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Plastic Surgery Marketing – Maximize Your Clinic’s Growth

By: Frank DePino | July 1, 2021

As a plastic surgeon, do not forget that there are other clinics out there offering the same service as you. Therefore, only a successful plastic surgery marketing campaign can help you reach out to your target audience. Also, this is your surest option to make your website visitors customers eventually.

Over time, only a few industries are as competitive as the plastic surgery industry in the healthcare world. Additionally, this growth happened rather quickly. 

Nobody saw it coming. Or, maybe some people did. 

In 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced a rise in plastic surgical procedures. According to them, the plastic surgery market now takes the shape of a more commonplace. This is clear with the 2% increase in how often the procedure took place between 2016 and 2017. 

Furthermore, the need for a solid plastic surgery marketing campaign comes into the picture as well. Approximately 85% of clients search for these services on the internet. Therefore, it becomes clear that plastic surgeons must employ resourceful marketing techniques to harness the potentials of the market.

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The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery Marketing

Plastic surgery marketing helps to draw in new customers by boosting awareness for their plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery services. In the last few years, plastic surgery marketing has evolved into internet marketing almost completely. Presently, most people seek the services of plastic surgeons to improve or correct a vast array of cosmetic problems. 

In addition, potential consumers must deal with the increasing concerns surrounding various areas of this procedure. They want to be sure of your quality. They want to be sure they can trust you well enough to handle the procedure without any glitch. 

So, when they finally decide to visit, they want to be sure they will get the best from you. 

Therefore, they do their homework online before considering any specific surgeon or treatment. 

Having said all of this, it is crucial to develop a productive plastic surgery marketing plan. Having that in place gets you set to reach likely customers easily. 

You can meet them in the research stage or when they choose which plastic surgeon they wish to consult with.

Regardless of your point of contact with these prospects, you aim to make a good first impression. Meanwhile, this is only possible with the right marketing strategy in place through your marketing campaign.

The plastic surgeon decides to share important information with his audience

Information To Share Through Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign

First of all, understand that all your prospective customers need is a clinic they can bank on.

The best motivation anyone can get to spend their money is that they’ll receive value for their money. Statistically, in just a year, consumers spent well over 15 billion dollars on procedures (both surgical and non-surgical).

To make the most of the potential in this industry, you must be ready to deliver quality content. A proven way to do this is by providing quality information. The information is only quality when it can positively shape the image of your clinic. 

The kinds of information referred to as quality for your plastic surgery marketing campaign come in two forms.

  • Your Medical Qualifications And That Of Your Staff 
  • The Mission Statement Of Your Clinic

Your Medical Qualifications And That Of Your Staff

You and your staff know that you’re the right people to handle these procedures effectively. But, how do you make potential clients know that? 

One good way to do that is by providing information on the qualifications and certifications you and your staff hold.

Ensure you share details about your credentials. That is a way of making it clear that you and your team of workers are up to the task. Consumers simply desire to have their plastic surgery treatments with specialists who can provide terrific results. 

More so, this is plastic surgery! Certainly, nobody wants to take any risks at all. Aside from the fact that it affects the body directly, plastic surgery is also cost-intensive.

Therefore, sharing information about you and your team’s qualifications is a good way to convince your prospective customers. With such information, you convince them that you understand the different complexities of the process. More so, it explains that you possess applicable industry-standard training.

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The Mission Statement Of Your Clinic

In addition, you must get your audience familiar with your mission statement. If you truly need to convert these potential clients, your mission statement can help. 

By sharing your mission statement with your likely clients, what have you done? You create a sense of bond and get them on board with you. 

With it, you can effortlessly get them to want your services. Sharing your mission statement and goals with these possible customers builds trust as well

Prospective clients are likely to get more bound to clinics when they resonate with such clinic’s mission statements. 

As mentioned above, sharing your mission statement again helps to increase clients’ confidence. Now, your prospects are confident of your devotion to the practice. Thereon, there is now a path through which they can plunge into your vision. This is a path you created yourself with good information in your plastic surgery marketing campaign.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Qazi shows how he has built a strong online presence with his content

How Do You Build A Solid Online Presence?

You cannot negotiate the indispensable role of visibility when running your plastic surgery marketing campaign. Presently, marketing is not merely about the established conventional methods. No potential client needs your physical presence to decide whether or not they need your services. 

Therefore, most brands now entirely run their marketing online. This is as the majority of your prospective clients spend most of their time online. As it stands, the digital age created this shift in marketing practices. Hence, it is only logical for brands to make necessary changes to key in.

How do you build a solid online presence? Keep reading as we expose you to the most productive ways to build a solid online presence for your brand.

  • An Active And Productive Website
  • Social Media
  • Reviews

1. An Active And Productive Website 

In case you fail to see it, your website is one of your most potent media of communication. Practically, your website serves as your storefront. This is where you showcase your services to most of your prospective customers. 

On the first contact these prospects have with your business’ name, they make a first research move. And that is to find out more about you from your website. They get to surf through your website to see how well your services are. 

Do you want to know why they do all of these? 

Simply put, consumers do this as they assume that standard and competent businesses must have a website. Also, such a website must provide answers to all the questions that are relevant to the niche. This is absolutely correct.

Thus, knowing that your website is the first phase, then, it must be as credible and persuasive as possible. Also, you must ensure that every visitor on your website gets convinced as soon as they land on your site. 

To do that, here are two important structures you must pay attention to.

  1. An Informative Blog
  2. Productive SEO Content

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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An Informative Blog

If you must make enough sales from your services, you must make the best use of your blog content. For SEO, you make use of naturally placed keywords or phrases in your content. That way, you get to invite your prospective clients. But, for blog posts, you simply seek to enlighten your audience. 

In other words, you sell without selling.

Ensure that your blog contents focus on questions that are relevant to the majority of your plastic surgery prospects. You want to provide answers to these questions that these potential customers need answers to.

Once you do this, you will assist your readers in addressing their timely concerns. Consequently, your blog develops a special place in their hearts. They look forward to visiting as it is always informative. 

You have a blog where they find correct answers to everything they wish to know about this niche. That’s good plastic surgery marketing in effect.

Hence, when they finally desire to get plastic surgery done, your website is the first place they want to check.

So, by writing enlightening and informative blogs, you connect better with your readers. Thereafter, you get to convert them into paying clients.

Productive SEO Content

Search Engine Optimization continues to lead the park when plastic surgery marketing is concerned. Most of your likely customers frequently search using particular keywords for plastic surgery services.

Thanks to search engines, they look through these keywords. From there, they specify the results that rank the highest. These are the results displayed first when people make relevant searches.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to key into this keyword function to optimize your website. As long as your website features more keywords, it will get more visible. 

When you make this a routine, you ensure that your website stays relevant. Plus, since SEO can help you draw in visitors to your site, your work becomes simpler. Now, all you have to do is straightforward. Get your website optimized and therefore, aid the process of client conversion that follows.

Dr.Qazi displays his optimized social profiles in order to get more customers.

2. Social Media

The first concern is whether social media is still necessary since there is a website. Well, it is still very important.  

A successful plastic surgery marketing campaign is the kind that pays attention to every single detail. And, for a platform like social media, you will leave a chunk of the piece out. If you ignore the millions of users on social media, imagine how many potential clients you might lose.

In addition, social media develops better in-depth and intimate interactions between brands and their potential customers. This implies that the results it yields are mostly immediate.

With just one post, repost, comment, or view, you can boost the visibility of your services genetically. More so, using social media can build your brand an enthusiastic and robust fanbase. With them, you can effortlessly have your business name at different places even outside your zone.

At the end of it all, it means more referrals, as well as a rise in sales. 

3. Reviews

There is a higher chance that you will use a service when people tell you it’s a quality service. Check out this report from the

From 1997 to 2020 900 thousand surgical procedures were performed and 1.56 million made in 2021.

Hence, you must make sure that your clients get exactly what they want. Their satisfaction is what can make them give you those terrific reviews you need to boost your business. 

And as they come in, simply make them visible to visitors on your website. With more of these excellent reviews, you boost your chances of growing your customer base. 

Mediaboom shows the results achieved with a Google Ads campaign for one of its clients who is a plastic surgeon.

Advertising: An Integral Part Of Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign. 

Your surgical services might be terrific truly. Yet, you still need to advertise. You cannot forgo being in people’s faces. It is essential!

However, this is not a guarantee that these people will need your services regardless of how outstanding your advertising might be.

Rather, this becomes functional when they happen to need such services or someone around them does. At that point, you will be the first name on their mind. There are three ways to go about this.

a. Word Of Mouth

Give them an outstanding first impression. Continue by giving attention to all their post-surgery needs. That way, you can make their experience one with satisfaction and ease. Consequently, word-of-mouth referrals will come in naturally. 

Do not forget, word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy.

b. Paid Ads

You can achieve a lot from running paid advertisements as well. Run paid ads on different platforms and see how well it helps you boost your reach marketing-wise.

c. Review Sites

Simply seek the services of expert plastic surgery review sites. Have them analyze your services and provide their honest appraisal. 

And, since you keep up with your exceptional values and excellent practices, there is nothing to worry about. Accordingly, these review sites will also provide a favorable and extensive review of your brand. 

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In conclusion, the eventual goal of a successful plastic surgery marketing campaign is to boost your customer base. Henceforth, you can achieve this by simply working according to all of the details provided in this post. 

Additionally, assess your plastic surgery marketing campaign periodically. Ensure it measures up to your Key Performance Index (KPI). If it doesn’t, take time to review your methods and adjust where necessary. 

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By: Frank DePino

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