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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – 6 Steps to More Clients

By: Frank DePino | June 14, 2021

Cosmetic surgery marketing comprises a combination of marketing media. The primary purpose of each medium is to generate leads. These leads help drive in more patients for cosmetic surgery consultations.

Most cosmetic surgery practitioners employ offline marketing channels that turn out to be effective. However, the recent trend seems to tilt in a different direction. In recent years, the new big things are online cosmetic surgery marketing channels. 

Regardless of the mode, anyone without a background knowledge of marketing will still find cosmetic surgery marketing quite confusing. However, the situation can be different.

Certain established marketing strategies work regardless of the markets. By learning them well enough, you are on your way to achieving that much-needed boost you desire.

So, are you a practicing cosmetic surgeon? Or do you manage a cosmetic surgery practice brand? 

If you fit into any of those classes, you need to make the most of your marketing strategies. To achieve that, this article is the guide you need. 

cosmetic surgery marketing

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing: List Of Important Things To Consider 

Here is a list of the important things you must consider before venturing into cosmetic surgery marketing. 

  1. Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Funnel
  2. Branding For Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice
  3. Grooming Your Online Reputation Through Reviews
  4. Building An Equipped Website For Various Brand Activities And SEO
  5. Advertisements 
  6. Social Media Marketing 

Considering all these things gives you a good understanding of how to harness the full potential of each marketing channel. 

These are essential rudiments of cosmetic surgery marketing. These rudiments will form your stairway to an effective cosmetic surgery marketing campaign.

Furthermore, in this article, you will learn about the marketing funnels or phases. Likewise, you will learn how your cosmetic surgery practice can harness these funnels. By doing so, you can get the best out of these marketing funnels for the growth of your practice.

Lastly, you must recognize the function of each of the marketing channels available to you as a cosmetic surgeon. Some of these marketing channels are perfect for publicizing your cosmetic surgery services. While others hold more importance. 

These influence patients greatly when they choose from the several available options. They propel patients to decide on whether to use your services.

cosmetic surgery marketing funnel

The Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Funnel

As you read earlier, there is a different function performed by each marketing channel. In your efforts to get patients to fix appointments for consultations, these channels play different roles. To better understand these channels and the roles they play, you must first understand how the marketing funnel works.

Every patient passes through four different phases before scheduling a cosmetic surgery appointment. These phases are what we refer to as “The Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Funnel.”

Various marketing channels contribute to how quickly patients move from one phase to another. A cosmetic surgery marketing funnel comprises the following phases:

  • Attention

This is where a patient finds out about the cosmetic surgery service you or your brand offers.

  • Attraction

In this phase, a patient grows an innate desire to have you or your brand conduct the process on them.

  • Assessment

Here, the patient assesses your brand’s profile. The patient wants to be sure they are in safe hands. At this point, a patient visits your site to check out your reviews, and your before and after pictures.

  • Action

This is the last phase. Finally, the patient reaches out to book a consultation session with you to begin the process.

Below is a more technical portrait of a cosmetic surgery marketing funnel:

Importantly, note that the duration of this funnel is relative. Some patients may go through the funnel in a few minutes. Some others may take months to go through the same funnel. It can even take as long as a year for other patients

In all, the aim is to have patients move from discovering your practice to fixing a consultation session with you.

branding for cosmetic surgery

1. Branding for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Branding is an essential part of the process. So far, you will notice how often the words “brand” or “branding” appears. The brand is you! The brand is your practice! The brand is the reason behind the marketing campaign, after all. Hence, it is a focal point.

Branding is a necessary step towards getting the “Attention.”

Branding involves establishing your niche as a cosmetic surgeon in a way that sets you apart from your competitions. The purpose of branding is to develop an association in the patient’s mind. This association is a vivid portrait of your cosmetic surgery services and prowess.

However, this channel can get patients into your marketing funnel. This will be the start of a smooth transition through the four stages depicted in the last section. Therefore, it is necessary to have a solid start 

Consequently, a solid start will kick off a mental association with your cosmetic surgery brand in the patient’s mind. With that, they can develop an interest in knowing more about your brand. Then, they can easily look you up on Google to learn more. And, if they are happy with what they see, they can fix an appointment with you.

How to Build A Brand for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice?

We can develop an entire blog post on how to build a brand. The best way to assist you is to give you tips that can set you off on the right foot.

  • Concentrate Your Branding Efforts on A Specific Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Your focus should be to create a brand with an exclusive element of the cosmetic surgery practice. This does not mean that you should only focus on one procedure in particular. What it means is that you should specialize in a procedure.

Imagine being the brand known for breast augmentation in your area. That’s you making a name for yourself as the best in that procedure! That’s effective branding!

  • Your Collaterals Should Display A Good Level Of Consistency

As a brand, you already have a color and font mix that differentiates you from your competitions. Ensure that this color and font mix remains consistent with your websites, your billboards, and the sign outside of your office.

In branding, repetition goes a long way in ringing the bell. By emphasizing your fonts, colors, images, and messages, you are developing a winning brand.

In summary, don’t expect instant business out of the adverts you place in a magazine or on a billboard. Branding is not a hasty process. It requires time and effort. And, even though traditional advertising media is the best for this process, time remains essential for an effective process.

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2. Grooming Your Online Reputation Through Reviews

Certainly, your online reputation is a major part of your brand. You must develop it and protect it in every way you can.

Moreover, most cosmetic surgery patients only leave reviews when they are not satisfied with your procedure. Hence, there is the need to pay attention to your reviews.

By asking for reviews yourself, you can offset the impact of the unavoidable negative reviews. In cosmetic surgery marketing, review acquisition poses certain hurdles. Primarily, this is because most patients do not wish to declare openly that they had surgery.

How then do you deal with this hurdle?

Where Should Cosmetic Surgery Patients Leave Reviews?

There are many suitable places where you can collect reviews from your patients as a cosmetic surgeon. They include:

  • Directories That Rank for Your Name
  • Google My Business
  • Directories That Rank for Your Keywords
  • Healthgrades
  • Yelp

Handling Negative Reviews 

As you must understand by now, negative reviews are unavoidable. Only a proactive strategy to push positive reviews can drown them out. 

We recommend you monitor your online reviews closely and give appropriate replies. Be it negative or positive reviews, responding to them is highly recommended.

When you get these negative reviews, stop for a moment to consider how a third party might read your response. So, when you give your response, you do so the right way.

cosmetic surgery website

3. Building an Equipped Website for Various Brand Activities And SEO

The first impression your cosmetic surgery brand can give to patients is through your website.

Again, your website where the last part of your marketing funnel takes place. This is where the patient takes the “Action” and schedules a session with you.

You can market your brand effectively through your website in three ways. They are:

  • Your Message
  • Before and After Photos
  • SEO Ranking Service Pages

Your Message

You must be able to pass a compelling and precise message on your website. That will be your first statement to your potential patients on their first visit to your page. Therefore, your message must be clear and convincing enough!

You can pass your message in two forms. The first is through words. Then you have images too. This will lead us to the next part.

Before and After Photos

These images are as effective as your copy can be. The best way to convince a potential patient through images is through before and after photos. 

It is a simple way to make your service exceptional. These photos lead prospective patients through the attraction and assessment phases of your marketing funnel.

The before and after photos might not be all a patient will look out for. Nevertheless, it subtly passes a message that states “You can be like her.” Ensure you pay attention to this aspect.

SEO Ranking Service Pages

You begin to work on your brand’s SEO as cosmetic surgeons from your website. Every one of your therapies and processes must have its search-optimized pages.

Most people dislike going public about their intentions to undergo cosmetic surgery. Consequently, they probably will do a chunk of their research online. By just searching for a cosmetic surgeon online, they can find one that provides the procedure they want.

Therefore, SEO is one of the best means to get patients as a cosmetic surgeon. Ranking top with your services can be the turnaround your cosmetic surgery practice needs.

seo for cosmetic surgery

4. Advertisements (PPC ADs)

PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are very cost effective. With them, as an advertizer, you only pay when a patient clicks on your ad. 

Google Ads is the most effective medium for making the most of PPC ads for your cosmetic surgery practice.

Pay Per Click ads can be specifically productive in cosmetic surgery marketing. With a competent hand involved in your marketing campaign, PPC Ads will yield significant results.

A PPC ads campaign requires a ton of effort and focus. However, with a marketing brand that boasts tested marketing strategies, a PPC campaign can be fully optimized. Regardless of the market or particular procedure, a good advertisement campaign like PPC ads remains perfect.

Do you wish to produce efficient leads from your advertisements? Contact us now!

5. Social Media Marketing 

The most advisable social media marketing platforms are the visual social media platforms. They are more effective than their text-based counterparts. 

For instance, Twitter cannot match Instagram as regards marketing effectiveness. Most prospective cosmetic surgery patients will prefer evidence in visuals than in texts. However, Facebook Ads seem to be prolific for this business: learn how to target Facebook Ads for cosmetic clinics.

As a cosmetic surgeon, you can employ platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to give health and beauty tips. That way, you can grow your audience effortlessly. As you grow your audience, you get the stage set for an effective social media marketing campaign.

If you can manage to get your practice that social media attention, a lot can change. You may have to deal with patients waiting in line for a long time to book a session. 

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Having exposed you to all the details in this post, hold on to this nugget:

Never rely on a single marketing channel!

Cosmetic surgery marketing channels are not always consistent. From time to time, a channel ceases to be effective and others take over. Therefore, you must be dynamic in your marketing approach. 

If you desire a competent cosmetic surgery marketing provider, contact us: we are here to help you! 

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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