Medical Device Marketing – Your Guide in the Digital Realm

The manner in which medical devices are marketed often matters just as much as that device’s nuanced functionality and benefits…

The manner in which medical devices are marketed often matters just as much as that device’s nuanced functionality and benefits. 

Market your medical devices with the proper digital marketing strategies and you will generate important inroads with your target clients in the most efficient manner possible.  Do not be intimidated by this endeavor. 

Our helpful guide to medical device marketing facilitates this daunting challenge, turning what might seem like an insurmountable task into one that can be accomplished with a heightened focus and the proper resources.

Digital Marketing for Medical Device Manufacturers 

The days of relying on pamphlets placed in doctors’ offices and traditional outbound ads on print materials, TV and radio are giving way to digital strategies.  Though some conventional outbound marketing techniques still work, digital marketing has become that much more important with our rapid transition to the high-tech era.  Examples of digital marketing for medical device manufacturers include:

  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display ads
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Website Marketing

Create a persuasive website that touts the merits of your medical device in an artful manner and it will only be a matter of time until your sales spike.  Nowadays, people flock to the web for just about everything. Some people really will visit the websites of medical device manufacturers and sellers for learning purposes. 

If your website does not look polished and professional, you will lose sales.

Furthermore, the website should be easy to navigate with a straightforward user experience design.  

As an example, we recently launched a website for a medical device manufacturer known as Poly-Med.  Take a look at the Poly-Med website and you will find it is polished, to-the-point and visually striking yet not overpowering in any regard.  The subtleties of the website have been tended to in a manner meant to tout the company’s virtues yet the site does not feel like an overt sales push.  This site makes it easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for without extensive delay.

Even if your polished website merely plants a seed of sorts in visitors’ heads that increases the likelihood of future purchases, it will be well worth the time and investment.  

When in doubt, opt for simplicity over complexity in the context of your company website. 

The website should be as clean and simple as possible. Include the history of your company, your product offerings, blog, links to social media and contact information so interested parties can reach out to you with ease. The blog is particularly important as it provides a platform to put your expertise on display. Just be sure to update the blog with fresh content every once in a while. Otherwise, visitors might assume you are no longer in business or simply unwilling to make the effort to update your blog with helpful or otherwise-informative content.  

Above all, the website should be designed for use on mobile phones and other mobile computing devices.  This way, when people use their mobile devices to check out your website, they will be able to view all of the pages exactly as you would like them to appear. 

According to Statista, more than half of all web traffic in the world stems from mobile phones as opposed to traditional computers A top-notch website design optimized for mobile devices ensures those who use traditional computers can access your online content just as easily as those who surf the web on a comparably small device.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has quickly emerged as a valuable digital marketing tool for medical device businesses as well as other companies.  The content you post to your website, blog, social media and other components of your online footprint matters a great deal. The content you publish to the web should be helpful, educational, solve problems and be optimized for search engines. 

Infuse your online content with relevant keywords and key phrases your target demographic is likely to search for – and your website will shoot up the search engine rankings, making it that much easier for those on the prowl for medical devices to find and learn about your offering. 

Ideally, your content marketing will prove shareable by going viral. Provide helpful or at least somewhat entertaining or informative online material and you will dramatically increase the odds of it being shared, hopefully with thousands if not tens of thousands of people or more.

Search Engine Optimization / Local Search

As noted above, the online content you create should be optimized for search engines. 

Use the right keywords and key phrases at the appropriate saturation rates and it will be that much easier to connect with those who truly need your value offering.  Everything from your homepage to your blog posts should include these essential keywords and key phrases. Keep grinding away with your quest to boost SEO and your website just might make it to the first page or two of Google search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing / PPC

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM for short, is centered on paid traffic while SEO is all about organic traffic. 

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is similar to SEM. PPC ads help your site show up on search engines thanks to ads that are billed by the click.  SEM starts with an analysis of the competition to help you understand what is already out there on the web and how your company can differentiate itself from the pack.  It is even possible to use PPC ad targeting with geographical data.

Furthermore, adhering to a keyword list in these ads will help you make the intended impact in a highly-focused manner without busting your budget.

Social Media Marketing 

Though it might seem a bit odd to market medical devices on social media platforms, it is not only justifiable but quite logical. 

Make connections with your target audience and others on the many different social media platforms and your sales figures will spike.  Even if you do not directly connect with everyone in need of your medical device, you will undoubtedly get your company name and value offering out there for everyone to see, including those who know or are related to individuals who need your medical device. 

Examples of such platforms include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

The manner in which you use social media platforms matters a great deal. 

It is a mistake to simply post to your social media pages and ignore the audience.  If anyone asks a question or sends a message, communicate with them to show your business cares.  If necessary, hire a part-time social media manager to maximize the value of these platforms.

Post informative, helpful and insightful content to social media and you will inspire your followers to share the content with others, helping to get your company name in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Video Marketing

Some people respond better to video than the printed word. 

Present your target clients with the appropriate blend of written content with video marketing content and you will maximize your sales.  The best videos are a minute or two in length as they get straight to the point, communicating the value offering in a clear and cogent manner.  If the video is any longer than a couple minutes, there is a good chance the viewer will either tune out the message or close the window before the video completes.  

The videos you create should be uploaded to your social media pages, website, blog and even your YouTube channel.  This way, when people search the web for your medical devices or your company, they will find helpful short videos that concisely explain the many benefits of your business’s unique medical devices.  Even if you embed the same video on your social media page and blog, it still makes sense to upload it to your YouTube channel in order to maximize viewership and make that many more connections with interested customers.

Email Marketing

When done properly, email marketing provides your customer base and possibly even some prospective customers with an informative email message sent at regular intervals.  Use email marketing as an opportunity to provide your target audience with helpful information, deals, advice or something else of value and they just might look forward to these messages. 

However, it is a mistake to send an email every single week.

Send an email to your email subscribers on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep them engaged with your company and you will keep potentially valuable customers in the fold across the long haul.  Just be sure to include an email subscription enrollment box/form in the call-to-action sections of your website, blog, social media, etc. so interested parties can add their email address to your email list with ease.

Marketing Automation 

Nowadays, there is no need to perform every aspect of medical device marketing in a manual manner.  Thanks to advances in technology, email marketing drip campaigns are now available. This approach involves the sending of message drips, commonly pre-written, to convert prospects into paying customers.  Email automation automatically sends out the email messages at your desired schedule so you do not have to create and manually send out every single message.  

CRM has emerged as another popular form of marketing automation.  CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. This tech automates certain components of customer relationships management ranging from phone calls to lead nurturing, customer support and beyond.  If you find you have too many clients to manage, give CRM a try and you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

Display Ads

Display ads are advertising banners ranging from regular text to video, audio, images, flash elements and beyond.  Paid ads on social media platforms including the likes of YouTube along with the use of AdSense will stimulate traffic to your website, resulting in that many more sales as time progresses.

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Remarketing is a Google Ad service that has become quite popular in little time.  Remarketing serves as a second chance of sorts, allowing you to convert leads or website visitors that you missed out on in the first go ’round of online medical device marketing.  Such targeted ads bolster your company’s brand awareness, providing much-needed attention that is likely to result in conversions.

Print Advertising

Though digital marketing has quickly emerged as the go-to advertising method for countless businesses, print advertising is not dead.  The proper balance of digital ads with traditional print ads will help you maximize your reach, connecting with people both online and offline.  However, the publications in which your print ads are published matter a great deal. It does not make sense to advertise medical devices in magazines and other publications that cater to the younger crowd.  Find the journals, newspapers, magazines and other forms of print that are most likely to be read by your target audience and spending some of your limited medical device marketing budget on print ads will be more than justified.

Trade Shows

Showing up to a trade show or other industry event with your medical device might seem old-fashioned yet this approach just might work.  Try to find out the types of people who will attend the trade show or other industry event before preparing the necessary materials and a short pitch.  If you can get your medical device in front of the right audience, it really will be that much easier to sell it. However, you must be prepared to make a short presentation that details the merits and value of your specific offering.  Otherwise, your medical device marketing effort will be in vein. If necessary, bring along a proven sales professional to the trade show and other events to properly convey the merits of your medical device. 

Market Your Medical Device Properly 

Be creative with the digital marketing tools detailed above and it is only a matter of time until your medical device sells as planned.  However, patience is a virtue. It will take some time for your digital marketing methods to bear fruit. Be patient, continue to bolster your digital marketing strategies and you will connect with that many more people in need of your medical device.

MedSpa Advertising – Strategies to Acquire New Leads

Digital advertising has quickly become quite important for medspas and just about every other business. If your medspa does not have a digital advertising campaign along with a robust web presence…

medspa advertising

Digital advertising has quickly become quite important for medspas and just about every other business.  If your medspa does not have a digital advertising campaign along with a robust web presence, you will be at a major competitive disadvantage.  

As time progresses, that many more people will flock to the web for information about local medspas.  Sadly, there is a good chance inferior medspas who focus their efforts on mastering digital advertising will win that much more market share even though their services are not the best in town. 

In other words, the manner in which your medspa advertising is conducted is just as important, if not more important, to success as the merit of your services.

The Initial Steps

Your digital advertising and marketing efforts might end up being partially in vain unless you make the proper preparations.  A polished website and strategic branding are particularly important for successful medspa advertising. In short, your medspa needs a cohesive brand identity in order for the digital marketing push to truly resonate. 

All sorts of elements play a part in developing your unique brand:  

  • The logo you use for your medspa business 
  • Your company tagline
  • Imagery you use to promote your brand
  • Colors and other aesthetic nuances of promotional materials

Fail to create a strong brand and your customers will struggle to associate your business with your chosen brand image, tagline and other information that should be its identifying characteristics.  

Every medspa needs an overarching style guide that the website, conventional outbound advertisements and other marketing materials use.  This way, people will immediately recognize your medspa’s logo, colors and possibly even the font you use and ultimately make the connection between your digital marketing effort and your business.

Medspa Website

Your medspa’s website design is particularly important as it is the virtual space where prospective clients learn about your value offering.  Furthermore, your website is also important in the context of Google and other search engines.  

If your medspa website lacks content and/or does not have the appropriate keywords/phrases for search engine optimization purposes (SEO), Google and other search engines will not rank it high on search results pages.  

Your medspa website should be aesthetically pleasing, informative, laden with the appropriate keywords and easily navigable.  If necessary, redesign and rewrite website content before narrowing your focus on the nuances of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Digital Advertising Methods for Medspas: Google Advertising 

Do not let the prospect of paying for Google ads sway you in another direction.  Google advertising has helped countless medspas and other businesses generate important new connections that prove quite profitable across the long haul. 

Nowadays, just about everyone uses Google for online searches.  In fact, the latest data shows over 92% of all internet searches are performed through Google.

Google advertising is your opportunity to elevate your medspa to the first page of search engine results pages, commonly referred to with the acronym of SERPs.  

Pay for a Google ad and it will appear in the “ad” portion of the results pages when those who search for relevant keywords or key phrases type those words/phrases into the search engine query box.  However, merely putting up any old Google ad won’t convince interested parties to pay for your medspa services.  

The best Google ads have carefully crafted headlines that demand attention.  Create a truly engaging Google ad and it really will help your business generate important new inroads with target clients in your locale. 

The success of your Google ad campaign is also partially dependent on whether your website is properly optimized for search engines with the appropriate keywords and key phrases.  Your website and Google ads should contain similar keyword and key phrases. Replicate these essential words and phrases and it will be that much easier for Google’s algorithms to understand you are providing truly relevant information as opposed to littering the web with even more spam.

Medspa Advertising on Social Media 

Medspa owners, managers and employees are well aware of the fact that many of their clients are women.  In fact, a whopping 85% of medspa clients are women.  Women tend to be deeply engaged with social media platforms, especially Facebook.  An incredible 79% of female internet users in the United States logged into Facebook in the third quarter of this past year.

The prudent use of social media ads will help you connect with this key demographic, communicate your unique value offering and convince them to spend on your medspa services.  In other words, social media is essential to reaching as many people as possible, converting those prospects into paying customers and maximizing your bottom line.  

Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms provide business owners and managers with highly specific targeting tools.  These tech tools ensure your social media advertisements appear in specific users’ news feeds, making it easy to connect with people based numerous factors including:

  • Location
  • Specific demographics
  • Interests
  • People/groups target clients follow 
  • Other key data points  

Aside from buying ads on social media, it is also prudent to interact with those who follow your medspa on these critically important platforms.  If anyone comments on your social media posts or asks a question, respond in a timely manner.  

Every social media post should include a call to action toward the end to suggest the reader or follower take constructive action to benefit from your value offering.  Even something as simple as directing the reader toward your website or listing your phone number will encourage people to make phone calls to schedule appointments.

Blog and Website Content for Medspa Advertising 

Most prospective clients will spend at least a couple seconds on your website when determining whether your medspa services are worth their hard-earned money.  Some interested parties will click on every single page of your site including your blog. Ideally, the content on your website and blog will be written by professional writers.  

The best blogs put your nuanced expertise on display, prove you are an industry authority and help prospective and current clients solve problems.  This is your opportunity to show off, explain why your medspa services are worth every penny and educate your audience about the merits of your value offering. 

All website and blog content should be laden with keywords and key phrases to draw in as many interested parties as possible. 

This way, people searching for medspa services in your region at the current moment as well as those who search for such services down the line will find your online content and be that much more likely to pay for your services.  

However, it is important you do not fall into the semantic trap of using industry jargon that has the potential to confuse the target audience.  Do not assume people who are interested in your medspa services understand the industry lingo simply because they are looking to improve their personal aesthetic.  Instead, view your blog and website as a platform to further educate your audience, ultimately boosting the chances of them spending money for your services.

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Medspa Advertising in the Form of Email Marketing 

There is a common misconception that people do not check their email as often as they used to as most email boxes are rife with junk mail, similar to tangible USPS mailboxes crammed full of paper ads.  However, the little-known truth is most people really do still check their email on a daily basis and are willing to read an email from a local service provider.

Many such prospective customers make buying decisions based on the content of these electronically transmitted messages.  

In other words, your medspa advertising push will greatly benefit from email marketing.  Email is unique as a digital marketing tool in that it integrates quite well with numerous other channels.  The use of email with a professionally-made website, SEO blogging, social media and other digital marketing channels will gradually expand your client base.

Email marketing is particularly helpful for lead nurturing.  This is your opportunity to remain in contact with those who have visited your medspa in the past, current customers and even those who have visited your website.  Furthermore, if anyone fills out a contact form or specifically signs up for your email list, you can send them as many emails as you desire. There is no need to craft an idiosyncratic email message for every single customer. 

Rather, you should use email marketing to target specific groups of target prospects. Narrow your target audience and your email just might convert them into paying customers. However, the content, tone and organization of your email has the potential to make or break this digital marketing strategy.  

The email subject line is especially important as it communicates the purpose of the email. 

Your email subject lines should immediately grab the recipient’s attention. The email body should provide helpful or informative content, include links to your medspa website/blog and contain a persuasive call to action.  The email should also have the sender’s digital signature so the recipients understand a real staff member sent the message as opposed to the business itself.

Fail to create the impression that an actual staff member dedicated time to crafting the email and you run the risk of recipients assuming it is a generic email sent to everyone on the mailing list.  

Thankfully, automated marketing solutions now exist that automatically fill in recipient details into numerous fields throughout the email messages. 

Let one of these advanced computer software programs do the work on your behalf and your team will be liberated to square their focus on other digital marketing opportunities or providing medspa services to paying customers. 

Recognize the Power of Influencers for Medspa Advertising 

If you are reluctant to pay a social media influencer to post a paid advertisement for your medspa or subtly endorse your business, you are not alone. 

Most business owners and managers scoff at the idea of paying even a small amount of money to such an influencer. However, compensating a social media influencer to promote your medspa just might prove quite lucrative.  The key is to find the right social media influencer in your region through an extensive vetting process. Find someone who aligns with your company’s ethos and brand, have them covertly or overtly promote your medspa and his or her followers really will give serious consideration to patronizing your business.  

Keep in mind, it might only cost a hundred dollars or so to bring a social media influencer into your digital marketing fold.  Spend $100 for an influencer to tout your medspa on social media and this minor investment just might generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional business across posterity.

Medspa Advertising Through Video Marketing 

Just about every business can benefit from a YouTube channel. 

Post short videos to your YouTube channel, link your audience to those videos through social media and you will make that many more meaningful connections.  Video is important as some people respond better to brief video content as opposed to the written/typed word.  

However, it is a mistake to make promotional videos in excess of two minutes.  The average person’s attention span is rapidly shrinking as a result of our on-demand societal shift in the past couple decades.  Keep your digital advertising videos short, embed them on social media and your website, be patient and the results will show in due time. 

Focus on Digital Advertising Before the Competition Steals Your Business 

The moral of this story is medspa owners and managers who devote advertising resources to digital marketing stand a much better chance of winning new business across posterity.  Rest on your laurels, neglect the opportunities presented by digital advertising and you will struggle to land new clients.

The right combination of digital marketing methods will make it easy for prospective clients to find your business on the web, understand the merits of your unique value offering and become loyal customers across posterity.