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Plastic Surgery Web Design – 26 Stunning Examples

By: Frank DePino | June 16, 2021

The plastic surgery industry has experienced significant growth within the last few years. This growth is the result of the increasing number of cosmetic treatment options for beauty enhancement and the proliferation of wellness awareness and trends worldwide. With an increasing tech perceptive consumer base, having a great medical spa website design is a must, just like in any other industry.

1. Care Plastic Surgery

care plastic surgery

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Care uses sharp contrasting colors with purple and black, which helps their content and call-to-actions stand out. They also use plenty of social proof by including the awards they have won, and client testomonials.

2. Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue

shafer clininc

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The Shafer Clinic has a very clean website with smooth animations. Their website does a great job of showcasing their past clients, while showing what they could do for you.


qazi clinic

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The first thing you will notice when you visit the Qazi Clinic website is how easy it is to navigate the site. The website’s great navigation system makes it easy for users to move around the site. Navigation is crucial since, according to studies conducted by Forrester Research, businesses lose 50 % of potential sales as a result of users not finding the right information.


willow medspa

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Willow MedSpa has mastered the art of incorporating visual content into a website. Many website managers struggle with integrating video content as a standard component of their site content workflow. Willow MedSpa features a high quality custom video at the top of the homepage.


cienga medspa

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Selecting an appropriate color scheme or combination is a crucial but often overlooked component of an effective and appealing website. One of the first things that you notice about Cienega MedSpa’s website is a great choice in color combinations. Blue is a conservative color and exhibits a high trust value. It is also the color that most women prefer. Green, on the other hand, is pleasing to the eye, invokes trust, and is a trendy color.


laserway medspa

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There are a few things you seek to achieve when you visit a medical spa website. You may want to inquire about or access information regarding MedSpa services. You may also want to book an appointment to procure the services. For these objectives or any others, you will want to know where to go when you arrive at the website. Laseraway’s website is effective at providing clear guidance for users to find the information they seek.


cosmetic surgery web design

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At the first point of contact when visitors arrive at a website, the content should deliver essential information. It should achieve this while being as brief as possible. Beautifix Med Spa’s website checks all boxes when it comes to quality content. The website does not beat around the bush with irrelevant salesy information. The website immediately dives into what the Med Spa has to offer, which is what online visitors will be searching for. It is easy to tell that the content of the website has been planned with the ideal customer’s point of view in mind.

8. Rapaport Plastic Surgery

cosmetic surgery website

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Rapaport Plastic Surgery has a website with eye-catching trendy colors. They also make it easy to find what you are looking for. They do this by breaking down what they offer into three categories. Last, they use strong social proof instantly by showing consumers what popular magazines they have been featured in.

9. VIP Plastic Surgery

creative cosmetic surgery web design

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VIP Plastic Surgery starts with a breath-taking hero video that inspires consumers. They also use large images throughout their site, which is perfect for such a visual product. Last, there high constrast visuals helps their photography stand out.


plastic surgery web design

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The importance and benefits of a clean and simple website design cannot be overstated. Perfect Skin Med Spa’s website is a great example of a clean and simple site that manages to serve its purpose. The site does not bog the user’s mind with complex layouts and excess menu options. Perfect Skin MedSpa’s website is easy to scan. Most internet users have short attention spans and tend to skim through web content. By stripping down the website to the essentials, Perfect Skin, Med Spa maximizes the number of visitors who view the most important sections of the content.


plastic surgery mobile website

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A website’s homepage is the virtual front door to your business. Cure Daily seems to understand that the first moments after a visitor arrives at a website may affect the business positively or negatively. Cure Daily’s website homepage is well designed to make the best impression possible to the ideal med spa customers.


medspa website design ideas

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Information architecture is one of the most neglected aspects of proper website design. One look at the Sona med spa’s website reveals that the design took into account information architecture. How information on a website is presented and organized is crucial for good usability and user experience. Proper information architecture was vital for Sona MedSpa’s website since it provides a wide range of information and resources to engage and attract the target market. This website could very easily have been a pain to read through have it not been for the great implementation of link labels.


medpa website

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Eden MedSpa’s website design is a reflection of the company, its products, its services, and ultimately, its brand. The website is professional, polished, visually appealing, and functional. These factors are extremely important if you seek to realize success in the online domain today. Eden MedSpa’s website features an uncluttered layout that allows white space and incorporates quality photos to great effect. The MedSpa’s message shines through upon the first look at the website.


medspa web design

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If a website asks nothing of visitors, then they will surely do nothing. One of the primary functions of a business website is to convert visitors into high quality leads that ultimately become paying customers. Hudson Medical’s website implements conversion elements perfectly and avoids appearing too aggressive or salesy.

15. Rowe Aesthetics

medical spa website

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Rowe Aesthetics website is extremely user friendly. This is because they keep it as simple as possible. By keeping link density low and having a clean layout and color scheme, their consumers can find exactly what they need.

16. Visage Facial Surgery

cosmetic clinic web design

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Visage Facial Surgery has a luxurous color scheme with black and gold. This helps put their service in the premium category. They also do a great job of featuring different sections on their homepage that capture your attention.

17. Premier Medical Aesthetics

cosmetic websites

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Premier’s Medical’s website focuses on the plastic surgery process. They provide useful graphics that descibe the different types of procedures consumers go can through.

18. Ela Plastic Surgery

medical spa web design

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Ela Plastic Surgery has a strong paralax effect on their homepage, that is paired with striking photography – and makes for an amazing, easy-to-navigate homepage.

19. Dr Sanders

medical spa websites

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Dr. Sanders’s website has a beautiful color scheme that balances trust and luxury. Its gold and black exude luxury, while the blue accents help consumers with trust. The site strongly features the certification and experience of Dr. Sanders, which makes consumers feel more comfortable with him.

20. Dr J Hopkins

medical spa mobile optimized website

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This site starts with a hero video to grab and keep your attention on the home page. Then it leads your straight to before and after pictures to inspire you and make you desire the same results.

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21. The Oaks Plastic Surgery

dermatology web design

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The Oaks Plastics Surgery website drives action. It gives two “Quick Quote” call-to-action buttons right away. The “Photo Gallery” button on the homepage even pulses to promote action.

22. New York Group For Plastic Surgery

dermatology websites

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A fun, but professional website, this website uses playful features, but exudes experience, all over their website. Their brand feels cohesive throughout by using their organge and blue throughout along with utilizing results pictures wherever they can.

23. Applebaum MMD

creative dermatology web design

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Dr. Robert Applebaum’s website heavily features the successes of his career. The experiences and reviews create a feeling of trust with consumers that visit his website.

24. Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa

skin care center website

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Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa’s website keeps it simple. You can quickly find the different types of procedures they offer by scrolling down or clicking in the header. Scroll a little further down, and you quickly find the before and after pictures.

25. The Forever Insitute

skin care center website

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This website is extremely easy to navigate, with simply located call-to-action buttons. The color schemes it uses make the website feel extremely bubbly and friendly.

26. Miller Plastic Surgery

skin care websites

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This website focuses on the experience of the owner, Dr. Brian J Miller. By doing this, they setup up the consumer for a trusting relationship. Then, we they see the results Miller Plastic Surgery has gotten for others, they believe they can achieve those results too.

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