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Medspa Software – Reviews, Tips, Cost and More

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

If you are in the medspa industry, you know you have a lot going on at once. You have to keep track of client appointments, process payments properly, and have a way for clients to give you feedback. If you’re doing all this separately, it can be easy for things to take a long time to process. Things could also fall through the cracks quickly if processes are not automated and housed in one place. 

That’s where medspa software comes into play. 

Medical spas use this software to streamline their processes and make their business more productive. The right software will help you manage clients, inventory, and marketing all in one place. 

Think about it: are you using separate programs for your accounting, billing, health record management and marketing automation? If so, it can be extremely difficult to coordinate all these programs and ensure they integrate together.

The more time you spend focusing on making technology work, the less time you’re spending on providing the excellent service you’ve worked hard to provide.

That’s why this software is a game-changer for medspa companies. Having one set system where you can manage all aspects of your business makes it easy for everyone in the company to be on board with the same technology and policies. You can even use virtual assistants or automated booking schedulers to free up your employees and have them focus on bigger projects. 

When used right, this software can generate incredible results. So, how can you find this software, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of using it? 

In this post, we’re reviewing the top medspa software available for your medspa: 

  • Zenoti
  • AestheticsPro 
  • Remedly 
  • DrChrono 
  • Orchid Spa Software 
  • Envision MedSpa 
  • Vagaro
  • Nextech
  • Mindbody
  • Kareo  


Zenoti - a cloud software for Medspa business

Zenoti  is a cloud software that works for salons, spas, and medspas. The company prides itself on having an all-in-one business solution that includes appointment scheduling, automated marketing, and employee management. It also boasts about its commitment to helping medspa companies drive growth through technology, especially in a post-COVID world. 


  • Mobile-friendly
  • All-in-one software 
  • Offers a free blog and free resources for prospects 
  • Puts emphasis on the guest experience 


  • A bit expensive for smaller medspas 
  • Customer support chat can slow the process down if you’re trying to complex situations 
  • Could be overwhelming to learn at first 

Tip: If you do pick Zenoti, take the time to properly learn the system. Since it is all-in-one, there’s a lot to manage and learn. Take your time and don’t cut corners learning this software. 

Cost: You can get a free demo, but subscription-based plans require you to contact the vendor for pricing details. 

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Aesthetics Pro 

AestheticsPro - Medspa Software

AestheticsPro is a cloud-based medspa software that offers a variety of services. It offers an accounting suite, a POS suite, and the ability to manage your clients and business in one place. It also offers a system where you can access e-records from anywhere in the world. It’s HIPAA-compliant and offers valuable tools for data reporting. 


  • HIPAA compliant 
  • All-in-one software 
  • Ability to upload before & after pictures 
  • Built-in gift card processing 


  • The onboarding process can be difficult to navigate since there are so many features to learn 
  • Some customers report issues with customization 
  • Occasional bugs in the system 

Tip: Be sure your staff is up-to-date on how the e-record system works if they’ve never been trained on it before. 

Cost: Offers a free demo and subscriptions start as low as $109.99 per month. However, more advanced features are only available on the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans. 


Remedly - Medspa Software

Remedly is another cloud-based medspa software that offers services such as practice management, patient management, electronic health records, marketing, and revenue cycle management. It claims to save up to 8 hours per week per employee and offers a system for monitoring your financial performance. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Offers analytics that helps you make data-driven decisions 
  • Responsive support team 
  • Simplifies billing, revenue collection, and insurance claim processing


  • Some customers complain about the marketing platform 
  • Software updates can sometimes cause bugs
  • No free trial, but does offer a free demo 

Tip: Make sure you have your previous revenue cycle data before you switch over. That way, you have an idea of what it was like before and after you started using the software. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get pricing details. 

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DrChrono - Medspa Software

DrChrono is a software that aims to streamline administrative tasks so that medspa employees can focus on procedures and patient care. It also has a mobile EHR feature, so you can provide care anywhere through an EHR app that’s available on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or desktop. There’s also an option for customers to set up Telehealth, which can open a lot of doors for medspas. 


  • Option to set up Telehealth 
  • Mobile EHR 
  • Options for multispecialty medspas 
  • Patients can set up appointments and pay bills online 


  • There can be a steep learning curve 
  • Some complaints about customer service 
  • Can be difficult to customize content 

Tip: Make sure you have the staff and equipment to set up Telehealth before choosing to add it on. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get a price. 

Orchid Spa Software 

Orchid Spa - Medspa Software

Orchid Spa Software is a cloud-based medspa software that assists with client management, inventory management, and marketing. The software assists employees with retargeting email campaigns and even offers a place to house and manage documents. It also allows medspas to sell client memberships, which can help sell more services and generate loyal customers. 


  • Ability to sell memberships 
  • Online booking option for customers 
  • Automated email and texting 
  • Ability to connect QuickBooks 


  • Some customers have issues generating data 
  • Limited integration options 
  • Updates can be difficult to navigate 

Tip: Download all the online forms for installation and onboarding before installing the software. 

Cost: There’s an option for a free trial and the lowest cost for a monthly subscription is $59. 

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Envision MedSpa 

Envision Medspa - Medspa Software

Envision MedSpa is a cloud-based software that helps medspas build their business at scale and manage operations with ease. It offers electronic treatment records, task management programs, and employee management. It also allows you to send and receive forms online while protecting your patients’ privacy. 


  • Easy to use interface 
  • HIPAA-compliant way to send and receive forms online 
  • Ability to sell gift cards online 
  • SMS text messaging program to confirm appointments and send promotional messages 


  • Could be difficult to navigate at first if you’re integrating from another system 

Tip: Set up mobile apps for your clients and employees when you get the software. 

Cost: A monthly membership starts at $199 per month, but if you want to have the software at multiple locations you’ll need to call for a custom quote. 


Vagaro - Medspa Software

Vagaro is a cloud-based, all-in-one medspa software that helps medspas schedule clients, send reminders, and build SOAP notes.  It works on any device and even provides the opportunity to design a custom booking website for your business. It also offers the option for you to livestream classes and consultations from anywhere. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Offers unique features for a medspa app 
  • Affordable for small and mid-sized companies 
  • Ability to do online booking 


  • Lack of customization 
  • Have to add upgrades as separate services 
  • Customers service isn’t always available after hours 

Tip: Take the time to explore all the unique features this software has. There’s a lot to tackle at first, but it gets easier to navigate once you explore everything. 

Cost: A free trial is available. After the free trial, prices range from $25 per month to $85 per month. 


Nextech - Medspa Software

Nextech is a web-based software that offers EMR, practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient management for medspas. Part of its appeal is its focus on elective revenue and customer retention. It’s less expensive to keep an existing client versus obtaining a new one, so medspa businesses can use this program to help keep current customers happy. 


  • Can be used for multiple specialties 
  • Offers customizable EMR templates 
  • Mobile EMR access 
  • Offers a patient portal mobile app 


  • Can be tough to navigate at first if you aren’t used to it 
  • Reports can be difficult to gather and interpret 

Tip: Customize the features on this software to your specialty in order to achieve optimum efficiency. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get a demo and pricing details. 


Mindboy - Medspa Software

Mindbody is a software that aims to provide a powerful customer experience. You can manage your medspa business in this all-in-one platform by scheduling clients, managing staff and payroll, and gaining perspective through detailed reports. You can also get a custom app that’s branded for your business. It also allows you to nurture new leads while simultaneously retaining current customers. 


  • Good insights into total sales and recurring customers 
  • The ability for staff to update their schedules via mobile 
  • Versatile POS system 
  • The option to have an AI assistant 


  • Limited features on the starter pack 
  • Some customers reported issues with the booking feature 
  • Can be difficult to navigate at first 

Tip: If you run multiple locations, make sure you know the ins and outs of network-wide control and corporate-level reporting. 

Cost: Monthly subscriptions ranging from $129 per month to $599 per month. 


Kareo - Medspa Software

Kareo is a cloud-based software that offers easy-to-use and integrated EHR technology.  It allows you to write notes and prescriptions, code encounters, and manage patients effectively. Practices can set up within 48 hours of signing up and allows you to customize schedules and appointment reminders. 


  • Easy e-Prescribing
  • User-friendly 
  • Customizable 
  • Emphasizes maintaining data confidentiality and secure sharing of information


  • Can be overwhelming at first since it’s so robust

Tip: Check in with a support rep at least once a week for the first couple of weeks to ensure you’re setting everything up correctly. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get a demo and pricing options. 

Why Should Medspas Use This Kind of Software?

Medspa software is essential for medspa companies is they want to scale their business and increase efficiency. This kind of software can streamline operations and boost productivity by automating tasks such as appointment booking and appointment reminders. 

It also helps you market your services via email and text, which helps you generate new leads and nurture existing customers. The more people know about your brand and hear your messages, the more likely they’ll purchase services from you. 

This kind of software can also be integrated into your website and help you track leads. You’ll be able to do this if the software has an API you can integrate into your website. This can help you track your leads and try to convert them into loyal customers. 

Studies show that nearly 55% of API experts are using APIs to build B2B products, 36% for mobile products, 29% for B2C/consumer products, 26% for employee productivity, and 22% for IoT applications. Medspa companies can use API to build better relationships with leads and customers through tracking and data analysis. 

The better relationships medspas build with their website leads, the more likely they’ll convert into loyal customers. 

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Conclusion about Medspa Software

At the end of the day, the type of medspa software you choose will depend on a number of factors. These factors include your company’s overall needs, your customers’ needs, and your budget. An all-in-one medspa software can take a lot of hassle out of your daily workload and allow you and your employees to focus on providing excellent service. 

Instead of having to connect your billing, scheduling, and marketing platforms, you can store everything in one place and train employees on one system instead of multiple platforms. This can drastically cut down training costs and limit the number of issues that can pop up from managing multiple platforms. 

Remember: pick the software that will help your medspa company grow, not hold you back. 

Focus on how this software will help you meet your goals and solve your customers’ issues. The more it helps your customers, the more it helps you and your business. 

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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