Advertising for Accounting Firms – Generate Qualified Leads

Financial businesses are highly regulated when it comes to digital advertising, and if you don’t know the rules, you could end up with ads that are banned or.

advertising for accounting firms

Advertising for accounting firms can feel like a daunting process.

Financial businesses are highly regulated when it comes to digital advertising, and if you don’t know the rules, you could end up with ads that are banned or accounts that are suspended. This article will walk you through the advertising tactics you’ll be able to use to drive traffic to your website and increase business for your firm.

How to Advertise Your Accounting Firm

To advertise your accounting firm, you’ll need to incorporate various advertising channels like Google Ads, Google Display Ads, Remarketing, Video Ads, and Social Media into your overall strategy.

Each of these channels has their own rules for how financial services, like accounting firms, can advertise, so you’ll want to have a solid understanding of what those rules are and how to follow them. 

Why is advertising for accounting firms important?

Digital advertising is one of the main ways that businesses find prospective customers. When you started your business, you likely found customers via word-of-mouth and referrals. While that is a great way for you to start building a business, it is not necessarily sustainable when it comes to long-term business growth. 

Digital advertising for accounting firms is a way to accelerate growth for your business and find new potential clients to work with. 

By using a successful digital advertising strategy for your accounting firm, you’ll be able to:

  • Drive more website traffic
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Target new customers
  • Reach your target audience directly
  • Convert website visitors to clients

Advertising Benefits for an Accounting Firm

There are many ways digital advertising can help your accounting firm grow. These are the top 5 ways that accounting firms benefit from digital advertising campaigns. 

1. Drive More Website Traffic 

For many small business owners, having a website can feel wasteful and time-consuming. Do you really need a website if all of your customers are coming from referrals? 

If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to stop relying on referral traffic. That is when your website will become even more important. Additionally, as your referrals become further removed from your personal circle, they may do some vetting online before giving you a call, even if they were referred by someone they trust. 

Your website is one of the main ways potential customers will determine whether or not they want to work with your accounting firm. 

Before investing in a campaign strategy, you’ll want to make sure your website conveys a strong message about your company and evokes a sense of trust in your business. You’ll want to make sure your website includes all of the information a potential client would need to know before making the decision to work with you. 

You’ll also want to make sure your website has Google Analytics installed and that it is working properly. This is one way you’ll be able to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. Once your website is ready, you’ll be able to start driving more traffic there with your campaigns. 

When done correctly, that increase in traffic should turn into an increase in customers and prove how advertising for accounting firms can work.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Sometimes we don’t need something now, but we may need it later. For example, maybe you hear an ad on the radio for a plumber, but everything in your house is working fine. Then, unexpectedly, you may have a leak or a clog that needs professional attention. You might remember the radio ad for the plumber and seek their services first because you’re already familiar with their brand.

Brand awareness works for non-emergent services like accounting too. 

Maybe a company’s in-house accountant quits and so a company may decide to consider a firm instead of a new employee. If they have already seen ads for your business and are already familiar with your brand, then your company may be the first one they call when the time comes to start shopping around. 

Digital advertising works like traditional radio and TV ads except they can follow people in your target market around on the internet. The chances are good that your customer will see your ads multiple times which builds brand awareness.

Building brand awareness is important because it increases the chance that potential customers will think of your business when they need to hire an accounting firm. 

3. Target New Customers

One of the biggest benefits of digital advertising is that it helps you acquire brand new customers. 

But you don’t have to show your ads to just anyone. Most advertising platforms have very specific targeting methods so you can make sure you’re paying to show your ads to the right types of people who could turn into customers. 

advertising strategy for accounting firms

For example, as an accounting firm, you may want to target business owners specifically. Maybe if you are really great at supporting in-house accountants, you would also run an ad campaign to people with “accountant” in their job title. 

Once you have a better idea of what your ideal customer looks like, you can build audiences for your ads to match that profile. 

Advertising for accounting firms has become especially popular on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms  have established granular audiences to help you get your ads in front of the right audience to drive the most qualified leads to your firm.

4. Reach Your Target Audience Directly

Unlike the referrals you may have used to build your business at the beginning, digital advertising puts the control in your hands. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that the right type of prospective client will learn about your business. 

Instead, you can proactively target the types of customers you want to do business with. 

You control the messaging and you control who sees it. When this is done well, it provides the ability for you to grow your own business without relying on chance, luck, and small talk.

5. Convert Website Visitors to Clients

When you are starting to consider a new product or service, chances are that you don’t immediately go to the website and purchase right away. Most people take time to research before they buy – especially when they are talking about their personal finances or the finances of their business. 

With specific digital advertising strategies, you can make sure your business stays top-of-mind for these researchers and shoppers so that when they do decide to purchase, they choose your accounting firm. 

We’ll go over the types of digital advertising platforms as well as tactics in the next section.  

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What types of digital advertising make sense for accounting firms?

Now you’re aware of why your accounting firm should be utilizing digital advertising. Next we’ll cover some of the “how.” Every channel and tactic has thousands of articles of information, ideas, and optimizations to consider. 

Google Ads 

As you can probably guess from the name, Google Ads refers to the ads you see when you’re using the world’s most popular search engine – Google. If you aren’t sure where the ads are, do a quick search for your favorite brand. 

The first listing on top is probably an ad. 

That first ad spot is highly coveted because it typically receives significantly more clicks than lower spots. Getting your company’s ad to show up at the top takes strategy, but it can be done. While ranking in that top spot for a general “accounting firms in the US” might be almost impossible, it may be more manageable for a search for accounting firms in your city or your state. 

google ads for accounting firms

These ads are shown when a member of your target audience (i.e. business owners) performs a Google search for a keyword you are bidding on (like “accounting firm.”) 

When someone clicks your ad, you pay for that. With a solid keyword and bidding strategy in place, you can put your business in front of potential customers who already have solid intent to spend money on a business like yours. Then you can use your website and other tactics to help convince those owners to choose you. 

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are ads you can see on other websites besides Google. They typically feature banners or images and appear along the edge of the browser. Not ALL of these are Google Display Ads – there are other networks that sell these types of ads too. But Google’s Display network is among the largest.

Similar to Google Ads, you select a target audience to whom you want to show your ads. Then your ad is shown to users who fit your audience criteria as they browse the web. These ads typically don’t see the higher conversion rates that regular Google Search Ads do because the intent portion is lost, but they are excellent for building brand awareness. 


Remarketing (or retargeting) is a tactic that can be done on many platforms including Google Display and the major social platforms.

 It is one of the highest-converting digital advertising strategies.

How it works is you would install a “pixel” on your website. It collects user data as they visit your site. Then if they don’t contact you, ads for your business will continue to follow them around the Internet for a period of time you can specify. 

By incorporating remarketing into a company’s campaigns, most see a dramatic increase in conversion rates (as much as 161%). Additionally, there is typically a reduction in acquisition cost after a remarketing campaign is deployed, which means more money for your business. 

Video Ads and YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth a lot more than that. As video platforms like YouTube and Instagram grow in popularity, so do videos as an ad type. 

youtube advertising for accounting firm

The most difficult part of these types of ads is coming up with video content that is interesting and compelling enough to make users take notice, especially because your ad is interrupting them from something else but many B2B brands have figured out ways to make this work. 

When done well, video ads can increase conversions for your business, so it is important to at least consider them when putting together your overall digital advertising strategy. 

Social Media Ads

Besides Google, social media websites are among the most popular advertising platforms. With Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can target very specific audiences so that you can make sure your ads are being shown to quality potential customers. 

Social media platforms also allow for remarketing ads. 

This is another way to make sure your ads aren’t just building brand awareness but are also converting those website visitors into actual customers and revenue for your business. 

social media for accounting firms

Advertising for Accounting Firms: Getting Started

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different digital advertising options you might choose to utilize for your accounting firm, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It can be daunting to invest money in these platforms – especially if you don’t feel like you know enough specifics to create effective campaigns. 

If you are an accounting firm and you want to launch an advertising campaign for your business but you don’t know where to begin, Mediaboom can help. 

Mediaboom is a digital marketing agency with deep expertise in advertising for accounting firms and generating quality leads on behalf of businesses in the financial industry. 

6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

You need a website that’s user-friendly, easy to find, professional-looking and that has interesting and informative content. If you haven’t updated your own website in a while, you should take a close look at it and look for signs that it’s time for some changes…

In today’s digital world it’s not enough for a business to merely have a website.

You need a website that’s user-friendly, easy to find, professional-looking and that has interesting and informative content.

If you haven’t updated your own website in a while, you should take a close look at it and look for signs that it’s time for some changes. Here are the top 6 signs that your website needs to be updated.

1. Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

It’s a safe assumption that many of your customers and visitors are accessing your website on mobile devices. This will only increase in the future as more and more people use smartphones and tablets.

It’s no longer optional to make your site mobile-friendly. You should be using responsive design so that everyone can easily see your content and access all of your pages. In certain cases, it may even be beneficial to have a mobile first approach to your web design.

Many of the above tips for UX, such as easy navigation and fast-loading pages, are especially important for your mobile visitors.

Keep in mind that certain features, such as Flash, are not accessible on mobile devices.

Popups are also especially annoying to mobile users as they can be difficult to close.

2. Your Competitors Outrank You

Many factors contribute to search engine ranking. If certain competitors consistently outrank you, it could be because they have a much larger advertising and SEO budget. However, it can also be a clue that you’re falling behind in areas such as web design and UX.

It’s helpful to regularly monitor the competition. Try to look at their websites with an objective eye, as though you were a potential customer.

Do their sites look more professional or engaging than yours? Do they contain more helpful content? Do they get more engagement on their blog? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” it’s time to make some changes to your own website.

3. Your Website’s Design is Outdated

Web design is a complicated and somewhat subjective field. However, you can tell when you see a website that just looks out of date. There are several factors that can contribute to this effect.

  • Poor quality images.
    Stock images can give your site a dated look. Using original and higher quality graphics, on the other hand, gives your site a more contemporary feeling.
  • A cluttered look.
    If you have too many graphics, popups, ads, and other features on your website it’s hard for people to focus. Too many sidebars or widgets can also distract people. If your site has a cluttered look, you may need to move towards a more minimalistic design.
  • Too many fonts and/or colors.
    Nothing gives a site a dated look like a wide variety of fonts and colors. Two or three fonts are sufficient to give you a little variety for different sections. You also don’t want to get carried away with using too many colors. This is another area where minimalism is usually best.
  • Dated features such as carousels and slideshows.
    Such elements hide content and also slow down page-loading time.

4. Your User Experience Needs Work

User experience (UX) is a broad term that has to do with visitors’ overall impression of your website.

Landing on a website is the virtual equivalent of walking into a store, restaurant, or hotel. You form a snapshot of the environment, taking in all of the details faster than your mind can process them.

When someone likes or doesn’t like a website, he or she may not be able to tell you exactly why. It’s up to you to provide the right atmosphere. Here are some clues that you need to improve UX.

  • Your site is slow.
    Slow-loading pages are one of the surest ways to lose traffic. If your site is slow, look for ways to speed it up such as by reducing sizes of images and (if you’re using WordPress) a caching plugin. There are also other types of WordPress plugins to speed up your site.
  • You have broken links.
    If you have any links that cause error messages such as 404 Error, you should fix them. Test your links and make sure they all work. If any are broken, remove them or redirect them to a working page.
  • Navigation is confusing.
    It’s important that visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly. Make sure you have a menu that’s easy for people to follow. If your menu has too many features, people get confused. Make sure you don’t have any “dead end” pages. No matter where visitors land, they should be able to find a navigation menu that leads back to your homepage.

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5. Your Bounce Rate is High

There are many metrics worth tracking for your website.

Bounce rate, however, is one of the most important metrics that you can track with tools such as Google Analytics.

If people are landing on your pages and quickly leaving, that’s a powerful clue that you need to change something. Of course, when you notice a high bounce rate it’s up to you to determine what the problem is. It could be your design, page-loading speed, lack of engaging content or something else.

Bounce rate is something to watch over time. Take note of how it changes before and after you make adjustments to your site.

6. Updating Your Site is Difficult

As mentioned, UX is important because you want your website to be convenient for your users. However, it’s also necessary that your site is convenient for you, the owner.

Do you resist making changes such as changing the layout, updating product descriptions, or replacing an image because it seems like too much work? If this is the case, you may need to manage your time better or delegate such tasks to the right person.

Another option is to outsource website design to a reputable agency.

Difficulty updating your website can also be caused by using an unwieldy CMS (content management system). Using a more user-friendly platform such as WordPress will make it simpler to make changes.

Is it time for an update?

If your website displays any of the above issues, it’s time to think about an update.

A business website is not a “set it and forget it” kind of tool. Web design and SEO are always evolving and if you want to get results and stay competitive, you need to make sure your website is modern and appealing to today’s customers.

For many website owners, it’s time to seriously start planning updates or a complete makeover. Not sure where to start? At Mediaboom, we will help you strategize, design, and develop the premium website you need. Contact us today to see how our experts can help you transform your website into the tool you need it to be.

Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors – Grow Your Client Base

If you are a financial advisor looking for an answer to why you need a marketing plan, you have landed on the right page…

marketing plan for financial advisors

What is a perfect marketing plan for financial advisors? 

If you are a financial advisor looking for an answer to why you need a marketing plan, you have landed on the right page. We will provide you with a concise answer to the question and a proper explanation so you know from where to begin and what areas you need to focus on. 

Business development is critical for any financial advisor – more business means a bigger bottom line. If you are a financial advisor wishing to expand your business, you need a robust marketing plan. It is time you start thinking outside the box and explore digital marketing strategies. Your prospective clients are going digital, and you should take your business to where your prospects are. 

That said – technology is one aspect that financial marketers struggle with the most. The finance industry has always been both dynamic but slow to adapt to changes in marketing strategies. However, more and more financial marketers are pro-actively seeking the solution to devise a reliable marketing plan for their businesses. 

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Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors: An Overview

Like any other aspect of a business strategy, designing and implementing a marketing plan comes with its own set of challenges. It gets highly competitive when you consider digital marketing strategies for the finance sector. 

financial advisor marketing

The financial landscape is a demanding terrain, and digital marketing continues to provide an effective marketing solution to reach potential clients. As a financial advisor, you must keep in mind that a digital marketing plan can be a huge factor for the success of your business in the modern era. 

Hence, you must invest your energy into devising an effective digital marketing campaign. A well-thought digital marketing plan will increase your SEO ranking, drive more traffic to your website, and enhance your conversion rates by converting prospects into clients. 

Five Essentials to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Here are five tips that will give you a foundation for why you need a digital marketing strategy and where to begin. 

1. Website & Landing Pages

Whether you create a landing page or a website for your financial firm, it will work as a ground zero to divert all your traffic. Just imagine, without a landing page or a website, where are your potential clients going to learn about your services?

Your website will work as the first impression of your financial advisory services. It will enable you to capture leads and turn them into clients. Add compelling aspects to your website, such as video content about yourself, which is a great way to engage your target audience. 

marketing for financial firm

As a financial advisor, you can create a more personalized video message for your visitors to introduce yourself and what you are offering. 

Do you know using a video can boost your consumer’s engagement, as visitors spend 88 percent more time on your web page? The longer they stay, the better your chances to entice and convert them into clients. 

2. Social Media Presence

If you are of a mindset that social media presence is not for the financial advisors, you need to think again. Whether it is financial services or selling goods, every business needs a strong social media profile these days. 

A noteworthy presence on social media is critical to building brand awareness and trust. If you want to stay relevant and boost your referrals, be social, and create a robust social media strategy. However, you must research which social media networks your target audience uses. 

financial advisor marketing plan

For example, are you a financial advisor offering mortgage advice? In this case, your ideal clients will be millennials; you may find them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. 

Similarly, if you are targeting retirees, you may simply focus on Facebook, as the older generation seldom uses Instagram. Additionally, because they are not job seekers, it is highly unlikely that you will find them on business networking platforms such as LinkedIn. 

So a little bit of research will save your time and energy and help focus on platforms that can really help increase your ROI. 

3. Mobile-Friendly Content/Website

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days; therefore, optimizing your website, landing pages, and financial blogs for mobile should be your top priority. Ignoring it is not an option if you wish your financial firm’s digital marketing plan to pay off. 

4. Google’s Reign

Google rules everything digital. Do you know Google has a whopping 92.42 percent share of the global search engine market? 

SEO for financial advisors

There are 3.5 billion Google searches conducted daily. As a financial advisor, you must agree that with those kinds of figures, how critical it can be for you to establish a high Google search ranking for your company or service. 

The higher you rank, the more are your chances of getting found by potential clients and driving traffic to your website. 

5. Goals and Objectives

Be smart about the goals and objectives of your digital marketing plan. You must set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, time-related, and relevant. You must benchmark your achievements to your competitors and make sure that your marketing plan is more effective than theirs.

There are five key points you must focus on when establishing your goals. 

  • Increase in sales
  • Improving your sales conversion rate
  • Percentage of repeat customers or return visitors to your website
  • Organic /Natural traffic volume of your website 
  • Reduced bounce rate, i.e., people landing on your website and leaving without buying

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Types of Digital Marketing 

According to WebFX, you must invest more than half of your overall marketing budget on digital marketing. That is how important it has become to succeed in the present day. Here are six types of digital marketing that you utilize when devising a marketing plan for financial advisors. 

1. Website Marketing

Your website drives your marketing campaign. It is the first impression of who you are to potential clients. Studies show that online visitors create your brand’s first impression within seconds of landing on your website. 

Therefore, financial advisors must develop a marketing plan with a clear digital vision because you will not get a second chance to create a decent first impression. having a well appointed financial advisor website design will help keep users on the site longer, help your website rank higher in search results, and help convert prospective clients into paying clients.

website marketing for financial advisors

This is where an eye-catching website comes into play. However, aesthetics are not enough in the competitive world we live in today. Your website must use the latest designs, marketing tools, and deliver unique content with a fluid user experience. 

Establishing trust and delivering high-quality content and information will help you engage with potential clients and start a conversation.

2. SEO + Local SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is an extremely effective digital marketing strategy. It helps to make your business and website visible on search engines. SEO is a set of techniques that move your company’s website to appear higher in search results against the keywords relevant to your business. 

For example, you are a financial advisor in Los Angeles, CA, and an online user searches for a keyword “financial advisors in LA or California.” The SEO marketing tool will help your website appear amongst the top searches recommending you as a local individual or firm providing similar services. 

marketing plan for financial advisor website

This above example is also known as Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO. Instead of paying for advertisements, local SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy to earn new clients. 

Additionally, appearing amongst the top rankings in Google searches help improve your credibility and build trust amongst existing and potential clients. 

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing stays relevant to to-date. It includes newsletters with updates or promotion of exclusive deals/sales for clients. This marketing strategy encompasses your overall digital marketing plan, including websites, blogs, social media, and more. 

An email marketing campaign is easy to create and track, making it a viable marketing plan for financial advisors. You can incorporate a newsletter sign-up call to action on your website, blogs, and social media pages to entice existing and new clients. 

Signing up to your newsletter is an indicator that a client agrees for you to approach them about your products and services. 

email marketing plan for financial advisors

Not only that, but you can also remarket your products and services to clients who did not respond the first time. According to the HubSpot report, on average, spending one dollar on email marketing produces an ROI of $42. 

Here are some tips to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

  • Build your contact list.
  • Create a personal message according to the consumer’s portfolio and mix it up. 
  • Do not SPAM.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a forward-facing strategy that involves incorporating creative and engaging video content into your marketing campaign. You can use it for anything from promoting your services, brand, or product to building customer rapport. 

You can use video marketing as a channel to present tutorials, promote client’s testimonials, deliver educational and informative content, or live stream events or seminars related to the finance sector. 

video marketing plan for financial advisors

Here are some tips for developing a reliable video marketing plan for financial advisors. 

  • Allocate resources for decent equipment, video marketing team, and editing software. If you cannot do that, you can always get help from third-party experts such as Mediaboom.
  • Tell Your Story.
  • Engage with clients by addressing their pain points to entice them.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Publish on the right platform such as your websites, incorporate in emails, or use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, etc. 
  • Track the metrics and gauge the performance. Learn from them, re-evaluate, re-design, and execute again. 

5. Content Marketing

Focus on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to retain existing clients and attract the new target audience. 

Instead of aggressively pitching your services to the clients, you can create useful and interactive content to solve their issues. Whether you are an insurance firm, wealth management company, or a self-employed financial advisor, you can develop and execute an effective content marketing campaign, because it works. 

content marketing plan for financial advisors

Great content is crucial for an impactful digital marketing campaign for financial advisors. Whether you are using social media marketing, SEO, PPC, or email marketing, you need quality content to attract potential clients. 

6. Social Media Marketing

It is self-explanatory; this marketing plan involves social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. 

Thanks to smartphones, consumers are spending more and more time on social networks, and that is where you must go to connect with the target audience, build your brand awareness, drive website traffic and increase your sales conversion rate. 

For you to create efficient social media marketing, you must:

  • Publish quality content on your social media profile/page.
  • Engage with your followers and listen to what they are saying.
  • Create ads to promote your products and services.
  • Analyze the metrics and performance of your marketing campaign.
social media marketing plan for financial advisors

Various tools can assist you in deploying an impactful social media marketing plan. You can use social media marketing in conjunction with other marketing plans for financial advisors. 

For example, you can link your social media to your website, mention them in your newsletters, add your video content, and promo ads to your social media profiles and pages.

However, the key is to stay consistent across all platforms. There must be no discrepancies in your content, or it will confuse your clients, and they may question your credibility. 

Let the Experts Help You

If you are a company or an entrepreneur from the financial sector and do not know where to begin, let Mediaboom help you. We are a digital marketing agency with the expertise to help create an impactful marketing plan for financial advisors. Contact Mediaboom to grow your business with successful advertising, marketing, and website designing services.

Financial Advisor Website Design – 27 of the Best Examples

In order to make your website work for you – it first needs to look and function the way you want it to. We’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best financial advisor website designs…

In order to make your website work for you it first needs to look and function the way you want it to. To give you a better sense of what your competitors are doing in the digital space, we’ve compiled a list of 27 of the best financial advisor website designs. These sites all include unique strongpoints that help them convert prospective clients and retain existing ones.

1. Ratio

Ratio’s website uses full width design along with saturated photography that makes the site feel strong.

financial advisor website design

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2. R&J Financial Partners

By simply adding a video to their welcome screen, R&J Financial Partner’s website feels more interactive and intimate.

website design for financial advisor

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3. Pension & Wealth Management Advisors

This financial advisor website design stands out from the competition with its use of video as users are welcomed to the site. The large/bold text, clean lines, and pops of blue give this site a modern feel.

pension wealth website design

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4. Stash Wealth

Stash Wealth’s sight is sleek and modern. The brand is cohesive throughout by being consistent in their color palette, fonts and imagery. Along with a strong color scheme, these contrasting colors help organize and callout information.

financial advisor website design for stash

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5. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab constantly uses their brands blue throughout the site along with the square element they use in their logo. By doing this, the brand feels united throughout.

financial advisor website design for charles schwab

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6. GSB Wealth Management

This clean design appeals to its older demographic with the use of serif fonts, subtle colors, and imagery. Easy to use navigation helps users login into their accounts with ease, while also allowing for exploration to the interior pages of the site to learn more about the team, their vision, and latest blog.

wealth management website design

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7. Zoe

Zoe’s website feels light and inviting. Their use of a mainly white background helps their purple pop and keep the site clean. Along with a cohesive brand, Zoe use different illustrations throughout along with interactive animated elements that add an extra touch to the site.

zoe financial advisor website design

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8. UBS

UBS uses small animations on their photos that help bring some life to their site.

ubs financial advisor website design

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9. Modera

Modera’s website is simple and professional. It’s straight and to the point without using too much imagery and utilizing the elements in their logo to add some personality to the page.

modera financial advisor website design

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10. Edward Jones

Edward Jone’s site keeps their navigation and sidebar locked, only swapping some of the sidebar elements to provide you the tools you need. This helps the client get where the need to go when visiting their site.

edward jones financial advisor website design

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11. HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisor’s use various elements throughout their site that makes them stand out from competitors, keeps the consumer intrigued yet is still simple enough to navigate.

hcr wealth advisors

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12. Chicago Partners

Chicago Partner’s website uses professional photography along with simple animated elements that help the website feel strong.

financial advisor website design for chiacgo partners

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13. RGT Wealth Advisors

RGT’s website uses fun, animated illustrations throughout the site that make it feel more personal and approachable. The illustrations all work together and tie back into their brand and message, showing the customer their journey and how RGT can be a part of that.

wealth advisors website design

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14. Illumint

Illumint takes it out of the box with using this simple video for the website welcome screen. As you scroll the site comes into perspective. Illumint uses just a one page design that keeps it simple and easy to navigate.

financial advisor site design

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15. Safran

Safran’s website is clean and uses similar photography throughout with a parallax animation that adds personality to the page.

financial advisor website

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16. Merrill

Merrill’s website feels professional with their cohesive branding. They also use overlapping elements and staggering photos that help add something extra to their site.

financial advisor website design for merrill lynch

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17. Sage Beacon

Sage Beacon’s financial advisor website design ties their photography into their brand by using “ocean” related content. They’re homepage also uses diagonal blocks to help break up the information in non-uniform way.

sage beacon financial advisor website design

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18. Personal Capital

Personal Capital’s website uses not only a top bar navigation but a left aligned navigation that when expanded becomes full screen. This can be helpful when your site need’s a lot of pages but you want to make it easier for the client to navigate.

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19. Betterment

Betterment’s site is simple, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Their color scheme utilizes light colors to help their purple pop throughout in not only page elements but in their photography as well. The information is kept short and sweet so it’s easily understood and keeps the visitor engaged.

betterment financial advisor website design

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20. Riskalyze

Riskalyze uses fun graphics to get their point across. Along with these graphics, Riskalyze uses free form elements that makes the site feel abstract and allows the visitor to feel more emerged into the page.

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21. LPL

LPL uses a fun color scheme with blue being their dominant color and then use the rainbow spectrum sparingly throughout to accent certain information but to also add more personality through their photography.

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22. Ford Financial Solutions

Ford Financial Solution’s site feels bright and inviting. It’s easy to navigate and the body of the page is kept simple without too many images.

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23. Thrivent

Thrivent stays consistent by using line elements throughout the site in their graphics, callouts and navigation. By utilizing this element, the website feels cohesive but also helps organize the information.

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24. Raymond James

Raymond James keeps their website clean and professional with no excessive elements besides using a drop shadow on callout boxes which is used sparingly.

raymond james financial advisors website design

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25. Bragg

Bragg’s website is warm and inviting. Their photography is not only welcoming but by using images of their actual office and team helps make the site feel more personal.

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26. Vanguard

Vanguard’s site is strong yet simple. Their homepage makes use of hight contrast photos along with bold black strips to help callout information. As you get into the site though, the internal pages are kept more simple to get the information across.

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27. Ameriprise

Ameriprise’s financial advisor website design keeps it fun on their homepage using various colors and informational graphics.

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Consider A Financial Advisor Website Design

Now is the time to consider revamping the look and feel of your website. As a financial advisor, your website must provide the services and functionalities that your clients expect. If you would like to set up a free consultation to discuss how Mediaboom can help refresh your website, contact us today.

Financial Advisor Advertising – The Digital Way

Financial services advertising can be a highly regulated and competitive domain, meaning there is a lot you will have to bear in mind…

financial services advertising

Financial advisor advertising can be a highly regulated and competitive domain, meaning there is a lot you will have to bear in mind. You must strive to get noticed, stand-out to your target audience, and stay relevant to your consumers. 

If you are a financial advisor without a digital advertisement campaign, you are definitely ignoring an effective communication channel. According to Smart Insight statistics 2020, 81 percent of users search online for a product or a service provider. 

“Online advertising is crucial for financial service providers to attract more clients. It is an effective channel to project who you are to the online customers. You can capture your target audience’s attention and influence their decisions by educating them about your services. Digital advertising can help your company penetrate new markets and increase your conversion rate and ROI.”

According to Google, online advertising has numerous benefits; it is broad, fast, flexible, and trackable. It means you can deploy a digital advertising campaign on a large scale, customize it to fit your business needs, and track its performance in real-time and adapt accordingly. 

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3 Major Benefits of Online Financial Advisor Advertising

Although there are numerous advantages of implementing a digital advertisement campaign, three of them make the most significant impact. 

1. Targeting New Audience

Online advertising will enable your company to cover a wider spectrum of the existing market. Additionally, it will open doors to new marketplaces such as social media platforms and online financial services portals. 

Some of the most common ways to target your audience include:

  • Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement to reach new clients who are searching for financial advisors online 
  • Targeting consumers based on their interests, locations, needs, profession, and age, etc. 
  • Remarketing to existing clients and those who did not respond to your call-to-action (CTA) the first time

If you are not sure where to start, you can always seek experts’ advice to design an effective online financial advisor advertising campaign. 

All you need to do is target the right set of customers who are more likely to show interest in your products and services. There are various tools at your disposal, such as social ads, video ads, and display ads (we will discuss them in detail later). 

By implementing online advertising into your business’s existing strategy, you will be able to do much more than targeting new customers – you will also be able to do the following:

  • Analyze the customers from your competitor about their needs. More importantly, you will be able to observe what your competitor is doing differently to get more business. You can use these real-time insights to improve your services and advertisement campaign.
  • Create customer’s persona based on their demographic information, location, gender, age, profession, preferences, beliefs, cultural and personal values, and behavior, etc. It will help you drive more traffic, both online and offline, and increase your conversion rate. 
  • Increase your engagement with your audience as online ads are more enticing. For example, using a video ad allows your customer to watch a short and simple video to get full information about your financial advisor services. 

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Grow your client base with these proven tactics

Receive your FREE copy of “Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Build Your Firm,” to get insights into growing your business with digital marketing.

2. Increase Conversions

Online ads play a vital role in increasing traffic to your website and online service portal.

A lead is your first contact with the consumer. It happens when a visitor shows interest in your service by submitting a contact request. This request may come as an email, a message with a phone number to call back, or through your social media business page, etc. 

You can use promotional services to entice a visitor into providing this contact information by offering a service such as a,

  • Discount
  • Demo
  • Free training video
  • Free download
  • Complimentary services such as an audit report or a quote
  • Newsletter, etc. 

In short, lead generation initiates the official relationship between your company and the prospect. By providing their contact information, they give you consent to contact them. Hence, the more leads you generate, the higher are your chances of conversion to increase sales and ROI. 

So remember, it is a simple formula, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more leads you are likely to generate. It will translate into more opportunities to pitch your financial services to potential clients, increasing the probability of potential sales, and return on investment. 

3. Brand Awareness 

Having a strong financial advisor advertising campaign will build your company’s trust amongst the audience. The reason is the ability of online advertising to showcase the details of your services that may be beneficial to the consumer.

It will also enhance your brand awareness amongst your existing audience as consistent online advertising will keep your company on top of their minds. Their familiarity with your business name will pursue them to contact you next time they are looking for financial services. 

While contacting new clients is important, contacting your existing clients is equally significant. You can also remarket your services to people, who did not respond to your first or previous attempts. 

In order to improve your brand awareness, you will have to do the following:

  • Use an omnichannel digital advertising approach, i.e., using search ads, social media Ads, Video Ads, etc. 
  • Step up your game when it comes to your social media presence. Research to find out where your target audience dwells, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You will have to be proactive in your approach. 
  • Do not underestimate the power of search engine optimization (SEO). There are numerous ways of how SEO can significantly increase your brand awareness

Now that you are aware of how important online financial advisor advertising is, let us look into the most effective types of digital advertising that can help you design your strategy. 

Types of Online Advertising

Knowing where to invest your time, energy, and money is critical for any business sector, and the stakes are even higher when you are offering financial solutions. So let us dive right into different types of digital advertisements at your disposal. 

Google Ads

Using Google Ads will enable your ads to appear on both mobile and desktop devices. You can use services such as Google Display Ads, which also allows you to target specific devices. For example, you can choose to target only tablet users or smartphone users, etc. 

Google Ads is a platform that allows you to publish ads within browsers, apps, and Google search results. Here are the types of advertisements you can use on tablets and smartphones. 

  • Image and text ads
  • Videos and image app promotion ads
  • True view ads for in-app promotion campaigns.

The key differentiator that gives Google Ads the edge is Google’s position as the world’s most popular search engine. It allows your company to showcase your financial services to the whole world. 

Google Display Network allows you to design visually appealing financial advisor advertising and place them simultaneously on more than two million websites and mobile apps. It also has the capability to display your ad to the right audience at the right time and place. 

With Google display network, you get more control of your advertising campaign and choose where you want to place your ads. Some of the main targeting capabilities and features of this ad network are:

  • Google is the world’s leading search engine; it also owns other world’s leading platforms such as YouTube and Gmail. It grants you simultaneous access to multiple marketplaces, with millions of users logging in daily. 
  • Not only can you contact a new target audience, but you will also be able to remarket your products and services to previous website visitors by importing your contact list. 
  • In case you do not have experience or time to build an ideal audience, Google Ads will do it for you. It has automated targeting features to identify the highest-converting potential audience for the best ROI. 
  • Google Display Ads can be very effective in making your company appear legit and trustworthy. It is a huge advantage when remarketing to an existing audience that is familiar with your financial services.

Paid Search Advertising

Online users conduct a Google search for almost every product and service they are looking for. According to Forbes, 71 percent of users will click on the search results displayed on the first page on Google. Therefore, you must invest to ensure you appear in those top search results to reap the benefits.

Why? – There are three main reasons

  • Advertisers make $8 on average for every dollar spent on Google Ads
  • Google Ads protect you from competitors using your branded terms for their promotions
  • Google Ads takes priority over organic search results and always appears first in all search engine result pages known as SERPs. It will also bring credibility to your company’s name and services. 

Video Ads

If you are stuck in the conundrum to use video ads, you are losing on a big opportunity here. Avoid incorporating a video as a part of your financial advisor campaign, and you will be left behind. 

Here are seven reasons why. 

  • Customer prefers watching a video –According to the statistics, 92 percent of prospect audience consume online videos. Plus, people watch 4 billion videos on YouTube daily
  • Video ads convert sales – One-third of online customers will buy after viewing a video ad. 
  • People share videos – This is the digital equivalent to word-of-mouth promotion or customer’s referral. 
  • Video ads perform well with mobile users – A short video message around 30 second makes your digital ad digestible and accessible to mobile users.
  • Video can be an educating tool – You can create short and interactive financial services tutorials or how-to-guides to engage and entice your audience.
  • Search Engines are obsessed with videos – When displaying search results, the biggest search engines such as Google or Bing will always prioritize companies and services with video content. 
  • Videos allow you to tell your story – You can create a storytelling experience for the prospects and connect by striking a chord on a deeper level. 

Most importantly, analytics never lie. The primary video platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, have features that help gauge your video ad’s performance in real-time. Knowing the number of shares, views, likes, and reading consumers’ feedback will help you do better in the future. 

Social Media Advertising for Financial Advisors

Financial advisor advertising on social media comes with several benefits. The most significant one is the exponential number of users. 

  • You can target audiences by specifying their gender, age, profession, education, interest, location, and much more.
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have several ad formats that may align with your company’s goals. 
  • Investing in targeted advertising drives solid leads and sales conversions.

Here are some of the statistics to demonstrate how big of an audience we are talking about that you can target using various social networking platforms.

You can use various ways to design your financial advisor advertising campaign on social media. You can use it as 

  • Content in the form of posts and stories.
  • Photo ads
  • Lead ads
  • Video ads etc. 

In short, establishing your presence on social media will open a new world of opportunity for your finance company. Therefore, it is imperative that you get started on developing a sound and customized social media ad campaign that fits your business model and fulfills your needs. 

Let the Experts Do it for You

Whether you are an independent financial advisor or a wealth management company wishing to deploy a financial advisor advertising campaign but do not know where to begin, let the Mediaboom help you. 

We’re a digital marketing agency with the expertise to help boost brand awareness and increase website traffic to generate quality leads, which will ultimately increase your sales.