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Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign – Tips and Tricks

By: Frank DePino | December 1, 2023

Marketing remains a crucial aspect for plastic surgery clinics. 

This is primarily because many clinics are offering the same services. 

As such, the preferred clinics will be those that signal clients by shaping their marketing practices to appeal to their target audience and convert website visitors to clients. 

However, while plastic surgery marketing is an important part of the business, it’s more important to understand how it’s done. 

In 2019, there were over 18 million cosmetic procedures. 

Suppose you want to tap into this growing market, you need certain market strategies. This article discusses all you need to know about setting up your plastic surgery marketing campaign and the numerous benefits. 

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Benefits Of Developing A Marketing Campaign

Developing your marketing campaign helps you attract new clients and increases your revenue generation. The plastic surgery industry now utilizes online marketing to drive sales. By putting together effective marketing plans and implementing the same, you can center your clinic in the industry seamlessly. Marketing also spreads your business’ reach and extends your services beyond your immediate location. This offers a wide target market for you to tap into.

What Information Can You Share To Influence The Public?

Your potential clients want a clinic they can trust. 

You need to understand that people will only spend their money where they feel they’ll get value. Clients have spent more than 16 billion dollars annuallyon both surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

An effective way to tap into this is by sharing quality information that can shape your clinic’s narrative. This includes the medical qualifications of you and your staff as well as your clinic’s mission statement. 

You should display your qualifications and certifications to show you’re fit for the job. 

Prospects only want to have their plastic surgery procedures with experts who can deliver excellent services. 

They do not want to take chances, especially considering how cost-intensive plastic surgery procedures can be. 

As such, displaying you and your staff members’ qualifications is how to convince your potential clients that you understand the intricacies of the procedures and you have relevant industry-standard training.

Secondly, it’s crucial to share your mission statement with the public. 

You need your potential clients. You can get them to buy into your services by sharing your mission statement and goals with them. 

Prospects tend to feel more connected to clinics that they resonate with their mission statements. 

Sharing your mission statement also helps to reinforce clients’ belief in your passion for the practice. It offers them an avenue to take a dive into your vision.

Mediaboom shows how he built an online presence for his plastic surgeon client

Building An Online Presence

Visibility is non-negotiable when it comes to your plastic surgery marketing campaign. 

The world has moved past conventional marketing that requires physical presence. 

Businesses now fully operate online because potential clients spend most of their time there. 

Since the digital age has redefined marketing approaches, the logical thing to do is to adapt. 

Here are the most effective ways to build your online presence.

The Importance Of Having A Website 

Your website is one of your most effective means of communication. 

Consider it as your storefront where you display your services. 

When people come across your business’ name, the first thing they do is to research your website and surf through it. 

Why do they do this? 

Clients do this because they presume that legit businesses must have a website, and such a website must answer all the questions they have about the niche. 

They are right.

Therefore, since your website is the first step, you have to make it as convincing as possible. 

You must be able to convince a potential client within their first few clicks on your website. Here are the core ways to do that

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Invest In Quality Website Design

Start your website optimization with quality website designs

Get excellent website designers with experience working for plastic surgery clinics. The most important thing is an accurate arrangement of the right functionalities on your website. 

The links to relevant content and important tabs such as landing pages, “about us,” surgeon bios, and financing options, should be easily visible.

Also, the website design should be aesthetically pleasing. It sends the right message if a plastic surgery website has impressive and buoyant website designs that draw clients in to look for more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content

SEO remains a leading part of plastic surgery marketing campaigns. 

Potential clients regularly search for plastic surgery services using certain keywords. 

Search engines look through these keywords to determine the top results to display when anyone searches them. 

A smart thing for you to do is to tap into this keyword usage to improve your website’s visibility.

This makes it essential that you optimize your website to accommodate relevant keywords. 

Creating content that incorporates the most searched keywords will get your website to be one of the top-rated on search engines. 

You’ll need to get expert SEO writers who understand how to naturally infuse both primary and secondary keywords into articles to achieve adequate density.

Doing this regularly will ensure your website remains relevant. The most important function of SEO is that it brings visitors to your website. Consequently, what you’re left with is optimizing your website enough to support client conversion thereafter.

The plastic surgeon is writing the outline for his next blog post

Blog Posts

You should not always attempt to sell. 

This is essentially why you need to utilize blog posts to your advantage. 

While SEO uses naturally placed keywords in the content to attract your target audience, blog posts purely seek to educate your audience. It’s a way to sell without selling.

Your blog posts should be centered on relevant questions that most plastic surgery prospects often have. 

By providing relevant and precise answers to these frequently asked questions, you help your readers address their immediate needs, which consequently engraves your website in their hearts. 

Now they know where to find relevant answers and clarifications to all things that bother them about plastic surgery. 

Simultaneously, when they eventually need to get plastic surgery services, your website comes to their mind.

This is why many businesses write educational and informative blogs to connect more deeply with their readers and hopefully convert them into paying customers. 

As a plastic surgery website, you need to focus on different surgical and non-surgical procedures alongside their benefits. Here are some content ideas you to implement for effective plastic surgery marketing campaign:

  • Curate content that addresses food choices, skincare, healthy lifestyle, preparing for surgeries, and related subjects. This strengthens patient loyalty and helps prepare them mentally for their procedures.
  • Write blogs containing relevant updates in your industry and niche that your patient and prospects should know about.
  • Create content discussing your achievements and awards. More importantly, discuss the values that earned you these awards and how you leverage those values and skills to help clients. 
  • Make your services more personable by offering insights into case studies of your existing patients. In doing this, you need to be sure you’re not violating any law.
  • Ensure your blog posts are conversational. Speak to the reader in a friendly and calm manner. You can also make it more visual by including videos, charts, and infographics.+

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Social Media

Why social media when you have a website? 

This is because effective plastic surgery marketing campaigns don’t leave loose ends. In today’s world, social media houses millions of users. 

People practically spend their lives on social media and interact with their favorite brands thereon. 

More so, social media creates more in-depth and personal interactions with brands. 

It is instant, immediate, and happens in the frenzy. 

A single tweet, retweet, share or like increases your services’ visibility in multiple folds. With social media, you can build a loyal and strong fanbase that spreads your business name and extends your reach. 

This eventually leads to numerous referrals, which increases your sales

However, for all the benefits social media offers, there is a need for an adequate understanding of how it works. You won’t get your desired results without an excellent social media campaign plan. Here are some strategies you can utilize:

  • Use your social media as a leeway to your website. You can do this by always linking your website to the posts you make. This prompts visitors to check your website and consequently explore the website itself. 
  • Create special offers and promote them through your social media pages. 
  • Create interactive posts where you answer questions from your fans
  • Understand what each social media platform is most efficient for. Instagram is where you utilize pictures and videos to promote your cosmetic products and services. Twitter offers more interaction through Q&As and surveys. 
  • Facebook is perfect for gathering your followers for your events. You can also run Facebook ads to give your products and services a wider reach. Youtube is excellent for short educational videos. Essentially, utilize each app accurately. 

There are several other ways you can utilize social media. The main approach is to remain visible and active through all platforms. Most importantly, always run special offers to incentivize your followers to use your services. 

Reviews Boost Customers’ Confidence

You’re more likely to use a service if people say it’s good. The Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank says surgical procedures have increased by 82% while non-surgical procedures have witnessed nearly 508% increase since 1997. 

Positive reviews are excellent promotional pieces for your business. 

As such, you must ensure you satisfy your clients to prompt them to give you excellent reviews.

When these reviews start to come in, all you need to do is to post them in a visible area of your website. 

The more positive reviews, the higher the likelihood of getting new clients.

However, over the years, many clinics have used ghostwriters for their reviews. 

This culture is one many clients, and prospects now know of. 

As such, it can be difficult to trust reviews on websites. 

You can remedy this situation by amplifying your third-party validations, such as your awards and achievements. 

Also, you can address this issue by getting video reviews from your past clients if they are willing.

Furthermore, another way to convince your potential clients is through testimonials. 

People want to see what they would look like after their procedure. 

You can show them this by uploading some “before and after” posts of your clients. This is one of the major ways to land your new clients. The more natural and perfect the “after” results look, the better your chances.

A plastic surgeon is promoting his services with online advertising campaigns

Advertising As A Part Of Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign

Irrespective of how excellent your services may be, you need to advertise. 

You have to be in people’s faces. This doesn’t mean they will need your service because of excellent advertising. 

Instead, it means when they need plastic surgery services, your name is what they think of. 

Effective advertisement takes three major ways in today’s world.

Word of mouth

People often believe what other service users have to say. 

This is based on the assumption that service users have no motives to lie about how the service was. 

This validates the age-long marketing principle that word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy

To get clients saying good things about you, you have to ensure you serve them seamlessly. Create a positive first-time impression and attend to all their needs post-surgery. When you make their experience count and treat them with respect, word-of-mouth referrals will flow organically.

Review sites

You can never have too many positive reviews. 

The more you have, the better. A common way to get more reviews is to invite expert plastic surgery review sites to analyze your services and give their unbiased assessment. 

Since you maintain excellent values and your services are great, the review site will equally offer a positive and comprehensive review.

Managing reviews is also important. 

You need to understand how to respond to negative reviews when they occur. 

If a client drops a negative review, ensure you address it publicly and show the steps that you’re taking to rectify the situation. 

Where an apology is appropriate, you should not shy away from tendering one.

Similarly, curate different responses for your positive reviews. Try to personalize these responses, so you don’t risk sounding like a robot.

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Making the most of your plastic surgery business requires that you get your plastic surgery marketing campaign right. 

Understand that conversion is the ultimate aim of all marketing strategies. 

As such, you must set a timeline and key performance index (KPI) for all your strategies. This is how you measure whether they are achieving the required results. 

Where they aren’t, you should revise your strategies. However, where they are, you should deepen the strategies. 

This is how you make the most of your plastic surgery and cosmetic business. 

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By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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