Alternative Ways to Grow Your Business In 2021

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur looking for alternative ways to grow your business in 2021? Or maybe you are a startup company wondering what methods…

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur looking for alternative ways to grow your business in 2021? Or maybe you are a startup company wondering what methods apart from conventional marketing can help you generate leads and increase your revenue growth. 

Whatever the reason may be, you are in the right place. This post will guide you on streamlining your marketing strategies with some of the most innovative alternatives. 

If you are like most companies today, you will be looking for alternative ways to grow your business in 2021. Some of those growth strategies include:

  • Investing in paid advertising
  • Optimizing your website
  • Hosting virtual events or partaking in virtual event sponsorships
  • Becoming a thought leader with content marketing
  • Creating engaging video content
  • Connecting with prospects via email marketing
  • Getting found on search engines with SEO

Growing your customer base is the most important aspect of your company’s future. The success of your marketing campaign ensures your long-term survival.

Not only does it make it convenient to acquire new assets and attract new talent, investors, and funding, but it also entices and engages the target audience. Thanks to digital marketing, you can now opt for several alternative ways to boost your business’ performance and profits.

Getting to know your consumers’ needs helps you promote the product and services in the most efficient way. The insight into such data enables you to offer personalized services and products to the consumers.

The feedback you receive, in turn, can help you adapt your strategy for a better consumer experience. 

paid advertising

Investing in Paid Advertising

Paid advertisement is an essential digital marketing strategy for any business, irrespective of its size and industry. You can use paid ads to boost traffic to your website by appearing amongst the top results for search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. 

According to Forbes, appearing in the top five paid ads on search engines can help you receive 67.5 percent of the searchers’ clicks. Let us look at what options you can utilize

Google Search, Display, Remarketing, and Social Ads

You can use Google paid ads to appear amongst the top Google search results, Google My Business, and Google Maps. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels to target your potential consumers. 

Moreover, you can tailor your marketing campaign based on consumers’ demographics, such as age, gender, location, profession, interests, etc. Apart from appearing in top results in Google searches, the paid ads also help strategically place your business ads in front of the target audience without sounding too salesy. 

This is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) because you pay for a paid ad service provider such as Google every time someone clicks on your ad/link. You use keyword-loaded content in your advertisement to appear higher in search results whenever a customer searches for products and services similar to yours. 


Another digital marketing method involves display advertisement that allows you to attract the target audience to your website and social media profiles. You can use text-based content such as blogs, articles, and other publishable content or video content.

Display marketing aims to capture potential customers’ attention and encourage them to click on the link to your landing page and complete the desired call-to-action (CTA).

This tactic is useful to attract new clients as well as for remarketing to the existing customer base. 

Remarketing is an attempt to reconnect with consumers who have previously shown interest in buying your products and services. The paid advertisements strategically position your promotions in front of the target audience while browsing Google and its partnered websites.

It helps increase your business’s brand awareness and stay on top of customers’ minds the next time they wish to buy. 

All mainstream social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and more offer paid ads services to target potential consumers. 

There are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, so you can imagine the scope of potential growth. You will be surprised that marketers spent over $89 billion in 2019 alone on social media paid ads. This is how effective and relevant this alternative digital marketing channel is. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

The summary of the overall benefits your business can reap from paid advertisements is as follows:

  • Reach potential consumers searching for products and services you offer. (locally and/or worldwide)
  • Effective immediately hence instant results
  • Boosting organic search engine ranking resulting in increased website traffic. This, in turn, boosts potential lead generation translating into increased sales conversion rates.
  • PPC advertisement gives you complete access to how your digital marketing campaign performs. You can see the results in real-time and adapt your strategy by editing what does and does not work. 
  • Paid ads are a budget-friendly marketing alternative because you only pay for the clicks you receive. Moreover, you are always in full control and can increase or reduce your PPC advertising budget according to your needs. 

Optimizing Your Website

As a business, you must learn to cut corners on your expenses and find cost-effective alternative marketing ways to grow your business in 2021. Investing in your website is the best thing you will ever do. 


Because every company, no matter how big or small, has a website these days, and the chances are that your competitors will have one too. Think of your website as your digital shop to showcase your products and services. 

Therefore, your business’ website has to look good and offer a user-friendly consumer experience for every visitor. In case you have a subpar level website, you are missing out on such a big opportunity for business growth. 

website optimization

Did you know 47 percent of the customers like to visit the company’s website when buying any product from them?

If you have a substandard website or none at all, you are actually sending a message to the consumers that you are not interested in catering to their online needs. Having a website means you can stay operational 24/7 without a brick-and-mortar presence. 

This way, you can continue to generate revenue even under unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, hurricanes, natural disasters, or the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The benefits of investing in your company’s website include:

Virtual Events or Virtual Event Sponsorships

 Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, offering virtual events can help boost your brand awareness. This shows to your customers your commitment to reach them proactively. 

Especially in times like the COVID-19 pandemic when it is impossible to meet customers in public, virtual events can give your business a new lifeline. The best part is that you can reach out to a wide range of audiences without location constraints. 

virtual events

Your business gets to save expenses such as venue hire, human resources, equipment, and arrangement; your customers get to avoid the hassle of travel and save too. You can literally sit in your office chair, log on to your laptop or mobile device, put on your hands-free (a headset with microphone), and go live at your will. Yes, it is as simple as that. 

All major social media platforms offer “go-live” features for free for businesses like yourself to interact with your audience live. Some of the platforms you can avail of are: 

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • Zoom webinar
  • LinkedIn Live

In case you are not interested in doing a live virtual event of your own, why not sponsor an online or social media influencer. This way, you can ask them to place your brand logo or promote your products and services every time they go live. 

Becoming a Thought Leader With Content Marketing

Content marketing is about offering creative and valuable content to your target audience free of cost. It may include the following. 

  • Blogs and articles
  • Tutorials and educational documents
  • Newsletters
  • Video logs (Vlogs)
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts etc

The idea is to become a thought leader in your niche and be a source of knowledge for the customers in your industry. Moreover, you can SEO optimize your content to attract and engage with the target audience based on their needs and persona. 

According to stats, content marketing can help you generate three times more leads and cost you 62 percent less than traditional marketing strategies. 

content marketing

It would be best to research which keywords and phrases relevant to your industry are trending in online consumers’ searches. The next step is to insert these keywords into your website and web page content, blogs, videos, and social media posts. 

Ideally, you must use the SEO optimized keyword in headings, text’s body, landing pages, and URLs of your blogs, websites, and other contents. 

Creating Engaging Video Content

Video marketing is leading the evolution of alternative digital marketing strategies. Using video marketing can improve the organic traffic to your website by 157 percent. The customers are more likely to contact you after watching a video promotion that reading a text post. 

Here is how you can use video marketing to grow your business in 2021. 

  • Create a brand story that can strike an emotional chord with your potential customers. This is the best way to promote your products and services without sounding too salesy. 
  • Offer value in your content. Do some research and find out what are the common concerns and questions of your consumers are. This insight will allow you to create informative video content to address your customers’ queries before they even ask. 
  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Release a new video content with consistency. 
  • Why not create video landing pages as they can help increase your business’ revenue by 80 percent
  • 64 percent of customers will buy a product after watching your online video
  • Do not forget to optimize your content using keywords, phrases, and other identifiers for Google to know what video is all about. 

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Connecting With Prospects via Email Marketing

You can use email as an alternative way to grow your business by sending commercial or promotional messages. The best part is that you can send a customized message to a specific group of consumers.

Emails are not only to target new customers, but you can also use them as a remarketing tool. Identify the customers who have previously bought from you or shown interest in buy and send the latest newsletters and promotional offers to them. 

It will help you generate more leads and stay on top of the minds of your potential prospects for their future shopping needs. You can even send advertisements, sales offers, request business, and much more. 

The benefits associated with email marketing to grow your business in 2021 are.

However, it would be best if you refrain from spamming your consumer base. Doing so may result in your business, making the spam or block list. 

Getting Found on Search Engines With Search Engine Optimization

In order to drive organic traffic to your website in 2021, you must include SEO as a major aspect of your digital marketing. You must ensure that your website is developed properly, includes the proper keywords, meta descriptions, header tags and more so it has a better chance of ranking higher in search results. 

seo for business growth

You can utilize your content marketing and video marketing content to rank for more search terms that your prospective customers may be searching for.

You may also consider listing your business on local citations and business directories.

You can now create your business listings on promotional and user review websites such as Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, etc. This way, every time a consumer searches for products and services on these websites, your business will appear amongst the searches. 

You can even ask your satisfied customers to leave positive feedback about your business. Additionally, it will allow you to communicate with your existing customers and answer any of their concerns and questions. 

Alternative Ways to Grow Your Business In 2021: Getting Started

If you are a business owner or marketer looking for tech-savvy help with digital marketing to grow your business in 2021, contact MediaBoom

We are a team of professional industry experts in designing and developing digital marketing strategies. We promise to equip your business with marketing solutions customized to your business and industry needs. 

Contractor Advertising Ideas – Leading Strategies That Drive Sales

As a contractor, a great deal of your business will be repeat customers or word of mouth. And while that is terrific for your bottom line, this doesn’t mean you should overlook other…

As a contractor, a great deal of your business will be repeat customers or word of mouth. And while that is terrific for your bottom line, this doesn’t mean you should overlook other methods of marketing yourself. You always want new business in the pipeline to keep your company growing.

To keep an active line of growth, you will need to implement both digital and commercial marketing strategies for your contracting business.

Here are some of the best contractor advertising ideas to grow your business:

  1. Make an investment in social media marketing and advertising
  2. Invest in advertising on Google
  3. Make sure you are listed in all professional directories
  4. Don’t overlook traditional advertising strategies
  5. Take the time to participate in community events

Make The Investment In Social Media Marketing And Advertising

Social media plays a large part in a person’s daily life and is one the best contractor advertising ideas if you want to increase the visibility and awareness of your company. 

Not only do you need to have active accounts on the networks that mean the most to your business, but you also need to have an advertising strategy on these networks as well.  

social media for constuction

The most popular social networks are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. While not as large in terms of the number of users, LinkedIn is an excellent network for digital advertising purposes since it offers multiple options for advertising and is professional by nature.

Here are some things you need to know about advertising on the major social platforms.  


While a business can get a great deal of organic exposure on Facebook, the algorithm for the platform changes so quickly you can’t rely on this exposure alone. When you use their advertising platform, you can rest assured that your ads are highly targeted and your advertising dollars are well spent. 

Ads can be in any of the following formats:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • carousel style ads
  • slideshow style ads

There are multiple other forms that ads can take on Facebook. You can also design your just for use in Facebook stories and Facebook Messenger. 

To set up your Facebook Ads campaign, make sure you have claimed your business page and logged into your Ads Manager. When you use the Ads Manager tool, you can set the goals for your campaign and the audience you want to target.

 This information helps Facebook get your ad campaign in front of the viewers you want. You can also pick if you want your ads on mobile, web browsers, placed in the newsfeed, etc. 

The great thing about using Facebook ads for your company is that this platform has such a large reach and millions of daily users that will fit your key customer demographics. Ad campaigns on Facebook are also quite affordable, so they won’t consume a large part of your marketing budget.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.


Instagram is the most used social media platform behind Facebook. In some age groups, it is the preferred platform over Facebook. And just like Facebook, the platform sees millions of visitors every day. Since Facebook bought the platform, it also has the same constantly changing algorithms, which makes counting on organic exposure dicey.  To ensure that your content and your ads get in front of your target audience, you will need to invest in paid advertising. 

Just like Facebook, advertising on Instagram will not break the budget. You can run daily campaigns with anywhere from a $5 budget to a monthly $50,000 budget. Many of the ad types will be the same as well, however video content is becoming quite popular. Stats show people on social networks watch as much as two hours of video content each day

The difference between the platforms is the addition of IGTV. Videos over one minute long are pushed automatically to IGTV. Another difference is the call to action buttons are more obvious on Instagram and the text offers more variety. 

Utilizing Instagram ads can be one of the best contractor advertising ideas to increase brand awareness and visibility.

construction advertising


YouTube is a powerful social network, with visitors watching over one BILLION hours of video each day. Using the advertising prowess of this network is a savvy advertising strategy. There are six different forms of ads you can choose from for your YouTube ads:

  1. TrueView
  2. Non-skippable instream
  3. Bumper instream
  4. Sponsored card
  5. Overlay
  6. Display

YouTube uses Google Ads on their platform so you would use that platform to help you set up and schedule your ads on YouTube. 


The advertising potential of LinkedIn has always been highly undervalued. Because the network was built for professionals to interact, people don’t think about using this network as a place to advertise. But it makes perfect sense, because the entire premise of the network is promotion. A business can make a lasting impression on future customers in addition to making positive contributions to their field just by using the LinkedIn platform.

Advertising on LinkedIn is a bit different than advertising on other networks. A brand pays for Sponsored Content. This sponsored post is then filtered into the news feeds of your target audience. You can do single image ads, video ads, or a carousel ad. In addition to that primary format, a brand has a couple other ways to market on this network.

  • Message ads that let you send messages directly to prospects. This means you will have sponsored LinkedIn InMail content.
  • Dynamic spotlight ads, usually shown to users on the right side of the page. These ads generate additional recommended content based on profile information.
  • Promoted text ads/ pay-per-click ads
linkedin for construction

As with most platforms, brands run their ad campaigns through a campaign manager dashboard. Before launching their campaigns, the management tool helps you set your goals and your target market so LinkedIn knows where to market your ads.

Things To Keep In Mind With Social Media Advertising

Social media is a powerful tool. Any ad campaign launched by a business has the potential to see thousands of new customers. 

But a social media ad campaign won’t work as effectively without a strong presence on social media to back it up

Any channels a company uses should serve as an extension of the business. If you launch a Facebook ad campaign and have a sparsely used Facebook channel, that will have a negative impact on your ad campaign. Make sure that both of these things work hand in hand to strengthen your overall presence on the web.

Invest In Advertising On Google

Google is the largest search platform in the world. Billions of people use the site and its services every day. Just like with many of the other platforms listed, this is a chance to gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of people who would not have seen your brand otherwise. A company that skips advertising on Google is missing out on an enormous amount of exposure.

Google Ads come in a couple different forms, each one helping advertisers target customers in a slightly different way. If you are using the Google Ads platform, you will provide information on your target guest and use this information to determine which ads will work best for your campaign. 

google ads for construction

All Google Ads are charged as a pay-per-click method, which means advertisers only pay Google if someone clicks on the ad. Google Ad campaigns have, on average, a click through rate of 8%. In addition to the ad types listed below, Google also gives marketers the option to pick video ads that are shown on YouTube. You can also have your ads shown on apps or develop a shopping based ad (when applicable for your business).

Google Ads are given a quality score by the platform and a list of negative keywords you will want to avoid and not rank for. Make sure to use all this information and incorporate it into your ad campaign. You will also have a chance to bid on packs of search words to use. You will also want to consider using words that will make you rank high in local Google searches. 

Search Ads

Search ads are text based ads that appear under the search results on the Google search results page. 

Display Ads

These ads are image and picture based ads. They are showcased on pages that are part of the Google Display Network. 

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is tool used to target people who have previously interacted with your website or other content online. Any ad campaigns that are used for remarketing purposes will be targeting people who have a connection to the company. Those are the only people who will see these ads.

Investing in Google Ads is one of the best contractor advertising ideas to increase see immediate increase in website traffic and sales for your company.

Make Sure You Are Listed In All Professional Directories

Professionals like contractors need to make sure they are listed in as many places as possible. You want potential clients to be able to find you easily. If you don’t have your company listed in as many places as possible, you could be passing on potential business opportunities.

construction advertising

Outside of professional directories for contractors, there are many online sites that list professionals such as contractors and plumbers for the public to search through. To ensure that you are as visible as possible to prospective customers, make sure you keep up to date business listings on some of these sites as well:

  1. Angie’s List
  2. Toolbox
  3. Porch
  4. Pro Referral
  5. Houzz
  6. Home Advisor
  7. Thumbtack
  8. Servicewhale
  9. Homeflock
  10. Networkx

While most of these sites require some form of compensation in exchange for a business listing, the cost does not outweigh the benefit. Research each site and see which ones will offer the most impact to your business.

Don’t Overlook Traditional Advertising Strategies

Digital marketing has taken over a large share of any company’s advertising budget. That is partly because digital efforts can produce such instant results and people spend such large parts of their day’s online or on social media.

But that doesn’t mean that traditional forms of advertising are extinct. 

These forms of marketing can still be an important way to get your message and your name out there. Not every customer for your brand is on social media, or they spend very little time on there. Incorporating traditional marketing as part of your contractor advertising ideas ensures sure you don’t overlook any potential customers. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Traditional media can also serve as a compliment or an extension of your digital campaigns. It is possible to find a way to have both forms of media work together.

Traditional forms of marketing would include:

  • Magazine ads
  • Radio ads
  • Television commercials
  • Newspaper ads
  • Yard signs at properties you have built

Direct mail pieces are also a form of traditional marketing outreach that companies don’t utilize often enough. 

You can use this style of marketing to engage with current customers and use this as a prospecting tool for new clients as well. Marketing companies can help you access the information of those who meet your demographic so you can send them your direct mail pieces.

Take The Time To Participate In Community Events

While there are so many strategies that a marketer can create for a client to cover both the digital and print advertising worlds, there is still value in being involved in community events. In a business such as construction, people still like giving their business to someone within their own community. One of the primary ways your business can be active in your community and get visibility is through sponsorship. Sponsor clubs at the local school, sponsor a Little League team, anything of that nature that allows you visibility and place your logo on their materials is a win for your business. 

construction marketing

Other ways to showcase your business could be:

  • Having a float in a parade
  • Attending local meetings such as the Chamber of Commerce
  • Making donations to local charities
  • Be the primary sponsor for a local event like a marathon

Wrapping Up

Contractors will generate a significant amount of business through word of mouth and referrals. But no business can rely on this method alone. A smart company needs to be on the lookout for ways to grow their network and develop new potential business opportunities. Contractor advertising ideas will include digital methods as well as traditional methods of advertising. Both can help drive a crucial new stream of revenue to your business.   

Digital Marketing For Venture Capital – The Complete Guide

Venture capital is an exciting industry that truly helps investors and promising startups partner to drive innovation and growth. 

With the competition that’s emerging in the venture capital space, firms have to get strategic with their inbound strategy. How can they make viable leads come to them? 

The best way to make leads come to your form is through digital marketing for venture capital.

How Can Venture Capital Firms Use Digital Marketing?

Venture capital companies can still benefit greatly from utilizing digital marketing strategies. If done right, your digital marketing efforts will pay off by attracting the right stakeholders who are interested in funding. Digital marketing for venture capital firms has many benefits, including:

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness
  2. Attracting Qualified Leads
  3. Driving Consistent Traffic to your website
  4. Becoming an industry thought leader
  5. Building Trust in Your Brand

So, where can you get started? Here’s how you can use these digital strategies to grow your firms’ brand and make leads come to you. 

digital marketing venture capital

1. Increase Brand Awareness

A big perk of using digital marketing for venture capital is that it increases brand awareness. The venture capital industry is getting more and more competitive, especially as investors break out into their own space and more micro venture capital firms emerge. 

Traditional venture capital financing companies need to stay relevant if they want to stay in the game. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. In order to stay relevant, people need to know who you are and what your brand is. 

Digital marketing can give a venture capital company’s brand a huge boost. It’ll get the firm’s name and message out to the right people at the right startups, which can lead to incredible partnerships. 

2. Attract Qualified Leads 

Digital marketing is a vital tool in your firm’s marketing plan because it helps your firm attract qualified leads. If you capitalize on digital marketing, you can create an inbound strategy that gets high-ranking people at impressive startups to come to your company for funding prospects. 

This inbound strategy is alluring because outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads. So, not only do you get interesting leads coming to you via digital marketing — you can also get a greater return on investment for your efforts. 

vc marketing

3. Get Consistent Traffic To Your Site 

When you think about digital marketing for venture capital, getting consistent traffic to your company’s website may not seem like the biggest priority. However, it needs to be. 

Making a strategic digital marketing plan will help your website get consistent traffic that’s interested in your company. There are many benefits of getting consistent traffic to your website, including: 

  • A greater chance of casual website visitors converting to viable leads 
  • Increasing your firm’s brand awareness 
  • A boost in your SEO efforts 

You want people to know your venture capital company exists, right? If so, you need to drive them to your website so they can see who you are, what you do, and how you can make their companies grow. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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4. Become An Industry Leader 

One of the reasons small startups look for venture capital firms is that they want direction from experienced investors and business associates. What trends are emerging? What’s the market looking like in five years? Where can they break into the market and grow? 

Utilizing digital marketing can help a venture capital firm establish itself as a leader in the venture capital industry, especially if the marketing team hones in on content creation and social media. 

This is an essential step in establishing trust with your target audience and branding your company as one that has a distinct gravitas. 

5. Build Trust In Your Brand

When discussing digital marketing for venture capital, we have to discuss its impact on building trust. Every business should prioritize building trust with their audience. 

One study even shows that 67% of respondents agree, “A good reputation may get me to try a product, but unless I come to trust the company behind the product, I will soon stop buying it.”

In a world where every company has competition, there’s one thing they can do to set themselves apart: build trust with their audience.

digital marketing vc

You need to show your target audience that your firm has their best interests at heart and know how to help them meet their goals. Digital marketing can help you achieve that through content creation and distribution. 

How Can Venture Capital Firms Succeed With Digital Marketing?

You may wonder how your venture capital firm can succeed with digital marketing. After all, venture capital is a niche industry that has a selective target audience. How can these strategies help your firm grow? 

Here are some key digital marketing strategies venture capital firms can use to increase brand awareness and get the right messages in front of the right people. 

Plan a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy 

Many companies out there think they’re putting together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, but they may be missing an important pillar in their plan. 

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy should include the following elements: 

  • Content Marketing — The process of creating and sharing various types of content across digital channels with the intention of creating value and generating interest
  • Social Media Marketing — Using social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to build your brand, connect your audience, and drive traffic to your website  
venture capital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — An organic (non-paid) strategy that helps drive quality traffic to your website via optimized website content. The better your SEO, the more likely your website will be found by a large number of internet users. 
  • Email Marketing — A digital marketing strategy that utilizes email to strategically send messages to leads in the hopes of building trust, providing value, and increasing sales. 
  • Video Marketing — The process of creating video content and sharing it through multiple channels including email and social media. One of the most popular channels to capitalize on for video marketing is YouTube. 

There are many parts to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, but these organic tactics are some of the most important for getting your firm’s name out in front of the right people at interesting startups that have great potential. 

Be Consistent Across All Channels

One of the biggest fundamental aspects to remember about digital marketing for venture capital is that your firm needs to be consistent across all channels. If there’s no consistency with your brand and messaging, your audience isn’t going to truly know who you are or how you help your target audience. 

This can make your firm look like an amateur company that isn’t prepared to handle viable leads. 

When you’re crafting digital marketing messages and content, make sure the messages align with your brand. If you want to be seen as the champion for small startups that are hungry to grow, craft messages that promote that vision. Creating those messages will attract your ideal lead and further convince them to inquire about your firm. 

branding for venture capital

It’s also important for your branding elements to be consistent across all channels. These elements include: 

  • Your logo 
  • Your slogan
  • Your color scheme 

Having consistent branding elements will help your audience clearly identify who you are and reinforce your firm’s legitimacy. Want an example? Check out this case study on how Runway Growth Capital improved their online presence by revamping their brand. 

Provide Value Through Content 

Something you can do to set your venture capital firm apart from others is to provide value through content creation and content marketing. Creating content is the best organic way to build your brand, provide value for your audience, and establish your firm as a thought leader in the venture capital industry. 

Key ways you can create content include: 

  • Writing a blog 
  • Hosting webinars 
  • Creating whitepages 
  • Crafting free PDF resources 
  • Hosting a podcast 

When done right, content creation and content marketing can generate great results in terms of digital marketing for venture capital. Statistics show that content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing. Bringing those leads to you will save you time and effort since you won’t have to focus so much on your outbound strategy. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Bring In The Right Leads 

When you create valuable content and have the right digital marketing campaigns running, there will be a lot of website users on your website. Once they get there, the next step is to get these visitors to convert into leads. 

This is a strategy called lead generation. You want to get the right people to become viable leads through your lead generation efforts, otherwise you may waste your time pursuing leads that aren’t interesting in venture capital. 

Strategies for bringing in the right leads include: 

  • Creating free resources that help solve problems your target audience has
  • Crafting informative and engaging landing pages that entice visitors to learn more 
  • Incorporating helpful chatbots on your website 
vc digital marketing

Incorporating these strategies can help casual website visitors convert into viable leads who are genuinely interested in learning about your venture capital firm. Then, you can market to them accordingly and begin the process of nurturing them. 

Consider Paid Advertising 

Something to consider in digital marketing for venture capital is investing in paid advertising. All the strategies previously mentioned are organic (non-paid) and can take time to get a return on investment (ROI). 

However, investing in paid advertising has been shown to have a higher ROI. 

If you need results now, paid advertising could be your best bet. Plus, with online paid advertising, you get to select what keywords to target and therefore have control over who you market to. Just be sure you’re advertising on the right platform and you’re targeting the right keywords, otherwise your company would just be burning money.

Target The Right Stakeholders 

As a venture capital company, you know that you want to target the right startup stakeholders with your digital marketing efforts. That’s why you need a digital marketing strategy in place that targets the right people with the right message on the right platform

Put yourself in a startup founder’s shoes. What would you be looking for in terms of venture capital? What would be your biggest concerns? What would you want to achieve? Then, create marketing materials that tell these stakeholders how you help solve these problems for them. 

venture capital advertising

Crafting messages that target the right stakeholders will help increase your chances of getting their attention. 

These are the people who get a say in whether or not they pursue venture capital as a funding option, so you want to speak to them and their pain points. 

Lay Out The Facts 

Something that can make a huge difference in digital marketing for venture capital is laying out the facts and numbers your firm has to offer. If you’re targeting startups or small companies that have a lot of potential, they’ll want to see the results you deliver. 

Don’t be afraid to show off some numbers in your marketing messages. How many startups has your firm funded? What has their growth looked like since their funding? A startup with a lot of potential for future growth will want to see your firm’s portfolio at some point, and giving them a small glimpse into what your firm’s investments look like could be the key that gets them to convert. 

Venture capital companies need to attract and delight potential customers, just like any other business must do. One of the most successful ways to make viable leads come to you is through digital marketing. If you create the right content for the right people and get it to them on the right platform, your firm will see incredible results. 

The best part? You won’t have to rely on cold emails to get a connection. Instead, these viable leads will come to you and inquire about the funding you provide. When done right, digital marketing will make your life easier and make your firm more money.

How Financial Marketing Companies Can Help Grow Your Firm

The financial service sector is one of the most volatile and difficult domains when it comes to standing out from the rest of the competition…

The financial service sector is one of the most volatile and difficult domains when it comes to standing out from the rest of the competition. Therefore, you must explore your options when choosing the right agency to help your business.

What Do Financial Marketing Companies Offer?

Financial marketing companies use collective digital strategies to create customized marketing campaigns for your business. The idea is to experiment with a wide variety of ideas to retain existing customers while focusing on attracting and enticing the new audience. They use segmentation methods so you can attract clients as per their needs. This helps you target each client by addressing their individual needs. Moreover, a financial marketing company will also help build your potential consumer persona. The digital financial marketing company will also work to establish your brand’s identity that your clients or customers can identify with.

The Benefits of Hiring a Financial Marketing Company

As a business owner, you must be aware that consumers’ behavior has tilted towards the digital world. According to Big Commerce research, over 75 percent of consumers now prefer to shop online at least once a month. 

When you hire a financial marketing company, their first priority is to develop an online presence to create a long-lasting impact on your potential clients. 

marketing companies for finance

Here are some of the aspect your financial company should consider:

  • Is your company’s website streamlined with your business goals and objectives?
  • Does the content on your website, social media pages, and other portals accurately portray what your business is all about? 
  • Does your digital image strike an emotional chord with your target audience? 
  • How is your website online ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.?

By addressing all these issues, a marketing company can help you solidify your digital presence that can help your business grow exponentially. According to KPMG statistics, 47 percent of the customers like to visit the company’s website before deciding to buy from them. 

Therefore, let us navigate through various areas where financial marketing companies can benefit your business. 

1. Comprises a team of experts

Hiring a digital marketing company gives you access to a fully equipped team of experts. These individuals have specialties in different domains of digital marketing. They use some of the best and proven financial marketing strategies to ensure higher returns on investment (ROIs) for your business. 

Typically the team of professionals within a digital marketing company includes

  • Content creators
  • Marketing and promotion experts
  • Graphic designers
  • Social media experts to build and maintain your social media portfolio
  • Communication experts etc.
financial advisor marketing

Whether you are a small-to-midsize business or a multi-national corporation, these experts can design strategies that are proprietary to your goals and needs. Moreover, hiring marketing companies save you a lot of money as you do not have to pay a single extra penny to get your hands on the latest tools. 

For example, by hiring a marketing company’s services, you get access to their latest software, strategies, technology, and other digital marketing tools without any added expense. 

2. Industry-Specific Solutions to match Your Company’s Needs

These professionals understand the market and offer you valuable information on how to navigate the financial market’s terrains. This data and information gives you a competitive edge over other competitors in the market and highlights your brand’s strongest suits. 

Marketing companies also keep ears to the ground when it comes to knowing the on-going and upcoming trends.

They can give you valuable insight into where your target audience dwells in the digital world and what are their current requirements. 

Following these trends can help you address the questions and concerns of your potential clients. This proactive approach eventually translates to increased sales conversion rates.

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3. Proven Digital Marketing/Advertising Strategies to Drive Sales

To create a strong online presence for your brand, you need to showcase your company well. Building a strong digital marketing strategy is the first step towards your road to success. 

There are several digital marketing strategies that marketing companies can optimize as per your business infrastructure and needs. 

Let us dive a little deeper into each of these strategies and see how they can benefit your organization. 


Your company’s website is your digital window to showcase your products and services to potential consumers. Therefore, a website becomes one of the top contenders to focus on. 

financial marketing company

They work on the following aspects to make your website stand out from the rest of the competition and the market. 

  • Creating a website design that resonates with your brand and strikes a strong emotional chord with your potential audience.
  • Creating content that showcases what your business is all about while highlighting your strengths. 
  • Making your website interactive with performable call-to-actions (CTAs) to convert visiting guests to a potential client. 

Moreover, all of the above tactics must be SEO optimized. You will learn how that helps further in this article. 

Email Marketing

Your company can use email as a way of killing two birds with one stone. You can compile contact lists with emails of existing as well as new clients. By doing so, you can now categorize your customers based on different criteria and needs. 

You can now aim for individualized email messages towards different clients, such as categorized emails, to introduce your brand, on-going promotion, sales, and feedback. This is an efficient manner to avoid spamming all your potential consumers and prevent being on their blocked-list. 

Besides, you can re-target your existing clients to stay on top of their minds. They are most likely to contact you next time they are shopping for products and services similar to yours. 

Content Creation & Marketing

Content marketing helps your business focus on searching, reaching, enticing, and communicating with new clients. Financial marketing companies use content such as video content, blogs, and newsletters to offer free value to the target audience. 

finance marketing

Did you know that small businesses can potentially increase their lead generation by 126 percent by utilizing blogs on their website? Moreover, you can increase your sales conversion rate by 6 percent via content marketing instead of traditional marketing tactics. 


Adding video content to your marketing campaign will improve the organic traffic to your website by 157 percent. 

Creating enticing video content is one of the efficient tactics to increase your brand awareness, and marketing companies excel at using this method in the best way possible. 

51 percent of the consumers visit a company’s website just by watching the video content. It is simple mathematics; the increase in traffic to your website translates into improved lead generation chances, resulting in higher sales conversion rates. 

Social Media

More than 50 million businesses are already using Facebook to their advantage, whereas top brands enjoy the highest customer engagement rates on Instagram. Therefore, you must speak to financial marketing companies about how they can help your business make the most of social media. 

SEO Optimization

Whether it is your content, website, emails, or videos, a financial marketing company will optimize them for a higher ranking when users search for products and services similar to yours. 

financial company digital marketing

Thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to help use keywords to make your content and website relevant and stand out amongst the rest. 

You can even SEO optimize your social media pages and other testimonial blogs and sites such as Yelp to highlight the best financial services your business offers. Financial marketing companies use SEO as a well-rounded digital marketing strategy in order to make your business prominent to the consumers looking for services you offer. 

4. Shorten the Sales Cycle 

Thanks to digital marketing tools, marketing teams can now use various demographics to target specific clients based on their needs. You can now approach and engage with potential clients dividing them into categories based on their age, profession, gender, location, interest, hobbies, etc. 

5. Attract Qualified Leads

By applying all of the above tactics, marketing companies can help your business establish itself as the industry leader in no time. Follow the below-mentioned steps and attract quality leads to an increase in your conversion rate. 

  • Use SEO optimized content on your website, blogs, videos, and social media
  • Use paid social media ads
  • Use email marketing to your advantage as it requires minimum effort and costs almost zero

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6. Other Type of Services They Provide

Here are some other more specific and niche services that financial marketing companies may offer to your organization.

CRM Integration/Setup

CRM integration allows your business to connect and communicate with new and existing clients and build stronger relationships. 

Marketing companies use various “Customer Relationship Management Software solutions. This does not only enable you to communicate but also streamlines and aligns your communication strategy with your overall business goals. 

digital marketing for finance

Branding Via Paid Advertisement

You can use several paid advertisement ads to showcase your financial services to the target audience. Marketing companies are industry experts and use paid advertisements by Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks. 

The idea is to strategically place your branding, messages, and adverts on these platforms to attract, entice, and engage with potential clients without sounding too salesy. 

Stop Wasting Your Time/Money on the Wrong Things; Let the Experts Do the Work

While the marketing company works on making your business the next digital marketing success story, you can use your time and energy on other productive aspects of your organization. 

What to Consider Before Hiring

To remain relevant in your industry, you need to master the game of digital financial marketing. The best way to achieve this goal is by hiring a reliable marketing company. 

That said, hiring a marketing company does have its own set of complications and challenges. Therefore, in order to help you get started, here are some tips on aspects you must think through during your research and before signing a contract with one. 

financial digital marketing
  • Do proper research – You have to be due diligent and find out if the financial marketing company you are considering outline their processes and steps in writing. They must be willing to offer you a complete plan on how they plan to help your business with lead generation.
  • Check for Testimonials – Do not be shy to ask for proof of their success, case studies, and feedback from their previous satisfied clients. 
  • Pick the Financial Industry Expert – Always opt for a digital marketing company that specializes in your industry. 
  • Know Your Budget – Expensive does not guarantee the best service; therefore, always know your budget. When speaking about their fee, you must ask for an itemized fee structure. This will help you avoid any shocks and surprises pertaining to hidden charges and penalties. 
  • Ask them for a complete roadmap – Get to know your new business partners by understanding their process of reporting sales, analytical capabilities, and results. Moreover, it is always wise to determine how a marketing company will adapt to the industry’s changes dynamics and implement the new strategies in your ongoing campaigns. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a financial service providing business looking for financial marketing companies, you must pick the industry leaders at MediaBoom.

We are experts in financial marketing strategies and promise to offer you cutting-edge solutions customized to your business needs and budget. 

How Much Do Financial Advisors Spend On Marketing?

Marketing is a crucial investment for any business, especially financial advisors. This isn’t something that can be an afterthought in your company’s budget…

Marketing is a crucial investment for any business, especially financial advisors. This isn’t something that can be an afterthought in your company’s budget. You have to make the proper investment in this service to ensure optimum results. 

How much do financial advisors spend on marketing?

A financial advisor should anticipate spending 4-10% of their revenue on marketing. If you are spending closer to the 4% end of the budget, your biggest investments should be on your website and your content marketing. Don’t overlook things like digital ads or non-digital methods of advertising. But make sure you are strategic with your investments. If you are spending the full 10% (or more) then you can look at other marketing techniques like SEO, marketing events, and more. 

What Aspects of Marketing Should a Financial Advisor Invest In?

Marketing is an expense that can suck a business in and cause them to overspend if they aren’t careful. Even if your budget is bigger than the standard, you still shouldn’t waste money. These are the places that you must invest no matter the size of your budget.

Optimize Your Website

Your website is what can be called “a silent salesperson”. Everything a potential customer needs to know about you should be on your site. It should have links to your social media, how to contact you, relevant content, and so much more. It should speak for you when you are not available.

marketing for financial advisors

However, the best website in the world won’t do any good if you don’t take the steps to make sure people can find it. 

You have to optimize your website so web traffic will make it to your site. Including proper keywords on your site and in your content is one way to drive traffic to your brand. Another way is by linking to quality sites to establish your authority on a subject and making sure all title tags and metadata is accurate. Also, make sure all of your content is up-to-date and free of misspellings and errors. 

Don’t forget to make sure your website is also optimized for mobile. Mobile searches account for nearly 60% of search traffic on the web. 

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is often an overlooked piece of a marketing plan when it should be one of the largest pieces of your plan. The mistaken notion is that content only refers to written words. 

Content is anything you create for a marketing campaign. This can include infographics, videos, blog posts, social media posts, and anything in between. 

Invest in a solid strategy that connects each of your elements to the message you want to deliver. 


SEO, also called search engine marketing, is crucial for any business. 

While the web may be full of people looking for a specific business or interest, the question is will they find you during their search? SEO is a way to help cut through that noise and get a business more organic traffic. By optimizing their website, a financial advisor can boost their ranking on Google. The average person doesn’t go past the first page of search results, so it is important to make sure your business can land on that page.

seo for financial advisors

To properly invest in SEO, make sure you have conducted keyword research for your industry

You have to know what terms people are looking for when they search for a financial advisor. You will want to make sure those keywords are sprinkled in your website and on all channels that you share written content. You will also want to make sure your website is optimized with the proper code so search engine crawlers will find and index your site.

Don’t overlook the importance of local SEO.

Local SEO will help searchers find you in your immediate area. Local SEO also helps a business populate in Google searches and their “snack pack” results. Include local terms and your location in your content and search engines will make sure people in your area can find you just as easily as someone who lives on the other side of the country.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most successful methods of contacting a client and generating an action.

At their best, digital ads have a click rate in the two percent range.

You can reach more people, drive better results, all while spending less money. Of all digital marketing techniques, email marketing has the best ROI. In some industries, you get $42 back for every $1 spent. It is also one of the least expensive marketing techniques to deploy.

Some marketing platforms can be used for free if you have a small customer list and send minimal emails each month. 

financial email marketing

Social Media

Social media is a gigantic part of peoples’ everyday lives. Some individuals spend 2.5 hours or more on their social channels each day.

If you aren’t on social media, you will miss customers and lose sales.

The first thing a business needs to recognize about social media is that they don’t need to be seen over every channel. If you are a financial planner who specializes in couples approaching retirement, Snapchat is not the place you need to be. Don’t waste your time and money on channels that your customers don’t frequent. It’s a waste of time and money.

Another thing to remember with social media is that while advertising is important, so is using these social channels to be **social** with guests. This is a chance to earn goodwill and trust as well as engage in conversations with them.

Ads won’t have as much impact as positive consumer interactions will.


Other Important Tips

All of the points above are vital things that a financial advisor needs to invest their marketing dollars in. However, there are a couple of other items that should not be overlooked and would serve as amazing enhancements to any marketing plan.

1. Claiming your Google My Business Listing

Google offers powerful tools for companies and many of those are free. Google Business listings are one of those tools. These listings allow companies to be found by more customers and it gives businesses a chance to make sure they have accurate information populating in Google searches. If you don’t claim your listing, you won’t appear in Google’s “snack pack” results. 

financial advisor marketing

2. Using A CRM To Compile All Of Your Customer Data

The great part of using programs to program your social media postings is that they can track who interacted with your content and when. But to get that data you would have to go to each individual program and then compile the information.

Using a CRM (customer relationship manager) brings all of that together into one place for you and lets you better target customers with content that matters to them.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have answered the commonly asked question – how much do financial advisors spend on marketing?… it’s time to get started on putting that marketing plan together.

Financial advisors do not have the luxury of having new business just walk in the door. They have to work for it and bring customers to their brand. Investing in marketing is vital for a financial planner to have success.

Implementing these tips into your marketing strategy will ensure that your budgeted dollars are well spent and achieve the desired results for your company. 

Email Marketing for Accounting Firms – Tips to Get Started

Email marketing can be your accounting firm’s secret weapon. The right email campaign can bring in new clients, build authority with existing clients and generate repeat business…

Email marketing can be your accounting firm’s secret weapon. The right email campaign can bring in new clients, build authority with existing clients and generate repeat business. 

In this article, we spell out what email marketing for accounting firms should focus on to optimize one of their most valuable assets, their email list.

Why Should Your Accounting Firm Use Email Marketing?

Despite being one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing for accounting firms remains one of the most powerful mediums to reach new clients and engage with existing ones.

According to Hubspot,  email marketing generates $38 in revenue for every dollar spent. That is an astounding 3,800% ROI. 

Let’s take a look at a few more email statistics. 

  • 3.9 billion people worldwide use email every day, and the number is growing 3% per year. Compare that to Facebook, which experienced a net decline in users in 2019.
  • 73% of millennials prefer their business communications via email. 95% of baby boomers use email regularly.
  • 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in the last 12 months.
  • 80% of businesses believe email marketing increases their customer retention.

With those kinds of statistics, email remains the king of digital marketing for the foreseeable future. 

Building Your Email List

Most accounting firms collect emails from their clients.  But far too many let their efforts stop there.

That’s a huge mistake. Here are some simple ways to step up your list building game.

accounting firm email marketing

Systematically Collect Emails 

Our number one recommendation for building an email list is to institutionalize the systematic collection of emails at every contact point in your firm.

We can’t emphasize enough how powerful this simple change in mindset can be for your list building. Here are a few examples, 

  • Keep existing client emails up to date.
    Do you routinely collect emails from your clients? Of course, you do. When’s the last time you checked if those emails are still valid?
  • Collect email IDs from every caller
    People call your office with routine queries every day. Build into your call script that the first thing your receptionist does is collect a name and email ID. 
  • Add An Outbound Email CTA
    Configure the email software on every employee’s account with a standard footer that includes a Call To Action(CTA) to join your email list. Combine this with a targeted lead magnet and watch your list grow daily.
  • Personal Contacts
    Similarly, you and your employees meet potential clients regularly. You might be presently giving these people your business card. That’s great, but they may or may not ever get back to you. 

    Make a practice of collecting email ID’s from the prospects you meet and at least once per week, add those prospects to your email list.

These are all small changes in your process. You will be surprised by how many emails you collect each week by making these simple changes.

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Deploy Lead Magnets

People understand that their emails have value. They also already have a ton of emails in the inbox.  

For client prospects to willingly give you their email ID, they need to get something in return.

We call this a “lead magnet.”  A lead magnet is something of real value (usually digital) that you make available to prospects in exchange for their email ID. Typical examples are a free report or a financial tool.  For other examples of lead magnets, be sure to check out our article on lead magnets.

The advantage of using lead magnets is that a correctly designed lead magnet segments the prospects for you automatically. 

Segmentation results in higher quality prospects.

As an example, if your accounting firm specializes in building contractors, then a tool that helps contractors track expenses would be a great lead magnet for collecting email IDs from finance managers of building contracting firms.

email marketing for cpa

Do Not Buy Email Lists

You’ve probably already been contacted by companies selling email lists of businesses in your area. When doing email marketing for accounting firms, do not buy email lists!

The harsh reality is that purchased email lists are never a good investment. 

When someone knows who you are, and they have permitted you to communicate with them, you are already an authority. They will willingly read your emails. 

Managing Your Email List

Once you have an email list of willing subscribers, it’s time to think about how you will manage that list. 


The first decision you will need to make is where you will keep the list and how you will email them. 

You will quickly have more people than is practical to maintain using your email client software and, perhaps, a spreadsheet.

The best option for most firms will be a Software as a service (SAAS) provider of email marketing software. The most popular options are Mailchimp, Hubspot and Constant Contact, but the list of available providers grows monthly. 

cpa email marketing

Be sure to check out delivery rates. 

Some of the most popular email marketing companies host many spammers. Consequently, emails from their clients get greater scrutiny from email providers like Gmail and are more likely to be labeled as spam, thus never reaching the prospect’s inbox.   


Have you ever received a marketing email that was so on-point it felt like they were talking to you?

That feeling is the result of good segmentation. 

You might segment based on demographics like gender, geography, income level or age. 

But many of our clients have seen the most improvement by segmenting on psychographics like,

  • Services – For example, a tax preparation client would receive different email sequences than a business accounting client. That doesn’t mean you won’t cross-sell services. Just that the cross-sell message will be different.
  •  Sign-up mechanism or place –  A client who shared their email ID with you at a charity event would respond differently to emails than a customer who downloaded a lead magnet for estate planning.
cpa email marketing

Don’t also forget to segment based on engagement. We’ll talk about monitoring the performance of your campaigns later. Those performance indicators are a big clue to segmentation.

Your most engaged clients are also your highest value prospects!

List Hygiene

It may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the smartest moves you can make is routinely deleting people from your list.

According to Mailchimp, the average open rate for professional services firms is 21.94%.

A properly managed email list should perform better than that, a lot better. Because if subscribers consistently do not open your emails, they don’t belong on your list.

A small email list of engaged fans is far more valuable than an extensive list of uninterested people.

A large list of un-engaged subscribers makes it difficult to accurately judge your emails’ performance because the inclusion of subscribers with no real interest in your emails skews the data.

marketing for cpa

Low open rates also negatively impact the delivery rate of all your emails. When your open rates are low, email service providers may flag your emails as potential spam, or worse yet, don’t deliver them at all.

Email marketing software providers charge based on the number of subscribers. All the dead weight is not just hurting your performance; it costs you money.

Here are some critical steps to good email list hygiene.

  • Make unsubscribing easy, one obvious link that quickly unsubscribes the uninterested. It doesn’t hurt to ask if the subscriber would prefer to change the frequency of emails or subscribe to a subset of your content based on their interests.
  • Drop inactive subscribers –  Your email marketing software will track the opens of each email. Periodically, segment your list based on who has not opened the last 10 – 20 emails and remove them from your list.
  • Send bi-annual “still want on this list?” emails – Twice per year, consider sending a simple email asking if they still want to hear from you. If they say no, take them off your list. If they don’t respond, see the previous point.

    People who do respond and say “yes” are your highest value clients and prospects. Consider segmenting them as such. 

What to Use For Your Email Content

The Welcome Email

When getting started with email marketing for accounting firms, the first email a new subscriber should receive is a welcome email. You’ve probably received many of these when you’ve joined someone’s email list, but most people get this wrong.

cpa emailing

Most welcome emails just say how happy the sender is to have the new subscriber. A good welcome email should do a lot more than that for you. 

  • Filter Out the Uninterested –  We just talked about the importance of list hygiene. Your welcome email is your first chance to filter out the people who never should have been on your list in the first place. Do this by saying explicitly what these emails will be about and expressly ask, “Is that something you are interested in? If yes, welcome! If not, here’s the unsubscribe link; I hope to hear from you in the future when this becomes of interest.”
  • Set Expectations – Your welcome email should say spell out the frequency delivery schedule of your emails. For example, we will email you once a month on the 3rd Friday of the month.
  • Provide White Listing Instructions – all emails that go out to many people are suspect to the email service providers. They look for clues from the recipient as to their level of interest.
  • Provide the interested recipient instructions for how to white list your emails with the major email service providers, so the recipient explicitly tells their email provider that they want to receive your emails. Here’s a link to one example of whitelisting instructions.
  • Deliver on your promises – If this person subscribed in response to a lead magnet. Be sure the first email they receive delivers the promised benefit. Fulfilling this commitment establishes you as a person or firm that delivers on its promises.
  • Ask a segmenting question –  This is your first chance to start segmenting your list. Ask a simple question about their area of interest. This segmentation question helps ensure you send this particular prospect content of interest to them.
  • Provide contact information – Many people will join a list because they have an immediate need or question. Offer to solve their problem with a phone call, consultation or email.
  • Make it personal – Introduce yourself and your firm. Send the email from a specific person, a senior partner, the CEO. People read emails from people they know, not from anonymous businesses.

An Indoctrination Sequence 

When a new subscriber opts on to your list, you want to put your best foot forward. Based on the first handful of emails, that new subscriber will quickly decide if your emails are worth their limited attention.

The first 5 to 10 emails you send, following the welcome email, should be your greatest hits, the content your best clients find most interesting. 

How do you know which emails are those? By monitoring performance, more about that shortly.

Provide Value 

Email marketing for accounting firms is all about providing value. 

Your clients will only continue opening your emails if there is something in it for them in the form of information that they can put to work in their lives or business.

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Optimizing Your Email Campaigns

Monitoring (and testing) your individual email performances is the key to building set-and-forget email sequences that will keep your clients and prospects engaged. 

Here are a few of the critical parameters you will want to track.

  • Open rates – What percentage of the emails you send are opened?
  • Opt-in rates – What percentage of people who see your lead magnets opt into your list?
  • Unsubscribe rates – What percentage of people who received a specific email unsubscribed in response? If the rate is higher than average, rewrite that email or remove it from your sequence.
  • Churn rate – Churn rate is the number of subscribers who unsubscribed or removed due to inactivity during a specific period (usually annually) divided by the total number of subscribers.
  • CTR – You should have CTAs or links in every email. What percentage of those are clicked by the subscribers who opened?
  • Conversions – From the links that you included that recipients clicked, what percentage of those became paying clients?
  • ROI – Based on the total conversions during the year directly or indirectly resulting from your email campaigns, what is the ratio of revenue received compared to your email campaign’s cost?  
marketing strategies for cpa

If you are doing your email marketing in-house, someone on your marketing team should be reporting on these stats with every email and taking action to improve as appropriate. A/B testing should also be a regular part of their routine.

If you are outsourcing these activities, then be sure to ask your marketing firm to report on these regularly. 

Final Thoughts

Email marketing for accounting firms can be a big turning point for some companies.

Integrate the tips and techniques we’ve mentioned, and you will be well on your way to converting an activity that turns customers off into a constant low-maintenance source of new leads and revenue.

If it all seems overwhelming, don’t hesitate to reach out to our consultants here at Mediaboom. 

We’ve helped firms just like yours take their email marketing to new levels.

10 Marketing Ideas For Finance Companies

The business-to-consumer finance industry is one that relies on results, customer loyalty, and brand establishment. If finance companies want to stay relevant in their industry and truly help their clients, there’s one thing they must know how to do well: market themselves. 

Why Do Finance Companies Need Marketing?

Finance companies, like all other companies out there, need to generate brand awareness in order to gain new leads. 

Marketing allows finance companies to deliver the right message to the right people via the right channel. When the right person gets the right message at the right time, they’re likely to take action and check out your services. 

That’s why finance companies constantly need to be thinking of new marketing ideas for their business. Fresh marketing ideas are vital to a company’s overall success and relevance. 

Below we’ll discuss the top 10 marketing ideas for finance companies, including:

  1. Updating your website 
  2. Investing in SEO 
  3. Starting a blog 
  4. Optimizing landing pages 
  5. Creating free lead magnets 
  6. Having a social media plan 
  7. Creating a YouTube channel 
  8. Working with influencers 
  9. Creating generation-specific campaigns 
  10. Getting personal with your audience 

In this article, we’re diving into these ideas and explaining how each idea can boost the marketing efforts of your finance company. 

marketing for finance

1. Update Your Website 

When thinking of marketing ideas for finance companies, something that should be at the top of the list is updating your website. 


Because your website will influence whether or not people invest in your services. Statistics show that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and/or layout is unattractive. 

With that in mind, take a look at your website. Does the design:  

  • Align with your brand? 
  • Tell your brand’s story in a compelling way? 
  • Provide a clean layout for your content? 
  • Encourage website users to navigate the site? 
  • Show a united brand throughout the website? 

If you answered “no” to even just one of the bullets above, it’s time for a website update. Need inspiration for your redesign? Check out these case studies and articles regarding financial advisor website design, banking website design, and how Runway Growth Capital revitalized its brand with a new website design.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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2. Invest In SEO

Along with a solid website design, another key thing to consider when brainstorming marketing ideas for finance companies is to invest in SEO. 

SEO (short for “search engine optimization”) is crucial for your organic growth and organic marketing strategy. If you want to grow your finance company’s organic reach (and not have to pay for advertising), investing in SEO is a must. 

The first thing to do is look at your website’s overall SEO health and see where you can improve. There are technical aspects of on-page SEO to look at during this audit, including: 

  • Your website’s code structure 
  • Title Tags 
  • The meta descriptions of website pages 
  • The URLs of website pages 
  • Whether or not your website renders on multiple devices 
marketing for financial services

The way you’re going to utilize SEO properly is to create relevant and unique content that answers website users’ questions. 

You create this content by targeting relevant keywords for your industry. You can find out what these keywords are by doing keyword research and creating content that incorporates those keywords in a helpful and authentic way. 

Google will reward you if you do SEO right. 

The more relevant and original content you produce, the more likely it’ll rank well online. The higher it ranks, the better your chances are of more people finding your content (and therefore, your brand) faster. 

finance marketing

3. Start a Blog 

So, how are you supposed to create content that gets found online? One way to boost your SEO efforts and establish your brand as an authority in the finance industry is to start a blog.

Blogging can lead to incredible results for brands, especially since marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. 

You can start a blog and host it right on your website. There’s no limit to the topics you can cover, but remember that you want to do keyword research and create blog posts that incorporate those keywords throughout the piece. Blogs are typically between 500 and 2,000 words apiece, but it depends on the kind of blog you’re creating and the topic. 

Starting a blog will also help you establish your brand as a leading establishment in the finance industry. 

Think about it: you’re giving out good financial advice to the public, which will help build your reputation and trust with your online audience. Show the world what you have to offer and you’ll be rewarded in your space. 

4. Optimize Landing Pages 

When it comes to marketing ideas for finance companies, something that’s easy to overlook is the optimization of your landing pages. Landing pages are pages that are specifically made for advertising and marketing campaigns. They’re the pages people land on once they click on a link in one of these campaigns. 

When they’re optimized correctly, landing pages can have a huge impact on your campaign conversions. Make sure they contain the right amount of text, offers, and images. If there’s a form on the page, make sure there are just enough fields to get the information you need. Too many form fields can cause website visitors to leave your page without taking any action. 

financial services marketing

Other important ways to optimize landing pages include: 

  • Having enough visuals on the page 
  • Having enough white space on the page 
  • Having a strong call-to-action (CTA) 
  • Using powerful words in your landing page copy 
  • Incorporating video into the page 

If you properly optimize your landing pages, you could see a noticeable increase in campaign conversions and receive a greater ROI for your marketing efforts

5. Create Free Lead Magnets 

One of the most underrated marketing ideas for finance companies is creating free lead magnets for website visitors. Lead magnets are free (or low cost) offers extended by a business to collect information from prospective customers or clients that enables follow up marketing activities. These include: 

  • Webinars 
  • PDF downloads 
  • Whitepapers
  • One-sheeters 
  • An email newsletter 

Lead magnets are beneficial for finance companies’ marketing initiatives in numerous ways. For starters, they literally make new prospects come to you. They have a problem, and you provide the solution. How simple (and rewarding) is that? 

Some ideas for financial lead magnets include: 

  • A how-to guide for setting up a 401k 
  • A webinar for finance best practices 
  • A whitepaper on how the state of finance looks in the next 5 years 

The key with lead magnets is to provide a free resource that’s incredibly valuable to your leads. The more value you provide, the more trust you build. The more trust you build, the more likely people will follow your brand and want to work with you. 

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6. Have a Social Media Plan 

If your finance company doesn’t have a social media plan, make it a priority to map one out. We live in a world where brands simply can’t afford to not have a social media presence. Statistics show that the average American has 7.1 social media accounts. 

If you’re not on at least one of those social media platforms, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your audience. 

You should have a social media account for every platform your target audience is on. These platforms include: 

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
social media for financial

Each platform has a different algorithm for posting, so do your research and come up with a posting schedule that works for each platform. It’s also important to create content that’s digestible on each platform. For instance, people on Instagram are expecting to see images and videos, whereas people on Facebook or LinkedIn may expect to see articles. 

Pay attention to what kind of content is on each platform and how your audience consumes it. 

And, remember that social media is a fundamental way to build a community of brand enthusiasts. Don Schultz, a pioneer in the marketing field, once said, “Social media creates communities, not markets.” The more people think they’re in your community, the more likely they’ll want to use your services. 

Show them they belong by posting relevant content and engaging with them on social media. 

7. Create a YouTube Channel 

One of the more unique marketing ideas for finance companies is creating a YouTube channel. YouTube is an extremely popular platform, hosting 2 billion users around the world. Seriously, 2 billion people. That’s a lot of people your finance company can reach. 

financial services youtube

Why create a YouTube channel? 

For starters, video marketing remains a vital pillar in the overall content and marketing realms. Cisco reports that online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. People love to watch videos, and there’s no sign of that trend dying. 

Creating a YouTube channel gives you a whole platform that’s dedicated to video content. You can make videos that outline finance tips, talk about finance trends, and interview key players in the finance industry. There’s no shortage of video content to be generated. 

8. Work With Influencers 

Influencer marketing is on the rise as the fight for more digital space continues for brands across the globe. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing where a brand partners with someone who has social influence on marketing its products and/or services to their audience. 

The influencer gets paid for the endorsement, and the brand gets exposure to a new audience. 

There are perks to working with influencers, including: 

  • Brand validation through social proof 
  • Quickly building trust with a new audience 
  • Boosting your SEO efforts with backlinks 
video marketing for financial services

It’s important to work with influencers whose target audience is similar to yours. That way, you gain new viable leads that are actually interested in your services. When done right, influencer marketing can create a viable partnership that benefits both parties for years to come. 

9. Create Generation-Specific Campaigns 

When it comes to marketing ideas for finance companies, it’s important to note that not all campaigns are one-size-fits-all. Different generations have different pain points when it comes to finances, so it would be beneficial for your finance company to run marketing campaigns that target different generations. 

You can divide your target audience into generations and brainstorm from there. 

For instance, Millennials may need tips on how to further save for retirement, whereas Baby Boomers may need tips for cashing out their retirement accounts and living on what they’ve got. While these are both valid pain points, they need to be addressed in ways that speak directly to the target audiences they impact. 

One way to ensure the right message gets to the right people is through segmentation in email marketing. If you have the information, you can segment your audience based on their age and send them specific emails that target their pain point. 

That way, you aren’t sending out a generic email blast that doesn’t speak to a specific pain point. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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10. Get Personal With Your Audience 

When it comes to marketing ideas for finance companies, one way to set your company apart from the rest is to add a personal touch to your messages. Show empathy and put the customer first in your marketing messages. Show them you care about their finances and you know what it’s like to be in their shoes. 

Personalization and empathy can go a long way, especially in today’s world. So, put the customer first in your messages and see how your conversions do.

Final Thoughts 

Finance companies, just like any other company, have to be strategic and intentional with their marketing efforts if they want to generate the right leads. While it’s important to focus on the distribution channels of your marketing messages, you can’t forget about the most important piece: the message itself. 

Craft a compelling message first, and watch the leads come in through multiple channels. 

SEO for Construction Companies – A Complete Playbook

There can be dozens of construction companies in any one area. Your company needs to find a way to distinguish itself from…

A high performing SEO marketing strategy is crucial for a construction company. 

There can be dozens of construction companies in any one area. Your company needs to find a way to distinguish itself from all of the competitors in the area. SEO (search engine marketing) is the way you can make sure your company has an advantage. 

If you don’t stand out from all the other companies in your area, you can get lost in all the options on the internet. This means that you get overlooked for contracts you were more than qualified for.

What is the Role of SEO for a Construction Company?

The main role of SEO for a construction company is to rank higher in search results, drive website traffic, and see an increase in online sales. With so much competition, construction companies need to make sure they stand out from the crowd. That’s where a comprehensive SEO strategy comes into place.

seo construction

SEO is a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy. The internet is full of websites and it can be hard to find what you are looking for. Results for some search queries can go on for dozens of pages and have thousands of results. 

By using keywords and other marketing techniques properly, you can boost where your business lands in these search rankings. The higher you rank, the better. 

On-Site SEO Strategies

On-site SEO is everything that you do to optimize your website for search engines. On-site SEO can also be called on-page SEO. Here are the most important parts of on-site SEO and ways you can execute them on your website

Keyword Optimization

Keywords can be anything from one individual word to a longer phrase. 

Successful SEO for construction companies hinges on choosing and implementing the best keywords for your specific services and location. Before optimizing your website and creating content, you need to do keyword research. 

That research will help you determine the most commonly searched for words and phrases about your topic. It is those words and phrases you will need to integrate into the technical aspects of the website and the content you create.

Proper use of these keywords will help drive more traffic to your website by attracting the attention of search engines.

construction seo

Title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags

These three pieces are also crucial for search engines being able to find your site and your content. It is important to work your keywords into these areas as well. 

  • Title tags – Title tags are HTML that is used to identify the title of your page. These titles are displayed on SERP pages as the clickable headline for that particular page. These shouldn’t be too long and should have your primary keyword sprinkled in. 
  • Meta descriptions – This is another HTML element. These descriptions are what appear as the description of an article or page in an internet search result. You will want to include your keyword in this description as a way to entice readers to click on your content. Good meta descriptions help increase click rates. Google likes meta descriptions that are between 180-230 characters. If your description is longer than that, it won’t be visible on the screen preview.
  • Alt tags – Alt tags are descriptions of visual elements that help those who are vision impaired. Sprinkling your keyword into the description is helpful for search purposes but it is most important to provide an accurate visual description.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Sitemap Creation

At the very least, a sitemap is a detailed layout of your website. 

If you have ever scrolled completely down the homepage of any website, you should notice a sitemap link at the bottom of the page. What we see on a sitemap and what search engine crawlers see are two very different things. 

From the perspective of a search engine, a site map tells it what pages on your website are the most important

A sitemap is an XML file that lists all the URLs for your site and any other details about your site a search crawler could need. This sounds complex to create, but there are countless tools available to help web designers pull together a sound sitemap file.

Well Structured Website

SEO and web design work hand in hand. You have to make sure you have optimized your site content rich with keywords. You’ve worked on all your meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags. 

There are still other steps you can take to make sure your site ranks high with search crawlers. Having a high functioning website is more than just putting some content and a few pictures onto a site and hoping for the best.

construction website design

Here are some ways you can use a well structured website to boost SEO for construction companies.

  • Responsive Design – Making sure your site is mobile friendly. Over 50% of searches now happen on mobile devices. The ability of your site to perform on these devices is part of your ranking authority.
  • Speed – The speed of your website is crucial. The best pages on the web load in less than a second. Users have come to expect fast site load speeds and will leave a page if it doesn’t load quickly. How fast your page loads also plays a role in how high your page is ranked by search crawlers.
  • Usability and Readability – The overall layout of your site is also important. Users don’t like sites that are clunky and difficult to navigate. If your site isn’t easy to use, visitors will leave as fast as they arrived. Building this trust also plays into your SEO rankings. If visitors don’t stay on your page for very long, search crawlers take that into account.
  • Linking – You will need a strategy for developing quality backlinks. The more people that link to your site helps create authority for your website. This also applies to how many quality websites link to your website and content as well. These links also help boost your ranking with search engine crawlers and indexers.

Off-Site SEO Strategies

While On-site SEO Strategies are things that you do to boost the ranking of your website, off-site strategies are things that you do to boost your profile that doesn’t involve your website. 

While this is different from the keyword research and other techniques you take to boost your website, these steps are just as important at boosting your online reputation and driving traffic to your site.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the many tools that Google offers businesses to help them manage their online reputations and to help customers find the businesses they are looking for. 

marketing for construction

The first step for a business is to claim their Google Business Listing. 

Once you have done that, you can work with Google to fill in any of the needed details. This free service helps companies interact with customers online as well as manage their online reputations. You will also get tips from Google advisors on ways to attract more attention to your business listing. One tip they offer is to add pictures. 

Businesses with pictures get more traffic and contacts that a company that did not add pictures to their Google Business Listing.

Business Listing

On Google and other sites, there are business listings that a company can claim. Claiming your listing means you can ensure the information listed for your company is accurate. 

The information you can verify includes your business name, address, phone number, website address, and other details that can help a customer contact you and/or visit your physical location.


Google and other sites allow customers to review a business and speak about the service they received, what they thought of the product, etc.

It is important to take the time to answer every single review, both negative and positive. This sends the proper message to your customers plus it gives you the chance to address any customer issues. 

Should a customer post information that is incorrect, this is also a chance to counter that information as well.

Online Review Sites (Yelp, etc.)

Outside of Google and your own website, there are many other places that customers can leave feedback about your company. Places like Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. are just a few of the websites customers can leave their thoughts on your business. Make sure you have an active account on every site that permits customer reviews of a business. 

You want to be able to thank people who leave positive feedback as well as counter any less than stellar reviews that are left for your business.

How To Use Content Marketing As part Of Your SEO Strategy

Not everyone recognizes the powerful role content can play in an overall SEO strategy. Also, not everyone realizes that content is more than words on the page. Content covers so many other elements, including pictures and video. Using those as part of your overall marketing plan is a way to help with so many of the points already raised, including developing your authority on issues and creating trust with customers.

seo strategies for construction

Here are some ways you can use content marketing to boost SEO for construction companies.

  • Harness video and use it to your advantage. You can use this medium to showcase so many things that you do. You can show off the best tools to use to complete a certain task. You can show how you and your team complete a certain project. The sky’s the limit in how you can use video to show what you do in construction.
  • Use photos to show before and after shots of a project. In addition to video, you can use photos to share a step by step story of how to complete a task. You want to make sure you show what you can do and why your company is a better choice.
  • A blog is also essential for construction SEO. You want to make sure that people view you as a trustworthy source of information. A blog can help you do that. Create your blog by sharing the latest tips and tricks along with relevant news for the construction industry. This will help you gain the authority you need for your business.

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Create A Local SEO Strategy

So many things that are discussed with SEO refer to a national or even global strategy for a company. Do these tips help someone who wants to rank locally? 

They can, but there are some additional steps a company can take to make sure they show up in a local search. The biggest step is claiming you Google Business Listing, but there are other steps a company can take as well.

  • Focus on including local keywords as well. For example, people searching for construction companies in “Hartford, CT” will include that city in their search. Make sure you incorporate where you are located in your content so it will pop up in a search. For a search engine like Google, the better you rank, the better your chances are of appearing in their “snack pack” that appears on the first page of search results.
  • Take advantage of all mapping services like Google Maps and Apple Maps. If you have claimed your accounts anywhere this service is offered, you improve your chances of showing up in a search. 
construction seo strategies

SEO For Construction Companies – Where to Get Started

Many construction business owners don’t think SEO can benefit their business. 

These companies prefer to think word of mouth is what will grow their business. While that is essential for growing any company, SEO can still help construction companies greatly. A high performing SEO strategy can help searchers find you online and out you at the top of the overwhelming number of results.

Contact Mediaboom to get started on a comprehensive SEO plan for your construction company.

B2B Business Development – The Complete Guide

Business development is an integral part of any type and size of business. It is a useful strategy for the founder or director of a company, a manager, or an independent entrepreneur selling to other businesses directly. 

A successful B2B business development strategy will take the following into consideration:

  1. The right time to implement growth strategies
  2. Marketing to existing clients
  3. Content creation
  4. Offering free advice, content, and tools
  5. Communicating via content marketing and social media
  6. Targeting new clients using SEO
  7. Paid Advertising

No matter what type and size of business you are, if you are playing with an idea to deploy digital marketing strategies, here is some information to get you started. 

The Right Time to Implement Growth Strategies

Businesses frequently ask when it is the right time to implement growth strategies. 

The answer is not a specific time; in fact, b2b business development is all about probing your business operations and identifying areas of improvement. You can leverage what is working great while improving the under-performing areas of your b2b business. 

b2b digital marketing

Always remember, there is no set formula that fits all. Just because one plan worked for a similar competitor does not mean it will work for you too. 

A business development model requires you to combine your organization’s specific strengths and generate opportunities unique to your business

For instance, your business can use the client’s insight, combine it with client-centric solutions to offer added value or sell to them. 

Marketing to Existing Clients

The demands and digitalization of modern marketing have made it impossible for a business to rely on referrals and word-of-mouth. Therefore, your business needs additional b2b leads to continue the growth and generate decent revenues. 

Here is a quick overview of the steps to generate leads. 

  • Identify your target businesses
  • Define the motto of your business and define it to your potential business partners, clients, and stakeholders
  • Use digital tools such as social media platforms
  • Use written and video content to entice clients and generate additional leads 
  • Use paid ads to enhance your outreach and increase traffic to your website 
  • Use email marketing for generating new and following up on existing leads 
  • And finally, the creation and utilization of opt-in offers. 

The lead generation brings you to the next step that is initiating the b2b sales. For that, you will need b2b sales strategies to win over more businesses as clients. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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Content Creation 

B2B sales are a tough nut to crack, and salespeople can easily get overwhelmed at times. However, it is not about a person pitching a sale to businesses anymore. Nowadays, B2B buyers prefer to research their needs and select a seller without any outside influences. 

Did you know 57 percent of buyers make up their mind to buy before calling you? 

That said, it does not mean that it makes your life any easier. In fact, you need to develop more dynamic sales strategies to stand out amongst the competition. 

You must remember the following.

  • Modern buyers are more skeptical than ever before when it comes to receiving B2B sales and marketing messages. Forrester claims 59 percent of buyers prefer doing their own research instead of hearing from a sales rep. 
  • Modern buyers prefer peer recommendations.
  • They already know the risk-associated, so be honest in your B2B sales pitches. 
b2b business growth

Modern B2B buyers have become increasingly competent in identifying and reducing risk factors. This presents an increasing number of challenges for your sales department. 

To overcome these challenges, you can apply the three most effective strategies for better lead quality. 

Proactively Offer Help to the B2B buyers make a decision

Yes, the b2b buyers like to conduct their own research for B2B sellers; however, that does not mean you cannot contact them. 

The b2b buyers rely on the information on sellers to make an informed decision. However, contacting them directly can help them get the right information about your business while saving time and energy. 

You can create a content library on your website and then ask your b2b sales team to share it with potential b2b clients. 

Did you know 95 percent of the B2B buyers select vendors providing apt content on the entire buying process? 

Using Sales-reps as Spokesperson

Another effective B2B sales strategy is to position your sales reps as subject matter experts. Here is how. 

  • Skeptical B2B buyers need more personal interaction with your sales team. You can then offer a sales service by listening to their needs and delivering relevant information to facilitate their decisions. 
  • When you create content, make sure that it offers a perspective or solution for perspective b2b buyer’s challenges. You can then present actionable call-to-actions (CTAs) to progress to the next stage of becoming customers. 

Aligning your Sales and Marketing Strategies

Did you know the misalignment in your sales and marketing strategy can cost your business up to 10 percent of your yearly revenue?

Therefore, work on streamlining your marketing and sales efforts. 

  • Clearly establish a standard definition of what qualified leads are for both departments. 
  • Unification of the content library, so both teams are on the same page regarding the information. 
  • Rectify irrelevant KPIs to improve your team’s performance. 
  • Let your marketers educate your sales reps on how to use the content and when. 
  • Involve sales reps in the process of creating content. They know what happens on the field, so use their experience. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Offer Free Advice, Content, Tools 

Creating a marketing strategy requires extensive planning and execution. Here five steps you can follow before offering free advice, content, and material to the clients. 

  • Step 1 – Developing a b2b business development marketing plan with specific and measurable objectives. 
  • Step 2 – Laying out an execution framework for your new b2b marketing strategy to help achieve your business goals. 
  • Step 3 – Defining your potential b2b buyer’s persona.
  • Step 4 – identifying apt b2b marketing channels and tactics. For example, where your b2b prospective clients spend their time online, questions they ask, social media platforms they prefer, their needs, and gaps in the market that you can capitalize on. 
  • Step 5- Once you have done the homework, it is time to create an actionable plan. Follow best practices for each marketing channel when implementing your marketing strategies. 
  • Step 6- Remember, a marketing plan is an on-going cycle. To continue moving in the right direction, you must plan, execute, measure, improve, and repeat. 
digital marketing for b2b

Connect/Communicate Via Content Marketing and Social Media

Here are common b2b marketing channels you can use:

  • Blogging – This is the most organic b2b marketing approach as it offers visibility to your business drive inbound traffic to your website. You can use several blogging formats such as info-graphics, written, video-blogging (vlogs), case studies, tutorials, etc. 
  •  SEO Optimization – Have your content and website SEO optimized. Traditionally it involves using keywords and meta-data.
  • Social Media Presence – Use both organic and paid ads to make the most of your social media business pages. Most social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok allow you to reach out and engage with potential businesses via free and paid advertisements. B2b buyers are increasingly leaning towards social media channels to research and reach potential b2b vendors such as yourself. 
  • Free Content via whitepaper or eBooks – You can create stand-alone assets with valuable information in the form of e-books and whitepapers. You can even upload them on your website, blogs, and social media business pages as free downloadable documents. Do not forget you use a performable CTA as a possible b2b lead generation tool.
  • Email Marketing – this is free of cost and the most effective marketing tool since its inception. However, you have to avoid spamming businesses at all costs, or you may end up in a spam folder or block list. Moreover, you can use business networking platforms such as LinkedIn to InMail potential b2b clients for lead generation. 

Targeting New Areas Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour for every business these days. It is inevitably essential to customize all your digital content for SEO. These include your websites, landing pages, social media business pages, videos, etc. 

There are two ways to do so. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is a process that involves the optimization of your online content for a specific geographic location. This is mostly the area that your business serves.

For example, suppose you are a commercial construction company working in New York. In that case, you can use keywords, tags, and other anchor text such as “commercial construction company in NY” or “NY commercial construction company,” etc., in your digital content. 

seo for b2b

Thus, every time a b2b buyer searches for a commercial construction company in NY, your company will appear amongst top searches in the SERPs. This will allow higher visibility of your business, resulting in increased traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads, which will eventually translate into increased ROIs. 

National SEO

As the name suggests, National SEO focuses on promoting your brand’s website on a national level. Unlike local SEO, you have to use highly researched and well-thought keyword terms for the nationwide visibility of your business. 

The idea is to rank your business amongst the top search engine results when someone searches on Google or other search engines for similar services.

If you are a local business only catering to a specific area, do not waste your resources and money on National SEO. Local SEO will be sufficient as an effective b2b business development strategy. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

Does your website have all 10? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Paid Advertisement

You can use several paid advertisement services, the most powerful tool in your b2b business development arsenal. Paid ads will allow you to strategically place your promotions and advertisements in front of your potential clients. Some of the most popular paid ad services are Google Ads and Facebook ads.

You can use these Google ads for remarketing to connect with people who previously showed interest in your services. You can use remarketing ads to strategically place the ads in front of your b2b clients as they browse Google and its partnered sites. 

Similarly, Facebook will also position your ads in front of potential b2b clients to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your social media pages and website. 

Utilizing LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s most prominent business networking platform giving your b2b business development strategy an immediate outreach to over 500 million members worldwide. You can create your business’s group and start connecting with potential business clients. 

You can create paid ads, post free content, connect with clients, and interact with them on a regular basis. This will allow you to drive more traffic to your business and identify quality leads. All you need is to be proactive in sharing your expertise through well-thought content with your growing b2b network. 

Tips on Improving Your B2B Business Development 

Here are some additional tips to improve your b2b business strategy. 

  • Learn to identify the gaps and how you can stand out from the rest of the competition
  • Stop cold-calling; it is time to get into some serious research to determine what b2b buyers expect from you. Do not pitch a sale but offer information to help them decide. 
  • No more salesy speeches; simply cut to the chase and tell the b2b buyers how you can solve their problems. 
  • Work on a long-term plan and build a reputation in the market.

Final Thoughts

To master a plan that works specifically for your business requires a touch of experts such as Mediaboom. Our experts will take care of the entire b2b business development process from beginning to end while offering cutting-edge techniques and digital marketing strategies. 

Construction Lead Generation – What It Is & How To Capitalize On It

As someone who owns, runs, or works for a construction company, you must put lead generation at the forefront of your marketing strategy…

As someone who owns, runs, or works for a construction company, you must put lead generation at the forefront of your marketing strategy. New leads are the lifeblood of your company, after all. The more leads you get, the better your chances are of landing new clients. 

So, how exactly can you generate leads in the construction industry? And, what can you do to nurture these leads and turn them into lifelong clients?

In this post, we’ll dive into what you can do to get more leads for your construction company and why it’s important to focus on lead generation. 

10 ways you can improve your construction lead generation strategy include: 

  1. Upgrading Your Website 
  2. Improving Your Local SEO 
  3. Asking Clients To Leave Online Reviews 
  4. Creating Valuable & Engaging Content 
  5. Testing Your Email Marketing Strategy 
  6. Revamping Your Lead Magnets 
  7. Creating Engaging Social Media Accounts 
  8. Investing In Paid Advertising 
  9. Incorporating Video Marketing
  10. Marketing to Existing Clients

1. Upgrade Your Website 

The first step in improving your construction lead generation strategy is upgrading your website. In our digital-first age, people expect you to have a well-designed and user-friendly website. In fact, statistics show that 50% of website visitors use web design as a defining factor when it comes to credibility. 

If your website is poorly designed and not user-friendly, you risk your construction business looking unprofessional. 

construction lead gen

Take the time to upgrade your website and not only make it visibly pleasing but incredibly easy for users to find the solutions to their problems. The easier they learn how your services can help solve their problems, the more likely they’ll be to take action on your website. 

Consider installing the following on your website to capture leads: 

  • A live chat/chatbot feature that gives your leads the assistance they need 
  • Exit pop-ups that encourage leads to enter their email address before exiting a page 
  • A “contact us” form where people can submit their questions 

The goal is to have a website that clearly displays who you are and how your services solve the problems of your customers. The better you do this, the more likely you’ll convert casual website visitors into viable leads.

2. Improve Your Local SEO 

Something that can really boost your construction lead generation efforts is improving your local SEO. Iinstead of listing every single result out there, Google utilizes local SEO to list local search results. This is why you see local construction companies listed if you search “construction companies near me”. 

Improving your local SEO can help you attract more leads in your area. 

lead gen for construction

Having local clients helps you establish a reputation in the community and increases your chances of positive word-of-mouth advertising. 

Strategies for improving your local SEO include: 

  • Setting up and updating your Google My Business page 
  • Optimizing on-page SEO for local keywords  
  • Create content that’s relevant to your area 
  • Make sure your business’ name, location, and contact information is accurate 
  • Add a page that lists your business’ locations if you have multiple storefronts 

If you do local SEO right, your construction business can get prime real estate on Google for free. So, make it a priority to evaluate your local SEO strategy and optimize it for success. 

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3. Ask Clients To Leave Online Reviews 

Another way to improve your local SEO (and your company’s reputation in general) is to ask clients to leave online reviews. Online reviews play a crucial role in your online search rankings and your overall company reputation. 

Plus, statistics show that 72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read reviews.

Having online reviews of your construction company and services is vital for your lead generation strategy. Online reviews and testimonials serve as social proof that your company is legitimate and provides quality services. Social proof is a powerful concept in marketing that can influence buying behavior and lead generation. If people read that you’ve had happy customers in the past, it’s more likely they’ll look into your services. 

Strategies for getting more online reviews and testimonials include: 

  • Asking customers to leave a review in a follow-up email 
  • Running a promotion where clients can get a 5% discount if they leave an online review 
  • Asking customers to film a testimonial video detailing why they liked working with your company 

The more you can prove to the public you provide quality service, the more likely you’ll obtain new leads. After all, marketing gets a lead to your site, but your reputation and services are what will convince them to buy. 

4. Create Valuable & Engaging Content 

If you want your construction business to be found online, you must create valuable and engaging content. This is an important pillar that should not be overlooked in your construction lead generation strategy. 

Creating valuable and engaging content will boost your SEO efforts and simultaneously build your brand. 

contractor lead gen

Think about it: if you create content that answers the questions your leads have, the more likely they’ll trust you and find your brand valuable. If you’re giving away that valuable content for free, your leads can only imagine the quality of service they get once they pay. 

Key ways to create valuable content include: 

  • Establishing a blog on your website 
  • Doing keyword research & utilizing SEO strategies to create content your leads want to engage with 
  • Creating blog posts that answer common questions your client base has 

You also want to share this content on multiple channels, including via social media and email. The more you create useful content, the better the chance Google will reward you for it by ranking you higher on search pages. The higher you rank, the more likely people will find you and convert from casual web readers to paying leads. 

5. Test Your Email Marketing Strategy 

Email marketing is an incredibly valuable tool in your lead generation strategy. You can use email marketing tactics to nurture your leads with valuable content, build trust, and convert them into customers. 

When done right, email is a marketing channel that yields a high ROI

email marketing for construction

Some companies report ROIs that hit above 300% with email marketing. If you want a good return on your investment, you must test your email marketing tactics. 

These include: 

  • Running A/B split tests to test subject lines, calls to action, and content 
  • Testing how often you send leads emails 
  • Testing what days of the week get the best open and click rates  

You should also utilize segmentation to send the right leads the right content. If someone’s interested in building a new home, you don’t want to send them content that relates to commercial construction or office space construction. Segmenting your audience will help you nurture them properly and show them how you specifically solve the problem they have. 

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10 Website Must Haves to Drive Traffic & Generate New Leads

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6. Revamp Your Lead Magnets 

Believe it or not, your lead magnets could be hindering your construction lead generation strategy. Look at the lead magnets you currently have and evaluate their effectiveness. Are they capturing enough email addresses? Are they properly nurturing your leads? 

Some common issues that could be holding your lead magnets back include: 

  • The magnet isn’t offering the value it promised 
  • The magnet doesn’t hit on your leads’ pain points 
  • The magnet takes too long to provide value to your leads 
lead gen ideas for construction

If your lead magnets aren’t working correctly, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s why you need to adjust them accordingly and make them as effective as possible. 

Not sure where your lead magnets are falling flat? If you want feedback, you can email past leads that didn’t buy from your lead magnets and ask them to provide the reason(s) they didn’t purchase your services. The more honest feedback you get, the more you can improve your lead magnets and optimize them for conversions. 

7. Create Engaging Social Media Accounts 

Social media plays a huge part in your construction lead generation strategy. You may be thinking, “There’s no way construction companies need to be active on social media.” However, that’s incredibly far from the truth. reports that nearly 50% of the world’s population uses social media, which comes out to more than 3 billion users worldwide. If your construction company isn’t active on social media, you’re missing out on a powerful channel that reaches a large audience and drives lead generation. 

construction social media

Make sure you have accounts set up on the social media platforms your target audience is on frequently. These platforms may include: 

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 

Then, make sure you post valuable content on your social media accounts. One of the main reasons people will follow you on social media is because they trust your brand and find your information valuable. Post valuable content that people will like and share and watch your social media following grow. 

8. Invest In Paid Advertising 

Investing in paid advertising can take your construction lead generation strategy to the next level. Statistics show that paid advertisements, on average, have a 200% ROI. That means if you spend $1 on paid ads, you could make $2 back in revenue. 

You can invest in a number of paid ads on different platforms, including: 

  • Google ads 
  • Google display ads 
  • Facebook ads 
  • LinkedIn ads 
  • YouTube ads 

You want to be strategic with your paid advertising strategy by targeting relevant keywords to your business and industry. 

construction social media

If you don’t do your research and target the wrong audience with the wrong keywords, you could burn through your paid ad budget with nothing to show for it. Make sure you know what you’re paying for and who you’re paying to reach with these ads. 

9. Incorporate Video Marketing 

Something that can set your construction lead generation strategy apart from the others is incorporating video marketing into your plans. Video marketing is when you create video content to promote your business and its services. You can use this content to push out on social media or to incorporate it into your email marketing campaigns. 

One of the most popular ways to incorporate video marketing into your lead generation strategy is to start a YouTube channel. YouTube allows you to publish video content and optimize it for your target audience. As a construction company, some ideas for video content include: 

  • Creating a “Top 10” list of DIY home renovations 
  • Publishing a video testimonial from a happy client 
  • Hosting a Q&A construction livestream for leads 
video marketing for construction

You can also incorporate video into your email marketing tactics by recording a personalized video for leads and sending it in an email. 

This gives your email marketing a personal touch, which will make leads remember your brand. 

10. Market To Existing Clients 

It’s less expensive to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one. 

If you want to keep your lead generation strategy intact and on budget, something you can do is market to existing clients. Follow up with them and ask if there are any other construction projects they need to be done. You could talk to them about adding on to their home or taking on a remodeling project so you’re top-of-mind to them. 

Another way to marketing to existing clients (and gain new leads) is to set up a referral program. Referral programs rely on word-of-mouth advertising and are inexpensive ways to generate new leads. 

For instance, you can set up a program where a client can get a discount on a service if they bring in five new leads. When done right, referral programs are a true win-win for your business and your clients. 

Final Thoughts 

Construction companies need new viable leads to come in, just like any other business. The key is to attract these leads with strategic plans and valuable content that leaves an impression. Don’t just strive to get their contact information – strive to be of service to your leads. 

Watch what happens when you focus more on providing value versus pushing sales.