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Plastic Surgery Mission Statement – Share Your Brand Values

By: Frank DePino | May 9, 2024

Your customers don’t simply connect with your brand and business to access a product/service. Instead, they connect with you based on your brand’s purpose, values, visions, and mission. These features are showcased in how you interact with customers and the organizations and communities you support. 

There’s no better way for you to put your business’s purpose in the limelight than through a well-written, attention-grabbing, and enthralling mission statement.

You need to tailor your mission statement to reflect every facet of your medic spa, including the nature of your product/service offering, pricing structures, marketplace position, growth potential, and your relationships with customers, employees, competitors, and the overall community.  

Therefore, it’s evident that your mission statement is valuable since it attractively positions your business in front of prospective clients. Let’s discuss how you can create the ideal medic spa mission statement to showcase your brand values:  

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What is a Mission Statement? 

Your business’s mission is a foundational marketing element. It is a formal declaration of why you opened your medic spa biz and what your values are. Moreover, it is a precise summary of the goals and values of your company or organization. 

Mission statements should communicate your business goals, culture, and ethics. These are meant to help customers understand what you do for them and why it should matter. The ideal mission statement is short, concise, catchy, unique, and helps your business stand out from its competitors. 

How to Write a Plastic Surgery Mission Statement

  • Align with your core values and help your company remain envisioned 
  • Unite you and your staff under a single purpose
  • Captivate prospective clients and customers by offering clear benefits

One good example of the ideal mission statement is that of Uber, ‘We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

Why do you Need One? 

A well-crafted mission statement is beneficial for your business. It is because mission statements are the perfect way to direct your business in the right direction. Moreover, they play a significant role in helping business owners make ideal decisions that ensure a constant revenue stream. 

A lack of a mission statement may lead to businesses struggling to map out their future. Small business owners, in particular, require the perfect mission statement.

If your talent pool is limited, writing down your intentions and plans for the coming years can help you run the business smoothly. Simply noting down your thoughts can help offer clarity. 

Who is Going to Read a Mission Statement? 

A mission statement refers to a short paragraph explaining the reason behind your organization’s existence, the overall goal of the business, the purpose of its operations, i.e., the type of product/service it offers, your primary customer base, and geographical location.  

It means that viewers clicking onto your website will flock to your ‘about us page to read the mission statement. A killer mission statement will drive organic traffic towards your website and turn qualified leads into loyal customers. 

At the same time, your employees and staff members will also read the mission statement on a day-to-day basis to feel inspired. Remembering the purpose of your business revitalizes your compassion and dedication to the job.

Last but not least, you should target your mission statement to potential business investors. Why? It is because mission statements describe what is unique about your business, the way you do it, how you thrive, and exactly why they need to invest in you and your business.

The plastic surgeon is including the core elements in his company's mission statement

What Should be Included in a Mission Statement?

Crafting a Mission Statement includes three integral components:

  • Key Market- who is your target audience?
  • Contribution- what are your products or services?
  • Distinction- what makes your product different and unique? Or why should the audience buy your product over the other? 

A practical and top-tier mission statement should be a clear and concise declaration of your business strategy. Keep in mind that you should never underestimate the importance of a simple mission statement.

Entrepreneurs and business owners should focus on crafting their mission statement early as it offers you and your employees a framework and purpose.  

How to Write a Mission Statement? 

A mission statement is the main reason behind your website’s existence. It talks about the present and future state of your business. Therefore you must learn to curate the perfect mission statement.

Learn to provide a sense of purpose and direction for you, your team, and your business by creating a clear and concise medic spa mission statement:

Identify Your Values

Your mission statement doesn’t need to describe the specifics of what you and your business do. For instance, you don’t have to write about weekly nutrition plans or day-to-day appointments, and so on. Instead, you need to take a high-level approach to create the mission of your Medic Spa. For this reason, you need to sit down and identify your values.

One fantastic way to identify your values is to figure out your top priorities when meeting your customer’s needs. Some questions you can consider are; do you wish to make your patients feel heard? Do you want to offer compassion? 

Consider coming up with three to five value statements that communicate perfectly the reason you opened your business. Moreover, it should explain what services you want to offer your customer base.

It serves as the foundation of your medic spa mission statement.

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Asking the Right Questions 

Start creating your mission statement by asking yourself the following fundamental questions: 

  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • How do you achieve what you do?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • What value is your business adding to the industry? 
  • How are you doing it better than your competitors? And why should customers choose your services/products?- It is also an incredible way to figure out your unique selling proposition 
  • What differentiates you from similar businesses in the industry?

These will answer the most critical question clients want to ask you: why did you open your medic spa, and why are you offering the services you offer? The answer to the question ‘why is what will help you captivate prospective customers. 

On top of that, effectively communicating the reason that drives you to do what you do will help you connect with clients on a deeper level than simply transactions. 

Share Your Story

Customers will purchase your services/products for emotional reasons as well. Therefore, stories are a powerful way of eliciting emotions from your customer base. 

Sharing your story via your mission statement helps communicate to the audience why you established your business and are offering such services. In this way, you also uncover your values and unique selling proposition. 

Everyone has a story of how they are standing where they are today, and your story matters to viewers too. Don’t write down a five-page tale; instead, search for snippets that best represent your values, strengths, and point of view, sure to speak to your ideal customer. 

Provide sneak peeks in your life to help your audience understand why you’re running your Medic spa business. A couple of pointers to keep in mind when writing your story are:

  • Don’t judge your journey 
  • Don’t make the story about yourself, instead make it about your customers 

Tell an incredible story highlighting how client’s lives are better today as a result of your services. If you fail to add value to your customer’s lives, they will likely scroll past your services.

Picture Your Long-Term Vision 

Delegate some time to picture the future of your Medic Spa. Ask yourself where you would like to be in the coming five years. What about in the coming 10, 15, and 20 years?

Take the example of Google that started back in 1996. At that time, it was nothing more than a research project by two guys from Stanford. They were yet to make it universally accessible and beneficial. Yet their mission statement claimed that they did precisely that. 

It took the two professionals 25 years before the two achieved their goal of transforming the world of communication, learning, and exchanging information. Thus, you must visualize your long-term goals. 

The plastic surgeon's team met to discuss the mission statement

Refine and Own Your Mission Statement 

After days of brainstorming, consider each idea, and find different opinions, it’s time for you to write down a rough mission statement for your business. After you write down the answer and curate an incredible story, it’s time to revamp the verbiage and reduce the content

The goal of your mission statement is to enrapture viewers and help them understand ‘what you do,’ ‘why do you do it,’ and ‘what makes you stand out from your competition.’ But if you fail to deliver this succinctly and sweetly, you’ll bore the readers. 

Reread the statement to select the best bits. Consider utilizing radiant and fancy words to add a zest to your Medic spa business statement. An excellent way to spice up your mission statement is by using colorful words that create dynamic visuals.

Stick to Your Mission Statement

Finally, keep in mind that your statement isn’t something you write down on your hard drive. Instead, you need to display your mission statement on your website ‘about us’ page, add it within your bio, incorporate it in your marketing strategies, and share it across various social media platforms.  

Your mission statement is the ideal way of ensuring you stay consistent in your branding. Plus, consistency is vital when fostering relationships with your customers. 

Advertising Your Mission Statement 

After spending hours crafting the perfect statement, it’s time to find creative ways to advertise your medic spa mission statements to loyal customers, employees, and prospective clients as well. Your mission statement needs to be clear, concise, and sweet, and displayed on the following:

  • Your website 
  • Paper marketing material including, but not limited to, handouts, brochures, and business cards
  • In a visible area in the interior of your office
  • Training guides, as well as protocol necessary for intra-office admin
  • Diverse social media platforms
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Different intake forms  

Finally, make sure you incorporate your mission statement into day-to-day meetings, training, and when onboarding new potential patients. Your staff, as well as clients, should read and hear your message. 

When necessary, repeat your Medic spa mission statement to help up everyone’s productivity, get them excited to commit themselves to working hard, deliver state-of-the-art care, and expand their outreach. 

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To Sum it Up 

The process is pretty simple for creating the perfect plastic surgery mission statement. Just sit down and answer the simple what/why/why questions. In the end, you’ll find your page full of exciting mission statements. Learn to condense these and select no more than two to three sentences. 

Ensure your statement is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Moreover, it should be something that drives employees to perform better and improve further.   

After writing up your mission statement, find ways to spread the word. Convey your mission statement inside and outside the business and inform your friends and family about your business plan.

Consider posting it in your office where visitors and employees can easily see it. Moreover, print it on company materials and talk about it on various platforms. 

If you’re not sure how to adequately advertise your plastic surgery mission statement, it’s best to apply the brakes and seek the help of a professional. The last thing you want is to waste your marketing budget by making amateur mistakes. 

At Media Boom, our experts combine years of experience with dedication to offer you state-of-the-art marketing and advertising services. Let us help you reflect your brand values in a couple of sentences by connecting with our team of experts today! 

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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