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Maximize your Business Success with Plastic Surgery SEO

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

An effective plastic surgery SEO strategy can help you grow your practice, attract more patients, and lead the market in your region. Patients will research your practice before booking an appointment, but they have to find you first. SEO can get you on potential customers’ radar, but you must hold their attention and convert them to patients.

Plastic surgery SEO is the collection of search engine optimization techniques and strategies used to increase your website’s search result ranking. SEO boosts your website’s visibility on Google, which exposes your business to more potential customers. A varied and adaptable SEO campaign will increase lead generation, build your brand, and funnel traffic to your website. 

Read on to learn more about plastic surgery SEO and nine strategies to help you build a successful SEO campaign for your practice. 

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What is SEO for Plastic Surgeons?

Search engine optimization (SEO) for plastic surgeons is the collection of networking and marketing strategies used in a campaign to promote your practice. Any SEO campaign aims to make your website the first search result in your market. When people search “plastic surgeon near me” online, you want your website to be first on the list. Whether you do it on your own or enlist the help of an agency, an effective SEO campaign can keep your appointment book full. 

The global cosmetic surgery market in 2020 was 44.55 billion dollars, and experts predict its growth to reach nearly 59 billion in 2028. Stay relevant as an authority in your local market, and your practice will lift on that rising tide, too. 

SEO Strategies for Plastic Surgeons

Identify your target audience and build your online presence with them in mind. Use Google Analytics to learn everything you can about your potential customers and focus your marketing efforts where they will be most effective. 

Content marketing lets you share information with the public, and quality content ensures your website has answers to common problems in your industry. For example, suppose your website has a blog about reducing the appearance of scars or a video guide to identifying different types of rashes and skin conditions. In that case, potential patients will find your brand organically and remember you when they need a plastic surgeon. 

When people search online for plastic surgery questions in your region, ensure your website has the answers. Use plastic surgery SEO to your advantage, just as you would your surgical tools—to deliver precision performance and the desired result.  

A plastic surgeon is getting new clients after applying SEO to his site

Benefits of Plastic Surgery SEO

1. Lead Generation

Quality content marketing is an important facet of a plastic surgery SEO campaign. When your website is the first result for everything from how to identify skin cancer to the various cosmetic procedures available, your target audience will find you.  Adapt the marketing for your plastic surgery practice to current trends alongside your SEO to see more lead generation

2. Brand Building

To maintain a successful practice, you must build a strong brand. Your brand is the face of your business and consists of everything your current and potential clients use to identify your practice among competitors. Foster loyalty and awareness for your brand by providing the best plastic surgery services in the market and sharing consistent branding across all mediums. 

3. Increased Web Traffic

If your plastic surgery SEO strategy works, your website will see dramatically increased web traffic over time. Once you get potential patients to your website, ensure you hold their attention with an attractive website and quality content that answers their questions. Over time, you will see the conversion of visitors to customers. 

Download Our Latest Whitepaper

12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Services Provided by a Reliable Plastic Surgery SEO Company

You trained for years to become a plastic surgeon, so it makes sense if SEO isn’t your forte. Thankfully, you can find a plastic surgery SEO company to help you. An agency will oversee your SEO campaign and work to make you the first local search result in the market. 

1. Keyword Research

An agency will research the most appropriate medical SEO keywords and ensure they appear on every page of your website. Properly using keywords on each webpage increases your site’s weight for the Google analytics algorithm. Whether someone searches “plastic surgeons near me” or something like “Los Angeles plastic surgeon,” the goal is to make your site among the first results. 

2. Local SEO

Maximize your local SEO with the help of an agency and let them tackle the numerous tasks necessary to boost your search result ranking. Nearly half of Google searches are for local content or solutions, so answer as many questions as possible in your field

Invest in your plastic surgery practice and trust an SEO company to handle:

  • Maintaining a Google Business Profile page

A Google Business Profile shares your contact information. Keeping this information updated is vital. Google offers this as a free tool.

  • Cultivating customer reviews

Customer reviews are another important aspect of local SEO. An agency will establish business profiles on online reviews like Google and Yelp. You should ask patients for and respond to reviews. Active engagement will help your SEO rankings and positive reputation. More than 70 percent of consumers read online reviews

Most potential patients will research your practice before scheduling an appointment, and more than half of them use their phones to conduct that research. Optimizing your website for easy use across various devices is crucial, but an SEO company will handle testing.

  • Creating quality local content
Mediaboom shows how writing optimized blog content is a great content marketing strategy

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing includes standard written content like blog posts and articles, but it has expanded in recent years to cover other mediums, too. As we move further into the Information Age, consuming more media, people’s attention spans have lessened. Content users can consume quickly, especially short-form videos, is swiftly gaining popularity.

  • Blog posts can share positive patient experiences, tips on planning a cosmetic procedure, aftercare information, and more. Engage with potential patients and grow your authority and expertise in the industry. 
  • Social media posts let you engage with potential clients in an informal setting and allow you to link back to your website. 
  • Short, interesting videos draw attention and are a great way to build brand awareness while sharing your expertise in the industry. 
  • Use content marketing to share free resources and information about plastic surgery. 
  • Curated video content marketing will expose more potential customers to your brand, and in a visual industry like plastic surgery, your options for interesting video topics are enormous.
  • Hosting webinars to share information can help you reach more people. 
  • Sharing success stories with before and after transformation photos can hugely impact customer interest and web traffic

4. Link Building

A plastic surgery SEO agency will help you build a network of internal and external links, which helps legitimize your website for Google and helps establish you as an authority in the market. Getting links by other reputable sites is a useful tool to increase your authority and trustfulness with Google. 

Internal links point visitors to other locations on your website, which shows Google you have a robust, legitimate site that answers questions about multiple plastic surgery elements in your region. Establishing yourself as the authority in the market will draw more traffic as Google ranks your website higher in the search results. 

Google Page Speed ​​Insight shows the optimized speed performance of a well-known website

5. Page Speed Optimization

An attractive website that works across multiple devices is still only half the battle. It has to look good and work quickly. A plastic surgery SEO agency will handle page speed optimization for you. The agency works to give your site the best technical SEO available, which includes elements like speed, Core Web Vitals, and mobile optimization.

You can check your page speed optimization on Google Page Speed Insight

6. Landing Page Optimization

Trusting the experts to continuously work for the best results is another benefit of using a plastic surgery SEO agency. Using a process called landing page optimization, the agency will consistently improve the elements of your website to increase conversions. The average 2022 conversion rate for websites is 2.35 percent, with the top quarter of web pages earning around 5 percent conversions and only the top tenth with a conversion rate over 11 percent.

Landing pages focus on conversions, which can be users completing a contact form, clicking a button, reaching a certain page, requesting an appointment, or some other goal. Using A/B testing, the experts will determine what methods the users engage with most effectively and factor that into future strategies.

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Whether you work on your own to grow your practice or trust an agency to increase your brand awareness, an effective SEO campaign strategy is required to stay relevant in the world of digital marketing. If your efforts are better used in the operating room, hire a plastic surgery SEO company to optimize your website.

By: Frank DePino

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