Content Marketing Services To Expand Your Brand’s Reach

The much-used phrase that content is king remains so beloved due to its enduring truth. Even as content has transformed over the past few decades…

The much-used phrase that content is king remains so beloved due to its enduring truth. Even as content has transformed over the past few decades, content marketing remains a major means of drawing in leads and maintaining customers. Whether your company is on the luxury side of content marketing or in a different niche, what kind of content services can you use to gain more momentum?

Content marketing services encompass the written word, audio, and visual elements. They include the following:

  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Email marketing
  • Social media and influencer marketing
  • Infographics
  • User-generated content
  • Testimonials and case studies
  • Webinars
  • eBooks and whitepapers

With so many different content areas to mine, your company’s approach to engaging your audience never has to grow stale. Keep reading, as we’ll discuss the above content marketing services in depth. You’ll be ready to implement them in no time.  


Before we can take a deep dive into the various content marketing services, we thought we’d begin with a definition.

Content marketing is a form of marketing in which your company makes and posts content. This ranges from blog posts to infographics, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, and more. 

The goal of content marketing is to generate enough buzz about your products and services that leads and customers alike feel incentivized to check it out. Despite this goal, content marketing doesn’t get overly salesy, and it’s not super self-promotional, either. 

As we said in the definition, your company is responsible for creating the content you send out into the world. Through keyword research, editorial calendars, and similar tools, you can tap into the topics your audience will be interested in.

Of course, you can’t anticipate that every last lead and customer will have the same needs and interests. When you segment your audience into different buckets, you can produce content relevant to each segment. This drives up engagement and other important metrics, such as open and click-through rates.

Another major tip for your content marketing is that your content should always be evergreen. This is named after the humble evergreen, a tree with leaves that never turn anything but green. In the worlds of marketing and sales, evergreen content is that which doesn’t go out of date. Years from now, it will still be relevant. 


Whether you’re a startup dipping your toes into the business world or a full-fledged, established company, you still need a content marketing strategy. By producing content of many kinds, you’ll notice the following changes occur. 

Boosted Brand Recall

Are you struggling to make an impact among your audience? While every business big or small wants to become a household name, without the right branding, it won’t happen. Content marketing services are one such way to establish that brand.

When you post consistently great content in the same brand voice, people begin to remember your name. You could even produce a viral video or infographic that gets spread like wildfire across the Internet. Now your name is everywhere, boosting brand recognition among your customers and potential customers. 

Elevated Engagement

Engaging with your audience is critical if you want to maintain the bond you worked so hard to create. Sometimes it can feel that after the welcome emails and initial correspondence, communication stops on your end unless you’re trying to sell something. With content, you can continue engaging with your audience in a variety of ways.

Nurtured Relationships 

You can also nurture those hard-fought relationships through content marketing. Whether you respond to social media inquiries, personalize email newsletter content, or even give your audience sneak peaks of upcoming products/services, you’re nurturing each time.

In building and maintaining that relationship, your customers develop trust and loyalty in your company. They could be in it for the long haul, serving as repeat buyers that contribute to your bottom line. 

Educated Audience 

Think about the last time you considered buying a product that was new to you. You didn’t know much about it, so you did research, right? Through content marketing, you’re saving the audience time spent researching by presenting the info they want upfront.

For instance, if you have a new product you’ll soon unveil, you can write an educational blog post about it. You could also make a video on all the features this product comes with. While the customer may choose to do additional research on their own time, they have a lot of great info that could influence a purchasing decision. 


Now that you understand more about content marketing and its many benefits for businesses, let’s talk about the myriad of content marketing services out there. 


The first content marketing service is blogging. 

Blogging has been around since the late 1990s and has today grown into something that consumers expect every business to have.You could blog weekly or even biweekly and then promote the content you write on social media. 

Keyword research can inform the topics you write about while an editorial calendar will keep all your ideas organized. 

According to marketing resource Quoracreative, average blog word count has gone up in four years. Back in 2014, posts averaged out at 808 words. By 2014, it was 1,150 words.

Still, you may need longer content than that. Quoracreative notes you can get 10x the leads by writing long-form content, which has 2,000+ words. 


If you recall our recent post on digital marketing services, we mentioned the immense popularity of video as a form of content marketing. Indeed, Shopify company Oberlo mentions that customers almost always love video content.

Most consumers (54 percent) wish their favorite companies and brands produced more videos. 

Whether you make a YouTube channel, post clips on Instagram, or share your videos to Facebook, more than ever, your customers are expecting this from you. 


If it seems like everyone has a podcast these days, that’s because they do. Music Oomph notes that, in 2019, more than 700,000 podcasts exist. Collectively, there are over 29 million different episodes to listen to! 

Despite being around since the 1980s, podcasts really only began gaining steam in 2004. With such steep competition, if your company produces a podcast, you have to make sure you stand out. To do that, you want to stick to lesser-explored niches. 

Also, make your podcast a delight to consume. You must anticipate that your listeners are busy people. By injecting the podcast with personality and making it informative yet fun, you’ll attract more listeners. 

Email Marketing

Did you know that by 2022, there should be about 4.3 billion email users with active accounts? So says Oberlo in data from early 2019. That makes email marketing as viable a campaign tool as ever. 

Unless you’re sending the seldom-used email blast, then your emails must be segmented.Now you can send with confidence, knowing there’s some interest in the content you’re offering each audience segment. 

Our blog has a great post on email marketing tips, which you can read here. Some pointers from that article that we’d like to reiterate are as follows:

  • Use triggered or transactional emails. These go out when a customer does something, such as subscribe or make a purchase. They’re automated messages that build a relationship without you having to be at the helm.
  • Brand your email newsletters with one theme or template. Perhaps you have a color scheme or a logo that goes out with all your correspondence. Never send an email without it!
  • Provide content that’s valuable. Sometimes, this isn’t so much about selling products/services as it is setting yourself up as an authority. 
  • Choose a day/time to send your emails and stick with it. Think of your emails like a favorite TV show. People tune in on a certain day and time and anticipate their show coming back on when it’s over. Your emails could be something they look forward to as well. 

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

From Pinterest to Twitter, Facebook to Instagram, and LinkedIn to YouTube, social media is still a prevalent part of many lives. The Next Web states that, in 2019, 3.48 billion people used social media. That’s out of 4.39 billion people who are on the Internet.

This leaves us with a difference of 0.91 billion people. With 288 million new social media users coming online between 2018 and 2019, that gap will only continue to close. 

We already talked about one way to use social media for content marketing: by sharing your blog content to your favorite social platforms. You can also hop on your social accounts to connect with your audience, answer questions, advertise products/services, and generate press.

Yet another means of getting your name spread is through influencer marketing. With influencer marketing, you seek out an influencer to promote your products or services. This influencer has their own large audience of followers. When the influencer recommends a product or service, their audience will listen. This could lead to a whole new customer base coming to your company. 

Of course, once you get the customers, it’s your job to keep them. Also, influencer marketing can go awry if you’re not careful. You want to choose an influencer whose values align with yours. Inauthentic relationships can hurt your brand more than help it. 


Infographics are considered a visual form of digital content marketing services. These insanely viral images can break down complicated topics or visualize a concept that needs it. You can take any of the blog content you already have and reimagine it as an infographic by boiling down the most crucial points.

Since infographics are very sharable, that’s just people do with them. Like with viral videos or other content, a well-made infographic could end up all over the ‘net. You must make sure you always have your company logo somewhere on the infographic then.

This way, if someone doesn’t share the source material, your name is still on there.

Through these graphics, you can establish your company as an authority while generating new traffic to your blog or website. If you don’t have an in-house graphic designer, we’d recommend you hire one for the job.

The cleaner and more visually engaging your infographic, the better. 

User-Generated Content

User-generated content or UGC is a hands-off form of content marketing. Your audience are the ones producing the audio, text, videos, and images that relate to your company.

The most basic form of UGC would be reviews. If one of your customers buys your product, loves it, and raves about it on YouTube, this helps you in several ways. For one, it’s positive press, and who doesn’t want that?

Also, this testimonial is a form of social proof. If you’re not familiar, social proof is a psychological concept in which social influence can drive our decisions. 

Everything from reviews to star ratings can act as social proof. In fact, OptinMonster found that many consumers, up to 97 percent, have been swayed into a purchasing decision by a review. 

Case Studies

Case studies are another form of social proof. In a case study, you tell the story of a struggling company and how your business helped them succeed. On our website, we have several case studies, like here and here

By padding your case study with stats and numbers, you can show the undeniable difference of working with your company. This can trigger curiosity in your audience and possibly convince them to give you a try. 


Has your company ever hosted a webinar before? If not, you may want to change that. That’s doubly true if you want to generate leads. GoToWebinar notes that most B2B sales and marketing firms, up to 73 percent, reported high-quality leads through webinars. 

The most common industries that host webinars are technology and software (29 percent), followed by financial services (14 percent) and education (11 percent), says GoToWebinar. 

While you can use many content marketing methods to drive sign-ups, by far the most popular is email. This will net you 57 percent of registrations. That’s followed by social media (15 percent), blogging (14 percent), and email newsletters (eight percent).

Not only do webinars allow you to draw in new leads and engage with customers, but you can use them to make money, too. For instance, you can sell a replay of the webinar or even a transcript. 

eBooks and Whitepapers

The last content marketing service we want to talk about relates to written word. An eBook or electronic book is a digital publication. Whitepapers are guides or reports that can drive decisions, overcome problems, or provide information. 

If you have a topic that deserves more coverage than a mere blog post or two, then you might decide to produce a whitepaper or an eBook. Not only can this content generate sales, but leads as well. 

Don’t underestimate the value of giving some of this content away for free. As an example, you could offer the first few chapters of an eBook free when a lead opts into your newsletter.

This is known as a lead magnet.


Content marketing encompasses audio, visuals, and writing. There are many content marketing services, including eBooks, email marketing, social media marketing, producing podcasts, and influencer marketing. 

No matter which form of content marketing suits you best, you can achieve better brand recognition while nurturing and engaging your customers. 

Construction Websites – 15 Stellar Examples

The luxury construction industry specializes in home designs and improvements worthy of gracing the covers of interior decorating magazines…

The luxury construction industry specializes in home designs and improvements worthy of gracing the covers of interior decorating magazines. These aren’t just your average construction companies that build a home or erect a building and call it a day then. As such, these luxury brands can’t have your average website either.

Whether you’re in the market for a personal building project or you’re a construction CMO seeking potential partners or clientele, your selection all begins with website design. What goes into the look of a luxury construction company’s site anyway? We’re glad you asked.

In this guide, we’ll explore that very question, showcasing 15 of what we believe are the most stellar luxury construction websites on the net. The high level of quality showmanship present on these sites will amaze and inspire.

  1. Toll Brothers
  2. Sweenor Builders
  3. Hill Construction Co.
  4. GFI Partners
  5. Farrell Building Company
  6. Luxury Simplified
  7. Millennium Partners
  8. Linesight
  9. Maman Corp.
  10. Wadia Associates
  11. Ditto
  12. Hutchinson Builders
  13. Redrow
  14. John Weiland Homes
  15. Whiting-Turner

1. Toll Brothers

Stunning visuals draw you right in

Visit Website ›

From the moment you click the Toll Brothers website, you get treated to a rotating slideshow of some of the most opulent properties on earth. These are all homes made and sold by Toll Brothers, who call themselves “America’s luxury home builder.”

You have to go below the fold (that is, the content that appears on the page before scrolling) before Toll Brothers begin patting themselves on the back. For instance, they mention that they’ve achieved the accolade of landing atop the World’s Most Admired Companies list by FORTUNE Magazine for five years running.

Below that, they showcase their history, their long list of happy customers, and other benefits to working with them. If you keep scrolling, Toll Brothers has yet another area of their site dedicated to searching for your next luxury home from them.

By the time you’ve reached this point, you’re surely convinced that going with Toll Brothers is the best choice for you.

2. Sweenor Builders

Showcasing a legacy of construction excellence

Visit Website ›

Although Sweenor Builders specializes in the kind of amazing homebuilding that could only earn them a spot on this list, that’s not the angle they take on their website. Instead, you’ll notice several black and white visuals of their architects in action. These photos are interspersed with lovely homes.

Their projects page is clean and easily accessible, displaying the company’s past projects in bright, vivid, large thumbnails you can click on. You can then learn more about each property, including videos of the building in progress in some cases.

The service page of the Sweenor Builders website harkens back to their homepage. It’s got the same black and white photos of real architects and construction workers. This more humanistic approach helps personalize their website and reminds you that you’re working with real people here, not a faceless company. Construction websites that offer a unique perspective and provide insight into the company can make them stand out from the competition.

3. Hill Construction Co.

A focus on luxury

Visit Website ›

The homepage of Hill Construction Co.’s site is as shown above. There are other scrolling images that will sate your appetite for luxury, but it’s kept purposely sparse. On each image, in the center, is that repeating slogan: “your partner in luxury homebuilding.”

It’s only when you click away from the homepage that you can learn more on what Hill Construction Co. is all about.

Their portfolio is laid out in the clean, neat design style that Sweenor Builders also used.

Interestingly, it’s Hill Construction Co.’s Approach page that’s one of the best on their site. It explains their construction process from beginning to end, including the predesign, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases. We also quite like the phrase on their contact page: “let’s build something beautiful.”

4. GFI Partners

Cohesion and branding in design

Visit Website ›

Rather than use their homepage as a slideshow advertisement of their properties, GFI Partners’ site features six menus. These are latest developments, industrial, residential, healthcare, office, and other. The latter five redirect you to the properties these real estate investment advisors have had a hand in. In the latest news section, you can review what GFI is currently working on and plans to tackle next.

No matter which page you click, be it one of those six main menus, the resume page at the top, or the about page, the design cohesion doesn’t miss a beat. GFI favors a black background with an image of a grayscale building behind it. They also like orange, such as in the brackets and text. 

Given GFI’s logo is two white brackets with an orange triangle in the middle, this cohesion matters a lot. They’re subtly branding themselves across their entire website, burning their logo into your mind in the best way possible.

5. Farrell Building Company

Full-screen animations captivate

Visit Website ›

According to website optimization company Crazy Egg, the average Internet user will stay on your website for 15 seconds or less. That gives you a blink of an eye to grab them, and what better way to do that than with video? That’s why Farrell Building Co.’s website is so effective, as the video clips of bodies of water and games of tennis will certainly intrigue you.

There aren’t a lot of menus to get lost in, only an about page, a homebuyer’s menu, and a broker’s menu. Farrell Building Co. lays out the four types of properties they offer on both their homepage and the Find a Home menu. These include rentals, build to suit, the custom home, and the signature home. You can click any type you like to begin searching for what’s currently available.

6. Luxury Simplified

Quaint illustrations are utterly charming

Visit Website ›

Charleston, South Carolina-based construction and vacation rental company Luxury Simplified really lives up to their name with their website. We don’t mean that in a bad way, either. Their picturesque illustrations are simple yet captivating.  

The art is admittedly not above the fold. Instead, on the main page, you’ll find a series of short videos showing off the beautiful Charleston area. When you keep scrolling, you’ll see the simple yet sweet drawings of homes. The few dashes of color brighten up the black-on-white imagery, which is accompanied by a dainty paragraph of copy.

Each of the illustrations and accompanying text is meant to redirect you to other parts of the Luxury Simplified website, such as their construction page, their real estate page, or their vacation rentals page. Overall, the art adds to the South Carolina aesthetic before you ever set foot across state lines.

7. Millennium Partners

Attention on cityscapes

Visit Website ›

As a construction company where the design possibilities are endless, sometimes it’s best to put certain imagery into people’s heads. In the case of Millennium Partners, they do this exceptionally well. Just take one glimpse at their website and you can see what kind of imagery they’re going for: cityscapes.

The background of their website is a gorgeous photo of a cityscape at sunset. Next to the about page link on their homepage as well as a review of their properties, Millennium Partners adds yet more iconic city images. These include Miami, New York, and San Francisco.

While their website lacks a lot of menus, Millennium Partners makes it easy to check out the properties they’ve worked on, including links to these current buildings’ respective websites. Their contact page is also very accessible, so it’s simple to begin a working relationship today.

8. Linesight

A neat division of a variety of services

Visit Website ›

A construction company that offers a wealth of services could easily get bogged down trying to explain everything they do in a visually appealing way. Linesight offers a great example of how to keep all those categories tidy. 

On their expertise page, they have sections dedicated to their program management, project management, project controls, cost management, supply chain management, health and safety, consultancy, and procurement services. Each category is clickable and has small illustrations to make them stand out more. We especially like the man in a hardhat for health and safety.

Should you not feel like scrolling, you can also reach the expertise page and others (like a projects page and an about page) by clicking the drop-down menu at the top. Another great feature of this website is how Linesight showcases all the properties they’ve built on a real world map.

9. Maman Corp.

Interactivity rules the day

Visit Website ›

One way to keep users engaged on construction websites is to make the entire thing interactive. That’s the route taken by Maman Corp. If you look to the right side of the above image, it says “scroll to explore,” then has a big red arrow you can’t miss. They want to you to journey through their website, or, as Maman Corp says, to “explore it.”

Sure, there’s a dropdown menu to the right of their homepage, but it’s kind of like spoiling the fun early. Instead, by clicking that red arrow, you can venture through seven pages, including the company’s backstory, their commitment to clients, their company vision, and more. If you watch any of the pages for long enough, it switches to a video and then back again.

On each of those seven pages, you can click any links that catch your fancy, or you can always just continue your journey to the end. At that point, you can click back up or repeat the whole Maman site journey again.

10. Wadia Associates

Living up to their tagline

Visit Website ›

If you’re going to say that you create “residential architecture of distinction,” then your customers and clients are going to expect that to be true. Wadia Associates cuts through the pretenses and shows you right away what you can expect from their services. The dazzling mansion that greets you on their homepage proves the company lives up to the hype.

Also on their homepage is a great feature: an almost nine-minute explainer video on Wadia Associates. We also appreciate the endorsements section of their site, as that’s something we’ve yet to see the other luxury construction company websites on this list do.

11. Ditto

An interactive building in progress

Visit Website ›

Unless you work with one of these construction companies yourself, then you don’t quite get to see any buildings as they’re erected. Well, that’s not the case with Ditto. As you scroll down through their site, you can partake in an interactive element: seeing a digital building from start to finish.

Ditto begins with their company history, saying “every great story starts with a foundation.” At that point, you have only the foundation of your building. Then, as you scroll to the development portion of their site, the walls go up. Next, the walls get finished and the windows installed in the lifestyle section.

The website takes you to the “fourth level” by bringing you to Ditto’s investment area. Throughout all this, they implement construction-related words like “building,” “ground level,” and “foundation” into their copy, making their website a delight to peruse.

12. Hutchinson Builders

A social feed visualized

Visit Website ›

Australian luxury construction company Hutchinson Builders was founded in 1912, so they have quite a lengthy history. They’re also an incredibly modern company, as you can see through their visual feed. It’s not the first thing you come upon on their website, as that’s a scrolling portfolio of their projects.

We quite enjoy the social feed section though, for a few reasons. For one, it incentivizes clients and customers to give Hutchinson Builders a follow on social media. It also makes the company more transparent.

Should you want to stay abreast of what’s going on with Hutchinson Builders, their always-updating social feed is a pretty great way to do it. Each image is also interactive. In the case of Instagram posts, you can hover over the image and see the caption and hashtags.

13. Redrow

A commitment to exclusivity

Visit Website ›

We’ve talked about branding already in this article, but UK construction company Redrow does it exquisitely well. There’s the tagline on their homepage, “people say new homes are all the same…They don’t know Redrow.” Already, they’re setting you up for a sense of exclusivity you can only enjoy by buying a home through Redrow.

Adding further to that is the My Redrow portion of the site, which you should sign up for ahead of buying a home. When you join their service, you can review new homes being built, see which homes are available before non-members, get home-buying checklists and tips from Redrow, and track appointments.

The Buying with Redrow portion of the construction company’s site is branded to a T. It features access to Redrow TV, a section on the Redrow difference, and buying tips and information.

14. John Weiland Homes

Interactive tools for the perfect home

Visit Website ›

Many of these luxury construction website designs have used interactivity to their benefit, with John Weiland Homes no exception.

Their interactive element includes furniture planning tools, elevation tools, and a floor plan tool. Each of these tools is free to use without opting into anything. You just visit the John Weiland Homes website and begin clicking.

The level of detail included in such a free tool is seriously impressive. Take, for instance, the furniture planning tool. You can go room by room, filling the living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment room, kitchen dining room, and more with furniture. It’s not just couches and chairs, either, but swimming pools, landscaping, light switches, jacks and outlets, wiring, hot tubs, and fitness equipment.

You also have the freedom to decorate up to two floors. Not only can you get lost for hours playing with these tools, but then when you have your house set up, you know just which company can build it for you.

15. Whiting-Turner

Embracing the colorful

Visit Website ›

Sometimes, all it takes is a visually pleasant experience to make a luxury construction website worth scrolling through. Thus is the case with Whiting-Turner. Their primarily white background with orange text gives them plenty of room to play up background images with lots of color.

We also must note their portfolio section, as it divides regions and dozens of markets into two neat subsections. Nothing is cluttered or on top of each other, even though it very easily could be with so much information.


The realm of construction websites is far from ordinary. The 15 examples provided in this article prove that through elements like video, flawless portfolios, and interactivity, it’s possible to create a winning website that will draw in future clientele.