Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing – 7 Underused Tips

As a plastic surgery practice, building your clientele and boosting your reputation might be at the top of your list of things to accomplish. With all of the advances in technology and social media platforms over the past decade, creating a marketing plan to help you check those items off of your to-do list has never been easier.

Constructing a marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice does not have to be complicated. With a little research and attention to detail, you can position your practice as the top choice amongst your target audience. 

Keep reading below for 7 underused tips to help you successfully market your plastic surgery practice.

What is Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing?

Marketing for a plastic surgery practice will increase awareness, enhance reputation, convert ad-clicks into clients, and potentially aid in increasing revenue over time. By using digital advertising and/or social media marketing, the target audience can have a first-hand look at the procedures and results offered by medical professionals.

Creating blog posts, videos, before and after photos, and having an active social media presence will help you appeal to future clients while building the trust and personal connection between you and your existing clients.

Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing Tips

How Can I Get More Cosmetic Patients?

Unfortunately, there is not an “easy” button that you can click to magically bring more clients through your door. However, you CAN convert ad clicks into leads and video views into consultations. There are 3 ways to help you achieve this goal:

  • Build a website with a blog.  It is one thing to have a website, but you raise the stakes when you have a website that has educational and informative content. By utilizing a blog format, you can highlight procedures and services, raise awareness, and keep your clients in the loop with everything happening at your practice. Building your reputation as a trusted source for cosmetic enhancements through blog posts can help you bring in more patients.
  • Be active on social media. The easiest and quickest way to update your current clients and appeal to new clients is by utilizing social media to get your content out to the masses. You can post short updates with links to your website, or even post something as small as an “out of office” announcement. When you are active on your social media accounts, you are bound to get more followers, likes, and comments which can be converted into more patients in your office.
  • Utilize paid social media advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an avenue you can explore to help you gain leads while you are sleeping. Most social media platforms offer full-service options to take you from creating the content to analyzing real-time results on who your ads are reaching. You can target your ads to specific demographics and stay within your budget to gain more clientele.

Check out this article on how to optimize your Facebook page to maximize exposure and appeal to your target audience.  You can apply several of the tips listed in that article to all of your social media platforms and your website to keep people engaged and build awareness for your practice.

how to increase cosmetic patients

Tip #1 – Have Previous Clients Promote Your Practice

Promoting your plastic surgery practice does not have to be a costly endeavor. Sometimes word of mouth, especially when the experience is exceptional, can have a larger return on investment than traditional or social media advertising.

The key factor is the customer experience. Esteban Kolsky, an expert in customer service strategies and founder of ThinkJar, states in this presentation that 72% of consumers will talk about their positive experiences with 6 or more people. On the flip side, if a bad experience is had, 13% will tell 15 or more people.

You can always ask clients to leave a review after their visit, however, that might come off as phishing for compliments. If you want your clients to promote your practice without any hassle, consider trying out one of these options:

  • Implement referral programs.
  • Connect with them on social media.
  • Have them sign up for newsletters.

If you shift a little more of your focus to a positive customer experience you are likely going to see an uptick in retention, and also an increase in first-time clients.

high value plastic surgery clients

Tip #2 – Target High-Value Clients

In the world of plastic surgery marketing, knowing your target audience is key. When it comes to plastic surgery, it is likely that your clients either have a little bit of disposable income, or they have been dreaming about augmenting their bodies for quite a while.

Aim your marketing towards mature and wealthy clients.

You can tailor your marketing plan to fit a certain demographic based on the services you offer and the need for those services within your target audience, but you have to be aware of how to successfully market to each generation.

GenerationBorn BetweenBest Marketing Strategy
Baby Boomer1946-1964Direct Marketing/Sales
Generation X1965-1980Email Marketing
Generation Y/Millennials1981-2000Social Media Marketing
Generation ZAfter 2001Social Media Marketing

Likewise, when trying to appeal to a wealthier clientele, keep these things in mind:

  • Use high-quality products.
  • Prove you are an expert in your field.
  • Be willing to spend a little more money to attract quality clients.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee.

Converting these clients into repeat customers is the goal, and you have to be willing to play the long game in keeping them satisfied.

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Have a customer avatar. 

You might be asking yourself what a customer avatar is. In short, it is a snapshot of your ideal client. If your plastic surgery practice has been around for a while, you likely already have an idea of who your typical client is, but you can take it one step further by drilling down the specifics to help market to that person more effectively.

Forbes says “you don’t really create an avatar, you discover it.” 

To discover your customer avatar, you need to do a deep dive into the following item:

  • Demographics, i.e., age, gender, marital status, location, occupation, income, education.
  • Customer’s Goals and Values
  • Sources of Information, i.e., books, blogs, gurus, etc.
  • Challenges and Pain Points
  • Objections to Services

There are several customer avatar templates, like this one from Einstein Marketer, that can help serve as a guide when you are discovering your ideal client.

Tip #3 – Ease Fears

Chances are that first-time clients might be a little apprehensive when it comes to plastic surgery. However, you can try to ease their fears and build trust before they walk through the door with your marketing strategy.

  • Offer free Photoshop consultation. When a potential client sees that you are offering a free Photoshop consultation, it might help to lower their guard and make them more inclined to trust you. Sometimes, clients are just looking around to see what options they have, and while other practices might charge for a consultation, you can set yourself above the competition and help guide the client to choose you for their surgery.
  • Show similar client testimonials. There is almost nothing more appealing than seeing the results you are wanting for yourself displayed successfully on somebody else. By having side-by-side comparisons or even a short video of a previous clients’ experience and results, you are assuring the potential client that they can trust you when they want to go under the knife.

Trust is key. Provide proof that they can trust you and your work will speak for itself. 

customer satisfaction plastic surgery practice

Tip # 4 – Relentlessly Pursue Reviews

With the onset of review websites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews, it is likely that before somebody steps foot in your office, they are looking for reviews to get a gauge on how previous clients feel about their experience with your practice.

According to Local Consumer Review Survey, 87% of consumers read reviews for local businesses and only 48% would consider a business with under 4 stars.

From the consultation to the operation to the post-op check-ins, you want to make sure you are providing excellent customer service. Do not let a client slip through the cracks and have a negative experience, and if they feel like they have been treated sub-par, do your best to mitigate their feelings.

If they have a great experience, encourage them to leave reviews. Oftentimes, if they give you permission to share their story, you can post on your website or social media which leads to shares and conversations that they can be a part of.

A few other habits you can incorporate into your client experience to encourage reviews are:

  • Send out emails or texts after the appointment.
  • Call a month later to check up on them.
  • Respond to reviews you receive.

You do not want to overwhelm the client, but they need to know you are still actively a part of their experience. When you are marketing to higher-end clientele, giving them the VIP treatment helps with retention and client recommendations.

cosmetic surgeon website

Tip #5 – Have a High-Converting Website

Your website is going to be one of the most useful tools in your plastic surgery marketing plan because it will speak volumes for your practice without you have to physically speak to a client. You can create several calls to action to help guide clients in their search for trusted information.

  • Ask for emails. There are a couple of ways you can go about asking for emails. You can have the client subscribe to a client newsletter for updates, or you can have them submit any questions they might have via the email form so that you can respond to their questions/comments/concerns.
  • Have a strong call to action.
  • Write helpful blog posts for strong SEO. Check out this article on how to maximize search engine optimization by utilizing branded and non-branded words. Your blog posts can be picked up in search results and displayed at the top of the results if you choose your words wisely.

By giving clients an opportunity to connect with you through your website, you are setting yourself up to have a higher conversion rate when it comes to site views.

Tip #6 – Build Native Paid Media Campaigns

Scrolling through social platforms and being inundated with ads is something that has become normal in this digital age. But what happens when you create a campaign that feels more organic? Not only does it build trust, but it also shows clients you care about the content they are consuming every day.

  • Ads should feel like a real post, not an ad. Do not overdo it, if you are trying too hard, clients will likely keep scrolling past your ad. If you create content that is short, to the point, recognizable, and relevant, they are likely to stop and give it a second look.
  • Keep your retargeting ads fresh. When it is time to refresh your campaign, make sure your ads stay consistent with your brand and in tune with the current trends.

Check out this article that highlights how to utilize Facebook marketing and create the best ad to engage the most customers

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Tip #7 – Be Extremely Consistent with Your Branding

Your brand is the backbone of your plastic surgery practice marketing strategy. You have to know the ins and outs of your brand in order to market efficiently so that you can stay consistent and recognizable. So where do you start?  Try starting with a brand guide.

Have a brand guide.

You need to have an answer to each of these questions to fully understand your brand’s persona and how you should move forward with your marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice.

  • What is your mission statement? What are you offering and where do you want your brand to go?
  • Who is your target audience? What have you discovered when creating your customer avatar?
  • What type of personality does your brand have? What 3-5 adjectives describe the brand?
  • What colors and fonts will you use? Will you be bold or classic?
  • What is your logo? How will people recognize it is your practice when scrolling through the internet?

Your brand can change over time; however, the key is to stay consistent. The more exposure you have, the more that customers will recognize your company across the market and on social media. This article is a great read for discovering your mission statement and how to implement it across your brand.

Plastic Surgery Practice branding


Drawing in new clients, and retaining old ones, is a goal for most plastic surgery practices. Developing the human touch and implementing it throughout your plastic surgery practice marketing strategies will help you achieve your goal of expanding your clientele and keep your existing customers coming back for me.

Don’t be afraid to try out new techniques to keep your clients engaged. You never know what works if you don’t try it out!

Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons – Improve Conversions

According to Plastic, in 2020, the total number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States was 2,314,720. Plastic surgery, like many other industries, is likely to surge in post-pandemic times. This is a great time to focus on your plastic surgery clinic’s content marketing. How can you use content marketing to gain new clients?

Content marketing for plastic surgeons can grow your audience by increasing your website traffic, expanding your email list (through using lead magnets like checklists), and boosting your social media presence. 

In this informative article, we’ll talk further about how your plastic surgery clinic can use content marketing to educate, inform, and sometimes even entertain your audience. With plenty of best practices ahead, you won’t want to miss it. 

What Is Content Marketing?

When most people think of content marketing, they imagine written content like blog posts and articles. That is indeed one form of content marketing, but it’s far from the only one. From visuals like infographics and videos to webinars, these all count as well.

Content marketing is when you produce and then share content with the intention of drumming up interest in your cosmetic services. Companies in all niches and industries use this form of marketing, so content marketing for plastic surgeons is a must as well. 

Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

The Benefits of Content Marketing

If your plastic surgery firm is on a tight budget right now, you might not want to put a full-fledged effort into content marketing. This area of marketing is worth funneling your dollars into though for a multitude of reasons.

Here are the benefits of content marketing for plastic surgeons.

Build Brand Awareness

How strong is your plastic surgery brand? If you think it could be better, content marketing can help your clinic increase its brand awareness. When more people know about your plastic surgery clinic, your audience grows. The clients you develop could be longer-term.

One of the biggest benefits of brand awareness is how it can lead to word-of-mouth marketing among your clients past and present. When someone has a good experience with a company, they typically want to tell people about it. This is free marketing for you, and it’s effortless to boot.  

Create More Trustworthiness

Getting plastic surgery is not like buying a pair of shoes or a box of cereal. Before deciding on a clinic to do the procedure, most of your clients will probably research extensively. They’ll look at before and after photos, read doctor profiles, and review quotes.

If a client feels like they can’t depend on your services, then you’ll lose their business. Since a client is trusting their health and their looks to you (and, in a way, their self-esteem), you want to do whatever you can to make your plastic surgery firm look as trustworthy as possible.

Content marketing for plastic surgeons is one of the best ways to increase that trust. The style of content you produce is key here, though. You can’t write salesy content, as that doesn’t make a client trust you.

Instead, you want to educate the client, filling in gaps in their knowledge. For example, perhaps you make a video about pre-surgery recommendations, or you write a blog post about post-op swelling and how long it will take for it to go down. The content must be valuable above all else. 

web traffic plastic surgeons

Boost Web and Social Traffic

Another perk of content marketing is that your social media and website will get more eyes on them than perhaps ever before. The blog posts you write and then share on social media will direct users back to your website. If you have a well-timed pop-up with a lead magnet, then you can get website visitors to opt into your email list. Then you’d begin the conversion process.

Your social media accounts will also begin growing. Every company needs a booming social media presence these days, including plastic surgeons. According to marketing resource Rev Local, you want to post at least one to two times per day on most social media platforms.

If you’re wondering what to post, your own content is one such way you can fill your feeds. (We also recommend sharing relevant, valuable content from other sources and crediting them). Actively posting on social media is a good way to increase your followers, as is interacting with them such as replying to comments and messages. 

Increase Referral Traffic

One aspect of content marketing for plastic surgeons to consider is guest blogging. You’d find other experts in the medical community and ask if you can write for their blog and vice-versa. The referral traffic you can earn from guest blogging makes it worth your while.

This traffic comes from the other medical expert’s audience, which is similar enough to your own that you could convert some of their clients. 

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Develop a Sense of Authority

We talked before about building trust with your clients. One of the best ways to do that is to increase your plastic surgery clinic’s authority. This requires you to position your clinic as the expert in plastic surgery.

Perhaps you write a whitepaper on a cosmetic surgery topic, or you do a study. In addition, responding to questions on sites like Quora or LinkedIn can help make your plastic surgery clinic look more authoritative. 

When your potential clients realize that you wrote that big paper on cosmetic surgery that’s been floating around, this increases their trust in you. Establishing your clinic as an authority is also a free way to market yourself. Medical firms and companies of all sizes will share your whitepaper or report, crediting you and putting your name out there. 

Cultivate More Qualified Leads 

The last reason to choose content marketing for plastic surgeons is to increase the quality of your leads. A content marketing plan is already going to direct or redirect traffic to your website, as mentioned before, but the leads who click a social media link to visit your blog are more qualified than the leads who look up “plastic surgeons ‘location’” and randomly find you.

Qualified leads are typically more educated about your services and could be readier to buy as well. You still must nurture qualified leads to convert them into clients, but the process of doing so may be more abbreviated. 

leads for plastic surgeons

Types of Content for Plastic Surgeons

You can see the value of content marketing for plastic surgeons, but which type of content should your clinic start with? Let’s go over the different content types so you can begin to formulate your marketing strategy. 


Blog content and articles will be part of the backbone that is your content marketing strategy. More than likely, you yourself won’t write this content, but you might hire an in-house writer or contract freelance writers to produce written content for you.

Business analytics platform Databox states that the perfect length for content in the early 2020s should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words (like this post). However, what matters far more than word count is the type of content you’re producing.

Anyone can write a 500-word fluff piece, but if it provides no value to the reader, then it won’t have its intended effect. You also must beware of keyword stuffing, which is cramming the same keyword into an article.  

Not only does keyword stuffing read as robotic and stilted to your audience, but Google likely penalizes the behavior as well.   

How often should you publish blog content and other articles? The answer varies depending on your industry and your audience. We recommend posting at least once weekly. If you want to post more often than that, such as three to even four times per week, then listen to your audience’s feedback. They’ll let you know if they appreciate so much content.

Some companies even publish daily, but again, it depends on your audience. The last thing you want to do is turn your audience off with too-frequent content posting. 

No matter your content schedule, an editorial calendar will help you plan which topics you’ll discuss, what’s being written, when it’s due, and when it’s going to be published. This way, even if there’s a holiday or your writer has to take a week off, you shouldn’t be left scrambling for content. 

Content Marketing for cosmetic clinics


Content marketing for plastic surgeons is not complete without video, which might be the most popular form of content marketing at current. According to video production company Lemonlight, message retention is very high when people view videos, up to 95 percent. 

Another video company, Wyzowl, says that most video marketers, 94 percent, believe that video helps their audience better understand their services and/or products. 

Today, you have more platforms than ever for hosting videos. You can upload short clips on Twitter or Instagram, live stream on Facebook, or record and upload longer video footage on YouTube. 

Although it can be a little intimidating to get in front of the camera, producing video as part of your plastic surgery clinic’s marketing plan is advantageous. You can increase social media traffic and build trust among your clients with video marketing.

Here are some best practices to succeed at recording and distributing videos.

  • Know your goals: Like you don’t sit down and write a blog post without a clear goal in mind, you can’t just idle in front of the camera without a goal when making a video. Before you hit the record button, determine what your goals are.
  • Write a script: Your video needs a script. This will give you talking points to cover as well as help your team predict how long the video will be.  
  • Have good lighting: Lighting is everything when making videos. Natural lighting like sunlight is best, but it might not always be available. If you must use artificial light, choose soft light sources, which have fewer shadows. Never use overhead lighting or the light will cast some strange shadows on your subject.   
  • Choose a clean background: You want your audience to pay attention to your message, not the background of your video. You don’t have to use a plain white wall but keep the background simple and clean. 
  • Be natural: This is admittedly the hardest part of recording a video, but the most necessary. If you read your script word for word, it’s going to come across as too fake. Be natural, be authentic, and try to have fun!
  • Edit sparingly: Almost every video requires some editing, and it’s fine if yours does too. Limit the over-the-top editing and zany transitions. These effects detract from your message.  

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Do you have a topic you want to delve into that’s longer than 2,000 words? Then you should write an eBook, which is our next type of content marketing for plastic surgeons. An eBook should read like any fiction or nonfiction book with chapters. 

Writing an eBook is like producing other long-form content. You still want to introduce stats and figures to back up any claims you make. You need a consistent tone from the beginning of the book until the end. If you can find some free stock photos to add between chapters, that’s not a bad idea, but it’s not mandatory.  

You can sell your eBook when it’s finished or use it as a lead magnet. For instance, if a website visitor signs up to your plastic surgery email list, they’d receive two free chapters of your eBook. 


Your plastic surgery firm can also produce checklists. Using the example from before, you can write a pre-op or post-op checklist so your clients know how to prepare for their cosmetic surgery. These checklists can also become lead magnets to increase opt-ins. 

content marketing plastic surgery practice


Does your plastic surgery firm have the ultimate guide to liposuction or breast augmentation? Then publish it! The average length of a guide is around 3,000 words, so this is longer-form content, but it’s also high-value. 

As you did when writing blog content or an eBook, you need to put a lot of research into your content. Know who your audience is too. For instance, if your plastic surgery firm wrote the ultimate guide to liposuction, then this would be aimed at other surgeons rather than plastic surgery clients. 


Here’s another form of content marketing for plastic surgeons: templates. Your template might include cosmetic surgery techniques, post-op care, or other tips and tricks from your industry. This too makes a great lead magnet. 


You can also share your wealth of cosmetic surgery expertise by hosting a webinar. Your audience would likely be other medical experts rather than your clients. To attract interest in your webinar, email your mailing list. 

Do be aware that more people will probably express interest in your webinar than those who will attend, especially if your webinar isn’t free. Even if your webinar doesn’t attract the audience or income that you were hoping for, you have other opportunities to earn from the webinar.

You might charge for replays of the webinar. You can also produce a transcript and sell that.  

Before and After Photos and Videos 

Of all the content marketing for plastic surgeons, before and after photos or videos might be the most effective. Every potential client wants to see how you could change their face or body and thus their life, and before and after photos exemplify that.


Content marketing for plastic surgeons can increase your web traffic, boost your sales, grow your qualified leads, and increase client trust. With the many types of content marketing at your disposal, your plastic surgery clinic can create a successful marketing plan.

If you need help along the way, our marketing pros at Mediaboom are ready to assist. Our digital marketing agency specializes in website services, design, and marketing. We work with plastic surgery clinics like yours to achieve their marketing goals.

The 7 Best Tips on Local Marketing for Financial Advisors

According to Hearts and Wallets research, there is a significant trust gap between customers and financial businesses. Throughout the study, only one in every five investors trusted their financial advisors.

While personality and enthusiasm can quickly be buried in financial language and retreat, it is clear that advisors need to reconsider their strategies if they want to attract and retain clients.

A few bold advisors are creating new strategies to welcome individuality and authenticity while being compliant to express their reliability.

These advisers are generating opportunities to develop more deep relationships with current and potential finance clients.

So, how can you use local marketing for financial advisors to find potential clients? 

Here is the list of 7 best tips on local marketing for financial advisors:

  1. Build a local friendly website
  2. Use local geo-targeting
  3. Create Call Now Campaigns
  4. Make content only locals will understand
  5. Claim your local listings
  6. Interact with Local on Social Media
  7. Be active in your community
financial advisor marketing

Build a Local Friendly Website

Investing in your online presence is the ideal way to grow your business rapidly. You can get leads by bringing your social media followers or visitors to your website.

They can take some action, such as subscribing to an email list, downloading a free report, or making an appointment with you.

Therefore, building a local-friendly website is the foremost step to generate leads and boost your local marketing for financial advisors. Follow these three ways to create a better local friendly website: 

Use Local Keywords

Local keywords are those that include location-specific phrases and bring results for the exact geographic location.

These keywords help attract visitors to your region to your brand and are crucial to enhancing your local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Create Landing Pages for Local Cities and Areas

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To make it work for you, you must customize your landing page design and rank for your surrounding locations so that your target audience can quickly locate your website and web pages in search results.

To succeed in search engine rankings and dominate your geographic locations with relevant geo-modified keywords, you must mix local search engine optimization with organic search engine optimization.

Google is interested in customers since they are frequently the most targeted and motivated group of people conducting local searches.

They are also excellent targets for lead generation and enhancing conversion rates.

List Your Location and Have a Map Section

Google Maps, initially Google Places, is now part of the Google My Business dashboard.

Creating your ‘Google My Business’ page is the first stage in Local Search Optimization, and it should be at the top of the to-do list for any business that wants to be seen digitally.

  • Visit Google My Business.
  • Click the “Get on Google” button.
  • In the Search Box, enter your company’s name and address.
  • Choose or Add Your Company
  • Verify Your Company

As you prepare to set up your listing, keep in mind that while Google may include businesses from surrounding areas in the “Local” search results (Maps) in some cases.

You can only register your business in the town or city where you have a physical address.

google my business financial advisor

Use Local Geo-Targeting

Location-based marketing is a rapidly increasing local marketing for financial advisors technique that sits right in the middle of the advertising ecosystem.

According to BIA Advisory Services, marketers spent more than $26 billion on geo-targeted marketing in 2019.

Google Advertisements location targeting allows you to target your ads to specific geographic areas, such as nations, regions within countries, a radius around a location, or location groupings.

They can include points of attraction, your business locations, or tiered demographics.

Location targeting allows you to narrow your advertising to find the ideal customers for your company. As a result, this form of targeting may help you boost your return on investment (ROI).

Target Your Area With Facebook and Google Advertising

When it comes to online advertising, Google AdWords is a powerful way. What makes it so fantastic?

Some of the most profound benefits that businesses receive using Google’s paid advertising platform:

  • Target Specific Devices
  • Pay Only For Results
  • Performance Tracking
  • Precise Targeting

Businesses make an average of $2 for every dollar spent on AdWords, according to Google’s Economic Impact study.

If you use Google AdWords as part of your local marketing for financial advisors strategy, it will indeed produce great results more often than not. 

Therefore, the best approach to find out if AdWords will be profitable for your brand is to give that a try.

Furthermore, you can target your audience with Facebook ads. These hyper-targeted ads can be delivered to the precise type of person you want to reach. 

facebook advertising financial advisors

Create Call Now Campaigns

Create a call now. The campaign is perfect for a local business that serves a specific geographical area or if your end objective for lead generation is simply to get people on the phone. You usually schedule a time to do so.

This is an excellent approach to bypass that and get customers to call you straight. Initially, the only way to get calls directly from Facebook Ads was to use Reach campaigns, which worked.

However, their primary goal was not always to generate more calls. 

Facebook has secretly unveiled a click-to-call ads option within Website Traffic campaigns, allowing marketers to overwhelm their business and client phone lines with more calls than ever before.

While running this campaign, it will be adequate to make the CTA button saying “Call Now.” This type of call-to-action can boost your sales at higher rates.

Make Content Only Locals Will Understand

Local brands can provide current and relevant content to their readers, which national campaigns do not.

Topics could include shared local values such as support for a local cause or sports club. 

Creating hyper-relevant local content and delivering it to local audiences can help to increase and sustain brand awareness, enhance brand affinity, and trigger purchasing decisions.

You can share this content through a blog on your website or social media.

Always write guides to your area and recommend your visitors to visit with a complete address.

local listings financial advisors

Claim Your Local Listings

According to a Search Engine Land study, 50 percent of internet business listings include inaccuracies.

The chances of your clients finding reliable information about your company are as good as the flip of a coin, which is inadequate.

This begs the question, are your dealership’s search and local business listings effectively displaying it? You must first claim your local business listings to find out.

When you claim your business listings online through local directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow pages, you gain the authority to manage your listings to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Let’s look at ways to get the top five listings claims:

Claim Google My Business

Research your dealership’s name. It’s likely that a Google+ page will appear or that Google Maps will locate your location inside search results.

To claim your ownership, click the “Is this your business?” link and complete the verification process.

If your dealership does not appear in the search results, it is possible that Google indexed it wrongly or not at all. If so, go to Google My Business and create an account.


Follow these steps to claim your Yelp listing as a single-location business: 

  • Go to
  • Click “Manage my free listing” to claim your listing. 
  • Enter your zip code and business name to find your location. 

If your company already has a listing, the name will show in a drop-down box.

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Yellow Pages

Follow these steps to claim your Yellow pages listing as a single-location business: 

  • Go to 
  • Come down to the “Claim Your Business” area.
  • Click the “Get Your Free Listing!” button.

Better Business Bureau

Follow these steps to claim your Better business Bureau listing as a single-location business: 

  • Go to and look for the globe icon in the upper right corner of the site.
  • Click the globe symbol, then enter your city, state, or zip code. 
  • Click the “Set Location” button. 
  • The BBB website will now solely display statistics from your specific location.

If your brand name already has a listing, the name will show in a drop-down box.


Follow these steps to claim your Foursquare listing as a single-location business: 

  • The first step is to search for your business at 
  • Register the name and location of your brand.
  • Foursquare will find any existing entries that may be a match.
social media for advisors

Interact with Locals on Social Media

Financial advisors value social media because an increasing number of consumers use it to find investing information. But, do you still not believe in social media’s potential?

Between 40 and 60 percent of respondents claimed they utilized social media information while making investing decisions.

Accenture survey found that 48% of financial advisors use social media to connect with investors daily. Unfortunately, that suggests that more than half of financial advisors aren’t doing it, which is unfortunate.

With 70% of investors reallocating investments or changing connections with financial providers based on content found on social media, advisors should not take this lightly.

According to research, there were 1.85 billion active Facebook users in 2020. This equates to one-quarter of the world’s population!

Such user traffic makes this social media network appealing to entrepreneurs and business owners looking to market their companies.

Every business requires a strong presence on Facebook

Hold Giveaways and Contests

Instead of asking your current clients for references and then following up with them, why not allow the referrals to come to you? 

Hosting a client event is perhaps the most effective method to express gratitude to current clients, create a relationship by allowing them to get to know you on a personal level, and meet new potential clients all at the same time.

Ask your clients to bring a guest, and each additional person could mean a new account opening.

When you cold call from a referral, it’s much easier to follow up with potential clients you’ve seen in person instead of simply being a voice on the phone.

Feature local testimonials

Most customers increasingly rely on online reviews when making purchasing decisions.

Reviews on Google, Yelp, Top Rated Local, and even Facebook are critical for many business verticals to acquire the trust of potential customers. 

As of this writing, financial advisors are falling behind in terms of reviews, with many having none at all.

This is your chance to earn a competitive advantage. Begin bringing up the subject of internet reviews with your most valuable customers.

Choose people who have successfully worked with you for numerous years and would do you a favor as a friend. 

Request that they write about their experience for one or more of these outlets.

This step is key to great local marketing for financial advisors. 

community involvement marketing

Be Active in Your Community

There are two areas to concentrate on here. First and foremost, you should be involved in your local business community. Many of your customers will be business people. 

Being active on our site allows you to connect with people who are most likely to use your services.

Attend meetings organized by the local Chamber of Commerce. Join or be a member of local business groups. 

Share, learn, and connect.

Participate on a local level. For example, join a local chamber of commerce or business organization.

Some of the most substantial leads come from networking, and there are many local organizations where you may meet other tiny company owners and possible clients. 

Other members will notice that you are a dedicated and dependable professional if you attend meetings regularly and volunteer on committees. Your active participation and eagerness are critical to the success of this strategy.

There is an adage that goes, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

Other members will be more willing to trust you with their business if you demonstrate to them that you are trustworthy.

Sponsor Clubs and Sports Teams

You can support local sports teams by sponsoring them.

Participate in your religious organization. Participate in local charities. This way, you’ll be able to establish your brand this way. In addition, you want people to recognize your identity.

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Getting started with local marketing for financial advisors might be difficult. 

But fortunately, these seven techniques will provide you a solid road map for getting your financial adviser’s marketing plans off to a good start.

The crucial thing, like with most ambitions, is to start going in the correct direction!

Cosmetic Surgery Advertising Strategy – 12 Tips for Success

Plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, and other services seek to gain their hold in their respective market area. Alternate customers weigh their decisions toward factors like pricing, comfort, and advantages, making the situation even more competitive. 

If you’re a cosmetic surgery provider, you have to turn up with more authority across different online platforms to grab your audience’s attention, build trust, and gain more clients through proven cosmetic surgery advertising strategy.

Cosmetic surgery advertising strategy – here’s 12 tips to help you stand out:

  1. Your Website and Branding
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Paid Advertising
  4. Optimize Your Website
  5. Online Reputation And Reviews
  6. Targeting Potential Clients
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Business Listings and Directories
  9. Online & Offline Tactics
  10. Schema Markup
  11. Research Competitors
  12. Remarket Your Services

Why Do You Need These Strategies?

You’ll always need these strategies to stand out in your new cosmetic surgery business or kick start the existing one. These strategies will help you in the following ways:

  • These strategies will help increase your website traffic
  • They can help you to reach your prospective clients  
  • Accentuate brand awareness among the locals and beyond!
  • By following the strategies, it will be easier to target new customers 
  • They will convert website users to clients
plastic surgery marketing strategies

Top 12 Cosmetic Surgery Advertising Strategies

These cosmetic surgery advertising strategy will not only help you make more money but also makes your job a whole lot less complicated.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into them.

Your Website and Branding

Wherever prospective clients hear about you, they’ll search online and finally end up on your website to explore more. Therefore, your website must be persuasive enough to compel visitors to take action. 

It should be visually and layout-wise clean and straightforward, and it should express your value proposition. 

Before and after photos, you should prominently display patient testimonies and any specific honors and certifications references on your cosmetic surgery marketing website.

After this, a branding method comes out in cosmetic surgery advertising strategy! 

Branding is a method of raising awareness about your product or service.

A branding marketing strategy is unlikely to result in a client contacting you for a plastic surgery consultation. But it can take them into your marketing funnel and optimization and a load of traffic.

Content Marketing

If your site is the vehicle, then the content is the wheel that allows it to reach its potential customers. Publishing helpful, educational, and entertaining branded content is an incredible way to increase your site’s chances of ranking for keywords in searches. 

It also contributes to the development of your brand as a plastic/cosmetic surgery expert. Make a blog page on your website and provide meaningful and relevant content like blog articles, case summaries, graphics, and videos. 

Videos are expected to cover more than 82 percent of internet traffic from customers by 2022. 

Plastic surgeons have a distinct quality for video marketing because it is easier for new prospective patients to emotionally connect with former patients by listening to a story about someone’s cosmetic surgery journey instead of reading it.

In your blog postings, attempt to obtain additional visibility by taking advantage of content marketing opportunities and releasing your content on different social media platforms.

paid advertising cosmetic surgeons

Paid Advertising

The Small Business Administration suggests spending 7 – 8 percent of your annual revenue in advertising if you’re making under $5 million in one year.

So, local search organic rank techniques are an excellent way to reap long-term benefits; but, you cannot always rely on organic approaches in the big world of cosmetic surgery advertising strategies. 

Here is when Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service comes into play. PPC is the process of bidding on Google Ads’ auction system to display ads for relevant and high intent local search keywords. 

The competition will set your budget and ad placement. In addition, you have complete control over your site’s local search ranking with PPC.

Optimize Your Website

According to Oberlo, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day. Furthermore, intergrowth confirms that 68% of online experiences for customers initiates from a search engine. 

Furthermore, more than 80% of purchases on online stores come from organic traffic. 

These are just hardline facts, and there’s plenty more that confirms that having a ranked website is important to survive in the present online world. 

One of your primary objectives should be to optimize your website on the first page of search results when clients in your region search for your services. Local SEO strategies can help you rank for your focus keywords easily. 

Local SEO includes directory listings, maintaining NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency, location pages, local content, online reviews, local link building, social media community management, etc.

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Online Reputation And Reviews

Reviews and reputation play an important role in the decision-making process of your prospective customer. That is why you must collect as many reviews as possible, as it is a significant part of cosmetic surgery advertising strategy. 

If your service is outstanding, you will receive primarily favorable feedback, which will help your reputation. However, because no one is faultless, you may get a few negative reviews, which can harm your internet reputation. 

Using an online reputation management solution may help you manage all parts of online reviews. That includes collecting, forwarding to review sites, responding, and even analyzing them to learn more about your service and the overall client satisfaction.

Targeting Potential Clients

Your perfect prospective audience is grown and affluent enough people to devote time, money, and attention to accept your services. This practice is known as one of the best cosmetic surgery advertising strategies due to its vast results.

Facebook is the ideal platform for reaching out to your new clients. In addition, Facebook’s targeting choices extend outside demographics. Annual income level, marital status, dating interests, shopping habits, beauty product interests, and purchases are just a few of the many choices available for you. 

Not just Facebook, but there are so many other platforms that allow you to target potential customers based on various criteria, including their income level.

Demand for plastic surgery was high in 2019. However, it fell in 2020 due to the corona pandemic as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced that the figures in 2020 were almost 2.3 million for cosmetic surgery. 

So, now there are again so many clients waiting for your services!

email marketing for medspas

Email Marketing

Many people make the misbelief that now email is outmoded and worthless. But this is not true at all!

Email marketing is one of the powerful cosmetic surgery advertising strategies when utilized correctly. Use your email marketing strategy with your website and social media to run a successful cosmetic surgery campaign to prospect your audience effectively. 

Here are some more points to remember as you prepare to send your following email:

  1. To highlight one-time specials, you can send out group emails.
  2. Use a solution that provides detailed analytics, including conversion rates. Because it is critical to know how many people have read your email and what percentage have clicked on your links.
  3. Remember that it is significantly less expensive to keep clients than to find new ones.
  4. Provide discounts to clients who have demonstrated their dedication to your service.
  5. You can also segment your email and target it to specific groups. For example, you can target readers based on their age, procedure type, background, and other factors.
  6. Make sure that you are sending your email to a real person. 

Business Listings and Directories

Maintaining consistency of your information across 100s of internet directories is not a feasible use of your or your staff’s work. 

Having accurate information ensures that all customers receive the same company information, such as your practice’s name, phone number, and address. 

Consistent business listings and directories are vital in cosmetic surgery advertising strategy to improve the recruitment of clients. Therefore, you must have a strong internet presence and use online marketing to get your more dream clients.

Online & Offline Tactics

As we move on to discussing offline & online cosmetic surgery advertising strategy alternatives, keep in mind that online promotion should be your top goal. 

In the long term, it is simply more cost-effective. With that said, you should keep your eyes out for offline prospects. You should concentrate your efforts on techniques that are most relevant to your specializations and the demographics of your clients.

Here are some online and offline tactics to market your cosmetic surgery services persuasively:

  • Display Ads
  • Native Advertising
  • Re-targeting
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print Ads
  • Billboards
  • Social Media Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Direct Mail

Schema Markup

Structured data is information added into a webpage to enable search engines to understand the content better. This information is commonly known as “schema markup.”

There is schema markup for medical organizations, clinics, and, more recently, cosmetic surgery. Yoast SEO and RankMath plug-ins make it simple to apply schema on your website, but you must know what you’re doing.

In this cosmetic surgery advertising strategy, you may need to hire an SEO expert to apply the suitable schema on your cosmetic surgery website.

Research Competitors

Identifying your competitors, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services are all part of competitive research. 

By examining your competitors, you can determine how your products and services compare and what kind of risk they pose to your firm. It also helps you identify industry trends that you may miss.

The following are four advantages of conducting competitive research:

  1. Recognize Your Market. The ability to recognize and predict trends in your market helps to increase the consumer value proposition. This is an important aspect of competitive research that you should keep running at all times.
  2. Improving Your Marketing Strategy. Your customers are interested in how your product or service will improve their lives. Suppose customers are going to go to one of your competitors, most likely because the firm does a better job of benefiting the client base or because the company is a superior product. Competitive research enables you to understand why clients choose to buy from you or your competitors, as well as how your competitors promote their products. 
  3. Identifying Market Inefficiencies. When you conduct competitive research, you examine your competitors’ strengths and flaws. When you look at the data, you’ll notice that there is frequently a part of underserved populations. This could place your company in an advantageous position to reach such clients.
  4. Making Plans For The Future. This is an important benefit of competitor research in cosmetic surgery advertising strategies. It can help you develop a strategic plan for your company. This includes improving your product or service, employing more efficient techniques to increase prices, and rising product advertising.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Remarket Your Services

Potential plastic surgery patients do not usually change on the first visit to their website. They may forget about you until they are ready after considering other possibilities. With remarketing, you can be at the forefront of their minds throughout their research process. 

When users visit your site, a cookie or pixel (a bit of code) is placed on their system by their browser, allowing you to display ads (including Facebook ads) on each site. In which they enter from time to time from the same browser.


Provide Quality Services as Marketing Done by Satisfied Customers Has no Match!

You can only do it by giving quick responses and upbeat services to clients. Make sure that their requirements are addressed in a way that reflects well on your business. By offering these quality services, you will get most of your hard work for sure!

In Conclusion

The time has come to extend your business! However, simply depending on your superior methods to attract more people cannot guarantee development, especially when competitors in your area promise the same, even not better, service. 

So, let’s your business and take it to the next level! Follow the above cosmetic surgery advertising strategies to keep ahead of your competitors.

How to Find Clients on LinkedIn – 7 Expert Tips

LinkedIn is still primarily a social media network for getting your next job, but the platform can come in handy even if you’re already employed. You could use LinkedIn to find new clients. What does this entail?

Here’s how to find clients on LinkedIn:

  • Upload a professional headshot
  • Rewrite your headline
  • Spruce up your profile
  • Join groups
  • Connect with people you’re interested in working with
  • Get testimonials on your page
  • Post targeted content

In this guide, we’ll provide details on the above steps so you can begin using LinkedIn as a tool for earning high-profile, high-profit clients for your business. 

linkedin digital marketing

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Find Clients

How do you normally go about finding clients? Perhaps you comb through job boards, sending out email after email, but this is time-consuming. Plus, if you don’t hear back, all that time is for naught. 

It’s time to try something different such as LinkedIn. 

Before we get into how to find clients on LinkedIn, it’s important to know why this is the platform of choice for your objectives. According to Oberlo, in 2021, LinkedIn has 740 million users and counting. These users are scattered across the globe in over 200 different countries. That accounts for 55 million companies. 

A quarter of LinkedIn users are described as “senior-level influencers,” says Oberlo, aka just the types of people you’d like to target as clients. Even better is that if you’re based in the United States, you’re among the biggest advertising audience on LinkedIn. The average reach is 160 million people. 

HootSuite, in a 2021 report, says that LinkedIn has among the highest degree of trust from users on social media. Oh, and their data also found that per minute, three people are hired through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a popular, trustworthy social media platform that gets results. That’s incentive enough for anyone to use it to find new clients. 

finding new clients linkedin

Tips for Finding New Clients on LinkedIn

You’re convinced that LinkedIn could be a valuable tool for your purposes. Now let’s elaborate on the steps from the intro on how to find clients on LinkedIn. 

Make Your Profile as Professional as Possible

LinkedIn is not Facebook, nor is it Twitter or Instagram. It’s a professional network. Like you wouldn’t wear casual clothes to a job interview, you don’t want your LinkedIn profile to come across as too informal either. 

Here’s what we suggest you do.

1. Upload a Professional Headshot

Profile photos humanize your account, but a photo that’s repurposed from Facebook can give off the wrong impression on LinkedIn. You want a professional headshot, not a selfie from your iPhone. 

If you don’t have any headshots handy, you can always ask a friend to take photos for you or even pay for photos. LinkedIn, on its blog, provides the following tips for ensuring your photo is as great as it can be.

  • Natural lighting is best: Always take your photos in natural light rather than artificial light, especially fluorescents. Just make sure there’s not too much natural light, like a bright halo of direct sun behind you. Instead, wait for a bright yet overcast day and then take your photos. Make sure the spot you’re standing in has some shade, but not so much that your photos come out dark. 
  • Check your clothing choices: Dress professionally for your photos, wearing what you do to the office. Although your clothes won’t be featured much in your profile picture, they’re still going to be seen. 
  • A simple background is best: Neutral backgrounds keep the focus of the photo where it should be, on you! That doesn’t mean you have to stand against a white paper backdrop, but avoid backgrounds with a lot going on in them.
  • Get in the frame: LinkedIn suggests that in your photo, you should take up most of the frame, 60 percent. If you’re cropping your photo down, you want to be seen from the tops of your shoulders to the top of your head or slightly over.
  • Update your photo from time to time: You don’t want to come across as deceptive to your clients, right? Whenever you make a major change to your appearance, it’s time for a new headshot. That doesn’t mean you need to update your profile photo after every haircut, but if you grow (or shave) a beard or change your hair color, then you need a new photo.

Our best tip when taking a headshot? Smile! According to images resource Photofeeler, smiling in a photo makes you come across as more influential, likable, and competent. 

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2. Rewrite Your Headline

Your headline could be part of how to find clients on LinkedIn, so you need to give it some attention. You only have 120 characters to utilize, which will be easier to do if you’re a regular Twitter user. 

In your headline, you want to convey what you currently do for work and what your skills are. You can write this in the first person, such as “I work in SaaS to help power the Internet.” 

If you have a lot of skills or certifications to list, then you might add vertical bars between each skill/cert. For instance: “Web designer | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | GIMP | Adobe InDesign.” This lets you stay within the character limits but still share all your most relevant experiences. 

3. Spruce up Your Profile 

It’s also good to go through your LinkedIn profile and ensure it’s current and complete. If you don’t already have it in there, make sure you’ve added your location, industry, current job, and relevant history of employment. 

Your about section is a valuable tool if you’re wondering how to find clients on LinkedIn. The information here should be up to date and targeted to your audience, which in this case is new clients in your niche or industry. 

Unlike your LinkedIn headline, the about section gives you a lot of characters to work with, 2,000. Besides just discussing your professional accomplishments, the about section is a great chance to display your personality and ambitions.  

4. Join LinkedIn Groups

Now that your profile is complete, the next step in how to find clients on LinkedIn is to join groups. You can be part of up to 100 groups on LinkedIn, but you have to keep up with your memberships, so don’t join too many groups at once.

We recommend selecting ones that will help you achieve your career objectives. For instance, you might join a general group for your industry, then a few groups for your niche. You also want to become part of the groups that the clients you’re targeting would join. 

It’s easy to find a group on LinkedIn. All you have to do is search for a relevant keyword and then choose a group that most interests you. You will have to request permission to join and be accepted, but once you’re in, you can begin using all the group features.

As we said, it’s important to be an active part of the groups you join. Look through the group’s discussions for questions, provide answers when you can, and share relevant information. This establishes authority among your group. 

Maybe a group member ends up becoming your next new client thanks to your posts. If not, they might know someone who needs your services and can recommend you. 

linkedin networking

5. Request to Connect with People You’d Like to Work With

You should add everyone who’s a part of your most active LinkedIn groups as a connection, but don’t stop there. When you find a potential client of interest, request to connect with them as well. 

Attempting to connect with someone when you have no other contacts in common can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean your request will languish forever unanswered. At least not if you know what you’re doing. 

When sending your connection request, please don’t leave the input area blank. Write a message that will hopefully inspire the connection to look at your profile and accept your request.

You might say something like this: “Hi, [name]. I saw your profile and I’m impressed with your experience in [related industry area]. I’m always striving to learn more about [topic], especially from experts like you! Is it okay if we connect?”

It’s even easier if you already have a contact in common, as you can mention that relationship in your message. The client might be more likely to trust you since you know the same person or people. 

Pay attention to who’s viewing your profile. You can reach out to these people as well, mentioning that you looked at their profile after they saw yours and that you’re interested in connecting. You have a higher chance of getting an approval rate with this method as well. 

6. Write Testimonials to Get Them in Return

If you’re still wondering how to find clients on LinkedIn, here’s another strategy to try: get testimonials on your page.

Video testimonial company Boast reports that most consumers–72 percent–trust a business more after seeing positive testimonials. If you have current and past clients alike talking up your services on your profile, this could inspire new clients to give you a try.

Testimonials don’t appear on your page out of nowhere, of course. To inspire your network to leave positive testimonials, you could always ask, but what works better is writing testimonials for others. This is one of those “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” situations. 

Don’t make a big deal about leaving testimonials for others in your network though. Just do it silently and good karma will eventually fill up your page with testimonials. 

Here’s another tip about writing testimonials. Please make sure that if you’re leaving reviews on anyone else’s page that you’ve worked with that person or used their services before. Your testimonials can influence someone’s decision to apply for a job, so use that responsibility wisely. 

linkedin seo

7. Post Targeted Content on Your Profile 

We have one last tip for how to find clients on LinkedIn, which is to post valuable content regularly on your page. 

What constitutes valuable content depends on your industry and niche, but the content should inform, educate, and even entertain your audience. It doesn’t all have to be written content, but infographics, reports, whitepapers, videos, and even links to relevant webinars.

This content doesn’t have to be produced by you, of course, but the more of it that is yours, the better. If you get an article or an infographic published on LinkedIn that’s widely shared, your name gets widely shared along with it. This will increase your profile views so the clients could come to you rather than vice-versa. 


LinkedIn remains the largest professional network of its kind with new users joining this social media platform all the time. That makes LinkedIn the ideal place to find new clients. With the tips and tactics we recommended in this article, your client list should begin growing steadily!

If you need help sharpening your marketing for better results on LinkedIn, our team can help. Here at Mediaboom, we’re digital marketing experts that specialize in increasing brand awareness and online traffic through design and advertising services and more. We’ll help you get results! 

Law Firm Web Design – 13 Websites That Establish Trust

Your law firm’s website is the first step in developing consumers trust. Does it do it’s job effectively? Here we are listing 13 with the best law firm web design. These websites are responsive and beautiful. But most importantly – generate leads.

1. BD&P

Visit Website ›

BD&P’s website has an extremely clean website. You can quickly find what practice areas they excel at. There use of simple-to-use navigation puts them at the top of our law firm web design list.

2. Oykhman Criminal Defence

Visit Website ›

Ohkhman Criminal Defence Law has a bold color scheme that highlights their call-to-action buttons extremely well. Review are plentiful. Establishing the ever-important credibility. Smooth animations and smart use of video make this one of our favorite law firm websites.

3. Price, Waicukauski, Joven & Catlin

Visit Website ›

This website is smooth. It’s also amazingly easy to navigate. Their CTA’s are clear and they use animations well. Finally, they use pictures of their team to exude a professionalism that you can trust.

4. LewisRice

Visit Website ›

This law firm’s website focuses on one important factor; selection. In their above the fold section, you can quickly filter by attorney, practice, and location. They also have a great color scheme that uses the color of trust (blue).

5. Bronstein & Carmona

Visit Website ›

Bronstein & Carmona’s law firm website is bold. No way around it. They issue a strong statement about the fold that they follow through on. Bold keywords like “winning,” “bottom line,” and “team” make their personality shine through.

6. C.A. Goldberg

Visit Website ›

C.A. Goldberg has the freshest color scheme we have seen in law firm web design. They combine that with amazing animations to bring forth a breathtaking website.

7. Galbally & O’Bryan

Visit Website ›

This law firm’s website feels like a luxury brand as soon as you hit the home page. Gold, black, and white combine for a superior feeling that promises high quality. They combine that with simple navigation for a winning website.

8. Knutson + Casey

Visit Website ›

Knutson + Casey are shooting for small-town authenticity and they nail it. The use of script font and smart icons provide a warm feeling to their visitors. To top it off, they quickly emphasize how they can help and how their involved in the community.

9. Trey Porter DWI Lawyer

Visit Website ›

Trey Porter Law is a Texas based law firm and it feels all Texan. With its longhorn orange and won’t-back-down attitude, it’s sure to win you over. But most importantly, this law firm website has a fantastic use of video.

10. O’Meara Law LLC

Visit Website ›

The blue & gold color selection demands your attention in this law firm web design. It promises authority in every crevice of this website. Yet it’s likely to hook customers with their explainer videos and step-by-step process section.

11. Surrano Law Offices

Visit Website ›

Surrano law offices gives you the feeling you’ve already got the result you want. Their abundant use of green (the color of wealth & growth) goes a long way in accomplishing that feeling.

13. Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines & Lynch

Visit Website ›

This law firm’s web design does a fantastic job of telling stories. Which is one of the best ways to persuade a consumer. Their stories talk of their experiences and do a wonderful job of building credibility.

14. TSMP

Visit Website ›

TSMP has awe-inspiringly smooth animations. Their sections fade in slowly in a way that demands your attention. They fantastically use white spaces and hero video that makes you feel like you’re in their office. If it wasn’t for the slow load time, it may be at the top of our law firm web design list.


As you can see in this list – trust, credibility, and authority dominate the top characteristics for great law firm web design. If you’re interested in designing a high-converting and responsive website for your firm, MediaBOOM specializes in luxurious modern websites. Contact us today.

Plastic Surgery Marketing – Maximize Your Clinic’s Growth

As a plastic surgeon, do not forget that there are other clinics out there offering the same service as you. Therefore, only a successful plastic surgery marketing campaign can help you reach out to your target audience. Also, this is your surest option to make your website visitors customers eventually.

Over time, only a few industries are as competitive as the plastic surgery industry in the healthcare world. Additionally, this growth happened rather quickly. 

Nobody saw it coming. Or, maybe some people did. 

In 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced a rise in plastic surgical procedures. According to them, the plastic surgery market now takes the shape of a more commonplace. This is clear with the 2% increase in how often the procedure took place between 2016 and 2017. 

Furthermore, the need for a solid plastic surgery marketing campaign comes into the picture as well. Approximately 85% of clients search for these services on the internet. Therefore, it becomes clear that plastic surgeons must employ resourceful marketing techniques to harness the potentials of the market.

plastic surgeon digital marketing

The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery Marketing

Plastic surgery marketing helps to draw in new customers by boosting awareness for their plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery services. In the last few years, plastic surgery marketing has evolved into internet marketing almost completely. Presently, most people seek the services of plastic surgeons to improve or correct a vast array of cosmetic problems. 

In addition, potential consumers must deal with the increasing concerns surrounding various areas of this procedure. They want to be sure of your quality. They want to be sure they can trust you well enough to handle the procedure without any glitch. 

So, when they finally decide to visit, they want to be sure they will get the best from you. 

Therefore, they do their homework online before considering any specific surgeon or treatment. 

Having said all of this, it is crucial to develop a productive plastic surgery marketing plan. Having that in place gets you set to reach likely customers easily. 

You can meet them in the research stage or when they choose which plastic surgeon they wish to consult with.

Regardless of your point of contact with these prospects, you aim to make a good first impression. Meanwhile, this is only possible with the right marketing strategy in place through your marketing campaign.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Information To Share Through Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign

First of all, understand that all your prospective customers need is a clinic they can bank on.

The best motivation anyone can get to spend their money is that they’ll receive value for their money. Statistically, in just a year, consumers spent well over 12 billion dollars on procedures (both surgical and non-surgical).

To make the most of the potential in this industry, you must be ready to deliver quality content. A proven way to do this is by providing quality information. The information is only quality when it can positively shape the image of your clinic. 

The kinds of information referred to as quality for your plastic surgery marketing campaign come in two forms.

  • Your Medical Qualifications And That Of Your Staff 
  • The Mission Statement Of Your Clinic

Your Medical Qualifications And That Of Your Staff

You and your staff know that you’re the right people to handle these procedures effectively. But, how do you make potential clients know that? 

One good way to do that is by providing information on the qualifications and certifications you and your staff hold.

Ensure you share details about your credentials. That is a way of making it clear that you and your team of workers are up to the task. Consumers simply desire to have their plastic surgery treatments with specialists who can provide terrific results. 

More so, this is plastic surgery! Certainly, nobody wants to take any risks at all. Aside from the fact that it affects the body directly, plastic surgery is also cost-intensive.

Therefore, sharing information about you and your team’s qualifications is a good way to convince your prospective customers. With such information, you convince them that you understand the different complexities of the process. More so, it explains that you possess applicable industry-standard training.

The Mission Statement Of Your Clinic

In addition, you must get your audience familiar with your mission statement. If you truly need to convert these potential clients, your mission statement can help. 

By sharing your mission statement with your likely clients, what have you done? You create a sense of bond and get them on board with you. 

With it, you can effortlessly get them to want your services. Sharing your mission statement and goals with these possible customers builds trust as well. 

Prospective clients are likely to get more bound to clinics when they resonate with such clinic’s mission statements. 

As mentioned above, sharing your mission statement again helps to increase clients’ confidence. Now, your prospects are confident of your devotion to the practice. Thereon, there is now a path through which they can plunge into your vision. This is a path you created yourself with good information in your plastic surgery marketing campaign.

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How Do You Build A Solid Online Presence?

You cannot negotiate the indispensable role of visibility when running your plastic surgery marketing campaign. Presently, marketing is not merely about the established conventional methods. No potential client needs your physical presence to decide whether or not they need your services. 

Therefore, most brands now entirely run their marketing online. This is as the majority of your prospective clients spend most of their time online. As it stands, the digital age created this shift in marketing practices. Hence, it is only logical for brands to make necessary changes to key in.

How do you build a solid online presence? Keep reading as we expose you to the most productive ways to build a solid online presence for your brand.

  • An Active And Productive Website
  • Social Media
  • Reviews

1. An Active And Productive Website 

In case you fail to see it, your website is one of your most potent media of communication. Practically, your website serves as your storefront. This is where you showcase your services to most of your prospective customers. 

On the first contact these prospects have with your business’ name, they make a first research move. And that is to find out more about you from your website. They get to surf through your website to see how well your services are. 

Do you want to know why they do all of these? 

Simply put, consumers do this as they assume that standard and competent businesses must have a website. Also, such a website must provide answers to all the questions that are relevant to the niche. This is absolutely correct.

Thus, knowing that your website is the first phase, then, it must be as credible and persuasive as possible. Also, you must ensure that every visitor on your website gets convinced as soon as they land on your site. 

To do that, here are two important structures you must pay attention to.

  1. An Informative Blog
  2. Productive SEO Content
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An Informative Blog

If you must make enough sales from your services, you must make the best use of your blog content. For SEO, you make use of naturally placed keywords or phrases in your content. That way, you get to invite your prospective clients. But, for blog posts, you simply seek to enlighten your audience. 

In other words, you sell without selling.

Ensure that your blog contents focus on questions that are relevant to the majority of your plastic surgery prospects. You want to provide answers to these questions that these potential customers need answers to.

Once you do this, you will assist your readers in addressing their timely concerns. Consequently, your blog develops a special place in their hearts. They look forward to visiting as it is always informative. 

You have a blog where they find correct answers to everything they wish to know about this niche. That’s good plastic surgery marketing in effect.

Hence, when they finally desire to get plastic surgery done, your website is the first place they want to check.

So, by writing enlightening and informative blogs, you connect better with your readers. Thereafter, you get to convert them into paying clients.

Productive SEO Content

Search Engine Optimization continues to lead the park when plastic surgery marketing is concerned. Most of your likely customers frequently search using particular keywords for plastic surgery services.

Thanks to search engines, they look through these keywords. From there, they specify the results that rank the highest. These are the results displayed first when people make relevant searches.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to key into this keyword function to optimize your website. As long as your website features more keywords, it will get more visible. 

When you make this a routine, you ensure that your website stays relevant. Plus, since SEO can help you draw in visitors to your site, your work becomes simpler. Now, all you have to do is straightforward. Get your website optimized and therefore, aid the process of client conversion that follows.

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2. Social Media

The first concern is whether social media is still necessary since there is a website. Well, it is still very important.  

A successful plastic surgery marketing campaign is the kind that pays attention to every single detail. And, for a platform like social media, you will leave a chunk of the piece out. If you ignore the millions of users on social media, imagine how many potential clients you might lose.

In addition, social media develops better in-depth and intimate interactions between brands and their potential customers. This implies that the results it yields are mostly immediate.

With just one post, repost, comment, or view, you can boost the visibility of your services genetically. More so, using social media can build your brand an enthusiastic and robust fanbase. With them, you can effortlessly have your business name at different places even outside your zone.

At the end of it all, it means more referrals, as well as a rise in sales. 

3. Reviews

There is a higher chance that you will use a service when people tell you it’s a quality service. Check out this report from the Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank.

Since 1997, surgical procedures have witnessed a huge growth of exactly 82%. While non-surgical procedures had an approximate rise of 508%. This is a testimony to how positively good reviews can promote your business.

Hence, you must make sure that your clients get exactly what they want. Their satisfaction is what can make them give you those terrific reviews you need to boost your business. 

And as they come in, simply make them visible to visitors on your website. With more of these excellent reviews, you boost your chances of growing your customer base. 

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Advertising: An Integral Part Of Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign. 

Your surgical services might be terrific truly. Yet, you still need to advertise. You cannot forgo being in people’s faces. It is essential!

However, this is not a guarantee that these people will need your services regardless of how outstanding your advertising might be.

Rather, this becomes functional when they happen to need such services or someone around them does. At that point, you will be the first name on their mind. There are three ways to go about this.

a. Word Of Mouth

Give them an outstanding first impression. Continue by giving attention to all their post-surgery needs. That way, you can make their experience one with satisfaction and ease. Consequently, word-of-mouth referrals will come in naturally. 

Do not forget, word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy.

b. Paid Ads

You can achieve a lot from running paid advertisements as well. Run paid ads on different platforms and see how well it helps you boost your reach marketing-wise.

c. Review Sites

Simply seek the services of expert plastic surgery review sites. Have them analyze your services and provide their honest appraisal. 

And, since you keep up with your exceptional values and excellent practices, there is nothing to worry about. Accordingly, these review sites will also provide a favorable and extensive review of your brand. 

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In conclusion, the eventual goal of a successful plastic surgery marketing campaign is to boost your customer base. Henceforth, you can achieve this by simply working according to all of the details provided in this post. 

Additionally, assess your plastic surgery marketing campaign periodically. Ensure it measures up to your Key Performance Index (KPI). If it doesn’t, take time to review your methods and adjust where necessary.