B2B PPC Advertising – Should You Hire an Agency?

Wondering what PPC advertising is and whether you need an expert for this task? B2B PPC marketing is a method that allows B2B businesses to capture leads efficiently and fast.

This happens when your target audience searches for the words on a search engine related to your business and helps them notice your Google adverts.

If you want your product or service, they click the ad and visit your website. Since this advertising technique requires significant effort, time, and expertise, it’s better to hire professionals that can promote your business in the best possible way.

If you are still confused, then you need to read on. Here we have mentioned some basic aspects and concepts of B2B marketing that will help you make an informed decision. 

google ads b2b

What is PPC?

By using PPC for B2B, you can show short ads on a search engine to users and encourage them to visit your website. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. Also, a lighting fast auction system helps you know whether you show up on the search results or not.  

In fact, if your website is not organically ranking high for specific keywords through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can achieve more visibility by using the PPC technique. 

Why Should You Use PPC for B2B Advertising? 

You can smartly devise your sales and marketing strategies with PPC. This method allows you to reach companies that are looking for a business like yours. Another reason to opt for the PPC for B2B is that your advertising campaign will promote your business 24/7. 

Your team may stop working after 5 pm, but the ad will keep running, helping you earn valuable clicks. This will promote your services and products. 

B2B PPC advertising helps you create more effective and aggressive sales and marketing strategies. In other words, you will be able to connect with the business that is searching for your services and products. 

How Much do I Need to Spend?

The cost of a PPC campaign can vary greatly from business to business. An average medium or small-sized business spends around $9,000 to $10,000 on PPC. In other words, you have to pay around $108,000 to $ 120,000 for a year. 

You also need to know that the fees can vary depending on your requirements and the way your chosen experts work. Nevertheless, no matter how much you will pay, you will recoup the cost. 

google ads spend amount b2b

How to Create a Wildly Successful B2B PPC Campaign?

Perform Keyword Research

It is an essential part of B2B PPC advertising. Without keyword research, your business cannot develop an effective PPC optimization strategy. This is why investing some time researching high-value keywords in the industry is crucial to success. 

For keywords, you can opt for the following approaches.

  • Use keyword searching tools
  • Compile a list of valuable keywords
  • Determine which type of keywords your competitors are using
  • Look for keywords with keyword planner from Goggle Ads

When you are searching for the keywords, make sure to look for long-tail keywords. Simply put, find keywords that include at least more than two words. This is because long-tail keywords boost your chances to rank high in the list of ads. 

It also increases the possibility of reaching your prospective customers. The primary reason to use these types of keywords is that it cuts down the number of competitors, as more companies will be focusing on short-tail keywords.

Also, make sure to use keywords that have a higher search volume so that you can attract as many prospective clients as you can.

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Structure Your Campaign

You also need to structure your B2B advertising campaign. Note that, in Google Ads, you will have an account hierarchy. If you fail to match it, your ads will most likely underperform. As a result, it will hurt the ROI of your B2B Google Ads campaign. 

The following is the account structure or hierarchy from bottom to top.

  • Keywords
  • Ad groups
  • Ad campaigns
  • Account

It’s important for the advertising team to develop ad campaigns with organized and relevant ad groups. For instance, if you want to sell your glass manufacturing machine to another business, you need to build a campaign.

This campaign can help you feature ad groups that target competitor, related, and branded search words. 

Create Your Ad

When you have accumulated the information and keywords and decided what type of campaign you want to run, it is time to create your advert. Here are some tips for developing a catchy and impressive ad that can attract your target audience.

Write a Compelling Copy

To create an ad, you need to create a compelling copy that is easy to understand for your customers. It should not be boring and complex.

You also need to provide a message to your audience through impressive and straightforward text. Besides that, keeping the paragraphs short should also be your priority. 

When you create an ad, make sure to incorporate the following things:

  • Heading
  • Descriptions

Heading will help you divide the content into sections, which will improve readability, while short and simple descriptions will help you share your message with your audience.

Use Eye-Catching Imagery

Images are essential to grab the attention of internet users. By adding eye-catching and engaging images to your ad, you can motivate customers to click on your ad. However, choose a relevant image that can define the services and products your company provides.

Design a High-Converting Landing Page

A landing page is your website’s page where you send you users that click on your B2B PPC advertising. If you want your campaign to be successful, you need to create a landing page that represents the message you are promoting through your ad copy. 

Not to mention, your landing page also needs to be:

  • On-brand
  • Fast
  • Intuitive
  • Responsive

Launch Your Campaign and Optimize

When your Google ad and landing page are ready, you can go live. After this step, you need to monitor your performance so that you can make amendments for better results. For instance, you can experiment with different landing pages to know which works best for your campaign. 

ppc for b2b

Common PPC Campaign Mistakes

Not Monitoring Campaigns

The most common problems are that people often avoid monitoring their campaigns. However, monitoring them will help you keep shelling out money on a campaign that is not helping you reach your goals.

Making Unrealistic Goals

If you think that your company will begin to earn great profits soon after the launch of your campaign, then you are wrong. Every type of marketing campaign like B2B PPC advertising takes time to boost your company’s profitability. You need to have realistic goals regarding what you can get by running a campaign for a few months. 


Trying Too Hard

If you try too hard to make your campaign work and add all possible keywords in your ad, then you may reach customers who don’t even want to purchase your product or service. 

This will only waste your money, as you will not get the results if irrelevant people click your ad. So, it’s better to add only relevant and targeted keywords that only your prospective customers would search. 

b2b ppc mistakes

Should I Hire a B2B PPC Advertising Agency? 

Of course, you need to hire a skilled, qualified, and fully equipped team of experts that can help you create B2B PPC Advertising. From researching keywords to monitoring your campaign, it’s a challenging task for someone who has no background in marketing and advertising.

In fact, even if you have a little bit of knowledge about advertising methods, it will be hard for you to perform this task. 

This is because creating a PPC campaign is a lot trickier than running ads on social media platforms or other media.

So, if you want to get successful and attract a significant number of users to your website, you need to hire market experts like Mediaboom

We are industry leaders and have the knowledge and skills to build and manage digital advertising and marketing campaigns.

Our talented team knows the best ways to help you reach your prospective customers through strategic and impactful campaigns. 


B2B PPC advertising is the best way to make your presence visible in front of your clients. The best part is that this marketing technique is affordable as well as beneficial for every type of business. So, if you are struggling to reach out to other businesses, this method is the best option for you.

What is a Digital Agency? – Why You Should Consider Hiring One

A digital agency focuses primarily on marketing your business, products and services in the digital world. This is done through website design and development…

Do you think it’s time to grow your business, but don’t want to hire a marketing team? If so, that’s probably why you’ve come to this post.

We’re about to cover what a digital agency is, and how they can help you and your business success.

But first, having worked in the field for over 20 years, I am often asked the question:

What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency focuses primarily on marketing your business, products and services in the digital world. This is done through website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid online advertising, social media, email marketing and other services.

There has been a major shift in the marketing world – there was a time when marketing was simple and handled in-house.

You could have your local radio station read your copy, hand out flyers, and take out newspaper ads with great success. 

But, the world has moved on and methods like these, while they still have some value, digital marketing is rapidly replacing it. These traditional advertising methods are falling by the wayside. If you’ve thought about entering this new market, you will probably need an agency to help.

“What is a digital agency? And why can’t I continue to handle my own advertising, after all, it’s been working for years?”

Let’s Take a Look at Digital Marketing 

What is digital marketing? Simply put, it’s creating marketing strategies that will take advantage of today’s digital world.

Currently, the world population stands at approximately 8 billion. Of these, approximately 3.3 billion make use of some form of social media and this number is growing rapidly. 

digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies are those who work primarily on creating marketing strategies designed to take advantage of the digital market. This includes social media such as:

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more involved in making use of social media and having a website to a successful digital marketing strategy.

You and your agency can monitor these strategies 24/7. This will show you what’s working and what isn’t at any minute.

This allows you and your digital marketing agency to make instant adjustments. 

Why Use A Digital Agency?

A quality digital marketing agency bypasses the more traditional, “let’s blast it out there and hope for the best” strategy. Instead, they focus on targeted marketing, lead generation, and brand development. The typical digital agency offers:

Teams of:

  • Strategists
  • Digital marketing consultants
  • Creators 
  • Developers
marketing agency benefits

While each of these is a separate team, they have one goal in mind. This is to work together, creating a ground-up digital marketing strategy for your business that delivers results. 

Although there are agencies out there that straddle the fence, many of these agencies still tend to focus on the more traditional methods of marketing. 

Your company needs a website that is “eye candy” to the person who comes upon it. But, the beauty of your website needs to be more than skin deep. Your website must be easy to navigate, filled with useful information, and most of it must convert. 

What does “convert” mean? It means people who visit your website make the decision to make a purchase or dive deeper into the content to learn more. 

Most traditional marketing agencies lack the skilled staff needed to make this happen. While some digital agencies do still offer more traditional marketing services, they are not their main focus. 

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Your Agency Plays Several Roles 

While we’ve answered the basics of “what is a digital agency?” there is more to it than this. A good full-service digital marketing agency will focus on these three important areas to ensure the success and growth of your business. 

Learning About Your Business 

It’s hard for any type of marketing agency to “sell” your business to a targeted market if they don’t understand your business. They should spend time with you, learning about your products or service, your market target, your goals, and most of all getting a “feel” for your business. 

marketing your business

An analysis of your current marketing strategies is used to determine what your brand needs. This will allow the digital agency to work with you developing new and more powerful digital marketing strategies that will help you to reach your goals. 

They will research who your “ideal customer” is and how they search and decide where they spend their money. Once you have a firm grip on who your targeted market should be, you can adapt your marketing strategy to form the necessary connection with your customers. 

Mastering Your Online Branding 

Under the guise of “what is a digital agency,” the right full-service digital marketing agency will focus exclusively on creating your online presence. To do this, they have several tasks they need to complete for your business. 

The success of your business counts heavily on having a website that focuses on the buyer that showcases your brand. If you currently have a website, the agency will use a number of tools to analyze it. In doing so, they can determine what changes must be made to achieve the best results. 

online branding

Today, it’s not enough to have a website that is nothing more than a catalog of the products you have to offer. If this is all your website contains, all but the most serious of buyers are likely to move on. Keep in mind the average person will only spend 15 seconds looking at your landing page. 

This is known as bounce rate, and the digital agency you choose must have the skills needed to keep people on your site. They do this by creating content in the form of informational pages and more importantly a blog. 

Blogging has become a very popular form of sharing information relevant to the company’s market. Some will cover only relevant topics, others add in seasonal, fun, and conversational content to help boost readership. While some digital agencies use in house writers, many more tend to outsource the work to a skilled commercial copywriter. 

content marketing agency

It’s important that your marketing team knows how to make the most of marketing strategies such as:

  • SEO – Search engine optimization – includes ensuring the content of your website is keyed specifically to what your customers are looking for. In general, today’s website content is designed to meet the SEO standards of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, three of the most commonly used search engines. 
  • SEM – Search engine marketing – includes all aspects of creating your online presence, SEO and SMM are core components of SEM. In effect, it is an umbrella term. 
  • SMM – Social media marketing – creating and managing marketing campaigns using various social media platforms. Social media is rapidly becoming one of the top marketplaces, and one you simply cannot afford to ignore. 
  • MMI – Mobile market integration – creating marketing and developing your website to optimize mobile marketing for those who shop using a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or any other mobile web-enabled device. In the early days trying to look at a website page on a cell phone was virtually impossible. 

The reason? Pages did not automatically rescale in order to fit in the much smaller screen. This is no longer the case, but you do need an agency that can design your site to meet the needs of the “small” screen. 

  • Email marketing – Email marketing is NOT dead, in fact, with the right campaign, it is still possible to achieve success. A good email marketing strategy should not just be endless advertising on your behalf. It should include informational content that is relative to your business such as the introduction of a new product or service. Many businesses also send out regular newsletters that help keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds. 
email marketing agency

Did you know that there are over 2.5 billion email users around the globe? This is a marketplace you cannot afford to avoid. 

  • Proper placement of online advertising – Using statistics, experience, and knowledge to strategically place your online ads. Online advertising includes creating banner ads and using pay per click to generate more leads. 
  • Video marketing – Sites such as YouTube and Instagram are the perfect place for advertising your business. The agency can produce videos that highlight new products or services by demonstrating their use. In the case of products, this is typically achieved with a video that highlights new items and then demonstrates their use. In the case of services, it can be a video that includes a description of the service and demonstrates their results. 

The goal with SEO is to ensure that through content that “includes high search” keywords, long-tailed keywords, and key phrases appear on your website increasing your organic search results significantly.

In the last few years, blogging has gone from something people did at home to becoming a powerhouse in business marketing. When properly managed, you should realize a significantly larger ROI (return on investment) than you are ever likely to see with traditional marketing methods. 

Boosting Your Return On Investment 

Maximizing your ROI is probably one of the most important functions of the digital marketing agency. Their goal is to ensure you see a continuous increase in your investment rather than stagnation. In doing this, they help you to see higher profits. 

The digital marketing world has no room for sluggishness. It is a constantly changing and evolving marketplace based on demand and changes in technology. A quality full-service digital marketing agency never rests. 

They are constantly testing, analyzing, and modifying your marketing strategy to take advantage of any changes they see in the market. Among the things they monitor closely is the amount of traffic your website sees. Their job is to develop your website to ensure the number of visitors continues to increase. 

marketing agency return on investment

If your site sees a loss of traffic, it’s the agency’s job to find out why and make the necessary changes. For example, you won’t find many successful businesses today that don’t have a blog on their website.

This is not something that just “suddenly” happened.” Blogging represented a major change in strategy and one that has proven to be highly successful. 

Everything an agency does for you is geared towards generating more leads for your business. Leads convert to sales and the more generated the better your long-term sales prospects are going to be, which is the ultimate goal. 

What Are the Alternatives?

Now that we’ve talked about the question of “What is a digital agency,” we should take a few minutes to talk about alternatives to hiring a digital marketing agency. The only other successful option you have is to add a digital marketing department to your business. Your department would need a staff that includes:

  • Marketing strategist or team of strategists
  • Marketing manager
  • Developers 
  • A designer or team of designers 
  • One or more copywriters 
digital marketing team

Hiring and maintaining a team like this is likely to represent a major long-term investment for your company. Along with their salaries, you have taxes to pay, vacations, paid holidays, and if your company is big enough benefits. Compare this to the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency. 

How Can I Tell if An Agency Will Be Right For Me?

By now you’ve likely decided to go with an agency. But, choosing one can be extremely difficult. Here’s a few factors you should look for.


Meet with your agency and gauge their character. Can they be trusted to care about your business and keep your secrets? This is a judgement call, but be careful to think it through. Don’t be afraid to ask to talk to a previous customer.

Willing to Meet Regularly

Will the agency you go with dedicate enough time to meet your expectations? One sign of this is if they are willing to meet regularly.

They Will Help Define Clear Goals

Setting goals mean that the agency you work with has standards for client success. They also may help set realistic expectations for your near and long term success.

Easy to Communicate With

How hard was it to set a meeting? Were they quick to respond? You will need constant communication to have success with your agency.

Summing It All Up 

First and foremost, the role of your agency is to create a bridge between the physical and digital world. This means matching your brick and mortar store or business with a website and a presence on the web. 

Secondly, and perhaps just as important is that a digital marketing agency can help you completely rebrand your business. This can give your business the opportunity to take your business in a new direction. 

branding marketing agency

Should you invest in a website? You can’t afford not to in today’s marketplace. Does your online presence need to be optimized for mobile applications? Approximately 87% of mobile device users spend their time using an endless variety of apps. 

Looking at the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency compared to a traditional agency, it becomes evident that taking this step is important. Doing so can make a huge difference in your future profits and growth. 

Financial Advisor Ads – The Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you’re a financial advisor, digital ads need to be part of your marketing strategy. 

For those who might be confused about digital advertising, here’s a quick definition. 

Financial advisor ads in the digital context are marketing messages in the form of text or video displayed on search results, third-party websites and social media.

Why Are Digital Ads Essential for Financial Advisors?

Most People Seeking a Financial Advisor Start Online – Welcome to what Google Think calls the “Age of Assistance.”  In just the last few years, consumers have fundamentally changed their behavior. 

Using mobile devices, online research has become the first stop for many consumers. With information so ubiquitous and readily at hand, consumers are research obsessed.

In the past two years, search phrases with the word “best,” as in, for example, “best financial advisor near me,” have grown over 80%. Searches for the term “financial advisor” increased up 75% from 2015 – 2017 

financial advisor ads
Source: Google Data, U.S., July-Dec. 2015 vs. July Dec. 2017

More than 50% of offline investors gather information online first. These consumers are also more demanding. They expect finding the information they want to be quick and easy, even if the consumers are not explicit about their needs. In short, they expect financial advisors to anticipate their questions and provide answers proactively. 

Answering questions in advance may feel like free consulting to you. In reality, it is the first step in a client acquisition sequence that gradually builds trust and authority before the client ever walks into your office. 

Finally, Google says that consumers are more impatient. They make decisions, even hyper-critical ones like choosing a financial advisor, quickly and based on information gathered in minutes from online sources. 

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Mobile search has grown more than 150% in the last two years.

Search terms like “financial advisor near me now” have increased more than 150%. 

According to Hubspot, consumers consult social media for buying recommendations. 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase based on social media referrals.

A study cited in Forbes found that 81% of US consumers report that social media friends directly influence their buying decisions. That stat is not a shock. People have always relied on recommendations from friends. However, more surprising is that Market Force found that 78% of consumers say posts by companies they follow influence their buying decisions.

ads for financial advisors
Source: Forbes

As a financial advisor, you can’t afford to miss that opportunity. However, social media is a delicate area for financial advisors. You cannot make recommendations.

Care is required in advertising of all kinds, and especially in social media. However, the trend is clear. Again according to Forbes’s research, 85% of financial advisors use social media for their business.  

Social media ads are the next logical step. 

Digital ads are Targeted 

Financial advisor ads used to be “spaghetti” advertising; throw it on the wall and hope something sticks. Financial advisors took out ads in broadcast media like TV, radio or print. Those ads appeared in front of a large cross-section of consumers. Most of them were not remotely interested in hiring a financial advisor. 

Financial advisor digital advertising, on the other hand, can be laser targeted to precisely the kind of clients you prefer and, even more importantly, at the moment in time when they are actively searching for a financial advisor.

This targeted marketing has a much better return on investment. 

Financial Advisor Ads in Digital Media Produce Measurable Results 

Another problem with the old spray and pray method of advertising is that the financial advisor couldn’t measure their marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, compare campaigns head-to-head or A/B test.

The platforms that support digital advertising provide a wealth of real-time and precise data about your ads. 

You will know which ads are your best performers, which need some tweaking and which ads you should stop altogether. 

Again, the radically improves your ROI and allows you to target (and find) the clients most likely to respond to you and the services you offer. 

Digital Ads by Financial Advisors Have a Range of Formats 

 Financial services are complex. Not every marketing message lends itself to a 250 character ad or a 30 second sound bite. 

Digital ads come in all flavors, from images with a caption to 30-minute videos. 

This flexibility enables you to customize your advertising for the target market and message. 

Digital Ads can be Retargeted 

Finally, one great advantage of digital advertising is retargeting the clients of greatest interest. 

When a prospect responds to one of your ads, the advertising platforms make a record of that action. You then have the opportunity to continue to show advertising to that prospect tailored to the level and kind of interest their initial ad response indicates. 

For example, suppose a prospect clicked on an ad about retirement planning. In that case, you might follow up with that client with follow-on ads highlighting your expertise in retirement planning. 

What Types of Financial Advisor Ads are Working Now in Digital Media? 

The possibilities for digital advertising are as diverse as the internet itself. These are what our clients currently find most effective. 

1. Search Ads

You’ve no doubt seen this type of ad. When a person enters a search query, the top results will be ads. Ads may also appear at the bottom of the search results or on the side of the page.

google ads for financial advisors

These ads look like search results. 

The advertiser pays the search engine to display their ad. The payment is usually a variable amount based on an auction-like model and paid only in the event of a click.

Search advertising’s beauty is that these ads only show to people who have already demonstrated interest in the topic. 

You still don’t know anything about their intent. The person could be actively searching for a financial advisor or just researching. However, with carefully chosen search terms, you can optimize for terms that do show intent.

2. Display Ads

Display ads appear on webpages that the search engines have determined are relevant to a search term you have selected.

For example, if you select to advertise on the search term “financial advisors in Milwaukee,” your ad might display on a website with an article about the tip ten financial advisors in Milwaukee.

financial display ads

As with search ads, your ads only show to people who have indicated an interest in the topic of financial advisors. In this case, they demonstrate interest by reading an article related to financial planning.

3. Native Ads

Native ads are a class of ads designed to look like the content on the page where they are displayed. 

For example, you may have noticed at the bottom of many newspaper websites, a group of boxes that seem, at first glance, to be related news stories. On closer inspection, many of these stories are ads presented to mimic a news story. 

Native ads are effective because the manner of their presentation instantly presents credibility. Imagine your financial advisor ads appearing side-by-side with journalism from the Forbes or Wall Street Journal team.

The extended format of native ad content enables you to showcase your expertise and build credibility with your prospects. 

Choose where you display native ads carefully. Some publications are awash with clickbait native ads with sensational headlines. You will not build credibility if your carefully written content shows alongside this kind of ad. 

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4. Social Media

Social media advertising is the fastest-growing advertising media. According to SproutSocial,  ad spend on social media exceeded $89 billion in 2019. They expect spending to grow 8.7% to over $102 billion in 2020.

Digital video advertising is growing 25% year-over-year. 

Financial advisors have to be particularly careful about their social media activity and advertising.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have issued social media activities guidelines. It would be best to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before launching a social media presence or social media advertising. 

The CFA Institute of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct is another vital touchpoint.  The CFA cautions that adherence to their code of ethics supersedes any legal responsibilities. In other words, even if the activity on social media is legal, if it violates the code of ethics, you still may not engage in that activity. 

Of course, the main concern is that you may inadvertently, through your social media ads, give investment advice, which would raise questions of suitability, diligence and prudence. 

Despite the ethical constraints, you should not overlook the power of social media advertising and the client flow it enables. 

Let’s take a look at the various types of social media ads available to you. 


Business people naturally think of Linked-In first. To the extent that your practice focuses on business professionals, Linked-In is your best bet. 

Before you get started, make sure you set up your Linked-In profile correctly. You’ll want a complete personal profile and resume, and a company profile. 

You’ll want to show your connections but be careful to only accept connections from people you know, trust or consider credible. 

Here’s a Linked-In ad from a financial advisor. 

linkedin ads

It looks just like any post in your Linked-In feed, i.e., posts from your connections. But, in this case, it’s a promoted post.  

Notice their use of a lead magnet. Lead magnets are an excellent way to collect segmented leads. Their imaging calls out specifically to their target demographic, men approaching retirement. 


Facebook is another obvious advertising platform for financial advisors. Facebook is a blend of personal and business profiles. However, Facebook’s terrific segmentation tools allow you to target particular markets as a financial advisor. As with LinkedIn, make sure you have a complete profile. Also, post relevant content on your Facebook page. 

One sales funnel that’s worked well for our clients is, 

  1. A Facebook post with highly relevant content
  2. Promote the post for Facebook Likes
  3. Create Ads and promote them to people who have liked your page.
  4. Once you have enough likes (at least 100), create a Facebook look-alike audience and run that same initial promoted post to the look-alike audience. 
financial advisor facebook ads

Above is an example of a Facebook ad by a financial advisor. Notice it’s timely. That’s a crucial piece of the Facebook advertising picture.Instagram

Instagram is a less obvious choice but can be quite powerful.

The visual nature of Instagram makes it more challenging to offer a nuanced message. However, with the right graphics, you can get viewers to click-through to content. 

As with all the social media advertising strategies, adding value is critical. In the case of Instagram, most of our clients post a balance of motivational content and value-add content.


Finally, don’t miss YouTube as a platform for your financial advisor ads. Many people overlook the fact that YouTube is not just a social media channel. YouTube is also the world’s second-largest search engine.

Consumers consistently turn to YouTube for their research. Google data estimates that 55% of consumers use YouTube videos for their shopping research. 

The video format of YouTube requires a different content/ad production format. Don’t let video ads intimidate you. A simple video of you sitting at a desk or a PowerPoint presentation can be as powerful as a slick video production. 

Should I Hire a Financial Advisor Ads Agency?

If one of the biggest issues you face as a financial advisor is getting a reliable stream of leads, you should consider financial advisor lead generation services.

Are Financial Lead Generation Services Worth The Cost?

Most lead generation services or agencies will charge you per lead or on a monthly retainer. While this can be a hard cost to swallow – it can certainly be worth it.

Outsourcing your lead generation can let you focus on the the parts of your business that generate the most money. Now, you can focus on serving your current clients and closing incoming ones.

So, if you can handle the cost that comes with lead generation services – they can certainly be worth it in the long-term.

What Could a Financial Advisor Advertising Agency Do For Me?

A financial ads agency could take a lot of your plate so you can focus on what matters most. Here’s how one could help you.

Gain Consumer Trust

Many people today will do a quick Google search to discover the online reputation of someone they would like to work with.

In the case of a financial advisor, there are a lot of other businesses that offer similar services. That’s why showcasing your firm and the work you have done can go a long way in standing out among the competition.

Increases Online Visibility

More and more financial advisors are working on their online portfolio.

Are you going to keep up with the trend?

Establishing a stellar online presence means you are giving firm a greater chance of being found by potential clients.

Local consumers have a much better chance to find your firm when you have a local-optimized website, a filled-out Google My Business Profile, and social media that stands out.

Maximize Your Incoming Leads

Done can be the times of looking for work when you need it.

When you have some extra time or room for more clients, you need a steady stream of potential clients ready to work with you.

With the power of financial advisors ads run by a smart lead generation agency, this could be the case.

Therefore, you will always have consumers at the ready waiting for your services. Now, you can pick and choose clients that you want to work with.

How to Get Started with Financial Advisor Ads?

There are two ways to get started with financial advisor digital advertising. Many financial advisors decide to go it alone.  The cost of entry seems relatively low. But that’s an oddly inept decision for a financial advisor. 

You likely explain to your clients that hiring a financial advisor is ultimately less expensive than braving the financial waters solo and losing money while they learn.

The same reasoning holds for financial advisor advertising. You could go it alone, but you will make rookie mistakes and waste money in the process. 

Alternately, you could reach out to the experts here at Mediaboom and let our consultants get you started with financial advisor ads the right way. 

Google Ads for Lawyers in 8 Steps [Beat Your Competition]

Google Ads for Lawers can lead to incredible results for your firm, but it needs a solid strategy: Learn how to beat Competitors in 8 Steps!

Lawyers know how important it is to get their names out there to attract new clients. One of the best ways to do that is to utilize the internet and advertise your services on Google, specifically on Google Ads. When done right, Google Ads for lawyers can lead to incredible results for their firms. 

How to Run Google Ads for Lawyers 

The key to running Google Ads for lawyers is to do your research, look at data, and test strategies. Then, adjust those strategies as needed. Before we get into how exactly to plan those strategies, let’s get into the basics of Google Ads and how they work. 

What are Google Ads? 

Google Ads are paid advertisements that show up on a search engine results page (SERP). If you search for something on Google, you’ll likely see the first couple of spots on the page have an “ad” tag next to them. This means that companies paid to be in that top spot through bidding. You can also have your ads show up on other websites using Google Ads. 

Using Google Ads is a beneficial digital strategy because it helps you get access to high-intent prospects. This means your name and firm get in front of people looking for specific services you offer or information you provide. 

Google ads for lawers

Can Law Firms Use Google Ads Effectively? 

Yes, law firms can use Google Ads effectively if they have a solid strategy in place. One of the first things to determine when thinking of this strategy is how much to invest in Google Ads.

Luckily, Google actually provides a good breakdown of how to determine what your daily budget should be for your campaigns. 

Google suggests taking your monthly advertising amount and dividing it by the number of days there are in the month.

So say your monthly budget for Google Ads is $3,000 and you’re running a campaign for the month of September. Divide $3,000 by 30 days and you get a $100 daily average. 

The key with this, though, is to look at your Google Ads return on investment (ROI). If you’re getting more clients from your ads, then your ROI will be greater. If you aren’t getting clients, though, scale back on the spending and evaluate your strategy. The last thing you want to do is burn through your Google Ads budget with nothing to show for it. 

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8 Steps to a Successful Google Ads Campaign

As mentioned above, lawyers and law firms need a comprehensive strategy to have success with Google Ads. Here are some key steps to launching and maintaining a Google Ads campaign that converts.

Step 1: Perform Market Research 

You need to know about what your target audience wants and needs to successfully advertise to them. That’s where market research comes into play. Market research is the process of gathering crucial information about your target audience, such as: 

  • What they like to buy 
  • How they buy things (online vs. in person) 
  • What they value most when working with brands
  • How much money they make 
  • How they find value in their lives 

As a lawyer, you want to position yourself as someone who can help a client through a difficult situation and get the results they want. You can’t do that without first understanding who they are and how their lives are impacted by this situation. 

Here are three key ways to conduct market research as a lawyer: 

  • Interview past and current clients and assess their needs 
  • Ask past and current clients to fill out a survey to gather data 
  • If you have first party data, analyze it and see if you notice any trends in demographics, situations, and behaviors 

The more you know about your target audience, the better you can advertise your law firm to them via Google Ads

Step 2: Choose Keywords That Resonate With Your Audience 

Once you know about your audience, it’s time to research which keywords will resonate with them online. Keywords are the words and phrases people type into Google to search. Some keywords for lawyers and law firms include:

  • Lawyers near me 
  • Law office near me 
  • Legal advice 

If you choose the right keywords to target with your Google Ads, you can see incredible growth for your practice. With that in mind, let’s get into the types of keywords and keyword matching options to choose from according to Google

Broad Match: This means your ads can show up on keywords related to your keyword, even if the keyword itself isn’t within the search. 

Phrase Match: This is a slightly more targeted option for your ads. By selecting this option, you allow your ads to show up on searches that include the meaning of the keyword. 

Exact Match: By using this option, your keywords will show up on searches that have the same meaning or intent as the keyword you’re targeting. 

Negative Keywords: This is a Google Ads option to use if you don’t want your ad to show up on searches that have a specific term. For instance, if you’re a lawyer who doesn’t take on divorce cases, you could add a negative keyword for “divorce lawyers near me”. 

One tip for finding keywords to target is to find long tail keywords to target. Long tail keywords are keywords that have between three and five words in them. Finding long tail keywords will help you target your ads more deliberately. The more niche you get with your long tail keywords, the more likely you’ll reach an engaged audience that’s looking for your services


Step 3: Choose the Right Bidding Strategy

One of the great things about Google Ads is that you can choose from a number of bidding strategies that help you achieve your campaign goals. You could choose to do Smart Bidding, or Manual CPC bidding

Manual CPC (Manual Cost-Per-Click) bidding is a hands-on ads approach that allows you to control the cost of a user clicking on your ad. This is beneficial because you can control the cost per click, meaning you control how much you pay when people click on your ad. This can be time consuming, though. 

If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach to bidding with Google Ads, you can use Smart Bidding. Depending on what your goals are for your ad, Smart Bidding and other automatic bidding strategies can help you try to deliver on those goals.

Determine if you want to get conversions, impressions, or clicks with your ads to determine which automatic bidding strategy will work best for you

Step 4: Test Ad Copy 

One of the best things you can do for your Google Ads for lawyers campaign is to test your ad copy. Testing ad copy allows you to see which messaging and calls to action resonate best with your audience. This is vital information to know, as the wording of your ad could make or break your campaign. 

You can test your ad copy with Search Ads 360. This allows you to test copy and see accurate and easy-to-understand results that will influence your future campaigns. Some things to consider testing include: 

  • Calls to action (CTAs) 
  • Appealing to emotion vs. practicality 
  • Using localized copy vs. non-localized copy

If you don’t test ad copy, you’re limiting the potential of your Google Ads. Test the copy, see what works and what doesn’t, then adjust as needed to achieve your ad goals

Law Firm

Step 5: Maximize Ad Extensions

Let’s say you run an ad and someone is highly interested in reaching out to you for your services. Rather than making them take an extra couple steps to find your contact information, make their life easier by using extensions on your ad.

Extensions are features that expand on your ad and reveal additional information like your phone number, law firm address, or website

Ad extensions are crucial for in-the-moment user engagement. Think about it: If someone is highly interested in your services, they want to contact you as quickly as possible.

The more you make them work to find your information, the more you risk them losing interest. Give them the best and easiest experience possible by providing all the information they need instantly. 

Step 6: Use Display Ads to Remarket 

Let’s say someone visits your law firm’s website, but they don’t take any action. How can you remain top-of-mind to that user? One way to stay relevant is to use display ads to remarket to past visitors. 

Display ads are ads that show up on other websites. These ads can be text-based, image-based, or even video-based. You can go into Google Ads and use your data to target people who previously visited your website.

That way, your law firm stays relevant to past website visitors so that if their interest in your service picks up again, your firm’s name won’t be forgotten

One way to make your display ads stand out is to include photos of your law firm in your ads. That way, users can put a location to your firm’s name, giving the ad a more personal touch. 

Google Ads for Lawyers

Step 7: Bid on Your Brand’s Keywords 

While you’ll organically rank online for your firm’s brand keywords, you should still make it a point to bid on keywords related to your brand.

You want to ensure your firm stays on the top of the SERP for your branded keywords so that no one else can rank above you.

Bidding on your law firm’s keywords will help ensure engaged users land on your website and not your competitors’

Step 8: Bid on Your Competitor’s Keywords 

In addition to bidding on your own brand keywords, something else you can do to get an edge on your competition is to bid on their branded keywords.

Sure, it may be viewed as a sneaky way to get ahead on Google, but it could lead to more people visiting your website and becoming future clients.

If you aren’t getting them, your competition will

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How to Beat the Competition 

Speaking of the competition, there are some ways you can beat your competition in the Google Ads world. Here are some key strategies to consider. 

Create Personal Videos

Your competition may have image-based or text-based ads. To make your law firm stand out on Google Ads, try creating personal videos that speak to the audience you’re trying to reach through those targeted keywords.

Adding a personal video gives your practice a unique touch that sets you apart from the crowd. People may brush a normal ad off, but they may be more inclined to watch a video from you and see what you have to offer. 

Try Call-Only Campaigns

It’s fair to say that, sometimes, you want to actually get on the phone and talk to potential clients. That’s completely understandable, and Google Ads for lawyers gets that, too.

That’s why they have something called call campaigns, where your ads are built to encourage people to call you instead of going to your website or a specific landing page.

This type of ad is especially beneficial for mobile users, as they are only a click or two away from getting in direct contact with you. Compare that to your competition’s Google Ads, which may lead to their website or a specific landing page that requires users to take an extra step in contacting them. 

local keywords google ads

Prioritize Local Keywords

Honing in on local keywords is a great way to target an audience that’s close to your firm’s location. While your competition may be focusing on broader keywords that aren’t location-based, you can tap into a whole new audience by making local keywords a priority. 

Create Ads for Specific User Intent 

Your competition may use a set template for their Google Ads that are broad and generic so it can be used across multiple campaigns. Something you can do to set our ads apart is to create separate ads that target specific user intent for your keywords.

Each keyword has a different intent, so the more you can speak to that intent the better your message will resonate with your target audience. 

There are plenty of opportunities for Google Ads for lawyers. The key is to do your research, know your audience, and come up with a smart strategy that works for both you and your audience.

You get clients, and they get a good lawyer who will help them win their cases; all thanks to Google Ads. 

Luxury Marketing – Best Practices for High-End Appeal


If you’ve been searching for the best luxury marketing essentials for the high-end audience, you’ve found the right place.

We agree that you need to have the best marketing practices set in place to achieve high success rates with a high-end audience.

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll understand how to appeal directly to the audience you desire.

What is luxury marketing?

Luxury marketing is simply the marketing of luxury goods. These goods are not considered essential to the everyday lives of most people, but give pleasure to those who want to pamper themselves with nice things.

By selling or promoting luxury goods, brands tend to welcome consumers to try new products. Luxury marketing is also managed by these markets, which are able to manage and assume new perceptions of these particular products.

Luxury Branding

What is a luxury brand strategy?

This type of marketing strategy could be described as something that offers the highest value of a brand, which is able to include a powerful pricing opportunity that can be leveraged from specific elements of the brand.

These elements can include:

  • The country of origin
  • Previous high-end clients
  • Heritage
  • A sense of scarcity
  • Special craftsmanship characteristics

When you are considering any new kind of luxury brand strategy, you want to be sure to include some type of mystery and intrigue about the product in question. This usually provides inquisitive clients to look further into the brand and potentially purchase your product.

Consider promoting such things as exclusivity. This will provide your consumers with the notion that they and only have the hottest product that everyone wants, but they were the first to get it. 

Do your very best to appeal to the entire population, as opposed to just a specific demographic or gender.

Be sure to try capitalizing on fashion trends and flow with the changes of each season. 

Know your consumer from top to bottom to create a loyal following and your luxury marketing will nearly always pay for itself in no time at all. Offer surveys and questionnaires after purchase to get to know each individual on a deeper personal level.

Take full advantage of visual desires. Opt for enticing photographs that appeal to the luxury item and drive the consumer’s wants to new levels

By evoking emotions that reach multiple different audiences, you are more likely to hook that consumer by creating the visual image in their mind’s eye of them with your luxurious product that you’re looking to sell.

Consider offering customization. By letting consumers pick and choose their perfect product match, they’ll be sure to be even more satisfied with your luxury item.

Luxury Marketing

Tell Seriously Amazing Stories

Content Marketing

Start a blog that showcases your talent to create beautiful content by providing in-depth conversations related to your luxury products. 

Don’t be afraid to talk about how you are able to help your customers on an individual level and how they relate to the products that you are selling.

Blogs are great examples of content that are ongoing and relatable to your audience. 

Everyone has a phone with the internet these days, and creating content that is entertaining to read while they have free time is always helpful for retaining their attention to your luxury products.

Do your best to speak from the heart in your blog showing that you care about your customers and are delighted to customize your products based on their desires and specific needs.

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Video Marketing

Create customized videos showing off your luxurious products in real life. 

Try using different options such as slow-motion videos and short captions explaining your items in detail. 

Also, use models that show and tell how great your products would be for the ideal consumer that is watching.

Create videos that describe in detail the delicate, meticulous process that goes into developing the perfect product every time. Consumers love to hear as much detail as you are willing to give away, so hold nothing back.

Start a Podcast

Take a deep dive into the history of your luxury product and tell all about how you managed to get here, why you started into the process, and what your goals are for the future of the products. 

Was there an influence from a certain person or place? Tell your potential customers all about your founding story and why you are so passionate about it.

Consider bringing experts from the same industry onto your Podcast.

Ask them the same questions:

  • How did they get started in the luxury industry?
  • Why did they follow through and what made them push past the pain points?
  • What are their future goals for the business and why?
  • Did they have influence from specific persons or places?
  • Where did their passion come from for their product, and is it still relevant today?
Social Media for luxury

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence

Take Advantage of Visual Forms of Social Media

Use platforms such as:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

These platforms all provide similar but different opportunities to present your luxury marketing brand strategies in multiple ways.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of each one in particular.

  • TikTok – Create customized challenges and provide ways to show off self-expression and sustainability. Build a collaborative content community that works better together. Is a key social media platform for new trends and creativity. Take advantage of one of the fastest growing apps on the market.
  • Instagram – Posting consistently can create a loyal following and will get your brand message and voice further to the audience that is desired. Have the option or opportunity to potentially partner with other influencers and develop a larger community to interact with.
  • Pinterest – Particularly excellent marketing tool as it serves as a content platform as well as a search engine. Have the ability to connect with existing followers and connect with new ones. Can use Pinterest analytics to figure out which pins or content works best for your and your business growth.

Check out this post to view statistics of the most popular luxury brands on social media.

Engage in Collaborations with Influencers and Other Popular Brands

By working with one or several influencers that are in your industry, you will be able to create trust quickly and improve brand awareness. 

You will be able to also reach your intended target audience quicker and more effectively while providing amazing experiences for your consumers. 

Embrace the partnerships that form from this collaboration to lengthen the amount of exposure and engagement from your followers. 

Create FOMO

Here’s a quick definition of FOMO if you’re not familiar with it:

“Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.”

Here is what it stands for: Fear Of Missing Out.

The generations today are well known for their FOMO due to social media presence and exposure. 

Trends are moving at lightning-fast speeds and consumers want to wear or use what their favorite persons in the public eye are wearing or using. 

Using FOMO to your advantage is a huge benefit to grabbing the attention of the audience you want to reach.

luxury Shopping Website

Create a Show-Stopping Website

Feature your high-end luxury items on your website to showcase how beautiful and attainable they can really be. 

Opt for a professional and minimal design to let your product stand out and shine through to the consumer on the other end of the page.

Phenomenal website designs can capture the attention of new prospects browsing your site from social media, or help them to stay on the page once clicked on. Create a seamless and effortless experience by having user-friendly pages to navigate through.

Write elevated copy to showcase the reasons why your product is the most luxurious on the market. Be persuasive and explanatory in these reasons and make the consumer understand why your product is better than the rest.

Use luxurious color schemes to make your products pop out of the page. Make it easy to follow and relaxing to look at.

luxury seo

Select Keywords Carefully in PPC and SEO Campaigns

Choose high-intent keywords to describe your product and create a call to action on your page. Make the item that you’re focusing on important and stand out from everything else on the website.

  • Use exclusive keywords like, “top, best, handmade.” By utilizing these words in particular, you will catch the attention of potential customers and leave them wondering exactly what makes your product the best or the top among your competitors.

If your item is handmade, you will surely already have a leg up since people tend to gravitate towards this version of quality assurance.

Use negative keywords to improve your CTR by ensuring that the potential customers that click on it are searching for products that relate to yours. This will leave out unnecessary clicks and will add value to your ad.

  • Choose not to show up in search results that include “free, budget, cheap, bulk” or any keyword that doesn’t show luxury. You want to be able to show off your luxury product by making sure you don’t show up on unrelated pages. Keep specific keywords out of your ad copy to make sure this doesn’t occur.

Create Exclusivity

  • Provide options to enter private member groups or exclusive clubs where only your customers can interact with one another. This will give off a sense of exclusivity and importance, and will therefore increase the value of your luxury product.
  • Give your consumers digital loyalty perks, and often. Everyone feels good when they purchase something and get points towards their next purchase. Do the same with the product you’re looking to market, so that everyone that uses your product feels that same importance and is happy knowing that they’ll be receiving something in return for supporting your business.

Email Marketing

  • Use email marketing to create brand awareness and to educate your consumers about your brand. Get customers to sign up for your email newsletter and create fun and enticing content every day, week, or month to keep them up to date on the latest and greatest luxury products in your company.

Send these out automatically by signing up for an email marketing program, which will help to ensure that your new products are always being pushed out to your loyal followers, who will most likely stop again to visit what new products you’re promoting.

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By using a plethora of the options listed above, you’ll be sure to hook and retain the specific customer base that you’re in search of. Be sure to try out different social media platforms, and build a brand that is both exciting and luxurious to show off your products.

Create a beautiful website to hold a curated catalog of your products that can be simple, yet elegant. Use soft colors and legible wording to make your website easily digestible while remaining informative.

Be mindful in your copy and make sure that you’re making the customer feel important and needed, by creating exclusivity and offering personalized perks and memberships when they are beneficial.

Opt for exceptional email marketing strategies to further your point to your following. Promote new products and offer new point systems to entice your customers to return to your company.

Social Media for Luxury Brands – Set Your Brand Apart

It seems that luxury brands have been less willing to jump into the social media landscape. If that’s you, you’re missing out. Luxury brand customers are active in social media, and that is where you need to be. Here is where you shape how the world sees…

It seems that luxury brands have been less willing to jump into the social media landscape. If that’s you, you’re missing out.

Luxury brand customers are active in social media, and that is where you need to be. Here is where you shape how the world sees your brand.

Why Social Media for Luxury Brands?

Social media for luxury brands is an avenue where luxury digital marketers can reach and interact with their loyal followers. Luxury brands can promote their products and announce new offerings to a wide audience with social media channels.

Through social networks, upscale providers can connect with clients on an emotional level, differentiate their brand, and build a loyal following.

Read on to find out why you must still be active on social media with your luxury brand.

The Affluent on Social Media

The affluent and well educated have become a dominant force in the social media landscape. Consumers are responding to traditional advertising less and less.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of households with higher incomes and greater education levels are active on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media.

The Blackstone Digital Agency puts that number at closer to 75%. Through social media, luxury brands can tap into an unlimited source of clients who can pay top dollar for your product or service, and are mostly immune to a turbulent economy.

The gender gap has closed, too. At one time far more women than men were active in social media, but that is no longer the case.

A recent Pew study found that 76% of women and 72% of men were active in at least one platform. Whereas women were once seen as decision “influencers,” that has changed.

25% of married women now out-earn their husbands. Women are becoming financial decision makers and power brokers. Women are a powerful force in the upscale market, and they’re willing to pay more for quality.

luxury marketing

Shape Perception, Build Loyalty

Social media provides a platform for setting your brand apart and building deep loyalty with an audience.

Some luxury brands have been slow to get involved with social media, for fear that they’d be seen as “just like everyone else.”

In an interview with Refinery 29, James Lovejoy, a content researcher at Brandwatch, stated that this might have to do with the culture of luxury brands.

With a focus on heritage, quality and a certain level of exclusivity, many brands may have felt that adopting social media programs would liken them too much to mainstream brands.

As it turns out, just the opposite is true.

Build a Connection

Through posts, blogs, and regular contact, people make an emotional connection with your brand. Although most people understand why BMW or a stay at the Ritz Carlton are a cut above, there are some markets where this is less obvious.

Why do we see people pay more for an Apple product or a High Bar shirt when there are less expensive options available?

Luxury consumers place a premium on convenience, personal experience, and connection. Through contact with you, they will discover why your quality product or service is exceptional.

The reward is an audience that will remain loyal to your brand for years.

That loyalty will build your brand’s reputation online. In a study by Invesp, 78% of people said a company’s social media posts impact their purchases. This affects not only their target customers but also the wider online audience.

People are usually more willing to buy something unfamiliar if it is recommended by someone they know. Also, from a company to which they feel connected. If your luxury brand isn’t active on social media, you may be losing revenue.

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Exclusive Brands in an Inclusive World

While luxury brands usually appeal to an affluent few, social media bridges the gap between the elite and the average income earners. Most luxury brands have two different customers: aspirational and actual.

The “actual” customers are usually wealthy individuals who are active users of your product or service. They have the means, they recognize quality, and they are actively engaged.

Your aspirational customers are your actual customers of tomorrow. Fashion’s Collective describes aspirational customers as those “who covet and desire the merchandise and have high brand affinity.”

In other words, they hope that someday they’ll be a part of the exclusive group. Since the luxury brand market threshold is lower than it used to be (96% of people making just $50,000 are willing to spend more on at least one luxury brand item) many of these individuals will make smaller purchases.

They’ll also enhance your brand’s reputation and expand your exposure to their social network.

Most of your customers will come from the elite group, and those customers will engage with your brand on social media when a client service issue arises.

At the same time, your online presence will serve to expand your audience, making your exclusive brand available to a broader customer base.

luxury social media presence

Think Strategically

The social media marketplace is evolving quickly, but the trends are clear: Companies need to establish a strong presence.

Each social media platform has its strength and weaknesses and depending on your product or service, different platforms might work better for your brand than others.

Reputation is key to your luxury brand, and as we know, social media is one of the best vehicles for establishing a great one.

Below are some things to consider to improve your company’s social media presence:


From the start, think about quality over quantity. Social sites are inundated with information, and you don’t want your message lost in the white noise.

As an example, people send over 7000 tweets and 738 Instagram photos per second. That’s an enormous quantity of information for your audience to sort through.

Focus on producing quality and consistent content that build an image that users will want to follow and see more of.


Do some research on what times are most impactful for your social media sites.

For example, according to Hootsuite, the best time to post on Facebook is between 1 pm and 3 pm whereas the best time to post on Instagram is between 6 am and 12 pm.

Posting quality content at strategic times can help to ensure your audience is seeing your content whenever they’re most active.


Build a communications schedule the same way you make time for prospecting, management, and everything else you have to do to grow your business.

Applications like Hootsuite and Buffer can help get your posts out across multiple platforms, allowing you to focus on creating new content instead of working through the technology.

You don’t have to post every hour or even every day. But regular, quality, useful posts will build a following that will make a real difference in your business.


This topic is worth an entry of its own, but it is important to realize that your blog is your best friend when building a presence on social media.

Blog entries transfer beautifully to social media, provided you set them up correctly.

Work with your agency to be sure the proper meta-tagging is in the post, so the title, description, and images engage your audience when they see it on your timeline.

A well-executed blog post on Facebook or LinkedIn will reward you with a measurable boost in website traffic. Ideally, this will lead to greater customer engagement and brand awareness.

The idea behind a good blog post is to provide useful content, period.

As tempting as it might be, your blog is NOT a place to sell your product or service. Few people, especially the affluent, regularly subscribe to hard sales pitches.

When people find your blog content useful, they will share it. When it is shared, your audience will increase.

Once they visit your site and see the quality of your product or service, your business will grow. This is one aspect of content marketing.

The Benefit Outweighs the Risk

The more people experience great customer service and amazing products, the faster your reputation will grow. The Social Media landscape might feel scary at first because it is so unpredictable.

It is true that you can’t control feedback in social media the way you can on your blog or in your showroom.

But today’s CEOs and power brokers have twitter accounts with tens of thousands of followers because they understand the importance of building a brand following.

Your most exclusive customers are now active in the social media landscape. With the right team and a strategic social media in place, your business can only grow.

Lead Generation For Financial Advisors – The Complete Guide

Lead generation for financial advisors is crucial for business growth. Word of mouth from existing clients is helpful, but it won’t generate enough new business for a practice.

To keep new qualified leads coming in, you will need to take steps to generate them. Using a combination of organic and paid strategies will keep qualified leads coming your way.  

There are a variety of strategies to consider when looking to increase lead generation for financial advisors:

  • Brand awareness and consistency
  • Having an effective local SEO strategy
  • Using social media to generate additional leads for your business
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Creating a high-converting website
  • Networking strategies

These techniques can quickly generate leads for your firm or business. We’ll go over them all in depth in this article.

But first, does financial advisor lead generation really work?

financial advisor lead generation services

How Does Lead Generation for Financial Advisors Work?

Increases Your Trustworthiness

Many people these days will do an online search to discover the reputation of someone they would like to work with.

In the case of a financial advisor, there is a lot of competition. That’s why showcasing your firm, your self, and your portfolio can go a long way in beating out the competition.

Increases Online Visibility

More and more financial advisors are upping their online visibility.

Will you be left behind?

Establishing a solid online presence means you are giving yourself a much higher chance of being seen and contacted.

You are much likely to be found by a local consumer when you have a local-optimized website, a Google My Business Profile, and helpful social media posts.

Fills Up Your Funnel

Are you still chasing leads when you need work? That should never be the case.

When you have some extra time or room for more clients, you need a funnel full of potential clients ready to work with you.

With the power of lead generation for financial advisors, this could be the case. You will be reaching more and more consumers than ever before.

Therefore, you will always have people waiting for your services, and you can pick and choose clients that will be best for you.

Free Download

Grow your client base with these proven tactics

Receive your FREE copy of “Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Build Your Firm,” to get insights into growing your business with digital marketing.

Brand Awareness And Consistency

Leads are important for your brand, but any lead generation for financial advisors must be done in a manner that is consistent with your current message and brand image.

Consistency is crucial for building trust with both existing and potential customers. 

For example, if you portray your brand as a financial advisor for high wealth clients, any lead generation you do needs to reflect your existing brand image.

All your marketing content needs to back up this message as well.

Your focus should be on how as a financial advisor you can help these high wealth clients achieve the extra things in life, i.e. second and third homes or boats.

Show how you can help them reach those goals. 

The Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most important things you can do.

Local searches have experienced exponential growth. Searches that include the terms “open” or “near me” have exploded by over 200%. 46% of Google’s searches are for specific items within a person’s local community.

If you don’t have your site optimized for local SEO, you are missing out on countless local clients. 

To ensure that you are ranking high in Google’s local searches, your website isn’t the only item you should be concerned with. Your business listing with

Google is also crucial for ranking in local search results. Forbes has shown that 71% of searchers will click on results shown on the first page of their Google search results. Without effective local SEO, you won’t land on this page. 

local seo financial advisors

Here are some simple tips you can take to make sure you are optimizing for local SEO searches. 

  • Make sure your Google My Business listing is optimized.
  • Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Almost 60% of searches happen on a mobile device. 
  • Make sure your website has all applicable alt tags, along with search optimized URLs, headers, title tags, and keyword-based content. 
  • Have your website evaluated and incorporate a linking strategy. 
  • Make sure the business name and address on your site match the business name and address on your Google listing. 

Using Social Media to Generate Leads For Your Business

Social media is now one of the largest platforms for digital advertising. Using these platforms is another chance to put your business in front of thousands of prospective clients.

Each platform has business services that can help you structure your experience on that platform to meet your needs. 

To have success in lead generation for financial advisors, it will require the use of social media. There are more social media platforms today than most people can keep up with.

The key for any business is to be on as many that make sense for their company. You also want to utilize platforms that are the most popular with your core client. 

Professional marketers can help firms make these decisions based on multiple demographic factors. 

The biggest platforms for social media in the US are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

Out of these platforms, Facebook has the largest reach and the largest number of daily users.

Instagram rivals Facebook in terms of the size of its audience. Since this network is also owned by Facebook, there is a lot of cooperation between the two platforms. Snapchat has the youngest demographics. Pinterest users are predominantly female. 

social media marketing for financial

LinkedIn often gets overlooked as a social network, but in terms of lead generation for financial advisors, it could bring a business a larger pool of interested leads.

Unlike other networks, people come to LinkedIn to hear professional things. It is a place for people to network and connect to others with the same careers and interests.  

This also makes it a great place to offer your services and feature ads about your business. Behavior on this channel is more focused on celebrating work accomplishments and promoting the services of companies.

These reasons make it a terrific place to interact with people and find more leads.

Paid Advertising

Digital advertising is so precise that ads purchased on companies like Facebook can be customized for and only shown to your ideal audience.

The timing of the ad and how it is shown to a potential customer is all part of the package. From a cost perspective, paid digital advertising is one of the least expensive ways to promote your business. 

Digital ads can be features almost anywhere.

But Google and Facebook are two of the most visible places for a digital ad. Google uses a pay-per-click model which charges you based on how many users click on your ad.

Facebook charges a fee per day based on how many users you want to reach with your campaign. Based on your budget, your ads can reach thousands of people each day. 

lead gen for financial advisors

You can also use digital ads on virtually any online platform. YouTube has banner ads that appear on videos. Instagram and Twitter also use digital ads. Pinterest has sponsored pins.

Once you know where to best connect with your audience, you will have countless options for a digital campaign. 

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for traditional advertising in lead generation. Marketing companies study what works best for each demographic.

Some subsets of the population still respond to direct mailers. If that demographic comes up in your lead generation, create brochures or other paper advertisements that can be mailed to your leads.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies any company can use.

Almost everyone has an email address (the estimate is 92% of the population has an email address). Many individuals now have multiple email accounts, including an email just for mail from businesses.

If marketers and businesses listened to conversations the general public has about the volume of email they receive daily, it would seem like email campaigns are not a good idea.

In reality, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media according to research from McKinsey & Company.  

Additionally, email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any form of marketing. That may seem mind blowing when you think about how many emails you delete each day without opening them. But the statistics back up the effectiveness of this marketing technique. 

  • On average, people click one out of every 1000 online ads they see. On Google, that average is 1 out of 250. On Facebook, it is one out of every 1967 ads they see.
  • Emails have an ROI of $42 per each $1 spent on the email campaign.
  • Companies with the highest open rates send two emails or less per month.
  • There are many techniques that can increase open rates even further, including short subject lines and the use of emojis, when appropriate.
  • A company is 6 times more likely to get a click on a link in an email than a tweet.
  • The click rate on a Facebook ad is .08%. In math terms, this means an ad with 8000 impressions/views would get 100 clicks.
email marketing financial advisors

This doesn’t mean that a business should cancel social media marketing and put everything into email marketing only.

A complete digital campaign requires both. All this means is that email marketing shouldn’t be written off as a form of lead generation.

Where To Generate Leads For Your Business

There are many platforms and forms of marketing that can promote lead generation for financial advisors.

But the most important place is your own personal website. Your website is crucial not only for branding but so potential customers can find you.

When your existing customers talk about you to their friends, they need a place to send these potential customers. Your website is that place. 

You can also use your website to showcase your abilities and what you can do for your customers. Testimonials are critical for any company.

In financial services, these testimonials can be even more important. Immediately, these stories help build trust with visitors to your site.

How A Website Can Help With Lead Generation

A website can do more than just be your online voice. It can also help you bring in more business if you use it its fullest potential. Items like a blog or videos help speak to incoming clients.

Including all the links to your social media is another great use for your website. Don’t forget to include a signup form for brand emails on your website. 

Additional Places To Generate Leads

Your website should serve as the central place for future customers to learn about you and what you can do. But your website works only when visitors come to it and click around for information.

It’s your job to bring customers to your business and your site. Here are some additional lead generation tips for financial advisors. These ideas will be a mix and match based on your brand, core guest, budget, and messaging strategy. 

websites for lead generation
  • Community networking groups – multiple options exist for finding local groups. The app Meetup can help you find likeminded people or groups to join. Facebook also can help you search for groups in your area. There are groups for recent grads, alums of your school, your profession, and many more. Search for ones that you can join and attend their gatherings. Most of these groups are designed for networking and some allow members to present on their business. 
  • Interface with local groups – reach out to groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, League of Women Voters, etc. See if you can schedule a time to come in and do a presentation for their members on what financial advisors can do. 
  • Contact newspapers or local magazines – you may find a reporter that wants to do a feature on the various aspects of financial planning and advising. Offer your knowledge and pitch an article to them.
  • Look for ways to elevate your name and brand – read local journals and periodicals to see if there are opportunities for you to get your name into their publication. Is there a chance you could do a Letter to the Editor on a topic related to your business? Any opportunity to put your name out in the local community is a chance to raise your profile and generate a lead.
  • Sponsor something in your local community – there are always local entities that are looking for businesses to help them in some way. It could be sponsoring a Little League team or contributing raffle items for an auction. If it makes financial sense, sponsor a billboard or ad at a sporting event. All of those things elevate your profile within your local community and give you positive exposure. This puts your business in front of many people who may not have heard of you otherwise. 
  • Use paid lead sources – organic leads are great and leads that come from your marketing efforts are terrific. However, to make sure that you always have potential customers coming in, paid lead generation sources are excellent tools to use. These firms have already vetted clients and will provide you with a list of people who are looking for the types of services you provide.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation for financial advisors requires the right strategies, time, and effort to start seeing results. It is the best way to keep new business flowing into their company.

There are many ways to generate these leads, both paid and organic. To make sure you have a strategy that is working for your business, you can turn to Mediaboom.

Our experts will create winning campaigns that will bring you the leads you need for your financial firm.

Reputation Management for Plastic Surgeons – 6 Key Steps

Reputation management for plastic surgeons helps promote their services among the customers and compete with the competitors in the market.

Reputation management for a plastic surgeons is a method of influencing public conversation about your brand and organization.

By managing your reputation, you can earn respect as well as succeed in your career.

Of course, developing reputation management is not that easy and includes several elements. Make sure to use all the methods to get the best possible outcome.

Here are the key steps that you need to practice for reputation management.

  1. Create an amazing client experience
  2. Maintain your Google My Business listing
  3. Feature patient testimonials
  4. Make a review encouragement program
  5. Make leaving reviews on your website simple
  6. Create an engaging about us page

If you are a plastic surgeon and want to learn more about the methods of building an online presence, keep reading!

We have pointed out all the essential components and elements of reputation management that you need to learn. So, let’s dive in to explore it further. 

Plastic Surgery Marketing

Why does Reputation Management Matter? 

Plastic surgeries are more complex and require experience and skills. While it helps people to look beautiful and confident, a small mistake can lead to serious problems.

Therefore, patients want to ensure that you are the best plastic surgeon in town who can give them tremendous results. 

They want to confirm that you are highly respected and experienced in your designated field. Not to mention, they look for someone who has performed a great number of tummy tucks, butt lifts, and other surgeries.

In this case, online reputation management (ORM) can help you attract and engage customers, even those who have great concern about their chosen surgery.

The best part is that ORM can draw the attention of a massive audience or potential customers.

Reputation management is a part of your digital branding services, with an aim to create a brand image.

Plus, it encourages patients to build trust in you and let you do your work without fretting about the procedures and methods of the treatment.

According to the NRC Health research, around 92.4% of consumers take online reviews as a guide to make ordinary buying decisions. Therefore, people who want to undergo plastic surgery will definitely choose a surgeon with impressive and extraordinary online reviews. 

So, if you want to give the best services to the customers, your first step should be to entice and encourage them into visiting your clinic or facility.

You can only do this by working on your reputation management. 

Benefits of Reputation Management

1. Create Client Trust

When you have a notable digital presence with an impeccable reputation, individuals will consider you the best surgeon to choose. Hence, it will build trust, persuading them to avail of your service.

Most importantly, these satisfied patients are more likely to share their results with other people. As a result, it will generate more revenue and leads. 

2. Better SEO

Building reputation management for the plastic surgeon can also help improve SEO. Wondering does SEO work?

Well, as you may know, having a good SEO gives you a high ranking in the Google search results.

This means more people will see your website or profile on the internet. But how do reviews help boost SEO?

If you respond to reviews quickly and positively, it can encourage your clients to delete or change bad reviews.

This can help you in reviewing positioning and improves your CTR. Since CTR is Google’s ranking signal, it leads to better SEO. 

3. Increase Profits

The most vital benefit of reputation management for plastic surgeons is that it boosts your yearly revenue.

As more people observe your digital existence, more patients will trust you, leading to considerable profits at the end of the year. 

plastic surgeons SEO

How to Manage Reputation of Plastic Surgeons?

As you already know the steps of reputation management for plastic surgeons, you may need to know the right tactics to practice each step.

So, read further to get an idea of what approach you can take on each step to manage your reputation. 

1. Create an Amazing Client Experience

For the reputation management for plastic surgeons, you need to begin with giving excellent and promising services. Keep in mind that word of mouth is everything when it comes to building a reputation. 

Offering the best result to your patient is a staple for a satisfying experience.

But you also need to give the best customer service and guide your clients throughout the process.

Plus, you need to use premium quality tools and equipment and practice the best methods and procedures.

You also need to consider that you and your staff’s communication plays a significant role in a positive client experience. Lastly, follow all the precaution, safety, and hygienic guidelines throughout your facility and surgery procedure.

2. Maintain your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is the best tool to motivate patients to take your service.

It is a free, simple, and easy-to-use tool for organizations and businesses to manage and maintain their digital presence across Google, including Maps and search. 

Predominantly, it helps clients to find your business and verify your performance and abilities about the certain service or product you are selling.

Google My Business also tells customers your story, business location, your specialties, and other information. 

The most important thing your new customers can find is the reviews on this profile of yours, which help them to make the decision.

You can easily create your profile and add whatever information you want, such as contact number, name, and pictures of your previous surgeries’ results. 

For reputation management for plastic surgeons, it is best to update the information with your improvements in the services. 

3. Feature Patient Testimonials

It is important to note that patient’s testimonials are crucial for your business.

Prospective clients use these testimonials to decide if you are the best fit for their buttock lift, breast lift, and other surgeries. While displaying your expertise and skills, it will act as a ranking signal for the search engine. 

Here are some reasons why featuring patients’ testimonials can do the trick.

  • Photos speak louder than words
  • Show that what practices you have to offer
  • Boost your credibility
  • It gives you more contact to be proud of on your website
  • Amplify your referral base

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4. Make a Review Encouragement Program

A survey shows that 36% of individuals between the age of 25 and 34 use online reviews for product and brand research.

Therefore, online reviews are vital for your company’s visibility and branding. Around 19% of Americans trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

This is why you need to build a review encouragement program. 

You can do this by identifying stages at which you can ask your patients to give reviews.

In this case, you can use automated messaging or transactional emails, which you can send after the surgery. Besides that, you also have to normalize the practice of asking for reviews.

For this, you can train your staff and teach them when and how to ask for reviews. Also, give them a script to use every time for email or messages reviewing the program.

Pro Tip: Try to personalize your messages by using your patient’s name. 

5. Make Leaving Reviews on Your Website Simple

As much as having reviews on your website is important, making the reviewing procedure easy, simple, and accessible is also important.

Do remember that not every person has time and energy to spend several minutes only understanding the method of giving the review. 

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating to click through 5 pages before writing a single word of the review.

If this happens, we can assure you that you will have an extraordinary bounce rate, i.e., many people leave without giving a review. So, try to make the process as easy as possible. 

Use the same approach for reviews for your website, Instagram profile, Facebook page, or other forms. Furthermore, minimize the number of clicks and keep your form or questionnaire short. 

6. Create a Memorable About Us Page

Do you know that the “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your site?

It has an incredible impact on the readability of your website as well as on your customers’ perception. The about us page gives an opportunity to the visitors to understand your facility and clinic.

This is a chance to tell your prospective customers about your education, experience, skills, and knowledge.

It is important to note that when the clients land on your page, they will search for straightforward yet impressive introductory content.

It should answer the basic questions in the mind of your customer. They will learn everything they want to know from this page. 

In other words, it will help you build an image of yourself. Hence, it is the best practice to do reputation management for plastic surgeons. 

Customer Review plastic surgeons

How to Respond to Reviews? 

Most people enjoy the good remarks and fret on negative reviews. However, they should give a response to each review. This can give you long-term benefits, as these reviews will stay on the internet for a long time. 

1. How to Respond to Good Reviews

As we have already discussed, reviews can impact your business and sales. In addition, positive reviews are essential to boost your business.

Research shows that positive online reviews can impact or alter 90% of purchasing decisions.

So, if you get a positive review, make sure to respond in a way that encourages the patient to revisit you or recommend your services to others. Use the following tips to respond. 

  • Thank the reviewer
  • Keep the response short
  • Respond quickly to positive reviews
  • Invite them to make use of your services again
  • Be personal 
  • Try to be authentic

Your response not only boosts your client’s trust in you but also impresses other customers who are digging information about you on the internet or your website.

Your amazing customer service, efficient communication, and a positive attitude can encourage prospective customers to trust you with their needs. 

2. How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Reviews are vital, but that doesn’t mean that you will always get positive ones. Although negative reviews are unavoidable, you can learn to deal with them.

Make sure to create strategies to respond to and rectify these comments. It is important to note that worrying about haters and trolls will not help you. 

Respond to the negative reviews in the best way to show your clients that you as a brand respect the opinions of your customers.

Not to mention, it will also show that you are willing to resolve their problems. The best part is that if you address their complaints or concerns, they may consider removing their comment.

In this case, you need to keep the following tips in mind when responding to the customers.

  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Show courtesy
  • Offer a solution to their problem
  • Apologize if you are wrong
  • Promise to make improvements in your services


In a nutshell, reputation management is the best practice to promote a plastic surgeon and make their presence noticeable. 

Apart from attracting customers, reputation management for the plastic surgeon will also help you succeed more than your competitors.

But for that, your strategies should be constructive and approachable. This is when you need expert help throughout the process to analyze your market and use tools to make this method work.

For this, we, Mediaboom, can help build your digital presence, develop your reputation, boost credibility, and much more. If you want to increase your profits, we can help you in several ways.

Hotel Marketing – 8 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Hotel

Discover 8 useful strategies for Hotel Maketing you can use to brand your hotel, connect it with your audience and rank higher in SEO.

Although the need for lodging will always keep hotels relevant, with more than 700,000 resorts and hotels across the globe, yours can’t afford not to market yourselves if you want to be unique. 

What is hotel marketing?

Hotel marketing encompasses various marketing techniques and strategies to brand your hotel, connect with your audience, build your customer base, increase sales, and rank higher in SEO. 

In this post, we have 8 such strategies you can use to put your hotel on the map. There will be plenty of actionable tips ahead, so check it out.

8 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Employ Today

8 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Employ Today

Build a Conversion-Focused Website

Every company has a website, including those outside of the hospitality industry. Yet how many of them have a conversion-focused website? Not nearly as many.

What do we mean when we say conversion-focused?

That every facet of your website is designed to attract many visitors and keep them on the page.

This is a purposeful website design that’s less about appeal and more about function.

Your website should follow the most current SEO best practices. Some of those are as follows:

  • UX is important: It’s all about the user experience (UX) on websites anymore. All links on your site should be working and all content must be typo-free. Interactive content helps as well, as does easy navigation.
  • Follow the EAT principle: No, EAT doesn’t stand for having a snack in this case, but expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. By encapsulating these three values, Google increases your site ranking.
  • Track the right metrics: There are three metrics at current that Google uses to dictate your website placement on their search results page. 
    • Cumulative Layout Shift: CLS is a measurement of the visual stability of your website. You want a value that’s under .1.
    • First Input Delay: FID determines how responsive your website is and should be 100 ms or less.
    • Largest Content Paint: LCP is the page speed for above-the-fold elements. If your page doesn’t load in 2.5 seconds or faster, it’s too slow.

Speed is truly more important than website style.

That doesn’t mean your site has to be ugly, as that will turn customers and potential customers away too.

Instead, it means that you shouldn’t bog down your site with visually appealing elements. 

Here are some hotel website designs courtesy of our blog that shows you how to combine style with speed.

Your site must have mobile optimization as well. 

Smartphones are so prevalent in daily life that most people who land on your site are doing so on their phones. 

If your site is only formulated for desktop users, you can expect the site visitor to continue on to the competition. 

mobile optimization for hotels

Get Great Reviews

As a hotel owner, you can promote yourself until you’re blue in the face, but what will really make up someone’s mind is other’s experiences. 

According to Oberlo, almost nine out of 10 people will scope out reviews before they make a purchasing decision. That goes for products and services alike.

That’s why one pillar of your hotel marketing plan must be to increase the number of reviews your hotel gets. 

Doing this doesn’t have to be difficult, either.

The next time you get a visitor, send them a text message or an email asking them to review their stay. 

Timeliness is important here; if you send the survey two days later, the customer might have already begun to forget the details of the hotel. 

Then wait for the reviews to trickle in. Some will be positive, others will inevitably be negative, but you must respond to as many as you can. 

If it’s a positive review, then thank the customer for leaving it and comment on a few points they mentioned. 

For negative reviews, ask the customer if there’s something you can do to improve their experience for next time. Offer to communicate with them through phone or email to make matters right. 

Although many companies think that negative reviews make them look bad, it’s all about how you handle them.

By prioritizing customer service even in the face of a bad review, you show your customers that you care. 

Use Unique Branding

In our post on hotel branding, we discussed the benefits of such. Using branding can increase your trustworthiness, differentiate you from the competition, and open up revenue channels you might not have known existed. 

Further, you can create passion around your brand that’s contagious. Your customers become your ambassadors.

How do you make a unique brand considering that every hotel has to brand itself? Well first, you need to understand your target audience. 

This should really be the first part of your hotel marketing plan. After all, without knowing who your audience segments are, you can’t sell them tailored services.

Target audiences vary by hotel. 

If yours is a family-friendly hotel, then your ideal customer is a parent. Maybe you’re more of a business hotel because you have many conference halls and related amenities. Then your target audience would be working-class adults between their 20s and 50s, maybe older.

Once you know who your target audience segments are, you can begin to brand yourself in kind

Rather than promote your hotel, promote a lifestyle. 

For instance, focus on your fitness facilities, your onsite restaurants, and your rooftop terrace bar. Talk about all the great tourist sites that surround your hotel too. 

hotel lifestyle

Start an Email Marketing Campaign

According to a 2021 HubSpot report, more than four billion people around the globe use email every single day. Email marketing remains one of the best tools in your hotel marketing arsenal, so take advantage of it.

Does your hotel send out a monthly email newsletter? If you don’t already, then you need to start. 

If you already have a newsletter, it doesn’t hurt to revamp it. Your email list doesn’t want to be regaled with boring stories about quarterly sales meetings or who your latest food vendor is. They want to be entertained.

How can you make your newsletter more entertaining? Since you know who your target audience is, it becomes easier to narrow the focus of your newsletter. 

Maybe they want to hear about the new wing you’re adding to the hotel or how you’re striving to make the building greener.

If you can offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into the daily operations of your hotel, many customers appreciate this sort of thing, as it increases your hotel’s transparency. 

You should also watch the balance of content included in your newsletter. 

You want 80 percent of the content to be educational or entertaining and the remaining 20 percent to be promotional.

Besides sprucing up your email newsletter, you should also get into a rhythm of emailing your customers with exclusive deals and offers. 

It’s hard to resist a stay at a hotel when you get the third night free.

If you’re having a hard time staying on top of your email marketing, consider using automation to send emails and even responses on a schedule. 

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Have a Marketing Budget

This next marketing tip isn’t so much a strategy as a good plan. You must have a marketing budget set aside to pay for website design, SEO services, branding, and the other areas of hotel marketing we’re going to discuss ahead.

How much of a budget these services require will vary. 

According to marketing resource WebStrategies, in 2020, the average marketing budget was 11.4 percent of a company’s revenue. 

If there’s one time of year where your marketing spending might be higher, that should be during peak booking season. 

You want to draw in the most business, so you’ll usually ramp up your hotel marketing efforts to do so. 

By reducing marketing spending during the slower months, you can avoid blowing through your budget quickly. 

Foster Local Business Relationships

The businesses that share your community aren’t competition unless they’re other hotels. From restaurants to bars, retail shops, and everything in between, try to form business partnerships with these companies.

This deeply fosters the sense of community that you can use to brand your hotel. You’re promoting a lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle is the immersive community.

Look for opportunities to promote other businesses whenever appropriate. Perhaps you repost their content on your social media or you two arrange a guest blogging deal. 

You can even hold a contest or giveaway where their products or services are the prizes.

The idea here is cross-promotion, so the other business should want to reciprocate the above efforts. For example, maybe the prize for their contest is a free two-night stay at a premium suite in your hotel room. 

We also suggest looking for ways to promote your city or town as a whole. 

What is it about the area that’s so special? Is it the above-mentioned local tourist attractions? Perhaps you’re in a college town or a historic city. Your city or town could have been rated one of the best places to live in the country.

If you can’t pinpoint something exciting about your city or town like in the above examples, then get out there and find what’s exciting! You shouldn’t have to look far. 

local hotel marketing

Fully Utilize Google My Business 

Companies big and small have Google My Business accounts, and your hotel must as well. Google My Business is free, so even if your hotel marketing budget is on a shoestring, you can still use this service.

Google My Business presents all the pertinent information on your hotel when a customer searches for you on Google. 

That includes your hotel name, address, phone number, and website address. Customers can even book a stay at your hotel right through Google.

However, Google My Business can only display the information that you provide. Make sure that your profile is 100 percent complete, including any small details that you might have overlooked. 

Once your profile is done, continue to use Google My Business to the fullest. 

Upload high-res photos of the various parts of your hotel, including the lobby, the rooms in each suite, the dining hall, onsite restaurants, your fitness facility, and the rooftop bar. This helps you rank higher with the service. 

When your hotel is running a special or a discount, post it on your Google Business Profile.

Every bit of news you post will show up on your Google My Business profile as an update. If a customer searches for certain terms that are included in your updates, that can help connect them with your hotel.   

Create Info-Rich Content 

Our last hotel marketing tip is this: content is king, so use it!

Content encompasses far more than written blog posts or long-form content anymore, but photos, infographics, and videos as well. Still, we recommend starting simple with a travel guide posted on your website.

You might hire a third-party writer to produce the travel guide, or your in-house staff can do it.

The guide should cover all the great spots around your city and town, especially those businesses that you partner with. Make sure that you follow SEO best practices such as incorporating long-tail keywords. 

Once your travel guide has been online for a while, update it. Repurposing old content is a great hotel marketing strategy. If businesses have closed since you wrote the guide, delete them. Add any new businesses so the guide is current.

We also recommend getting on social media and promoting attractions in your city or town. 

Maybe you make a YouTube video showcasing the best little-known spots in your neighborhood or you create a series of Instagram posts.

This isn’t making content for content’s sake, but providing info-rich, high-value content to your customers and potential customers. 

That kind of content resonates more and performs better!

content marketing hotels


Hotel marketing is an excellent way to help your hotel stand out.

Start with a budget, define your target audience, and then work on your website, your branding, your email marketing, and your content marketing.

If you’re struggling in the above areas, you can count on Mediaboom. We’re a digital marketing agency that offers services such as website design, advertising, and marketing.

We’ll help make your marketing goals achievable. 

Law Firm SEO – Reach the Top of Google [Get More Traffic]

Learn all Law Firm SEO Strategies to make your website and content optimized to rank higher on Google – Let’s get traffic to your website!

Law firms work exceptionally hard to earn the trust and respect of clients. If they do it right, the right law firm will have clients coming to them every day, and even refer some new clients along the way.

If you’re looking to have new clients come to you organically, there’s one thing you must look into: law firm SEO. 

What is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO (search engine optimization) is when law firms organically optimize their website and content so it ranks higher on search engines like Google. The higher your website ranks on a search engine results page (SERP), the greater your chances are of getting traffic to your website. 

There are multiple avenues law firms can take to capitalize on their SEO strategy. Here are some key things to do to make your website and content optimized and rank higher on Google. 

Law Firm SEO

Step 1: Look at On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is the process of looking at your web content and seeing how you can optimize it to show up higher on SERPs. Execute these key strategies to boost your on-site SEO and get more traffic to your website. 

Optimize Your Content for Keywords

One of the most important things you should do when utilizing on-site SEO is optimizing your content for keywords. Keywords are terms and phrases people search on Google. Examples of keywords include: 

  • Personal injury law firm 
  • Law firms near me 
  • Best law firms 

When people search for these terms, the information that provides the best answers for these terms will show up higher on Google. That’s why it’s important to create content that targets keywords in a valuable and authentic way. 

Do keyword research and see which search terms are most viable for your law firm seo to go after. 

Match Intent and Create Quality Content

When creating content that targets keywords, it’s crucial that you match the intent of that keyword in your content. 

Think of the intent as the reason why someone is searching for a term in the first place

If you don’t match that intent, you’re essentially wasting your time targeting that keyword. 

The best way to find out a keyword’s intent is to look at what content shows up in the top spots of the first SERP. 

For example, if you look up the keyword “what does a law firm do”, you should look at the content that shows up in the top three to five spots organically (don’t click on the ads, as that’s paid advertising as opposed to organic ranking). 

What does that content look like? Look at its: 

  • Structure 
  • Length
  • Media (are there videos and/or graphics?) 
  • Content (is it a how-to guide? General article?) 

Remember: at the end of the day, Google’s main goal is to find the best solutions for its users’ problems. Provide the best solution through quality content and you’ll rank higher on search pages. 

Create Content Based Around E-A-T

A law firm is full of people who know a thing or two about the law. Use that authority and expertise to create content that abides by E-A-T: Expertise, authority, and trust

EAT is one of the most important things Google looks for when determining the quality of your content. 

If the content shows expertise, authority, and trust, Google will likely rank it higher on search pages

EAT is especially important for law firm content and websites, since law advice and law content can impact people’s lives. 

For example, if a law firm publishes an article on what to do after getting sued, someone could take that advice and use it. In doing such, they rely on the firm’s expertise, authority, and trust to give them accurate information

So, how can you increase your EAT? Consider the following tips. 

  • Have your content reviewed by experts (and state it’s been reviewed by an expert) 
  • Interview experts and cite them in your content 
  • Include credible statistics and facts in your content 
  • Reach out to credible and authoritative sites to see if they’ll link to your content 
  • Publish your own credible research relevant to your field and practice
  • Get quoted in reputable publications to build your own reputation 

The more you can show that your content is credible and trustworthy, the better the chances are of your content ranking highly and being seen by more people. Think of the value it will bring to your audience. 

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Utilize Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Alt Tags

Something you shouldn’t forget to do when optimizing your content and website for law firm SEO is utilizing the power of your title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags. Let’s define what each of these are: 

Title tag: This is an HTML element that defines what the title of your content is on search pages. When you search for something online, the title that shows up on the page is the title tag; it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the headline of your content. 

Meta description: This is an HTML element that’s essentially a summary of what your content is about. This is the small chunk of text that shows up below the title tag on a search page. 

Alt tag: This is an HTML element that allows text to show up if an image can’t render within a piece of content or on a webpage. 

Utilizing and optimizing these elements can give your content a big advantage on Google. Telling Google what your content is in a strategic way can help boost it on search pages. Here are some key ways to optimize each element. 

Tips for optimizing the title tag:

  • Make sure it accurately tells users what the content is about; don’t mislead people for the sake of getting clicks 
  • Include the keyword you’re targeting in the title tag, but don’t keyword stuff 
  • Don’t make it too long
  • Don’t overthink it. Instead, put yourself in the user’s shoes: What kind of title tag would you want to see? What would make you click? 

Tips for optimizing the meta description: 

  • Keep it a good length; between 150 and 160 characters will suffice
  • Make it actionable; think of it as a quick summary inviting users to check out your content
  • Keep it relevant to the content you’re producing and incorporate your keyword (or a variation of the keyword) in the description in a natural way that helps the user 

Tips for optimizing alt tags: 

  • Always include them so visually impaired users can get an idea of what your content is about 
  • Include your keyword (or a variation of it) in the alt text so it can help boost your chances of ranking for that keyword 
  • Be descriptive, but not too descriptive; you don’t want your alt tags to be too long 

Optimizing these elements sends signals to Google about the quality and makeup of your content. Don’t ignore them, or you could miss out on key opportunities. 

Off-Site SEO

Step 2: Capitalize On Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO refers to the strategy of using online resources outside of your website to increase your ranking on search engines. Here are some key strategies for capitalizing on off-site SEO. 

Set Up a Google My Business Account

If you don’t have one yet, set up a Google My Business for your law firm. Google My Business is a tool that allows you to manage your law firm’s reputation and information online. You should include the following on your Google My Business account: 

  • Your law firms’ name
  • Hours of operation
  • A link to your firm’s website 
  • Contact information 
  • Client reviews 

This helps users find relevant and valuable details about your law firm in an organized and timely fashion. Think of it as a one-stop shop for your firm’s must-know information. 

You should update your Google My Business regularly so it (and your law firm) stay relevant. You can do this by: 

  • Responding to reviews 
  • Posting photos of your firm 
  • Providing updates on your account 

Doing these things will help your website get traffic and increase your chances of converting users to clients

Creating a Business Listing

Similar to Google My Business, creating a business listing helps people find your law firm’s information faster. Find relevant websites where you can list your law firm’s information and expand your online reach and drive traffic to your website

Get More Online Reviews

Another way to drive more traffic to your website and rank higher on Google is to get more online reviews from clients. 

Statistics show that 79% of buyers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Online reviews are a form of social proof; the more people say your services are legitimate and provide value, the more trustworthy and authoritative you look in the eyes of users. 

The more trustworthy you look, the more likely users will go to your website and look at your services. 

Technicals of your website

Step 3: Look at the Technicals 

The technical part of your website also plays a huge factor in your SEO success. If your website isn’t user-friendly and laid out properly, your ranking will suffer.

Here are some key things to analyze when looking at the technical aspects of your website. 

Look at Your Sitemap

Sitemaps are essential for SEO because they allow Google to crawl and index your pages, which allows it to rank your content accordingly. It tells Google important information about your pages that factor in their online rankings. 

Look at your sitemap and ensure it’s optimized so Google can easily crawl and index it. 

Analyze User Experience 

User experience (UX) is also an essential part of your law firm’s SEO strategy. The better your site works for users, the more likely it’ll rank higher on search engines. 

Think about it: Google’s job is to answer users’ search queries the best way possible. 

It only makes sense that Google would want to rank content that’s easy for people to use and get valuable information from. 

Here are a couple key things to look for when analyzing user experience: 

  • Site speed—your site speed should be fast and not lag. Lagging site speed and slow load times = bad user experience. 
  • Mobile friendliness—if your website isn’t equipped to adapt to mobile search, your rankings will suffer. 
  • Website navigation—is it easy to get from one part of your website to another? If so, Google can reward you by ranking your website higher. 

The better your user experience, the more engaged users are with your website

The more they’re engaged, the more it signals to Google that your website is relevant and worth finding. 

Content Marketing for SEO

Step 4: Plan Content Marketing for SEO

Content marketing is an essential way for you to boost your marketing and SEO efforts. 

A law firm can create the most valuable content in the world, but it doesn’t do them much good if they don’t market it

Content marketing increases web traffic, which boosts brand recognition and your trust and authority online, on top of nurturing the relationship with your audience. 

All of these factors combined can launch your website to the first SERP. 

Take these important tips into consideration when content marketing:

  • Identify your audience—who do you want to target? 
  • Think about your platforms—how are you going to share your content? Which social media platforms will you share content on, and what kinds of media are you going to share (videos, infographics, etc.)? 
  • Set realistic goals and benchmarks—set up realistic ways to track your content marketing efforts. Setting goals and identifying key benchmarks are the best ways to track performance and adjust strategies as need be. 

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Conclusion: Law Firm SEO

Law firms must make SEO a priority if they want to have a viable online presence.

SEO helps you establish trust with users, which is essential to have when hiring a law firm. It also helps your website rank higher, which helps increase brand awareness. 

If you want to create a comprehensive law firm digital marketing strategy that works, it must include SEO to be successful. 

Lead Generation Agency – 5 Ways They Get Sales [2021]

A lead generation agency will work with your company to create personalized marketing plans and/or specific campaigns designed…

No matter your industry, utilizing the services of an agency can help you build your business. 

What is a Lead Generation Agency?

A lead generation agency will work with your company to create personalized marketing plans and/or specific campaigns designed to increase your conversions, sales, ROI, advertising clicks, and more. 

Multiple strategies exist to achieve these goals, depending on your business needs. However, they generally include improving your brand’s image, analyzing your target audience, and generating content consistently.

This may sound overwhelming. Or it just might not be your strong suit.

However, making use of an agency’s services can help you achieve your next business goal.

What is a Lead?

Before you can start working with a lead generation agency to build your business, it’s helpful to understand what exactly a lead is – and why you want it.

According to HubSpot, a lead is “…any person who indicates interest in a company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form.”

Simply put, a lead is a potential customer and a potential sale. The more leads you acquire, the more opportunities your business has for converting those leads into real sales and hopefully loyal clientele. 

lead gen. agency

Agencies can help generate leads for your business by implementing strategies for attracting and converting prospects into consumers who have expressly indicated interest in what you’re offering, be it goods or services. 

5 Strategies for Successful Lead Generation 

Digital agencies can help your business generate leads in the online world.

Which may be an area of opportunity for you if your business has previously relied strictly on local and/or print advertising.

While these marketing strategies may still prove successful, it’s crucial for your company to establish an online presence.

And if you are just starting out and have no marketing campaigns currently in place, print or otherwise, utilizing a digital lead generation agency will have countless benefits. 

While there are many ways for an agency to help you find and lure in leads, let’s go over five of the most important ways they can help you build your business:

  1. Analyze your target audience
  2. Build or update your brand’s image
  3. Content marketing
  4. Implement paid advertising strategies
  5. Set up retargeted ads

Keep reading for further information about each strategy.

1. Analyze your target audience

We write often about the benefits of understanding your target audience and how to define it.

This is typically one of the first steps an agency will take to help you build your business.

Before you can employ a strong marketing campaign to reel in more leads, you must first understand who is most likely to need or want what your business offers. 

Take time to think about the following details of people who will benefit from your product or service:

  • Average age
  • Income level
  • Specific location
  • Additional traits

Get specific and create as many buyer personas as you may need.

If some of your products are geared toward millennials in urban areas making six figures per year, count that as one persona.

If you have a service that benefits senior citizens locally, such as within a short drive to your physical location, think about that customer’s traits and write them all down as a second persona. 

The more specific you are, the better. Having a thorough understanding of your target audience helps you down the line with your branding, advertising, and content creation. 

2. Build or update your brand’s image

An agency can also help you improve your brand’s image.

Your brand is essentially a reflection of all the key points of your business, and it is what people will remember if they remember nothing else about you. 

A strong brand image leads to increased customer trust, higher chances of leads signing up for your email lists, and positive word-of-mouth advertising. Business.com breaks down building your brand into four components:

Gather data about your target audience

By understanding your target audience, which we addressed earlier, you can build your brand in a way that caters best to that demographic.

Consider what your audience will respond to. 

  • Do your customers want bold and edgy designs and campaigns? 
  • Will they understand and/or respond to modern slang? 
  • Is a clean and professional image fitting for the age group you’re targeting?

 There are many questions to consider, but spending time analyzing your audience is an important step in building your brand.

Design a logo that reflects your company

Building off the data about your target audience, you can take your answers to the questions above and use them when designing – or updating – your company’s logo.

branding from lead generation agency

Colors and graphics are more important than you may realize and go a long way in boosting the success of any marketing campaign.

If this is not your strong suit, don’t worry – your agency will help you with graphic design. 

Consider your organization’s voice

What sort of voice do you want to use when interacting with your potential customers?

Think about this in terms of the copy on your webpage, the language in your email marketing lists, your blogs, customer service techniques, and more.

Wherever you’re represented online or in print, your company’s voice should be consistent. 

Fortunately, a lead generation agency will work with you to analyze the best type of voice to attract leads and gain their trust. 

Build traction

Building traction with leads is all about engagement. 

Once your agency has worked with you to establish plans for your logo and voice, you can start utilizing social media and your website to engage with traffic and generate leads.

This is typically the point of a new marketing campaign in which some sort of free offer is presented to leads.

Free valuable content will help increase trust and build rapport, which slowly and surely leads to conversion of lead into customer. 

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3. Content marketing

One of the most daunting aspects of attracting – and then maintaining – new customers is content creation.

 It’s something that most business owners understand the importance of, but few are well-equipped or have enough time to focus on this part of the brand.

That’s where a lead generation agency steps in.

Agency experts can help you create consistent content that will benefit and inform visitors to your website and social media streams, as well as help you entice these visitors with free resources.

There are countless ways of achieving this goal. 

Depending on your business and the industry you’re in, the content you create may vary widely from other companies.

Working with a lead generation agency can be extremely helpful in narrowing down your focus areas for content.

Often the best places to focus on are your website copy, then consistent blogs to help your page rank high in Google searches, and social media posts. 

In addition to creating content like this on a regular schedule, developing one or more opt-in offers for leads who visit your page is crucial. 

When a potential customer visits your site, it’s your chance to get their attention and convince them to purchase what you have to offer.

But most consumers these days, with all the options available to them, need good incentives to choose your company.

When you can offer something of value to that customer before they buy, you have the opportunity to assure them that not only are you an expert in your subject matter, but that you have their best interests at heart. 

A “soft sell” gives a customer more time to consider you before they have to commit and is also one of the best ways to get their opt-in to your email marketing list. 

For example, your landing page can provide your customer with something like, “Enter your email address below to receive your free _____” and fill in the blank with a relevant offer on your subject matter. 

Types of materials to offer your customer can include:

  • White papers, defined by Wikipedia as “…an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue…meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.”
  • Free videos on YouTube or elsewhere
  • PDF guides or manuals
  • Weekly, monthly, or regular newsletters
  • Free access to specific links or webpages that aren’t readily available 

An agency can work with your specific business offerings to devise a plan that’s customized to your goals.

Once your business gets set up with strong content and begins to rank in search results pages, more leads are sure to start rolling in. 

4. Implement paid advertising strategies

You may already know that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is well worth the investment.

But how does it affect lead generation?

Wordstream.com defines the end goal of lead generation as getting “…prospects into the lead-tracking system.” 

And to get better leads into this system, which initiates a back-and-forth between your company and the potential customer, it helps to meet them right where they are. 

Paid advertising puts you on the front page. So, that when a potential lead needs your services or products, they see you first.

Your lead generation agency will help you determine and implement the best PPC ad campaigns for your business goals.

5. Set up retargeted ads

In addition to paid advertising, there is a technique called retargeted advertising.

This is defined as advertising that reminds a potential customer to return to a product or page they have recently viewed.

For example, after browsing for something on Amazon, consumers will often see ads for that very same item. 

Why is this beneficial? Ultimately, using retargeted ads can have the following effects:

  • Convert “window shopping” into purchases: Retargeted advertisements are known to convert more leads into customers (and then sales), based on the idea that people are more prone to purchasing something they’re familiar with, whether that’s from researching it online or seeing ads out and about. 
  • Multiple sales of related items: When a retargeted ad reminds a consumer of a product they have already viewed, or even purchased, it can lead to purchases of related products.
  • Increased consumer rapport with brand: The more face time your lead has with your products or services, the more they will remember your brand’s image. When they remember you, they’re likely to speak about you. And this means additional word-of-mouth advertising and referrals on top of the sale that the retargeted ad initially led to.

When you partner with an agency to help you grow your business, they can use their expertise to implement retargeted advertising throughout your business’s online presence.

By showing targeted ads to leads who have already interacted with your company in some way, an agency can often very quickly increase the number of leads coming in as well as the conversion rate to sales. 

online lead generation

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Getting Started With a Lead Generation Agency

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When you work with us, no matter what strategy we recommend for you, our ultimate goal is to increase your sales. Let us help you generate more leads today!

Digital Branding Services – Have a Stunning Online Presence

The internet continues to play an outsized role in our daily lives. Companies have to take charge of their online image and presence to help…

The internet continues to play an outsized role in our daily lives. Companies have to take charge of their online image and presence to help customers know who they are and what they can do for them.

To carve out their place online, there are some steps a company needs to take to establish themselves and their brand. 

First things first—What Is Digital Branding?

Digital branding is a form of branding and brand management. It takes the traditional concept of branding and translates it into the digital world. It uses the power of the internet, along with digital marketing strategies, to elevate the profile of a brand online. 

The objective is to create a connection between the brand and the products it markets by using the internet to make the brand recognizable.

While producing sales is a welcome byproduct, that isn’t the primary goal of digital branding.

Digital branding services seek to increase awareness of the brand, tell the story of the company, and cultivate & drive customer loyalty.

Branding is how you put your message into the world; your brand is what people think of when they hear the name of your business. 

digital branding strategies

Everything needs to be reviewed—your logo, typeface, color schemes, website, social media channels, messaging & tone, etc.

Every piece of your brand message has to complement each other and work together to meet your objectives. 

As a reminder—branding is not marketing.

Marketing is what you do when you are trying to increase exposure to your brand or drive sales for your business. Branding is developing the voice for your company’s story and the elements you will use to tell that story.

They can be easy to confuse but serve starkly different purposes.

Throughout this article, successful examples of digital branding services will be highlighted so you can see what it takes to establish your company online.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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1. Identify Who Your Target Customer Is By Creating Customer Personas

Before you start trying to brand, market, or sell anything, you have to know who your ideal customer is.

If you have not already done so, create your buyer personas and map out the customer journey.

Without this information, everything else you do will be for nothing. If you don’t know your target, your branding and marketing efforts may not even work.

You will gain valuable information about your target group during these two activities.

You can learn:

  • Their purchasing habits
  • Preferred method of purchase
  • What items they like to purchase
  • What time of day/week/month/year they make a purchase
  • What the needs are of your target groups

Once you gather this information, you can sketch out your persona. You should know their gender, age, demographic information, income bracket, education levels, and many more details.

Consider also how you will target customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

This information then helps you develop your digital branding strategy.

lush digital branding services

An example of a business who utilized digital branding services and understood their target customer is Lush Cosmetics.

As a company, Lush is big on the environment and eco-friendly causes. Minimalism is evident in their stores with a focus on reusable packaging and sustainability.

Their target customer is a person who supports many of the same ideals.

Lush and their customers embrace and support each other in terms of their values.

2. Developing your brand image and message

Now that you know who your target customer is, you have to develop your brand messaging and creative.

At this stage, you can start creating your brand collateral, website, and developing your social media channels.

These are the elements you need to address while creating your brand image and message.

  • Logo– logos are what make brands memorable and iconic. Think of Nike or McDonalds. Think of a logo that will encompass what you stand for and leave a lasting impression as well. When it comes to digital branding services, the creation of your logo is one of the most important.
  • Brand colors and typeface– the color you use in your logo will end up reflected across many pieces of collateral. For example, if you are a retail store, these colors will end up on your shopping bags and even signage used throughout your store. The typeface you use is the same way. Both need to continue the message of your brand. If your company sells beard oil to highly masculine men, bright colors and flowery typeface is not a good idea for your collateral. 
  • Website– a responsive website is a must in today’s business world. Your website is a one-stop-shop for everything pertaining to your business. Potential customers should be able to come here and learn about your company, how and why to purchase your products (if applicable), what the advantage is to doing business with you, how to find you on social media, how to sign up for emails, etc. Since 50% of searches come from mobile devices, everything must be equipped for mobile traffic. In a nutshell, a website should reinforce your digital branding and help customers communicate with you. 
  • Social media channels– there are dozens of social media networks to choose from to share your messages with customers. The trick is to only use the ones you need. If your core customer is men from 45-55, there isn’t a point in having a Snapchat or Pinterest account. Use channels where your customers are and provide them with quality content on those platforms. Also, use your social channels as a chance to have a conversation with your followers. This is a chance to get their feedback and help them with any service issues. 
  • Messaging & tone– it is important to decide the specifics of how you want to communicate with your customers. It needs to match your products and your brand. If your messaging and tone don’t match your products, you won’t be viewed as trustworthy by your customers. 
apple digital branding services

As an example of a company that hits this point home, I would refer you to the computer company Apple.

They do many things right in terms of branding and marketing, but this is one area they knock out of the park.

Every brand detail is used and reinforced throughout the company. Even the silver in the Apple logo is the color silver used on many of their products. 

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3. Create digital marketing campaigns to increase your visibility

Now that you have determined who you are targeting and how you want to speak with them, you are ready to start marketing to your customers. 

Print media and advertisements still have a place in some marketing campaigns. Depending upon what type of campaign it is, that may even be the best method to use.

But digital advertising channels reign supreme for most purposes and demographics. 

digital marketing and branding services

Digital advertising is the quickest way to reach your customers. You can also see your results virtually in real time and get an idea of your ROI. Digital campaigns can produce very large ROIs for a company. 

While it can get harder to track a precise number like that for other digital marketing types, as a whole, digital marketing produces a 118% ROI for a company. 

In essence, that means if you spend $100 on a campaign you will generate $218 from your efforts, netting you $118 in profit. Traditional media just does not deliver those kinds of results. 

To run a digital marketing campaign, these are digital branding services you will want to consider:

  • Email marketing– as already mentioned, email marketing offers an eye-popping ROI. In addition to ROI, email marketing campaigns have a 15-25% open rate. This is far above the click rate of digital ads. Create marketing campaigns with a CRM so you can use even more targeted emails. 
  • Social media marketing– the sky’s the limit when it comes to social media marketing and what a business can do. You can conduct polls, cross-promote with other channels, share content, create branded hashtags, and so much more. These platforms are free or at a nominal cost, so you can expand your reach at a cost-effective price. 
  • Paid online advertising– the digital world provides businesses with tons of free exposure through social media posts. But you can’t count on that alone. Luckily, online advertising is budget-friendly and has a very large reach. You can pick flat rate options or pay per click models for your ad buys. Digital ads can also be targeted to your ideal customer. These are a great way to expand your customer base. Google and Facebook have millions of daily users. You want to devise a plan that will get your ads in front of that many potential customers.
  • Influencer marketing– one of the newest trends in the digital world is influencer marketing. If your target market could be swayed by celebrity influencers, it is worth looking into as another avenue of lead generation. 
  • Content marketing strategy– content is still king, even in the digital world. Where people get confused is thinking that content is only words. Content covers everything, including pictures and videos. To make sure you aren’t just haphazardly posting content, develop a content marketing strategy. If you draw people to your channels, you have to provide them with quality content once they are there.
  • SEO optimization– SEO, aka search engine optimization may seem like just another buzzy acronym, but this term holds a lot more weight than some may think. And it plays a big role in any digital strategy. There is more content on the web than a person could ever view. To get your content in front of the most people, you need to rank high with search engines like Google and Bing. Any content you produce needs to be optimized to help you rank as high as possible. Prepare a keyword strategy so those words can be used naturally throughout your content. Don’t forget to optimize your website as well!
dove digital branding services

It is tough to pick a company that does well for this point because so many companies do well with digital outreach.

However, Dove does a terrific job with developing hashtag and buzzworthy digital campaigns so we opted to showcase them. Here is an example of one of their recent campaigns. 

4. Make sure that you test and make adjustments as needed.

This is the biggest thing in the digital world that can be overlooked. 

A person can create a winning email campaign or a viral video and think they can recreate that same magic using the same techniques time again.

In the digital world, that isn’t the case. Digital marketing moves at lightning speed and what works one month might not get the same results by next month.

You have to be willing to make adjustments and change your strategy in the moment. When possible, you should test your material so you can make adjustments to have more impactful campaign elements. 

You can apply this testing to multiple elements. Here are some tips about how to test your material for effectiveness:

  • Testing email subject lines
  • Testing call to actions for a sense of urgency
  • Only test one variable at a time
  • Get feedback on everything, including layout, colors, placement of buttons and text blocks, etc.

To give you a better idea of what this testing looks like, here are three examples that showcase what to do to get the best results. 

What Can a Digital Branding Services Agency Do For You?

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Digital branding services can help you determine the spot in the consumers mind you want to occupy.

We will help you determine if you are one of the common brand positioning strategies like:

  • Price-Based
  • Convenience-Based
  • Customer Service
  • Quality-Based

These are only four differentiation strategies you can follow. There are many more you can target with your brand positioning. We will help you determine the one most potent for your market.

Brand Platform

A brand platform distinctively lays out your brand purpose, vision, personality, values, promise, and brand positioning.

It’s a strategic must that will determine the success of your brand. A strong and well-defined brand platform will make a cohesive brand for years to come.

As your branding agency, we will help arrange and define your brand. Therefore, you will have a stunning and unforgettable brand.

logo design branding
logo design agency


Logos are extremely important to your brand. Your logo will do a lot of heavy lifting throughout it’s lifetime.

It’s in charge of your first impression. A great logo will give you an identity that’s hard to forget. Lastly, a stunning logo helps create loyalty among customers.

design board agency

Design Boards

In order to understand how your brand should work in all design spaces, we use digital design boards.

Here you will see how your brand will look on websites and business cards. Among many other digital and physical spaces.

brand book guidelines

Brand Book & Guidelines

Your brand book will determine all the nitty gritty details that makes up your brand. This entails all that has been talked about above.

Including your your brand platform, brand messaging, visual identity, brand guidelines and more.

In other words, your brand book is your businesses bible.

Getting Started with Digital Branding Services

If you use the tips shared in this article and study the examples, you will be on your way to success for providing strong digital branding services.

Mediaboom is a full service agency that can help you with every step of your digital services review and execution of your digital strategy.

Medical Spa Leads – The Complete Guide to More Clients

Creating a strategy to help generate leads for your medical spa does not have to be difficult.

As a medspa, you already have word of mouth with existing clients to help draw people into your facility.

Yet, there are a plethora of options available with a click of a button that can help maximize the reach for new clientele.

Whether you are a new spa or a pillar in your community, keeping up with new technology and marketing tools can help you stay ahead of the curve.

So, how do you know where to start building your strategy?  Keep reading below for tips to get you started with generating more medical spa leads.

A Successful Strategy for Medical Spa Leads

A marketing strategy that focuses on generating medical spa leads will help guide the process for content creation and will keep your budget on track. Strategies that are included are:

  • Paid Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization/Landing Pages
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Website/Blog Posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Client Support

By implementing one or more of the strategies listed above, you are setting yourself up for success and keeping the target audience as your main focus.

Check out this article on creating a business plan for your med spa before you dive into creating a marketing strategy to help generate leads.

Below you will discover how to tailor a plan to fit your business needs by recognizing your target audience and creating content that will entice them to discover more about your medspa.

med spa strategy

MedSpa Business Needs: The Basics

So, you want to generate leads, but do you know how to reach your target audience?  Do you know who your target audience is? 

The first step in creating a successful plan to generate more leads is to have a good idea of who your target audience is.

Finding your Target Audience

Your target audience can change depending on the services you are offering; however, there is a sure-fire way to help narrow down who you are trying to reach by doing these three things:

  1. Define your niche. Are you a full-service medspa or do you want to just highlight certain procedures?
  2. Know your existing customers.  As a medspa, your clients are already aware of your services. By polling or asking questions about what they are wanting or would like to see, you have an idea of the trends and new procedures that are getting a little hype.
  3. Research your competitors. Don’t be afraid to look at what your competitors are doing to reach a broad clientele. Are their strategies working? How can you implement their strategies into your plan?

Once you have established your target audience, then you need to focus on making yourself recognizable and consistent.

medspa brand

Establish Your Brand

If you take the time to establish your brand. But, it will help with website development, marketing, and search engine optimization which will yield a higher amount of leads.

Here are some quick steps you can take to help with the creation of a consistent brand.

  • Know your goal. Pinpoint your focus into what procedures or specials you want to highlight to get people interested in your services.
  • Know your personality. Are you in an exclusive environment or an all-inclusive medspa? Do you want to have a funky, fresh vibe or zen, relaxed tone?
  • Have a unique name. A unique name will set you apart from the rest of your competitors.
  • Create a slogan. A slogan can be used in social media marketing, paid advertising, and on your website to remind people of the services you offer.
  • Be strategic with color and font. A consistent color and font scheme will add even more power to the recognizable factor. You want people to see your ads and realize who it is without having to read the copy.
  • Choose a logo. A logo is going to be the picture that reminds clients of your brand. As clients get used to seeing your logo, they will feel more comfortable with clicking on external links because they associate it with your company.

When you have established your brand, you can now implement it across all of your marketing platforms which will take the hassle out of deciding what type of content to create.

There are free content creation apps that can save your presets, such as Canva.com, and help with streamlining the process for you.

medspa branding

Choosing the Best Leads Strategy for Your Medical Spa

When you have identified your target audience and created a recognizable brand, now comes the fun part of creating content and building your awareness for your business to help generate leads. 

Review the different strategies listed below to determine which one you feel will help represent your Medspa the best!

Paid Online Advertising

Paid online advertising, such as Google Ads, places your campaign in the search results for people looking for products or services related to what you are offering.

To help generate medical spa leads, follow this 5-step process for kick-starting your paid online advertising.

  • Determine your goal. Are you wanting to drive more people to your website, or have them call in to speak with a representative to obtain more information about your services?
  • Decide where to advertise. Do you want to stay with a local audience or have a global reach?
  • Create Your Message. Are you advertising a special treatment or procedure? Use three sentences to help draw attention to your ad or create a banner that is recognizable using your colors, slogan, or logo.
  • Set Your Budget. Pay per click (PPC) services can be easily tailored to fit your budget and can help you break down costs based on your goals. Each website typically has a budget calculator to help you decide what is best for your marketing strategy.
  • Go Live. Once you are live, your ad will be displayed on search results related to your products and services.

Paid online advertising is usually easily customizable and editable based on the results you receive from real-time analytics.

You can monitor the success rate of certain campaigns and adjust your strategy to fit the trends you are seeing.

social media for medical spas

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is usually sectioned into four different types of campaigns.

  • Link Clicks. This type of campaign will direct clients/customers to click on a link to go to your website or obtain additional information. You are wanting the customer to go to a different page to see your content.
  • Website Conversions. This type of campaign will allow customers to book appointments or purchase products or services directly from your page. You are converting website visits into clients.
  • Video Views. This type of campaign gets your information to potential clients the fastest way by displaying a video with your content. Video ads range from 3 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your budget and goals.
  • Post Engagement. This type of campaign is specifically for your followers to interact with your posts through “like/share/comment.” This can be good if you are wanting to reach potential clients through your existing customers.

To run a successful social media marketing campaign, you need to focus on creating compelling copy, producing exciting visuals, and providing a call to action to help generate leads.

  • Create compelling copy. Use keywords pertinent to the services you are trying to market.
  • Produce exciting visuals. Whether using images or videos, you want to keep the visuals relevant and directly related to your services.
  • Provide a call to action. Give your clients an action to perform, i.e. “Reserve, Get Started, Check It Out, Learn More, etc.”

Social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram also provide real-time analytics to help you keep track of how your campaigns are performing.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Search Engine Optimization/Landing Pages

Optimizing your website and social media to be a top result for online searches should be in the back of your mind at all times when you are creating content.

Linking your landing page to your advertising will help to generate leads and provide potential clients with valuable information for selecting your business for their services. 

Create content for your audience, not for search engines.Use auto-generated content.
Be truthful.Saturate your content with links for paid ads.
Avoid tricks to improve rankings in search results.Copy content from other pages.
Stay unique, valuable, and engaging to your audienceHave hidden links or text.

Almost 60% of consumers use Google search to find business, which results in 80% of searches leading to direct sales on in-store purchases.

Search results are constantly changing, so make sure you are keeping an eye on trends and evaluating what is being displayed as a top result. 

If the top search result is not you, think about how you can adjust your content to appeal to your audience.

seo for medical spas

Traditional Marketing

Traditional advertising such as tv/radio ads, billboards, and magazine or newspaper ads are a tried and true way to get your image out to a mass amount of people. 

  • Harder to ignore – whether your brand is plastered on a billboard or played every morning on the local radio station, the brand exposure to the mass market is enormous.
  • DIY options – marketing channels like direct mail/email lists are easily customizable and do not need to employ the additional costs of a marketing agency or firm.
  • Less potential risk – you can more easily control your brand image and message.
  • More targeted for a certain audience – you can pay for an ad to be read on a popular blog that talks about cosmetic surgery to reach more people who would be interested in your services.
  • Deliver specific offers for specific people – direct mail or referral incentives for previous clients are likely to have a more positive response than a social media post advertising the same specials.

If you prefer to stick with traditional marketing, the main drawback is the time that is used for content creation. With the invention of social media marketing and lightning-fast accessibility, you want to make sure the traditional advertising you are using will stand the test of time with little to no edits.

website for medical spas

Website/Blog Posts

You want your website and blog posts to appeal to search engine algorithms.

There are many resources available to help you strategize content for your website and social media platforms to land you in the top search results for your target audience.

  • Keyword Research – You know your audience and you know what you are trying to market to your audience, now you need to know what keywords will allow google to rank your content at the top.  Use a keyword planner to help the algorithms find your content. 
  • Create content with keywords – Sprinkle the keywords throughout all of your content on the website so that the algorithm has plenty of places to find results.
  • Speed up your website – Google will rank slow websites towards the bottom of the search results. Make sure you are using a website speed monitor often to check your website’s speed.
  • Use landing pages with keywords – The title of your Landing page should have keywords related to your real estate development. Make sure to delete any underperforming pages.

Keep your branding consistent throughout your website and social media platforms so that you are a recognizable and credible source, especially if you are linking all of your advertising content back to the website.

email marketing for medical spas

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a special touch and makes things feel more personal.  There are 5 types of email marketing that you should utilize for your medspa:

  • Welcome Emails – to welcome and thank new clients for choosing your spa.
  • Newsletter Emails – to keep clients up to date with any changes or new products and services.
  • Transactional Emails – to provide a receipt or an overview of the services they received.
  • Re-engagement Emails – to provide special offers to new or existing clients.
  • Review/Story Emails – to highlight your clients’ stories and make it feel more personal.

Several email marketing services, such as Mailchimp, also provide packages that offer additional perks such as customer surveys and feedback.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your MedSpa Website

Looking for better ways to bring in new clients? Get insights into growing your medical spa business, attracting new clients, and increasing the awareness of your brand in this 12 step guide.

Online Reputation Management

This is directly related to the reviews you are receiving on websites such as Google, Yelp, Groupon, etc. If you provide a way for clients to leave positive reviews, they will outweigh any negative reviews that could bog down your rating. Do not be afraid to create content that highlights positive reviews and disperse that content across all of your marketing platforms to generate new leads.

Client Support

Excellent customer service is going to be one of the main ways to get more leads by providing a bragging opportunity for your clients to tell their friends about the experience they had. From the booking of an appointment, to in-treatment service, to checking out and upselling products, if you ensure excellent customer service, you can guarantee to generate more leads.


Though content creation is not a one-size-fits-all approach for most medical spas, taking the time to identify your goals and creating an exciting brand will help you streamline the process and make it easier to generate new leads.

It does not have to be confusing or time-consuming, it just needs to be personal and professional, and you can let the content do the rest.

Hotel Branding – How to Create an Unforgettable Brand

How to create an efficient hotel branding plan for your hotel in order to build a solid and enduring reputation with your clients.

Building a solid brand for your hotel is not entirely different from building close connections with clients. You will quickly lose friends if you bore them. Of course, it becomes a lot more complex than that. But hotel branding can build an excellent and enduring reputation by being interesting, reliable, genuine, and innovative.

The ultimate goal of developing a fantastic hotel brand is for tourists to feel instant affection and comfort when they hear about your hotel. You want visitors to not only remember your image and brand but also get a feeling of what a stay at your hotel is like and what they can expect.

Aside from selecting the best management, investing in hotel branding is undoubtedly one of the most critical decisions a hotel owner can make. So, let’s look at why it’s so crucial and how to create an efficient hotel branding plan.

What is Hotel Branding?

Hotel branding entails more than just selecting a name, logo, and primary value proposition in the industry. With the introduction, a comprehensive plan must now include storytelling not only to identify but also to express your values. You may develop a brand based on your value provision in this way.

Hotel branding also includes everything from your hotel’s personality and beliefs to your clients’ views, ideas, and experiences. It expresses who you are, everything you believe in, and how you prefer people to see you.

Moreover, in contrast to the brand identity, hotel brands frequently contain quality standards and specifications that each hotel part of the brand must follow. All of this leads to a more distinct brand identity.

Hotel Branding

Why Should You Have Great Hotel Branding?

Why is branding important to your hotel business, and what will be its consequences? In that regard, here are the four key benefits of having excellent hotel branding.

Creates New Revenue Channels

In a busier world than ever before, most people merely do not have the time or enthusiasm to consider your brand. As a result, your responsibility is to guarantee that your brand captures their attention, followed by enlightening them with your brand story in a clear and straightforward style.

Every hotel deserves a legitimate face, and hotel branding is frequently the face that attracts your target audience. Branding also excites people at each touchpoint of their experience and ultimately wins your trust. Creating a brand identity is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to spread information about your company.

The more compelling your brand story, the more likely it will persuade your audience to stick with you and then return and stay over. Converting leads into guests into ambassadors is critical to the hotel business, and it is nearly hard to achieve without excellent branding.

Beat Out the Competition

According to research, people prefer to connect with companies with reliable, reputable companies rather than those who do not. With advances in offline and online technologies, the whole world has become your marketplace. However, to profit from this, your business must draw awareness and stand out from the crowd.

Half of the visitors (51%) click on the first two search results, and 92 percent click on the first page of search results. About 5% of visitors reach the second page! On the other hand, Most passengers are uncertain about the hotel brand to stay in (85%), and they prefer to arrange their trips using search engines (60%) over hotel websites (41 percent).

This suggests people use Google more than a particular hotel website or a comparison website. So, branding in the hotel business can increase your credibility, providing your clients with a reason to choose you over your competitors.

Hotel Cunsomer

Build Consumer Trust

Whatever you feel about Starbucks, you can contest that they’re trustworthy. The Starbucks experience (and coffee) is essentially the same everywhere you travel in the world. It’s an offshoot of their identity. Hotels are everywhere. In reality, this is how bigger hotel chains build loyalty: they provide a consistent, dependable experience across several facilities.

Branding is also crucial for small and independent hotels. Consider that your hotel’s customer journey begins online. Creating a cohesive brand from pre-booking to post-stay can allow you to find the ideal guests — and transform them into returning clients.

The style in which you promote your hotel branding can either build or destroy your reputation. People have a high level of faith in OTAs. So even if you’re able to get that buyer onto your website, you still have to prove that you’re legitimate. A cohesive brand, social evidence reviews, and even live chat are all features that contribute to the trustworthiness of your hotel.

Turn Your Customers Into Ambassadors

According to Google Small Business, approximately 5% of word-of-mouth interactions occur online, while 82% occur in person. Therefore, good branding is the only method to impact your guests’ face-to-face interactions.

While not always simple to monitor, how can you expect your passionate supporters to tell your brand’s story if you don’t make it crisp and relatable? Investing in a captivating and clear brand experience will multiply the effect of your satisfied customers and provide you with a terrific ROI.

Hotel Brand

How to Create a Legendary Hotel Brand

Numerous things contribute to excellent hotel branding and lead revenues. Whether you’re dealing with a new or older business, expressing your brand concept to your customers is critical. Here are five insider tips for creating a legendary hotel branding:

Consistency Counts

Understand what you believe in and stick to it. The ‘image’ of your hotel’s brand must be represented in everything related to your brand. It is thought that this comprises your name and logo, font, stationery, and meals, but go further than that. 

It also covers your music, accent and attitude, promotional campaign, and any social media or marketing emails to gain loyal customers. Each of these transmits a signal. Is that signal stating you’re a mediocre operator or that you have pride in your work? Think about it! 

When your hotel branding is consistent, more travelers will immediately recognize your marketing. The more people recognize you, the more powerful your brand reputation gets! Whether you’re selling an all-inclusive hotel or a cozy bed & breakfast, these advantages should be among your top priorities. To attain them, you must first establish a base of brand consistency.

Be True to What Your Hotel Is

Every human being has an inherent want to belong to and interact with a group. Hotels frequently forget that their consumers are people first and foremost before they are paying clients. The most successful hotels can display a relatable, sentient branding strategy that emotionally engages with customers.

According to Simon Gibson, brands must think and act like actual people instead of portraying accommodation as a functional utility.

“Consider Airbnb. It was innovative not only because of the business concept but also because it gave customers the impression that they were receiving personalized experiences. For example, the places where visitors slept had history, charisma, and strange rugs.” Simon.

Creating a relevant brand starts with a brand story because a hotel branding story will outlast any changes in employees or management changes.

Hotel Niche

Have a Niche

A niche is a specialty that targets a specific industry or group of customers. Finding a niche is critical for you if you want not only to generate consistent cash but also to build a reputation.

Benefits of Having a Niche

Let’s look at three solid reasons why having a niche in your hotel branding is essential.

  • Low Competition: One of the primary advantages of a niche market is little or no competition. There are much fewer competitors offering the same item when you submit a small or particular target. But, there would be fewer customers searching for your products. As a result, you must focus on the correct clients.
  • Less Spends on Advertising: Promotions are made much easier by niche marketing. In addition, marketing to a niche market is generally very targeted. Therefore, it is also expense-effective.
  • More Revenue: Profit ratios in niche businesses are frequently massive. Customers’ particular needs are met by niche enterprises. Furthermore, buyers cannot obtain the goods or services somewhere else. So, they are willing to pay extra for the services.
  • Proficiency: When you provide a specific service to a niche market, you naturally assume the role of an expert in your industry. You are the ideal choice for obtaining the correct answers. It is challenging to be an expert in every topic. However, you can offer expertise in your own field. The ability to specialize in one field can help you attract more consumers by meeting their unique demands.

Create a Captivating Story

Given that around 75% of people do not trust conventional means of marketing. As we are bombarded with hundreds of marketing communications, you must find a way to break through the clutter genuinely.

A brand is more of a story than a sales pitch. It provides a story about what it’s like to stay at your hotel rather than merely presenting what it has to provide. The report should include the hotel’s past, philosophy, location, and esthetic. Moreover, the story also tells clients what the end-to-end journey feels and looks like both on and off the property.

According to HotelRez, “good hotel storytellers online are moving away from large portions of dull, normalized text and descriptions of amenities, and toward the use of large, stunning, bold pictures with fascinating narratives and convincing bite-sized videos, which are more suitable to today’s multi-device, multi-channel world.”

Sell a Breathtaking Experience

Apart from the basic facilities, such as the condition of the guestrooms, amenities, or service by well-trained workers, the best hotels should broaden their identity to include the essence of hospitality.

Hotels are in the industry of caring for people, and hotel workers should strive to provide guests with a revolutionary experience.

All great businesses start with a customer-centric mindset. Plus, experience mapping is a valuable tool for identifying and implementing universal touchpoints of hotel branding experience. Hospitality should leave clients with fond feelings, enrich their experiences, and become a part of their personal stories.

Hotel Service

Provide Story-Worthy Services

Customer service is key to your hotel branding success. Because excellent customer services keep clients and derive more worth from them, give the guests something they’ll enjoy and remember you by. At the time, photo booths with ingeniously branded prints or branded biscuits, candles, wine bottles, or sweet goodies are popular options. 

On-site custom engraving or personalization of products can enhance the experience. Avoid providing “clutter” things, such as needles or magnets, typically thrown in the top of a cabinet or thrown out.

Hotel owners that provide excellent customer service recover their client acquisition costs and create a loyal audience. This audience refers to clients who act as case studies and gives feedback and testimonials.

To give a story-worthy service and value to all of your clients, you must be:

  • Highly Responsive: Give response to arriving questions efficiently and quickly
  • Accessible: Make sure everyone understands where they can get the details they want.
  • Service-Orientated: Try to get feedback and deliver on requirements from guests.

Provide Unique Offerings

A unique offering means the unique advantage of a business, service, or item that empowers it to stand out from the competition. The characteristic that shows product benefits that are important to customers must be the unique selling proposition. It concentrates on explicit claims of innovation involving an outstanding verifiable quality.

A unique selling proposition is a crucial positioning signal a business or sales representative provides to prospects. Your unique selling point outlines why your service is more robust, better, or different from competitors. Unique offering also provides clear distinction, increased revenue, loyal customers, and easier selling in hotel branding.


To stand out in the hospitality market, you must always have a comparative advantage over your competition. According to statistics, the number of hotel reservations increased by 26% between 2005 and 2016.

It is a strong indication that the hotel industry is thriving. However, to guarantee that your hotel is among the many on-demand hotels, you must build a strong hotel branding.

You can also promote your hotel on social media. The global population of social media members has now topped three billion. As a result, it is a ripe industry.

Dental Website Design: 30 Stunning Examples

A good Dental Website Design is proven to convert visitors into new patients. Take inspiration from our top 30 Dental Websites Designs!

According to Dental Economics, 97 percent of all dental clients choose to get information from a dentist’s website instead of calling the dentist’s office.

Gone are the days of hard copies.

Instead, we have entered a fully digital world. Dental website designs and online resources are the most popular way for customers to find a firm.

Similarly, online presence is the most common way for firms to attract customers.

This transition to becoming a part of the internet world is essential for the dental industry.

Dentist sites now enable clients to book appointments online or discover more about the services with a single click.

Therefore, don’t just take our word for it!

See for yourself which websites designs are outstanding in the dental field to get inspiration. In that regard, we present the top 30 dental website design:

1. Tend

Dental Website Design

Visit Website ›

Tend reimagines every aspect of your visit on a dentist’s website. They have an animated video that quickly conveys the brand’s distinct style to viewers.

This site’s straightforward style and clean lines are matched by easy-to-read language and colorful, appealing graphics.

Overall, this site design provides a fun and easy experience to the visitors while also encouraging potential patients to set up an appointment.

2. Enamel Dentistry

Best dentist's website

Visit Website ›

This multi-location practice provides the unique neighborhoods that maintain Austin’s uniqueness. In addition, it showcases the site’s impressive offices and beautiful city.

You’ll find a deliberate blend of unique pictures and service-specific iconography on this site.

Their social media presence is prominent to encourage connectivity. Plus, the content is insane level engaging to persuade the customers.

An ultimate beautiful and trustworthy site!

3. Smile & Co.

Dental Web Design List

Visit Website ›

This Folsom, CA dentistry business is an excellent example of combining content and design to produce an outstanding result.

The design is humorous, imaginative, and friendly, ideally fitting this young practice’s chatty and non-stuffy tone.

From the header video and text font to the parallax effects, this design has a lot of fantastic flow. We especially like the unique photographs.

4. Cedar Village Dentistry

dentist's website List

Visit Website ›

On the homepage, there is an eye-catching video and a call to action button.

Cedar Village Dentistry includes several areas that have relevant group services. In addition, they have included a quick overview of all of the significant surgeries they do.

As you browse down the homepage, you will see video testimonials from patients. This dental website design is built with soothing shades, so users find it quite relaxing.

5. Lake Bluff Dental

Dental Website Design

Visit Website ›

This dental website design is timeless, elegant, and simple to use, making this an example of a good user experience. The site’s structure and specific language showcase the doctor’s specialty and demonstrate her variety of services.

While powerful, conversion-focused navigation maintains Lake Bluff Dental’s contact information top of mind.

Ultimately, navigating the site is a smooth and easy approach; sticky navigation covers all information and booking possibilities.

6. Jackson Family Dental

Dental Web Design List

Visit Website ›

The design of this website uses attractive images and well-crafted videos to attract the interest of patients.

We especially enjoy videos that showcase the benefits of these services, such as pain-free care and one-day procedures.

These specific selling points appear on their neat and straightforward dental website design. The site is characterized by specific design features, content that answers FAQs, and call-to-actions on each page.

7. Smile Culture Dental

Best dentist's website

Visit Website ›

Smile Culture Dental’s website captures users’ attention and provides an overall pleasant experience. They have a soft, welcoming color palette and an eye-catching, trendy font.

The video header steals the show by presenting genuine patients’ responses with their new grins.

They have a user-friendly navigation bar, patient reviews, and CTAs below their services. Plus, a 24/7 chatbox and insurance to build trust.

8. SmileSpot: Brea Dentist

dentist's website List

Visit Website ›

As part of SmileSpot, the color brand is shown on the website. It provides a beachy, relaxed environment and creates a calm, stress-free atmosphere. This dental website design reflects the different aesthetics of the doctor as well as the target audience of the practice.

The prominent attributes that stand out are:

  • Great background picture
  • Blended color scheme
  • Appealing call to action buttons

9. Bowles Dental

Dental Web Design List

Visit Website ›

With icons and a well-crafted layout, this dental website design does an excellent job of being personable and innovative.

Among the first things Bowles Dental gets right is that it takes advantage of an online appointment and messaging. 

This site is tied together with a tight knot because of attention to SEO best practices, the ideal combination of unique and stock photos, and helpful writing that solves typical patient inquiries.

10. Rogue Valley Dentist

Dental Website Design

Visit Website ›

By promoting the dentist’s expertise, education, qualifications, and awards, the site also supports uninsured people in learning about their alternatives for getting the care. 

Easy to approach navigation bars, services, and the brands that feature them make this website trustworthy.

Below, they have a beautiful video, the office location, and no need to mention the reviews from their patients. Overall, a clean and dependable website.

11. Brimfield Family Dentistry

dentist's website List

Visit Website ›

The website not only seems beautiful, but it also includes online booking, a new client special, and information on what to expect. Such as how much time to spare for a consultation, safety precautions during COVID-19, payment solutions, and more.

Every section on the website is also optimized adequately for SEO when someone searches for a dentist nearest them on the Internet.

12. Grand Street Dental

Dental Web Design List

Visit Website ›

A dentistry website that has the aesthetic of a modern art display? Grand Street Dental is the website to visit. Abstract designs, lovely images, and soothing shades put patients in comfort from the moment they enter the site. 

However, Grand Street Dental is concerned with more than just looks.

The website provides online appointment booking and promotes current publicity. It also provides quick navigation with services offered and insurance details.

13. Doylestown Dentist 

List of Dental website Design

Visit Website ›

Bash Dental is Doylestown’s leading 24-hour emergency dentist. They have an emergency-focused site so that patients understand who to call when they require guidance. In addition, their service pages have a great content layout. 

Small, simple parts make it easier for the users to grasp the content, and before and after photographs keep the viewer’s attention on the services. The site has a sharp and catchy look with bold services and appealing CTAs.

14. East Indy Dental Care

List of Dental website Design

Visit Website ›

Above all, this dental clinic aims to be known for offering empathetic care in a comfortable setting. Using grayscale graphics with a delicate blue tint instantly conveys a subtle yet powerful message.

Their SEO team has also given East Indy Dental Care a thumbs up!

This clinic includes a link for clients to post reviews, an embedded Google map to their clinic, “trust badges” to add credibility.

15. Atlanta Center

Dental Website Design

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The Atlanta Center for Superior Perio is a dental treatment leader. A neat, clutter-free, and trendy style represents the firm’s identity and the high-end customers it draws.

The utilization of white space, muted palettes, and innovative photography and videos demonstrate the practice’s skill. Likewise, the friendly yet professional text makes viewers seem welcome and at ease.

16. Mansfield Orthodontist

Best dentist's website

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Mansfield Orthodontists have a pleasant and friendly website for patients seeking orthodontic care by using the doctor’s personal, family-focused imagery.

This website is elegant, with an intriguing dynamic logo.

This site is highly user-friendly, with customer reviews and trust badges to earn more credibility. Additionally, they showcase their availability timings and contact details at the bottom of the page to make it easier for patients.

17. Del Mar Dental Studio

List of Dental website Design

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The website of Del Mar Dental Studio is a stellar example of how free videos should be used.

The videos in the header and the photos throughout provide a smooth yet creative look.

This website matches Del Mar’s modern, affluent style and directs the user through the website with appealing fonts. It would not be wrong to say this is an ultimate simple-to-use site!

18. Upstate Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Web Design List

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Upstate Pediatric Dentistry drew us over for various reasons, the most important of which is that they understand their target market; women.

When it comes to selecting a dentist, women are typically the primary decision-makers in the family.

Including a professionally produced film that introduces the practice and explains why it is a superb option for her kids. A minimal but robust website design.

19. Swish Dental

dentist's website List

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Lively, pleasant, and effective. These are the words coming to mind as I browse through this stylish Austin dental website.

This practice immediately draws attention to the fact that it is aimed at a younger Millennial or Generation Z audience. The design incorporates vibrant colors, innovative imagery, and plenty of movement.

In addition, Swish Dental now provides virtual consultations in addition to online booking.

20. Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Website Design

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With a jungle-themed desk built for children, the Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry’s website achieves two tasks: 

  • Showcase the kid-friendly clinic
  • Display parents Dr. Julie’s devotion to helping kids. 

The practice’s cheerful atmosphere is enhanced by cartoon characters and bright colors. With content and visuals engagement, their navigation bar and contact form are highly approachable.

21. Zen Dental Studio

List of Dental website Design

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Zen dental studio has a beautiful and well-blended nude colors palette. This design connects to the firm’s brand and plainly expresses who they are, focusing on minimal. 

This practice gets right by providing patients with information on insurance, finance, and payments, fully defining what to boost this site among competitors.

22. Kingstowne Dental Specialists

Dental Web Design List

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This website Intends to provide equal weight to two different specialties; content and design.

Developers elegantly create an even balance between Kingstowne Dental Specialists’ pediatric and orthodontic sides. 

This website beautifully represents their quiet, beautiful office, where children are welcome and families are comfortable. Kingstowne Dental Specialists is a warm and friendly site with clear instructions and CTAs.

23. Bridgetown Dental

dentist's website List

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Everything in this website is suited to the firm’s loyal audience, from the Pacific Northwest-inspired green and brown color palette to the one-of-a-kind logo displaying a famous Portland bridge.

The left-hand navigation menu is a unique aspect of this design — you don’t find this very frequently!

Coupled with strong images of the office, orthodontist, and group, this homepage easily creates our list of great dental websites.

24. Dunn Orthodontics

Best dentist's website

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The Arizona clinic instantly stands out with cheerful colors and professional photographs and videos with its modern style. But, aside from the eye-catching style, this site adheres to all website best practices:

  • Calls to action that are appealing and free consultation services
  • Explanations to frequently asked patient questions
  • Copy that is captivating and SEO-optimized, stressing what sets them special
  • To develop trust, include patient testimonies and before-and-after images.

25. Jupiter Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Website Design

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The advertising of the Little Royals, which comes from a popular children’s book called “The Little Prince,” strongly affected the website’s design. 

Creatures and animations appropriate for small princesses and princes bring the concept to life. This website has fantasy vibes with user-friendly navigations and bold CTAs.

It is an immensely favorite dental website design among mothers for their children due to its unique concept.

26. Laser Dentistry of Erie

dentist's website List

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Laser dentistry is a stunning and user-friendly site due to its nude color palette. The beautiful and welcoming photos are one of our favorite aspects. A patient who visits a website will quickly understand who they are working with. Plus, patients will be more confident in their decision to schedule an appointment. 

This website accomplishes both goals by addressing common dental concerns and promoting the practice’s many positive patient testimonials.

27. Dentist Hollywood

List of Dental website Design

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Glo Modern Dentistry is a five-star cosmetic dentist in Hollywood. The website has separate categories, including patient information, treatments, oral and cosmetic procedures.

They also have a video on their webpage that shows the outcomes of their procedure. Services details and contact form is highly approachable. Additionally, customers reviews and trust badges are a plus point.

28. Embassy Dental

Dental Web Design List

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Embassy Dental features a visually appealing website that lists all of its offerings on the homepage. To showcase their services, they have chosen amusing art graphics. On the main page, you can see images of their doctors as well as their locations. 

This allows patients to get to know the experts before scheduling appointments. In addition, the navigation bar on their website is specifically created for patients to reach them.

29. Timberhill Dental

Best dentist's website

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Timberhill Dental has a terrific website with original photos that makes it appear familiar. The website’s relaxing color palette makes patients comfortable.

They give a brief overview of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and CEREC tooth replacement. 

They also encourage consumers to make an appointment for a consultation. The website also carries a feedback area along with the prevention therapy, available treatments, and contact information.

30. Atlanta Dentist

Dental Website Design

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Atlanta Dental Spa is setting a new level for quality with four elegant sites that seem more like a Ritz Carlton hotel than a dentist clinic.

Through beautifully produced high-quality video visits of each location, the website conveys the brand’s classy and luxurious vibe. 

Patients are encouraged to contact or text, which is becoming increasingly common in leading dentistry.

Conclusion – Dental Website Design Services

Like you can notice from the list, trustworthiness, user experience, and authority are the most important aspects of dental web design. 

If you also want to create a high-converting and accessible dental website design for your dental business – MediaBOOM excels in creating classy, stunning websites. Contact us right away.

Does SEO Really Work? Here’s Why it’s a Must in 2021

If you are wondering if does SEO Really work to grow your business online, here you will learn how to use it to your advantage.

There are plenty of digital marketing strategies to capitalize on in 2021, but there’s one with tremendous potential to help you naturally grow online: SEO. 

You’ve likely heard how important SEO is and may wonder, “does SEO really work?” It’s an important question to ask, especially in our digital-first world. Read on to learn if SEO really does work and how to use it to your advantage. 

Does SEO Really Work?

Yes, SEO really does work. SEO is essential for organic online growth and if you do it right, you’ll have an incredible number of internet users find your website quickly. This increases brand awareness and the chances that these users convert to customers. 

It sounds simple, but there’s more to SEO than having an optimized website. Read on to learn:

  • What SEO is 
  • Why SEO is an important marketing strategy 
  • Common SEO mistakes (and how to avoid them) 

What is SEO? 

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website so it ranks higher on search engines. The higher a website ranks on a search engine, especially on the first search engine results page (SERP), the greater the chances are of people finding your website when they search. 

There are numerous factors that influence SEO, including: 

  • Page speed 
  • Domain authority 
  • Site crawlability 
  • Mobile-friendliness 
  • Quality of content produced 
  • Number of relevant inbound and outbound links 

These are just a few of many factors to keep in mind when thinking of your SEO strategy. It comes technically as the goal to create the best user experience possible

Marketing Strategy

Why SEO is a Critical Marketing Strategy

SEO is an incredibly important part of your marketing strategy because it helps build brand awareness, drive organic traffic to your website, build authority and trust within your industry, and nurture relationships with new and existing audiences. Let’s discuss how exactly this happens. 

Building Brand Awareness

The more you focus on SEO, the higher your website will rank on search engines. The higher your website ranks, the more people find your brand. The more people find your brand, the more likely you’ll gain brand fans who, eventually, could turn into brand enthusiasts. That’s why it’s also important to have your brand messaging strategy in place online. 

Driving Organic Traffic to Your Website

If you’re not trying to spend a fortune on paid advertising, focusing on your SEO strategy is a key way to create organic inbound traffic. Instead of paying to appear to internet users, you create a strategy that provides them with the best user experience so they come to you naturally. 

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Building Authority and Trust Within Your Industry

A big part of SEO is creating relevant content that’s valuable to users. Typically, this valuable content aims to solve someone’s problem, which means it requires some expertise to write about. The more you produce high-quality content that shows your expertise, the more you’ll build your reputation among your audience and your competitors

Google will reward you, too, if you produce valuable content for people. The better quality content you produce, the better your chances are of ranking highly on search pages. If you get on the first SERP of a highly-searched term, your website could get a lot of organic traffic. 

Nurture Relationships With New and Existing Customers

SEO helps you nurture relationships with new and existing customers because it helps them find you and your content faster. The more they see how your content helps them, the more trust you’ll build with them. The greater the trust, the more likely they’ll eventually convert to customers. 

SEO can also help you attract and convert new audiences. The more keywords you rank for, the more opportunities there are for people to find you. The right webpage or piece of content can help you tap into an audience you couldn’t before

SEO mistakes

Common SEO Mistakes

There’s great potential with SEO, but there’s also room for error if you aren’t careful. Here are some common SEO mistakes to avoid and why. 

Targeting The Wrong Keywords

When you create content, you want to target relevant keywords. Targeting the wrong keywords, (keywords that aren’t relevant to your business or content), can confuse Google and have you reaching the wrong audience altogether. Instead, do keyword research and figure out which ones are most relevant to your business and audience so you aren’t wasting your resources

Keyword Stuffing

How often you use a keyword in a piece is important for SEO purposes, but trying to use the keywords as many times as possible in your content, known as keyword stuffing, can actually hurt it. Google is smart enough to know when you’re trying to trick it, so if you keyword stuff in hopes of ranking higher, it’ll only hold your content back. Instead, use the keyword where it’s relevant and natural for the user to encounter throughout the content. 

Keywords stuffing

Linking to Random External Sites

Linking to external sites helps with SEO, but you need to think of the quality of those external sites. If you’re linking to random websites that aren’t viewed as legitimate, it could hinder your content. Instead of linking to random websites, link to quality external sites that rank well. That way, Google knows you’re linking to reputable websites and legitimate content. 

Missing the Meta Description 

The meta description, which is the small paragraph of text that appears under your website link on the SERP, is a valuable piece of real estate. It provides important context to users about what your content is about and if it’ll help them get the answer they’re looking for. Don’t ignore it; instead, write a clear and concise meta description that’ll tell Google and your audience the content is worth reading. 

seo Agency

Should I Hire an SEO Agency? 

If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO agency, do it. An SEO agency will take the guesswork out of your SEO strategy and get you the results you want. At MediaBoom, we’re dedicated to helping clients maximize their SEO efforts and experience incredible growth. Head here to schedule your consultation and meet the team—we’d love to help expand your reach.