add .01. 

According to advertising resource WordStream, the typical CPC rate in the United States when using Google Ads is $2.32 regardless of industry. 

Google Display Ads

If you’d rather your Google advertisements have visual elements to them such as images, then your company should try Google Display ads. These digital display ads have a far reach, as they can appear on apps, mobile devices, across Gmail, on websites, and even on YouTube, says Google

You can select from several types of Google Display ads. Gmail ads are expandable and only for use in Gmail. Engagement ads can include videos or images and appear in Google’s Display Network as well as YouTube. 

Uploaded image ads are those with images that you personally upload. You can use HTML5 for this and adjust the size of your uploaded images. Responsive Display ads can include text, a logo, and an image. These are native Google Display ads that appear on various websites and blend right in. 

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Behavioral retargeting or remarketing is another form of cosmetic surgery advertising that you might use. You can set up remarketing ads through Google Ads or elsewhere. 

So what is behavioral retargeting? Remarketing is a specific form of advertising where you attempt to convert previous website visitors who had been on your site.

According to digital strategy experts Signifi Media, click-through rates for retargeting ads might be up to 10 times greater compared to a standard display ad. However, there’s a fine line to tread when remarketing. If your ad follows a user on every website they go to, then the last thing they’re going to want to do is give you their money. 

Video Ads (YouTube)

Video advertisements are a popular means of advertising. According to Oberlo, of all the types of media a consumer might see on social media, videos are their favorite. Your company might advertise on the video social media platform YouTube or elsewhere. 

Your video advertisement can go before the video starts or be sandwiched in the middle; post-video ads are also possible. These ads are called pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads respectively. You can also use video advertisements as a standalone. 

The shorter the better for a video advertisement. Aim for around 15 seconds long, as these videos are brief enough that a viewer won’t skip them. You can also use your 15-second video ads on Facebook in-stream and Instagram Stories. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Social Media Ads 

The last cosmetic surgery advertising option is social media ads. From the above-mentioned Instagram and YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, and more, almost every social media platform has its own paid advertising program. You probably won’t advertise on all social media sites to start, but the ones that are most used by your target audience. 

On Facebook, you can create video ads, photo ads, carousel ads that display products, Facebook Stories ads, collection ads, slideshow ads, and ads in Facebook Messenger. On Instagram, you can make many of the same types of ads considering that Facebook owns Instagram.

Over on Twitter, your advertising options are Twitter Promote. Snapchat has Story ads, collection ads, and filters, which are branded and can be a great means of advertising considering the popularity of filters today.

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Cosmetic surgery advertising can help your company meet more of its objectives, from growing your audience to increasing lead gen and retaining more loyal clients. At Mediaboom, our digital marketing services can get the results your company needs. Our services include website design, advertising, digital marketing, and more. We’re ready to help take your company to the next level.

By: Frank DePino

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