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MedSpa SEO – A Complete Guide

By: Frank DePino | April 5, 2021

Do you want to show up for the term “botox in Dallas”, or “acne treatments for men”? If the answer is yes, then committing to the creation of a comprehensive Medspa SEO plan is what you need to do.

To ensure your business shows some visibility online and appears in results on the relevant, targeted terms, you need to have a strong SEO.

The stronger your SEO strategies are, the higher the chances to land on top of the search result. Most internet searchers wouldn’t even go to the second page to find the needed service/product. According to Moz, the search engines’ first page garners 71%-92% traffic clicks while only 6% reaches the second page.

Why do Medspas need to utilize SEO?

Like any other business, your Medspa also requires successful search engine marketing strategies to reach the top in search engine results. Adding the right keywords to your content, optimizing your website, and improving your link profile can be huge factors in driving more traffic to your website – and ultimately acquiring new patients.

Your customers check multiple review sites such as Yelp, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and other sources. But being a business owner, or to say Medspa owner, you’re already overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of the business. Therefore, wearing a technical hat and becoming a marketer for your own business could be highly challenging. Your business requires the same amount of SEO as any other business to stay ahead in the competition. Here, we discuss various aspects of SEO marketing that can boost online traffic for your Medical Spa.

Key Points To Remember

  • Better SEO means a quick-loading website. If your website keeps timing out and takes too long to load, clients may get frustrated and seek services from a competitor’s website. To ensure a fast-loading website, reduce, relocate, or eradicate banner ads, videos, and additional clutter.
  • Writing content to yield maximum SEO results is an enticing thought; however, the downside is that your content may not sound natural or readable. Instead, work on increasing your article’s readability while using natural SEO.
  • Another incredible idea is to encourage industry experts and well-renowned bloggers to link back to your website.
  • Utilize programs like Google Analytics to assess on-site and blog post-SEO. As a result of this, you can find out what SEO practices drive the best results.        
  • Make sure you curate an attention-grabbing, enticing, and value-driven Meta description.
  • Using the right keywords, alt text, and images is necessary to ensure SEO is effective. For this reason, you’ll need to conduct in-depth analytical research.
  • Incorporate keywords and images within unique and high-quality content to stand out from your competition. 
Mediaboom shows the results achieved by a medspa website after optimizing on-page SEO

On-Page SEO for Medspas

On-page SEO refers to optimizing individual web pages to improve search engine results ranking and drive organic traffic toward your website. Moreover, on-page SEO entails optimizing the content and HTML source code of a page:

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research is the first step and the most crucial element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To optimize your website’s content, you must utilize top keyword research tools to pinpoint the best keywords, identify user intent, and determine your content marketing strategy.

With the help of fantastic keyword research tools like SEMRush, you can shortlist the best Medspa keywords. Such devices provide you access to a comprehensive list of keywords alongside cost-per-click data, keyword search trends, volume, and so much more!

In turn, pinpointing the right keywords and incorporating them in your web content and blogs help you gain traffic.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

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Technical Med spa SEO – Title Tags, Meta Description, Alt Tags

Page titles refer to the name of each page or post on your website. These may not be visible on your website’s page; however, they are visible to search engines.

Since you have control over title tags, you must optimize them to make your titles. In turn, your website is sure to stand out against competitors’ websites.

At the same time, meta descriptions/page descriptions are another necessary HTML attribute. These provide a summary of your page or post’s content. Optimizing meta descriptions helps ensure better ranking on the search engine results page. However, chances are Google will manipulate them according to specified terms.    

Creating a website sitemap is an important step for medspa seo optimization

Sitemap Creation

Sitemaps are an excellent way for websites to communicate with different search engines. One great benefit of sitemaps is that it links search engines with any new changes made to the site as soon as they occur. 

In addition to this, with the help of sitemap links, business owners won’t have to rely on external links as much. Instead, the sitemap link will help drive an incredible amount of visitors to your site. Plus, these help business owners fix problems with poor internal linking.

Well-Developed Website Structure

A well-developed website is necessary to thrive in the medspa market. Business owners often face two significant issues: poor or no mobile-friendly usability and a lack of SSL installations. 

Nowadays, most people utilize their smartphones for local searches. Moreover, in July, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would rank higher. Therefore, boasting a mobile-friendly website is an easy and effective way to improve ranking. 

One other problem is non-secure websites. If your website opens with the label of ‘non-secure, consumers are less likely to click onto the website. In this way, your business will notice less traffic.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Off-Site SEO for Medical Spa 

On the flip side, off-site SEO refers to any action you may take to expedite your website’s search engine results ranking. Linking is the heart of off-site SEO, and it’s also the perfect way to gain more exposure and expand your audience.

Here we talk about the various benefits of off-site medspa.

Google Business Profile 

If your brand lacks a Google Business Profile listing, it’s best to craft one instantly. With the help of this, prospective consumers can easily spot your medical spa business on Google Maps and in Google Local 3-pack.  

One of the top benefits of Google Business Profile is that consumers can leave reviews. Since Google considers the amount and quality of customer feedback, these play an essential role in improving your ranking. 

Another way to expedite your brand’s visibility is to publish posts on Google My Business. Users can publish up to 1,500 words, while 200 to 400 is the typical length. Generally, your post will expire after seven days. Therefore make sure you curate a strategy that allows you to post every seven days.


One of the most popular local apps, Yelp, can bring more traffic if you rank higher on the website. Yelp ranks businesses based on positive reviews and close proximity. For this reason, business owners should encourage consumers to provide reviews. 

Since it is against their policy to ask consumers for reviews, it’s best to prompt consumers to leave responses. You may offer discounts and ask people to check in to your business to gain an increasing number of reviews and, in turn, increase sales. 

Receiving reviews helps your Medspa website SEO optimization


Reviews play a crucial role in improving your Medspa SEO strategies and Google rankings; therefore, your business needs to define its review strategy. Moreover, Reviews let new consumers gain firsthand knowledge about your business. It means your old customers will be sharing their experience, good or bad, with the community.

Apart from expediting your local ranking, reviews help improve conversion rates as well. Therefore, you require online reviews; however, these are not easy to garner. You may use various software to get those reviews listed on your website. These will also help you display or boast your customer’s feedback 

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising

To gain quick traffic, you need to advertise in a way that generates instant clicks. You can do so through PPC. Making use of top keywords is the best way to drive traffic to your website. It opens new and all gateways to increase sales as PPC ads are displayed on the first page.

 While some keywords like ‘laser hair removal’ and ‘botox’ are comparatively more costly and expensive, local keywords like ‘Botox in Florida’ cost less. So, spend time researching keywords specific to your business and location and boost your Medspa advertising.

Download Our Latest Whitepaper

12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

National vs. Local Medspa SEO 

Through local search engine optimization, marketers utilize avenues to expedite your visibility to potential customers on the lookout for services such as yours. But these prospective consumers are looking for service providers in a particular area, your area.

While local SEO keywords include integrating specific states, time zones, cities, and areas, national SEO keywords include broader terms. 

Typically big corporations and leading, multinational businesses utilize national SEO. Therefore local Medspa businesses won’t benefit from this. Instead, they should consider using local SEO tactics to ensure potential clients can easily find them. Here are a couple of benefits of local SEO:

  • Define your target audience and easily captivate them   
  • Be found on the first page by prospective customers and increase on-site traffic
  • Compete with bigger companies as a higher number of clients book appointments 
  • Grow and expand your outreach
  • Notice higher levels of conversion and diversify your customer base

Content Marketing for Medical Spas 

Search Engine Optimization and content go hand in hand.

Effective Medspa SEO strategies greatly rely on stellar quality content. Moreover, the foundation of both content marketing strategy and search engine optimization is in-depth keyword research.   

It means that when talking about medspas, content marketing is critical. You need to curate reliable and enticing content for consumers. Through value-driven content, medspas can boast their expertise and knowledge in the field of work. In this way, you can gain credibility and nurture a diverse range of consumers.

An excellent way to go around this is by requesting industry leaders and top bloggers to write guest posts on your website. They will likely share that post on their website and among their networks. It will drive more relevant and targeted traffic to your website as guest posting can help you reach a bigger and diverse audience.

At the same time, you should consider writing guest posts on other reputable blogs. That way, you can improve your brand’s credibility while enrapturing your target audience. Here, your website is bound to notice an increase in organic traffic.   

The goal of a Medspa SEO Agency is to increase the organic traffic of your Medical Spa website

Top-tier SEO Services: Websites that Drive Organic Traffic 

We curate Medical Spa websites and conduct in-depth search engine optimization research to help boost your traffic. All our marketing practices are data and ROI driven. 

We understand that captivating your ideal consumer is a challenging task. There are a plethora of critical components that keep your website running smoothly. You need to maintain and modify your website with the growth of your business. On top of that, you have to craft high-quality and enticing content.

But the thing is that investing in quality medspa SEO is worthwhile and will help you craft the perfect SEO and overall marketing strategy:  

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