How Landing Pages Help You Convert

You know all about home pages, landing pages, and all the basic facets of a good marketing strategy – right? What might be getting overlooked, especially in this now familiar territory, are the powerful benefits availed through the various aspects of marketing and advertising. In particular, your landing pages…

Landing Pages Deliver Big Benefits

Companies can reap the benefits of maximizing their landing page efforts almost immediately. In addition to the almost instant benefits this focus will deliver, there are also many other residual benefits that will quickly make a difference.

Easily Generate Leads!

One of the biggest benefits afforded by using landing pages is lead generation. This benefit will also be felt sooner than later. In addition to adding more leads to the pool, landing pages will make those leads easier to manage and more viable. By sending leads to targeted landing pages, your team will be able to better segment, nurture and ultimately convert those leads.

It has become a common if not lazy practice, for marketing teams to automatically direct social media, email and search traffic to their home pages. This practice weakens your leads, homogenizes data and will hurt your conversion rates. It doesn’t matter if the lack of landing page utilization is due complacency, laziness or simply not being aware, failing to do so can be a costly error.
“Businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages.” – Mary Lister, Wordstream
Your landing page is also the perfect place for your marketing offers…

A Place for Your Offers to Live

When your lead inquires about an offer, it is a potential customer taking the next step in the buyer’s journey, literally a lead moving into the next stage of the sales funnel. The problem is, if your marketing team doesn’t know what is happening or where the buyer is at on their journey, it is nearly impossible to help.

When your marketing offers are gated behind landing pages, your marketing team stays in control. They stay informed of a lead’s process through the funnel and they can better dictate the outcome of the buyer’s experience. When visitors submit their information in return for the key that unlocks the gate to your marketing offer, your landing page (the gatekeeper) gathers and stores that information.

Now your landing page has become a valuable collections tool which translates into information that will promote customer relationships and increase customer acquisitions.

Landing Pages Deliver Residual Benefits

While generating strong leads and providing a platform that allows your marketing offers to be effective and useful will be felt in short order, there are other benefits too. Landing pages will improve every aspect of your marketing campaign, and information is power.

  • Collecting Valuable Demographic Information:Any time a lead completes a form, that information is then compiled to build a baseline of data (marketing persona) about those leads. That means your team isn’t reaching out to a lead blindly but at the very least, with some useful basic information.
  • Empowers Other Marketing Channels
    Landing pages can be the best friend to a successful inbound marketing strategy. The core of every inbound marketing campaign is based on content. The ability to share this content via email and social media channels or to support lead nurturing is just another bonus of optimizing landing pages.
  • Improve Your Marketing OffersThink of your landing page as a “data asset.” So every landing page you create is another opportunity for your team to track and analyze that data. Those metrics will afford insights into how your offers are performing and how your customers are responding. That is the type of information that enables businesses to tailor their marketing strategies and maximize their ROI.

Landing Pages Deliver Marketing Flexibility

Because of how flexible landing pages can be to use, there really isn’t any reason to not take advantage of using them; and there aren’t many situations where landing pages won’t work. From local market advertising to specialized niche products or focus groups, landing pages can reach and capture audiences.

Landing Pages for Focused Marketing Efforts

It doesn’t matter where your business is based, the ability of landing pages to convey a local, friendly and familiar feel is powerful. The inclusion of local content will also promote your site rankings. When people search on mobile devices for local content this will start building the link and local content required to have your landing page move up.

Social Media and Landing Pages

Everything social media is targeted on a more personal level, it is social not business media after all. When companies can connect with their audience in a more personal venue it obviously bodes well for that relationship. Landing pages offer avenues to reach your customers on those social levels, on those social media platforms.

Making your Facebook or LinkedIn connection apparent on your landing page can instantly embolden a sense of the familiar and lead to deeper customer connections. Twitter, Facebook and other social media feeds along with recognizing those visitors from those networks has the potential to greatly increase engagements.

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Landing Pages for Advertising Conversion

Regardless of the advertising medium, when those ads are targeted to a content laden page that supports and promotes those advertisements, the results of those advertisements are better. There is plenty of room for trial and error with landing page and ad combinations. Specified groups of PPC ads tied to keyword optimized pages could be one of many such combinations.

Landing Pages to Influence the Sales Funnel

A landing page that addresses specific product or market segments can be used to more effectively funnel leads that have an interest in particular types of content. Any business that offers products or services in different luxury markets would find this benefit of landing pages useful.

Too Important to be Overlooked!

Considering all of these immediate and long term benefits delivered by effectively using and optimizing landing pages, it is clear that landing pages are an indispensable part of any successful marketing strategy.
“…companies do see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.”

Landing pages work, they produce results and they are too important to be overlooked. Have you evaluated you landing pages lately?

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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