B2B Website Design – 10 Professional Examples

Your website acts as the hub of all your marketing and sales efforts – and you will need to continue to build up marketing channels…

In order to speak to different users at different stages of the buying cycle, you need to create a dynamic B2B website. When done correctly, a successful website will be your #1 sales tool and provide the value (and sales) you need to grow your business.

Below are 10 of the best B2b website designs that do a great job in delivering strong content, useful design ideas, conversion tactics, and more.


reputation squad b2b website design

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ReputationSquad website design fits perfectly for the monitoring service company. Their website offers a unique and interactive experience with a one page scroll design and simple animations that keeps the visitor engaged.


hire level b2b website design

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HireLevel’s B2B website design uses a bold contrasting color scheme that pulls in the visitor from the start. These contrasting colors help organize the site’s two focuses, people looking for work and workplaces looking for support.


zendesk b2b website design

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Zendesk gets straight the point with a strong callout to their mission and company with calls-to-actions to get started with their platform. The design for the website is also feels unique with fun graphics, animations and overlapping elements that help add personality to the site.

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powerwest b2b website design

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Powerwest’s website is clear and informative. They showcase their company well from the start by providing a company overview, services offered and a project section that showcases case studies with a nice callout for their company’s statistics.


rocka b2b website design

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Rocka’s B2B website design also uses a one page scroll design that utilizes the whole screen for its design. This graphically strong website makes Rocka stand out from their competition and makes visiting their site a whole experience. With their use of bold statements and calls to actions, it encourages the user to explore more of their site.


dropbox b2b website design

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Dropbox’s business website is simple and straight to the point. They showcase their platform well with informative graphics, plan breakdowns, and another nice touch is their testimonial slideshow that showcases well recognized logos and client statements.


bentobox b2b website design

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Bentobox’s website keeps it fun and straightforward by keeping the copy minimal with bold headlines and strong calls to actions. The color scheme is colorful and the touch of textured elements adds a personal charm to their B2B website design.


wework b2b website design

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WeWork’s website is kept clean with more of a focus on photography that helps set the environment for their company. They personalize the site for you from the start with a location search engine so you can take a look at what they offer near you.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.


blueleaf b2b website design

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Blueleaf’s website is bright with their use of whitespace and subtle touch of a rainbow gradient to highlight information throughout the site. Their welcome screen instantly sets the tone for the company with powerful messaging and photography that matches their target audience.


advanced dynamics b2b website design

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Advanced Dynamics B2B website design uses video a little different by having it play through their company logo. Their branding is strong throughout the site with their brands green used as an accent throughout and their logo used as a graphic element. The website is made even more personal with photography of their employees and company.

Getting Started

Every business has a story to tell, and there’s no better place to do so than on your website.

An effective B2B website design will allow your business to work for you 24/7 365.

Your website acts as the hub of all your marketing and sales efforts – and you will need to continue to build up marketing channels in order to drive traffic to the site. Having a fully optimized and well designed website can make a huge difference in generating more profits for your business.

Our 5 Most Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

One of the keys to running a successful business is effectively engaging with your customers. In our fast-paced and competitive world, gaining and keeping people’s attention is getting ever more challenging. In order to attract loyal customers, you have to…

In our fast-paced and competitive world, gaining and keeping people’s attention is getting ever more challenging. In order to attract loyal customers, you have to give them reasons to keep coming back.

Let’s look at some creative customer engagement strategies using digital marketing.

What are Customer Engagement Strategies?

Customer engagement strategies improve the quality of interactions a business has with their customers. They include both digital interactions like email and online communities, and personal interactions like live events and customer feedback. An effective engagement strategy makes the customer feel like they can relate to a business.

customer engagement feedback

1. Encourage Customer Feedback

Part of successful customer engagement strategies is listening to their needs and even their complaints. Sometimes people will tell you what they think without prompting.

However, in many cases, they need a certain amount of encouragement. Think of as many ways as possible to open dialogues with your customers, readers, and followers.

  • Post polls and surveys on your website and social media pages.
    Ask questions about people’s most pressing problems related to your industry, their experiences using your products, and their opinions about your industry. Remember to ask some basic information related to demographics as well so you have a better idea of who your customers are.
  • Monitor your reviews.
    It’s always a good idea to respond to reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, or anywhere else your customers leave feedback. Thank people for positive reviews and address complaints. Some customers will even remove or update negative feedback if they see you’re trying to remedy the problem.
  • Ask readers to leave comments on your blog and social media pages.
    Ask questions. Even an open-ended question at the end of an opinion piece such as “Do you agree? Please share!” encourages people to respond. When someone does leave a comment, always respond.
  • Have a system in place where people can leave feedback after contacting customer support.
    Ask them to rate the support they received and ask specific questions about what they liked or didn’t like. As well as star ratings, leave a space for people to leave comments in case they have particular remarks.

2. Personalize Your Business

It’s not always easy to make personal connections when you run a business. It’s important to remember, though, that customers make buying decisions for emotional as well as rational reasons.

personalized business engagment

They’re far more likely to choose you over the competition if they feel some kind of personal connection. If you treat business as a series of impersonal transactions, however, you won’t be engaging with people on an emotional level.

Put a human face on your business. Share a little about yourself in your blog posts, social media, and emails. You don’t have to tell people every aspect of your life but don’t hide behind a corporate logo.

Encourage your team members to do the same. Post photos of yourself and your team on social media and on your website. Post short bios of your team.

The way you communicate with customers and prospects can also make a big difference. You can also personalize your website with features such as live chat, customer testimonials, and geolocation marketing.

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3. Build an Online Community

Some of the most successful businesses in the digital age have figured out how to build large, engaged communities.

Lego Ideas is one of the best examples of a thriving online community built around a brand. Members exchange experiences about Lego projects and can even submit their own design ideas.

PlayStation is another company that has built a very active online community. It helps, of course, that gamers tend to be enthusiastic about their pursuits.

Online communities can encompass multiple channels, including a forum on your website, social media pages, a YouTube channel and anywhere else where you have a strong presence.

online community for customer engagement

The beauty of community is that your members act as brand ambassadors. Of course, you may not have the resources of a major brand. You can still, however, take steps to build a community around your brand.

Creating a forum is a good place to start. A loyalty program with generous rewards encourages people to spread the word about your business.

Social media contests, especially ones where followers submit their own photos and videos, is another way to create a sense of community.

4. Host “Live” Events

Going “live” online is one of the most powerful customer engagement strategies. Any event is more exciting when it’s live. Here are a few ideas.

  • Broadcast on Facebook Live or another live streaming video platform.
    You can use these events to answer questions, showcase new products, or give people an inside look at your business.
  • Create a webinar.
    This is something you can do as a one-time event or as a regular presentation. You might interview an expert, field questions, or discuss an important issue facing your customers. Record your webinars so they can be posted as videos.
  • Publicize it.
    Publicize it with email and social media to spread news and information about the event.

5. Engage Your Customers With Email

Email is still a powerful way to stay engaged with your customers.

Email is one of the few types of digital marketing where you have almost complete control of the process.

customer email engagement

On social media, your content appears on a third-party site. Even your website depends on SEO for its ranking. With email, you don’t depend on the algorithms of Google or Facebook. This means you can customize everything to your own specifications.

Here are some guidelines to engage better with your list.

  • Personalize your messages.
    One of the benefits of email marketing is that you can address people by name.
  • Segment your list.
    Rather than sending everyone the same messages, create multiple lists based on your customers’ preferences and buying history. This ensures that people are getting the most targeted emails.
  • Use retargeting.
    Email works well with retargeting campaigns. When people visit your website or look at a certain product, you can remind them with an email. Email is also useful for reducing shopping cart abandonment.
  • Track analytics.
    One of the benefits of email is that it’s easy to track data and learn more about your audience. Measure open rates and conversions based on elements such as subject lines, calls-to-action, and the best time of day to send messages.

Find More Customer Engagement Strategies

There are many ways to engage more effectively with your customers. In addition to the above tips, try to think of others that are tailored to your particular business and industry.

In all of your marketing efforts, think beyond merely selling products and services.

Think of how you can make a stronger personal connection with each customer, follower, or subscriber.

Real Estate Investor Advertising – Strategies to Increase Profits

Setting up a successful advertising strategy will enable any real estate investor to start seeing a higher return on their investment. There are numerous ways in which they can start…

real estate investor advertising

Why Real Estate Investors Need Advertising 

Setting up a successful advertising strategy will enable any real estate investor to start seeing a higher return on their investment. There are numerous ways in which they can start advertising including Google Ads, social media ads, display ads, and more.

Plain and simple: if investors aren’t actively trying to expand their client base, they’re losing out on growth and profits. There are investment properties out there waiting to be capitalized on, but it’s up to the investor to attract the right leads. 

Here are five key reasons why real estate investors need advertising, and how it helps with their lead generation efforts. 

real estate investor advertising website traffic

Reason 1: It Drives Website Traffic 

We live in a digital-first age where there’s a vast amount of content created daily. If real estate investors want to cut through the clutter, they have to get their name out and drive meaningful traffic to their website.

That’s where advertising comes into play. 

Real estate investor advertising allows investors to drive meaningful traffic to their website. The more meaningful traffic their website gets, the more likely someone will convert. The more conversions a website gets, the more profits real estate investors can earn. 

Driving meaningful traffic to a website is a lead generation strategy that, when done right, can yield great results for real estate investors. Advertising gets potential leads’ attention and directs them to learn more about you and your services. Below we’ll discuss the different ways in which real estate investors can drive traffic to their website.

real estate investor advertising strategies

Reason 2: It Increases Brand Awareness 

Branding is extremely important for real estate investors looking to boost their online presence and create a loyal following of clients and fans. Some key statistics on branding include: 

  • Consumers are willing to give a brand seven seconds of their attention before forming a first impression.
  • If branding is continuous and consistent through all the appropriate platforms, revenue could go up by 23%.
  • When people communicate with brands online, for 77% of the time, it’s about getting help, information, or guidance from them.

A big perk of real estate investor advertising is that it gives investors the chance to show off their brand and services in a meaningful way. The more a real estate investor shares about their brand, the better chance they have of building a loyal following. 

Why? Because part of branding is building trust. The more you promote your brand as trustworthy and valuable, the more likely you’ll gain a large following. 

Branding should be consistent across the following channels: 

  • Website 
  • Social media 
  • Lead generation tools 
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising initiatives 

The key to branding is to be memorable and to build trust. The more real estate investors get their brand out in the public, the more likely they’ll find leads that align with their core values and convert them to clients. 

advertising for real estate investors

Reason 3: It Allows Real Estate Investors To Reach New Audiences 

Advertising also allows real estate investors to reach new audiences in a way they simply couldn’t before. Specifically, they can target new buyers for their services. Online advertising allows real estate investors to target potential customers based on keywords. 

The more relevant keywords you use, the more relevant prospects you can reach. If done correctly, your online advertisement will reach people who search for that phrase and you’ll gain leads whose properties you could invest in. 

The kind of audience you target depends on what market you want to break into. These markets include: 

  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Vacation rentals 
  • Land

Make sure you research the audience you’re targeting before you spend money on advertising to them. Figure out what they search for and what their needs are so you can properly target them through your advertising efforts. 

real estate investor ads

Reason 4: There Is Direct Reach For Target Audiences 

Another benefit of real estate investor advertising is that it allows you to directly reach target audiences. Real estate investors could post on social media, but there’s a chance their free social media efforts will not reach prospects directly. Their social posts could get buried in their prospects’ feeds, and leads can scroll past them without giving them a glance. 

When real estate investors advertise correctly, they directly reach their target audiences.

Advertising gets the right message in front of the right prospects at the right time. Examples of direct advertising include:

  • Google advertising 
  • Paid social media advertising 
  • Email marketing 
  • SMS marketing 
  • Direct mail advertising 

These forms of advertising have a better chance of getting your brand directly in front of prospective leads compared to posting for free on social media or on your website.  

Generally, someone needs to see a message seven times before they take action. Direct advertising increases the chances of leads seeing a real estate investor’s message and becoming more familiar with their services. 

real estate investor advertising to convert users

Reason 5: It Converts Website Users 

Real estate investors should have one main conversion goal for their advertising efforts: converting website users to new clients. Getting people to visit a website should be a priority in a real estate investor’s advertising efforts because the more someone visits their website, the more familiar they become with the investor’s services. 

The more familiar they are with the services, the more likely they are to become a client. 

Once someone gets on a real estate investor’s website, it’s up to the landing page to convert the user into a client. Generally, real estate investors should aim for a 5 – 10% conversion rate for website traffic. That means if 100 people visit the website, 10 people should convert to a viable lead. If that doesn’t happen, consider doing the following: 

  • Make changes to the landing page’s copy 
  • Change the call-to-action on the landing page 
  • Change the audience your ad is targeting
  • Offer soft-selling items such as ebooks, whitepapers, or guides 

Tracking conversions closely will help real estate investors quickly figure out what’s working and what isn’t with their advertising. The quicker they figure this out, the quicker they can increase conversions and profits. 

Types of Advertising Real Estate Investors Can Do

Okay, so now that real estate investors know why it’s important to advertise, the question becomes: what kind of advertising should they do? 

The answer: a lot of online advertising that targets the right people at the right time. Here’s what types of advertising real estate investors can do and how it will benefit them. 

google ads for real estate investors

Google Ads 

Google Ads are the ads you see when you search for something on Google. They show up on the first page of Google and are the first links you’ll see on that page. 

When executed properly, Google Ad campaigns can provide an impressive return on investment for real estate investor advertising. Paid advertising through Google Ads can yield a 200% return on investment. That means a real estate investor could earn $2 for every $1 they spend through Google Ads. 

Real estate investors should research what keywords to target in their industry and plan a budget around those keyword campaigns. In terms of cost, advertisers are only charged per click on an ad since Google Ads is run on an auction basis.

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Google Display Ads 

Google Display Ads are ads that promote a product or service but show up on other websites. You’ve likely seen a display ad while browsing on a website or watching a video on YouTube. 

Display ads rely on cookies and data from users to track website visits, which means if someone visits a real estate investor’s website, the investor can advertise to them through Google Display Ads. 

Some key statistics on display advertising include: 

  • Google’s Display Network has a 90% reach across internet users around the globe 
  • Google Display Ads appear on more than 2 million websites 
  • More than 200 million unique visitors see Google Display Ads per month in the United States 

Google Display Ads can make a big difference in retargeting efforts for real estate investors. If investors segment their audience correctly and target those audiences with personal ads that provide a strong call to action, they could win back leads that left their website without taking action.  

Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads are ads that show up in the Facebook feeds of potential customers. Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users, so the potential to reach a large audience is there. However, to get the best results, real estate investors should refine their targeting.

Real estate investors can target their Facebook audiences by doing the following: 

  • Creating custom audiences 
  • Segmenting based on demographics 
  • Segmenting based on location 

Facebook Ads allow a real estate investor to retarget previous leads and attract new leads.

Youtube ads for real estate investors

YouTube Ads 

A unique tactic for real estate investor advertising is to run YouTube Ads. YouTube Ads are ads displayed on YouTube videos and YouTube searches. YouTube Ads could be a real estate investor’s secret weapon for lead generation and lead conversion. 

79% of the world uses YouTube, and it leads the way for video content and video advertising. If there isn’t a lot of competition for real estate investors on the platform, investors could own a niche market. There are two ways to target leads on YouTube: 

  • Through in-market audiences, where people are actively researching or preparing to purchase products or services similar to the ones the advertiser offers 
  • Through affinity audiences, where advertisers target people whose interests and habits correlate with what their business offers 

If real estate investors are going to run YouTube ads, they must make sure they have a clear message and clean format for their video ad. 

social media ads for real estate investors

Other Social Media Ads 

Another tactic for real estate investor advertising is using paid advertising on other forms of social media. Investing in paid advertising on multiple social media channels can increase a real estate investor’s chances of converting leads into customers. 

Other social media advertising channels to consider include: 

  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
  • TikTok 
  • Reddit 
  • Pinterest 

Not only will paid advertising through these channels help convert new leads it will help real estate investors retarget previous website visitors. 

A quick tip: real estate investors should customize the ads for their target audience and the platform they’re advertising on. An Instagram ad will have a different format and tone as a LinkedIn ad. Real estate investors must know how to properly advertise their services on each social media platform. Otherwise, the ad could fall flat because it doesn’t align with the platform or its audience. 

Choosing When To Get Started

In the end, it’s up to the real estate investor to double down on their real estate investor advertising strategies. The more proactive they are about reaching the right people at the right time on the right platform, the better it will help their bottom line. These days, real estate investors need to be quick about getting the right deal on the right property, and advertising can help them land those deals faster. 

What Google Analytics Metrics Reveal About Your Website

You can learn a great deal of valuable information about your website from Google Analytics. Many businesses fail to take advantage of this free resource. Others use it but are only familiar with a few features and overlook some important capabilities…

You can learn a great deal of valuable information about your website from Google Analytics. Many businesses fail to take advantage of this free resource. Others use it but are only familiar with a few features and overlook some important capabilities.

Let’s look at some of the crucial metrics that you can gain by using Google Analytics.

Observe Visitors’ Behavior on Your Website

It’s important to know how many visitors you get and where they’re coming from. However, it’s also valuable to dig deeper and find out exactly what your visitors are doing on your site.

Which pages do they visit and which do they skip? How much time do they spend on each page? Google Analytics can tell you such things.

When you analyze this data you can use it to make better decisions. When people visit a business website, they’re usually searching for some specific type of information or solution. Google Analytics helps you identify what people are looking for.

Combining with Other Software for Detailed Insights

One trick that will help you get even more out of Google Analytics is to combine it with heat mapping and screen recording software.

A heat map is a graphical representation of data that displays different values using colors. This lets you recognize at a glance exactly what people are doing on your site.

The advantage of a heatmap is that it reveals visitors’ scrolling behavior and which features receive the most clicks. This is extremely valuable for learning what kind of content your audience responds to best.

There are a variety of heat mapping software applications on the market. However, if you want to stick to the free solutions offered by Google Analytics, you can get similar information with in-page analytics, which you’ll find under Behavior. This shows you important information such as page views and how long visitors spend on a page.

You can also get a display similar to a heatmap by selecting Show Color, which then displays the most-clicked links in red and the least-clicked ones in blue.

Still another option, if you use Google Chrome, is to download the Google Analytics Heatmap extension. While you can use in-page analytics and/or the heatmap extension, many users find that a dedicated heatmap such as the one offered by Crazy Egg provides a more accurate and intuitive interface.

Screen recording software is another tool that nicely complements Google Analytics. Having access to screenshots is useful for many purposes such as monitoring employee interaction with customers, creating effective training, and giving you content to share on your blog or social media pages.

Improve Your Content Marketing

You can use Google Analytics to help you create a more effective content strategy. The amount of time someone spends on a particular page gives you helpful insight into how engaging that page is.

If you have high bounce rates, this indicates that people are leaving your page quickly. Lower bounce rates tell you that readers are interested and spending some time on a page.

You can also find data for top exit pages, which let you know where many visitors are exiting from.

One helpful feature in Google Analytics for content marketing is Content Grouping, which lets you group different types of content by category. This is a good way to find out what type of content your visitors find most engaging.

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Find Out What Devices Your Visitors are Using

More and more people are using smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use responsive design to ensure everyone can see your content and use all of the features on your site.

However, it’s also good to know what type of devices your visitors are using. This is another metric that Google Analytics can help you with.

If this number is very high, you can also observe the results you’re getting from mobile vs. desktop visitors. If, for example, you notice that you have a higher bounce rate for mobile visitors, this tells you that your site may not be as mobile-friendly as you thought.

In this case, you might consider further optimizing your website for mobile.

Track Conversions

Nothing is more important than conversions when it comes to metrics regarding your website.

While it’s nice to have high traffic numbers, this alone isn’t going to help your business if your visitors aren’t buying anything. Conversions are the numbers that really count. With Google Analytics, you can set up Goals and measure your conversions. Under Goals, you can choose options such as signing up for your mailing list, downloading your e-book, or buying a product.

You first choose among four types of Goals:

  • Destination – This is if your goal is to have someone click on a certain page such as a landing page.
  • Duration – You can set goals for people to spend a certain amount of time on a page.
  • Pages/Screens – This lets you measure the number of page views per session.
  • Event – An event is an action taken by the visitor such as downloading a report or playing a video.

You can also set a Value for your Goal, which you would do if your goal is to have the customer buy something right away.

There’s also an option for Funnel, which is for conversions that rely on the visitor clicking on multiple pages.

Use Google Analytics to Make Improvements

The real purpose of Google Analytics, of course, isn’t simply to observe data, but to use it to get better results.

This requires you to pay close attention to what is and isn’t working and to constantly test different variables.

If you have a high bounce rate on a certain page, you may want to try changing certain elements and see if people spend more time there. If your conversions are low for a campaign, try to identify the reason. Perhaps more people will download your e-book if you gave it a more compelling title. You might need to place your opt-in form higher up on your page.

There are many variables that you can test with Google Analytics. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the process and try to figure out everything all at once.

Rather, make it a habit to go over your numbers and focus on one element at a time. Using Google Analytics to measure conversions takes some practice as you learn how the features work. However, it’s a worthwhile endeavor as it gives you insights into what is and isn’t working on your website.

Medical Spa Marketing Companies – 9 Reasons to Hire One

The med spa industry is a booming business. The number of medical spas increase each year due to the success of the industry…

medical spa marketing companies

This article will review the nine ways medical spa marketing companies can help you grow your business, including: 

  1. Integrating marketing & patient communication into your CRM
  2. Reviewing your brand messaging, strategy and targeting your ideal client
  3. Using paid advertising to market your practice
  4. Utilizing social media to market your business
  5. Setting up email marketing to drive traffic and sales
  6. Optimizing your website 
  7. Setting up a content marketing calendar 
  8. Tracking conversions and ROI
  9. Using opt-in offers

The med spa industry is a booming business. The number of medical spas increase each year due to the success of the industry. And while this is positive news for the industry overall, it means increased competition for existing spas. 

To keep your current profit margins and continue to grow your client base, you will need to invest in your marketing efforts.

Companies with experience in this industry will know how to harness your website your CRM, and social media and develop a cohesive marketing strategy. Your marketing company will be able to generate new customers and market to your existing ones. 

1. Integrating marketing & patient communication into your CRM

There is too much technology in the world for a business to still have handwritten client files. 

Customers are more attuned to technology and expect companies to be on the cutting edge of it. Make sure you are logging your customers into a CRM (customer relationship manager) system. There are countless programs on the market for a company to choose from. You should have no problem finding one that fits your needs.

medical spa CRM

No matter what program you go with, make sure it has the ability for you to segment your customers in varying ways. Those segments will help you with marketing campaigns, special offers, and many other marketing techniques. 

Speak with your marketer for more information and ways to utilize your CRM system. The more information you get out of these programs about your patients allows you to better target them for services and promotions. Email marketing that is integrated with your CRM can send emails to new clients, conduct drip campaigns, and send segmented emails.

2. Reviewing your brand messaging, strategy, and how to target your ideal client

Companies sometimes think that just because they like a message, their customers will too. This is not the case at all! 

To make sure you are conveying your message and the reason a customer should choose you over the dozens of other med spas, take a moment to look at past marketing campaigns and their results. If the results are good, then you know you are on the right track. If they aren’t, then you know you need to try something different. 

Work with a marketing company to create focus groups to get feedback on everything from messaging all the way down to your company branding and logo. These groups can even assess if you are using the best tone to reach your audience.

medical spa branding

If you haven’t already defined your ideal customer, this is the time. Knowing who is the core customer for your business will help you with your marketing efforts. Marketing companies can break down your core customer by:

  • Gender
  • Demographic
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Best social media platform to use (and the time of day to use it). 

This will save you time and money in your marketing efforts and lets you meet your customers where they are.

3. Use paid advertising to market your practice.

With so much free exposure a company can get online these days, some businesses try to avoid paying for advertising. This is a mistake as paid advertising is also an essential part of any marketing plan. 

Here are some of the types available.

  • Digital advertising this is the most popular form of advertising due to its cost-effectiveness and wide reach. There is also a large and measurable ROI from these types of ads. Many medspa clients are women, as are the majority of active social media users. This is a worthwhile investment to find your clients where they are online.
  • Print advertising – even though print isn’t used as much anymore there is still a time and place, as well as demographic, that responds to print materials.
  • TV and radio ads – similar to print, these forms aren’t used as much as they used to be. These mediums can be quite pricey. But there are still campaigns that respond to this form of advertising so you shouldn’t forgo it entirely.

4. Utilizing social media to market your business

As was just mentioned, a large portion of medspa clients and the majority of active social media users. 

Not only is it smart to advertise on various social platforms, it is practically a requirement that you have a profile so you can interact with your clients as well.  

For a business like a medspa, visuals are critical. An Instagram account and a YouTube channel can showcase your business.

It is also important on social platforms to interact with your customers. You can address customer service situations almost immediately from digital platforms. You can also respond to client reviews and carry on conversations. 

This will make your clients feel like they are valued and a valued client will suggest you to friends and family

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5. Setting up email marketing to drive traffic and sales

Even though the general public seems disgruntled by the volume of email they receive from companies, email marketing still has the highest ROI of any type of digital marketing. 

Email campaigns are some of the least expensive digital campaigns to execute with extremely good results.

Having an email list that your business can segment for targeted campaigns is critical for driving sales and repeat business in your medspa. Your spa can get a tremendous ROI off of email campaigns.

6. Optimizing your website

A website is an important component of a business strategy. It serves as the online face of your company as well as the central hub for your company. If a potential customer wants to learn anything about your business, that link should be a part of your website. 

medical spa website

Things you should include are:

• Services you provide
• Social proof, including testimonials, before and afters, videos
• Informative blog
• Easy methods to book an appointment

The other important thing for your site is making sure it is optimized for SEO

People won’t be able to learn more about your business and book an appointment with you if they can’t find you. Make sure your website is sprinkled with the needed keywords so you show up in online searches, especially local ones. Ensure that you have claimed your Google Business listing and that all the information is current and correct. 

Without a current and accurate Google Business listing, you harm your ability to show up in local searches. More and more users are turning to voice searches only. To rank in those results, SEO is vital.  

FYI – you must keep your website current. An out of date website is a red flag and sends a negative message to customers.

7. Setting up a content marketing calendar

You can use your blog to educate potential patients about topics and treatments your spa performs.

By setting yourself up as a source of knowledge within the medspa industry, you will continue to grow trust and confidence amongst potential clients. 

medical spa content marketing

If you want to boost the interactiveness of your content, you can enhance it with an embedded video that is also uploaded to your YouTube channel. Those two content elements can then drive traffic to each other. 

You will increase visitors to your website as well as your YouTube channel. 

8. Tracking conversions and ROI

When most outreach and marketing was done via printed collateral and tv/radio, you didn’t always know if it has been effective until a customer told you what drew them in. 

You had no way to track your ROI. 

With more businesses using digital advertising, those results are immediately available. 

You can see if a customer booked through your website, social media, etc. All digital marketing systems have dashboards so you can see how many clicks a digital ad received and who opened your emails. 

medical spa marketing leads

This allows you to tailor future campaigns to the channels that drive the best results.

9. Using opt-in offers  

There are times that you will encounter a potential client who just isn’t ready to commit to an appointment just yet. That is completely ok. To make sure they remember when they are ready, use an opt-in offer.

Special benefits always keep a person’s attention. 

Inviting them to join your email list for a giveaway item they can use at a later date is another. If you met them at an event, have brochures or other printed literature available for them to take with them, complete with new client offers. 

These strategies allow a prospective client to engage with you and not feel pressured to commit at that moment.

Additional Marketing Ideas

While this list covers many ideas that work well for medspas, here are other ideas to consider for your business.

Using Influencer marketing- use social media influencers who will resonate with your customers.

Study your competition – see what they are doing and study if it appears to be working. If it does, nothing says you can’t adopt it.

Online reputation management- use social listening strategies to see what people are saying about you online. This way if there is negative or incorrect information circulating about your business, you can correct that issue asap.

medical spa marketing

Final Thoughts

The medspa business is booming – and while this is great for the industry, it makes it even more challenging to get and keep your clients. This makes marketing even more crucial for medspas to stay competitive in this strong market. 

Mediaboom has the expertise needed to craft a winning strategy for your spa. To get started on your medspa marketing plan today, contact Mediaboom.

Financial Services Marketing Agency – 8 Reasons You Need One

The following 8 areas of expertise show how you can redesign and rebrand your finance company from the ground up…

financial services marketing agency

What is it about your brand specifically that should make customers trust in you and work with you?

If you’re having a hard time answering those questions, then it may be best to hire a financial services marketing agency. What are the benefits of working with such an agency?

These are the top reasons you need to hire a financial services marketing agency:

  1. Identify potential leads by defining your target audience
  2. Segment new & existing lists to deliver the best information
  3. Create a strong online presence with a new website
  4. Become a source of insight with a content marketing strategy
  5. Run high converting paid ad campaigns
  6. Track, manage, and report on successful conversions
  7. Establish a consistent social media presence
  8. Reach client’s inboxes with email marketing

Ahead, we’ll elaborate on what an agency can do for your company. We’ll also talk more about the 8 reasons you’ll want to hire an agency.

financial services marketing services

Reasons to Hire a Financial Services Marketing Agency

The following 8 areas of expertise show how you can redesign and rebrand your finance company from the ground up. Whether it’s one or several of these areas that are your weak points, you will soon fortify them all.

1. Identify potential leads by defining your target audience

Who is your target audience? 

These are the customers most in need of your services. Depending on the breadth of your financial services, you might identify several audience segments.

If your website and online branding only focus on one audience segment, then you’re missing so many leads who could convert if you appealed to them. 

Upon hiring a financial services marketing agency, they can review your current audience segments and help you refine who you should strive to convert.

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2. Segment new & existing lists to deliver the best information

Once you define your target audience, you’ll want to segment them. 

You can sort your audience into buckets or categories based on all sorts of criteria besides the above.

For instance, segmentation by demographics includes areas like gender, age, level of education, whether the customer has children, their job title or field, and their income. 

You can also segment your audience geographically, especially if you’re a nationwide finance company or you work with customers internationally. 

Whether you opt for audience segmentation using demographics, geographics, or a combination of all three, your financial services marketing agency can do it. You’ll then have targeted audience groups that you can tailor content for. This increases the audience segment’s receptivity to your message. 

Those days of bounced emails might be behind you! 

3. Create a strong online presence with a new website

Today, your online presence is everything. 

Failing to make a splash on the web means you’re just another in a long list of websites showing up on a search engine results page. You must incentivize leads and customers alike to click onto your website and buy.

That begins by strengthening a weak online presence through your financial services marketing agency.

Now may be the time to ditch your current logo and/or color scheme and come up with something bolder and more reflective of what your company does. 

financial services website design

You should also establish a brand voice for consistency across your website, social media, and email communications. 

The design of your website is another crucial element of driving more traffic and increasing your customer base.

Whether you want to keep the bare bones of your website or start from scratch, you can rely on your financial services marketing agency for this job. You’ll have a professionally-designed, branded website that’s clear, concise, and visually appealing.

Users will have no problem finding the information they need, as navigation will be a breeze.

Your website is often a lead’s first introduction to your finance company. If the site is a mess, the lead will continue on to find another financial firm with a stronger presence. 

By redesigning and optimizing your site, you could enjoy increased lead generation, higher conversions, and more web traffic.  If you’re feeling stumped on how you can redo your website, we have more than 25 examples to inspire you.

4. Become a source of insight with a content marketing strategy

Content marketing today encompasses all forms of content, from the messages you send via email to social media posts, video posts, blog content, webinars, infographics, and the like. 

financial services content marketing

Once you have the kind of killer content that will make your financial services company shine, it can take you far.

For example, you can offer chapters of an eBook or a free resources checklist to your leads as a lead magnet when they land on your website. 

By publishing consistently great content, most search engines will laud your site. You might find that your content strategy boosts your SEO, putting your site closer and closer to that number one spot. 

You can also drive traffic to your website by cross-posting your content to your social media, or drive leads to your social pages through your website. 

Producing quality content is not a one-and-done, but with the guidance of your financial services marketing agency, you can create an editorial calendar so you can pump out consistently great content for months to come (or longer!).

5. Run high converting paid ad campaigns

Another great reason to hire a financial services marketing agency is to get assistance with your company’s paid advertising

financial services paid ads

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is one reliable means of spreading the word about your company.

Using services like Google Ads, your marketing agency can help you discover which keywords best suit your target audience and then guide you through the keyword phrase bidding process. 

Besides that area of expertise, an expert can also help you gain traction on social media with paid social media advertising. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook (through Facebook Ads), LinkedIn, and Twitter (through Twitter Ads) all offer paid advertising.

These ads often look like native posts that blend right into the user’s feed. 

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6. Track, manage, and report on successful conversions

Analytics is one of the key parts of any solid marketing campaign, as without the data, it’s hard to say what’s working and what isn’t. 

You’d only be guessing, which is no way to build a strong, reliable approach that your customers will come to know and expect.

That’s why your financial services marketing agency will always use a conversion tracking system as your campaign is ongoing. This system lets the agency review where your leads are coming from, who’s converting, and who isn’t. 

financial services marketing

According to marketing research site MarketingSherpa, the current conversion rate for financial services is 10 percent. That’s higher than any other industry cited except for media and publishing, which also has a healthy conversion rate of 10 percent. 

Aiming for that 10% conversion rate is a good goal, although you might not see results overnight. You should notice that your conversion rate starts inching up incrementally until it eventually does hit the target.

All along, the data will tell your marketing agency when to tweak your campaign and how so you can continue sending targeted messaging to your leads and customers alike. 

7. Establish a consistent social media presence

If you look at any of the big financial companies such as BNY Mellon or Berkshire Hathaway, you’ll notice that it’s rare for these companies to go more than a few days without posting across social media.

This isn’t just on one platform either, but every platform in which these companies have a presence.

The same must be true of your own finance company. 

financial services social media marketing

However, posting just to post is an ill-advised plan. You can create a working social media strategy to maximize your presence across the biggest platforms. 

This plan will utilize your target audience research and dig deeper into the competition to see what they’re doing and what you should start doing too. Your content marketing will also come in handy here, as the great content you post on your blog or elsewhere can get shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like.

Paid advertising on social media can also increase traffic to your social pages, which should drive traffic to your website as well. 

Before you know it your social media presence will be like a well-oiled machine with consistently moving parts that reward you in many areas. 

8. Reach client’s inboxes with email marketing

The last area in which you can increase your conversion rate is with email marketing. 

If most emails you send go unopened, there are several likely reasons for that. Have you segmented your audience so they get tailored content that appeals to their interests, needs, and pain points? If not, that’s the first order of business.

You can also begin personalizing your emails so it seems like each message you send is written just for that customer or lead.

You can also get pointers on how to structure the body of your message, how many links to add, and when your audience might be most receptive to your emails. 

The emails your finance company sends should be informative, educational, and interesting. Once you can harness the power of email marketing, you’ll notice a boost in social media and website traffic, more conversions, and even more sales. 

Start Seeing Results

Financial services marketing agencies specialize in working with finance companies just like yours. They understand the financial industry inside and out to help you revitalize your company’s online presence. 

Through areas such as email marketing, website redesign, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising, your finance company can meet both shorter-term and longer-term growth goals! 

Real Estate Investor Marketing – Effective Strategies

Real estate investor marketing can be described as a means of developing an overall strategy with the goal of driving website traffic…

real estate investor marketing

How Real Estate Investor Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Real estate investor marketing can be described as a means of developing an overall strategy with the goal of driving website traffic, brand awareness and ultimately an increase in profitability.

Marketing is what gives you an edge over the competition. It allows you to reach outside of your normal business sphere into new avenues, and allows you to generate new leads while also increasing your chances of landing a lucrative real estate deal. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. 

This guide will provide an overview on everything from how to market yourself affordably on social media to the benefits of classic offline strategies. 

The Marketing Funnel and The Power of The Website

Digital marketing begins with a website. A website is a place where you can showcase your story and establish the tone of your brand. A website is an anchorpoint that gives potential leads a place to connect with you.

Having a website may generate leads and help draw in potential sellers; however, it is just the start. 

website marketing real estate investor

Another valuable item to consider creating is a marketing funnel.

This is a model used to describe a customer’s journey with a business. For real estate investors, the same model applies as it does with other businesses. At the top of the funnel is awareness, when leads become aware of your business. That leads to consideration; when leads know that you are an option, they can consider a deal. 

Next is conversion, which is when a deal is made. However, this is not the end of the funnel. The goal of the funnel is to continue to interact with leads and sellers. Next in the funnel is loyalty and advocacy; this means continuing to work with sellers and adding them to your network for future business. 

A website alone is not enough to spread awareness of your business. In order to effectively market yourself as a real estate investor, it is necessary to drive traffic to your website by other means. 

SEO For Real Estate Investors

SEO is a series of techniques that elevate a website to the top of the search results, making it easier for sellers to become aware of your business. There are two different kinds of SEO, national and local:

  • National SEO focuses on ranking in the search results for broad keywords. No matter where someone is searching from, your website will come up as the first result if you rank for that keyword. This is a great way to separate your business from competitors in the long term. 
  • Local SEO focuses on ranking for keywords in a specific region. It is the difference between the search “luxury apartments” and “luxury apartments in L.A.” When someone specifies a location in their search, the results that come up will be local results. This may be ideal for real estate. 
seo for real estate investors

The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to your website through organic search results.

Good SEO can put your business on the map, so sellers can easily locate you with a quick Google Search. SEO is a good investment for real estate investor marketing.

Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO is less about reaching out to generate leads and more about making it possible for leads to find you. 

Market Yourself Using Social Media

Because marketing is all about relationship building, social media is ideal as a space where you can maintain a presence and make real-time connections.

Social media is a form of marketing that can be very affordable.

When mounting a successful real estate marketing campaign, you are your own greatest tool. Your campaign should not only be about properties, but about you. This is your chance to be yourself and show that there is a person behind the website. Here are some tips for how to craft your online presence to market your business:

  1. Be Yourself. People respond to individuals better than they respond to brands. Social media can be a great way to network and make new connections, starting when you build up a following. If potential sellers see a person, not just a business, they are more likely to engage. 
  1. Use Your Platform to Educate. It is not enough to just shout your business goals. Online users will scroll right past overt advertisements. This is why it helps to give users something of value. Be funny, be informative, offer tips and insights. By providing something helpful to online users, you are more likely to get their attention and to make a memorable impact on them. 
social media marketing for real estate investors
  1. Chat With Your Followers. Don’t underestimate the power of “sliding into the DMs.” Don’t be afraid to talk to followers, give advice, and reach out to others in the real estate business. The more people who know about and trust your business, the more people who may be able to help you land a great property down the line. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool, and it starts by connecting directly with your audience. 
  1. Tailor Your Media Usage to Your Goals. Different apps and platforms are ideal for connecting with different demographics. For example, Twitter is used by nearly all age ranges and is ideal for spreading news. Tik Tok is dominated by teens and young adults, so it probably won’t help you make business connections. On the other hand, Facebook is used by all age ranges and demographics, but older people tend to be more active. Depending on what type of properties you want to invest in, some social media platforms may be better for marketing than others. 

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Successful Marketing Strategies in the Real World: The Power of Direct Mail

It does seem like everything is online nowadays. But it isn’t. Physical marketing tools like direct mail are still a highly effective method of real estate investor marketing.

One misconception is that most people sort their mail while standing over the recycle bin; however, this actually isn’t the case.

  • A staggering 70% of Americans say that they think traditional mail is more personal than communications over the internet.
  • 56% of Americans say that receiving physical mail is a pleasure.
  • According to a USPS study, over 60% of direct mail recipients were motivated to visit the website after receiving mailed marketing materials. 

If you are already using social media to market yourself as a real estate investor, doing direct mail also can be a great way to cover all your bases. Potential sellers who may not be involved on social media may respond well to direct mail and vice versa. 

The Role of Networking in Your Real Estate Investor Marketing Campaign

As a real estate investor, building your network is one of the most important things you can do. The size and strength of your network can greatly influence how many deals you do and how much you make off of those deals. 

Networking and marketing actually go hand in hand.

The same tools you use for marketing – your website, media presence, and mailing materials – can be very useful for networking. Real estate events and meetups are the classic places to build your network by connecting with insurance agents, contractors, appraisers, and other real estate professionals who may be able to help you land a luxury property. 

Similarly, a recent Forbes article recommended charity events as an optimal place to make connections for potential luxury real estate deals.

networking for real estate investors

Physical marketing materials like flyers and business cards can make your in-person networking more effective. 

How often do you forget someone’s name or lose their email address?

Printed materials are the solution to this. Handing out business cards at events is a surefire way to stick in their mind and ensure that they have a way of contacting you in the future. 

A social media presence can also help with this; a media presence allows people in your network to easily contact you and keep up with what you are up to. 

If you are highly experienced, others who are new to real estate may want to learn from you. By organizing in-person workshops or producing online classes, you can effectively establish yourself as a leader in the industry and gain greater visibility.

Not only does this broaden your reach to potential leads, but having the right connections can help you land deals on luxury real estate. 

Grow Your Business With Real Estate Investor Marketing

If you are a real estate investor and want to start marketing your business more effectively, let Mediaboom help. We are an experienced, full-service agency that specializes in creating an extraordinary digital presence for your brand. Our services include everything from website design to online advertising to SEO and email marketing.

We can even create a story for your brand with our copywriting, photography, and video production services. Contact Mediaboom today to grow your real estate investing business with our top-notch marketing services. 

Med Spa Lead Generation – 10 Tips to Drive Sales

Owning a med spa business is incredibly rewarding, but it can be tough to book new clients from time to time. It costs businesses more money to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one…

med spa lead generation

Owning a med spa business is incredibly rewarding, but it can be tough to book new clients from time to time.

It costs businesses more money to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, so med spa business owners want to ensure their lead generation strategies are converting. 

Lead generation is essential for all businesses, but it’s especially important for med spa businesses. Med spa businesses rely on leads converting and booking appointments, which means business owners have to be strategic with who they target. 

If med spa manager have never participated in lead generation activities, it can seem like a daunting task. However, when done right, med spa businesses can see an impressive return on their lead generation investments. 

So, where can med spa businesses start with their lead generation efforts? As it turns out, even the smallest efforts can yield the biggest rewards.

Here are 10 tips for med spa lead generation, and how each tactic will help grow your business. 

  1. Utilize Social Proof 
  2. Share Industry Knowledge 
  3. Make Sure Your Brand Is Consistent 
  4. Define Your Target Audience 
  5. Track Your Conversions 
  6. Create Opt-In Offers
  7. Invest In Paid Ads 
  8. Host Events 
  9. Start a YouTube Channel 
  10. Create Partnerships 

1. Utilize Social Proof 

An effective strategy for med spa lead generation is utilizing social proof to promote your services. Studies show that 72% of people get news from friends and family, making word-of-mouth the most popular channel for sharing.

The more you get your clients to rave about your services to their friends and family, the better your chances are of getting new clients. 

medspa social media

There are many strategies for incorporating social proof into your lead generation plan. Some of these strategies include: 

  • Having your clients post reviews about their experience 
  • Creating video testimonials to put on your website 
  • Posting before and after pictures of your clients 
  • Creating an ambassador program for current clients 
  • Displaying positive articles written about your business 

Social proof is all about proving your business aligns with your clients’ needs. Once you prove you’re worthy of their trust, others will naturally want to follow suit. 

2. Share Industry Knowledge 

A big reason why people follow brands is that they provide value in some way. 

The more value you provide for the customer, the more trustworthy you become. The more trustworthy you are, the more likely someone will buy your services. 

One way your business can provide value and be authentic is to share industry knowledge with your audience. While your audience may use medspa services, they may not know the ins-and-outs of the industry. 

content marketing for med spa

Sharing your knowledge with them will show that you care about their wants and needs, and therefore can be trusted to provide valuable content. 

You can share industry knowledge by doing the following: 

  • Maintaining an informational blog on your medspa website 
  • Creating social media accounts and sharing tips with followers 

Sharing industry knowledge will also cause others to view your business as a thought-leading entity in the space, which validates your products and services. Always aim to be authentic, transparent, and valuable to your audience. 

3. Make Sure Your Brand Is Consistent 

A fundamental part of med spa lead generation is making sure your brand is consistent. We live in an age where there’s a wealth of information online. 

How is your medspa business supposed to cut through the clutter? 

One way to cut through the clutter is to have a consistent brand your audience can rely on. Brand consistency is incredibly important in business. Your brand includes your logo, tone, messaging, color pallet, and type of content you produce. 

It’s incredibly important for your brand to be consistent. 

med spa branding

If you’re constantly changing your messaging, logo, and/or services, your audience won’t recognize who you are and what your values are. Maintain your brand in order to remain authentic, trustworthy, and professional. 

Your brand should be consistent across all your platforms. Make sure your website, business listings, blog, and social media accounts have the same tone and messaging. Create content that speaks to your audience in your voice across all channels. 

You should also keep your digital presence up-to-date.

If potential leads visit your social profiles and website and see old content, they’re going to think you’re inactive and stale. Keep your information current and relevant in order to attract the right leads. 

4. Define Your Target Audience 

A key strategy in med spa lead generation is defining who your target audience is. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can adjust your messaging to cater to their wants and needs. 

The more intentional and targeted you are, the better your chances are of converting leads into customers. 

You should identify the following information about your target audience: 

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Income 
  • Education level 
  • Spending habits 
  • Hobbies/interests 
  • Pain points 
  • Values 
med spa demographic

Use this information to create messages that resonate with your target audience. Then, identify which platforms they consume content on and create tailored messages on those platforms. Remember, they may not consume content the same way on one platform versus another. Customize your content based on the platform you’re creating it for. 

Another way to identify your target audience is to look at your current clients. 

  • What are they like? 
  • What kind of activities do they like to do? 
  • What topics are they talking about while they’re visiting your business? 

Honing in on these details will help you craft a strategy that converts leads just like them. 

5. Track Your Conversions 

Tracking your conversions is an essential part of your lead generation strategy. 

It’s great to explore new lead generation avenues, but you can’t ignore what’s already working. Look at things like website bookings, phone appointments, live chats, and social media engagement to track conversions. 

Conversion tracking is important because it tells you where to focus your lead generation efforts. According to Hubspot, 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. However, you can curb this challenge by tracking existing conversions and capitalizing on what works. 

Look at your owned and paid strategies when looking at conversions. See who’s clicking from social media, email campaigns, sponsored content, and your blog. Evaluate if those clicks are resulting in appointments being booked, and if they are, double down on your strategy on that platform. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

6. Create Opt-Ins 

Something that can really set your business apart in terms of med spa lead generation is creating opt-ins for leads. Opt-ins are pieces of content you can use to capture email addresses and soft sell your services to viable leads. Examples of opt-ins include: 

  • eBooks 
  • Webinars 
  • PDFs 
  • Informative guides 
  • Email newsletters 
  • Free consultation bookings 

When done correctly, opt-ins are a viable funnel for your lead generation efforts, especially for email marketing. 

Email marketing continues to be one of the most engaging and cost-efficient ways for businesses to interact with their leads. Providing valuable content your leads can opt into is win-win: it gives your leads valuable information and you get a new pool of leads to market to. 

Providing opt-ins also gives your leads the chance to evaluate your value before they commit to buying. This tactic can help you build trust and authority with your leads by giving them a risk-free chance to see what you offer. 

7. Invest In Paid Ads 

Paid advertising has been on the rise over the last decade, and for a good reason: it provides a large return on investment. Statistics show that paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent, which is a 200% ROI rate. It’s that reason that you should incorporate paid advertising into your med spa lead generation strategy. 

med spa paid ads

Paid advertising also allows you to hyper-target viable leads for your med spa business. This creates a viable direct-to-consumer tactic that statistically converts better than organic traffic. Examples of platforms where you can invest in paid ads include: 

  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) 
  • Search engines (Google Ads) 
  • Display ads 

8. Host Events 

More and more consumers are looking to have a unique experience with brands in the current digital climate. 

They want to emerge themselves in a business’ culture and see if its values align with their own. It’s this reason that more brands are focusing their efforts on event planning and event marketing. 

med spa events

You can differentiate your med spa business from the competition by hosting events and giving clients an experience to remember. If you don’t want to host in-person events, you could host virtual events instead. Examples of virtual events include: 

  • An at-home spa day for new leads 
  • A live Q&A session featuring one of your medspa experts 
  • A happy hour event where leads can discuss medspa experiences and tips 

Hosting events also allows you to interact with your leads and answer any questions they may have in real time. Your authenticity and helpfulness, combined with the unique experience they had, will help your business stand out to them. 

9. Start a YouTube Channel 

A unique method for improving your med spa lead generation tactics is starting a YouTube channel for your business. 79% of the world uses YouTube, and it’s estimated that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. 

YouTube has an incredible reach, and if you can own your niche on the platform, you can generate incredible leads. 

med spa youtube channel

You can put a variety of content onto your YouTube channel. This content includes: 

  • Informative interviews with your medspa experts 
  • How-to videos and quick tips for subscribers 
  • Video testimonials from clients
  • Before and After results 

If your YouTube channel gets big enough, you could even get paid for content, which can add to your bottom line. You can also use the content you create on YouTube to create other content for your blog and social media accounts. This will help increase your organic reach and drive more organic traffic to your brand. 

10. Create Partnerships 

Lead generation can be tough to manage in business. If you’re struggling to generate leads on your own, you can look to other businesses for help. Creating strategic partnerships with other businesses can help you reach audiences you may not have been able to reach before. 

If you want to create partnerships, you must come up with a list of businesses that align with your business values but don’t directly compete with you. Complimentary businesses can work together to refer customers to one another without directly impacting one another’s bottom line. You can partner with them through content, promotions, and discount offers. 

Look for businesses who have a similar target audience as yours and who have a good reputation. The last thing you want is to be tied to a business who poses a risk for your brand. 

med spa lead generation strategies

There are multiple strategies to implement when planning your med spa lead generation tactics. When making your plan, remember that more often than not, quality over quantity will generate results. Focus on obtaining the right leads instead of obtaining any lead you can. The more targeted and precise you are with your lead generation efforts, the bigger payoff you’ll see. 

Also remember to get creative with lead generation. As time goes on, people’s behavior will change and their needs will shift. Keep up with these changes and stay current on your leads’ interests in engaging and unique ways. 

Taking It All into Consideration

Now that you’ve learned about the top ways in which you can generate leads for your med spa, it’s time to put these strategies into action. Doing all the strategies listed above can be a daunting task at first, but over time you can create a well oiled machine that continues to generate new leads for your business for many years to come. 

If you need help getting started on a comprehensive campaign to boost lead generation for med spa, contact Mediaboom today.

Real Estate Investor Website Design – 25 Must-See Sites

Whether you’re a small real estate investor or an established one, separating yourself from the competition is one of the best ways to keep increasing your customer base…

Whether you’re a small real estate investor or an established one, separating yourself from the competition is one of the best ways to keep increasing your customer base. The first thing you can do to stand out is create an easy to use, well designed website that clearly portrays the services you provide.

Below are 25 of the best examples of successful real estate investor website design. Each site has unique features to them that make them stand out – and you can use them as inspiration as you seek to create your own stunning website. 


real estate investor website design

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Keen Investment’s website is sleek and lively. Right when you enter the website, an animation plays on the welcome screen and as you scroll, the elements animate into the page as well. Keener keeps it simple by utilizing white space with strong images.


oxford real estate investor website design

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Oxford’s real estate investor website design is simple yet fun. They take advantage of the full width of the page along with high quality imagery and a colorful neutral color palette. Their use of textured architecture for backgrounds also adds an extra touch of personality to the site.


roofstock real estate investor website design

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Roofstock use of graphics and playful colors carries their brand and makes the visitor feel welcomed. The use of graphics adds better visuals to the page and helps the visitor follow information better.


gfi partners real estate investor website design

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GFI Partner’s real estate investor website design is very sleek and modern – using dark overlays, seamless animations and bold font choices. Their website makes it easy for the user to understand exactly what services they provide, successful projects they’ve completed, and history about their firm.

5. RXR Realty

rxr real estate investor website design

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RXR’s website feels professional and protrudes success. Their use of blues adds contrast to the page along with using a video on the welcome screen. Not only does their brand feel professional but their use of stats on their homepage also helps show how successful they are as a company.

6. HIX Snedeker

hix snedeker real estate investor website design

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HIX Snedeker’s real estate investor website design is certainly out of the box. Along with using an interactive element behind the welcome text, their homepage showcases their work well in a stacked gallery style. Displaying your case studies on the homepage will show right away the kind of work your company does and if done like HIX Snedeker’s, it will show the expanse of work you’ve done across the nation or globe!

7. Beacon Communities

beacon communities real estate investor website design

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Beacon’s website utilizes their brand’s orange well by using it in calls-to-action, on image and link hovers, and for headlines. This good use of their colors makes their brand feel cohesive throughout. Another nice touch is their addition of a testimonial slider at the bottom of the page that helps bring authenticity to the brand.

8. VN Star

VN Star real estate investor website design

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VN Star’s website uses interactive elements and animations to really make the site stand out. They’re use of their companies statistics helps tell their companies story and shows the span of their work. Reference VN Star’s website if you’re looking to stand out from competitors and think outside of the box.

9. Passco

Passco real estate investor website design

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Passco’s site using stunning saturated imagery that helps showcase their work. A simple site along with strong photography helps keep the visitor visually intrigued but also able to get the information they need easily.

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10. Turbine

Turbine real estate investor website design

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Turbine’s site utilizes the full page with a light gradient background to add some flair. The information is well organized and makes use of white space to help keep the content clean and easy to follow.

11. Spirit Investment Partners

Spirit real estate investor website design

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Spirit’s website has strong photography the contrasts well with their brands color scheme. Adding their mission adds a nice touch on their homepage, this helps show who they are as a company and adds personality.

12. St. Philips

St. Philips real estate investor website design

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St. Philips homepage uses a simple zoom effect on their hero image, that helps add an extra affect without being too distracting. Their information is organized well into a grid format and their brands color scheme is carried out consistently through the website.

13. Longpoint

Longpoint real estate investor website design

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Longpoint websites uses their brand’s color palette strongly throughout, utilizes it in gradients, call-to-actions and headlines. Another nice touch is their callout for the client login at the top so it easily accessible once you enter the site.

14. Locale Advisors

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Locale Advisors homepage is strong because they offer a selection of videos as well as a gallery for their properties. This helps the visitor get important information right away and pushes the visitor to explore more of the website. They also use most of their own photography that helps add a more personal touch to their brand.

15. Amanat

Amanat real estate investor website design

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Amanat real estate investor website design is simple and well organized. They use a single page design so you don’t have to dig through the site to find the information you need. The information is overviewed well with statistic call outs, a graphic map to show locations of projects, and short paragraph for each section.


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MREIC’s website uses darker tones and contrast that well with pops of colors throughout in their photography, links and information call outs. Their portfolio shows a map of the U.S. that helps showcase the expanse of their work and also has a small animation to add an extra touch to the page.

17. Hines

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Hines website design is strong with their use of white and red that creates a nice balance of simple yet bold. Their use of largest text callouts also helps add contrast and showcases important details well. They also organize their information well by separating them into strips on the page, this helps create call outs and add extra elements to your site.

18. Black Creek Group

Black Creek Group real estate investor website design

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Black Creek Group’s color scheme is subtle, making use of a grey-blue color palette that is also overlaid on top of their imagery to further carry their brand. They use grids through the site that helps section off information but also to add an extra element of design to the page.

19. Fundrise

Fundrise real estate investor website design

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Fundrise real estate investor website design uses graphics and strong imagery. Instead of using standard images, they take it the next level by adding by overlapping images, animations, color overlays and vector graphics all while keeping the information organized and simple. Along with their strong use of photography, they utilize their brand’s orange to add a pop to their site and help call out information.

20. Veritas

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Veritas site feels personal and has a lot of personality. A San Francisco based company, they make sure it’s known this is where there work is done and showcases how important the community is to them with information callouts on their community involvement, company culture and history in the area.

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21. Synapsed

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Synapsed makes their site fun with their bold color scheme, angled elements and their left-aligned navigation. They use a single page design to keep the information simple and easy to follow. Another fun touch is their hover effect over their team photos, starting with a professional headshot that changes to a goofy photo, something that definitely adds extra personality to your site!

22. NRIA

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NRIA’s website is simple with no crazy elements. They use simple overlays on their images that helps create a more muted feel so the information comes first before the imagery. Another way they keep their site simple is doing an overlay navigation that just overlaps on top of the imagery instead of using box elements, simple yet feels different from traditional website design.

23. CA Ventures

CA Ventures real estate investor website design

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CA Venture’s website uses scroll effects well by having static images where the information moves as you scroll through the page. Their homepage is also strong because they call out their company’s stats, showcase their services and industries they work in, feature specific projects and have a testimonial from the chief executive officer on their company’s culture.

24. Kennedy Wilson

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Kennedy Wilson real estate investor website design has a nice contrast off blue and orange, only using the orange sparingly to call out information. They mainly keep their website in a blue theme, that includes calls to actions, photography, and background elements. Along with a strong brand, Kennedy Wilson adds a nice touch of filter option on their properties page to help you find the projects in the area related to you.

25. WE Development

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WE’s website is modern and fun. They use a video for the welcome screen but not in the traditionally full screen manor. They make use of animations, staggered elements and scrolling effects that makes their site more interactive. They also use fun colorful color scheme that is paired well with their use of whitespace.

Getting Started With Your Site

As a real estate investment company, you want to differentiate your company while maintaining a professional look. The 25 examples above show that achieving this goal is attainable. To get started with your site, contact Mediaboom to learn how we can transform your website into a revenue driving tool that works for you.

How To Grow Your Client Base As a Financial Advisor

Something financial advisors strive to do is grow their client base. The more clients they have, the better business is, and the more they can scale their growth…

how to grow your client base as a financial advisor

Something financial advisors strive to do is grow their client base. The more clients they have, the better business is, and the more they can scale their growth. There are so many options for financial advisors to grow their client base — where do they even start? And how can they determine which strategy works best for their brand?

If you’re looking for new clients, there are strategies you can start using right away to get results.

Here is how to grow your client base as a financial advisor: 

  1. Build Brand Awareness and Trust 
  2. Define Your Target Audience 
  3. Create Free Lead-Generating Opt-Ins
  4. Consider Paid Ads 
  5. Create Strategic Partnerships 
  6. Set Up A Referral Program 
  7. Offer Great Customer Service 

1. Build Brand Awareness and Trust

We live in a digital-first age where consumers are constantly bombarded with content, so how are you going to cut through the clutter? The key to getting viable leads is to build brand awareness and trust for your services. Your marketing efforts will get prospects to come to you, but it’s your brand that will make them stay. 

Branding is essential if you want to build a loyal client base, and there are multiple statistics that back that statement up: 

  • 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values
  • It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand
  • Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%
financial advisor target audience

This means that you have to be consistent with your branding across all channels, including your website and social media profiles. Make sure the content you’re posting aligns with your values and properly exhibits who you are and what you do.

The more authentic you are, the more your audience will connect with you. 

It’s also important to provide value for your audience through content. 

One way to do this is to set up an informative blog that tackles common topics in finance. You could write blog posts on topics such as stock trading for beginners, the benefits of having a financial advisor, and how to choose the right portfolio. 

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Another way to provide value for your audience is to post educational content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Creating content on these platforms can help you reach more people at a faster rate.

Content ideas include: 

  • A YouTube video on how to plan short-term and long-term financial goals 
  • A 60 second Instagram video outlining five financial tips for beginners 
  • A YouTube video explaining the ins-and-outs of financial advising 
youtube for financial advisors

Consistently creating content that educates and provides value will help you build a loyal client base and increase your brand awareness. The more consistently you post across your social channels, the more impressions you’ll make in the digital world. 

2. Define Your Target Audience

When thinking about how to grow your client base as a financial advisor, you have to do one key thing: define who your target audience is. Your target audience is the group of people you want to market your brand to. You want to narrow this group of people down to maximize your marketing and branding efforts. 

The more targeted and niche you are, the better. 

You can define your target audience by identifying key aspects of their lives and spending habits. Define them by their age, gender, salary, hobbies, and financial goals. The more you know about them, the more accurately you can target your content and services. 

Another key aspect to define within your target audience is which platforms they consume content on. 

If you’re targeting women aged 25 to 40, research which social platforms they consume and create content on those platforms. Keep in mind that audiences consume content differently from platform to platform, so you have to create content that’s suitable for your target platforms. 

target demographic for financial advisors

Once you define your target audience, brainstorm ways you can attract them to your blog, website, and social channels. Creating high-quality content on your blog that targets primary keywords can get your website to rank higher online, which means your site can be found faster and by more people in your target audience.  

Consistently creating this content can help your website: 

  • Be regarded as an authority by Google 
  • Rank your website above your competition’s 
  • Be found by viable leads looking for your services 

You can’t create a solid marketing plan without knowing who your target audience is. Define who that audience is and start crafting your marketing and content strategy from there. 

3. Create Free Lead-Generating Opt-ins

Providing free content that’s of value to your audience will help establish your brand and build trust with your audience. Some of that free content can come in the form of free lead-generating opt-ins. 

These opt-ins are valuable resources your audience can access for free, as long as they enter their email address. When making a plan for how to grow your client base as a financial advisor, email marketing is a tactic that, when done right, can generate a high ROI for you

Some examples of email-capturing opt-ins include: 

  • A webinar on how to maximize investments right now 
  • A playbook for reaching financial goals 
  • A PDF outlining the top financial mistakes people should avoid 
lead generation for financial advisors

Offering these materials for free and including an email capture does three things: 

  1. It shows your prospects the value of working with you. If you’re giving away this content for free, imagine what your paid services must offer 
  2. It provides a way for you to soft sell to prospects before they decide to make a commitment 
  3. It helps you build your email database and nurture prospects effectively 

Remember, getting someone’s email address is a privilege. Don’t abuse it by sending prospects too many emails. Instead, email them valuable content at appropriate intervals and include an “unsubscribe” link in your emails in case they no longer want to hear from you. 

4. Consider Paid Ads 

The online paid ads space has grown tremendously over the last decade and its potential for high ROI makes it an appealing strategy for businesses. Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent – a 200% ROI rate. Plus, traffic brought through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising.

If you’re thinking about how to grow your client base as a financial advisor and you want results fast, look into investing in paid ads. You can pay to run ads on popular social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or even on Google itself. Paid online ads, when done right, can boost your digital marketing efforts by providing a direct-to-consumer solution. 

There are different ways you can target your paid ads. 

You can target based on demographics, purchase history, and even if someone has visited your website recently.  Do your research on what keywords to go after with your target audience in mind. The more accurate you can get those keywords targeted, the higher your chances of getting a good ROI. 

paid ads for financial advisors

Paid ads don’t solely have to be online. You can advertise your services through other paid channels. These channels include: 

  • Television 
  • Radio 
  • Newspapers 

Ideally, you want to advertise on channels that your target audience gets their content through

If you’re targeting a younger demographic, paid social media ads could be your best bet. If you’re targeting more seasoned clients, then you can look into advertising on television or the radio. Do your research on what channels your target audience consumes media on before you pay to run ads. 

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5. Create Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships offer a win-win situation for all parties involved. When you establish a partnership, you agree to introduce another brand to your audience while your brand also gets introduced to a new audience. 

Creating strategic partnerships can generate new viable leads for your services by creating mutual value for your audience and your partner’s audience. 

When creating a plan for how to grow your client base as a financial advisor, take time to brainstorm organizations and influencers you could partner with. Think of brands and people whose services align with yours, but aren’t direct competitors. For instance, you could: 

  • Partner with a job search company for a webinar on how to make your finances last if you’re unemployed 
  • Partner with a community college and speak to students about the basics of investing 
  • Be a guest on a finance podcast and discuss the ins and outs of tax strategies 
partnerships for financial advisors

Business partnerships allow you to increase your brand awareness and attract new clients from a new audience. You get your name out there, and in exchange, your partners get your expertise, which adds value for their audience. 

If you can’t commit to full-fledged business partnerships, you can still use complementary businesses to your advantage. You could leave your business cards at a bank, a gym, or a local accounting firm. These business’ clients could benefit from your complimentary services. 

6. Set Up A Referral Program

Word-of-mouth advertising remains one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions, and Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.

A referral program for your services is an effective way to utilize word-of-mouth advertising. A referral program is a process where you reward current clients for telling their friends and family about your services. If they refer a certain number of clients, you reward them. 

A good referral program can play an essential role when planning how to grow your client base as a financial advisor. Part of creating a good referral program is offering good rewards. Some rewards you could offer include: 

  • A discount on your services 
  • A $50 gift card to a local restaurant 
  • A free investment consultation 
referral program for financial advisors

There are different ways to track referrals, such as investing in a referral software system and giving clients a specific code to pass along to their inner circle when signing up for your services. 

Tracking who your top referrers are is key if you want the program to run smoothly and keep your current clients happy. 

7. Offer Great Customer Service 

You can spend all your time crafting the perfect marketing and branding strategy, but if you don’t provide great customer service, your efforts will be wasted. 

More than half of all Americans have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service. Financial advisors should do everything in their power to ensure their clients get the best service possible. 

Good customer service goes beyond cheerfully greeting your clients and offering them something to drink during your meetings. Pay close attention to your clients’ needs and do everything you can to deliver the results they’re looking for. The more you meet or exceed their expectations, the more likely they’ll stick with you and refer your services to friends and family. 

financial advisor customer service

There’s a lot to think about when planning how to grow your client base as a financial advisor, but providing excellent customer service should be at the top of your list. Some ways to do that include: 

  • Providing weekly updates on investments 
  • Offering advice during tax season 
  • Creating a step-by-step outline for your clients’ financial goals 

The value you offer your clients, the better your brand reputation will be. 

Start Seeing Results

There’s a lot to consider when planning how to grow your client base as a financial advisor. The pillars of that plan should focus on three key things: building your brand, establishing trust, and providing exceptional service. 

Create tactics and form strategies that support these pillars, and watch the new clients start coming in. 

15 Tips to Get Your Medispa Off the Ground

The medispa (medspa or medical spa) industry is quickly growing – which means the competition you had previously may have grown exponentially…

medispa procedure

The medical spa industry is quickly growing – which means the competition you had previously may have grown exponentially. It is too easy to lose visibility in the marketplace when competition is high, so it is vital to have a solid marketing strategy that can help you build brand awareness and convert people into patients. 

If you are searching for ways to brand stand out from others and increase the number of patients you are seeing, you’ll need to develop a robust marketing strategy. A medispa marketing strategy includes considerations regarding your facility, branding, your website, content marketing, local SEO, online business listings, social media, Google Ads, Social Ads, email marketing, reviews, promotions, referral programs, mail marketing and events.

1. Your Medispa Facility

The basics of your successful marketing plan actually start at your office or facility. No matter how excellent your marketing campaign is, if your facility appears dirty, run down, or unprofessional, you will lose customers quickly. 

Take a thorough walkthrough your facility daily to make sure everything is up to your standards. Train your employees to do the same. You can also create checklists for your employees to utilize to make sure they are catching any of the common areas that might be overlooked, such as sweeping the foyer or checking the parking lot. While some of these things may seem small, they can become big problems if they aren’t addressed. 

2. Branding

Besides your facility, your brand is another key foundational piece you will need for your marketing plan. Your brand should come out of the relationship between what treatments and services your business provides and the needs your customers have that those provide. Then you can use the components to develop the look and feel, tone, and messaging for your business.

In highly competitive industries like medispas, you need strong branding to help set your business apart and make it recognizable. Your brand can also help you build loyalty with your customers.

medispa branding

Many medspas use luxury branding for their businesses. While creating a luxury brand isn’t easy because you’re going after a specific target and asking them to pay a premium, it can be a good fit for medispas. 

Regardless of the type of branding you choose to go with, you’ll want to make sure to establish guidelines and circulate them across your team. Consistency is another highly important factor when it comes to building a brand. 

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3. Website

Once your brand identity is solidified, creating a website should be simple. You’ll want to include pictures of your facility, a complete list of the products and services you provide, and your location. You might include a way for people to make appointments themselves, or a way for them to reach out to receive a phone call to schedule the appointment. 

If you’re not sure what you should include on your website, try looking at what your competitors are doing. What do you like about their websites? What do you dislike? What makes you want to be a customer? What barriers do you run into? These types of observations can be keys to unlocking important website must-haves for your own site. 

4. Content Marketing

After launching your website, you are well-positioned to start developing a content marketing strategy. If you aren’t familiar with content marketing – it simply refers to the practice of a business providing customers with useful information around topics that are similar to the services you provide. 

medispa content marketing

For example, if you provide treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, you might create content around making those treatments last as long as possible, guidance for who should get treatment and how often, the different types of treatments available so that potential clients can choose, etc. 

The most common form of content marketing is blogging, but it can take other forms too like videos or longer eBooks. Many businesses also create multiple types of content. Each business has to decide which type of content marketing makes the most sense and which content types are sustainable to produce. It isn’t enough to create a blog post every once in a while. You’ll need to develop a consistent schedule for creating and releasing new content in order for content marketing to be effective. 

5. Local SEO

In addition to any content marketing you decide to do, you’ll also want to make sure your business is optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) – and more specifically, local SEO. Local SEO helps search engines (like Google) recommend your business when people are searching for businesses like yours near your location. That sounds pretty powerful, right?

medispa seo

While there are plenty of checklists online to help you with local SEO, we’ll cover a few of the basics. First, you’ll want to double check your website. Make sure your phone number and location are listed there. It is also helpful to include your location in some of your website text. You don’t need to go crazy with this, but it is another signal to search engines about where your business is located. 

You’ll also want to make sure your business is optimized for mobile. Many people search for businesses from their phones while they are actively trying to visit a business of that type. If you aren’t sure if your website is mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s free mobile-friendly testing tool

The two other components of local SEO are online business listings and reputation or review management, which we will cover next. 

6. Online business listings

It makes sense that any time someone is searching for a business like yours, your business should show up on that list. But unfortunately, most of these listings don’t populate automatically – you are responsible for adding your business. So you will need to take the necessary steps to make sure our business is listed, the information is accurate, and that the information stays up-to-date. 

online listings for medispa

In regard to local SEO, search engines check popular business listing sites to double-check your information. So, you’ll want to make sure you provide consistent information in all of your listings and update any if information about your business changes. 

The three most important listings you’ll want to take care of right away include Google My Business, Bing Places, and Apple Maps Listings. You should also check for any medispa business listings in your city or state and make sure your medical spa is included. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you set up your own profiles on relevant business review sites like Yelp. 

Keep track of where all of your business listings are so that if your location or hours change, you already know all of the places you’ll need to update the information. 

7. Reputation and review management

Once your business listings are created, people can start leaving reviews. Reviews can be a blessing and a curse. If you have a lot of positive reviews, it can help persuade others to give your business a chance. However, a few negative reviews can be harmful for your business. Many business owners wish they could “shut off” reviewing – but unfortunately that isn’t possible. Even if you don’t create the listings pages – people can still set one up and leave a review for your business.

medispa online management

Instead of trying to stop these reviews from happening, focus on what you can control. You can provide positive experiences at your business. You can listen to customer concerns and focus on providing high-quality customer service. You can also encourage regular, loyal customers to leave positive reviews. 

Making sure review sites are set up and that you are attempting to cultivate positive reviews is important for many reasons, but one of them is local SEO. Search engines do factor in the types of ratings your business reviews as part of how they decide to display your business on their results pages. 

There is definitely an art to online reputation management, and you’ll want to make sure you develop a strong strategy for handling positive and negative reviews. But by handling customer complaints efficiently and effectively, and by giving your customers positive experiences, you can make sure the good outweighs the bad.  

8. Social media 

Social media platforms continue to increase, and it can seem overwhelming for a business to develop a strategy and create a strong presence on every channel. The good news is that your business doesn’t need to be on every channel in order to make an impact. You just need to be where your customers are

Once you’ve decided on the appropriate channels for your business and customers, you’ll need to develop a social media strategy and schedule. Like content marketing, social media is also very dependent on regular and consistent updating. 

When you’re just starting out on social media, it can feel like you’re simply posting into the void because you may not have a lot of followers. However, it is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. You probably won’t get followers if you don’t have content, and you may feel like it is a waste of time to create content for very few followers.

But it isn’t a waste of time. It is just the beginning. You’ll simply need to balance the time it takes to create consistent, valuable content for social media against the size of the audience. At first, it may only make sense to post a couple of times per week. Then later, as more customers follow your business, you may want to post every day or multiple times per day. 

medispa social media

If you aren’t sure what to post about, try looking at your competitors. Also think about any blog or content marketing you’re producing – social media is an excellent way to distribute that valuable content. You can also curate valuable content from other sources like magazines or industry publications that make sense for your audience. 

You’ll also want to take a look at your social profiles and make sure they match your brand. There are a few important steps you’ll need to take to make sure each of your social media accounts is fully optimized so that your customers can easily find you and you’ll receive a small boost for local SEO. 

9. Google Ads

Once you have all of the foundational pieces in place like your website, social media channels, and content strategies, you’re ready to invest a bit more in your marketing efforts. This means turning on paid advertising. 

One of the most valuable channels of paid digital advertising for businesses is Google Ads. Google Ads provide a few different types of ads and each is valuable for different objectives. There is a lot of information and different strategies surrounding each ad type but a solid place to start is with Google Search Ads. 

medispa google ads

Google Search Ads are the ads that pop up when someone types in a certain keyword. For example, if you do a search for your favorite brand on Google, you’ll likely see an ad for that brand (or a competitor!) first thing on the search results page. 

To get started, you’ll need to do keyword research, decide on a budget, implement a bidding strategy, and optimize based on your results. It can be intimidating if you aren’t sure what you’re doing or aren’t familiar with pay-per-click advertising like Google Ads, but it is possible to figure out an effective strategy through research.

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Another simple strategy on Google Ads is to do retargeting ads. This means that ads for your business will display to people who visit your website. Retargeting ads are among the most effective paid digital advertising strategies, which means they are definitely worth the investment. To set these up, you’ll need to install Google’s tracking pixel on your website (Google provides step-by-step instructions) and then create a retargeting campaign. 

10. Social Ads

Similar to Google Ads, social ads can be a valuable asset for your business. You can also do retargeting ads on social platforms as well. 

The best part about social media ads, especially Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, is that the advertising platforms walk you through all of the steps you need to know to set up a campaign. It is very intuitive, and a great place to start if you’re new to online digital advertising. You don’t have to worry about keyword research, you just have to have a good understanding of your target customer. 

medispa social ads

11. Email marketing

Email marketing is another very effective tool your medispa can utilize. While you can’t email everyone in your location, you can start collecting email addresses on your website and from customers. Then you can use this tool to drive loyalty, run promotions, and make announcements. 

One of the most popular email collection methods is to ask for an email address on your website in exchange for a discount. This may be something you want to consider if you plan on giving email marketing a prominent place in your strategy. 

12. Promotions

Almost every business offers promotions – at least periodically. Some retailers always have promotions to encourage additional sales. Promotions can be a valuable tool, but you need to make sure you’re using them strategically. 

For example, you don’t want repeat customers to only come when they have a discount – or to withhold business until a discount is available. 

To avoid falling into that trap, sometimes the best promotion is one that drives loyalty. For example, a free or discounted service after so many services. Or maybe a discounted add-on or upgrade every so often.

Once you’ve decided on a promotion that makes sense for your business – you’ll need to get the word out. You can use social media, your website, and any advertising you’re doing to communicate relevant promotions to your clients and potential clients.

13. Referral programs

Referral programs are a type of promotion – but they drive customer loyalty and encourage additional business. The way referral programs work is you offer an incentive to a loyal customer for referring friends or family to your business. While the concept is rather straightforward, tracking it can create problems.

medispa referall programs

You’ll want to make sure you have a system in place for honoring referrals and for keeping track of them when they happen. Additionally, if you notice a customer is regularly referring new clients but hasn’t yet left a review – that might be something to consider asking them to do since they are clearly excited about your business and happy to support you. 

14. Mail marketing

Mail can seem incredibly outdated, especially in comparison to some of the hyper-targeted strategies outlined here. However, it is still an effective channel. It is also a relatively less competitive channel, which means you have a greater likelihood for standing out. 

Additionally, mail marketing has become increasingly more targeted over the last few years. Did you know that you could target certain households with specific incomes in a location around your business? You can. 

Mail marketing probably isn’t something you can effectively DIY entirely, but luckily it is relatively inexpensive so getting the help you need shouldn’t be prohibitive. 

15. Events

Tradeshows and events are another great way to introduce your business to the community. Events work best when you have some kind of trial or demonstration to showcase at the event. If that isn’t possible, having a game and offering swag also work, too. 

medispa events

The keys for events are to make sure you have everything you need on hand to answer any questions and also that you have an effective way to collect contact information from interested individuals. One of the most classic data collection strategies is also still highly effective – create a giveaway and require phone and email addresses to enter. Then you’ll have a new list of email addresses and contacts in your community that you can reach out to about your business. 

How to get started with marketing for your Medispa business

There are a lot of pieces to developing a marketing strategy for your brand and it can feel overwhelming when you are just starting out. However, if you own a MedSpa and you want help developing your strategy, Mediaboom can help. 

Mediaboom is a digital marketing agency with deep expertise in building brand awareness and generating quality leads on behalf of businesses in the medispa industry. 

Medspa Software – Reviews, Tips, Cost and More

The more time you spend focusing on making technology work, the less time you’re spending on providing the excellent service you’ve worked hard to provide.

If you are in the medspa industry, you know you have a lot going on at once. You have to keep track of client appointments, process payments properly, and have a way for clients to give you feedback. If you’re doing all this separately, it can be easy for things to take a long time to process. Things could also fall through the cracks quickly if processes are not automated and housed in one place. 

That’s where medspa software comes into play. 

Medical spas use this software to streamline their processes and make their business more productive. The right software will help you manage clients, inventory, and marketing all in one place. 

medical spa marketing strategies

Think about it: are you using separate programs for your accounting, billing, health record management and marketing automation? If so, it can be extremely difficult to coordinate all these programs and ensure they integrate together.

The more time you spend focusing on making technology work, the less time you’re spending on providing the excellent service you’ve worked hard to provide.

That’s why this software is a game-changer for medspa companies. Having one set system where you can manage all aspects of your business makes it easy for everyone in the company to be on board with the same technology and policies. You can even use virtual assistants or automated booking schedulers to free up your employees and have them focus on bigger projects. 

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When used right, this software can generate incredible results. So, how can you find this software, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of using it? 

In this post, we’re reviewing the top medspa software available for your medspa: 

  • Zenoti
  • AestheticsPro 
  • Remedly 
  • DrChrono 
  • Orchid Spa Software 
  • Envision MedSpa 
  • Vagaro
  • Nextech
  • Mindbody
  • Kareo  


zenoti medspa software

Zenoti  is a cloud software that works for salons, spas, and medspas. The company prides itself on having an all-in-one business solution that includes appointment scheduling, automated marketing, and employee management. It also boasts about its commitment to helping medspa companies drive growth through technology, especially in a post-COVID world. 


  • Mobile-friendly
  • All-in-one software 
  • Offers a free blog and free resources for prospects 
  • Puts emphasis on the guest experience 


  • A bit expensive for smaller medspas 
  • Customer support chat can slow the process down if you’re trying to complex situations 
  • Could be overwhelming to learn at first 

Tip: If you do pick Zenoti, take the time to properly learn the system. Since it is all-in-one, there’s a lot to manage and learn. Take your time and don’t cut corners learning this software. 

Cost: You can get a free demo, but subscription-based plans require you to contact the vendor for pricing details. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Aesthetics Pro 

myaestheticpro medspa software

AestheticsPro is a cloud-based medspa software that offers a variety of services. It offers an accounting suite, a POS suite, and the ability to manage your clients and business in one place. It also offers a system where you can access e-records from anywhere in the world. It’s HIPAA-compliant and offers valuable tools for data reporting. 


  • HIPAA compliant 
  • All-in-one software 
  • Ability to upload before & after pictures 
  • Built-in gift card processing 


  • The onboarding process can be difficult to navigate since there are so many features to learn 
  • Some customers report issues with customization 
  • Occasional bugs in the system 

Tip: Be sure your staff is up-to-date on how the e-record system works if they’ve never been trained on it before. 

Cost: Offers a free demo and subscriptions start as low as $109.99 per month. However, more advanced features are only available on the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans. 


remedly medspa software

Remedly is another cloud-based medspa software that offers services such as practice management, patient management, electronic health records, marketing, and revenue cycle management. Remedly claims to save up to 8 hours per week per employee and offers a system for monitoring your financial performance. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Offers analytics that helps you make data-driven decisions 
  • Responsive support team 
  • Simplifies billing, revenue collection, and insurance claim processing


  • Some customers complain about the marketing platform 
  • Software updates can sometimes cause bugs
  • No free trial, but does offer a free demo 

Tip: Make sure you have your previous revenue cycle data before you switch over. That way, you have an idea of what it was like before and after you started using the software. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get pricing details. 


drchrono medspa software

DrChrono is a software that aims to streamline administrative tasks so that medspa employees can focus on procedures and patient care. It also has a mobile EHR feature, so you can provide care anywhere through an EHR app that’s available on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or desktop. There’s also an option for customers to set up Telehealth, which can open a lot of doors for medspas. 


  • Option to set up Telehealth 
  • Mobile EHR 
  • Options for multispecialty medspas 
  • Patients can set up appointments and pay bills online 


  • There can be a steep learning curve 
  • Some complaints about customer service 
  • Can be difficult to customize content 

Tip: Make sure you have the staff and equipment to set up Telehealth before choosing to add it on. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get a price. 

Orchid Spa Software 

orchid spa medspa software

Orchid Spa Software is a cloud-based medspa software that assists with client management, inventory management, and marketing. The software assists employees with retargeting email campaigns and even offers a place to house and manage documents. It also allows medspas to sell client memberships, which can help sell more services and generate loyal customers. 


  • Ability to sell memberships 
  • Online booking option for customers 
  • Automated email and texting 
  • Ability to connect QuickBooks 


  • Some customers have issues generating data 
  • Limited integration options 
  • Updates can be difficult to navigate 

Tip: Download all the online forms for installation and onboarding before installing the software. 

Cost: There’s an option for a free trial and the lowest cost for a monthly subscription is $59. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Envision MedSpa 

envision medspa software

Envision MedSpa is a cloud-based software that helps medspas build their business at scale and manage operations with ease. It offers electronic treatment records, task management programs, and employee management. It also allows you to send and receive forms online while protecting your patients’ privacy. 


  • Easy to use interface 
  • HIPAA-compliant way to send and receive forms online 
  • Ability to sell gift cards online 
  • SMS text messaging program to confirm appointments and send promotional messages 


  • Could be difficult to navigate at first if you’re integrating from another system 

Tip: Set up mobile apps for your clients and employees when you get the software. 

Cost: A monthly membership starts at $199 per month, but if you want to have the software at multiple locations you’ll need to call for a custom quote. 


vagaro medspa software

Vagaro is a cloud-based, all-in-one medspa software that helps medspas schedule clients, send reminders, and build SOAP notes.  It works on any device and even provides the opportunity to design a custom booking website for your business. It also offers the option for you to livestream classes and consultations from anywhere. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Offers unique features for a medspa app 
  • Affordable for small and mid-sized companies 
  • Ability to do online booking 


  • Lack of customization 
  • Have to add upgrades as separate services 
  • Customers service isn’t always available after hours 

Tip: Take the time to explore all the unique features this software has. There’s a lot to tackle at first, but it gets easier to navigate once you explore everything. 

Cost: A free trial is available. After the free trial, prices range from $25 per month to $85 per month. 


nextech medspa software

Nextech is a web-based software that offers EMR, practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient management for medspas. Part of its appeal is its focus on elective revenue and customer retention. It’s less expensive to keep an existing client versus obtaining a new one, so medspa businesses can use this program to help keep current customers happy. 


  • Can be used for multiple specialties 
  • Offers customizable EMR templates 
  • Mobile EMR access 
  • Offers a patient portal mobile app 


  • Can be tough to navigate at first if you aren’t used to it 
  • Reports can be difficult to gather and interpret 

Tip: Customize the features on this software to your specialty in order to achieve optimum efficiency. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get a demo and pricing details. 


mindbody medspa software

Mindbody is a software that aims to provide a powerful customer experience. You can manage your medspa business in this all-in-one platform by scheduling clients, managing staff and payroll, and gaining perspective through detailed reports. You can also get a custom app that’s branded for your business. It also allows you to nurture new leads while simultaneously retaining current customers. 


  • Good insights into total sales and recurring customers 
  • The ability for staff to update their schedules via mobile 
  • Versatile POS system 
  • The option to have an AI assistant 


  • Limited features on the starter pack 
  • Some customers reported issues with the booking feature 
  • Can be difficult to navigate at first 

Tip: If you run multiple locations, make sure you know the ins and outs of network-wide control and corporate-level reporting. 

Cost: Monthly subscriptions ranging from $129 per month to $599 per month. 


kareo medspa software

Kareo is a cloud-based software that offers easy-to-use and integrated EHR technology.  It allows you to write notes and prescriptions, code encounters, and manage patients effectively. Practices can set up within 48 hours of signing up and allows you to customize schedules and appointment reminders. 


  • Easy e-Prescribing
  • User-friendly 
  • Customizable 
  • Emphasizes maintaining data confidentiality and secure sharing of information


  • Can be overwhelming at first since it’s so robust

Tip: Check in with a support rep at least once a week for the first couple of weeks to ensure you’re setting everything up correctly. 

Cost: Must contact the vendor to get a demo and pricing options. 

Why Should Medspas Use This Kind of Software?

Medspa software is essential for medspa companies is they want to scale their business and increase efficiency. This kind of software can streamline operations and boost productivity by automating tasks such as appointment booking and appointment reminders. 

It also helps you market your services via email and text, which helps you generate new leads and nurture existing customers. The more people know about your brand and hear your messages, the more likely they’ll purchase services from you. 

This kind of software can also be integrated into your website and help you track leads. You’ll be able to do this if the software has an API you can integrate into your website. This can help you track your leads and try to convert them into loyal customers. 

Studies show that nearly 55% of API experts are using APIs to build B2B products, 36% for mobile products, 29% for B2C/consumer products, 26% for employee productivity, and 22% for IoT applications. Medspa companies can use API to build better relationships with leads and customers through tracking and data analysis. 

The better relationships medspas build with their website leads, the more likely they’ll convert into loyal customers. 

At the end of the day, the type of medspa software you choose will depend on a number of factors. These factors include your company’s overall needs, your customers’ needs, and your budget. An all-in-one medspa software can take a lot of hassle out of your daily workload and allow you and your employees to focus on providing excellent service. 

Instead of having to connect your billing, scheduling, and marketing platforms, you can store everything in one place and train employees on one system instead of multiple platforms. This can drastically cut down training costs and limit the number of issues that can pop up from managing multiple platforms. 

Remember: pick the software that will help your medspa company grow, not hold you back. 

Focus on how this software will help you meet your goals and solve your customers’ issues. The more it helps your customers, the more it helps you and your business. 

Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors – Increase Profits Now

In real estate investment, lead generation equates to growth in profits. Putting in the initial effort to develop…

In real estate investment, lead generation equates to growth in profits. Putting in the initial effort to develop a lead generating plan will keep you on track no matter the changing atmosphere of the real estate industry. 

Building a plan around growing brand awareness and trust, connecting with your target audience, creating specific offers, and monetizing ads ensures a better chance at securing worth-while listings for a higher return on investment. 

The following best practices takes you through the steps of lead generation for real estate investors:

  • Brand Awareness Build Brand Trust
  • Finding Your Target Demographic
  • Opt in Offers to Convert Website Users
  • Utilizing Paid Advertisements to Drive Conversions

Brand Awareness Builds Brand Trust

In today’s world, no matter the industry, brand awareness and trust goes a long way. Having a digital identity keeps your audience informed, grows connections, and keeps your firm at the forefront of the industry. 

Building an online brand awareness helps establish real life word of mouth referrals, which in return, positions your business as trustworthy. 

As most people value their friends’ opinions and feedback, an online presence that highlights the qualities of your work ensures a higher likeliness for your company to be referred by clients and colleagues over other companies. 

The best ways to grow your digital identity includes:

  • Creating and maintaining a website
  • Setting up a social media presence
  • Informing your audience through blog posts and other educational content. 

In addition to the above, finding other ways to boost your brand is equally important. According to The Muse article 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand, hosting focus groups, delivering new and fresh content, practicing public relations, and participating in industry events and outreach supplements your brand’s recognition.  

Creating and maintaining a website starts with designing a straightforward and clean layout that draws a consumer’s attention but makes it easy for them to navigate. 

A clean, sophisticated look will grab the customer’s attention, but the content and easy navigation will make them more willing to look at your website longer. As with any successful lead generation for real estate investors, you need to understand what your clients want.

Utilizing additional social media platforms gives your brand the personality behind the business. This allows you to connect and respond, making your firm more personable and efficient. Social media marketing is equal in allowing your firm to seek out business as well as customers seeking you out in return.

The four major social media platforms vital for a company to use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

You can use each social media platform for a different purpose:

  • Facebook – is where you can share your long-form content and videos to target your consumer. The more engagement you get through shares, likes, and comments, the more you will appear on your consumer’s timeline ensuring that you are being seen and connected with. 
  • Instagram should be used to reinforce your brand and connect with other brands. This platform creates your overall look and feel while simultaneously engaging with your target audience. 
  • Twitter –  is for shorter form content and can be quicker fact bytes. This can be anything from polls to statistics. Twitter’s algorithm incorporates the hashtag, which makes it easier for you to find customers and for customers to find you. 
  • LinkedIn – is the Facebook for businesses and networking. While Facebook allows you to connect with a wider variety of people, LinkedIn is beneficial because those on LinkedIn are already looking for companies for a specific purpose. With LinkedIn you can find customers, employees, and industry allies. 

Within each platform, you can drive traffic back to your website by always including a link to your website in your bio. While you will use each platform in different ways, there should still be a seamlessness involved that connects back to your main goal: generating leads. 

social media marketing services

Another useful aspect incorporated within having a digital presence is sharing informational material about your company and industry, whether this be through a blog or Youtube videos. Having industry leaders and employees share their knowledge shows the caliber and quality of your firm – which is essential in lead generation for real estate investors.

People will want to listen to you, and people will want your help because your company becomes a resource. 

While you blend the strategies of creating a website, social media presence, and informative material, maintaining a steady brand across all platforms is key. Having a logo, motto, and overall theme for your company is essential for your brand to be remembered. 

Start increasing you lead generation by continually connecting to your digital audience. Your online presence establishes your brand as a leader in the industry pushing buyers and sellers to trust and engage your firm for business. 

Finding Your Target Demographic

As a real estate investor, there are many markets you can choose to enter: commercial, residential, fix and flips, vacation rentals, etc. With each, comes a different clientele, which is why you need to research your target audience and tailor towards them. 

A good method to do this is by building personas; create 4-5 “people” who would be your client and list out their characteristics, personality traits, and demographics. This way you can take your personas into real life since you will know the general kind of person to target.

It is important to tailor each of your social platforms to your clientele as well. 

For example, if you are searching for leads in a city versus a more rural town, you can input certain parameters to reach those audiences. Within a city, your look might feel more upscale, but in a town, your look might feel more community oriented. This is the same as differentiating between commercial real estate versus fix and flips. 

After defining your ideal client, it will be easier to generate leads for your real estate firm because the language and strategies are tailored surrounding who will be most likely to need your investment.

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Opt-In Offers to Convert Website Users

How you advise your client directly relates to a higher lead generation for your firm; therefore, another technique is preparing informational materials that can supply your customer with what you have to offer.

The informational material given to the customers will help them realize the worth of your expertise. The client then understands your firm’s commitment to their needs and will want to engage in business with you. 

Specific free tools and resources you can provide range from whitepapers to guide books on how to start the listing process and finding the right investor for your property. 

You can also offer counseling as a way to start the initial conversation with a client to show them that they will benefit from your services and create a partnership to gain the best outcome.

These offers can be tangible pamphlets or flyers in addition to digital sign-ups to get materials straight to a consumer’ email inbox, reinforcing you are the resource they need. 

The whole goal of opt-in offers is to market your brand as a resource to gain business for your firm.  Offering guides and materials for transforming your websites into tangible sales is an example of how you can provide for your customer ensuring they turn to you for direction, recommendations, and real estate investment assistance. 

Specific resources you can provide to your client include home selling counseling, budget navigation, or funding approval tips. All in all, it’s about connecting with your client and asking the right questions to find out their needs.

Once they trust that your main goal is to build a hands-on relationship with them, it paves the way to move business into a steadfast direction that will bring the best deal for both you and your client. 

Utilizing Paid Advertisements to Drive Conversions

One of the most important strategies to consider when looking to improve lead generation for real estate investors is paid advertisements. Once you have your website, social media platforms, target audience, and opt-in offers laid out, the next step is promotion of your assets. The best way to promote in today’s business world is through digital advertising. 

Digital advertising can take the form of:

• Social Ads
• Google Ads and Google Display Ads
• Remarketing Ads

Social Ads: 

With most social media platforms, you can create posts and boost them for an affordable price, and the return on investment goes a lot further since you are able to tailor the audience who sees your posts. 

social ads for real estate investors

Platforms have built in marketing techniques to narrow down your target audiences based upon certain characteristics and demographics. That way, when someone you want to reach, is scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook, your ad will be incorporated seamlessly into their feed. 

If you research the benefits of paid advertising, you will find that you can get much more business and generate many more leads. Medium’s article 7 Reasons to Consider Paid Social Media Advertising state the biggest takeaways of using paid advertising are:

1. Amplify your reach

2. Fit your budget

3. Enhance your targeting

4. Boost brand awareness

5. Maximize your content marketing

6. Gain access to mobile users

7. Gather market insights

Google Ads:

The most effective digital advertising method to promote lead generation for real estate investors is using Google ads and display ads. Preparing the right combination of ad spending with keywords can help make sure your ad appears at the top of the list when someone searches for specific words related to your business. 

You get to choose the keywords when you design your campaign. So, you need to choose the most relatable words within your ad that you think will match up with what your target audience is searching. 

In terms of cost, you are only charged per click on your ad since Google Ads is run on an auction basis. How much you are willing to spend factors into the ad auction and where your ad will rank on a google search page. 

Google ads best practice list highlights how picking relevant choice of words for your ad, creating an ad that is high quality, setting an adequate maximum bid, and adjusting your spending based on analysis of ad performance and goal tracking is the best recipe for digital advertising campaigns. 

Google Display allows your ad to be shown in other places such as YouTube or similar, related websites. You can factor in your target audience, so that your ad will appear where your audience uses the internet the most. 


Remarketing is helpful for continual brand awareness and marketing of your website. If someone has previously visited your site, you can strategically target this person by placing ads on their Google pages and partner websites. Remarketing is beneficial because it is easy to use, reaches a larger scale, and is focused advertising.

A few methods for remarketing are:

  • Show ads to past website visitors as they browse other sites
  • Show ads to visitors if they search for a related sites, keywords after they leave your website
  • Show ads to visitors if they are watching your or similar YouTube videos
  • Show ads to past customers based on certain info the customers have provided you. 

Overall, there are many techniques that effectively help you with your digital advertising needs. Digital advertising initiates a direct-to-consumer outcome since utilizing a combination of the above strategies helps your firm analyze which type of ads and platforms work best for your business. 

social ads for real estate investors

You’re ready to find leads!

Now that you have the best methods for lead generation for real estate investors, you can put them into practice. It all starts with curating a brand that speaks to the goals and methodology of your company. Building the brand through a digital and online presence via websites, social media, and informational material demonstrates your forward thinking and leadership driven qualities to build the trust and relationship dynamic between you and your client. 

Lead Generation for Accounting Firms – Grow Your Firm Fast

Lead generation for accounting firms is crucial for growing and maintaining a steady business. To be successful, accountants must understand…

Lead generation for accounting firms is crucial for growing and maintaining a steady business. To be successful, accountants must understand how to get and keep their clients. And in today’s extremely competitive market, generating leads can feel like a daunting endeavor. 

Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available to learn how to generate leads for accountants. Even a brief introduction to the components of lead generation is helpful in understanding where your particular accounting firm currently excels and where you need to focus more energy.

To learn more about procuring leads for accounting firms, keep reading!

Ensure that Your Branding is Memorable

Generating leads for an accounting firm begins with establishing the firm’s brand identity. There is a plethora of reasons why a solid brand image is essential to a company’s success, but perhaps the most important thing to realize about powerful branding is that it builds loyalty. 

If your firm has a logo, message, and/or visual story that is strong enough to be remembered by a potential customer, it only stands to increase your leads. Because even though a customer’s first interaction with your firm might not reel them in immediately to your services, your image will stick with them and be first to mind when they are ready to take the next step. 

Additionally, memorable branding helps attract referral clients. Lead generation for an accounting firm can – and ideally, should – be just as simple as setting the strategy and letting the leads flow in. Part of this strategy refers back to powerful branding and what a targeted customer will remember about you. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

As stated previously, even if a consumer does not buy your services the first time around, if they remember your company’s brand they are more likely to suggest you to their friends, family, coworkers – anyone who might naturally bring up the conversation of searching for accounting services.

For example, think of the Nike swoosh. This logo was designed for just $35 in 1971 and is today one of the most iconic brand logos that exists – for good reason. Nike figured out to how generate a positive first impression, resulting in a long-lasting association between their logo and company that customers could not ignore. 

Though there are plenty of components to crafting a successful brand – which can feel overwhelming at first – it’s safe to say that it’s a great place to start. To generate more leads for your accounting firm, remember the importance of a lasting impression.

Update Your Website to Reflect Your Business

The primary purpose of any company’s website is to generate leads – and ultimately increase sales of products and/or services. In this digital age, having a well-developed website that works for your brand is a non-negotiable. That means that no matter who or what your organization is and no matter what you do, your purpose should be clear to anyone visiting your site on the web. 

In the accounting industry, having an edge over the competition is also necessary. Successful lead generation for accounting firms must begin with understanding what your firm in particular has to offer that others don’t. Since many accounting firms essentially offer similar services, this may require some serious thought. 

engage users with video

What many successful companies do to get ahead in their respective competitive industries is offer free content to visitors that reach the website. This has multiple benefits, but the point is that in offering free content that still has value to a potential lead will help build their trust in your firm. This trust helps to form a rapport between company and customer and will motivate leads to return to you when they need the services offered. 

This content can be offered in a wide range of formats:

  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • PDF or e-book downloads
  • Blog posts
  • And more! 

Whatever it is, make sure it highlights at least several key benefits for the customer to entice them to choose your business. Explain what it is about your accounting services specifically that will help them.

Spend Time on Your Landing Page

One of the best ways to offer this free, yet valuable, content is through a powerful landing page. A landing page simply refers to the first page that customers see when they click on your site. It serves as a greeting and most importantly, a way to capture a customer’s information and lead them deeper into what your firm has to offer. 

For example, your landing page could ask for a customer’s name and email address in exchange for a free download that explains why working with a financial advisor or accountant will be beneficial to that customer. This is also a great opportunity to capture email addresses to be added to a regular newsletter list (weekly, monthly, or whatever cadence is most appropriate for your business). 

Over time, the customer will subconsciously recognize your brand as a trusted expert in the industry, which will increase the chances of them returning to you when they’re ready to act. 

Understand – and Invest – in Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your website has been established, ideally with a strong landing page that captures your target audience’s information in exchange for valuable content, it’s time to think about how to attract people there in the first place. To successfully acquire more sales leads for accountants, the firm’s site has to rank high in search results. 

When you are shopping for a product or service, or simply trying to learn more about a subject, think of the terms you type into the Google search bar. Then, consider the types of keywords your target customer demographic would be searching for. The goal is for your website to come up on the first page of Google’s search results when your customer looks for those keywords. Getting your site to rank high on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google has a basic beginner’s guide to SEO in their support archives, and it can be a great first step in learning more about how to optimize your website. There are several key points to remember: 

  • Write copy that is clear and easy-to-read
  • Organize the different subjects of information on your website in a way that makes sense
  • Consistently create fresh content to keep existing clients engaged and attract new leads
  • Write for your targeted customers, not search engines

Local SEO is of particular importance for small businesses. According to an SEO guide from HubSpot, 4 out of 5 consumers find local information via search tools. That’s 80% of your firm’s potential business that could be lost if your company’s website isn’t ranking well in search results. 

However, understanding how to boost your site’s SEO rankings does not have to be complicated. Since there’s so much information out there on how to do exactly that, let’s start with two major components of your website that are helpful for improving lead generation for accounting firms. 

Get Your Business Verified on Google

If your accounting firm is not yet verified with Google My Business, this should be one of your first steps. Without a verified business listing that shows up in Google search results, generating new client leads will be that much more difficult. 

When you are verified by Google, potential customers are able to connect with your business via Google Search and Maps. They can also interact with your business by viewing photos and relevant promotional offers posted to your listing, and then easily call, message, or leave a review – all from one source. 

Think of how many times you’ve read a Google review of a business that pops up in the sidebar when you’re searching for something; it’s probably second nature, so making sure that you can provide this for your own targeted customers simply makes sense when trying to generate sales leads.

Create Specific Content for Local Business

The other thing to keep in mind when creating content that is optimized for search is to create not only content on broad industry subjects but specific material that focuses on your local client base. In other words, if your goal is to generate leads for your accounting firm, create content that speaks specifically to those within your service area. 

Are there local businesses that have worked with your firm before and had success? Does your firm specialize in services that would be of specific use to local residents? Could you create a guide to the city for new businesses/customers/etc. that will be of value to them before they even need your services? If your answer is yes to any of these, you have a great starting point for local content creation that should help secure leads for accountants at your firm. 

If you keep these things in mind, you are that much closer to generating leads for your accounting firm.

Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Successful lead generation for accounting firms can be seen with the use of LinkedIn.

In the same way that Google My Business adds a layer of trust and credibility to your accounting firm, so does having an active presence on social media. For businesses, having a solid LinkedIn page is crucial. With more than 700 million users, LinkedIn provides ample opportunity for marketing your services to potential leads and existing clients. 

This Forbes article clearly lists several ways that LinkedIn can work for your business. It is particularly helpful for lead generation; accounting firms can utilize the InMail function to draw potential leads into completing forms or claiming offers, much like the landing page on your website will do. 

With InMail, a customized message can be sent directly to anyone who matches your target demographic criteria, essentially delivering your landing page directly to their inbox. 

There are also lead generation forms provided by LinkedIn that automatically populate a user’s information directly from their profile. When it comes to marketing your services, this is extremely valuable since the data is more often than not of high quality, and most importantly, accurate. 

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Paid Advertising is Always Worth It

Investing in paid advertising is another crucial strategy in lead generation for accounting firms. Again, LinkedIn is a major player when it comes to advertising in corporate industries. LinkedIn Ads make excellent use of filters in order to make sure that your services and/or products reach the right people. 

For example, you can filter for industry, company size, job title, and more to engage with those who would most likely need or want to make use of financial accounting services. Think about what kind of customer you want to turn into a client and use LinkedIn Ads to target them specifically. 

medspa digital marketing

But What About the Cost?

Focusing your attention on SEO efforts is essential but including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can further maximize your lead generation results. Why? PPC advertising is targeted in a multitude of ways. 

Just like with LinkedIn Ads, PPC advertising in general allows you to not only reach the target demographics of your potential clients but enables you to create multiple advertising streams to target those customers in a variety of avenues, meaning you will get both quality AND quantity. And in terms of generating leads for your accounting firm, the higher the number of potential leads, the higher the number of leads turning into dedicated clients.

While PPC advertising deters many businesses because of the cost, there are some great benefits of it that can’t be achieved with free or low-cost strategies like SEO. 

Improve Your ROI with Paid Ads

While the expense of PPC can feel overwhelming, especially if your firm is only just beginning to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to generate client leads, know that the return on investment for paid ads is worth it. Google estimates that on average, advertisers receive 8 times the profit of what they spend on Google Ads

Faster Results with PPC

SEO is definitely worth the time and effort it takes to implement, since over time you are likely to see big results. However, PPC advertising starts generating leads right away as long as your ads and relevant content are strong at the start of each campaign. Traffic will start flowing in quickly, meaning you can act on more leads and acquire more clients.

PPC Platforms Give You In-Depth Analysis

To truly benefit from any marketing campaign, especially one geared toward lead generation, you must understand where your traffic and potential leads are coming from. With PPC advertising platforms, you are able to look into each campaign and see not only who your clicks came from, but what they responded to directly. Having this information in your arsenal will only help you improve future campaigns and will benefit your SEO work as well.

Build, Build, and Build Your Email List

To further enhance your lead generation strategies, it’s important to remember email marketing. Even as social media becomes increasingly popular, email marketing still proves to be an effective tool for generating new leads and engaging with existing clients – and it doesn’t rely on paid advertising or Google search results. And while this strategy takes time to become truly profitable, much like SEO, you will only become more profitable as the email list gets larger. 

Remember your landing page? This is where a majority of your new email list will come through. When you offer that enticing free content, such as a PDF download or an opt-in for a regular newsletter, customers can enter their emails and receive it. 

medical device email marketing

Clients win because they’ve already received something free and valuable from your business, and you win because you’ve captured another contact to include in your email marketing campaigns.

Prospects often turn into customers through email. When this happens, keeping them on your email list will further build the relationship by offering consistent, valuable, and informative content about your services that they can continue to invest in – and will likely recommend to others.

Generate Leads and Watch Your Business Grow

Lead generation for accounting firms can seem difficult and complicated, but by parsing out each component of the overall strategy, you can focus your energies into a specific action that you know is going to be beneficial.

Solidify Your Brand

Your brand is what potential and existing customers will remember about you; having a strong image and message permeates throughout the rest of your lead generation strategies for the firm.

Build a Strong Website

In addition to your brand, a strong website ensures that anyone seeking more information about your firm will be able to access it easily and understand clearly what you offer. This is also where your landing page will capture client email addresses, which are later used in email marketing campaigns.

Invest Time in Local SEO Strategies

SEO delivers powerful results, but it’s important to remember that it’s a long game. Creating consistent content geared toward local consumers, and focusing on optimizing your website structure, links, and more, will pay off in the future and build on itself exponentially.

Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

For professional businesses, LinkedIn provides credibility and a powerful way to advertise custom messages, promotions, and more to potential leads. 

Paid Advertising is Worth Your Money

Paid advertising or PPC campaigns are worth the cost because the results are fast, lucrative, and provide valuable customer insights that are hard to obtain otherwise. 

Don’t Forget to Grow Your Email List

Lastly, email marketing should always be a key focus throughout any lead generation tactic. Like SEO, it pays off exponentially the larger it becomes, and is still worth your while even if email seems like a lost art. 

Mediaboom Can Help You Generate Leads for Your Accounting Firm

If you are invested in generating leads for your accounting firm, take the time to learn about each facet of marketing. The work you put in now will only further your success and result in both higher quantity and quality of sales leads.

At Mediaboom, we specialize in using effective digital marketing strategies to get our clients results, whether that means boosting online traffic or generating qualified leads. No matter how we go about it, our end goal is to increase your sales. Let us help you grow your business today!

Accounting Website Design – 25 Stellar Examples

As more clients have gone digital, so have accounting firms. Below is an extensive list of 25 of the best accounting website designs…

As more clients have gone digital, so have accounting firms. Below is an extensive list of 25 of the best accounting website designs with insight into the things that they “got right” about their websites.

1. Stride

Visit Website ›

Stride’s website theme relates back to their company. They use outdoor photography and topographic lines that ties back to their name “Stride”. They also utilize graphics to help callout information and add extra visual elements.

2. Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP

Visit Website ›

Wouch, Maloney & Co.’s website features clean, modern lines with excellent use of black/white imagery. Clear (and easy to use) calls-to-action have been introduced very well, making client conversions a top priority.

3. Accountant Online

Visit Website ›

Accountant Online’s accounting website design has fun color scheme that makes it feel fun and lively. Their homepage also visualizes their company well by calling out their services, showcasing testimonials and featuring a case study.

4. Bromhead

Visit Website ›

Bromhead’s website utilizes illustrations throughout the site even going the extra step to illustrate a part of their welcome image. Along with strong graphics they use their blue boldly throughout with overlays that an extra element to the page.

5. RHN

Visit Website ›

RHN’s website uses full width imagery and content that helps the website feel full and pulls the visitor right in. They have an easy to navigate menu that uses a graphic right in the menu that adds something a little extra.

6. Master

Visit Website ›

Master’s website is more traditional with no crazy elements just small simple hover and fade animations. Their homepage gets straight to the point by showcasing their services, affiliations and even have a space calling out their google reviews to show what people are saying about their company.

7. Pinnacle

Visit Website ›

Pinnacle’s website feels clean and easy to navigate. They section their information into a grid format and uses icons to help better illustrate their information. Some nice added elements is the use of angles in their navigation and contact strip and a section showcase companies they’ve partnered with.

8. St. Clair CPAs

Visit Website ›

St. Clair’s accounting website design feels personal with their use of employee images for their welcome screen. They have strong calls to actions throughout the site including multiple spots to schedule a consultation and pointing to the right service sector you need wether it be accounting or financial services.

9. Lutz

Visit Website ›

Lutz’s website uses a simple video on their welcome screen with a subtle overlay that helps you still read the information. The call to actions strip at the top of the website helps the visitor easily access the links they need.

10. Verdant

Visit Website ›

Verdant’s accounting website design uses a simple transition video as full screen element as their welcome screen that helps tell their story. They have strong callouts for their services, an overview of their company and for reviews that also give the visitor the option to write one for them as well.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

11. Van Reybrouck

Visit Website ›

Van Reybrouck’s website uses staggering and overlapping elements well that makes the information still feel organized but adds an extra element of the design to the page. They also use a more simple navigation with some quick links at the top and a hamburger menu that expands to show you the full navigation.

12. Baldwin

Visit Website ›

A fun, creative website, Baldwin’s uses playful copy and features adorable dogs all over their website. Their brand feels cohesive throughout by using their green and brown throughout along with utilizing their bowtie icon wherever they can.

13. Beene Garter

Visit Website ›

Been Garter’s website has a strong call to action on the welcome screen to read their story and a simple navigation that makes their contact page and login stand out. They use their brands red well with overlays and outlines to really draw your attention to important information.

14. DMCL

Visit Website ›

DMCL’s homescreen uses a simple interactive element when you hover over their hero. They have strong photography and utilize simple animations when you hover over interactive links.

15. Account Savvy CPA

Visit Website ›

Account Savvy’s website uses a high definition video with non-traditional calls to action that are three-dimensional. They not only use a video on their welcome screen but through out the site as well, that helps give it more personality.

16. Mew Co.

Visit Website ›

Mew’s website has catchy content and stays within brand utilizes their companys blue wherever they can in overlays, calls-to-action and headlines. They have a simple navigation with an obvious call out to contact them and the rest is condensed into a hamburger style menu.

17. Economos

Visit Website ›

Economo’s website has simple yet effective design with clear calls to actions. Another great addition to their homepage is showcasing testimonials that help add social proof.

18. WOW

Visit Website ›

Wow’s website makes accounting feel fun with a bright color palette and lively vector graphics that you don’t usually see on traditional accounting websites. They also uses imagery that is of people from their company which helps the website feel more unique.

19. Banyana Accounting

Visit Website ›

Banyana Accounting offers a clean, modern look while providing easy access to essential tools their client’s need.

20. Caroprese

Visit Website ›

Caroprese’s website has a clear menu structure with a call-to-action for their login. They also utilize whitespace well and keep their content clean and simple.

21. Lohn Caulder

Visit Website ›

Lohn Caulder’s website feels professional with their simple cityscape hero image, a professional team shot for the company overview video, and strong calls-to-action for services and client information.

22. Marc Wasserman

Visit Website ›

Wasserman’s website is simple and clean with a strong call to action for the phone number to contact. A section for company values and statistics adds a nice touch to the homepage that helps give a better overview of the company.

23. Abacai

Visit Website ›

Abacai is modern and utilizes a recent trend of bright colors, specifically this bold pink. Along with a fun color scheme, they uses colorful vector graphics that have simple animations that add an extra interesting element to the website.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

24. Solomon Hardwick

Visit Website ›

Solomon Hardwick’s accounting website design is beautiful and airy – and fits into their theme of living a carefree lifestyle with Solomon. They have strong calls-to-action and an interesting addition of a countdown timer till the next tax day.


Visit Website ›

MBSTA’s accounting website design does a good job of combining technology and accounting. The use fun illustrations fits all within their brands color scheme and adds a young vibrant feel to the website. Another interesting addition is their call-to-action on the welcome screen to start a conversation or to watch a video that teaches you more about their company.

Time To Consider a Website Refresh

Whether you’re just getting started or in the midst of complete website redo – these 25 websites will serve as a great resource of inspiration for your project. If you would like to get started on revamping the look and feel of your website, contact Mediaboom to get the conversation started.

Insurance Digital Marketing – What You Need to Try Right Now

Within the past few years the world of digital marketing has changed drastically. Using direct mail strategies, billboards, brochures…

Insurance Digital Marketing

Within the past few years the world of digital marketing has changed drastically. Using direct mail strategies, billboards, brochures, and telemarketing are all becoming antiquated and lack the results that more modern marketing strategies allow. With the growth of digital marketing, individuals young and old are able to access content in more engaging and interactive ways. 

Insurance digital marketing needs to be a priority in order for insurance agencies to grow their prospects, reach new clients, maintain existing client relationships, and more.

Agencies who are still working from the comfortable world of what they know won’t go very far in this age of digital innovation. 

Why does your insurance agency need to get on the insurance digital marketing bandwagon?

Your agency wants to make a profit, correct? You want to be the best in the business. And you want to reach individuals you never have before, make a difference in your community, and at the end of the day go home knowing that your employees are contributing to the success of the company. 

You want to learn more about insurance digital marketing because you want to sell insurance in the digital age.

Speak to Your “Digital” Clients

Reach Your Target Audience

In a world of social media followers, it has become easier for companies to hone in and target specific groups of prospective customers. 

The business experts at Forbes give a great example of how digital marketing strategies are used through social media:

“You [also] get to set your target audience whenever you create a PPC or pay-per-click ad or a Facebook ad. You can use age, gender, hobbies, occupation and other attributes to describe your target audience. You can be as specific as you like when you’re targeting customers through such digital marketing platforms.”

Insurance agencies can reach many more target clients by going digital.

The world of the online is immense and there are potential clients in every corner just waiting to be persuaded by innovative advertising techniques. 

Convert Website Users Into Clients

How do insurance agencies not only get someone to click on their website link, but also keep them so interested and engaged once on it? Through strategic content, interactive features, and a successful user experience, website users can easily be converted to becoming long-standing and committed clients. 

For every click that happens on a website, companies have an opportunity to turn a profit.

All companies—including insurance agencies—should find new ways to lure new clients in with modern, digital marketing strategies. 

marketing for insurance agency

“Once they click to your website, you have between 5 and 8 seconds to convince them you can help,” says Larry Bailin. “Your homepage should include the bare essentials, Bailin says. “People are looking for exactly what they typed in, with calls to action,” he says. “It’s critical that you address their issues on your homepage. Get to the point and get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there.”

Having a professional website with engaging content and videos will increase traffic and promote sales. 

The layout, the color scheme and images, the amount of extraneous items and distractions, the type of content, the type of advertising, the ease of finding a contact page, and the ability to independently find answers to questions are things insurance agencies need to take into consideration when developing their site. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Brand Awareness and Website Traffic

By increasing brand awareness, you will in turn increase website traffic; and by increasing website traffic, you will in turn increase brand awareness. 

How can insurance agencies increase brand awareness? 

A few more ways include: running ads on social media, partnering with influencers, use catchy and bold infographics, give away freebies or host sweepstakes, create podcasts or get on someone else’s as a guest, or allow expert guests to post content on the website. 

insurance digital marketing strategies

If an agency runs an ad on Facebook or jumps on a podcast to promote the products and services, this will then essentially increase traffic on their website; both of these actions are increasing brand awareness, which is what every business wants. 

By utilizing insurance digital marketing techniques, agencies can be well-known by a wider range of individuals and can boost website traffic—which increases the success of the business. 

Search Engine Optimization To Rank Higher

“The content you actually post on your website has long been a core part of a successful SEO strategy. It should not be optimized just for increased rankings, but with your user experience in mind.”

You can optimize the content on your site for better SEO by trying out the following techniques:

  • Increase the length of your content to maximize relevance for your audience.
  • Combine visuals and text for ideal audience engagement.
  • Ensure consistency between page title, meta description, and actual content to avoid cognitive dissonance.
seo digital marketing services

Having a strategic SEO plan can be extremely beneficial, as SEO is the number one way to rank on the first page of Google in order to generate traffic. 

Now that you have read the numerous benefits to insurance digital marketing, read about the specific types of digital marketing that your agency can dive into. 

What are the different digital marketing strategies your insurance agency can utilize? 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way insurance agencies can increase sales. 

Some benefits of email marketing include cost-effectiveness, it is easy to share with others and it is easy to measure a success rate (ROI). Emailing clients can increase trust and loyalty and develop relationships among agents and clients. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing can take place on a physical website, through a social media platform, on a blog, or on YouTube or something similar. Videos can be embedded anywhere and are extremely effective in capturing client attention and are also a much more creative and engaging way to present information quickly—and most importantly for the agency to represent their brand. 

video services content marketing

Video marketing can help in the following ways:

  • Videos establish credibility and trust
  • Videos increase conversion and sales 
  • Videos allow for shareable content 
  • Video ads and email marketing go hand-in-hand
  • Videos cater to mobile users

Insurance digital marketing plans should include video marketing to reap these amazing benefits. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about what you post on your agency’s website, social media page, etc. This can be in the form of a blog, statistics, infographics, or testimonials. Think of this as the persuasive powerhouse of the website. 

content marketing for insurance agencies

Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn is becoming ubiquitous for any smart company. 

With literally millions of people worldwide on social media—and many on hours throughout each day—it is simple to reach a vast number of potential clients this way. 

Time To Get Started

Take advantage of the many benefits of insurance digital marketing and utilize the various marketing strategies that there are available. Once your agency begins to see success from these strategies, you will absolutely continue to utilize them. 

Mediaboom is a digital marketing agency that specializes in getting clients results. We can help you boost online traffic and brand awareness to generate qualified leads, which ultimately will increase sales. Let our online marketing company help your business grow with successful marketing, advertising, design, and website services.