Email Marketing For Service Businesses – A Step-by-Step Plan

Email marketing for service businesses is considered one of the best forms of digital marketing. It is a cost-effective marketing method that can help you generate leads and drive sales for your service-based business.

Marketing Emails were amongst the first forms of digital marketing, and they are still proven to be successful in promoting your service-based business to this day.

A recent study on Statista showed that the number of email users in 2020 grew to over 4 billion and is predicted to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025.

It shows that the world still relies on using e-mails despite the abundance of other communication channels.

Tapping into this form of marketing can help your business reach new potential clients and build lasting relationships with them.

email marketing plan

How Your Service Business Can Benefit From Email Marketing

Before we get into the details of how to structure your email marketing plan, it’s important to realize the benefits email marketing has to offer.

Some of the things your business stands to gain by utilizing email marketing are listed below:

  • Unmatched ROI (Return On Investment).
  • It is a solid and cost-effective marketing strategy.
  • Allows you to reach an audience that is already engaged with your business, generate repeat sales and increase brand engagement.
  • E-mail marketing also has the potential to pull in new clients.
  • Email segmentation can allow you to deliver messages to a target audience.
  • Increases business revenue.
  • This marketing strategy is easy to set up and maintain, even for small businesses.
  • Email marketing allows you to choose whether you want to reach a global or local audience.
  • It is easy to track and measure the campaign’s success.

How To Make An Email Marketing Plan

Like everything else in life, proper planning always increases the chances of success of your email marketing campaign. 

Sticking to a proper plan helps keep you focused on why, when, and who you’re emailing. It also helps you to figure out what you should be including in your emails for achieving your marketing objectives.

Additionally, you’ll always have a strategy to fall back to even when your list keeps growing exponentially.

Using software to help with your email marketing for service businesses also helps a ton.

Not only does it make mailing a huge list of people a lot easier, but it also helps you follow anti-spam laws and generally makes the job a whole lot less complicated.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

email marketing strategy

1st Step: Establish What Your Goals Are With Email Marketing

The first and probably the most important step is always figuring out why you want to use marketing emails and what you hope to achieve from them.

Answering this question will clear up a lot. The answer will help you decide your target audience and what kind of emails you want to send them.

Once you have an answer to this question, you will be able to construct a powerful and fruitful marketing strategy.

2nd Step: Deciding What Audience You Want To Target

After deciding your goals, the next step is to find the target audience you want to reach with your emails.

Targeting your emails towards people who are most likely to need your business offers is one of the most important steps in a successful email marketing campaign.

The better you know your audience, the better performing emails you can write. For example, if your company offers gardening services, your target audience should live in houses with gardens.

It just wouldn’t make sense to include people who live in apartments on your company’s mailing list.

Additionally, email segmentation is something that can help you go deeper and target even more specific audiences.

Segmentation basically allows you to subdivide your email subscribers into smaller groups or “segments” depending on specific criteria.

It allows businesses to make and deliver personalized emails to their loyal subscribers based on their location, purchase history, etc.

It can give marketers the ability to generate emails catering to the specific needs of subscribers on different email lists.

After all, personalized emails have a higher likelihood of being successful than generic ones for all emails.

Segmentation can help in better connecting with your audience, allowing targeted promotions, distinguishing between active and inactive subscribers, improving click rates, and decreasing unsubscriptions rates.

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3rd Step Widening Your Mailing List

After deciding on your target audience, the next obvious step is growing that list. No one wants to sign up for an email list if there’s nothing in it for them. That’s where incentives for signing up play a big role.

The incentive you offer strictly depends on what your business has to offer. For example, a company offering gardening services could offer free gardening tips for people who choose to sign up. 

The incentive can be anything from free ebooks, courses, discount coupons, exclusive content, amongst others. The main takeaway is that it should be so enticing that it will drive people to sign up. 

You can add pop-up opt-in forms to your business’s website to allow visitors to sign up to your mailing list. It’s the perfect way to grow your list of contacts in your email marketing for service business strategy.

Additionally, if your business has a social media account already made with a decent following. You can pitch your followers on that platform to subscribe to your email newsletter as well.

This way, you can convert your social media followers into email subscribers as well. The individuals that follow you on social media platforms are already engaged with your business.

It makes them more likely to join in on your email list too.

4th Step: Deciding What The Content Of Your Emails Is Going To Be About

After finally growing your list of subscribers to a decent number, it’s finally time to start sending out emails. The problem now is deciding what type of content you will include in email marketing for service businesses.

The only way to prevent your subscribers from unsubscribing is by simply designing emails with helpful and relevant content.

At the end of the day, the content you choose to produce depends mostly on the nature of your business and how you want to run your campaign.

For example, financial advisors can use their expertise and knowledge to give tips and guidance related to personal finance.

This type of helpful content is sure to keep your subscribers hooked and turn them into loyal supporters.

The previously discussed 2nd step should help inspire you about the kind of content your audience would prefer to see. If that doesn’t lead you anywhere, the best way to get ideas is by practical experience. 

Conducting competitor research can help inspire you to get ideas for your own business. Simply signing up for their mailing lists can give you insight into the type of emails they write and use. 

content marketing strategy

5th Step: Figuring Out How Often To Send Emails

Finally, the last hurdle you have to face in setting up your email marketing for service businesses strategy is deciding on a fixed mailing timetable. 

This step is also quite important as sending in emails too often can result in subscribers feeling swamped and annoyed by the content and will more often than not hit unsubscribe.

Likewise, sending in emails too infrequently can result in your subscribers losing interest, or chances are they might go unnoticed.

Limited time and resources can also be a factor in deciding when to send emails. That’s why you’ve got to experiment and see which one works best for your business. 

Setting a timetable that involves sending emails periodically is crucial. You can choose to opt for either daily, weekly, or monthly emails.

Daily Emails

You could choose to send daily emails if you have the time and resources to do so every day. It is perhaps the best way forward to create a meaningful, tight bond with your subscribers and turn them into loyal followers. 

The bad thing about daily emails is that not everyone prefers them. Subscribers can feel annoyed and lose interest because of the constant barrage of emails sent to them daily.

Weekly Emails

Weekly emails are much more manageable for businesses and bearable for readers. They hit just the right sweet spot between the emails being too annoyingly frequent or hardly ever sent.

If you have the time and resources available, the weekly schedule is a decent timeline to follow for your emails.

Monthly Emails

Monthly emails are another option, given that the information and content they provide are invaluable and useful. They are also way easier to manage than weekly emails, as it takes less of your valuable time to manage.

You could choose to include something of high value to your subscribers, like discounts, to keep them engaged and interested.

The downside of monthly emails, though, is that they can easily go unnoticed in your subscriber’s inboxes. Subscribers also might have lost interest in the business or service due to the apparent lack of engagement.

service business email marketing

Bonus Tip #1: Keep Track Of What Works And What Doesn’t

Your email marketing for service business campaigns allows you to keep track of the performance of your strategies.

These analytics can definitely help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. You can use email marketing software to see how many clicks you get, the number of times your email is opened, etc.

You should carefully analyze this data to improve your email marketing plans. A lot of it boils down to trial and error, and over time you’ll start to realize what works best for you.

Once you find this best-performing strategy, keep sticking to it and keep searching for places where you can improve.

Bonus Tip #2: Include Different Types Of Emails

You can choose to include all different sorts of emails to keep your subscribers engaged with your business. Some types of emails you can include in your email marketing for service businesses strategies include:

  • Welcome emails.
  • Limited-time offer emails.
  • Holiday greetings emails.
  • Special events emails.

Welcome Emails

After getting a lead, the first thing you should do is to send them a warm and welcoming email.

Every new subscriber should be sent such personalized emails, and the process should be automated, with smart calls to action. 

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Limited Time Offer Emails

Limited time offer emails take advantage of such consumer behaviors by instilling a fear of missing out on them.

It can push subscribers to make a fast decision about a desirable purchase.

With such limited-time offers, you need to make sure that your offer reaches as many possible clients ASAP.

And it so happens that email marketing is one of the best channels to help reach many potential clients in the least amount of time.

Holiday Greetings Emails

The yearly calendar is full of holidays that you can use in email marketing for service businesses to lead you to success. You can use holiday greeting emails to engage your subscribers and promote your services and products subtly. 

Special Event Emails

You can choose to incorporate special event emails into your marketing strategy as well.

Whether it’s about the release of a new service, giveaways, or special offers, these types of emails are highly effective in engaging your audience, generating new leads, promoting services, and increasing sales. 

With the right type of incentive, you can change your audience from one-time buyers to loyal preachers.

email marketing services


Email marketing is also one of the most direct channels of communication you can use to engage with your clients.

Therefore, it is an amazing way to get to know your audience and grow your service-based business.

Email marketing can also generate a high return on investment, can help you reach a wide audience, and is surprisingly cost-effective.

According to one source, it can yield an ROI of as high as 42$ for each 1$ spent. 

Modern email marketing campaigns are easy to set up and control and provide a lot of valuable data.

With specialized software, you can track the analytics and performance of your campaigns and find what works and what doesn’t.

At the end of the day, arming your business with a properly set up email marketing campaign and foolproof strategies can help elevate your business to new levels.

Financial Advisor Content Marketing – 5 Content Ideas

Are you a financial advisor and wish to promote your business in the most cost-efficient way possible? What if I told you that the knowledge and skills you already possess could be used as a marketing tool for landing new leads for your business.

Here is when content marketing comes in handy. Making content on your website, blog, or social media platforms is an amazing channel to boost your relationship with potential clients.

This post will go into all that you need to know about financial advisor content marketing. Everything from what exactly content marketing is to how it can benefit your business will be discussed in detail. So let’s get right into it!

Best Types of Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

  1. Blog articles: the easiest method to tap into content marketing for financial advisors through the internet.
  2. Marketing emails: an extremely useful marketing strategy. It can help turn potential clients into customers and convert one-time clients into permanent ones.
  3. Social media: offers a new avenue for financial advisors to increase their exposure on social media platforms and are an extremely effective content marketing strategy for financial advisors.
  4. White papers: articles written on complex topics that can help financial advisors demonstrate their knowledge on the subject and gain readers’ confidence.
  5. Ebooks: help market your services and help establish authority in your field. Additionally, ebooks are used to generate leads by requiring their contact details before being able to download.
content marketing ideas

What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Everyone knows that marketing simply means promoting a product. Therefore, content marketing is a subtype of marketing that involves creating and sharing online content, whether it’s blogs, social media posts, podcasts, etc., that help produce interest in a service or product.

Traditional marketing used to rely on using ads to gain exposure in front of clients. These days though, it has started to lose its effectiveness. Try to recall, when was the last time any of us was genuinely interested in an ad and actually ordered the product or service?

With the rise of the internet, potential clients have the tools and the ability to research extensively about each product and service before finding the one best for them. Nobody wants to make an ill-informed decision and buy directly from ads these days. That’s why content marketing is the next big form of marketing.

According to a survey on Statista in 2019, 91% of global marketers stated that they were using content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.

Content marketing takes advantage of these new behaviors that have developed in potential customers. This form of marketing’s primary focus is generating useful content based on your knowledge and expertise in your field, target an interested audience, and pull in new clients.

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What Are The Types Of Content That You Can Create?

Financial advisor content marketing strategies can include many forms of online content. The main goal of the content has to be to utilize your industry experience and know-how to educate your audience.

The education and knowledge you offer to potential clients can help solve their problems and drive them to do business directly. 

The content you offer can be in many forms, such as:

  • Your business website
  • Blog articles
  • Marketing emails
  • Social media posts
  • White papers
  • Ebooks

Your Business Website

The chief end goal in your digital marketing strategy should be to increase your exposure to your target audience and drive traffic to your website. This traffic can result in the conversion of readers to actual clients for your financial advisory business.

Your website is your main marketing instrument. It serves as the main source of information about your business and can be the main thing differentiating your business from others in the industry.

The website should be well organized and contain all the necessary details about your business, such as contact details, blogs, white pages, etc. It should also be well optimized for all browsers, whether on mobile or desktop.

Finally, the website should explain what your business is, what it offers and how it can benefit clients.

blogging content marketing

Blog Articles

Blogs provide an easy method to create and display your content to thousands of potential clients through the internet. 

According to a report, businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than those without. This is why many financial advisors incorporate blogs on their websites to generate traffic and land clients.

Some of the countless benefits of incorporating blogs into your content marketing strategy include:

  • Boosting your exposure on the internet.
  • Market your services or products.
  • Establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject.
  • Help direct traffic to your website.

The topics selected for blog articles should be based on your target audience’s lookout information on major search engines like Google.

The exposure of your blog articles depends on many things, such as the frequency with which you upload articles, finding and using keywords within the blog post itself, etc. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term you’ll come across often when learning how to increase your blog’s reach to your targeted audience.

It takes substantial time and effort to set up and maintain blogs but think of it this way.

Blogging allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. People will start considering you a specialist in your industry, and that alone will draw in many new clients.

Also, you only have to put in the initial effort in writing an article, and that article could, in the future, help you land dozens of potential new clients in the future.

marketing emails content

Marketing Emails

Marketing Emails were one of the first forms of digital marketing and still is an effective way to reach potential clients and maintain a relationship with current ones.

According to a study, in 2020, the number of e-mail users rose to above 4 billion and is estimated to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. That’s over half the human population! 

It shows that many still rely on emails, and marketing emails can increase the chances of success in your financial advisor content marketing strategies.

Marketing emails can help your business to:

  • Generate repeat sales
  • Pull in new clients
  • Establish authority with your current clients

Social Media Posts 

Social media is, without doubt, a major part of our lives, and the virtual platform can help in networking and be an excellent way of marketing your brand and products.

Considering that the north of 3.6 billion people used social media in 2020, financial advisors should not miss this opportunity to market their services in this virtual hub.  

The content being posted on social media can convert your followers into clients. But it isn’t enough to just post whenever you find the time. You have to remain consistent and post on a fixed schedule to remain relevant.

That is why many opt to employ social media experts to handle their social media campaigns for them.

White Papers

These are formal articles that are a great way to display your authority on a subject. These are used in marketing to gain the confidence of potential clients and boost your company’s reputation.

White pages are an excellent way to demonstrate your know-how and knowledge on a complex financial subject. They are much different from traditional articles and deal with complex and research-intensive topics, which can be of great help to potential clients.

They exist to inform and educate your audience and help solve their problems. For marketing, white pages generally focus on a business service and describe how it helps deal with clients’ pain points.

ebooks content marketing


Sometimes blog posts don’t allow financial advisors to demonstrate their knowledge on a topic.

 That’s where ebooks come in. They can allow you to demonstrate your expertise on a topic in much greater detail than traditional blogs or articles and help to market your services.

You can also use ebooks in marketing to generate leads by requiring users to register online for access. In essence, both parties exchange information with each other, you by providing your knowledge within the ebook, and clients by providing their contact information in exchange.

You can then use their contact information to follow up with them, and you potentially may land a new client.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing For Financial Advisors?

Are you still not convinced why you should use financial advisor content marketing strategies for your firm?

Well, think of it this way. Everyone wants to make well-informed financial decisions. Hence, if your business can give them easy-to-digest and knowledgeable content that helps them make those decisions, then you have essentially won their trust.

In the long run, they might be more inclined to use the services your business offers because of this feeling of trust.

Eventually, the initial content you offered for free to potential clients may result in dozens of new permanent clients.

Many businesses already utilize content marketing strategies, and businesses that don’t are usually left behind. According to CMI, 42% of B2B marketers agreed that content marketing is effective in their strategies.

Financial advisor content marketing campaigns have many benefits to them including:

  • Try to establish yourself as the most authoritative personality in your field
  • Increasing awareness about what your business has to offer
  • Increase the visibility of your business
  • It helps to build trust and confidence with your target audience
  • Directing traffic to your website
  • Costs less than other forms of marketing

Content marketing can offer a way of increasing the exposure of your business and potentially land clients without needing to spend a fortune.

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Rules And Requirements For Content Marketing

Before getting right into financial advisor content marketing plans, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost is the setting of goals for your content.

If you desire to have your content rank highly on the biggest search engines like Google, there are a few requirements and rules your content has to abide by.

  • Firstly, you have to find the topics and specific keywords your target audience uses on search engines and provide content on those keywords to increase your ranking.
  • Secondly, the content you will publish online has to be original and not plagiarized in any form or shape. Google’s algorithm can detect when part or whole content has been copied and negatively impacts its ranking on the engine.
  • Thirdly you will need to publish new content consistently. Google ranks those blogs and websites higher that have a constant stream of fresh content. It helps Google identify you as an authority in a subject.
  • Fourthly your content needs to be SEO optimized with good readability. Google ranks articles that are SEO optimized and easy to read higher than those that are not.
  • Finally, according to some gurus, articles or content that are roughly 1000 words or more rank higher on Google than shorter articles. Its algorithm ranks longer articles higher because they are usually more informative and well-structured than smaller ones.
financial advisor digital marketing

Final Thoughts

It has become quintessential for financial advisors to have a content marketing plan in this day and age.

It may appear an impossible task to absorb so much information and be limited by time and staffing.

That’s why you can opt to outsource some work to an individual or an organization. What matters is whether you have a unified approach or not.

Invest in making not only blogs but also social media posts, email marketing tactics, etc. Keep in mind that exposure to your content is as important as your content itself.

To sum it all up, always keep in mind that content marketing will not magically yield results overnight.

It always takes time and can take a few months to start churning out good results. Therefore, don’t have unrealistically high expectations from the get-go.

All good things take time. Likewise, you need to work persistently and wait for the magic to happen!
Always remember to stay consistent and dedicated, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of financial advisor content marketing in no time.

5 Reasons We Love Med Spa Email Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

The surge in the popularity and demand for medical spas is amazing. You can see around you how well consumers these days value their health and wellness over any other thing.

Statistics show that a lot changed since Google first launched tracking search traffic in 2004. From that time on, the platform witnessed a growth of about 1,500 percent in search interest for medical spas. This percentage of growth is a testament to the surge in this industry.

The situation is a clear indication that there is no better time for med spas to thrive than now. This is the best time for you to harness the powers of your marketing team. With the present surge, you can easily make your presence felt in this thriving industry. 

Are you wondering how you can do that? 

Email marketing is one terrific means to harness that marketing power. Besides, it is one of the most promising marketing tools. It helps you reach out to every potential customer before they end up with a rival.

Additionally, you need to do the best you can with your communication. The fact is that consumers still like to keep in touch with their beloved businesses via email. Thankfully, with the introduction of smartphones, using email has never been easier!

However, there are a ton of businesses that employ email for their communication and marketing. Yet, only a few of these businesses understand how to utilize their email productively.

Here, at Mediaboom we understand how valuable a productive email marketing will be for your medical spa. More so, we are willing to take you through all the rudiments of an email automation system. And how it can help your medical spa make the most of the potential in this industry.

email marketing cosmetic surgeon

Reasons To Embrace Med Spa Email Marketing

Below are five major reasons you should use email marketing for your medical spa business:

  1. Reach your customers first and more often compared to your competitors.
  2. Get more out of your SEO content plan.
  3. Provide incentives directly through email.
  4. Motivate former clients to come back for further sessions.
  5. Seamless and cost-effective publicity for new services and products.

1. Reach Your Customers First And More Often Compared To Your Competitors

Likely customers aren’t roaming through the neighborhood in search of medical spas. Rather, they’re doing this the local way. Furthermore, 80 percent of customers head on to search engines like Google especially for information on local enterprises. 

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your enterprise appears on that search traffic. And, the best way to do this is by capitalizing on productive SEO techniques. Nevertheless, you can similarly attract more attention to your business via email marketing.

2. Get more out of your SEO content plan.

All that matters is not just you having the most engaging, well-crafted, and beneficial content on your website. Rather, it is most important that your content rank well. Your content featuring at the top of a Google search is the best you can get SEO-wise.

With that, you are in a great position to achieve seamless conversion. However, this is not a simple task. First off, you must be sure that every other SEO guidelines are in place too. 

Thankfully, email marketing can be an influential addition in dealing with the Google ranking obstacle. This is as it helps your content get to more people even when it fails to rank well on Google or any other search engine.

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3. Provide incentives directly through email.

Freebies, discounts, and good deals are always no-brainers. With a proper med spa email marketing campaign, providing incentives directly to likely customers becomes effortless.

These incentives can be anything at all. You can offer discounts on the most prominent type of services you offer. Moreover, free consultations can do a lot of good as well. 

For instance, the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) discovered that chemical peels were the most prominent technique in 2016 and 2017. Likewise, there were botox/filler injections and aesthetician services. 

You want to push your services and get more customers. Why not advertise discounts for these main services? In addition, you can give particular treatment packages to your email subscribers.

4. Motivate former clients to come back for further sessions.

According to reports from AmSpa in 2018, 70 percent of med spa consumers make a return trip. By all indications, email marketing remains a wonderful tool. You need this tool if you wish to enable that sort of usual patronage of your enterprise. 

And to motivate your clients for that repeat, sending one-off emails offering freebies is not enough. You need to put in the work through frequent and constant email campaigns. Consequently, you can improve engagement with your business. 

You must be able to successfully combine all of these methods. With that, you can now rest knowing that your clients have more than enough reasons to come back.

5. Seamless and cost-effective publicity for new services and products.

Advertising can be costly. Plus, it is not always a clear path to trying to reach those clients that care the most about your services. 

But, it’s simpler to publicize your med spa’s new services and products to this set of customers using med spa email marketing.

Your email lists are primarily built from customers who are interested in your products or services. This makes it far easier to get more engagement in your product or service promotions through your marketing email lists.

digital email marketing services

Choosing An Email Marketing Automation Platform

It is an established tenet that business emails should always be sent using an automation platform. Moreover, it is simply unprofessional and questionable to use a personal email to run your med spa email marketing campaign. 

Why Use An Automation Platform For Your Med Spa Email Marketing?

When you use automated marketing programs, you can effortlessly coordinate your contacts. Simply put, you can create various lists and add these contacts accordingly. Plus, you can get this done using workflows.

As a part of this process, you can track email analytics as well. Finally, you can schedule and send out your emails without a hitch.

What Are Your Options?

Choosing an automation program can be a very easy task. You have the luxury of choosing from a list of multiple choices.

Your options include:

  • HubSpot, 
  • Mail Chimp,
  • Infusionsoft, and 
  • Marketo

For most of these platforms, a paid subscription is necessary to enjoy their services. Additionally, these platforms also provide you with various email design templates. Consequently, your email creation process and other parts of the setup get easier. 

Nonetheless, many factors influence which marketing automation platform you pick. Eventually, the selection depends on the features provided by each platform and how well it satisfies your needs.

You need to find out what your business’s distinct needs are. With that, you can be sure what kind of email marketing campaign you should embark on.

plastic surgeon email marketing

Deciding The Design Of Your Marketing Campaign

Building an email template gives you a level of liberty. You can choose to work off an already-made template from an email marketing software (EMS). 

Aside from this, you have the option of working with a developer to build yours from scratch. Afterward, you proceed to install it in any EMS you prefer.

Regardless of your choice between these two options, there are certain guidelines still binding for this process. If you must achieve that maximal client engagement, you must adhere to all of these guidelines.

  • Take inspiration from other campaigns around you

This is more important when you’re building your template design from the start. In fact, this can be beneficial for your designer. 

From the samples of designs, you can see the ones you like and take clues from them. Also, in a case where you see templates that are not good enough, take a clue from their shortcomings.

  • Adhere to your brand policies

You don’t want to cause brand confusion. This can be the case when your email doesn’t adhere to the outlook your other brand collateral presents. 

You must be sure that your company’s logo features in the layout fixed at the top of the email. Additionally, be sure you’re utilizing the right fonts and colors. 

With all of these in place, you present assurance of credibility behind your email content.

  • Ensure every part of your content block is clickable

You do not want your clients missing out on any part of your content. To do this, not only the call-to-action (CTA) should be clickable. The body copy, as well as the image, should be clickable as well.

  • Be brief! Be succinct! Be straightforward!

Majority of email readers only scan through an email campaign. This normally takes less than 15 to 20 seconds.

Include headers and/or bullets in your content. This will enable these consumers to scan through your message quickly. Also, they can click further should the content interest them.


Developing The Content Of Your Email

It does not matter how elaborate your email appears. It is very important that it is well-crafted. That’s the only way it can convert.

Follow these tips to ensure your emails get the right reactions you need.

  • Ensure your teaser copy is short, but inviting

Target writing just two to three sentences at most. These sentences must catch the attention of your clients. 

It should arouse their interest. They should want to ask a question. Then, you can say, the copy is effective.

  • Your subject lines must be catchy

This is similar to your email copy. However, your subject lines are even more significant. These subject lines will be the first part of your content in a crowded inbox.

  • Come up with punchy and rousing CTAs

Ideally, CTAs should be brief, and straightforward. Your CTA must simply pass your message to your users. Can you propel them to taking action?

Schedule: When And How Often To Send Emails

You must find a perfect frequency for your emails. When do you want to send those emails out to your client at what frequency?

We recommend that you at least send your marketing emails to your clients once every month. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small-scale business or a big one. This recommendation applies regardless. 

In addition, if you get to send out more blog posts than emails, you can adjust. In this case, increasing your email frequency to two times monthly is advisable. 

However, your concern should be to see to it that these mails are evenly distributed, frequency-wise. Hence, you don’t become a bug on your client list. 

Moreover, ensure that after at least a year, you review the design of your template. Do well to add extra segments for your blog posts. That will provide your clients with a broader scope of content alternatives. Thus, getting you more clicks.

email marketing plastic surgery practice

Analytics And List Maintenance

Periodic analysis of how well your emails perform is crucial to the success of both your present and future plans. 

Regardless of the email marketing software, you’re working in, you get a segment for “Reports.” There you can analyze the opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes every one of your emails gets. 

Nevertheless, there is one essential stat you must pay attention to. These are open and click rates. They let you in on how your subject lines (open rates) and content (click rates) fare compared to other mails. So, you can modify your subsequent contents and style to make improvements.

Furthermore, periodic reworking and cleaning of your list of contacts (emails) are important processes. Pay attention to changes in your client’s life. Update your database to recognize them. Then, restructure your emails to recognize these changes.

By doing all of these, you get your business marketing process running smoothly without you having to lose your sleep.


Do not forget that it is not enough to know these rudiments and details. Your ability to apply them and engage them in your activities matter more. That is the only way your med spa business can get the best from the present rage in the industry.

Financial Advisor Social Media – Best Practices for Leads

The place of social media marketing in the digital marketing plan of financial advisors cannot be overlooked. 

“A well-planned social media strategy should be an important part of your digital marketing.”


Social media continues to serve as the bedrock of the entire marketing world today. This is even truer for financial advisors. Statistically, 85% of financial advisors make use of social media for their enterprise. More so, of these 85 percent, 80% of them are able to gain new clients from such a plan. 

Without a shred of doubt, being on social media can prove to be a rewarding marketing tool. If you wish to engage your present clients and nurture prospective ones, this can be very helpful.

However, it requires technical mastery and abilities to create a strong social media presence for financial advisors. If you wish to make social media your major source of fresh clients, you need to do it right. 

Presently, there are more than 2.38 billion monthly Facebook users! That’s huge!

Billions of others are employing numerous social media channels. Be it LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond, you can find your audience there. 

But, without the right proficiency in handling this plan, it will only be a conscious waste. Every financial advisor faces the risk of easily becoming lost with this large number of users present on the internet. 

Therefore, first, you need a reliable social media plan. Then, you need a committed person or group to implement the plan.

financial advisor leads

What are Financial Advisor Social Media Best Practices?

Social media marketing for financial advisors is in no way a full substitute for other marketing tools. Instead, social media will improve your entire marketing strategy. 

Plus, with a perfectly implemented social media plan you will be able to boost your brand pedigree through:

  • Paid social traffic
  • Natural social growth
  • Poising you and your business as subject matter professionals on particular topics crucial to investors
  • Work together with social influencers. They can assist you in getting to more prospective clients

You can start by building a social media profile on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or videos on YouTube. All you need is to create an online presence. And the best way to do this is by posting contents people care about. That way, you can connect with more prospective clients.  

However, sometimes your presence on these important platforms might not instantly evolve into an upshot in business. When this happens, stay calm and persist. Your investment will yield significant rewards at the right time.  

Again, social media marketing for financial advisors is one amazing growth source. It is so for any business that makes the best use of it. With time, many more people will discover your social media presence. They will check out your posts and evaluate the value you offer.  

On your part, provide your audience with enlightening, inspiring, and valuable content. By doing so, you will successfully lay the right foundation in their minds. Over time, this will become an edifice of pedigree and trust which will later result in a constant succession of clients.  

Similarly, many of those who check out your social media pages will pass your links on to others. Your links go on to their family, friends, colleagues, and others that might need financial advisory services. 

Sometimes, a sole viral tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post may be all you need. With that single post, you may produce substantial growth in business over the next few years.

social media marketing

Different Social Media Platforms To Be On

In social media marketing for financial advisors, selecting a social media platform should not be a comparison activity. It does not say that Facebook is better or worse than Instagram. Simply understand that they all perform different tasks. 

Below is a brief outline of popular social media platforms and their importance:

1. Facebook

Essentially, there is a higher chance that an investor will click a link. Then, proceed to read something on Facebook. 

Also, when you use Facebook, remember to add a picture or video together with the link in your posts. That way, your viewers do not get lost when they visit your feeds.

2. YouTube

YouTube is mainly a video-based platform. With that, it is an incredible niche to deliver informative content. There, you can also define yourself as an information carrier

3. Instagram

Instagram combines pictures and videos to deliver one of the best lifestyle platforms for everyone. As regards social media marketing for financial advisors, a platform like Instagram will come in handy.

You can post pictures and videos that deliver related content you know your viewers will be interested in. That way, you will not only keep them interested. Also, you will build a following of prospective clients who will grow to see you as proficient. 

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media channel suitable for building networks of professionals. It’s a wonderful platform to engage prospective clients. Also, you can effectively build networks, nurture relationships, and assess interest.

financial advisor social media platforms

How To Market On Social Media?

There are various ways to go about social media marketing for financial advisors. To make the best use of these social media platforms is to understand the best ways to market on social media. Follow through!

1. Advertising 

Advertising on social media can be an extremely cost-effective way to market on social media. Averagely, you spend as low as $5 to reach as many as one thousand people.

Advertising using social media platforms is rather influential as you can aim at your intended circle of clients. You have the chance to easily reach the perfect people. To do this, you will employ details and tools like:

  • Demographics

With demographics, you can run laser-targeted ads. With this, you get to reach people according to their concerns and online attitudes. You will aim at particular genders, ages, income levels, locations, and so on.

  • Email Lists

With an email list made perfectly, you get to run custom ads that suit your email database. That way you do not only make the most of your email list but also get the best marketing results.

  • Website Guests

Include retargeting pixels to your site and advertise to new website guests. Just 1-2% of your guests get to convert on their first contact with you. However, with the help of retargeting, you can boost your conversion rates.

As incredible and unusual as it may sound, certain financial advisory firms solely depend on Facebook advertising for the totality of their digital marketing plan. This strategy might not be the most ingenious and cautious one for your firm.

We recommend that you devote at least a little percentage of your marketing budget to social media advertising. According to present trends, many more people will move toward the internet and its several social media platform options. Most people will do this and leave the traditional newspaper, radio, TV, and the other forms of the traditional media. 

Based on this insight, your firm should regulate its strategies according to the trends. The traditional outbound advertisements you do now will slowly reach lesser and lesser prospective clients. Plus, the competition will go on to connect with an ever-growing population of potential clients. 

This will be as they embrace inbound marketing platforms on social media while you don’t. To avoid this, come on board!

It will be a display of negligence if we fail to mention this fact. Both the millennial age population, as well as most parts of Generation X, are spending more and more time on these social media platforms. 

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms are host to this population. All you need to do is to target these tech-savvy people via a solid social media advertising plan. 

With that, you can bring them into the picture as soon as possible. That goes on to improve your odds of winning their loyalty for constant business over time.

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2. Assign A Social Media Manager

This is another financial advisor social media best practice. You will need the services of a competent social media manager. That way, you can make easy and seamless progress with the reach of your brand in no time. 

Sometimes, engaging your audience on these platforms can become too strenuous. In such cases, consider employing the services of a part-time or full-time social media manager.

This person helps do the work on your behalf.  That way, your online presence will always be engaged with your brand. That helps your brand establish crucial relationships. By extension, that will lead you to prospective limitless referrals in the coming years.

3. Perform Market Research

Social media is a good way for you to run proper market research. These social media platforms provide us with a peek at what others value. 

By learning more about your potentials and likely clients, you are well poised to take them on when it’s time. Additionally, it enables you to stay visible at the best times to achieve the perfect reward.

As financial advisors, you can learn more not only about your potential clients. Again, you can research your competitors. Depending on what the case may be, you should take out time to assess what your competitors are up to. If what they are doing is rewarding, you might also want to consider doing the same.

4. Engage With Prospective Clients

There is a higher likelihood that investors will go for you as their advisor when you create robust relationships by engaging with your right set of prospective clients. 

Increasing your engagement across your social media channels will require enough skill, time, and of course, patience. It is not enough to put a post ‘out there’. That is not a guarantee that anyone will check it out. 

You can begin by building a buyer persona. Then, you will proceed to enforce that persona in the content you upload. You will boost the odds of influential engagement. As the engagements increase, your connection with your audience will get stronger as well.

financial advisor content

Other Nuggets To Consider

  • Branding

Developing a brand for yourself is essential. You need a brand that can echo with your targeted audience. 

With that, you get to invite more clients to your brand. All the story you need to tell is a function of your branding. With proper branding, you can tell your story clearly to your target audience.

Furthermore, branding is your chance to place your values on display. That justifies why clients should prefer you over every other option. Your distinct brand should make you different from the rest. This is as it informs your audience about your brand’s personality, your philosophy, and what you offer.

Take the space to ponder over what makes you as a business stand out. Then, you can create strong effective branding for yourself.

  • Website Optimization

Boosting your website traffic will instantly impact your leads and conversions. To run a winning social media marketing campaign, you must steer high amounts of traffic to your website. With more traffic comes clicks. And with more clicks, you get more conversions.  

Additionally, do not forget to give links directly to your homepage, your blog, and other parts of your online presence. Ensure they feature on all your social media platforms 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether or not your social media followers and guests read through the totality of your posts. You can still rest knowing that they will consider the values and excellence of your services illustrated on your site.

  • Compliance

We might have failed to stress the importance of this aspect of social media marketing for financial advisors. You must refrain from anything on social media unless you have obtained the necessary training. 

Aside from this, you must also install automated monitoring software for compliance.

This is certainly an important part you cannot overlook. Social media marketing is beneficial and will yield more financial planning potential for you. However, it can still be difficult and risky from a compliance perspective. 

When you fail to abide by the ethical post-use and supervision implemented, you might battle with certain avoidable issues.

financial advisor content marketing


In a nutshell, the importance and position of social media marketing for financial advisors cannot be overemphasized. You can reap a lot of benefits from this dimension of marketing when you do it properly.

Thankfully, there is enough for you to work with in this post. By paying attention to every nugget and piece of information here, you can get the best out of this. Good luck!

Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons – Winning Campaign Tips

As a plastic surgeon, you may be wondering how you can expand your clientele and enhance awareness for your practice. If you are considering using Facebook Ads as part of your marketing strategy, you have come to the right place for tips to help you create a successful campaign.

Keep reading below for guidance on how to fine-tune your campaign, how to create Facebook Ad, and policies you need to adhere to when implementing your online marketing strategy.

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads for Your Plastic Surgery Practice.

Utilizing Facebook Ads provides a one-stop-shop for creating marketing content for plastic surgeons that will reach the target audience and generate real-time results through Facebook analytics to gauge how the campaign is performing. Creating a Facebook Ads campaign can convert clicks to clients and help a business stand out amongst competitors.

Before diving into creating your Facebook Ads campaign, check out this article on how to optimize your Facebook business page, which will help when you are implementing your marketing campaign. Once your page is optimized, take time to work out a plan that will set your campaign up for the most success by following the tips below.

facebook ads strategy

Setting up a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

As tempting as it is to jump into creating your new ad and going live as soon as possible, you would be selling yourself short if you did not have an effective plan in place.  Here are some things you need to ask yourself when creating your campaign:

  • What goals will this campaign accomplish?
  • What budget will be the most cost-effective?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Will you implement split testing?
  • Which type of campaign will you create?

Knowing the answers to each of those questions will keep your campaign focused and consistent. So how do you know you are answering the questions to set you up for success? 

Identifying Your Campaign Goals

Whether you are a small or large business, identifying your marketing campaign goals will keep you on track when you are selecting your options for your campaign.  Here are some common goals Facebook Ads to help your plastic surgery practice.

  • Brand Awareness. Increase awareness for your business by expanding your target audience to include users who are actively looking for services related to what you have to offer. 
  • Reach. Customize your ad to reach people, locally or globally, based on your budget and needs.
  • Traffic. Drive people to your website and/or increase foot traffic to your business by creating enticing ads that make people want to know more about your services.
  • Engagement. Directing people to “like, share, post” your content to have a more personal interaction with people on your social media page.
  • Video Views. Videos with content that is directly related to your business are more eye-catching and can help explain your services clearly to generate more interest in your business.
  • Conversions. Convert your ad clicks into customers by giving them access to ask questions, or by directing them to your website landing page and/or social media pages.

Every business has a different goal in mind when they are creating their Facebook Ads campaign. Take a look at how some of your competitors are utilizing their campaigns, if they have them, and try to implement the strategies that seem to be working for them.

Determine Your Marketing Budget

Whether you are contracting out a digital marketing company to help create content or have decided to do all of the content creation on your own, having a budget in place will help. Luckily, Facebook Ads has a budget and schedule generator that will help you figure out how much bang you will get for your buck.

Facebook Ads operates using an ads manager that gives you full say in how long and how much you will be spending on your ads. You can set your budget according to how much you want to spend daily or how much you want to spend over the course of the campaign. This can also be edited at any time.

Chart, line chart  Description automatically generated

This Facebook Ads graph breaks down a $60,000 budget and shows that it will reach over 11 million people over the course of the campaign.

Find Your Target Audience

Determining your target audience will help you make the best decisions regarding the content strategies you need to execute. When using Facebook analytics to gauge how your posts are performing, you should have a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach.  Some factors of your target audience include but are not limited to:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Employment
  • Income

There are three consistent ways to identify your client.

  1. Define your niche. Are you a one-stop shop for plastic surgery, or do you focus on specific surgeries?
  2. Know your existing customers.  If you are a well-established practice, review what your current client’s wants and needs are. If you are an up-and-coming plastic surgeon, utilize market research and customer surveys to determine who your customers could be.
  3. Research your competitors. Take a look at what your competitors are doing to make themselves visible. Review what customers have said about their results. The best way to know your audience is to see who your competitor is appealing to so you can position yourself to reach them in a more effective way.

Facebook insights will break down the country and city of your viewers. You can also view the lifestyle and interests of your viewers based on their additional linked social media pages. 

Use Split Testing to Gauge Your Campaign’s Success

If you are not familiar with what split testing is, you might be missing out on one of the key tools to help make sure your marketing campaign is successful.  Split testing using multiple versions of a campaign or ad to see what is working better.  Since Facebook is intuitive and provides real-time results, split testing will help keep your ads relevant and reach your target audience faster.

Here are some reasons you would want to run a split test:

To start a split test:

  • Observe and collect data. You need a baseline to compare your campaign with, so utilize your Facebook Business Page analytics before the campaign is live.  You can see page views, engagements, clicks, etc.
  • Form a hypothesis. Think about what changes you can make and how you think those changes will affect your marketing campaign.
  • Run a test and collect new data. Set a timeline for the test to be active and compare the results against what your original data returned.

A split test is an extremely effective way for you to determine if your Facebook Ad for plastic surgery is catching the attention of the customers you are wanting to draw in, but it’s also a way for you to see how the changes you are making to your content will benefit your business.

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Know the Type of Campaign You Want to Run

There are 4 main types of campaigns when it comes to Facebook Ads, each with a distinct purpose and way it can be beneficial to your marketing strategy.

  • Link Clicks. This type of campaign will direct clients/customers to click on a link to go to your website or obtain additional information. You are wanting the customer to go to a different page to see your content.
  • Website Conversions. This type of campaign will allow customers to book appointments or purchase products or services directly from your page. You are converting website visitors into clients.
  • Video Views. This type of campaign gets your information to potential clients the fastest way by displaying a video with your content. Video ads range from 3 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your budget and goals.
  • Post Engagement. This type of campaign is specifically for your followers to interact with your posts through “like/share/comment.” This can be good if you are wanting to reach potential clients through your existing customers.

You have the ability to choose more than one campaign, but it will all be contingent upon your budget and the time you have to monitor and maintain your content.  

Creating a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

When creating your campaign, it is important that you take some time to map out the message you want to get across to your potential clients.  A successful Facebook Ads Campaign consists of content that has:

Below are a few tips on keeping your content in tip-top shape.

facebook ads copy

Writing Compelling Copy

Your ad does not have to be lengthy, in fact, Facebook Ads work better when they are short and to the point. In order to draw as many people in, try to structure your ads by using the tips below.

  • Use keywords that are pertinent to the information you are trying to get across.
  • Include emotional triggers, such as; Natural Results, Compassionate Care, etc.
  • Focus on benefits, not features, by speaking directly to the customer.
  • Implement FOMO, fear of missing out, by using “limited-time offer,” etc.

Knowing your target audience will help you write your copy. Do not be afraid to review what tactics your competitors are using and implement those into your own campaign.

Creating Exciting Visuals

A sure-fire way to grab the attention of your target audience is to create content with exciting visuals that makes them “slow their scroll.” Here are some tips for creating visuals based on the type of campaign you are using.

  • Image 
    • Use bold colors and font. 
    • Use an image that is directly related to your services.
    • If using a graphic, make sure it is clean and not too busy.
  • Video
    • Keep your videos short and impactful.
    • Create a call to action, such as “give us a call” or “click the link in bio for more.”
    • Make sure you are not using copyrighted material.
  • Carousel
    • Create multiple visuals the customer can scroll to review.
    • Utilize a carousel to highlight different surgeries and results.
    • Carousel can highlight reviews from customers as well.

Keep up with social media trends and refresh your content regularly to make sure you are still reaching the clientele you are targeting. Keep your content relevant and pertinent to your business.

facebook ads for plastic surgery

Request a Call to Action

One of the best ways to get customers engaged is to request them to perform specific actions such as “like, comment, share.”  Here are a few more keywords you can implement based on the campaign you are running.

Ecommerce: Buy, Shop, Order, Reserve, Save, Add to Cart, Pick, View

Website Conversion: Try, Get Started, Subscribe, Sign Up

Newsletter: Subscribe, Join, Sign Up Refer

Giveaway: Download, Get, Grab, Claim, Take Advantage of

General: Check It Out, Learn More, Click Here, Continue

Giving customers the option to continue learning about what services you are offering will bring them one step closer to choosing your plastic surgery practice when they are ready to undergo the knife.

Facebook Ads Policies to Follow

Facebook is diligent in providing quality content and ads to the everyday user, and they have a comprehensive list of policies and frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process of creating and maintaining your Facebook Ad.  Some of the main topics discussed in the policies and procedures include;

  • What to do if your ad is rejected.
  • How to edit or create a new ad.
  • How to request another review of your rejected ad.
  • Ads that are not allowed on Facebook.

Take some time to review the policies linked above before you start creating your campaign to prevent any unnecessary headaches that could come if your ad is rejected due to not meeting Facebook’s guidelines.

facebook ads policy


When implementing a marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice, Facebook Ads are a perfect place to start. Not only will you have access to real-time analytics, but you have the freedom to control how much you will spend and who your campaign will reach. By taking the time to create a marketing plan, you can ensure a successful ad campaign and set your business up for positive growth.

The Ulimate Guide on SEO for Venture Capital

Are you a company wondering how to make the most of venture capital? In that case, SEO can be your savior. 70 percent of marketers declare SEO to be a more effective strategy than pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns.  

What is SEO for Venture Capital?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital strategy that increases the quantity and quantity of traffic to your company’s website. The optimization of various aspects of your website and its content can boost your company’s exposure and establish well-reputed brand awareness amongst the clients. The best part is that you do not need to spend a lot on SEO and still get organic traffic through non-paid search engine results. SEO ensures that you attract the right audience looking for products and services that you are offering. This automatically weeds out unwanted leads, and the traffic you get is all potential customers. The more traffic you get, the better your conversion rates are going to be. 

There are various components that you must optimize in order to get the best search engine results. Let us look at why SEO is a must for every venture capital firm. 

search engine optimization

3 Reasons Why Every Venture Capital Firm Must Leverage SEO

There are several benefits that make SEO a powerful ally for all tech startups and capital venture firms. Here is why.

1. Aids Your Brand Awareness Campaign

Do not make the classic mistake of treating SEO separate from your brand awareness efforts, as this could lead to disconnection between the two. Infusing SEO into your branding efforts will help you gain the best organic traffic to your company’s website, social media pages, and ads. 

Search Engine Optimization will spread the news about your brand or company in order to target potential audiences. Keyword usage to target your niche clients is the fastest, most effective way for venture firms like yourself to gain a competitive edge over other players in the game. 

The primary goal of SEO is to ensure that your company’s website lands on the very first page of Google’s or any other search engine’s results. This means, every time a customer searches for a keyword that you have used in your content, the search engine will present them with your website in the top results.

Being amongst the top searches makes your website link an obvious choice to click on. This is simply because the customer perceives you as the most recommended business by the search engine itself.

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2. Strengthening Your Trustworthiness

This one goes hand-in-hand with brand awareness. Trust plays a critical role when it comes to grabbing the attention of online customers. When a client searches online for venture capital firms looking for the best startup offers, they are looking for a business they can trust. 

For this to appear on the first page is of utmost importance. Did you know that 75 percent of people never visit the second page of the search engine’s results? Think about it, when was the last time you visited the second page of Google’s search engine results pages? – Probably never. 

This is a simple game of psyche; customers tend to perceive that search results appearing on the very first page of a SERP are the most trusted and credible businesses. Therefore, you must make the most of this mindset of the masses. 

SEO for venture capital will help increase your visibility on the first page of the search engine results, which will help build your brand image as a trustworthy company. 

3. Higher Traffic means Higher Conversion Rate

SEO will help you drive the most relevant or organic traffic to your website. One of the best ways to do so is by applying SEO to your content, i.e., your website and blogs. 

Think of it as an inbound marketing strategy, where an interested audience lands on your web pages willingly, making your job easier to convert them into customers. 

Therefore, every visitor landing on your website is a potential lead increasing your chances to make more sales.

Let us take a physical world scenario for an example, where every client walking into your store or office is an opportunity to make a sale. They will expect you to approach them to find out how you can help. A similar principle applies to when a visitor lands on your website. 

venture capital

3 Ways Make the Most of SEO for Venture Capital

Here are three ways you can make the most of the search engine optimization digital strategy. 

1. Optimization

As the name suggests, SEO’s first and primary goal is to optimize various aspects of your digital footprint. Here content takes center stage, and this is where you pull out all the weapons in your arsenal, i.e., keywords and keyphrases. 

A. Content 

Content is any information that informs the customers about your business, products, and services. Other content includes updates, news, the latest trends, and any additional information related to your niche.  

In order to make your content appear amongst the top search engine results, you will have to make it thick with relevant and trending keywords. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to get the keyword density factor right. 

  • Research Keywords for the Content –to generate traffic via SEO for venture capital, you must conduct thorough research on the keywords. This will help you identify the keywords and keyphrases startups use to search for venture capital companies. 
  • Keyword Optimization of the Content – now that you know which keywords and keyphrases you must use, it is time to determine where and how you must use them within the content.  There are specific protocols set by search engines like Google as to where and how many times you must use the keywords. This will enable your content to reach its full potential for searchability. 
  • Time to organize your Content – organization of your content on the website has to be logical as it will help your website visitors to find relevant content with ease. This is what you also call “Good SEO” that will encourage the visitors to stay on your website for longer. The longer they stay, the more chances for them to buy from you. 
seo for venture capital funding

What Type of Content Can You Optimize 

There are several types of content you can optimize other than your website. 

  • Blog Posts

Blogs are the most convenient and compelling content to deploy your SEO for venture capital. You can make them engaging with links that can entice the potential audience to click on and land on your website. You can even make a quick sell pitch in the blog and encourage customers to complete a call to action (CTA) for purchase. 

  • Products and Services Pages

You can optimize your products and services web pages to attract interested buyers. If a person has already made up their mind to buy from you, they can click on the purchase link appearing in search engine results. 

This way, you can help them avoid all hurdles and land directly on your product’s purchase page to buy from you. In your case, apply for venture capital solutions. 

Other contents include guides, tutorials, videos, infographics, slideshows, directories, glossaries, etc. There is no set rule that you must use all of this content on your website or digital marketing campaign.

It is entirely up to you to leverage any or all of these contents for search engine optimization. Just remember that customers love to deal with businesses that offer added value free of cost.

B. Links 

There are two types of links you can use in your SEO for a venture capital campaign.  

  • Internal Links – these are the links to drive traffic from one content on your website to another.  For example, you have written a blog about how venture capital can help tech startups. You can add a link that takes the reader to a web page to apply for venture capital and other services that your company offers. 
  • External Links – These are hyperlinks that refer to a domain other than your own official website. For example, if you are reporting research, study, market performance, and other news from the venture capital industry, you can add an external hyperlink to your resources’ website. 
backlinking venture capital

2. Website 

While content stays the focus of search engine optimization for venture capital, you cannot do it without optimization of the platform, i.e., your website. The content on your web pages and backlinks are two of the most substantial aspects to match the search engine’s queries. 

Using backlinks is another important factor. A backlink refers to a link created when you link your website with another. The more backlinks you use, the better your website’s reputation will be for when users search for venture capital-associated queries. 

In most cases, you may have to upgrade your company’s website, also known as website migration. Here you will most likely need the help of experts to execute website migration in order to carry out SEO for venture capital.  

Here are two of the compulsory components to leveraging SEO during a website migration. 

A. Featured Snippets

A featured snippet plays a vital role in the optimization of your website for search engine results. Do not worry; there is no rocket science involved here. You come across featured snippets all the time on Google searches. They are short snippets of sentences that appear as an answer to your queries on top of Google’s search engine page. 

For example, if you search “what is SEO?” Google will first display a text comprising two or three sentences defining SEO, followed by other search results. If you are a venture capital firm looking to target specific startups, you can use snippet features to explain each of your products. 

In fact, you can use a snippet feature for each web page, blog, or post. Think of it as a small preview explaining to the customer what they can expect to find on a particular link or web page. 

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B. Web Pages Speed 

So, you may be wondering if a web page’s speed matters in SEO for venture capital. Well, a simple answer is a “yes.” Page speed affects your search engine ranking directly. This is due to Google’s Algorithm to gauge speed for web page ranking

Moreover, the speed of your web page can also affect the bounce rate while reducing the time consumers spend on your website. According to Google, they aim for a website to load under half two seconds, and not longer than 2 seconds is too long. 

Page speed is of utmost importance here because users are always looking for quick services in the fast-paced world we live in. The faster your page loads, the more efficient they will perceive your company to be. 

A slow-loading page will bore or frustrate the potential clients, and they will bounce to a competitor’s link. This will end up increasing your website’s bounce rate, and Google will notice this. If this continues, Google will stop ranking you among the top search results.

This means that the better your page speed is, the better the chances that visitors will stay on the website. This kills two birds with one stone, i.e., improves your chances of conversions as well as boosts your rating in Google’s ranking algorithm. 

C. Mobile Optimization 

Another critical aspect of deploying SEO for capital venture companies is for you to mobile-optimize your website. Here is why. 

  • This will enhance your website’s speed no matter what device the clients use
  • Your user’s experience will improve and entice them to spend increased average time on your website or web pages. 
  • The more time the user spends on your website, the higher your chances to engage with them
  • It also improves your mobile SEO
  • You can optimize your website for better local SEO to attract local startups.
mobile optimization for seo

Let the Experts in SEO for Venture Capitals Help You

Whether you are a new venture capital firm or a well-established firm looking to refresh your digital marketing strategy with SEO, then Media Boom is your go-to expert. We have a team of SEO experts with extensive knowledge of the venture capital sector. 

We offer the most cutting-edge SEO solutions to optimize your website, content, and other aspects of your online presence to improve your rankings and boost return on investments (ROI). Contact Us Today to discuss your goals, and let us take care of the rest.

Marketing for Financial Advisors – 3 Steps to Success

Financial advisors are great at money management strategies, and to be successful, they need consistent quality leads. However, what financial firms and advisors lack are the right tools to market their products and services. This is where digital marketing strategies come into play. 

With an adequate and well-thought marketing strategy, a financial advisor such as yourself can attract and convert potential clients. Not just that, financial advisor marketing strategies can help with the re-engagement of existing clients and turn them into a potent source of referrals. 

A myriad of marketing ideas available for financial advisors to target the right niche and attract a new audience for genuine leads for a boost in return on investment (ROI). 

Best Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies

Some of the most common marketing strategies that can help financial industries include 

  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Content
  • Email
  • Blogging
  • Podcasts
financial marketing

I. Know Your Target Audience

As a financial advisor, you must ensure the marketing strategies to be efficient. For this, you will need to identify your target audience and know who they are. One of the best ways to address this issue is to create an ideal customer persona. 

This exercise will define who your customers are, their gender, age group, professional interests, hobbies, needs, and pain points. Once identified, you can focus on that specific niche. One of the best financial advisor marketing strategies is to zero in on your ideal clients rather than reach every Tom, Dick, and Harry. 

Thanks to the digital boom and smartphone revolution, today’s clients are well-versed and have the world and current affairs at their fingertips. They would want to understand how your financial products and services can help them. 

Here you can explain how your cutting-edge monetary benefits-centered marketing strategies and products can serve your clients. However, you will need to understand two significant aspects of your client’s psyche. 

a. What are Their Motivations?

First and most importantly, you must learn about what matters to your clients the most. The customers always prefer to feel that they are in full control of their money. So, if you are a financial advisor at a large wealth management firm, you must lead by creating a separate and unique digital brand identity. The Financial Brand reports that 37 percent of the Millennials prefer digital services such as mobile banking over conventional methods. This brings us to our next point, i.e., the age factor.

b. Are they Older or Younger? 

You must determine if your products and services are for younger clients or older citizens. Suppose if you are offering IRA plans, retirement planning services, etc., then you may want to target the Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) or Gen X (people born between 1965 to  1980)

On the other hand, if you offer financial services in home mortgage, personal loans, insurances, etc., Millennials are your best bet. Why? Because Millennials aged between 23 and 38 is the largest consumer group in the world

Did you know there are over 83.1 million Millennials in the U.S today? That is a quarter of the total population of the country. 

So, now you may understand why age will determine which kind of strategies will work best for targeting your ideal clients. With younger customers, you will have to build trust, and research shows that the younger clients or Gen Z (born between 1997 till present date) are less trusting than their predecessors. 

In order to gain their trust, you will need a well-designed wealth management marketing strategy. However, your primary focus must be on educating these clients about your services and establishing a rapport of trust as a financial mentor. 

digital marketing financial advisors

II. Types of Marketing

Although there are various digital mediums available out there, here are six financial advisors marketing strategies that will enable you to hit the nail on the head. 

A. Branding

To give a feeling of personalized financial service to the clients, you will need a robust digital presence, and this is where branding will help. A well-crafted branding message can foster long-lasting rapport with your client. 

Moreover, this will allow you to speak with them directly by addressing their pain points and answering their concerns through day-to-day interactions. However, you will need to determine the right platforms that your ideal prospects are using. 

According to Statista, there are currently 4.66 billion people, i.e., 59.5 percent of the world’s population use the internet. So, you can imagine the potentiality of this massive digital platform.  

Branding will allow you to create a unique digital identity for your financial products, services, and corporation. However, this requires certain must-have components such as 

  • Identifiable logos
  • An impactful name
  • Innovative design
  • Catchy taglines

All of these help build a faithful image of your wealth management corporation while conveying a message to convince your ideal prospects. Your branding will create awareness about your brand amongst the existing public domain and allow you to enter new markets. 

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b. Social Media

From a young teenager to 90 your old grandparents, everyone on the planet has some kind of social media presence. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you will find target customers on one or all of these social networks. 

Knowing your target audience will allow you to narrow down which social media platforms you are more likely to find them on. Once you have selected social networks, it is time to develop a tailored post for each forum. 

For example, Facebook posts can be text, video messages, and paid ads, whereas Instagram financial advisor marketing strategies will be image-driven. With LinkedIn, you can target professionals and offer business-to-business (B2B) financial services, so you have to keep it precise and professional. 

Similarly, if you are offering financial services for a much younger generation, Snapchat may work best. However, you will have to come up with creative, interactive, and fun content for each post. 

That said, whichever platform you choose, consistency in your posts is essential for all. You can use several tools to help you streamline all your social media activities. The best part is that you can use tools such as Google Analytics to determine which of your social media pages are performing well and driving consumer engagement. 

c. Content

Advertising alone will not do any wonders in this day and age. If you are a financial advisor looking to establish a loyal and returning customer base, you will need a powerful, creative, informative, and engaging content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing basically focuses on enticing potential clients and engaging them via images, videos, blogs, vlogs, tutorials, and other educational material. You can use content marketing on all your digital marketing platforms. 

You can create marketing content and post it on several digital platforms simultaneously, including your website, blog section, social media pages, newsletters, vlogs, and YouTube channel. This consistency of information in your content across multiple platforms will help establish an image of integrity amongst the market. 

Digital marketing helps introduce potential clients to your financial services. However, successful content-based financial advisor marketing strategies keep them interested. The more time they spend on your website and pages, the better your chances of transforming them into permanent clients. 

email marketing financial advisors

D. Email

While emails have been around for many decades, they remain one of the most efficient and cost-effective digital marketing strategies. According to a report, email marketing can boost your ROI by 440 percent.

Email is the most accessible medium to reach potential clients and retarget the old ones. It is a perfect tool that can help both marketing and remarketing strategies simultaneously. The best is that it is mostly free of cost. 

As one of the most promising financial advisor marketing strategies, you must build a categorized and robust emailing list. This will allow you to tailor emails for each category of clients. You can boost engagement, nurture existing relationships, and even announce new products, services, and deals. 

Email allows you to use several elements of other marketing strategies, such as content. For example, you can use images, videos, and links to blogs, vlogs, and free downloadable content. This will help you direct organic traffic of the right prospects to your website. 

That said, you must carefully schedule sending out your emails. Overdo it, and you risk ending up on spam or block list of the clients.

e. Blogging

Using blogging is one of the elementary pillars of financial advisor marketing strategies. Blogging can help enhance your financial firm’s branding and make you stand tall amongst other competitors in the market. 

Clients concerned about their wealth and monetary benefits love to have access to free information on various aspects of the financial industry. Blogging can aid your digital marketing strategy by offering added value to clients via free information, the latest news, and trends in the financial markets. 

You can write blogs addressing clients’ pain points and concerns. For example, you can write a blog about how the stock market works or focus on a specific stock’s performance. You can also create blogs offering free tutorials on investment, wealth management, and other service-related topics. 

You can post these blogs on your website, social media platforms, and even on third-party portals. These blogs will work as a hook to drive more traffic to your website. More traffic means more potential leads which will translate into a better conversion rate to boost your revenues. 

f. Podcasts

Your digital marketing strategy is never complete without a podcast. This medium is an integral component and a must-have in today’s world of smartphones and devices. Did you know that 70 percent of U.S citizens know what a podcast is, and 51 percent of the country’s population love to listen to one or the other

You can start a podcast very easily with a tiny slice of investment budget. You can try to do it yourself, or if you are not a tech-savvy wealth management advisor or firm, then hire a digital marketing agency such as Media Boom to help. 

Podcasts are an effective means to communicate with your existing and potential clients. They will feel as if you are talking directly to them. This medium is one of the perfect financial advisor marketing strategies to build trust amongst your niche by sharing your expertise and knowledge for free. 

Once again, you can promote your podcast on various platforms to direct traffic to your financial services website. 

seo financial advisors


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to use trending topics, keywords, and key phrases in your content, posts, emails, blogs, etc. Moreover, you can also target clients based on demographics such as age, gender, profession, interests, etc. 

Every time a local user searches for a financial advisor, product or service in your locale, search engines such as Google will display your business amongst the top search results. You can use SEO in your social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, website, etc. 

If you are not sure how Google ranks your financial services, here is what you have to do. 

a. Google Yourself

This is no rocket science; all you need is to go on Google and type in your company’s name or name with location. Now, look if your financial advisor services show up on Google’s first page of search results. 

If not, then you definitely need to work on an SEO strategy right now. However, if you see your name pop up amongst the results on the first page, ask yourself these questions. 

  • Do these pages in the result represent my expertise and support my credibility as a financial advisor?
  • Are these search results an accurate representation of how I want my clients to perceive me? 
  • Do these pages offer information on why I became a financial advisor and the process of how I offer services? 

You should own the search engine results and make sure that you rank high on all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, and other forms of content marketing. Otherwise, think about all those potential clients you are losing to other competitors with better SEO rankings. 

So do not wait and turn Google into your personal top Sales agent

reviews financial advisors

Ask For Feedback

Feedback from your existing clientele can be one of the highly beneficial financial advisor marketing strategies. They can help support your claim of expertise in the niche. Asking them about how they perceive your business can help you understand various aspects. 

These include effective mobile channels, shopping cart abandonment reasons, product content, web design, etc. Clients’ feedback will tell you how the customers feel about your financial services and their customer experience. 

You can use this information in real-time to address client’s concerns and problems. You can also showcase positive feedback from your existing clientele on your website, social media pages, and effective content marketing and brand marketing strategies. 

MediaBoom Helping Financial Advisors

If you are a financial advisor or a wealth management firm struggling with developing a powerful and effective digital marketing strategy, Media Boom can help. We have a proven track record with years of experience in designing and implementing financial advisors marketing strategies. Contact Us Today and discuss the nature of your financial services, and we will provide nothing but the best solution.

How to Promote a Plastic Surgeon in 5 Clever Ways

More than 17.7 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2018, hinting at an increasing trend in the importance of plastic surgeons. This trend has spread across the world. Instagram influencers and models are leading this movement.

Plastic surgeons worldwide are on their toes to promote their businesses, reach a larger audience, and make millions in the process.

Plastic surgeries ranging from facelifts for the reconstruction of dog bites have appealed to all genders and age groups.

Like Kendal Jenner and Huda Kattan, celebrities have been reinforcing people’s confidence in enhancing their beauty through plastic surgery.

How to Promote a Plastic Surgeon?

Plastic surgery is a delicate and slow process. Before you go pouring money on digital marketing for plastic surgery, you should know the audience demographic. Most people are hesitant about getting a Medspa procedure. Use a soft and persuasive tone to explain to them the process. Send the right message through your brand. Reinforce your message by presenting them with facts and figures.

Win over your potential patients through different techniques, which we will explain later in the article.

plastic surgeon promotion

The Need for Promoting a Plastic Surgeon

2021 is the year of competition. The competition is not going anywhere anytime soon. Those days are past us when distributing brochures was the only way to promote businesses.

An average adult spends at least 4 hours a day on his smartphone. Digital marketing is the go-to process to promote brands. You have high chances of getting new customers if you manage to attract them to your pitch, even for a few seconds.

Plastic surgeons have realized the need for marketing their brands locally and through the internet.

This way, they can attract new customers and keep the existing ones coming back for more. In addition to that, smart marketing will address the stereotypes related to plastic surgery.

Are you looking to enter the cosmetic surgery market of $50 billion? Or do you want to promote your existing brand to new heights? Here are some tips on how you to market your plastic surgery practice:

Information Your Website Must Have!

Your website is the stepping stone in promoting your business as a plastic surgeon. The website increases your credibility and gives the user an insight into your services.

Your website must have the following things to increase your chances of landing new customers.

Medical Licenses

What is the first thing you look for when you enter a pharmacy?  The pharmacist’s license to sell the medicine. The same applies to your website.

Your medical license acts as a seal of legitimacy. Attach photos of your certificates and licenses, which you have acquired through the course of your career.

plastic surgeon marketing


Once you have established your legality, it is time to use the influencing capability of your customers. No one can vouch for you better than your previous customers.

Put client testimonials on your website to make it look attractive.

You can use short videos from your clients as testimonials. Putting the reviews in the form of text with relevant photos of your customers will bring your website to life.

A Persuasive Mission Statement

A concise and clear mission statement echoes through your customers. The mission statement will inform the world what your business means to you. It conveys the standards you uphold to serve your patients.

Add how and why your company does it. Let everyone know the motivational force that drives your ambitions.

It must make an impression on the minds of your potential customers. Keep it short and comprehensive at the same time.

A Brief Description of the Procedures

Plastic surgery has a wide scope in the surgical world. Breast augmentation, liposuction, jaw reshaping, and reconstruction of birth and burn marks are the most popular ones.

A brief but informative explanation of the procedures you offer will clear any confusion of the website surfer. Advertise any deal you are offering to newer clients on your webpage.

plastic surgeon

How to Market a Plastic Surgery Practice – 5 Practical Tips

Now that you have established your website and provided the content required to make your business understandable, it is time to reach your audience by applying essential marketing strategies.

We will tell you the best way to set up sites and online media pages to advance your reach in an efficient style.

1. Make the Interface Aesthetic and Interactive

Make it easier for people to interact and browse through your page and website content. 

Human attention span has decreased to 8 seconds in the last couple of decades, so you must keep your potential customers hooked to your website. In this way, they can find out more about your plastic surgery business.

Design the pages so that the content is easier to consume. Add FAQs to solve the queries of your clients. Optimize the interface to make it mobile phone-friendly. 

2. Target Search Marketing

Google processed over 3.5 billion searches in 2021. Your goal is to rank higher on various search engines when people are looking for plastic surgeons nearby.

Optimize your social media pages to get more traffic. You should have sound knowledge of keywords related to your niche.

This is where both SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and SEO(Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

Start by creating a Google AdWords account. Choose which catchphrases you need the promotions to be based on.

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3. Add a Descriptive, Fun Video

Add a video that describes your business on your website and across all major social media platforms. It shouldn’t solely be fun but informative at the same time.

Videos influence way more than text or photos. Use it to your advantage. Hire an expert and creative video editor to bring color and sentience to your business. 

4. Purchase Ads on Several Social Media Platforms

Established social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, allow business pages to pay for customized ads on the user’s feed.

You can increase your traffic and conversion rates by using this technique.

It is a cost-effective way to provide massive sales boost to your plastic surgeon marketing. You have the option of advertising through videos or photos.

Include Call-to-Actions and clickable links to your website and social media pages on the ads. The user will explore your page and might end up spending hours researching the services you provide.

5. Create a Blog and Regularly Add Search Engine Optimized Content Describing the Services You Offer

Creating a blog section on your website will optimize your website for various platforms. Posting blogs regularly on cosmetic surgery topics will help readers understand the pros and cons of different procedures.

Subtly promote your services through the blog through links to your social media pages and phone numbers.

You will build a community by adding a comment section in your blogs to interact with each other.

plastic surgery content marketing

How to Market Plastic Surgery – The Ideal Platforms

Plastic surgery has seen growing online traffic as compared to its online presence a decade ago.

Millions of searches are carried out by curious users about cosmetic surgery. There are paid and unpaid ways to market your skills as a plastic surgeon.

You can market your plastic surgery practice in the following ways:

1. Organic Social Media Marketing

Marketing your brand organically means you don’t have to dish out cash to promote your business.

Using custom hashtags, SEO content, and understanding the algorithm will make a world of difference in increasing your organic traffic.

The ideal course of action is to post original content regularly. The algorithm will start acting in your favor if you frequently post about your business as a plastic surgeon.

Optimize your social media pages to rank higher in search results. Try to think out of the box to promote your services. Keep your content fresh and similar to the ongoing trends. 

paid ads for plastic surgeons

2. Paid Advertising

Paid promotion is as important as organic traffic. But you must keep a balance between the two. Sticking to only organic marketing will not guarantee faster growth.

Paid promotion acts as the missing piece of the puzzle to take your plastic surgeon marketing to the next level.

Below are some ways to market to promote plastic surgery:

  • PPC Ads

Pay-per-click ads are ones where you pay the search engine whenever someone clicks your ads. You advertise your services based on keywords.

Google Ads works on this model and is a smart way to rank your website higher without putting much strain on your pocket.

For instance, if you pay $4 for a single click and through the click, you end up performing surgery of $500, then it is a pretty good deal!

You should have a simple but exceptional and do keyword research before posting your ad and getting better ROI( Return on Investment).

  • Print Media

You can go old-school and advertise through newspapers and health-related newsletters. This is a great way to market your business locally.

However, this is not effective if you try to reach customers outside of your city or state. Print media doesn’t offer much in terms of customization.

Promoting through billboards and magazines is another option.

  • Electronic Media

Electronic media in the form of television has been around for more than a century. Other forms include emails and mobile phones.

Televisions and smartphones are present in every household and are viable platforms to promote your cosmetic surgery activity.

Issue monthly or weekly email newsletters containing information about the work you have done recently. Leave customers reviews and testimonials, preferably on the first page.

Run ads on television and radio to increase your reach in your locality.

As mentioned earlier, purchasing ads on social media sites can provide a sales boost to your cosmetic surgery business. 

3. Distributing Brochures and Flyers

It is a cheap alternative to stimulate your sales in your business location. Hire people to distribute brochures and flyers outside of train stations and other public areas.

You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself while getting the brochure designed. Keep it plain and simple. It should convey a crystal clear message to passengers. Add images to make it interesting. 

Remember to put the expenses of the medical procedures you are offering on the brochure.

plastic surgery

Clearly State the Cost Associated With Every Procedure

Once you have established what the customer wants, introduce the cost of the procedures in the conversation.

Plastic surgery can be expensive so try to offer the best deals out there without compromising the quality of your services.

It shouldn’t include any hidden charges that may prove to be a nuisance for the customer later on. Remember, the more you make it easier for them to operate, the more your business will grow.

Provide multiple payment options, ranging from cash and credit cards to digital wallets.

The cost of the different surgeries should be uniform across platforms. If you are offering any deals or promotions, advertise them on your social media pages and websites. Offer loyalty programs for existing and new customers.

Highlight and Emphasize the Testimonial/Review Section!

Your customers are your strongest suit in promoting your plastic surgery business. Maintain a strong presence on review websites like Yelp or Angie’s List.

Always remind your customers to give you the token of approval.

Have a high-quality video shot as a testimonial from your most loyal customers and add soft music to the background to make it appealing and likable.

Written testimonials and the client’s photos can show the great job you have done with the customers.

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Final Words

Advancing your business as a specialist on various platforms can have a notable impact on your influence on the Medspa market.

Using methods ranging from Medspa SEO and paid advertisements will help your business to reach the zenith.

However, the service you provide the customer at your clinic and basic treatment of the patient will keep them hooked to your plastic surgery business.

Google Ads for Real Estate Investors – Get More Leads

As a real estate investor, looking for your next big investment opportunity is always the main priority. What if you could utilize a popular online advertising company to help you bring in leads while you are sleeping?

Google Ads offers the ability to display online advertisements to web users in the results of search engines, mobile apps, and videos. So, how can you make Google Ads work for you as a real estate investor?  Keep reading below for tips on how to get started using Google Ads and the benefits of using this service.

Google Ads for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors who utilize Google Ads, which is considered pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, will not only build awareness for their investment company but also generate an increase in leads and website traffic. By displaying a quick advertisement, potential clients can be directed to contact the company directly for information on services they are needing.

Before you invest in Google Ads, it is important to do a little research. You need to understand how it works and how to create a plan that will be the most effective for you as a real estate investor. Before you create your plan, take some time to check out this article about why having a landing page for your real estate investment website could make all the difference for your maximizing Google Ad potential.

google ads for investors

How Google Ads Works for You

Google Ads places your campaign in the hands and laps of your target audience. 90% of desktop searches happen on Google and by using this online advertising agency, you are able to pinpoint not only who can see your ads, but also monitor the changes in demographic and adjust your campaign quickly to keep up with the ever-evolving market.

Per the Google Ads website, there is a 5-step process for getting started.

  • Determine your goal. I.e. Get more calls to your business or drive people to your website, etc.
  • Decide where to advertise. You decide where to show your ads, whether it is local or global.
  • Create your message. Describe your service in three sentences or create banner ads with images.
  • Set your budget cap. Determine how much you want to pay per month.
  • Go live. Your ad will be displayed when people search for services like yours.

Google Ads also keeps up with how your ad is performing and provides suggestions to improve your ads to get better results. There is no contract to sign, and you can pause your ads at any time. It is free to sign up for an account, and you will only pay when customers “click” your ad.

Establish a Plan for Successful Online Advertising

When you are thinking about marketing your real estate investment company, online advertising should be at the top of your list for gaining new clients. Though traditional advertising has its perks, online advertising gets your brand and services to more people in a shorter amount of time.

In order to create the best online advertising plan for your company, you need to set realistic expectations and understand your market.

Answering these questions will help you get started in building the Google Ads campaign for your real estate investment company.

  • Are you wanting to target buyers or sellers?
  • Do you want to drive people to your website, or do you want to field more phone calls?
  • Are you staying local or expanding your reach to a global audience?
  • What is your brand, and is it easily recognizable or searchable?
  • What is your budget for online advertising?

When you are answering those questions, it is important to know the “why” behind each question.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Target audience: Buyers vs Sellers

Your target audience can change for a couple of reasons: fluctuations in the market and availability. As a real estate investor, you could be looking for buildings or homes to flip and sell (buyers) or investing in a property that will be managed by another company or business for them to sell (sellers).

For help in choosing your target audience, take these things into account:

  • Current real estate market. Does the current market lean more in the buyer’s favor or the seller’s favor?
  • Location. Is the location you are investing in a desirable area, less desirable area, commercial area, residential area, rural area?

If you are investing in someone to develop real estate, you have to look at things from their point of view as well. Think about what would make them likely to seek you out as an investor and you can target your ads specifically for those needs.

Campaign Goal: Website Traffic vs Phone Calls

This all boils down to whether or not you are old school or new school. Your campaign goal will need to be determined so you can better target your ad for the desired outcome. When an ad is displayed, it can direct people to your website and or give them your phone number to gain additional information about your services.

google ads website traffic

Importance of Website Traffic

  • Analytics can show you conversion numbers for site visitors who have become clients or for site visitors who have made calls.
  • Example: 5000 visits, 40 new calls = 0.8% Conversion Rate
  • Potential clients can view your portfolio and services.
  • The website provides additional avenues for clients to reach out for questions.
  • Clients can leave and read reviews to help build your reputation.

Importance of Direct Phone Calls

  • Create a personal interaction with customers.
  • For motivated sellers, a direct phone call can result in long-term business relationships.
  • Less of an opportunity to have an intent being “lost in translation” when you are speaking directly to a person instead of reading an email or comment.

There are benefits of both of these being a primary goal for your online advertising campaign. They are not mutually exclusive, so you can use website traffic to boost direct phone calls, however, this is also contingent upon your schedule and availability to respond to questions and/or answer calls.

Ad Location: Local vs Global

Are you a large real estate investment firm? Are you a local business looking to renovate an area or neighborhood to encourage growth for your community? Do you have the ability to travel and oversee investments in other parts of the country or world?  Your online advertising campaign can be targeted at both local and global audiences.

local real estate investors

Brand: Recognizable and Searchable

If you have not already taken the time to develop your brand, it is imperative that you do that before you start creating your Google Ads campaign so that you can be both recognizable and searchable. 

Here are some tips to help with branding your company:

  • Pinpoint your focus. Know the how and why of what you are investing in.
  • Choose your personality. Think of three words that describe how you want your customers to view your company. 

Example: Corporate, exclusive, efficient = investing in office buildings for a specific type of company that uses sustainable products.

  • Develop a unique name. Attract clients with a name that makes them do a double-take for your quick ad.
  • Create a slogan. Slogans are easy to add to any online advertising banner and remind customers of who you are.
  • Be Strategic with color and font. You want your ads to be consistent and recognizable. Color and font are another way to alert customers to your brand.
  • Design your logo. If you have not already created a logo, it could be one of the most beneficial parts of maximizing your only ad because it utilizes fewer words and is a picture that people will easily identify with your company

When you have developed your brand, make sure you are consistent with all aspects throughout your website, social media, and any advertising campaigns.

Determine the Monthly Budget

The neat thing about setting up a Google Ads campaign is that they help you determine what your potential return on investment (ROI) can be based on how much your budget is.  You can also use this formula to help determine the cost per click (CPC).

(Revenue per customer) x (conversion rate) x (1-profit margin) = Max CPC

Though creating a Google Ads campaign can be easy, the results are not one size fits all. There will need to be a little experimentation and it is recommended to give about six months for maximum results. So when you are determining your monthly budget, make sure you are accounting for all of the time that will be needed to fine-tune your Google Ad for real estate investment.

Here is an even more detailed Google ads cost calculator. 

montly budget real estate investors

Keyword Research for Online Advertising

Knowing what your target audience could be searching for on Google or other search engines is the next step in developing a strategy for executing your campaign.  Not only do you need to know the keywords your target audience is searching for, but you also need to know what words your competitor is using.

  • Identify positive keywords. Luckily, many online tools can help you determine the keywords pertinent to your services. The Adwords Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest will offer a range of words that your target audience search for that can be implemented into your online advertisement.
  • Define negative keywords. These are the words you want to stay away from so that your Google Ad will not show up when they are searched.
  • Look at your competition. What are your competitors using in their online advertising? If they are successful, see if you can implement some of their strategies into your own.

Most of the time, Google analytics will pick up on the intent of the Google search and display the applicable ads, however, you always need to monitor the trends over the course of your ad to make sure you are maximizing your reach.

Designing your Google Ad for Real Estate Investment

After you have defined your plan and identified the keywords that are best for your Google Ad, the next step would be to create the perfect offer.

A successful offer will:

  • Be short and to the point.
  • Contain the keywords for your company.
  • Target your location.

Use language that will draw the customer in such as:

  • No risk offer TODAY
  • Trusted Local House Buyer
  • Easiest Way to Sell

The common theme is to be aware of your target audience and market to them specifically.  Chances are they are already searching for what you have to offer, it’s just a matter of having something that will catch their attention to make them click on your link to get to you.

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Benefits of Using Google Ads

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to use Google Ads for your real estate investments, take a look at the following stats to see just how much of a difference an online advertising campaign can have for your business.

  • Brand awareness is increased by 80% with online ads.
  • Google makes up 76% of the search engine market.
  • The top 3 paid ads in search results get 46% of clicks.
  • 75% of users said information is easier to find with paid ads.
  • 33% of people click on search ads because of the relevance to what they are searching for.
  • Google delivers an 8:1 return on investment or $8 for every $1 spent.
  • $10-$50 is the recommended daily budget for the Google Ads campaign.
  • $1-$2 is the average cost-per-click.

In general, utilizing Google Ads for your real estate investment can cut down on the day-to-day chore of finding leads by generating content that will appeal to your target audience. 


Once you have decided that creating a Google Ads campaign is the right strategy for you, Google makes it easy to set up. Not only do they help you get started and make suggestions along the way, but the tools and resources available through the app will keep you ahead of the game so that you can maximize your impact and continue to grow your real estate investments. It can be a game-changer and will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Email Nurture Campaign – Earn Real Customer Loyalty

To build a strong and long lasting relationship with your leads, email nurture campaigns serve as a good head start. 

The right campaign in the right place can grow your business by leaps and bounds. 

As per statistics, around 74% leading global companies prioritize lead nurturing because it helps create awareness, it educates your leads and it also helps you know more about your business. 

In this guide, we’ll be explaining everything about email nurturing and how some effective campaigns can change the entire course of your business. 

What Is An Email Nurture Campaign?

Email nurture campaigns are all about sending out time-based emails to your customers to inform them about some new offer that you have or the discounts that you are running on your products or they can simply be sent out to motivate your customers to take some sort of action that can benefit both them and your business. 

For you to grow your business, it’s of utmost importance that you build a strong relationship with your potential customers and turn them into your loyal customers. 

With email nurturing campaigns, you’ll be using the technique of personalization to lock in your customers with your business. 

Around 67% marketers invest in personalized emails because this really is a one effective way to meet your business goals. 

email nurture campaign

How Can An Email Nurture Campaign Help Your Business? 

It’s a well-known fact that lead generation is important for every business.

But without the process of lead nurturing, your generated leads will soon disappear. The long story short of lead nurturing is that it helps you lock your customers with your business for a long time. 

The right, timely campaigns will help you earn loyal customers who will stick with your business no matter how many other brands and companies start offering exactly what you have. 

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter if you are running a small scale business or a large scale business and it doesn’t matter what kind of products you are offering, lead nurturing will always be critical for you to grow and spread the word about your brand. 

You might be wondering why emphasize so much on email nurturing? 

Well, as per data, about 4400% ROI is what you get by sending out emails. It’s the best and the most effective method to interact with your customers and build your credibility.

How Do Email Nurture Campaigns Work? 

In an email nurture campaign, you send out timely emails on the basis of your lead’s behavior. 

These emails then help the lead get the exact targeted information they need to go through the buying process. 

When your prospect receives an email, they are presented with important information to buy your particular product. 

For your campaigns to be successful, it’s of utmost importance that you keep a check on the behavioural statistics, for example, how many times a lead visited your website, what he clicked on and when did he decide to leave your website. 

While drip campaigns help you achieve somewhat similar goals, an email nurture campaign can create a more personalized connection between your business and your lead and it also helps with the sending schedule. 

automatic email campaigns

Automated Email Nurture Campaigns 

Automating your email nurture campaigns can save you a great deal of time and as cherry on top, you get all the important data that directly links you to the potential leads who can help grow your business and spread awareness about it. 

In simpler words, automated email campaigns can help you achieve a better ROI without wasting your resources. 

Moreover, they’ll help boost productivity and your marketing team will then have a bigger audience to work with and build some real-time initiatives. 

Examples Of Nurture Campaigns And What They Can Do For Your Customers

  • For A New Customer: A lead nurture campaign to a new customer can help you introduce your business to them and create a pattern that leads to engagement. 
  • Post Purchase Campaign: It’s a great method to initiate conversation with your buyer and get the right feedback/review that later will help you make some critical improvements in your business. 
  • Campaigns For Repeat Customers: For a repeat customer, a personalized email can make them feel like a big shot and this will further encourage them to advocate for your brand. 
  • Re-Engagement Campaign: If one of your customers is about to go off your radar, an email nurture campaign can help you get them back. It’s risky but it’s worth a shot. 

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How To Set Up An Effective Lead Nurture Campaign?

Setting up an effective lead nurture campaign is like an investment and it requires a lot of your blood and sweat but at the end of the day, if you’ve done the right job planning the right campaign and sending it out right on time, all the effort will be worth it! 

Just like drip campaigns, you need three basic things to get started with your lead nurture campaign; 

To cut down the hassle, you can use different automation software, some templates or some A/B testing but again, knowing your lead’s behavior and understanding it and then making a strategy for your lead nurture campaign is more effective even if it requires some manual effort. 

One of the most important things to remember is that your lead nurture campaigns revolve mainly around your business’s sales strategy

If you have complete control of that, the rest of the process will be easier for you than you think. 

email automation nutre campaign

Step 1: Determining The Goal Of Your Campaign 

Narrowing down your goal can be a bit hard especially when you have a large audience to cater to but with a little effort, you’ll have to identify the pain points of your target audience. 

Your goal solely depends on the type of business you run and your current status with your customers. 

It can be anything from gaining more customers from ideal client profiles to getting feedback from your existing customers. 

Step2: Determining Your Target Audience 

Understanding buyer personas can be of great help here. 

Yes, buyer personas are to some extent some fictional representations of your ideal customers but they do serve in targeting your audience in the most effective and accurate way possible. 

Step3: Understanding The Journey Of Your Buyer 

At the end of the day, setting an email nurture campaign relies mostly on your buyer’s behavior and his journey on your website. 

The more you try to understand it, the more effort you invest in learning what your buyer expects from you, the better your email strategy will work. 

To understand the journey of your buyer, there are three things to consider; 

  • His awareness stage: The query your buyer puts in the search engine or the pain point he has that he’s finding a solution to. 
  • His consideration stage: Your buyer will eventually find a list of solutions to his problem and the next step will be to choose the right solution provider. Think of all the things that would make him choose you as the solution provider instead of some other business. 
  • His decision stage: Once the buyer has settled down on you and made his buying decision, you then have to eliminate all the factors that he doesn’t want and focus more on what suits him the best (provide him the best offer that meets his needs)
email campaign for lead magnet

How To Create A Powerful Email Nurture Campaign For Your Lead Magnet?

Before getting started with the tips, it’s necessary that you understand the concept of a lead magnet. 

A lead magnet isn’t someone who’ll just help out your prospect once and then expect him to remember where to come next time he needs your services or your products. 

In fact, a lead magnet is the one who initiates a conversation with your prospect to grow engagement at a level that it one day leads to sale. 

The only issue with creating an effective email nurture campaign is that not all your prospects will share the same pain points or the same solutions. 

This is where customizing your content and adding a bit of personalization in it becomes important. 

In simpler words, you have to give your prospect an experience that he never forgets! 

Here are some tips that can come in handy to you when you are creating a powerful email nurture campaign that creates an impact! 

1-Segmentation Whenever There’s Need 

Two words that can describe a powerful nurture campaign “personal and relevant”. You can’t just send one nurture email to all of your contact list and then expect results. You’ll have to segment down all of your prospects and then create multiple emails to nurture them as per their requirements. Creating lead magnets here can be of great help because when one of your prospects downloads a lead magnet related to a certain topic/category of your business, you already know which segment he belongs to. 

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2-Identifying the “Big Ask” 

The main purpose of every email nurture campaign is to encourage the prospects to take some action. This “action” is what we are referring to as the “big ask”. Identifying the big ask is crucial as it impacts the other aspects of your email nurture campaign. Here are some examples of the “big asks” we are talking about; 

  • Encourage your prospect to watch your new product demo 
  • Encourage your prospect to make a purchase
  • Scheduling a sales call with your prospect
  • Encouraging your prospect to take the free trial you are offering 

After you’ve identified the “action”, the next step is to evaluate it based on certain factors like;

  • Friction: how likely is it for your prospect to take action on your big ask?
  • Proximity of valuing: if the prospect says “yes” to your big ask, how soon will he take the action?
  • Gap Of Awareness: does your prospect know enough about your business or product before he acts on your big ask? 

All these factors when taken under consideration will help you determine the amount of nurturing you’ll have to do before encouraging your prospect for the big ask in the email. 

writing emails

3-Deciding The Length And Frequency 

You know the goal, you know your “big ask”, next you have to consider the length and frequency of your email. You don’t want to frustrate or annoy your prospect with lengthy or complicated emails. The right time to hit your prospect is when he clicks on your lead magnet, that’s the exact time you should be taking some action but be careful because it shouldn’t be lengthy and the frequency shouldn’t be too much for your prospect or else he’ll simply unsubscribe. It’s a one critical decision that will make or break your prospect! 

4-Gather All The Relevant Content 

Content relevancy is a big factor to pay heed to. You don’t just opt for an email nurture campaign to send out your “big ask”. In fact, a nurture email is supposed to literally nurture your prospect, deliver him some value and encourage him to engage with your business. There are literally hundreds of ways to keep the content relevant while it serves your purpose; 

  • Share some blog post relevant to what your prospect has been looking for
  • Interview an expert
  • Give them another topic to download for free 
  • Share some case study regarding a successful customer
  • Answer some frequently asked questions about your products or services 
  • Invite them to attend an online webinar
  • Give them some valuable information about your industry or update them regarding what’s going around in that particular industry

5- The Flow Of Your Emails

In email nurturing, you don’t just randomly pick an email and send it to your prospect. The timing, the kind of prospect and his interests, it all matters. So the next step is to determine the flow that you’ll be following in sending emails to your prospects. Make a schedule here and follow it accordingly. Especially keep an eye on your lead magnets and as soon as some prospect downloads them, send him the email that’s relevant enough to keep the conversation and engagement on! 

content marketing

Final Thoughts 

Sending out emails is a one killer lead nurturing strategy that will lead you to the path that you’ve been wishing for in your business. 

An effective email nurturing campaign can work wonders for your business, it can grow your customer base, it can bring more potential customers to you, help spread the word about your products/services and above everything it can help boost your ROI. 

As a marketer, you’ll have to invest a great deal of time and energy in understanding your buyer’s behavior and then writing the right nurture campaigns but eventually all the effort will be paid off when you see the results pouring in! 

Cosmetic Surgery Advertising – Convert Countless Clients

According to Medical News Today, in 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS reported that roughly 18 million people went under the knife for minimally invasive or surgical cosmetic procedures. The data also states that cosmetic surgery continues to rise in popularity to this day. To help your company stand out, you need cosmetic surgery advertising. What can you achieve through this form of advertising?

Cosmetic surgery advertising can do the following:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Grow your audience
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Convert more web visitors to clients

In this extensive guide, we’ll walk you through what entails a good advertisement as well as the types of cosmetic surgery advertising you might consider for your company. Keep reading for more actionable information.

cosmetic surgery advertising strategy

The Elements of a Good Advertisement

IBISWorld states that, between 2015 and 2020, the cosmetic industry has grown by a steady rate of 3.1 percent. Like in many other industries, the competition is cutthroat, so growing your client base and retaining those clients is of the utmost importance.

That means that not just any advertisement will do. You need to ensure you’re getting your message across clearly to your target audience. Here is what cosmetic surgery advertising should entail.

Enticing Copy

Whether yours is a standard Internet ad or a Facebook advertisement, your cosmetic surgery advertising will contain some copy. The less space you have for copy, the more nerve-wracking writing the copy can become. Here are the best practices that will help you narrow down some great one-liners.

Use powerful ad copy. Words such as “save,” “health/healthy,” “proven,” “best,” and “guarantee” are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to words that will get results. Just don’t stuff your copy full of these words, as then they become less effective.

Above all, be honest. Don’t promise that your facial cosmetic procedures can make someone look 20 years younger if that’s not doable. The average consumer is quite savvy and will avoid an advertisement if what that ad promises doesn’t seem truthful. 

You can also ask questions in your copy that inspire the reader to think. Even something like “do you want to look 5 years younger?” will work. 

Keep your copy in the second person, using “you” words. This makes it easier for the reader to imagine themselves reaping the benefits of your cosmetic services. 

If you do worry about your credibility with online advertising, then include a testimonial in your copy. Make sure the testimonial seems realistic enough that your readers won’t question whether you wrote it yourself or paid someone else to do so. 

cosmetic surgery branding

Appealing Graphics

A wall of text is not enough to appeal to your audience. You also need graphics in your cosmetic surgery advertising. The go-to for many companies is stock photos, which are free or paid photos on the Internet. Yet there are several problems with stock photos.

For one, they’re widely available, so you can’t guarantee that the same photo you choose for your ad isn’t in some other ad by your competitors. Consumers can also easily tell when it’s a stock photo versus an authentic image. There’s even evidence that moving away from stock photos and using your own photos can increase your conversion rate, such as this case study.

The easiest way to use your photos in advertising is to showcase before and after images of your cosmetic surgery services.  


Any cosmetic surgery company can produce an ad with well-written copy, testimonials, and before and after photos. Why should a potential client click on your ad specifically? You need to bring something unique to the table with your advertisement. 

Perhaps rather than only produce text or photo ads, you make a video advertisement. You can also advertise in other ways, such as through brochures in the mail. Fewer people pay attention to physical media anymore, so by using these older means of advertising, you might stand out from your competition. 

cosmetic surgery competition

What Cosmetic Surgery Advertising Can Do for Your Company

By committing to cosmetic surgery advertising, your company can achieve the following objectives. 

Drive Website Traffic

How much traffic does your cosmetic surgery website get per month? Per quarter? If your site visitors are an inconsistent trickle, you have far fewer opportunities to capitalize on leads and make them into clients. 

When you pay for advertising, your ads can redirect Internet users to your website. If your ads perform successfully, then no more will your site visitors be a mere trickle, but a consistently reliable flow. 

It’s important to note that website visitors alone cannot help your company meet all its objectives. If you’re not converting these leads, then their short-lived presence on your site ultimately doesn’t mean much. We’ll talk momentarily about how to boost your conversion rate.  

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness carries with it many benefits. Clients trust more in your brand, so they’re willing to funnel more money into it. Happy clients can spread the name of your cosmetic company through word of mouth. Your brand is also more likely to be top of mind, both among your current audience and those site visitors who can become potential clients. 

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Target New Customers

A good cosmetic surgery company cannot rely only on its current base of clients. You must always be in the pursuit of new clients as well. These clients can grow your audience further and plug the gaps that will naturally occur when some longer-term clients drop out. Cosmetic surgery advertising will allow you to target new customers so your prolonged growth can continue.   

Reach Your Target Audience Directly

Through lead segmentation, you can identify your cosmetic company’s target audience. More than likely, you’ll have several segments that you can appeal to. Some might be older and in need of nips and tucks to hold back the hands of time. Other clients could be younger and interested in cosmetic procedures to improve their looks.

Through advertising, you can reach all your audience segments. Google Ads and social media advertising such as on Facebook allow you to create targeted campaigns that only those who meet the criteria of your audience segment can see. These tailored advertisements are more likely to hit their mark, so to speak, due to their personalized nature. 

Convert Web Visitors to Clients

Although advertising alone cannot make a lead into a customer, through your company’s conversion efforts, you can do just that. You might score the leads that arrive on your site based on their behavior, such as how long they spent on your website, how many pages they clicked on, which pages they clicked on, and whether they signed up for your email newsletter.

Then, you can target the highest-scoring leads, who are also the most qualified. This status makes the lead more likely to be receptive to your nurturing and engagement efforts so they’ll hopefully become a new client. 

cosmetic surgery clients

The Types of Cosmetic Surgery Advertising

Which advertising avenues should you consider for your cosmetic company? Before you can answer that question, you need to know the types of cosmetic surgery advertising. Then you should create an advertising budget. Depending on what you allotted for that budget, you’ll likely target at least one form of advertising if not several types.

Google Ads

When you’re searching for information on Google and you see a result at the top of the page labeled “ad,” this is a Google Ad. As a native advertisement, a Google ad is merely a link to a website, in this case, your cosmetic surgery company’s homepage. The links to several pages on your site might also be displayed in the ad, as will a short blurb about your site.

Google Ads is keyword-driven, meaning you’d select keywords in the cosmetic surgery industry and then bid on them. The value of your bid should be dependent on the amount of money you’d pay for the ad. Your bid value is part of what determines your ad placement, as is Google’s Quality Score.

Once your ad is online and someone sees it and clicks on it, you’d pay, which is the cost-per-click or CPC model. To determine your CPC, divide your competitor AdRank by your Google Quality Score and then add .01. 

According to advertising resource WordStream, the typical CPC rate in the United States when using Google Ads is $2.32 regardless of industry. 

Google Display Ads

If you’d rather your Google advertisements have visual elements to them such as images, then your company should try Google Display ads. These digital display ads have a far reach, as they can appear on apps, mobile devices, across Gmail, on websites, and even on YouTube, says Google

You can select from several types of Google Display ads. Gmail ads are expandable and only for use in Gmail. Engagement ads can include videos or images and appear in Google’s Display Network as well as YouTube. 

Uploaded image ads are those with images that you personally upload. You can use HTML5 for this and adjust the size of your uploaded images. Responsive Display ads can include text, a logo, and an image. These are native Google Display ads that appear on various websites and blend right in. 

cosmetic surgery services


Behavioral retargeting or remarketing is another form of cosmetic surgery advertising that you might use. You can set up remarketing ads through Google Ads or elsewhere. 

So what is behavioral retargeting? Remarketing is a specific form of advertising where you attempt to convert previous website visitors who had been on your site.

According to digital strategy experts Signifi Media, click-through rates for retargeting ads might be up to 10 times greater compared to a standard display ad. However, there’s a fine line to tread when remarketing. If your ad follows a user on every website they go to, then the last thing they’re going to want to do is give you their money. 

Video Ads (YouTube)

Video advertisements are a popular means of advertising. According to Oberlo, of all the types of media a consumer might see on social media, videos are their favorite. Your company might advertise on the video social media platform YouTube or elsewhere. 

Your video advertisement can go before the video starts or be sandwiched in the middle; post-video ads are also possible. These ads are called pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads respectively. You can also use video advertisements as a standalone. 

The shorter the better for a video advertisement. Aim for around 15 seconds long, as these videos are brief enough that a viewer won’t skip them. You can also use your 15-second video ads on Facebook in-stream and Instagram Stories. 

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Social Media Ads 

The last cosmetic surgery advertising option is social media ads. From the above-mentioned Instagram and YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, and more, almost every social media platform has its own paid advertising program. You probably won’t advertise on all social media sites to start, but the ones that are most used by your target audience. 

On Facebook, you can create video ads, photo ads, carousel ads that display products, Facebook Stories ads, collection ads, slideshow ads, and ads in Facebook Messenger. On Instagram, you can make many of the same types of ads considering that Facebook owns Instagram.

Over on Twitter, your advertising options are Twitter Promote. Snapchat has Story ads, collection ads, and filters, which are branded and can be a great means of advertising considering the popularity of filters today.

medspa advertising


Cosmetic surgery advertising can help your company meet more of its objectives, from growing your audience to increasing lead gen and retaining more loyal clients. At Mediaboom, our digital marketing services can get the results your company needs. Our services include website design, advertising, digital marketing, and more. We’re ready to help take your company to the next level.

Hotel Email Marketing – Skyrocket Customer Retention

Over the years, the growth experienced in the hotel industry is outstanding. In 2018, the hotel industry recorded a retail value of over USD 500 billion

However, what this growth implies is an equal rise in competition. Presently, the hospitality industry is one of the most competitive markets to operate in. This is because of the increasing number of hotels trying to benefit from the growth of this thriving market.

A proven marketing strategy is the only way to deal with this intense competition within the hotel industry. Over time, it is clear that email marketing is capable of being the solution to this challenge. With excellent hotel email marketing, you can gain an edge over the competition in this industry.

Email marketing boasts an impressive Return on Investment rate. An ROI of £32.28 for every £1 spent (about $40 per dollar spent) is simply impressive. 

Therefore, this means that email marketing can yield better results. It is more prolific than other marketing strategies like direct mail, social media, television, and search.

Benefits of Hotel Email Marketing: 

  • Effectively promoting your hotel
  • Stimulating future guests
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and experiences
  • Remaining in touch with former guests long after their stay.

In this post, you will be exposed to the intricacies of hotel email marketing–its significance and procedure. You will find out how to harness the capabilities of emails to improve your hotel earnings and development.

email marketing for hotels

What Is Hotel Email Marketing And Why Does It Matter?

Email marketing remains an effective tool. Particularly, hospitality email marketing as a channel consistently provides the best ROI across many sectors.

Notwithstanding, email marketing also comes with its fair share of obstacles.

Consider this statistic from the housing industry, which includes hotels and B&Bs. Research revealed that the average email open rate is set at 15.8%. Again, the average click-through rate is just 4.7%.

So, what exactly is Hospitality Email Marketing?

Productive hotel email marketing isn’t about flooding anyone’s inbox with needless content. Instead, consider this kind of marketing as a part of your customer’s journey.

First off, you’re already organizing a wonderful guest experience for them upon their arrival on your property.  It is only ideal that you get your services started before your guest even arrives at all.

Just as it is with other aspects of marketing, understanding the point of view of your guests matters a lot. Do not forget that their presence on your email list implies one fact. They are already looking forward to traveling down to you. 

Therefore, with a terrific hotel email marketing campaign, you can effectively harness that eagerness and enthusiasm.

hotels email marketing

Practical Steps To Set Up Your Email List

The first phase of revenue growth for your hotel through an email campaign is setting up a list of subscribers. These subscribers are those ready to receive your emails from time to time.

Begin by going through the data you have presently. Then proceed to check out your property management system or your hotel records. Take out every customers’ email address you can find there. Then, you should import these email addresses to your email list. 

NOTE; Ensure you have approval to email them before going ahead to do so. 

Also, you can try out opting-in to test your email deliverability. With that, you will be sure that their email addresses are accurate. Again, you are sure that the email gets to the desired destination (their inbox).

Before you send out emails, you must first set up an effective list of contacts or emails. That does not seem like a task. However, the question is how do you set up a great email list?

To know more about how you can set up a high-quality email list, keep reading. With the following steps and tips, you can set up your email list effortlessly. 

content marketing emails

1. Choosing A Platform

Truly, to set up an email list, a sign-up form is an integral part. However, you must first decide on the platform you will run the marketing campaign on.

An email marketing tool is your best way to send emails to a large number of people at the same time. Over the last few years, these tools have increased in their fame. 

Furthermore, these tools are incredibly easy to use and reasonable as well. In addition, some of these tools come with a free plan which is perfect for small to medium-scale enterprises. 

Below are some of the few prominent email marketing software. This software is the perfect tool for hotel email marketing;

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mailchimp 
  • Aweber
  • Sendgrid

Likewise, most of these platforms allow you to plan your emails. Some others even enable you to segment your list to increase its effectiveness. 

If your email list is not as big as other regular email lists, other platforms will suit you better. You can begin with MailMerge or GMass to deliver bulk emails straight to your Gmail account. 

NOTE: After you choose a preferable platform for your hotel email marketing, then it’s time to see results But, to avoid hindrances, go for one which has an incorporated or in-built email scheduling function. Having that will take away a chunk of the stress you might face in organizing your database.

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2. Creating A Sign-up Form

Thanks to email software, you can develop a sign-up form in no time at all. All you need is as little information as necessary. With an email address and probably a name, you are set to go. With this, you can increase the chances of people filling out your sign-up form.

Besides, if you wish to incorporate the sign-up form into different areas on your website, try the footer and contact page. These two areas are a perfect place to begin with. Also, you can include a pop-up form to boost your subscriptions.

Moving forward, ensure you follow up with a confirmation email. This is a confirmation to your new subscribers that they consented to be on an email list.

Additionally, you can have various landing pages. A good instance is having landing pages for different hotel locations. With this, you can use various sign-up forms. 

Each of these sign-up forms will be attached to a particular group of subscribers. These groups can be employed in running hotel email campaigns that are location specific.

3. Provide Lead Magnets Or Incentives

Whether you run your hospitality email marketing campaign online or offline, incentives are always effective. Therefore, always make sure you provide visitors with the motivation to sign up for your hotel email list.

Some very attractive incentives for new subscribers include:

  • Discount on their first hotel night
  • Early check-in
  • Early access to discount rates
  • Exclusive deals and promotions
  • Chance to win a hotel voucher
  • Invitations to events hosted in your hotel
  • Members-only information
  • Guide to all the hotspots in the surrounding location
  • Hotel upgrades

To round it up, begin with your subscribers and visitors. Afterward, sift your email list from time to time. Doing so every 4 months will be fine. With that, you can be sure that your emails will get to the appropriate audiences. Again, you restrict your spam or rate of unsubscribes.

Make the best use of metrics like bounce rates, open rates, and engagement to sift your list.

NOTE: It is advisable to not delete those contacts or email addresses. You can discard them from your email list. Yet, remember to keep them in your contact list. That way, you can employ a different medium to engage with them.

writing emails for hotels

Segmenting Your Email List

The email list you use presently will contain emails from your present guests, recent ones, booking enquiries, subscribers, and several others.

Nevertheless, there is one fact you must pay attention to in your hotel email marketing. That is that you cannot and should not send the exact emails to various types of audiences. Understand that all these audiences are signed up with you for different purposes. 

Some of them may be on the brink of booking. While others may be checking out your competitors. While there might be a segment of audiences that are simply exploring. 

Therefore, it becomes essential for you to segment your email list. 

You can try out the following segments: 

  • Preferences 
  • Deals and special sign-ups
  • Domestic and international travelers
  • Frequency and duration of visits
  • Luxury and business travelers
  • Guests who have canceled a booking

As soon as you have set up all these segments, it gets easier from there. Now, you can effortlessly send out only relevant emails to the right recipients. 

Check out this instance. This is a case of business travelers. You can call attention to aspects like:

  • Your meeting and conference rooms
  • Your Wi-Fi speed, etc.

Whereas, for luxury travelers, you can bring the different recreational services and amenities that you provide to their attention. This strategy is an effective tool for achieving terrific results.

email open rate

What To Include In Your Emails?

With all sense of clarity, there’s no other marketing tool as adaptable and flexible as emails. Emails can make or mar your brand’s pedigree. 

There are various types of emails you can send out to your subscribers. Some of them include:

  • Updates
  • Holiday greetings
  • Sales or promotional emails
  • Announcements
  • Educational emails
  • Emails for special events

For hotel email marketing though, these types of emails would help the most.

1. Sales Or Promotional Emails

As mentioned above, emails are the most productive means of letting people know about your hotel businesses. Garnishing your emails with promotions, discounts, and special offers going on at your property is great.

You will present promotional offers with an intent to drive sales.

This kind of email mostly expresses a sense of quickness. These emails emphasize the advantages and inclusions of your promotional offers to drive sales.

Making use of a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) strategy for your promotional or sales emails would be incredible. 

For instance:

  • Book your visit for Sunburn. Available for the next 10 days ONLY.
  • Thanksgiving Celebrations at Royal Beach Resort. Book before 20th October!

You can integrate such emails with festive occasions like Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s day. Your regional festivals can help too.

You are in the best position to know when people visit your property. The least you can do is to make the most of that knowledge. 

NOTE: it is advisable to not only use festivals for this kind of email. Do not forget that during those times, the rush is high. Hence, there is a high probability that your email may get neglected among loads of other sales emails.

promotionals emails

2. Special Events Emails 

Employ emails in informing your audience of the various kinds of events taking place at your property. Starting from parties, festival celebrations, or some fun workshops. 

Your event emails must be able to arouse the psyche of your audience.

3. Holiday Greetings Emails

Draft out a list of notable festivals in your area and note them specially on your calendar. Schedule emails before the time for these holidays. That way, you won’t miss out on these opportunities.

This is an awesome way to make your receivers feel that sense of value.

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Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Pre-Arrival Emails And Post-Stay Emails

These are two special kinds of mails to ensure you keep in touch with your customers always. 

Pre-Arrival Emails

These are the emails you send to prospective customers before their visit. As soon as they book their visit, it is time to send in these emails. These emails include:

  • The Confirmation Email
  • The Preference Email
  • The Pre-Arrival Reminder Email

Post-Stay Emails

These emails are perhaps the most vital email for hotels. After welcoming your guests, providing them with a memorable experience, what’s next? 

This is the time to get reviews from them on your service generally. These emails include:

  • The Thank You Email
  • The Request For Feedback Email
  • The Loyalty Email

You must keep these emails straightforward. Ensure you show gratitude to them for staying with you. This kind of email is the best place to bring in a short survey. Also, you can provide a link to your OTA, TripAdvisor, or social media platforms. They can drop their reviews there.

pre arrival emails


Run your hotel email marketing with a full focus on your audience. Avoid spamming them and do well to segment your email database according to their preferences.

Hotel email marketing presents a significant chance to engage your guests before and after their stay. Also, you get to develop a connection with prospective new customers. Make the most of it!

Local SEO Solutions – 6 Ways to Stand Over the Competition

Most companies use multiple outbound strategies to gain leads.

However, those outbound strategies can take time, resources, and money. 

How can businesses make leads come to them when they’re so busy with other daily operations?

If your company is looking for ways to better its inbound strategy, one way to make clients come to you is by investing in local seo solutions. If you need some help getting your strategy up and going, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’re discussing: 

  • What exactly local seo solutions are
  • Why it’s important 
  • Strategies that will grow your online visibility while targeting local prospects 

What Are Local SEO Solutions? 

A local SEO strategy consists of a plan to increase your online visibility to expand your reach and be found easier by other local businesses. Having good local SEO means your website will rank higher when other local businesses are searching for your business on search engines.  

local seo

Why is Local SEO Important? 

One reason is because a lot of people search for local establishments on Google.

Statistics show that 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. That includes people who make key decisions at businesses. 

If you don’t have a local SEO strategy, you’re missing out on a large (and valuable) portion of online traffic that’s searching for local results for their search.

Local SEO also helps your business increase its online visibility. 

The more you prove your local value and authority online, the better the chance that Google will think your business is valuable and reward it by ranking your page higher than others. 

The higher your business ranks, the greater the opportunity you have to be found by a large number of online visitors. 

This is especially true for hyper-local searches, such as “digital marketing near me” or “business accounting services Boston MA” (or wherever your business is located). 

Local seo solutions also help your business establish credibility both online and in your community. The more trustworthy and valuable your business seems, the better your chance is of ranking higher online and people actually clicking on your business’ page. 

business to business marketing

Local SEO Strategies 

Now that you know what local SEO is and why it’s important, let’s discuss some strategies you can use to capitalize on it. 

Set up a Google My Business Page

One of the best things you can do for your local SEO strategy is to set up a Google My Business page for your company. A Google My Business page helps you manage your company’s online presence across Google. On it, you can list: 

  • Your company’s name 
  • Your business hours 
  • Your address (if you have a storefront) 
  • Your location on Google Maps
  • Your phone number 
  • Photos of your business and/or services 
  • Customer reviews 

Having this page is like having a one-stop shop for your company’s information on Google

The more you include, the easier it is for Google to determine if you’re a valuable page to show for searches. 

Google My Business also helps people find information on your company faster. 

In fact, studies show that between 70 % and 80% of people research a company online prior to visiting a small business or making a purchase with them. 

Consumers and other businesses will want to vet your business and its information before contacting you, and having a Google My Business page can help make that process a lot easier for them

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Get Customer Reviews

Something else you can do for your local seo strategy is get customer reviews. 

Customer reviews are critical for any business’ credibility, but they make a big difference online. 

Statistics show that a whopping 95% of customers read reviews before buying something.

 Visitors looking for services will also likely want proof that your services work, and customer reviews and testimonials can help provide that proof. 

Reviews serve as social proof that your products and services are reliable. If your company has good reviews, Google will reward you since good reviews establish authority. Plus, good reviews help establish trust in the online community. 

You can get reviews from customers in a number of ways. You could: 

  • Ask clients to leave a review during check-ins 
  • Reach out to past and current clients via email and ask them to leave reviews 
  • Run a promotion that rewards clients for leaving reviews 

Don’t forget: the best way to get good reviews is to provide products and services that get results and to have an attentive customer service team that customers can trust. 

The better your services and products work for your customers, the more likely they’ll leave raving reviews. 

website optimization

Optimize Your Website

Another important thing to do for your local SEO strategy is optimize your website for local products and services. 

Make it clear that you serve the area your business resides in

Mention that you serve your area in your “About Us” page, sales pages, or even on your home page. That way, Google can recognize that you serve that particular area and help you rank better for local searches. 

Another way to optimize your website is to make sure it’s mobile friendly. 

These days, more than half of all searches happen on a mobile device

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it could hurt its reputation with Google since it wouldn’t provide a good user experience. 

Take the time to develop a mobile optimized website so your leads can have a good experience on your website on all fronts.  

Create Local Content

Another way to use local SEO solutions is to create local content. 

Quality content that helps solve a user’s problem, or best answers a user’s query, is ranked well on Google. 

Therefore, if you create content that meets the needs of local search queries, your content has potential to rank well online. 

Content you can create includes: 

  • Blog posts 
  • Social media posts 
  • Videos 
  • Podcasts 
  • Free resources 
  • Webinars

You can use one content idea and break it out into multiple forms of content. 

For instance, let’s say you run a real estate business in Massachusetts, and you’re looking for more clients. 

You’ve done your keyword research (a must for content creation and SEO strategy), and realize that the term “how to buy commercial real estate in Massachusetts” is highly searched and is searched by people in your target audience. 

You can create content that satisfies the intent behind “how to buy commercial real estate in Massachusetts”. 

You can create a whole guide for it, then take part of the guide and turn it into multiple blog posts, videos, and infographics

That content can help other businesses searching for an answer to that specific query, and since you gave them some insight about it, they may trust you more and want to learn more about your services. 

Quality content creation that seeks to fit the user’s intent can help your visibility online, especially when it comes to local searches.

seo content marketing

Utilize Business Listings 

Getting your company’s information on online business listings can help your local SEO strategy. 

Adding your company’s name, address, phone number, and a link to your website to business listings can give you more authority online by making it that much easier for potential clients to find you

This is especially helpful if someone searches for your branded keywords, since the information on how to contact you can come up quickly. 

It’s a strategy that takes little effort but can help tremendously when trying to figure out how to get local customers

Explore Backlinking Partnerships With Other Businesses

Backlinking is an essential part of any SEO strategy.

Backlinking is when you link to another website on your website or in a piece of your content. 

Backlinking is important in SEO because if a website links to your website, Google sees it as a sign that your website has authority. The more authority you build, the more likely Google is to highly rank your website. 

One way you can build your backlinking strategy is to reach out to other local businesses and form a backlinking partnership. 

You can work out an agreement where you both link to each other’s content or website a certain number of times. That way, you can both establish authority online

It’s important to strategically pick your potential backlinking partners, though. You don’t want to pick a company that has the same exact services or products as you, as they’re your competition. 

Instead, pick businesses that have products and services that relate to yours. That way, if a business finds their services, they can see that your related services are also linked, and they may need those services. 

Another way to build your backlink strategy is to do backlinking outreach. 

This is a strategy where someone from your team reaches out to other companies and publications to see if they’d be willing to include a backlink to your website if you include a backlink to theirs. 

Make sure the companies and publications you’re reaching out to are relevant to your services, products, and/or industry. That way, the links feel natural being incorporated into each piece of content. 

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Final Thoughts

Coming up with a strategic and comprehensive SEO strategy will help your company’s online presence grow and help prospects find you easier

There are many pillars to a good local SEO strategy, but the core of it is providing goods and services that serve your prospects’ needs. 

If you do that, you can produce information and content that makes a great impression online and gets your company found by more people.  

Plastic Surgery Web Design – 26 Stunning Examples

As more clients have gone digital, so have accounting firms. Below is an extensive list of 25 of the best accounting website designs…

The plastic surgery industry has experienced significant growth within the last few years. This growth is the result of the increasing number of cosmetic treatment options for beauty enhancement and the proliferation of wellness awareness and trends worldwide. With an increasing tech perceptive consumer base, having a great medical spa website design is a must, just like in any other industry.

1. Care Plastic Surgery

care plastic surgery

Visit Website ›

Care uses sharp contrasting colors with purple and black, which helps their content and call-to-actions stand out. They also use plenty of social proof by including the awards they have won, and client testomonials.

2. Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue

shafer clininc

Visit Website ›

The Shafer Clinic has a very clean website with smooth animations. Their website does a great job of showcasing their past clients, while showing what they could do for you.


qazi clinic

Visit Website ›

The first thing you will notice when you visit the Qazi Clinic website is how easy it is to navigate the site. The website’s great navigation system makes it easy for users to move around the site. Navigation is crucial since, according to studies conducted by Forrester Research, businesses lose 50 % of potential sales as a result of users not finding the right information.


willow medspa

Visit Website ›

Willow MedSpa has mastered the art of incorporating visual content into a website. Many website managers struggle with integrating video content as a standard component of their site content workflow. Willow MedSpa features a high quality custom video at the top of the homepage.


cienga medspa

Visit Website ›

Selecting an appropriate color scheme or combination is a crucial but often overlooked component of an effective and appealing website. One of the first things that you notice about Cienega MedSpa’s website is a great choice in color combinations. Blue is a conservative color and exhibits a high trust value. It is also the color that most women prefer. Green, on the other hand, is pleasing to the eye, invokes trust, and is a trendy color.


laserway medspa

Visit Website ›

There are a few things you seek to achieve when you visit a medical spa website. You may want to inquire about or access information regarding MedSpa services. You may also want to book an appointment to procure the services. For these objectives or any others, you will want to know where to go when you arrive at the website. Laseraway’s website is effective at providing clear guidance for users to find the information they seek.


cosmetic surgery web design

Visit Website ›

At the first point of contact when visitors arrive at a website, the content should deliver essential information. It should achieve this while being as brief as possible. Beautifix Med Spa’s website checks all boxes when it comes to quality content. The website does not beat around the bush with irrelevant salesy information. The website immediately dives into what the Med Spa has to offer, which is what online visitors will be searching for. It is easy to tell that the content of the website has been planned with the ideal customer’s point of view in mind.

8. Rapaport Plastic Surgery

cosmetic surgery website

Visit Website ›

Rapaport Plastic Surgery has a website with eye-catching trendy colors. They also make it easy to find what you are looking for. They do this by breaking down what they offer into three categories. Last, they use strong social proof instantly by showing consumers what popular magazines they have been featured in.

9. VIP Plastic Surgery

creative cosmetic surgery web design

Visit Website ›

VIP Plastic Surgery starts with a breath-taking hero video that inspires consumers. They also use large images throughout their site, which is perfect for such a visual product. Last, there high constrast visuals helps their photography stand out.


plastic surgery web design

Visit Website ›

The importance and benefits of a clean and simple website design cannot be overstated. Perfect Skin Med Spa’s website is a great example of a clean and simple site that manages to serve its purpose. The site does not bog the user’s mind with complex layouts and excess menu options. Perfect Skin MedSpa’s website is easy to scan. Most internet users have short attention spans and tend to skim through web content. By stripping down the website to the essentials, Perfect Skin, Med Spa maximizes the number of visitors who view the most important sections of the content.


plastic surgery mobile website

Visit Website ›

A website’s homepage is the virtual front door to your business. Cure Daily seems to understand that the first moments after a visitor arrives at a website may affect the business positively or negatively. Cure Daily’s website homepage is well designed to make the best impression possible to the ideal med spa customers.


medspa website design ideas

Visit Website ›

Information architecture is one of the most neglected aspects of proper website design. One look at the Sona med spa’s website reveals that the design took into account information architecture. How information on a website is presented and organized is crucial for good usability and user experience. Proper information architecture was vital for Sona MedSpa’s website since it provides a wide range of information and resources to engage and attract the target market. This website could very easily have been a pain to read through have it not been for the great implementation of link labels.


medpa website

Visit Website ›

Eden MedSpa’s website design is a reflection of the company, its products, its services, and ultimately, its brand. The website is professional, polished, visually appealing, and functional. These factors are extremely important if you seek to realize success in the online domain today. Eden MedSpa’s website features an uncluttered layout that allows white space and incorporates quality photos to great effect. The MedSpa’s message shines through upon the first look at the website.


medspa web design

Visit Website ›

If a website asks nothing of visitors, then they will surely do nothing. One of the primary functions of a business website is to convert visitors into high quality leads that ultimately become paying customers. Hudson Medical’s website implements conversion elements perfectly and avoids appearing too aggressive or salesy.

15. Rowe Aesthetics

medical spa website

Visit Website ›

Rowe Aesthetics website is extremely user friendly. This is because they keep it as simple as possible. By keeping link density low and having a clean layout and color scheme, their consumers can find exactly what they need.

16. Visage Facial Surgery

cosmetic clinic web design

Visit Website ›

Visage Facial Surgery has a luxurous color scheme with black and gold. This helps put their service in the premium category. They also do a great job of featuring different sections on their homepage that capture your attention.

17. Premier Medical Aesthetics

cosmetic websites

Visit Website ›

Premier’s Medical’s website focuses on the plastic surgery process. They provide useful graphics that descibe the different types of procedures consumers go can through.

18. Ela Plastic Surgery

medical spa web design

Visit Website ›

Ela Plastic Surgery has a strong paralax effect on their homepage, that is paired with striking photography – and makes for an amazing, easy-to-navigate homepage.

19. Dr Sanders

medical spa websites

Visit Website ›

Dr. Sanders’s website has a beautiful color scheme that balances trust and luxury. Its gold and black exude luxury, while the blue accents help consumers with trust. The site strongly features the certification and experience of Dr. Sanders, which makes consumers feel more comfortable with him.

20. Dr J Hopkins

medical spa mobile optimized website

Visit Website ›

This site starts with a hero video to grab and keep your attention on the home page. Then it leads your straight to before and after pictures to inspire you and make you desire the same results.

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21. The Oaks Plastic Surgery

dermatology web design

Visit Website ›

The Oaks Plastics Surgery website drives action. It gives two “Quick Quote” call-to-action buttons right away. The “Photo Gallery” button on the homepage even pulses to promote action.

22. New York Group For Plastic Surgery

dermatology websites

Visit Website ›

A fun, but professional website, this website uses playful features, but exudes experience, all over their website. Their brand feels cohesive throughout by using their organge and blue throughout along with utilizing results pictures wherever they can.

23. Applebaum MMD

creative dermatology web design

Visit Website ›

Dr. Robert Applebaum’s website heavily features the successes of his career. The experiences and reviews create a feeling of trust with consumers that visit his website.

24. Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa

skin care center website

Visit Website ›

Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa’s website keeps it simple. You can quickly find the different types of procedures they offer by scrolling down or clicking in the header. Scroll a little further down, and you quickly find the before and after pictures.

25. The Forever Insitute

skin care center website

Visit Website ›

This website is extremely easy to navigate, with simply located call-to-action buttons. The color schemes it uses make the website feel extremely bubbly and friendly.

26. Miller Plastic Surgery

skin care websites

Visit Website ›

This website focuses on the experience of the owner, Dr. Brian J Miller. By doing this, they setup up the consumer for a trusting relationship. Then, we they see the results Miller Plastic Surgery has gotten for others, they believe they can achieve those results too.

Time To Consider a Website Refresh

Whether you’re just getting started or in the midst of complete website redo – these 26 websites will serve as a great resource of inspiration for your project. If you would like to get started on revamping the look and feel of your website, contact Mediaboom to get the conversation started.

Plastic Surgery Mission Statement – Showcase Your Brand Values

Your customers don’t simply connect with your brand and business to access a product/service. Instead, they connect with you based on your brand’s purpose, values, visions, and mission. These features are showcased in how you interact with customers and the organizations and communities you support. 

There’s no better way for you to put your business’s purpose in the limelight than through a well-written, attention-grabbing, and enthralling mission statement.

You need to tailor your mission statement to reflect every facet of your medic spa, including the nature of your product/service offering, pricing structures, marketplace position, growth potential, and your relationships with customers, employees, competitors, and the overall community.  

Therefore, it’s evident that your mission statement is valuable since it attractively positions your business in front of prospective clients. Let’s discuss how you can create the ideal medic spa mission statement to showcase your brand values:  

What is a Mission Statement? 

Your business’s mission is a foundational marketing element. It is a formal declaration of why you opened your medic spa biz and what your values are. Moreover, it is a precise summary of the goals and values of your company or organization. 

Mission statements should communicate your business goals, culture, and ethics. These are meant to help customers understand what you do for them and why it should matter. The ideal mission statement is short, concise, catchy, unique, and helps your business stand out from its competitors. 

How to Write a Plastic Surgery Mission Statement

  • Align with your core values and help your company remain envisioned 
  • Unite you and your staff under a single purpose
  • Captivate prospective clients and customers by offering clear benefits

One good example of the ideal mission statement is that of Uber, ‘We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

medical spa brand values

Why do you Need One? 

A well-crafted mission statement is beneficial for your business. It is because mission statements are the perfect way to direct your business in the right direction. Moreover, they play a significant role in helping business owners make ideal decisions that ensure a constant revenue stream. 

A lack of a mission statement may lead to businesses struggling to map out their future. Small business owners, in particular, require the perfect mission statement.

If your talent pool is limited, writing down your intentions and plans for the coming years can help you run the business smoothly. Simply noting down your thoughts can help offer clarity. 

Who is Going to Read a Mission Statement? 

A mission statement refers to a short paragraph explaining the reason behind your organization’s existence, the overall goal of the business, the purpose of its operations, i.e., the type of product/service it offers, your primary customer base, and geographical location.  

It means that viewers clicking onto your website will flock to your ‘about us page to read the mission statement. A killer mission statement will drive organic traffic towards your website and turn qualified leads into loyal customers. 

At the same time, your employees and staff members will also read the mission statement on a day-to-day basis to feel inspired. Remembering the purpose of your business revitalizes your compassion and dedication to the job.

Last but not least, you should target your mission statement to potential business investors. Why? It is because mission statements describe what is unique about your business, the way you do it, how you thrive, and exactly why they need to invest in you and your business.

medical spa communications

What Should be Included in a Mission Statement?

Crafting a Mission Statement includes three integral components:

  • Key Market- who is your target audience?
  • Contribution- what are your products or services?
  • Distinction- what makes your product different and unique? Or why should the audience buy your product over the other? 

A practical and top-tier mission statement should be a clear and concise declaration of your business strategy. Keep in mind that you should never underestimate the importance of a simple mission statement.

Entrepreneurs and business owners should focus on crafting their mission statement early as it offers you and your employees a framework and purpose.  

How to Write a Mission Statement? 

A mission statement is the main reason behind your website’s existence. It talks about the present and future state of your business. Thereforeyou must learn to curate the perfect mission statement.

Learn to provide a sense of purpose and direction for you, your team, and your business by creating a clear and concise medic spa mission statement:

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Identify Your Values

Your mission statement doesn’t need to describe the specifics of what you and your business do. For instance, you don’t have to write about weekly nutrition plans or day-to-day appointments, and so on. Instead, you need to take a high-level approach to create the mission of your Medic Spa. For this reason, you need to sit down and identify your values.

One fantastic way to identify your values is to figure out your top priorities when meeting your customer’s needs. Some questions you can consider are; do you wish to make your patients feel heard? Do you want to offer compassion? 

Consider coming up with three to five value statements that communicate perfectly the reason you opened your business. Moreover, it should explain what services you want to offer your customer base.

It serves as the foundation of your medic spa mission statement.

Asking the Right Questions 

Start creating your mission statement by asking yourself the following fundamental questions: 

  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • How do you achieve what you do?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • What value is your business adding to the industry? 
  • How are you doing it better than your competitors? And why should customers choose your services/products?- It is also an incredible way to figure out your unique selling proposition 
  • What differentiates you from similar businesses in the industry?

These will answer the most critical question clients want to ask you: why did you open your medic spa, and why are you offering the services you offer? The answer to the question ‘why is what will help you captivate prospective customers. 

On top of that, effectively communicating the reason that drives you to do what you do will help you connect with clients on a deeper level than simply transactions. 

medical spa core values

Share Your Story

Customers will purchase your services/products for emotional reasons as well. Therefore, stories are a powerful way of eliciting emotions from your customer base. 

Sharing your story via your mission statement helps communicate to the audience why you established your business and are offering such services. In this way, you also uncover your values and unique selling proposition. 

Everyone has a story of how they are standing where they are today, and your story matters to viewers too. Don’t write down a five-page tale; instead, search for snippets that best represent your values, strengths, and point of view, sure to speak to your ideal customer. 

Provide sneak peeks in your life to help your audience understand why you’re running your Medic spa business. A couple of pointers to keep in mind when writing your story are:

  • Don’t judge your journey 
  • Don’t make the story about yourself, instead make it about your customers 

Tell an incredible story highlighting how client’s lives are better today as a result of your services. If you fail to add value to your customer’s lives, they will likely scroll past your services.

Picture Your Long-Term Vision 

Delegate some time to picture the future of your Medic Spa. Ask yourself where you would like to be in the coming five years. What about in the coming 10, 15, and 20 years?

Take the example of Google that started back in 1996. At that time, it was nothing more than a research project by two guys from Stanford. They were yet to make it universally accessible and beneficial. Yet their mission statement claimed that they did precisely that. 

It took the two professionals 25 years before the two achieved their goal of transforming the world of communication, learning, and exchanging information. Thus, you must visualize your long-term goals. 

medical spa mission and values

Refine and Own Your Mission Statement 

After days of brainstorming, consider each idea, and find different opinions, it’s time for you to write down a rough mission statement for your business. After you write down the answer and curate an incredible story, it’s time to revamp the verbiage and reduce the content. 

The goal of your mission statement is to enrapture viewers and help them understand ‘what you do,’ ‘why do you do it,’ and ‘what makes you stand out from your competition.’ But if you fail to deliver this succinctly and sweetly, you’ll bore the readers. 

Reread the statement to select the best bits. Consider utilizing radiant and fancy words to add a zest to your Medic spa business statement. An excellent way to spice up your mission statement is by using colorful words that create dynamic visuals.

Stick to Your Mission Statement

Finally, keep in mind that your statement isn’t something you write down on your hard drive. Instead, you need to display your mission statement on your website ‘about us’ page, add it within your bio, incorporate it in your marketing strategies, and share it across various social media platforms.  

Your mission statement is the ideal way of ensuring you stay consistent in your branding. Plus, consistency is vital when fostering relationships with your customers. 

med spa information

Advertising Your Mission Statement 

After spending hours crafting the perfect statement, it’s time to find creative ways to advertise your medic spa mission statements to loyal customers, employees, and prospective clients as well. Your mission statement needs to be clear, concise, and sweet, and displayed on the following:

  • Your website 
  • Paper marketing material including, but not limited to, handouts, brochures, and business cards
  • In a visible area in the interior of your office
  • Training guides, as well as protocol necessary for intra-office admin
  • Diverse social media platforms
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Different intake forms  

Finally, make sure you incorporate your mission statement into day-to-day meetings, training, and when onboarding new potential patients. Your staff, as well as clients, should read and hear your message. 

When necessary, repeat your Medic spa mission statement to help up everyone’s productivity, get them excited to commit themselves to working hard, deliver state-of-the-art care, and expand their outreach. 

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Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

To Sum it Up 

The process is pretty simple for creating the perfect plastic surgery mission statement. Just sit down and answer the simple what/why/why questions. In the end, you’ll find your page full of exciting mission statements. Learn to condense these and select no more than two to three sentences. 

Ensure your statement is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Moreover, it should be something that drives employees to perform better and improve further.   

After writing up your mission statement, find ways to spread the word. Convey your mission statement inside and outside the business and inform your friends and family about your business plan.

Consider posting it in your office where visitors and employees can easily see it. Moreover, print it on company materials and talk about it on various platforms. 

If you’re not sure how to adequately advertise your plastic surgery mission statement, it’s best to apply the brakes and seek the help of a professional. The last thing you want is to waste your marketing budget by making amateur mistakes. 

At Media Boom, our experts combine years of experience with dedication to offer you state-of-the-art marketing and advertising services. Let us help you reflect your brand values in a couple of sentences by connecting with our team of experts today! 

Real Estate Development Marketing Plan for Maximum Growth

Before you break ground on your next big real estate venture, it is important to have an extensive marketing plan in place to not only get your project maximum exposure but also set you up for potential long-term success. 

Whether you are developing real estate for the purpose of a renovation and re-lease, purchasing raw land to transform into something new, or selling developed land that you have acquired, keep reading below to find out how you can add leverage to your portfolio that will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Why You Need a Great Real Estate Development Marketing Plan

A comprehensive marketing campaign for real estate development will enhance the portfolio of a developer and establish accessibility, credibility, and visibility for future clients. Developing a marketing strategy to reach a target audience through various avenues such as branding, paid advertising, search engine optimization, and cold prospecting will yield successful results and positive growth if executed properly.

So, how do you know where to begin your process of building out the best marketing plan?  How can you be sure to execute those plans advantageously? Keep reading below for tips to help your company utilize the resources available to create a strong marketing foundation with unending potential.

Drawing up the Best Blueprint for Your Real Estate Development Marketing Plan

There are two things you need to establish when planning your marketing strategy: target audience and brand. You want your target audience to recognize your brand anytime they come across it, and you need to reach your audience on the platforms they are using regularly.

Finding your Target Audience

Your target audience can change with each project that you are associated with, but there are three consistent ways to identify your client.

  1. Define your niche. Defining your niche is contingent upon the purpose of each real estate development project. Are you renovating a property, purchasing new land, or selling land you have already acquired?
  2. Know your existing customers.  If you are a well-established real estate developer, review what your current client’s wants and needs are. If you are an up-and-coming firm, utilize market research and customer surveys to determine who your customers could be.
  3. Research your competitors. Take a look at what your competitors are doing to make themselves visible. Review what customers have said about their company. The best way to know your audience is to see who your competitor is appealing to so you can position yourself to reach them in a more effective way.

Once you have established your target audience, then you need to focus on making yourself recognizable and consistent.

Designing a Consistent Brand

When building a real estate development marketing plan, you need to have a vision of where you want to take your company. A brand is not just about a distinguishing logo or recognizable name, though those are two important things, a brand is directly related to the reputation of your company.

Elon Musk, a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla Motors said, “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.”

Here are a few things you can focus on when creating your brand for your real estate development marketing plan project:

  • Pinpoint your focus. Are you helping under-developed communities or renovating old buildings for office use? Understand the why and how of the reasons why you are developing specific real estate.
  • Choose your personality. What kind of personality would your target audience be attracted to? Choose three words that describe the personality you are wanting to portray. Corporate, exclusive, and efficient are examples of a real estate development company that is building new office space for sports management companies using sustainable resources.
  • Develop a unique name. A unique name will attract curious clients while helping your company stand out and gain notoriety. Since you will be using your name as a domain name for a website or social media, make sure you search to see if any other company has already staked its claim to that name.
  • Create a slogan. A slogan can evolve as your company evolves, but you always want to start out with something short and catchy.  The slogan can be used for your social media tag lines, business cards, or on paid advertising.
  • Be strategic with color and font. This website is an excellent resource for helping you determine how the colors of your brand affect your audience.  The font you choose needs to be easy to read and if you are using two fonts, they need to play off of each other well.
  • Design your logo. Different types of logos range from mascot to emblem, abstract to an icon. Your logo will be the picture that accompanies your brand on all marketing platforms and will be what your clients associate with your company.  

Your brand can change over time; however, the key is to stay consistent. The more exposure you have, the more that customers will recognize your company across the market and on social media.

Traditional Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing

Now that you have identified your target audience and developed your brand, it is time to put a strategy in place to get maximum exposure. Traditional advertising and social media marketing will have two separate approaches, and you need to determine which one will work best for you.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Advertising for Real Estate Development

Traditional advertising such as tv/radio ads, billboards, and magazine or newspaper ads will provide a wide reach for your company but might not target your specific audience. Likewise, social media marketing can be used to track exactly who you are reaching but might be lacking that personal touch.


Traditional AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing
Hard to ignore on billboards or tv/radio ads.Digital ads are on all social media platforms.
DIY options cut down on external agency costs.Free content and graphics generators.
Less potential risk so you can control your brand.Quickly update ads based on customer needs.
More targeted for a certain audience.Analytics help reach the target audience.
Deliver specific offers for specific people.Instant feedback from customers.


Traditional AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing
More expensive to create advertisingEasy to scroll past without reading content.
Not as measurable as social media marketing.Not as personal as traditional advertising.
Can take longer to execute.Easily copied for others to use.
Less targeted for a wider audience.Time-consuming to post content consistently.
Losing an audience.Platform updates require formatting changes

Most businesses still use a mix of both traditional and digital advertising when they are building their strategy. To determine what is best for your company, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Audience – Do you need to target a specific geographic location, or will mass social media marketing be more effective?
  • Budget – Try looking into creating a marketing budget to help you determine what would be the most cost-effective advertising strategy for your real estate development marketing plan.
  • Timeline – Do you need to get content out sooner rather than later to meet project deadlines?
  • Availability – Will you have the time and availability to create content, or will you need to hire an external company and/or employee to oversee the marketing plan?

Your marketing strategy is likely to change over time, so make sure you are paying attention to how your audience is reacting and responding to the ways in which you are advertising. If you have more responses to emails, adjust accordingly. The best advice is to be flexible with your advertising and be aware of your reach.

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Executing your Real Estate Development Marketing Plan Successfully

You have determined your target audience, developed your brand, and decided which advertising route you are going to take, so how do you execute consistently and successfully throughout all platforms?  Here are some tips for getting started with each avenue to pump up the exposure for your real estate development project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost 60% of consumers use Google search to find business, which results in 80% of searches leading to direct sales on in-store purchases. Optimizing your website and social media to be a top result for online searches should be in the back of your mind at all times when you are creating content. If you maintain these basic principles, it will help you stay ahead of the curve:


  • Create content that is for your audience, not for search engines. 
  • Be truthful. Do not deceive your users by promising things you cannot keep.
  • Avoid tricks to improve rankings in search engine results.
  • Stay unique, valuable, and engaging to your audience.


  • Use auto-generated content.
  • Saturate your content with links for paid ads.
  • Copy content from other pages, maintain original content.
  • Have hidden links or text.

Search results are constantly changing, so make sure you are keeping an eye on trends and evaluating what is being displayed as a top result.  If the top search result is not you, think about how you can adjust your content to appeal to your audience.

Website and Social Media Optimization

Your real estate development marketing plan should aim to appeal to search engine algorithms. There are many resources available to help you strategize content for your website and social media platforms to land you in the top search results for your target audience.

  • Keyword Research – You know your audience and you know what you are trying to market to your audience, now you need to know what keywords will allow google to rank your content at the top.  Use a keyword planner to help the algorithms find your content. 
  • Create content with keywords – Sprinkle the keywords throughout all of your content on the website so that the algorithm has plenty of places to find results.
  • Speed up your website – Google will rank slow websites towards the bottom of the search results. Make sure you are using a website speed monitor often to check your website’s speed.
  • Use landing pages with keywords – The title of your Landing page should have keywords related to your real estate development. Make sure to delete any pages that are underperforming.

High-quality content that is updated frequently is one way to keep your website as one of the top search results. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your branding consistent throughout your website and social media platforms so that you are a recognizable and credible source for your current real estate development project and any future endeavors.

Paid Advertising

Social media marketing utilizes paid marketing to get your content on websites and platforms that are related to your business. Ads are usually affordable and most importantly they are measurable so you can see exactly who you are reaching.

Cold Prospecting

When researching your target audience, you can get an idea of customers or organizations that might be interested in your real estate development. They can be reached by advertising, networking, cold calling, or public relations.

Sales Funnel

Create a sales funnel for when you are speaking to your clients. When a potential client is hooked by your marketing, it opens up the opportunity to pitch your real estate development to convert them into long-term customers. A sales funnel strategy helps to answer questions before your customer has them and quash any doubts or uncertainty they may be feeling.

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a special touch and makes things feel more personal.  There are 5 types of email marketing that you should utilize for your real estate development project:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Newsletter Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Re-engagement Emails
  • Review/Story Emails

Several email marketing services, such as Mailchimp, also provide packages that offer additional perks such as customer surveys and feedback.

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Building your real estate development marketing plan from the ground up will help set a strong foundation in place for the future of your project. Once you have identified your target audience, visualized your brand, and decided how to approach your marketing strategy, the execution will help you gain maximum exposure and have long-term success.

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – 6 Steps to More Clients

Cosmetic surgery marketing comprises a combination of marketing media. The primary purpose of each medium is to generate leads. These leads help drive in more patients for cosmetic surgery consultations.

Most cosmetic surgery practitioners employ offline marketing channels that turn out to be effective. However, the recent trend seems to tilt in a different direction. In recent years, the new big things are online cosmetic surgery marketing channels. 

Regardless of the mode, anyone without a background knowledge of marketing will still find cosmetic surgery marketing quite confusing. However, the situation can be different.

Certain established marketing strategies work regardless of the markets. By learning them well enough, you are on your way to achieving that much-needed boost you desire.

So, are you a practicing cosmetic surgeon? Or do you manage a cosmetic surgery practice brand? 

If you fit into any of those classes, you need to make the most of your marketing strategies. To achieve that, this article is the guide you need. 

cosmetic surgery marketing

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing: List Of Important Things To Consider 

Here is a list of the important things you must consider before venturing into cosmetic surgery marketing. 

  1. Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Funnel
  2. Branding For Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice
  3. Grooming Your Online Reputation Through Reviews
  4. Building An Equipped Website For Various Brand Activities And SEO
  5. Advertisements 
  6. Social Media Marketing 

Considering all these things gives you a good understanding of how to harness the full potential of each marketing channel. 

These are essential rudiments of cosmetic surgery marketing. These rudiments will form your stairway to an effective cosmetic surgery marketing campaign.

Furthermore, in this article, you will learn about the marketing funnels or phases. Likewise, you will learn how your cosmetic surgery practice can harness these funnels. By doing so, you can get the best out of these marketing funnels for the growth of your practice.

Lastly, you must recognize the function of each of the marketing channels available to you as a cosmetic surgeon. Some of these marketing channels are perfect for publicizing your cosmetic surgery services. While others hold more importance. 

These influence patients greatly when they choose from the several available options. They propel patients to decide on whether to use your services.

cosmetic surgery marketing funnel

The Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Funnel

As you read earlier, there is a different function performed by each marketing channel. In your efforts to get patients to fix appointments for consultations, these channels play different roles. To better understand these channels and the roles they play, you must first understand how the marketing funnel works.

Every patient passes through four different phases before scheduling a cosmetic surgery appointment. These phases are what we refer to as “The Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Funnel.”

Various marketing channels contribute to how quickly patients move from one phase to another. A cosmetic surgery marketing funnel comprises the following phases:

  • Attention

This is where a patient finds out about the cosmetic surgery service you or your brand offers.

  • Attraction

In this phase, a patient grows an innate desire to have you or your brand conduct the process on them.

  • Assessment

Here, the patient assesses your brand’s profile. The patient wants to be sure they are in safe hands. At this point, a patient visits your site to check out your reviews, and your before and after pictures.

  • Action

This is the last phase. Finally, the patient reaches out to book a consultation session with you to begin the process.

Below is a more technical portrait of a cosmetic surgery marketing funnel:

Importantly, note that the duration of this funnel is relative. Some patients may go through the funnel in a few minutes. Some others may take months to go through the same funnel. It can even take as long as a year for other patients

In all, the aim is to have patients move from discovering your practice to fixing a consultation session with you.

branding for cosmetic surgery

1. Branding for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Branding is an essential part of the process. So far, you will notice how often the words “brand” or “branding” appears. The brand is you! The brand is your practice! The brand is the reason behind the marketing campaign, after all. Hence, it is a focal point.

Branding is a necessary step towards getting the “Attention.”

Branding involves establishing your niche as a cosmetic surgeon in a way that sets you apart from your competitions. The purpose of branding is to develop an association in the patient’s mind. This association is a vivid portrait of your cosmetic surgery services and prowess.

However, this channel can get patients into your marketing funnel. This will be the start of a smooth transition through the four stages depicted in the last section. Therefore, it is necessary to have a solid start 

Consequently, a solid start will kick off a mental association with your cosmetic surgery brand in the patient’s mind. With that, they can develop an interest in knowing more about your brand. Then, they can easily look you up on Google to learn more. And, if they are happy with what they see, they can fix an appointment with you.

How to Build A Brand for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice?

We can develop an entire blog post on how to build a brand. The best way to assist you is to give you tips that can set you off on the right foot.

  • Concentrate Your Branding Efforts on A Specific Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Your focus should be to create a brand with an exclusive element of the cosmetic surgery practice. This does not mean that you should only focus on one procedure in particular. What it means is that you should specialize in a procedure.

Imagine being the brand known for breast augmentation in your area. That’s you making a name for yourself as the best in that procedure! That’s effective branding!

  • Your Collaterals Should Display A Good Level Of Consistency

As a brand, you already have a color and font mix that differentiates you from your competitions. Ensure that this color and font mix remains consistent with your websites, your billboards, and the sign outside of your office.

In branding, repetition goes a long way in ringing the bell. By emphasizing your fonts, colors, images, and messages, you are developing a winning brand.

In summary, don’t expect instant business out of the adverts you place in a magazine or on a billboard. Branding is not a hasty process. It requires time and effort. And, even though traditional advertising media is the best for this process, time remains essential for an effective process.

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2. Grooming Your Online Reputation Through Reviews

Certainly, your online reputation is a major part of your brand. You must develop it and protect it in every way you can.

Moreover, most cosmetic surgery patients only leave reviews when they are not satisfied with your procedure. Hence, there is the need to pay attention to your reviews.

By asking for reviews yourself, you can offset the impact of the unavoidable negative reviews. In cosmetic surgery marketing, review acquisition poses certain hurdles. Primarily, this is because most patients do not wish to declare openly that they had surgery.

How then do you deal with this hurdle?

Where Should Cosmetic Surgery Patients Leave Reviews?

There are many suitable places where you can collect reviews from your patients as a cosmetic surgeon. They include:

  • Directories That Rank for Your Name
  • Google My Business
  • Directories That Rank for Your Keywords
  • Healthgrades
  • Yelp

Handling Negative Reviews 

As you must understand by now, negative reviews are unavoidable. Only a proactive strategy to push positive reviews can drown them out. 

We recommend you monitor your online reviews closely and give appropriate replies. Be it negative or positive reviews, responding to them is highly recommended.

When you get these negative reviews, stop for a moment to consider how a third party might read your response. So, when you give your response, you do so the right way.

cosmetic surgery website

3. Building an Equipped Website for Various Brand Activities And SEO

The first impression your cosmetic surgery brand can give to patients is through your website.

Again, your website where the last part of your marketing funnel takes place. This is where the patient takes the “Action” and schedules a session with you.

You can market your brand effectively through your website in three ways. They are:

  • Your Message
  • Before and After Photos
  • SEO Ranking Service Pages

Your Message

You must be able to pass a compelling and precise message on your website. That will be your first statement to your potential patients on their first visit to your page. Therefore, your message must be clear and convincing enough!

You can pass your message in two forms. The first is through words. Then you have images too. This will lead us to the next part.

Before and After Photos

These images are as effective as your copy can be. The best way to convince a potential patient through images is through before and after photos. 

It is a simple way to make your service exceptional. These photos lead prospective patients through the attraction and assessment phases of your marketing funnel.

The before and after photos might not be all a patient will look out for. Nevertheless, it subtly passes a message that states “You can be like her.” Ensure you pay attention to this aspect.

SEO Ranking Service Pages

You begin to work on your brand’s SEO as cosmetic surgeons from your website. Every one of your therapies and processes must have its search-optimized pages.

Most people dislike going public about their intentions to undergo cosmetic surgery. Consequently, they probably will do a chunk of their research online. By just searching for a cosmetic surgeon online, they can find one that provides the procedure they want.

Therefore, SEO is one of the best means to get patients as a cosmetic surgeon. Ranking top with your services can be the turnaround your cosmetic surgery practice needs.

seo for cosmetic surgery

4. Advertisements (PPC ADs)

PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are very cost effective. With them, as an advertizer, you only pay when a patient clicks on your ad. 

Google Ads is the most effective medium for making the most of PPC ads for your cosmetic surgery practice.

Pay Per Click ads can be specifically productive in cosmetic surgery marketing. With a competent hand involved in your marketing campaign, PPC Ads will yield significant results.

A PPC ads campaign requires a ton of effort and focus. However, with a marketing brand that boasts tested marketing strategies, a PPC campaign can be fully optimized. Regardless of the market or particular procedure, a good advertisement campaign like PPC ads remains perfect.

Do you wish to produce efficient leads from your advertisements, click here to contact us now!

5. Social Media Marketing 

The most advisable social media marketing platforms are the visual social media platforms. They are more effective than their text-based counterparts. 

For instance, Twitter cannot match Instagram as regards marketing effectiveness. Most prospective cosmetic surgery patients will prefer evidence in visuals than in texts. However, Facebook Ads seem to be prolific for cosmetic surgeons. Learn how to make the most of it here.

As a cosmetic surgeon, you can employ platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to give health and beauty tips. That way, you can grow your audience effortlessly. As you grow your audience, you get the stage set for an effective social media marketing campaign.

If you can manage to get your practice that social media attention, a lot can change. You may have to deal with patients waiting in line for a long time to book a session. 

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Having exposed you to all the details in this post, hold on to this nugget:

Never rely on a single marketing channel!

Cosmetic surgery marketing channels are not always consistent. From time to time, a channel ceases to be effective and others take over. Therefore, you must be dynamic in your marketing approach. 

If you desire a competent cosmetic surgery marketing provider, we are here to help you! 

Facebook Page Optimization Checklist – 17 Steps for a Perfect Page

According to a survey, there were 1.85 billion Facebook active users in 2020. This number amounts to a quarter of the world’s population! Such user traffic makes this social media platform an attractive place for entrepreneurs and business people to promote their brands. In this era, every business needs a sound presence on Facebook.

In some instances, entrepreneurs might run their businesses only through this channel. But Facebook can act as a gateway for users to reach your website, resulting in more clicks and, subsequently, greater sales.

It is indeed the ideal opportunity for you to let the world know about your business. There are numerous unique ways to make your business look noticeable.

However, before you dish out some cash and start running ads, your profile needs to be tweaked and edited to meet SEO standards.

The Ultimate Facebook Page Optimization Checklist:

  1. Write a Stellar About Page
  2. Use Keywords Effectively
  3. Call to Action
  4. Keep Your Page Up-to-Date
  5. Customer Reviews Matter
  6. Optimize Your Page for Smartphones
  7. Selecting the Right Template
  8. Use the ‘Facebook Insights’ Tool
  9. Create Milestone Timelines
  10. Claim Unofficial Pages ASAP
  11. Manage Your Business Hours Wisely!
  12. Always Back Link Your Page!
  13. Add Tabs for Page Optimization
  14. Pin Your Posts
  15. Messenger Auto-Rep
  16. Use Content Calendar
  17. Create a Relevant Group

The key is to decrease expenditure on ads and focus more on increasing your organic online presence. The biggest disadvantage of repeated ads is that people will no longer take notice, and you will start seeing lesser clicks and conversions and ultimately end up losing money at the same time.

So, to reduce the likelihood of its occurrence, here are some great tips to make your Facebook page stand out:

facebook page optimization

1. Writing a Stellar ‘About’ Page

When you try to approach the sea of social media users, your page’s details are the first thing they look for. You must have the essential information regarding the business laid out in front of potential customers. 

A customized details section of your page will encourage the users to dig deeper and search more about your business. Here is a checklist of optimizing your ‘About’ page:

Optimized Username:

Your username is naturally the first they look at on the search results or the social media feed. It should not contain any underscores, brackets, hyphens, and other such expressions. Select a username that corresponds with the webpage name and usernames on other social media sites.

Profile Photo:

  • The profile photo should make a statement
  • The photo dimension should be 180×180 pixels
  • Use a photo that explains your business, preferably the logo you own.

Cover Photo and Video:

  • Always use an updated cover photo. Put a graphically designed cover photo of a discount or any recent achievement on the page.
  • Make a habit of using the recommended size of the cover photo, 820 pixels by 360 pixels.
  • Facebook recently introduced a feature where you can put videos on the cover photo section. You can upload an illustrative and engaging video that explains your business.
  • Videos are a powerful way to express oneself. Videos make it accessible for users to understand your product.
facebook page marketing

Custom URL:

           Get a custom URL and make it trouble-free for social media surfers to find your page. For instance, using a URL such as” doesn’t say anything about your brand.

Moreover, it is not recommended for the optimization of the Facebook page. A suitable URL goes like this: “”

In addition, aiming your vanity URL will increase brand visibility.

To get an idea, see how you can increase your Med Spa business exposure through Facebook marketing.

Access to Website:

Use your Facebook page to channel the customer’s interest directly to your website. Make sure that the page name and website domain is identical.

To your amazement, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches in a single day. Having identical names will rank your page higher in Google searches.

Associating the website makes it convenient for the consumers to directly access your product or services from the web page.

Additional Details:

You can provide additional info on your page for the customer to contact you through different channels. 

  • Put Phone Number and email addresses.
  • List the products and services you are providing.
  • Give the general location of your business.
website marketing

2. Using Keywords Effectively

Keywords are the backbone of search ranking on any platform. You can reach a greater audience by using keywords that have high traffic and conversion rates. If your product or services target a specific consumer market, use keywords that have lower traffic.

You can enhance your page for better reach using keywords in the description, ‘About Page,’ and posts. Moreover, repeating the main keyword in various portions of the page will make a world of difference in ranking your page.

3. Call to Action (CTA)

CTA directs the interested person to take the desired action.  You may use this feature to increase the conversion rate. Adding a short CTA can enable the customer to visit your website or subscribe to the newsletter. 

You can construct a hassle-free experience for the user and get things done on the go. CTAs like Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, Watch Now, Buy Now or Read More create a user-friendly experience.

Moreover, you can utilize CTAs to promote events, share your brand, and submit forms. 

Call-to-Actions can be in the form of:

  • Hyperlinks
  • Clickable Buttons
  • Plain Text

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4. Make Sure to Keep Your Page Up-to-Date!

You don’t want to sit back and let the page run itself. Keep yourself busy and spend ample time keeping the page up-to-date. Your page engagement is directly proportional to the traffic you get. Keep everything fresh and updated.

If you cannot run the page yourself, then hire someone who will act as an admin on your behalf. The Facebook algorithm will rank you higher if you post regularly. Check out the latest trend regarding your marketing niche and promote your brand through it.

Share the activity of your company. Inform them about collaboration with other brands or any event you had participated in earlier.

5. Customer Reviews Matter

You may have heard the saying, ‘The customer is always right,’ and that applies to Facebook as well! Positive reviews from your buyers are your strongest suit. It is the embodiment of the trust your clients have placed in you.

Respond to queries and complaints in the review section. It shows that you care. It will help spread the word among your targeted customer market. Always have an on-call admin to clear any confusion.

6. Optimize Your Page for Smartphones

According to Statista, over 98% of the users accessed Facebook through smartphones. Therefore, optimize your short clips and images according to the newsfeed of the Facebook app. Also, use 30 sec to 90 sec long immersive videos to promote your brand.

Finally, upload a high definition video of 2:7 aspect ratio for the best optimization.

Besides, a slideshow is another way to list your products. Use 4-5 photos of the right dimensions to tell more about the services your business provides.

facebook page structure

7. Selecting the Right Template

Facebook gives you options to choose from a wide array of templates. Templates are built objectively to give the customer insight into your services. Furthermore, you can build templates around businesses and services such as shopping, political parties, journalists, cafes, and restaurants.

8. Use the ‘Facebook Insights’ Tool

This tool effectively gives you details about how the page is performing overall. Hence, by using this feature, you can make decisions regarding your page based on pure stats. It involves parameters such as

  • Pageviews and likes.
  • The reach of your stories and posts.
  • Earning from your page.
  • Your customer care.
  • Clicks and conversion rate.

9. Create Milestone Timelines

Share your accomplishments with the world! Make milestone timelines to tell the customer about what you have done in the past to help people. You may include your achievements like the number of orders delivered or the year you started the company.

People usually place their trust in companies with history. Showcase your milestones by adding the title, dates, location, and photos.

10. Claim Unofficial Pages ASAP

Unofficial pages are identical to your page but are not created by you. They have the same names, phone number, emails, etc., but it isn’t active or official.

These pages can hurt your business outreach. Having these knock-off pages pop up on the search result puts a question mark on your page’s legitimacy.

You can get rid of these pages in three possible ways: claim, merge or get it deleted altogether. Moreover, you can request Facebook to remove or merge these pages.

On top of that, you get to control both accounts by merging. The best option is to wipe the sham page off Facebook. It will prevent confusion among customers and increase the legality of your page. 

facebook business hours

11. Manage Your Business Hours Wisely!

As a responsible business manager, you don’t want to leave your customers hanging when they want to reach you. Manage your business timings effectively. If you haven’t updated the hours, do it now. Let them know if you would be available during the holidays or not.

12. Always Back Link Your Page!

According to Neil Patel, the number of backlinks directly impacts the position of your page in the search results. So link your page to other sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin. 

Hire experts and social media influencers to boost your traffic. Your page will rank higher in Google, progressively building your brand’s reputation.

Link the blog and news section of the website to your page. You will see that Facebook SEO will start to act in your favor. 

13. Add Tabs for Page Optimization

The tab section is a list of particulars and the services you offer. It is present on the left side of the page. It contains options to access the about section, photos, websites, groups, services, and community. 

You can edit this section according to your needs. Facebook also allows you to create and edit apps through third-party apps.

14. Pin Your Posts

Facebook enables you to pin your best-performing posts to the top of your page. It permits you to show the consumer the best version of yourself.

Having a pinned post with catchy caption and photos (thumbnail in case of videos) will win you the instant approval of your customers.

Always choose a post with maximum likes and comments. That way, you can show that other people take an interest in your product or service.

facebook messenger

15. Messenger Auto-Reply

Facebook Messenger allows you to send saved replies when the user wants to ask a question. These auto-replies answer general FAQs about your product.

When the customer asks something, your typed message will appear on the left side of the messenger page.

It increases your overall responsiveness and ensures the user that you are there for them. Get a chat correspondent so you can reply swiftly.  

16. Use Content Calendar

Use a content calendar to use your business hours effectively on Facebook. You can stay one step ahead of yourself and pre-plan your posts according to the importance of a specific date.

To put it into context, you can arrange your posts on the calendar for Christmas or Easter and the related deals you offer through the post.

It is a great optimization and time management technique. You can schedule a post for a specific date and use the time to interact with your buyers.

17. Create a Relevant Group

Tons of Facebook page owners have groups related to their brands. If you want to build an ever-lasting, loyal customer base, then this is the way to go. The group should be related specifically to your product or service niche.

For instance, if you sell products related to fitness and health, the group can become a hub for thousands of fitness freaks.

Inform your customers about various offers. The Facebook group will help you hear the voices of your customers. Still, make sure you don’t allow any promotions or calls to action in the group.

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The Bottom Line

Facebook page optimization is like laying the groundwork to promote your brand. We made a checklist to help you boost sales and attract customers.

However, the primary source of your business growth is the dedication and the time you put in promoting your brand. You can use the steps mentioned to help you in making your sales go through the roof.

Professional Service Firms Website Design – 15 Powerful Websites

Listed below are the 15 best professional service firm website designs. They are all well written, have an easy-to-use interface, and are resource rich. As a professional service firm, your website should build trust, and establish knowledge authority. Without further ado, check out the 15 best professional service firm websites.

1. Bick Law LLP

bick law llp website

Visit Website ›

Bick Law LLP is a top-tier environmental law firm and that’s understood right away with there use of strong visual photography of animals and bold color schemes. This simple, functional, and user-friendly website captures the individuality of Bick Law LLP and its services just right.

2. Skylab

skylab website

Visit Website ›

Skylab is an interdisciplinary design studio with a focus in architecture, interior design, branded environments and planning. Their website certainly makes them stand out from the competition with their interactive gallery and non-conventional menu. This website is great for inspiration if you look to put more of a focus into displaying projects and case studies.

3. Prophet

prophet website

Visit Website ›

Prophet are business transformation consultants that focus on using branding, marketing, culture and innovation to grow your business. Prophet’s website uses an intriguing time lapse video for their welcome screen which is always in easy way to bring personality to your site. Each section on the page is clean and organized well into a grid format that makes it easy for the visitor to navigate and follow information.

4. Oxford Properties

oxford properties website

Visit Website ›

Oxford Properties is an international real estate investment company that focuses on social and economic growth. Their website is simple yet fun will their use of high quality imagery, a neutral color palette and a use of textured architecture as backgrounds which helps adds some extra flare and personality their website.

5. Epic Teams

epic teams website

Visit Website ›

Epic Teams provides manager training, leadership development, team building, and executive coaching to companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Their website is made with the user in mind with easy navigation, large typography, strong calls to actions and apparent contact button on the navigation.

6. Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP

wouch maloney & co. website

Visit Website ›

Wouch, Maloney & Co. is a regional certified public accounting firm in Pennsylvania that has been in business for over 30 years. Their website features clean, modern lines with excellent use of black/white imagery. Clear (and easy to use) calls-to-action have been introduced very well, making client conversions a top priority.

7. Armor

armor website

Visit Website ›

Armor is a global cybersecurity software company that help simplifies security for businesses. Their website puts the focus on content by providing strong testimonials, organized flow of information partnered with graphics and a simple but bold color palette that helps keeps the site readable and interesting.

8. Live Oak Bank

live oak bank website

Visit Website ›

Live Oak Bank is focused on offering small business loans, online savings accounts and CD accounts. Their website is dynamic with their use of different elements and their bold use of green and purple that is also used as a gradient to help the photography feel cohesive. Live Oak Bank’s approach feels modern and energetic, which is not traditionally seen for banking websites.

9. Jetty

jetty website

Visit Website ›

Jetty is a renter’s insurance company that also provides coverage for rental property owners. The look and feel of their brand is understood right away with a strong color palette which they utilize for headlines, calls to actions and graphic elements. They also get straight to the point with quick links directed towards their two target audiences.

10. Morgan Stanley

morgan stanely website

Visit Website ›

Morgan Stanley is an investment banking firm offering financial planning services. Their website has a clean look with an eye-catching photo background and easy navigation. There’s a lot of information available without clutter.

11. Berkeley Communications

berkely communicaitons website

Visit Website ›

Berkeley Communications is a UK-based public relations, marketing, and communications firm. The background of their website is a rapidly changing slideshow of “stories” that they help tell. The most important information is easily found in the top and bottom right corners. There are also multiple ways to make contact available.

12. Lexar Homes

lexar homes website

Visit Website >

Lexar Homes is a Pacific Northwest-based home builder specializing in energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable homes. They use a full-screen, slideshow background to highlight their green building practices. There are multiple ways to make contact and its easy to see why potential customers should hire them.

13. Yellow Dog

yellow dog website

Visit Website>

Yellow Dog Denver is a design, print, and marketing studio. They make good use of yellow and have a large picture of their friendly-looking staff that allows potential clients to see who they’ll be working with. The blue logo on the bottom right is a list of accessibility features to help prevent seizures, assist the visually or cognitively impaired, and many other options. The hamburger menu at the top right opens up a full-screen menu with many more options.

14. LA VIP Car Service

la vip car service website

Visit Website>

LA VIP Car Service offers rides to LAX airport and other destinations in the surrounding area. The main background of the website is a slideshow highlighting various aspects of the service including their great reputation, fleet, luxury and cleanliness. They make it easy to contact them and make reservations online, by phone, or via an app and prominently display which credit cards they accept. There is also a blog that is regularly updated with relevant content.

15. Pearl Capital

pearl capital website

Visit Website ›

Pearl Capital offers fintech financial guidance for New Jersey. If you’d like to take a more artistic approach to your own website design, you might use Pearl Capital as an inspiration. With playful, imaginative graphics, Pearl Capital’s website feels unique and utilizes these graphics to tell their story and approaches.

PPC for Real Estate Investors – Never Run out of Leads

Real estate is one of the top industries in the world, with an estimated worth of $9.6 trillion

Regardless, estimations show that the industry continues to grow rapidly. 

So, suppose you’re a real estate investor, and you’re looking to maximize your profits, you will need to understand the role of the internet in top-class advertising. 

If you’re new to real estate investment, learning how to run Pay-Per-Click campaigns goes a long way in determining how much you make and the amount of conversion you get. 

Getting a fast start in the industry requires knowing the nitty-gritty of the strategies that work. 

Also, if you’re an experienced real estate investor, this article will serve to help you understand how PPC and online ads work in detail. 

Irrespective of the reason you’re here, there are major takeaways for you. This article is a comprehensive guide on running effective PPC campaigns.

ppc for real estate investors

What Is PPC And Why Do You Need It?

PPC means “pay-per-click”, and this depicts a type of direct marketing where you pay for the online advertisement of your business per click. This means that your business gains more visibility for every click over to your website’s URL. As such, PPC for real estate investors is an essential advertising tool because it allows you to tap into their target market directly. PPC can help you achieve the right positioning for this growing market.

Advantages of PPC Ads To A Real Estate Investor

PPC remains an effective marketing strategy because it offers numerous conversion advantages. 

As a real estate investor, your aim is to get people interested in your properties to take a look at what you have to offer. 

This only happens with strategies that can lead them to your website in the first place. Here are some of the most important advantages of PPC for real estate investors.

Instant Website Traffic

PPC attracts instant traffic to your website. This is unlike SEO, which seeks to drive traffic to your website by leveraging keywords. 

However, with PPC, all it needs is for readers to click the link to your website, and they land on your page. 

In marketing, an essential step to conversion is getting leads and attracting the potential audience to your website. PPC can help you do this seamlessly, especially when you make your ads with top platforms like Google.

real estate investor marketing strategies

Measurable Data

Understanding your data is important in advertising. 

You cannot afford to spend money when you don’t get measurable stats that provide context for the numbers you see on your analytics. 

This is an important feature of PPC that makes it a worthy venture when it comes to advertising your real estate services. 

Most PPC platforms offer you data analytics providing an adequate explanation of your data. Google provides a simple and visual analysis of your data, making it convenient to know the level of reach your ads have and the cost of each click.

Calculate Return On Investment (ROI) With Ease

The measurable nature of PPC makes it convenient for you to determine your ROI easily. 

Following a month of setting up your PPC campaign, you can have a fair representation of how much you spend on your leads. 

Most PPC platforms will provide you with the cost per click and the cost per lead. Suppose the cost of a lead is $200 and it requires 10 leads to get a conversion, this means you spend $2000 on every deal you land.

This measurable flow of operations allows you to determine your returns and see if your marketing strategy is sustainable. 

If, after your calculation, you make great profits despite the cost of the leads, then you should intensify more and maximize the strategy. 

However, if that isn’t the case, you also have time to revise your strategy.

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Easy To Improve Over Time

Since you can identify the ads that bring you great leads over time, you can decide how to concentrate your marketing strategy. 

This allows you to focus on the great ads that lead to swift conversion, thereby maximizing your returns and generating great benefits. 

Consequently, by revising your ad content, budget, audience, landing page, and campaign, you can considerably reduce the cost you expend on PPC. 

You Can Curate Your Target Audience

PPC allows you to reach specific demographics, and that’s great for conversion. 

For instance, for SEO marketing practices, the traffic you get works based on the data offered by the analytics. 

Analytics will tell you people who look for products in your industry search for certain keywords. You infuse these keywords into the posts on your website to attract traffic. 

However, for PPC ads, you can determine the demographic to see your ads. 

You can do this by setting your ads campaign to be visible only to a particular demographic or on a specific platform. 

This improves your marketing efficiency and helps you narrow down your target audience to the right set of potential clients.

real estate investor ppc roi

Designing Your Ads For Optimal Returns On Investment (ROI)

You advertise to make profits. When you invest in marketing strategies, you want to ensure you maximize the strategy. Making the most of your PPC campaign requires that you know some hacks.

Examine Your Account Structure

Your account structure is significant to profiting from your PPC. Therefore, when setting up your campaign, you should ensure you have a solid structure.

This makes it important to leverage the skills of expert marketers and strategists to set up your PPC campaign. 

Suppose your account structure is not adequately optimized, you will find it difficult to attain your desired conversion. Simultaneously, it will be difficult to improve upon your campaigns over time. 

This eventually affects your ROI and might end your PPC as a bad investment.

There are two essential things you need to optimize for effective PPC.


Start by ensuring you choose relevant themes for your campaigns. For each campaign, there are different ad groups focusing on the keywords you choose. You have to set your budget at the relevant campaign level. As such, you have to decide the campaign topics to which you will attach your ad budget.

Ad Groups

These are subgroups under campaigns, and they are more specific. Although there is no limit to the number of ad groups you can set, it’s advisable you keep it manageable. This ensures you don’t overstretch your budget. Since each ad group contains about 20 keywords, you can keep the number of ad groups moderate and still achieve excellent ROI.

pay per click advertising for real estate investors

Use Relevant Keywords

The keywords you use to determine how valuable your PPC campaign will be. When choosing keywords, the most important thing is to contemplate people’s major needs when it comes to your industry. 

As a real estate investor, you will have to consider what potential clients are looking to buy, clarify, or know more about. 

Suppose you were buying, what would you search? What are the key phrases you will use?

You can get all these by searching through online engines and averaging the most searched keywords.

You can use Google keyword planner to get excellent match types and optimize your keywords. The planner also offers you the keywords that are most valuable to your business or industry.

Create Excellent Unique Selling Proposition

You are not the only real estate investor advertising on Google or whichever platform you choose. 

There are many people doing the same. Therefore, it’s important to have something that separates you from the rest. 

Such a thing or set of things are referred to as the unique value propositions of your business. 

You need to identify the unique value you offer and communicate such value excellently. To get the right USP, look at the needs of your potential clients and determine the incentives you can offer in solving them. 

This determines whether or not your pitch will be appealing when your ad pops up. 

Here are some of the things to consider: how fast can you submit appealing offers? What market value do you offer? What’s your turnaround time? What modes of payments do you support? 

What do you do that most other real estate investors don’t already do? If they already do those things, how are you doing them better?

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Write Excellent Ad Copies

Ads should have their targets. 

Do not have a one-approach-fits-all when it comes to your ad copies. The keywords you choose for each ad group should communicate relevant information to the demographic therein. 

Also, you can create ad groups specifically for different demographics. 

For instance, you can create ad copies to address homeowners who intend to sell for direct cash or those who intend to sell without a realtor’s services. These are ad copies that speak directly to a set of people, improving the rate at which conversion occurs. 

Determine The Costs For Customer Acquisition

Improving your ROI means you have to understand every cost in your business. 

Your PPC campaign cost should not outweigh the profit you make. 

As such, you need to contemplate the cost you expend in acquiring customers and the cost you spend on your campaign.

extensions real estate investors

Optimize Extensions And CTAs

Call-to-Actions are crucial to getting you the conversion you need. 

After selling your services, you have to include a CTA that triggers the reader to take action on the service you offer. Similarly, you have to optimize your extensions.

Google displays site link extensions based on the score of your quality. 

When you tick all necessary boxes with your campaign structure, you likely will get more space to display your site links. 

These links boost your click-through rate and reduce the CPC cost. With such links, potential buyers can contact you without even visiting your website. Essentially, this makes for improved efficiency.

Choosing Your Platform

You’re spending on PPC to get the right results. 

This has a lot to do with the platform you choose. Choosing your platform requires that you know the best platforms to deliver effective PPC services for you as a real estate investor. 

So, where should you choose for your PPC campaign? The truth is that it all depends on your budget. 

While some people can choose to advertise across multiple platforms, it may be smarter to focus on the places that will earn you the best conversions. 

As such, you must start by identifying the platform that houses most of your potential buyers. You can run your PPC campaign on Facebook, Google, Bing, Reddit, LinkedIn, among others. 

But some are more effective.

Facebook offers cheaper PPC services. You may be tempted to jump at this. 

However, although Google can be costlier than Facebook, it offers highly effective results. 

The affordable cost-per-click that Facebook offers home buyers may take relatively more clicks to trigger a conversion. This is because Facebook doesn’t offer immediate results as home/property buyers are searching.

On the flip slide, Google is a direct search engine that brings you results for the keywords you search. 

It offers a more immediate effect and has the likelihood of triggering conversion with fewer clicks. So, while Google may cost more, it’s because it’s more cost-effective and gets you the needed conversion.

Irrespective, if you have a sufficient budget, your best bet is to test these two platforms over a specific period to see which delivers the best results. 

google ads for real estate investors

Why Google Is Highly Effective For PPC Campaigns

Google allows you to have complete autonomy over your leads. You can choose to bid for the specific keywords you want, or you can let Google do it for you. 

In addition, the bidding feature allows you to use your budget to determine your max cost-per-click. The platform has also incorporated the smart bidding feature, which automates the bidding process to make it easy.

Also, Google makes it seamless to calculate your returns, which is often a problem with many advertising platforms. The platform offers you numerous metrics to track your ad growth.

Google helps you eliminate negative keywords, thereby ensuring you don’t spend money on traffic that doesn’t serve you. So, traffic that won’t lead to conversion won’t make it into your website.


The real estate industry continues to witness significant growth every day. 

The more it grows, the more competitive it gets. If you’re looking to stand out in the industry, you will need to invest in marketing practices with proven evidence of triggering conversion. 

PPC campaigns stand out in this regard. With this article, you know how best to utilize the strategy to become visible to your potential clients. 

Medspa Reviews – Gain a Positive Reputation

It’s no secret; reputation management matters to local businesses across the globe. Companies like Medspas that cater to local users need to think about how their potential customers will perceive their brand. 

An in-depth study shows that more than half of patients go to the Internet to research service providers. 

Moreover, another research shows that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. 

Plus, 68% of consumers go on social networking websites to read various reviews.

These facts and figures point in one direction; online reviews play an integral role in defining customer’s decisions. Typically clinicians believe that to counter negative Medspa reviews, you need to score positive ones. 

Why You Need Positive Medspa Reviews

Having positive reviews is critical in helping you create a powerful and positive online presence. Nowadays, online businesses need to boast a strong online image. Prospective buyers will only consider your services if they can access positive responses from past users. 

positive medspa reviews

The Importance of Reviews 

Let’s discuss in-depth the necessity of online Medspa reviews:

  • When business owners analyze their online reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, you will notice a spike in motivation. Moreover, online reviews help you learn your client’s requirements and expectations. In turn, you can find areas of improvement in your service offerings. 
  • Online reviews are credible and reliable social proof of how your business is performing. Today’s generation is tech-savvy, which means that they will conduct in-depth research before deciding which place they should purchase. If you want to captivate a good number of customers towards your website, your website must boast positive reviews
  • Online reviews play a crucial role in assisting prospective consumers in the journey to making a purchasing decision. If your Medspa business boasts positive reviews on top and leading review websites, then it’s likely that you will enthrall a higher number of clients and, ultimately, enjoy organic traffic. 

Where do Clients Leave Reviews

To encourage customers to leave reviews,you must learn what sites clients typically utilize. First and foremost, Google is everyone’s favorite search engine. 

Therefore, you should work on enhancing your search engine ranking. In this way, if customers were to search ‘Med Spa near me,’ your business should pop up first. 

Another great website to consider is Yelp. In-depth research shows that 4 out of 5 Yelp users visit the website before making a purchase. Plus, it is known to expedite revenue by a staggering 9% when you score a single star. 

Overall, all platforms where clients leave reviews are essential, and you should consider enlisting on all of them. 

medspa reviews

What do you do If Clients leave a Bad Review

One part of running a business is receiving bad reviews. 

These are inevitable; therefore, you should learn how to deal with frustrated or unhappy clients. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when you notice a bad review:

  • No matter if you disagree with the patient, you must avoid attacking their review. By appearing overlydefensive, you’ll lower your business’s look. For this reason, you mustprofessionally approach bad reviews. 
  • Make sure you analyze the situation appropriately. If you realize that you made a mistake, learn to take responsibility. Reach out to the patient personally, offer an apology, and make an effort to rectify your mistake.
  • If you receive the same kind of negative review repeatedly, it’s always a good idea to assess your services all over again. Once you pinpoint weak areas, work on improving your Medspa. 

Ways to Encourage Positive Reviews 

We’ve already discussed the importance of generating reviews. 

The next, and most important question, is how business owners can encourage buyers to leave positive reviews?  Here are the top ways you can encourage users to leave positive reviews to turn your Medspa into a great success:

Offer Better Quality Reviews

A natural way of generating and encouraging positive reviews is working to improve your services. The fact is that most consumers sift through past online reviews before making a purchase. 

If you offer state-of-the-art services to consumers, they will likely leave a positive review raving about how good your service is. If your customers get to enjoy full value for their money, they will feel more motivated to compliment your services on your, as well as other review websites.  

With the help of positive reviews, you can enrapture new customers and find ways to enhance your services. 

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Encourage Users to Leave Reviews:

Popular review websites such as Foursquare, Google Local, TripAdvisor, Citysearch, Yelp, and so on help local customers find top-tier Medspa services in their area. 

However, if you don’t enlist your Medical Spa on such platforms, it will be challenging for customers to find your services. 

When enlisting your services on different review websites, consider adding information about your Medspa services, staff treatments, and facility information on the listing page. 

These essential pieces of information should match the content displayed on your Medspa website. 

Listing your local business on various reviewing websites helps you score more and better Medspa reviews. 

If past customers enjoy their experience on your site, then they will want to leave a positive review recommending your business to others. Such positive reviews help expedite your brand’s awareness and visibility. 

Ask for Reviews

Apart from focusing on unprompted reviews, you should find ways to encourage clients to leave positive reviews about their experiences. 

If you offer high-grade services, then you can enjoy positive reviews and compliments. Simply encourage clients to write reviews and make customers realize that you hear them and prioritize their constructive feedback. 

medical spa positive reviews

Meet Customers Where They Are

The best and easiest way of fostering a strong media presence is by ensuring your website is easily accessible across multiple platforms.  

One excellent way to meet customers where they are is through SMS text messages. In-depth research shows that more than 90% of leads prefer receiving a follow-up text. 

It is perfect to get in touch with customers as patients would rather receive SMS to schedule, confirm, and change appointments. 

Apart from that, you should consider sending customers emails. Encourage users to leave a positive Medspa review by requesting them to do so. 

By maintaining communication via email, you can make customers realize that you value their words.  

Final Verdict

Enhancing your social media presence may prove to be a challenging task. However, it’s a fantastic way to up your business. 

One thing to keep in mind during your endeavors is never to post fake reviews. 

At the same time, don’t hesitate to request customers to leave reviews. Positive Medspa reviews are critical to helping you grow your business. 

Monitor and manage your online reviews to help your business progress and expand.  Expedite your brand awareness by investing in high-quality Medic Spa SEO services. Here at MediaBoom, our dedicated and professional marketers utilize relevant and practical SEO practices. In this way, we help you captivate more customers and capture qualified leads. 

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Plan – Build a Successful Brand

Whether you are an up-and-coming cosmetic surgeon’s office or a well-established medical practice, creating a cosmetic surgery marketing plan will help set you up for success. 

You might have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that certainly proves to be true when it comes to cosmetic surgery. 

There is an abundance of Reddit threads dedicated to before and after botched cosmetic surgeries, and the pictures speak for themselves. 

Keep reading to find out how to develop a marketing plan to differentiate you from competitors.

A Winning Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Plan

A successful marketing campaign for cosmetic surgery is beneficial to establish credibility and provide a visual reference for potential clients to perform comparisons. A comprehensive marketing plan will need to outline how to reach the target audience using relevant social media platforms, a company website, utilizing mobile optimization, and traditional advertising.

So, where do you begin the process of creating your marketing plan? How do you know who your target audience is? 

Below you will find an extensive list of tips and tricks to help you get started with tailoring a plan to fit your needs.

cosmetic surgery marketing plan

A Marketing Pre-Consultation for Cosmetic Surgery

Just as you would want to meet with your client to set realistic expectations before undergoing the knife, you also need to brainstorm your business needs and goals, and how to execute them successfully for your target audience. 

You need to set a plan in place that will have a long-term, and lasting impact that results in positive growth and an upward trending bottom line.

Establishing Your Marketing Needs and Goals

Most businesses are looking for ways to increase visibility and clientele, and a cosmetic surgery practice is no different. 

If you have not already checked out this article on “Alternative Ways to Grow Your Business in 2021”, definitely give it a look. 

 Ask yourself the following five questions on what information is needed to begin constructing your marketing plan.

  • How do you make your brand/company more widely recognized? This is typically achieved by traditional advertising such as tv/radio ads, billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, etc. However, the invention of social media provided a new medium to get your company’s image in the hands of anyone with a computer or smartphone by utilizing paid ads on social media websites or influencers who are willing to post about your brand/company with a little incentive.
  • What will help with the visibility of the procedures that are offered? If you are a cosmetic surgery office that specializes in only specific surgeries, you should have those surgeries highlighted on your website and social media platforms. If your practice is a one-stop shop for cosmetic surgeries, you can link to additional surgeries by using phrases such as “you may also be interested in” or “clients who had this surgery were also interested in this.”
  • Will former client testimonials be a beneficial tool for gaining new clients? As long as the testimonials are positive, they can absolutely be used in obtaining new clients. It is also beneficial to have before and after pictures for a guide that the reader can refer back to.
  • What social media platforms will your target audience be more inclined to frequent? Luckily, there are statistics that help you determine which social media platforms are most common for certain demographics. This pew research fact-sheet is an amazing resource to help you determine which platforms will get the most traffic based on who your target audience is.
  • Should you hire an outside firm to manage your social media/advertising or can you manage it internally? With an influx of college graduates over the past few years who have turned to social media marketing as their degree, you are likely to be able to find somebody who can help you develop a marketing plan for cosmetic surgery without hiring an outside firm. The benefit of hiring an outside firm would be the experience and resources that they can provide.

Now that you have asked yourself these five questions, it is time to switch gears over to narrowing down exactly what goals you are wanting to accomplish by using the 5 P’s of Marketing.

costmetic surgery digital marketing

The 5 P’s of Marketing

The 5 P’s of marketing is a common strategy used when executing a new marketing plan. This can help you focus on specific goals you are wanting to obtain while executing your plan.

  • Product – services offered
  • Price – not just the selling price, but discounts, payment arrangements, etc.
  • Promotion – activities that make the business more known to consumers
  • Place – where the service is seen, made, or sold
  • People – staff, salespeople, and those who work for the business

Check out this list below when determining the best approach for reaching clients for cosmetic surgery. 

Surgical ProceduresSelling PriceAdvertisingLocationSurgeon Experience
Post-op productsDiscountsSponsorshipsMarket CoverageCustomer Service
Related proceduresPayment ArrangementsPublic Relations ActivitiesService LevelsAppearance and Attitude

By keeping the 5 P’s in mind, you can add value to your business and help differentiate yourself from a competitor.

Not only do you want to be competitive, but you also want to be an authoritative and educated voice to your potential clients.

Therefore, they trust you and feel comfortable with selecting you as their potential cosmetic surgery provider.

cosmetic surgery marketing execution

Executing Your Marketing Plan Successfully

Once you have established the needs and goals for your cosmetic surgery marketing plan, your focus will shift to how you can properly execute that plan for your target audience.  

Traditional advertising, social media marketing, website design, and mobile optimization will each need to be approached differently to achieve a combined purpose.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Advertising for Cosmetic Surgery

Traditional advertising such as tv/radio ads, billboards, and magazine or newspaper ads are a tried and true way to get your image out to a mass amount of people. However, there are a few drawbacks that you need to consider to determine if this is the best route for you to take.


  • Harder to ignore – whether your brand is plastered on a billboard or played every morning on the local radio station, the brand exposure to the mass market is enormous.
  • DIY options – marketing channels like direct mail/email lists are easily customizable and do not need to employ the additional costs of a marketing agency or firm.
  • Less potential risk – you can more easily control your brand image and message.
  • More targeted for a certain audience – you can pay for an ad to be read on a popular blog that talks about cosmetic surgery to reach more people who would be interested in your services.
  • Deliver specific offers for specific people – direct mail or referral incentives for previous clients are likely to have a more positive response than a social media post advertising the same specials.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.


  • More expensive than digital marketing – compared to the ease of creating content using free graphics generators and posting on your social media platform, traditional marketing can be exponentially more expensive than digital marketing.
  • Not as measurable – Digital media can give you a breakdown of who viewed your content and when they viewed it. Traditional media can only provide estimates.
  • Can take longer to execute – Print and audio ads take time to execute and are set in stone once you sign off on the final product. Digital media allows you to go in and tweak things even after you publish to appeal to the demand of your customer.
  • Less targeted for a wider audience – Though you can target certain audiences with traditional media, the reach does not go as far as digital media.
  • Losing an audience – with the decline in cable subscriptions and the popularity of streaming services, traditional media in the form of tv/radio ads are losing an audience. Digital media can be used to reach anyone who owns a cellphone or a computer.

Most businesses still use a mix of both traditional and digital advertising when they are building their strategy. Try looking into creating a marketing budget to help you determine what would be the most cost-effective advertising strategy for your cosmetic surgery marketing plan.

Utilizing Your Website and Social Media Platform for Marketing Cosmetic Surgery

When creating social media content or blog posts for your website there are a handful of tips and tricks to make your brand stand out among the rest.

  • Image – have a distinct and recognizable image. Use the same fonts, color schemes, and logo on all of your content.
  • Mobile accessibility – not all content is displayed the same across all devices. Make sure your content can be stream-lined and viewed without confusion while being viewed on a mobile device or a computer.
  • Consistency – be consistent with your posts. Create a hashtag or a special day of the week for content to be released to give your audience something to look forward to.
  • Customer Service – if you are opting for people to inquire via social media, have a dedicated team or person to answer any questions in a timely manner.
  • Plan your content – having a content calendar will help you stay on track and on-trend with the content you are wanting to keep consistent with your brand/business.
  • Analytics – pay attention to the free analytics that business pages will offer you on Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can determine the best time to post and see which posts are performing better than others.
  • Blogs – if you will be utilizing a blog feature on your website to highlight a procedure or update your business, make sure you link the blog in your social media posts to encourage traffic to the website.

The key is to make both the content on your social media platforms and the content on your website recognizable and an authoritative, educated voice so that potential clients feel comfortable with inquiring about the cosmetic surgery procedures you have to offer.

social media marketing for cosmetic surgeons

Optimizing Your Website and Social Media for Mobile Use

One of the goals of a successful marketing plan for cosmetic surgery is to be one of the top results when people are searching for cosmetic surgery. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that most companies are using to boost their visibility and improve their rankings on search results. 

Here’s a good list of how to optimize your website and social media for mobile use:

  • Make sure Google can access your website
  • Avoid using pop-ups for ads
  • Make sure content is consistent on both desktop and mobile
  • Increase site speed
  • Optimize for local searches

Choosing the website or social media design can greatly increase the effectiveness of a search engine displaying your business at the top of the list. Stay consistent and update frequently to stay relevant.

Finding Your Target Audience

Determining your target audience will help you make the best decisions regarding the content strategies you need to execute. 

Whether you are using Google analytics or social media insights to gauge how your posts are performing, you should have a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach.  

Some factors of your target audience include but are not limited to:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Employment
  • Income

Tools such as Facebook insights will break down the country and city of your viewers. 

You can also view the lifestyle and interests of your viewers based on their additional linked social media pages. 

These tools are usually free and are great for monitoring who your posts are reaching which gives you the ability to adjust your content in a real-time manner to expand your reach.

cosmetic surgery marketing campaigns


Keeping up with the ever-changing advertising and marketing opportunities will be detrimental in making sure your company is relevant and credible.  

A well-thought-out marketing plan for cosmetic surgery can take the guesswork out of whether or not your company will grow by providing real-time analytics and the ability to adjust your strategy due to consumer needs. 

Healthcare Website Designs – 15 Stunning Examples

Healthcare websites pose a peculiar challenge. Not only is the healthcare industry heavily regulated, but healthcare websites usually contain a lot of information. The best healthcare websites, however, juggle both of those things while maintaining beautiful features, easy to use interfaces, and provide a great user experience.

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield Website

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Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website has a simple design that makes it easy to find the information you are looking for, while also sharing other useful information. As the user hovers over the menus, they automatically expand to show more menu options and additional information.

2. National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health website

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The National Institutes of Health website makes great use of bold colors and an automated slideshow of attractive visuals. Important up-to-date health information is highlighted below the menu. There is plenty of useful information about many topics to see as you scroll down the homepage.

3. Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific website

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The best part about the Boston Scientific website is its use of prominently displayed positive messages throughout. One cannot help but feel hopeful and relieved when scrolling through the content. The brand image is very well done. There is even an area where anyone can submit ideas for new products, or suggest improvements to existing ones.

4. Medtronic

Medtronic website

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Medtronic does a good job of highlighting that they are on the cutting edge of research and technology in the medical field. They also have several different ways to get to the same information. The site even features a virtual exhibit about diabetes and discusses how medical staff can remotely monitor COVID patients, eliminating their potential exposure and saving personal protective equipment.

5. CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy website

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CVS Pharmacy’s website makes it easy to find the information you need. There’s also a lead magnet at the top to entice visitors to sign up for their loyalty program and email list in exchange for a reward every month.

6. Vicks

Vicks website

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The Vicks website effectively uses a simple style and a large video background that rotates through different scenes. The branding establishes that this company has been around for a long time and that people can trust their products.

7. Healthgrades

Healthgrades website

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Healthgrades jumps straight to the point and puts their search tool front and center. Including a picture of friendly-looking doctors helps the visitor feel more at ease about finding a good healthcare provider.

8. Ottobock

Ottobock website

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Ottobock’s website is great about using photos to show how people benefit from using their products. The brand promotes a higher quality of life as opposed to just replacing a limb. Color is used effectively to draw the eye to important information. They also use social media, Youtube and a blog to spread their message.

9. Rest Assured

Rest Assured Website

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Rest Assured’s website was designed and built with accessibility in mind, making it a website that is open to all users. They have an interactive 3d model to show visitors what their telecaregivers and remote monitoring technology can do, making it easy for the visitor to fully understand their process.

10. Lifespan

Lifespan Website

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Lifespans makes great us of clean, whitespace and color accents. Their more neutral color palette makes the website feel comforting and easy on the eye. They showcase their locations well, with an interactive gallery that tells you all the contact information for each location and shows images of the buildings so you know which is which.

11. Benedryl

Benedryl website

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Benedryl isn’t afraid to be bold with their website by using their famous pink color throughout. There are several links to click on to find out where to buy the product and a large statement at the top warning not to abuse the product. The social media links are clearly visible in the header and footer. Product guides are easy to find and there is additional information about treating and preventing symptoms.

12. United Healthcare

United Healthcare website

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United Healthcare makes it clear that they are there for all generations. All the information a visitor needs can be found easily on the home page. The design is clean and shows diversity.


NWCTPS Website

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NWCTPS has live statistics featuring how their different divisions are being utilizied – capturing your attention right away. They also feature a map that clearly lists their service area.

14. Stop the Stigma

Stop the Stigma website

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Stop the Stigma starts with a bold, attention-grabbing statement. Scrolling down reveals a lot of important statistics about mental health, showing that it affects all of us.

15. Miracle Flights

Miracle Flights Website

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Miracle Flights has a great design that is easy to navigate and effectively uses space. Their slogan is in a large font and a description of services is just below it. Their social media links are easy to find as are the links to volunteer or request a flight.

SEO for Real Estate Investors – Rank #1 in Google

Are you a real estate investor wishing to attract more clients cost-effectively?

Well, this is the right place to be, as this post will give you valuable insight into how SEO can help you create marketing opportunities for your real estate business. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been around since the inception of the internet. 

If you follow the basic rules, it can work for your real estate business. 

From real estate investment to investment funds management, dealing with a commercial and residential estate, direct-to-buyer property selling, and more, SEO for real estate investors can be quite beneficial.

Why does SEO for Real Estate Investors Work?

SEO for real estate investors is a valuable digital marketing channel. SEO uses keywords and keyphrases in various aspects of a company’s online footprint such as its website, content, social media, etc. to attract the right target audience and generate leads.  While other online platforms such as social media and paid ads can generate traffic to your website, search engines are the top catalyst to drive online visitors to your real estate website. To make the most of this resource, it is vital for real estate businesses to SEO optimize their websites. 

Did you know that SEO is 20 times more effective in traffic generation than pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns?

Continue to read as we explain how SEO for real estate investors can be a great ally and how you can use it to reap its full-scale benefits 

keywords for real estate investors

1. Research Keywords in SEO for Real Estate Investors

Keyword research is the core and very first step for an SEO campaign. 

If you want to nail the SEO strategy for real estate, researching the keywords trending online should be your topmost priority. 

Moreover, this is not just a one-off exercise but an ongoing process because keyword trends on search engines change and/or evolve continuously. 

Every time a user goes online to search for a product or service, they use keywords. 

For example, real estate businesses near me, real estate investors in my area, etc. 

There is no set formula for keywords; some can be a couple of words, while others can be longer and known as key phrases. 

If the users are typing in keywords into their devices to look for real estate investors, then keywords are what you must focus on too. 

Using keywords will help the search engine showcase your real estate investment business to the target audience. 

You can even optimize SEO for real estate investors to target a specific audience based on demographics such as location, interest, profession, etc. 

For example, you can use a keyword with location to target a particular audience, such as real estate investors in New York, real estate investment opportunities for retired citizens, etc. 

That said, it is not just the users searching for keywords in your content. 

Search engines such as Google and others will also read your website’s content to locate these keywords to determine your online ranking. 

For this, you need keyword research to determine what people are searching for in the real estate investment sector. The next step would be to use this research to your advantage and create keywords rich website content.

keyword research real estate investors

Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research allows you to find keywords trending online and help you understand how your business could rank high in Google searches. However, here are some critical reasons why keyword research is at the forefront of SEO for real estate investors. 

  • Knowing the keywords will help you understand your business, such as what you sell and what customers are searching for. Keywords can be the beacon for your business and attract the right consumers looking for services similar to yours. 
  • It can give you vital information such as your ranking for keywords, easy keywords to use for better ranking, and keywords used by your competitors. 
  • It tells you what consumers are searching for instead of you making a guess what they might be searching for. 
  • You can use keyword research to create blogs and other media content to help drive organic traffic to your business website. 

After conducting the keyword research, you must create a website, web pages, and other content using this information. 

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Identifying your Target Audience

To successfully apply the SEO for real estate investors for profits, you must identify who your ideal clients are and what they are looking for. 

You must define the demographics of your clients based on who they are, what they do, their interests, their needs, job portfolios, profession, location, etc

This insight will give you a better idea about which keywords may work best for your business. 

You do not need to go anywhere to get this aspect of SEO optimization right. 

All you need is to look at your previous clients and drive an answer to who your target audience is 

Apart from relying on keyword research on Google, you can also survey your current clients and see what they search for when looking for real estate investment opportunities online. However, this is important because not knowing your target audience or persona of your ideal client will negate all your SEO optimization efforts. 

For example, you are a real estate investment business that focuses on retired people.

Therefore, you must use keywords that will attract the senior audience by addressing their pain points. If you are going to use irrelevant keywords, the search engine will promote your business to entirely another category of clients, which is no good for your business. 

You must remember that search engines are smart, but they still need you to tell them where to showcase your content. This is where keyword research can help find your locale target audience

real estate investor website

2. Build Website

So, now you know who your target audience is and which keywords you must use to drive traffic to your website, it is time to build a search engine optimized website. 

Let us look a bit deeper into this aspect of SEO optimization strategy for your business. 

Your real estate website must focus on two things, i.e., SEO and conversion. While SEO will handle your website ranking on Google and other search engines, the conversion will deal with how website visitors respond to your call-to-action (CTA). 

Once you have completed the keyword research and know who your target audience is, you must start creating a website using these keywords in the content. 

This will help the search engine analyze your website and rank you amongst the top results whenever a user searches for keywords used in your web pages and other content. 

That said, there are two main aspects of building a real estate website to determine how successful your digital marketing strategy for real estate will be. So let us look at them one by one. 

real estate investor marketing

A. Domain Name 

In order to nail your SEO for a real estate investor campaign, you must first get yourself a solid domain name. 

Always make sure to pick a domain that tells your target audience immediately about what you do. 

This is your official website that will lure the traffic to generate leads with potential investors. 

Do not fall for the classic trap of naming your website after your business; it does not always work. 

For instance, which website naming options mentioned below would you think will help your target audience know exactly what you do? 

  1. Your Business Name, for example, ABC Estate LLC
  2. LA Real estate investors or California real estate investors etc. 

Pretty sure option B says more about what this website is and what your business is offering. This will save your time, energy, and money as you will only attract the right audience looking for real estate investment opportunities. 

However, when it comes to getting the right kind of investors, that is where your keyword research for optimized SEO strategy is going to step in. 

B. Website Host 

Nothing can be more important than getting your website host right because you will struggle to get on top of Google’s search engine results without it. You need a website host that is SEO savvy and offers mobile-friendly services. 

Yes, the mobile-friendliness of your website host is going to make a big difference since over half of the world’s website traffic now comes from all types of mobile devices. 

Even Google prioritizes your mobile pages’ load time to determine your search ranking. This is critical because 94 percent of all organic traffics to business websites comes from Google.

real estate content marketing

C. Thoughtful Content 

Remember, while SEO for real estate investors focuses on ranking better in Google searches, you must also think about how to offer value to your incoming traffic, i.e., visitors. 

For this, you will need the content used on your website to be on point. 

The quality of your content is as essential as the quality of keywords used within it. 

When creating content for your website, you have to find the right balance between search engine optimization and its effectiveness for conversion. 

This means your content must be optimized enough to drive organic traffic to your website, and it should offer value to entice the clients to complete that call-to-action. 

Moreover, you have to articulate enough to produce content that looks natural and conversational. Speak with your clients instead of speaking to them. 

Moreover, the appropriate SEO content will generate curiosity amongst your visitors to know more about your services.

You can use specific strategic phrases that can entice the visitors into completing your intended CTAs. 

For example, if you are looking for real estate investors in your local area, we can help you. “We can help you” here can be a CTA that you can hyperlink to an email form, provide your information form, or contact page, etc. 

D. Using Media 

According to statistics, people are more likely to visit your website by watching videos and other forms of media content on social media channels and YouTube. The more visual content you create, the more traffic you will get to your official website. 

93 percent of the businesses claim to get new customers mainly from because of video content. Therefore, you must use audio-visual media as an integral part of SEO for real estate investors.  However, do not just use SEO media on your website and pages, but also on blogs, social media posts, and other relevant platforms.

This will also show the consistency of your brand’s image and build an image of trustworthiness and reliability amongst your niche and target audience. 

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3. How to Use SEO

Using SEO for real estate investors is not enough; you must also know how to use it. 

Yes, there are certain parameters for how you must use search engine optimization. 

Using the keywords alone is not going to help unless you follow specific SEO guidelines by Google

Only then the search engine will be able to evaluate your content and rank your website and content accordingly. 

Here are some of the key areas on your website and content where you must use keywords for accurate SEO. 

  • You must use the keywords in the page title of your website, and other content
  • Create a meta description using target SEO keywords. This shows up as a secondly part or description under your website address name in a search result 
  • Create subheading on your web pages and content using SEO keywords and keyphrases
  • Use Featured snippets, listing, or answer boxes highlighting the main features of what your content is all about. 
  • Use a healthy quantity of well-researched and relevant keywords throughout your content. However, do not overdo it. 
  • Use keywords in your website’s URLs, so visitors have an idea of what they can expect from your website, pages, and content. 
  • You can use SEO in your images, video content, social media posts, blogs, and any other type of media that you create. All of this will provide a consistent experience to all the visitors no matter which platform they used to land on your real estate investment website.

That said, it is far more complicated than this, especially if you are not a tech-savvy real estate investment business.

To get this right and got your money’s worth, you must always seek help from an SEO expert digital marketing agency. 

real estate investor digital marketing

Let Us Help

If you are an independent real estate investor or a full-scale company, we at MediaBoom can help create an SEO strategy for your business. Our team of experts will sit down with you to understand the business needs and apply innovative SEO for real estate investors in 2021.